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Afla Sackey And Afrik Bawantu-Life On The Street-(GLRCD002)-CD-2014-jAZzMan
Andy Smith-Diggin In The BGP Vaults-2008-FTD
Bill Summers and Summers Heat-Call It What You Want-LP-1981-GCP
Breakestra-Deuces Up Double Down-7 Inch VLS-2001-GCP INT
Calibro 35-Deathwish-Web-2011-XXX
Craig Pruess – Sacred Chants Of Buddha-1999-Rts
Craig Pruess – Sri Atma Gita-1997-Rts
Craig Pruess – Temple Of Spice-2003-Rts
Craig Pruess – Terracotta-1997-Rts
Craig Pruess – Through The Ages-2001-Rts
Craig Pruess – Welcome Home-2001-Rts
Craig Pruess and Ananda – The 108 Sacred Names Of Mother Divine-2002-Rts
Craig Pruess and Ilyana Vilensky – Angel Of The Earth-2008-Rts
Craig Pruess and Pandit Vishwa Prakash – Sacred Chants Of Rama-2CD-2001-Rts
Dam Funk-Invite The Light-WEB-2015-ANGER
Dam-Funk-Invite The Light-(Advance)-2015-SO
Dam-Funk-Toeachizown Vol. 3 Life-WEB-2012-hbZ
Dam-Funk-Toeachizown Vol. 4 Hood-WEB-2012-hbZ
Dam-Funk-Toeachizown Vol. 5 Sky-WEB-2012-hbZ
Danny Dan The Beat Mann-Dusty Fingers Presents The Mix CD-2008-FTD
Defunkt-Cum Funky-1993-aAF
Dogg Master-Peace and Phunk-2015-SO
Dr Packer Mr Rhodes-Comin Off-WEB-2015-FALCON
Dr Rubberfunk-Sunset Breakup EP-Vinyl-2008-SND
Five Alarm Funk-Voodoo Hairdoo-2008-CR
Funkadelic-First Ya Gotta Shake The Gate-3CD-2014-WHOA
Funkadelic-You Got The Funk We Got The Funk-2CD-2011-GCP
Galactic-Into The Deep-2015-MTD
Gap Band-Gap Band IV-Remastered-CD-2014-DLiTE
Gap Band-Y2K Funkin Till 2000 Comz-1999-SO INT.rar Music
Gotcha-Back To The Moon-2015-gnvr
Harry Mosco-Funkees-For You Specialy-(SSR-CD-32)-Reissue-CD-2014-jAZzMan
Isaac Hayes-Black Moses-2CD-Remastered-(Japan Edition)-2008-SO
Isaac Hayes-Chocolate Chip-Remastered-(Japan Edition)-2008-SO
J.Power-The Power Of Love-WEB-2015-iHR
James Brown-Dynamite X-(CR20432)-Promo CD-2007-OBC
Jamiroquai – Travelling Without Moving-CD-1996-UNDERTONE iNT
Jesse Rose-Play That-FREEWEB-2015-KPS INT
Jett Rebel-Tight Like A Baby Tiger Live At The Paradiso-2015-gnvr
K.C. and The Sunshine Band-Essential-CD-2012-DLiTE
KC and The Sunshine Band-The Painter-(FTG-418)-Remastered Expanded Edition-CD-2015-CBR
Lack Of Afro-My Groove Your Move-(RETAIL)-2009-CFD
Lipps Inc.-Mouth To Mouth-LP-1979-GCP INT
Madlib-Mind Fusion Vol 3-2005-SWE
Marina BBface and The Beatroots – Still Beating-2015-DDS
Morning Noon and Night-Morning Noon and Night-LP-1977-GCP
My Neighbour Is-This Is Not A Pop Album-WEB-2014-LEV
Nico Gomez And His Afro Percussion Inc-The Ritual-(MRBCD104)-Reissue CD-2013-jAZzMan
Nils Landgren Funk Unit-Licence To Funk-2007-SER
Orlando Julius with the Heliocentrics-Jaiyede Afro-2014-NOiR
Prince-HITnRUN Phase One-2015-C4
Rock Candy Funk Party-Groove Is King-2015-gnvr
Schwarzkaffee-Radio Freakquency-2014-gF
Shoes–Miles Davis-(SHOES008)-WEB-2008-mbs
Slave-The Funk Strikes Back-CD-1992-SC
Sofa Nr. 42-Blogas Oras-LT-WEB-2015-LiTHMP3 iNT
Spanky Wilson and The Quantic Soul Orchestra-Im Thankful-2006-CMS
stonefunkers-no problem non-believers stand back-1993-rm int
Syreeta-Set My Love In Motion-(FTG 230)-Remastered-CD-2011-CBR
The Bombay Royale-The Island of Dr Electrico-2014-gF
The Budos Band-Burnt Offering-(DAP-034)-CD-2014-jAZzMan
The Crackers-Funky State of Mind-CD-2006-onelove
The Electric Peanut Butter Company-Trans-Atlantic Psych Classics Vol.1-(URCD341)-CD-2015-jAZzMan
The Funky Muchachos–Play Soul Jazz-(Titos)-CD-2008-jAZzMan
The Greg Foat Group-Dark Is The Sun-(JMANCD041)-CD-2011-LEB
The Soul Snatchers-Sniffin and Snatchin-Promo CDM-2008-CMS
The Supreme Jubilees-Itll All Be Over (Remastered)-CDA-2015-wAx
The Voodoomonx-The Voodoomonx-2007-UTP
Third Coast Kings-Give Me Your Love Tonic Stride-7 Inch VLS-2010-GCP
Third Coast Kings-Third Coast Kings-LP-2012-GCP
Tunji Oyelana-A Nigerian Retrospective 1966-79-(SNDWCD043P)-2CD-Promo-2012-jAZzMan
VA – Beach Diggin Vol. 3 (HS132VL)-WEB-2015-TR
VA – Funk Aint A Word (Brown Sugar)-CD-2008-kiNky
VA-Absolute Funk Vol.2-2006-E
VA-Absolute Funk Vol 3-(BS2969)-CD-2006-OBC
VA-Absolute Funk Vol 4-2007-E
VA-Bay Area Funk Vol 2-(LHCD050)-CD-2006-OBC
VA-Brothers On The Slide (The Story Of UK Funk)-2005-ESC
VA-Carolina Funk-2008-FTD
VA-Disco Funk-5CD-2015-H5N1
VA-Dusty Fingers Volume 10-Vinyl-2003-soup
VA-Dusty Fingers Volume 13-Vinyl-2005-FTD
VA-Essential Playlist Funk-2006-SSR
VA-Feel The Beat-Afrofunk-(BS010)-CD-2006-OBC
VA-Funk 45 Sessions (Union Square)-2CD-2005-WUS
VA-Funk Drops 2-Breaks Nuggets and Rarities-2002-IGR
VA-Funk Drops-Breaks Nuggets And Rarities-2001-IGR
va-funkafied-cut and raw-cd-2009
va-funkafied-good life-cd-2009
va-funkafied-holdin on-cd-2009
va-funkafied-ready or not-cd-2009
VA-Funkaphonix 1-2001-IGR
VA-Funkaphonix Vol 2-2001-IGR
VA-Funky 16 Corners-In The Pocket-2003-FTD
VA-Funky 16 Corners-Soul Groovin-2004-FTD
VA-Funky Forty Fives Vol 11-(FFF011)-Vinyl-2008-MPX
VA-Funky Forty Fives Volume 1-(FFF001)-Vinyl-2007-BF
VA-Funky Forty Fives Volume 10-(FFF0010)-Vinyl-2007-BF
VA-Funky Forty Fives Volume 12-(FFF012)-Vinyl-2008-BF
VA-Funky Forty Fives Volume 2-(FFF002)-Vinyl-2007-BF
VA-Funky Forty Fives Volume 4-(FFF004)-Vinyl-2007-BF
VA-Funky Forty Fives Volume 5-(FFF005)-Vinyl-2007-BF
VA-Funky Forty Fives Volume 6-(FFF006)-Vinyl-2007-BF
VA-Funky Forty Fives Volume 7-(FFF007)-Vinyl-2007-BF
VA-Funky Forty Fives Volume 8-(FFF08)-Vinyl-2008-BF
VA-Funky Forty Fives Volume 9-(FFF009)-Vinyl-2007-BF
VA-Funky Horns-CD-2007-OBC
VA-Groove Train-Get Off At Blue Note Grooves Station-CD-2008-OBC
VA-Henry Stones Miami Sound – The Record Mans Finest 45s-WEB-2015-iHR
VA-Lagos All Routes-(HJRCD17)-CD-2005-jAZzMan
VA-Meshkalina bw La Cumbia Del Pacurro-(TIGM002)-WEB-2012-LEB INT
VA–Mocambo Funk Fourty Fives-(Mocambo)-CD-2007-jAZzMan
VA-MOJO Presents Change the Beat-(Issue256)-MAG-2015-gF
VA-New Orleans Funkiest Delicacies-2005-JCE
VA-New Orleans Funk-The Original Sound Of Funk Vol 2-(Soul Jazz)-Promo-2008-BOSS
VA-Nigeria Disco Funk Special-2008-JUST
VA-Nighttime Lovers Vol 23-(PTG 34206)-2015-BF
VA-Norman Jay MBE Presents-Good Times London-(Promo)-2CD-2008-DV8
VA-Nu Funk Vol. 2-2CD-2006-SAW
VA-Nu Funk-2CD-Retail-2004-MVP
VA-Planet of the Breaks-LP-1998-IGR
VA-Quantic Presents The Worlds Rarest Funk 45s-(Jazzman)-CD-2006-OBC
va-quantic presents the worlds rarest funk 45s vol.2-(jmancd017)-cd-2007
VA-Rare Funk Vol 01-LP-1993-IGR
VA-Rare Funk Vol 02-LP-1993-IGR
VA-Rare Funk Vol 03-Soundtrack Edition-LP-1994-IGR
VA-Rare Funk Vol 04-Soundtrack Edition-LP-1994-IGR
VA-Rare Funk Vol 05-Afro Funk-LP-1995-IGR
VA-Rare Funk Vol 06-Mod Funk Edition-LP-1995-IGR
VA-Rare Funk Vol 07-Female Funk-LP-1995-IGR
VA-Rare Funk Vol 08-Psyche Funk-LP-1996-IGR
VA-Rare Funk Vol 09-Junk Funk-LP-1996-IGR
VA-Rare Funk Vol 10-Mo Female Funk-LP-1999-IGR
VA-Rare Funk Vol 11-Creole Funk-LP-2000-IGR
VA-Rare Funk Vol 12-Latin Funk-LP-2000-IGR
VA-Rare Funky Groove Volume 2-2003-IGR
VA-Rare Funky Groove-2003-igr
VA-Save Your Funkin Ears-TMCD002-CD-2006-BPM
VA-Skratch Bastid Marc Hype And DJ Expo – Heavyweight Carry-On-2013-KOPiE
VA-Soul Emissaries SuperFunk-CDA-2015-wAx
VA-Strictly Breaks Presents The De La Soul Collection-Vinyl-2003-FTD
VA-The Lost Grooves-1995-IGR
VA-The P And P Records Funk And Rap Anthology Compiled By Bill Brewster-(HURTXCD138)-3CD-2015-iHF
VA–We Love Afrobeat-2008-OMA
Vulfpeck-My First Car-(VULF0005)-WEB-2013-jAZzMan
William Onyeabor-Who Is William Onyeabor-2013-SO
Yonghoon Lim-New Way-WEB-2015-LEV

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