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209-the new yorkers-my baby knows
210-sargeant and malone-love message
211-zebra-closer to the feeling
212-le frank o-keep on gettin down
101-farley jackmaster funk feat. darryl panty-love cant turn around
102-adonis-no way back
103-bam bam-give it to me
104-mr lee-pump up chicago
105-house master boyz and the rude boy of house-house nation
106-kenny jammin jason-can u dance
107-bam bam-wheres your child (original 12 mix)
108-phuture phantasy club-dream girl
109-the party boy aka bam bam-the twilight zone
110-mr fingers-can you feel it
111-jesse saunders-on and on (original vocal mix)
112-fast eddie-acid thunder
201-marshall jefferson-move your body
202-sterling void-its alright (house mix)
203-joe smooth-promised land
204-farley jackmaster funk feat. ricky dillard-as always
205-franckie knuckles-your love
206-sterling void-runaway girl
207-the nightwriters-let the music use you
208-jamie principle-baby wants to ride
209-jesse saunders-on and on (2004 vocal remix)
210-charles b – adonis-lack of love
211-photon inc-generate power (doc martin remix)
01-va-the sound of redlight vol. 2 (mixed by master dam)
101-va-the underground 2008
201-va-the underground 2008
301-va-the underground 2008
01-wiley-wearing my rolex (original mix)
02-will.i.am ft cheryl cole-heartbreaker (radio edit)
03-alphabeat-10000 nights (bimbo jones remix)
04-rihanna-take a bow (radio mix)
05-ashlee simpson-outta my head (ay ya ya)
06-midnight juggernauts-shadows (album version)
07-kat deluna-run the show (johnny vicious vocal up)
08-soundbluntz-femi b and leggz vocal mix)
09-the angry kids vs bob marley-mr brown (original club mix)
10-robin s-show me love (tyrell remix)
11-chic flowerz and kolesky-everybody 2008 (chic flowerz mix)
12-twm ft carrie harrington-rock da house (kynky roland remix)
101-va-the worlds greatest ibiza club mix
201-va-the worlds greatest ibiza club mix
301-va-the worlds greatest ibiza club mix
101-va-klaas – the way (at night mix)
102-va-michi lange – brothers and sisters (rewind mix)
103-va-tune brothers – i see you watching (raul rincon dub mix)
104-va-andrea doria vs lxr – beauty of silence (inpetto full vox rmx)
105-va-spit – falling (daddys groove vocal mix)
106-va-sans souci – globus (original mix)
107-va-manuel tur – strayed socks (original mix)
108-va-mijk van dijk – boa (ramon zenker rmx)
109-va-patric la funk – fiesta (original)
110-va-orange bud – loose control (original mix)
111-va-kono – metarmorphose
112-va-jay frog – hungry animal (vincent thomas rmx)
201-va-dirty high ft. shena – fallin (original mix)
202-va-nik denton – you got me (pip and pen rmx)
203-va-sound de zign – happiness 2008 (heikki l rmx)
204-va-whelan and di scala – teardrops (hott 22 rmx)
205-va-brazilian soul crew – brazilian soul (can 7 and henri kohn mix)
206-va-akri jr. and claudio di carlo with michelle weeks – love 4 love (soulbuddha realhouse rmx)
207-va-bionik phunk vs martin brodin ft julie thompson – personal jesus (original mix)
208-va-wi fi ft melanie m – be without you (raul rincon dub mix edit)
209-va-ian carey ft. michelle shellers – keep on rising (vocal rmx)
210-va-ultra djs – the music (extended mix)
211-va-paul attrax ft jahmark – be love (phunk foundation dub mix)
212-va-d troy vs housemeister – i like it (d-troys balearic screen mix)
213-va-moonbootica – jump around (da fresh rmx)
01-berovic and leicher–clavomania-dh
02-chris.lattner–pay the price-dh
03-ellwart and ellwart–dankbar-dh
04-berovic and leicher–traenen der zeit-dh
01-rihanna-s.o.s. (mix by mark roberts) 137
02-fall out boy-dance dance (tommie sunshine mix by stacy mier) 128
03-beyonce-check on it (maurice joshua anthem mix edit by jim thias) 130
04-lee cabrera f. mim-i watch you (mix by joe bermudez) 127
05-mary j. blige-be without you (moto blanco mix edit by mark roberts) 128
06-gwen stefani-crash (mix by mark roberts) 126
07-black eyed peas-pump it (mix by mark robert) 132-154-132
08-lindsay lohan-confessions of a broken heart (dave aude mix edit by stacy mier) 132
09-debbie holiday-bring it on (mix by joe bermudez) 128
01-booka shade-in white rooms (neo mix)
02-freeform five-no more conversation (mylo remix)
03-joachim garraud-rock the choice (fmif remix)
05-kurd maverick-the rub (i never rock)
06-greg cerrone-friday night (club mix)
07-oxia-change works
08-sebastien leger-hit girl
09-sascha funke-in between days
10-pacjam-urban minds
11-klement bonelli feat. dragonfly-nocturnal (nocturne 2)
12-simon says feat. allonymous-closer to the red
13-claude von stroke-deep throat (sebastien leger remix)
14-bodyrox-yeah yeah (d. ramirez mix)
01 winter-drums give life
02 dj-snotburger and jus-ed-detroit kinship
03 rick felix-insane
04 jus-ed-bridgeport chant
05 joseph-gods grace
06 jus-ed-luv is the dub
07 jus-ed-project 36
08 kevin james and jus-ed-baltimore love
09 jus-ed-old school
10 jus-ed-2-step
01-hostage – untitled-tclub
02-shodan – aint nobody tighter-tclub
101-va-urban exposure-the platinum pack vol. 3
201-va-urban exposure-the platinum pack vol. 3
301-va-urban exposure-the platinum pack vol. 3
401-va-urban exposure-the platinum pack vol. 3
501-va-urban exposure-the platinum pack vol. 3
601-va-urban exposure-the platinum pack vol. 3
201-va-hip hop – ragga
301-va-funk – disco
401-va-lounge – chill out
01-va-victory by ivan roudyk cd1
02-va-victory by ivan roudyk cd2
101-va-vip 02-mixed by alix alvarez and halo
201-va-vip 02-mixed by alix alvarez and halo
01-balanced-he knows his creation (cristian paduraru tech house mix)-bside
02-coolerika-made in wishland (2ls 2 dance techhouse)-bside
03-movemaker-team build (tonkproject techhouse)-bside
04-coolerika-open your eyes (cristian paduraru progressive house)-bside
05-windenergy-increasing your energy (cristian paduraru progressive house)-bside
06-visualize-metanoia (cristian paduraru progressive house)-bside
07-progressive-metro (cristian paduraru progressive house)-bside
08-fire in water-pentateuch (cristian paduraru progressive house)-bside
09-loopholes-private detective (lex da funk techhouse)-bside
10-vibrant-emotion comes from motion (dj megalomaniac tribal)-bside
11-4speakers-reality (peet sadner tech house)-bside
12-intellectual-clickno anthem (rhadoo tech house mix)-bside
13-phillipa-wemix 174 (continnuous dj mix)-bside
01-va-raw silk-do it to the music roots vocal mix
02-va-raw silk-do it to the music original club version
03-va-loose joints-tell you today original 12 vocal
04-va-loose joints-tell you today original new shoes edit
05-va-summer children-summer children
06-va-summer children-searching for the sunshine
07-va-summer children-free me instrumental
08-va-summer children-fireworks
09-va-cloud-turning andy caldwell remix
10-va-cloud-turning andy caldwell instrumental
11-va-cloud-turning alpha motive mix
12-va-cloud-turning laswell club mix
01-aeph and dabs-madbox (original mix)-vl
02-maztek-floating (original mix)-vl
01-alexandre-harbinger (140-172 mix)-vl
02-alexandre-subjugate (original mix)-vl
03-alexandre-the harvest (110-140 mix)-vl
04-alexandre-skies aflame (original mix)-vl
05-alexandre-ruin (original mix)-vl
01-audio bullys vs fugees-audio bullys – we dont care-bpm
02-audio bullys vs fugees-fugees – rumble in the bronx-bpm
01 bassnectar-freestyle
02 bassnectar and dc breaks-breathless
03 bassnectar-hologram
04 bassnectar-infinite
05 zion-i-human (bassnectar remixxx)
06 amp live and eligh-ego killer (bassnectar and timeline remix)
01-breakzhead-weakness (original mix)-vl
02-breakzhead-hot spot (original mix)-vl
03-breakzhead-obsession (original mix)-vl
01-computer artists-eden (original mix)-vl
02-computer artists and qo-cold fusion (original mix)-vl
01-dementia rregula and cain mos-imprint (original mix)-vl
02-dementia rregula and cain mos-silverfox (original mix)-vl
01-dj yox-brain damage (original mix)-vl
02-dj yox-space travel (original mix)-vl
01-excision – shambhala 2012 dubstep mix-vl
01-hykario-catch me (original mix)-vl
02-hykario-extatik (original mix)-vl
01-human error-features (original mix)-vl
02-human error-secret garden (original mix)-vl
03-human error-memories (original mix)-vl
04-human error-parasites (original mix)-vl
05-human error-deep rolling (original mix)-vl
06-human error-still with the beat (original mix)-vl
07-human error-factory (original mix)-vl
08-human error-earthrise (original mix)-vl
09-human error-translation (original mix)-vl
10-human error-warning (exclusive bonus track) (original mix)-vl
01-insect-anxious (original mix)-vl
02-insect-sedoxil (original mix)-vl
03-insect-decypher (original mix)-vl
04-insect-phycostimulant (original mix)-vl
05-insect-low profile (original mix)-vl
06-insect-concrete frequencies (original mix)-vl
01 herbert shovel
02 curiosity
03 cassini
04 trieste
01-paimon and place 2b-degree of force (original mix)-vl
02-paimon and place 2b-fame (original mix)-vl
03-paimon and place 2b-cornucopia (original mix)-vl
04-paimon and place 2b-fat sax (original mix)-vl
05-paimon and place 2b-just your way (original mix)-vl
01-protohype and kezwik-vile (original mix)-vl
02-protohype and kezwik-vile (rekoil remix)-vl
03-protohype and kezwik-triple grip (original mix)-vl
01-rekoil-4-matic (original mix)-vl
02-rekoil-pretzel twista (original mix)-vl
03-rekoil feat maksim-one last time (original mix)-vl
04-rekoil-fat tub of goo (original mix)-vl
05-rekoil-doomsday (original mix)-vl
06-rekoil-pistol grip (rekoil remix)-vl
01-rregula-im still here (original mix)-vl
02-rregula-midnight world (original mix)-vl
03-rregula-the effect (original mix)-vl
04-rregula-the bridge (original mix)-vl
01-shockone-chaos theory (original album mix)-vl
02-shockone-chaos theory (radio edit dirty)-vl
03-shockone-chaos theory (dubstep mix)-vl
04-shockone-chaos theory (radio edit clean)-vl
01-spark-wasted (original mix)-vl
02-spark-devils eyes (original mix)-vl
01-tantrum desire feat i-kay-what is your desire (dance floor pressure mix)-vl
01 b-sound (original mix)
02 open space (original mix)
03 one (original mix)
04 sugar (original mix)
01-the bitrebelz-off the hook (original mix)-vl
02-the bitrebelz-skyrim (original mix)-vl
01-the sect-angel (original mix)-vl
02-the sect-protected (original mix)-vl
01-the sect-turning force (original mix)-vl
02-the sect-equinox (original mix)-vl
01-under this-what i need (original mix)-vl
02-under this feat goldillox-shine down (original mix)-vl
03-under this-yesterday (original mix)-vl
01-unknown feat ms dynamite – watch over you (remix)-boss
02-unknown feat ms dynamite – swept away (remix)-boss
01-va – the rule of rune episode 1 mixed by clandestine-vl
02-va – the rule of rune episode 1 mixed by clubsonica-vl
01-va – the rule of rune episode 2 mixed by clandestine-vl
02-va – the rule of rune episode 2 mixed by under this-vl
01-va – the rule of rune episode 3 mixed by clandestine-vl
02-va – the rule of rune episode 3 mixed by keensight-vl
01-va – turn up the bass megamix 1990
01-va – turn up the bass megamix 1991 reversed
01-va – turn up the bass megamix 1992 volume 1
01-va – turn up the bass megamix 1992 volume 2
01-va – turn up the bass megamix 1993
01-va – turn up the bass megamix 1994
01-va – turn up the bass megamix 1995
01-va – turn up the bass megamix 1996
101-bisweed and siprut-ruined town
102-quantum soul-waiting on dub
103-zen militia-pull of guilt (scuba remix)
106-bar9-murda sound (cluekid remix)
107-vivek-natural mystic
108-trg-killed it dead
110-hektagon-strange voices
111-synkro-wasting time
112-l-ow-moment of truth (spherix remix)
113-rob sparx-bloodbath
115-nero-something else
116-nero-bad trip (bar9 remix)
117-rob sparx-2 faced rasta (reso remix)
118-bar9-pussyhole (v.i.p mix)
120-bar9-murda sound (v.i.p mix)
121-nero-this way
122-synkro-music makers (bar9 remix)
123-mike lennon-when science fails (rusko remix)
124-bar9-malicious tactics
126-bar9-end of the world
201-bar9-shaolin style
202-bar9-distant roots
203-bar9-untitled symphony
208-bar9-shut ya mouth
209-bar9-malicious tactics
211-bar9-murda sound
213-bar9-bakin bread
101-va-bass in ya face-c4
201-va-bass in ya face-c4
101-dj paleface-part one
201-dj paleface-part two
301-dj jamie duggan-part one
401-dj jamie duggan-part two
501-dj t2-part one
601-dj t2-part two
701-dj q-part one
801-dj q-part two
01-various artists–oooh you do it good-aes
02-various artists–an ass like nikita-aes
03-various artists–strange bouncing effect (noise remix)-aes
04-various artists–ride you-aes
05-various artists–hot n sticky feat. von and vanessa-aes
06-various artists–carma sutra-aes
07-various artists–pressure (sexsonic remix)-aes
08-various artists–lick me byte me-aes
01 va-va – drum and bass mix mixed by dj e-zoom
01 va – drum and bass mix vol 2 mixed by dj b-face
01-tim ismag-darkness chosen (original mix)-vl
02-crim-more power (original mix)-vl
03-depone-chunk (original mix)-vl
04-andy malex 2.0-toys alive (original mix)-vl
05-saint rider-dark and terrifying (original mix)-vl
06-brainpain-stompa (original mix)-vl
07-max shade and x3mal-mind games (original mix)-vl
08-ibenji and saint rider-tales form the darkside (original mix)-vl
09-sonwah fresh-roses are dead (original mix)-vl
10-ibenji-kill me (original mix)-vl
11-loop stepwalker-temperature drop (original mix)-vl
12-scream machine-hells winter (sick cycle remix)
13-koya-fearless (original mix)-vl
14-ibenji-the power (original mix)-vl
15-tim ismag-space ninja (original mix)-vl
16-ibenji-skunk machine (original mix)-vl
17-sick cycle-body bag (original mix)-vl
18-ibenji-black mamba (original mix)-vl
01-va-finger lickin thang vol. 4
01-mefjus bowsar and kaiza-gravitational lensing (original mix)-vl
02-qo-armored core (original mix)-vl
01-spktrm-planet human (mark instinct and nerd rage remix)-vl
02-demo-od (mayhem remix)-vl
03-counterstrike zardonic-hardcore will never die (bare noize remix)-vl
04-evol 1ntent ewun dieselboy-midnight express (spl and ill gates and triage remix)-vl
05-evol 1ntent ewun-the rapture (numbernin6 remix)-vl
06-mumblz zardonic-systems activated (pixel fist remix)-vl
01-aeph-halibut (original mix)-vl
02-atomik tags-believe (original mix)-vl
03-hallucinator-golgotha (original mix)-vl
04-hydrophobics-cell (original mix)-vl
01 va – im about to breaks mixed by dj shantor
101-randall sleeze and gravity-live at dnb infest-xtc
201-mampi swift and escape-live at dnb infest-xtc
301-bryan gee garry k rowney and erbman-live at dnb infest-xtc
401-alpha and heavy hitters-live at dnb infest-xtc
501-ckb and sleeze-live at dnb infest-xtc
601-dangerous d graffix and break-live at dnb infest-xtc
701-hazard vytol and over d-live at dnb infest-xtc
101-clipz subterra and network-live at random concept vol 11-xtc
201-andy c-live at random concept vol 11-xtc
301-taxman jaydan stanza and mc dap-live at random concept vol 11-xtc
401-bryan gee and randall-live at random concept vol 11-xtc
501-brockie and garry k-live at random concept vol 11-xtc
601-dlm escape and complex-live at random concept vol 11-xtc
701-tc and hazard-live at random concept vol 11-xtc
101-andy c-live at raveology return of the q-xtc
201-calibre-live at raveology return of the q-xtc
301-randall and bryan gee-live at raveology return of the q-xtc
401-hazard and clipz-live at raveology return of the q-xtc
501-tc and storm-live at raveology return of the q-xtc
601-steppa and dangerous d-live at raveology return of the q-xtc
701-brockie and kenny ken-live at raveology return of the q-xtc
801-pilgrim b2b ned ryder-live at raveology return of the q-xtc
101-ne yo – closer-gti
102-nelly feat fergie – party people-gti
103-will.i.am feat cheryl cole – heartbreaker-gti
104-ray j feat yung berg – sexy can i-gti
105-janet – feedback-gti
106-rihanna – dont stop the music-gti
107-mary j blige – just fine-gti
108-snoop dogg – sensual seduction-gti
109-kanye west feat dwele – flashing lights-gti
110-timbaland feat keri hilson and nicole scherzinger – scream-gti
111-ryan leslie – diamond girl-gti
112-lil wayne feat static major – lollipop-gti
113-kid sister – pro nails-gti
114-soulja boy tellem – crank that (soulja boy)-gti
115-taio cruz feat luciana caporaso – come on girl-gti
116-the pussycat dolls feat busta rhymes – dont cha-gti
117-ja rule – livin it up-gti
118-the dream – shawty is a 10-gti
201-t2 jodie aysha – heartbroken-gti
202-delinquent feat kcat – my destiny-gti
203-steelo nina jayne – sorry-gti
204-dj paleface feat – like a feather-gti
205-ts7 feat tonia – smile-gti
206-dexplicit – bullacake-gti
207-double 99 – rip groove-gti
208-bryan chambers the clepto maniacs – all i do-gti
209-jaimeson feat angel blu – true-gti
210-architechs – body groove-gti
211-sweet female attitude – flowers-gti
212-lonyo – summer of love-gti
213-the wideboys feat dennis g – sambucca-gti
214-restless natives – i wanna know-gti
215-nesha – whats it gonna be-gti
216-selena vs x-men – give it up-gti
217-sia – little man (exmen mix)-gti
218-dj innocence feat alex charles – beautiful-gti
219-colour girl – joyrider-gti
301-wiley – wearing my rolex-gti
302-donaeo – devil in a blue dress-gti
303-masters at work – work-gti
304-amy winehouse – in my bed-gti
305-sam sparro – black and gold-gti
306-wookie – live on-gti
307-ear dis – hey girl-gti
308-dj naughty – quicktime-gti
309-simbad feat steelo – soul fever-gti
310-crazy cousinz – bongo jam-gti
311-karizma – darqness-gti
312-ag thomas – the 1 2-gti
313-lonyo – go down-gti
314-gadjo – so many times-gti
315-dj disciple – work it out-gti
316-wookie – gallium-gti
317-masters at work – work-gti
318-gusto – discos revenge-gti
319-robin s – show me love-gti
320-aly-us – follow me-gti
01-will saul-pause (isolee remix)
02-will saul lee jones-hug the scary (partial arts remix)
03-tam cooper-galactica (jimpster remix)
04-will saul tam cooper-sequential circus (konrad black remix)
05-sideshow-african cheri (stefan goldmann remix)
06-lee jones-there comes a time (prins thomas remix)
07-marc romboy-sunburst (alexkid remix)
08-motorcitysoul-kazan (mymy remix)
09-tam cooper-galactica (exercise one remix)
10-will saul-malfunction (meat katie remix)
101-gemmy-grime baby
102-shed-another wedged chicken (martyn remix)
103-ld-primal instinct
105-benga-on the edge
106-mr lager-tell me (feat. alys be)
107-untold-you didnt win the holiday
108-joker and ginz-purple city
109-sully shanks-give me up (ld remix)
110-kutz-hard body
111-brackles-get a job
112-octa push-quebu sabe
201-cluekid-09 lick
202-king midas sound-clashn burn
204-von d-show me (feat. phephe)
205-cotti-big it up
206-crazy cousinz-inflation
208-d1-ongie bongie
209-darkstar-need you
210-james blake-air and lack thereof
211-ramadanman and appleblim-sous le sable
212-mr gasparov-1975
213-relocate-dot dot dash (buraka mix)
102-sub focus–x-ray-oma
103-dj fresh–signal-oma
104-shimon and andy c–bodyrock-oma
105-adam f feat redman–smash sumthin-oma
106-origin unknown–valley of the shadows-oma
107-bad company uk–the nine-oma
108-return of q project–champion sound-oma
109-high contrast–the basement track-oma
110-london elektricity–strangest secret in the world-oma
111-dj hype–mash up the place-oma
112-dj zinc–174 trek-oma
113-moving fusion–thunderball-oma
114-shy fx–bambaataa-oma
115-ltj bukem–horizons-oma
201-high contrast–return of forever-oma
202-nasty habits–here come the drums-oma
203-ltj bukem–atlantis (i need you)-oma
204-micky finn and aphrodite–bad ass-oma
205-dj zinc–ska-oma
206-london elektricity–songs in the key of knife-oma
207-mulder–dont give a damn-oma
208-urban shakedown–arsonist aka some justice 95-oma
209-vinyl syndicate–man of steal-oma
210-moving fusion–atlantis-oma
211-ram trilogy–titan-oma
212-dj crystl–let it roll-oma
213-bad company uk feat rawhill cru–mo fire-oma
215-trace–final chapter (rollers mix)-oma
301-adam f–sea of destiny-oma
302-dj hazard–evac q 8-oma
303-dj hype and ganja max–rinse out-oma
304-aphrodite–tower bass-oma
305-ltj bukem–music-oma
306-pascal–p-funk era-oma
307-dj brockie and ed solo–echobox-oma
308-mulder–dont believe-oma
309-moving fusion–lazy bones-oma
310-shimon–hush hush-oma
311-dj fidelity–bahia beats-oma
312-lionstyle–wasabi headrush-oma
313-rogues in hoods–long good friday-oma
314-simon burnett–dub war-oma
315-j majik and whikaman–capoiera-oma
401-pfm–the western tune-oma
402-aphrodite–king of the beats-oma
403-shimon and andy c–quest-oma
404-dj zinc–casino royale-oma
405-cyantific–dont follow-oma
406-nu.tone–missing link-oma
407-logistics–the trip-oma
408-aphrodite-aladdin–summer breeze-oma
409-shimon and andy c–skirmish-oma
410-benny from the bronx–brixton bass-oma
411-dj classix–wish we could rewind-oma
412-dj fidelity–all going off round here-oma
413-future dub quartet–brighton rock-oma
414-simon burnett–lament-oma
415-spring street–so so high-oma
01-sukh knight-tricks of trade
02-cardopusher-steppin worldwide
03-matt-u-chase pack
04-sukh knight-eat bullets
01-von-datliquor (original mix)-vl
02-von-sharkweek (original mix)-vl
01 dht – listen to your heart (hardstyle mix)-hb
02 dht – listen to your heart (hardbounze mix)-hb
03 dht – listen to your heart (edmees unplugged vocal mix)-hb
04 dht – listen to your heart (furious f ez mix)-hb
05 dht – listen to your heart (radio edit)-hb
06 dht – listen to your heart (dht classic hardcore mix)-hb
01 dht – uninvited ( doctor bass jump rmx )-hb
01-dht-listen to your heart (dht hardbounze single edit)-mip
02-dht-listen to your heart (furious f. ez radio edit)-mip
03-dht-listen to your heart (edmees unplugged vocal edit)-mip
01-dht-listen to your heart (radio promo)-ofc
01-dht-listen to your heart (edmees unplugged vocal edit)-mip
01-dht-uninvited radio edit-mip
02-dht-uninvited original hardcore remix-mip
01 unique – Distant Skies-UNKNOWN
02 bang – Break of Dawn-UNKNOWN
03 brisk and Trixxy – Eurolove-UNKNOWN
04 triple J – Wonderful World-UNKNOWN
05 trixxy – Sunrize-UNKNOWN
06 visa – Dont Go Away-UNKNOWN
07 bang – Shooting Star-UNKNOWN
08 innovate – Innovate-UNKNOWN
09 sy and Demo – Sensation-UNKNOWN
10 DJ Slam – Till We Meet Again-UNKNOWN
11 kingsize and Eternity – You Belong to Me-UNKNOWN
12 sy and Demo – Tears Run Cold-UNKNOWN
13 demo and Ad Man – Pleasure and Pain-UNKNOWN
14 brisk and Trixxy – Eyeopener-UNKNOWN
15 hyperactive – Let Me Play-UNKNOWN
101-simon underground and max death – help me-zzzz
102-the riotudder – flame on da brain (uh3 live)-zzzz
103-dj heavy – comercial trailer shit-zzzz
104-borschtsch – amerikanski technology-zzzz
105-sacrifice – underground hardcore-zzzz
106-cut-x – indians-zzzz
107-caleb – right here right now-zzzz
108-h8 machine – miss piggy-zzzz
109-da pill – the underground anthem-zzzz
110-gabba front berlin – cold war-zzzz
111-dj schueler – online-zzzz
112-dj r.schock – u.h.punk-zzzz
201-embolism – no-zzzz
202-sub urbane – underhanded-zzzz
203-guyver – steel city-zzzz
204-netas – latana matrix-zzzz
205-memetic – de stu mak virus-zzzz
206-j.wolthers – restricted area-zzzz
207-nasenbluten – toys-zzzz
208-ghetto child – hard to be happy-zzzz
209-hedonist – more noise job-zzzz
210-syndicate – hypnotize rmx-zzzz
211-aftermath – foetus of hell-zzzz
212-template – fully industrial a-zzzz
213-xylocaine – bored house wife-zzzz
214-fraughman – vicious slut-zzzz
215-overcast – public enemy 1-zzzz
301-overcast – raining stones-zzzz
302-disassembler – cold hate-zzzz
303-xylocaine – a definate rodney-zzzz
304-j.wolthers – feel the pain-zzzz
305-hedonist – just like in the paper-zzzz
306-fluorocarbon – intentional misuse-zzzz
307-nasenbluten – see packs for details-zzzz
308-sub urbane – gung ho-zzzz
309-aftermath – piss bucked parade-zzzz
310-netas – what do you mean-zzzz
311-memetic – break a rama-zzzz
312-embolism – b grade-zzzz
313-syndicate – impact-zzzz
314-guyver – insanity-zzzz
315-smack t.v. – transitions-zzzz
101-paul elstak – luv u more-smr
102-technohead – i want to be a hippy-smr
103-infectious – i need your lovin-smr
104-interactive – forever young-smr
105-marusha – somewhere over the rainbow-smr
106-charlie lownoise and mental theo – together in wonderland-smr
107-marc oh – tears dont lie-smr
108-party animals – have you ever been mellow-smr
109-dune – rainbow to the stars-smr
110-scooter – hyper hyper-smr
111-soushkin – dream your dream-smr
112-ramirez – therapia-smr
113-flamman and abraxas – ill be your only friend-smr
114-2 brothers on the 4th floor – fairytails-smr
115-t-spoon – smiling-smr
116-rexanthony – for you marlene-smr
117-critical mass – burning love-smr
118-stingray and sonic driver – cold as ice-smr
119-bertocucci feranzo – xtc love-smr
201-charlie lownoise and mental theo – wonderfull days-smr
202-dune – are you ready to fly-smr
203-lipstick – im a raver-smr
204-party animals – aquarius-smr
205-dj paul elstak – rainbow in the sky-smr
206-ultimate seduction – ultimate seduction-smr
207-scooter – friends-smr
208-ramirez – orgasmico-smr
209-mark oh – love song-smr
210-4 tune fairytales – my little fantasy-smr
211-wonderland – be on a star-smr
212-waxattack – yesss (i will be master)-smr
213-phenomania – who is elvis-smr
214-micado – its gonna be a fine night tonight-smr
215-flamman and abraxas – good to go-smr
216-dj isaac – we like marihuana-smr
217-dj bountyhunter – whoops-smr
218-charlie lownoise – your smile-smr
101-dj norman vs darkraver – komt ie dan he-smr
102-charlie and theo – wonderfull days (hard remix)-smr
103-holy noise – the nightmare-smr
104-king dale – utter utter-smr
105-neophyte vs stunned guys – get this mutherfucker-smr
106-dj hooligan – b.o.t.t.r.o.p.-smr
107-dj rob – the beat is flown-smr
108-lenny dee pres. english muffin – blood of an english muffin-smr
109-omar santana – omar rip it up-smr
110-thunderball – bonzai channel one-smr
111-buzz fuzz – frequencies-smr
112-dj bountyhunter – whoops-smr
113-bald terror – drummachine (dj paul remix)-smr
114-hazard – james brown is dead-smr
115-paul elstak vs panic – hate-smr
116-ruthless and vorwerk – wake up-smr
117-tommyknocker – showtime-smr
118-dj jappo vs dj lancinhouse – exlxaxl-smr
119-obsessive – tune in turn out-smr
120-the masochist – killing scum (promo remix)-smr
201-euromasters – alles naar de klote-smr
202-charlie lownoise and mental theo – live in london (hard remix)-smr
203-dj forze team – 98 to piano-smr
204-bass d and king matthew – lets get fresh-smr
205-jack and the ripper – whores in da house-smr
206-king dale – fuckface-smr
207-masters of ceremony – hardcore to da bone-smr
208-rotterdam remix project – lovin you-smr
209-dj paul and dj rob – lordz of the school-smr
210-the stunned guys – musica neurotica-smr
211-the prophet – big boys dont cry-smr
212-too fast for mellow – work that mutha fucka-smr
213-bodylotion – always hardcore (hardcore mix)-smr
214-headbanger ft. waxweazle – sweet dreams you bastard-smr
215-neophyte – braincracking-smr
216-underground nation – bitch-smr
217-catscan – wo3-smr
218-the viper and tommyknocker – the prophecy unfolds (tha playah remix)-smr
219-hard creation – lets get m all-smr
220-evil activities ft. dj panic – be quiet-smr
101 va – ravers night 96 the best of-starin
201 va – ravers night 96 the best of-starin
101 va – raver s night 1-starin
201 va – raver s night 1-starin
101 va – raver s night part 2-starin
201 va – raver s night part 2-starin
101 va – raver s night part 3-starin
201 va – raver s night part 3-starin
101 va – raver s night part 4-starin
201 va – raver s night part 4-starin
101 tellurian – wont stop rocking-starin
102 syphax – the saga-starin
103 dj groovy vs. koolkiller – fucking over-starin
104 trickster – white line-starin
105 juggernaut – ruffneck rules da artcore scen-starin
106 omar santana – midi massacre-starin
107 dj crossbone and mad-e-fact – motherfocker busters-starin
108 thundergods from the asgard – sick ass killer-starin
109 nosferatu – hardcore dna-starin
110 dj arjuna and beyonder – rock until the break of dawn-starin
111 dj roy – music that lasts forever-starin
112 x-factor – the underground-starin
113 zelator – check the call-starin
114 technohead vs. elvis jackson – majik-starin
115 g-town madness – dedicated 2 da real ones-starin
116 human resource and maddox – remix by dymar and maddox-starin
201 steve shit – havin sex-starin
202 stunned guys – beats time (neophyte rmx)-starin
203 g-town madness – daddys home-starin
204 wasting program – dont stop the beat-starin
205 ravers religion hardcore forc – return of the cracken-starin
206 baba nation – paranoia-starin
207 miro – understand-starin
208 rotterdam terror corps – aaaahaaa (cool-e-mix)-starin
209 myztic – destiny-starin
210 twin terror – you know our style-starin
211 human resource – in the hall of the mountain ki-starin
212 kit fox – the jump-starin
213 terrorizers – shadow of evil-starin
214 sigma 909 – smooth criminal-starin
215 christ of noise – dijon (dj davyd rmx)-starin
101 turbolenza – i am the creator-starin
102 myztic – to da rhythm-starin
103 dj buzz fuzz – dream girl-starin
104 bruyaa and ozonic – rockin boots 97-starin
105 tschabos – steve shit is…-starin
106 ruhr – arschloch-starin
107 dj petrov – pump this party-starin
108 g-town madness – determination-starin
109 lords of destruction – steady pounding-starin
110 dj promo – from da darkside-starin
111 ortni – center of life-starin
112 housefoundation – the spice-starin
113 scumbag – hit the crowd-starin
114 dj paralizer – move your body-starin
115 braindead – fantastic-starin
201 juggernaut vs. dj ruffneck – lsd97-starin
202 dj ruffneck – ruff message part 3-starin
203 g-town madness – silence-starin
204 dspyre – secure future for human kind-starin
205 dj rob and mc joe – the crowd is moving-starin
206 tripax feat. buzz fuzz rob ge – rumblefuckers-starin
207 bazeman – bazeman-starin
208 da grimreaper and dj delerium – x-press yourself-starin
209 spritual dilemma – the hardway-starin
210 weapon x – fast beats-starin
211 dj petrov – rock da house-starin
212 1st offence – death creator-starin
213 m.d. and .a. – slamming jam-starin
214 dark destination – psychoholic-starin
215 housefoundation – let the beat go (directmre-e-starin
101-va – the stunned guys present always hardcore vol 21 cd1
201-va – the stunned guys present always hardcore vol 21 cd2
a1 aschvault – deaf junk (never over)
a2 the inquisitor – war ensemble
a3 exagon and pippo – real hardcore (bonustrack)
b1 noisekick – sick son of a bitch
b2 paranoizer ft kali dts – microbitch
b3 cemon victa – hoe maak je herrie
01-va – turn up the bass house party 10-the hardcore mix
01-va – turn up the bass house party 12-the hardcore ravemix
01-va – turn up the bass house party 8-the hardcore ravemix
01-va-a nightmare outdoor sympt toms vol 1-1real
01-the suicide file-cold snap-dnr
02-cold war-bombs away-dnr
03-final word-something to prove-dnr
05-insted-one world-dnr
07-still crossed-for old times sake-dnr
08-zombie apocalypse-the dead in queue-dnr
09-adamantium-funeral of silence-dnr
11-the promise-the kiss off-dnr
12-over my dead body-anchors aweigh-dnr
13-in control-its coming down-dnr
14-the lost-the lost-dnr
101-va–hardcore the classics 1994 – 2009 cd1 mixed by slipmatt b2b billy bunter-oma
201-va–hardcore the classics 1994 – 2009 cd2 mixed by dj sy-oma
301-va–hardcore the classics 1994 – 2009 cd3 mixed by dougal-oma
a1 masters of ceremony-adapt or die
b1 de schiedamse schutters vs. krimpens geweld-pokkeherrie
b2 dj neophyte and scott brown-break bones
101-dj brisk mix-off yer nut 2-1998-pickle int
201-dj demo mix-off yer nut 2-1998-pickle int
301-dj fury mix-off yer nut 2-1998-pickle int
101-dj seduction and dj brisk-off yer nut 2000-pickle int
201-dj sy and dj slam-off yer nut 2000-pickle int
101-dj brisk and vinylgroover-off yer nut 99 spaced out-1999-pickle
201-dj fury and dj energy-off yer nut 99 spaced out-1999-pickle
301-jimmy j and dj slam-off yer nut 99 spaced out-1999-pickle
101-dj brisk and vinylgroover-off yer nut millennium-1999-pickle int
201-dj fury and dj energy-off yer nut millennium-1999-pickle int
301 jimmy j and slam-off yer nut millennium-1999-pickle int
401-dj ramos-off yer nut millennium-1999-pickle int
501-dj demo-off yer nut millennium-1999-pickle int
101-stabilized-learn 2 dance (ham mix)
102-force and jack speed-welcome (original mix)
103-dougal and gammer-stop the clock
104-statik-i got a feeling (breeze mix)
105-storm and euphony-pure perfection (ultravibes mix)
106-force and jack speed-break of dawn (original mix)
107-jamie ritmen-amnesia (original mix)
108-ultravibes-fuck you
109-sy and unknown-product of the devil
110-the acolyte-innocence
111-weaver and antix-bitter tears
201-a sense of summer-on top (hixxy mix)
202-billy daniel bunter-ride like the wind
203-dougal and eruption-im gonna get ya
204-the vampire-choose one
205-dj demo-your mine (slipmatt mix)
207-triple j-follow the sun
208-sy and demo-devotion
209-ham ft beck-here i am
210-northern lights-love of my life (brisk and ham remix)
211-brisk and trixxy-eye opener
01-the setup-calling all ninjas-dnr
02-the setup-does this record looks good on me-dnr
03-the setup-post-graduate barbarian-dnr
04-schematic of waking life-symbolic gaps-dnr
05-schematic of waking life-from lion to child-dnr
06-schematic of waking life-a few years dumber-dnr
07-schematic of waking life-echoes are not voices-dnr
01 abigail-grotesque-berc
02 abigail-death of life-berc
03 abigail-the fire of hell-berc
04 abigail-suicidal confirmation-berc
01-latente suizidalitaet-gw
03-black hate deathbringer of dark evil and war-gw
04-storm of blast-gw
05-gandalf thy mighty penes-gw
06-das graechtnis-gw
09-ritual 20quadratkansch-gw
10-the laughter of kaethenwald-gw
11-latente suizidalitaet 99-gw
01-der krieg-gw int
02-der kampf-gw int
03-der sieg-gw int
01-i vechnost ne vlastna nad tverdynej (intro)-gw
03-kogda rimskogo papu trakhnet kozel -gw
04-ritualnoye iskusstvo-gw
05-opustoshennaya zemlya landshafty nenavisti-gw
01 black crucifixion-intro-berc
02 black crucifixion-flowing downwards-berc
03 black crucifixion-master spirit-berc
04 black crucifixion-outro-berc
01 buried beneath – reveal the legacy (intro)
02 buried beneath – a fate worse than death
03 buried beneath – remember salem
04 buried beneath – make them die slowly
05 buried beneath – wallowing in misery
06 buried beneath – forgotten not the natural splendour
07 buried beneath – gothic sorrow (intro)
08 buried beneath – into a depressive shade of crimson
09 buried beneath – spectrum of impurity
10 buried beneath – in fields of green i wander
01 capricornus-in stahlgewittern-berc
02 capricornus-blut und ehre-berc
03 capricornus-die wilde jagd-berc
101-genital grinder-berc
102-regurgitation of giblets-berc
103-reek of putrefaction-berc
104-exhume to consume-berc
105-embryonic necropsy and devourment-berc
107-corporeal jigsore quandary-berc
108-incarnated solvent abuse-berc
109-buried dreams-berc
111-this mortal coil-berc
112-death certificate-berc
113-rot n roll-berc
114-keep on rotting in the free world-berc
115-tomorrow belongs to nobody-berc
117-generation hexed-berc
118-rxxk the vote-berc
201-edge of darkness-berc
202-emotional flatline-berc
203-ever increasing circles-berc
204-blood splattered banner-berc
205-i told you so (corporate rock really does suck)-berc
206-buried dreams (live)-berc
207-no love lost (live)-berc
208-rot n roll (live)-berc
209-edge of darkness (live)-berc
210-corporeal jigsore quandary (live)-berc
211-incarnated solvent abuse (live)-berc
212-exhume to consume (live)-berc
213-carnal forge (live)-berc
214-heartwork (live)-berc
01-untitled-gw int
02-untitled-gw int
03-untitled-gw int
01 count nosferatu-ostara-berc
02 count nosferatu-lord kaiser nosferat-berc
03 count nosferatu-imperial caste-berc
04 count nosferatu-le chevalier de lordre nouveau-berc
05 count nosferatu-lapogee des aigles-berc
06 count nosferatu-unsere letzte hoffnung apokalypse-berc
07 count nosferatu-the cyber coasn-berc
01 frozen winter shadows-amw
02 silenceveil-amw
03 dark is the lake -amw
04 land of eternal night-amw
05 weeping rain-amw
06 withered-amw
07 timeless-amw
01 feast of november dawn-amw
101 szenrozsa-amw
102 forgatag-amw
103 rettenet-amw
104 kormos dombon vasarnap-amw
201 porgo tollal nyilj ki puszta-amw
202 kerti tukorben-amw
203 oda egy csaloganyhoz-amw
204 dadogva-amw
01 creeping death (metallica)-amw
02 dead skin mask (slayer)-amw
03 kormos dombon vasarnap-amw
01-Dead Kennedys-Soup Is Good Food-gF
02-dead kennedys-hellnation-gf
03-Dead Kennedys-This Could Be Anywhere-gF
04-Dead Kennedys-A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch-gF
05-Dead Kennedys-Chicken Farm-gF
06-Dead Kennedys-Jock-o-Rama-gF
07-Dead Kennedys-Goons of Hazzard-gF
08-Dead Kennedys-MTV – Get Off The Air-gF
09-Dead Kennedys-At My Job-gF
10-Dead Kennedys-Stars and Stripes of Corruption-gF
01-living monstrosity-fericex
02-altering the future-fericex
03-defensive personalities-fericex
04-within the mind-fericex
05-spiritual healing-fericex
06-low life-fericex
07-genetic reconstruction-fericex
08-killing spree-fericex
01-death-infernal death-gB
02-death-zombie ritual-gB
03-death-denial of life-gB
06-death-regurgitated guts-gB
07-death-baptized in blood-gB
08-death-torn to pieces-gB
09-death-evil dead-gB
10-death-scream bloody gore-gB
11-death-beyond the unholy grave-gB
12-death-land of no return-gB
13-death-open casket (live)-gB
14-death-choke on it (live)-gB
02-death-zero tolerance-eos
03-death-empty words-eos
04-death-sacred serenity-eos
05-death-1000 eyes-eos
06-death-without judgement-eos
07-death-crystal mountain-eos
09-death-perennial quest-eos
01-oskoplenie pamyati-gw
02-im schatten des todes-gw
03-die saat des bosen-gw
04-mysterium einer nacht-gw
06-nektar der begierde-gw
07-ruckkehr des kaisers-gw
08-tempel der offenbarung-gw
09-im zeichen des chaos-gw
10-ausklang des mysteriums-gw
01 intro (dusk)-amw
02 forever-amw
03 fight of the soul-amw
04 outro-amw
01-entombed-living dead-sge
02-entombed-sinner bleed-sge
04-entombed-blessed be-sge
05-entombed-stranger aeons-sge
06-entombed-chaos bleed-sge
08-entombed-severe burns-sge
09-entombed-through the collonades-sge
10-entombed-dusk (bonus track)-sge
11-entombed-shreds of flesh (bonus track)-sge
01-left hand path-syn
03-revel in flesh-syn
04-when life has ceased-syn
05-supposed to rot-syn
06-but life goes on-syn
07-bitter loss-syn
08-morbid devourment-syn
09-abnormally deceased-syn
10-the truth beyond-syn
11-carnal leftovers-syn
12-premature autopsy-syn
01-one light one shadow-gw
02-child of the ashes-gw
03-the days of sorrow-gw
05-and pain born dawns-gw
03-ancient abbey-ddz
04-inquisition begins-ddz
05-once upon a time-ddz
06-il principle di anghisha-ddz
07-march for evol-ddz
08-il castello evitato-ddz
09-il chierico grigio-ddz
10-grigia signora-ddz
11-tower of the necromancer-ddz
12-epilogue (fading back)-ddz
01 the last act of defiance-demonic
02 fabulous disaster-demonic
03 the toxic waltz-demonic
04 low rider-demonic
05 cajun hell-demonic
06 like father like son-demonic
07 corruption-demonic
08 verbal razors-demonic
09 open season-demonic
10 overdose-demonic
101 faith no more – collision-llf
102 faith no more – stripsearch-llf
103 faith no more – last cup of sorrow-llf
104 faith no more – naked in front of the computer-llf
105 faith no more – helpless-llf
106 faith no more – mouth to mouth-llf
107 faith no more – ashes to ashes-llf
108 faith no more – she loves me not-llf
109 faith no more – got that feeling-llf
110 faith no more – paths of glory-llf
111 faith no more – home sick home-llf
112 faith no more – pristina-llf
201 faith no more – last cup of sorrow (bigfoot and wildboy mix)-llf
202 faith no more – last cup of sorrow (bonehead mix)-llf
203 faith no more – ashes to ashes (hardknox horned hand mix)-llf
204 faith no more – ashes to ashes (automatic 5 dub)-llf
205 faith no more – she loves me not (spinna main mix)-llf
206 faith no more – ashes to ashes (dillinja mix)-llf
01-faith no more-land of sunshine-eos
02-faith no more-caffeine-eos
03-faith no more-midlife crisis-eos
04-faith no more-rv-eos
05-faith no more-smaller and smaller-eos
06-faith no more-everythings ruined-eos
07-faith no more-malpractice-eos
08-faith no more-kindergarten-eos
09-faith no more-be aggressive-eos
10-faith no more-a small victory-eos
11-faith no more-crack hitler-eos
12-faith no more-jizzlobber-eos
13-faith no more-midnight cowboy-eos
14-faith no more-easy-eos
01-faith no more-we care a lot-iro
02-faith no more-the jungle-iro
03-faith no more-mark bowen-iro
04-faith no more-jim-iro
05-faith no more-why do you bother-iro
06-faith no more-greed-iro
07-faith no more-pills for breakfast-iro
08-faith no more-as the worm turns-iro
09-faith no more-arabian disco-iro
10-faith no more-new beginnings-iro
01-layde nemiyle gulte beynache through-d2h
03-ultan -d2h
04-aygel –enamus– liy torna tayga-d2h
06-kyn nargall-d2h
07-idol tuluchy bugaruk-d2h
02-kyn nargall-gw
03-aygel enamus liy torna tayga-gw
04-udjeveyd vevide wetwe nargall-gw
05-rouna movolichie suiy-gw
06-yge eyti rigein modjeis torna daije gein-gw
02-gorefest-forty shades-dnr
04-gorefest-electric poet-dnr
05-gorefest-soul survivor-dnr
06-gorefest-blood is thick-dnr
07-gorefest-dog day-dnr
08-gorefest-demon seed-dnr
10-gorefest-dragon man-dnr
01-gathered at blkulla intro-gw int
02-sexual bloodgargling-gw int
03-under the pagan megalith-gw int
04-katharinas bortgang-gw int
05-maaneskuggens slave-gw int
01 helloween-savage-rlx
02 helloween-save us-rlx
03 helloween-victim of fate-rlx
04 helloween-livin aint no crime-rlx
05 helloween-dont run for cover-rlx
06 helloween-judas-rlx
07 helloween-future world-rlx
08 helloween-murderer-rlx
09 helloween-starlight-rlx
10 helloween-phantoms of death-rlx
11 helloween-a tale that wasnt right-rlx
12 helloween-i want out-rlx
13 helloween-march of time-rlx
14 helloween-im alive-rlx
01-helloween – intro-ferice
02-im alive-ferice
04-a little time-ferice
05-twilight of the gods-ferice
06-future world-ferice
07-you always walk alone-ferice
08-ride the sky-ferice
09-a tale that wasnt right-ferice
11-follow the sign-ferice
13-victim of fate-ferice
01-explicit lyrics-gw
03-georgeous oral sex-gw
04-another slut-gw
05-filthy 2 minutes handjob-gw
06-glad in rubber-gw
07-massive mutual orgasm-gw
09-hot golden mouthwash-gw
10-harmless voices-gw
11-auburn spermed sexuality-gw
12-porno explicit lyrics-gw
01 – Overlord
02 – R.I.P.
03 – Night of the Living Dead
04 – S.O.S.
05 – None Shall Defy
06 – Skeletons in the Closet
07 – Anthology of Death
08 – Path of the Psycho
09 – Into the Unknown (Bonus Track)
10 – Hell on Earth (Bonus Track)
01 Leave this World Behind-BWM
02 Phobia-BWM
03 Forever-BWM
04 Black Sunrise-BWM
05 Nonconformist-BWM
06 Enemy Unseen-BWM
07 Outcast-BWM
08 Stronger than Before-BWM
09 Ruin of Life-BWM
10 Whatever it May Take-BWM
11 Alive Again-BWM
12 Against the Rest-BWM
13 A Better Tomorrow-BWM
01-fullmoon over faerhaaven-gw int
02-visions of a dark dominion-gw int
03-transylvania(land beyond eternal black forests)-gw int
04-winds sweep zachtonia-gw int
05-dungeons of the carpathian tower-gw int
06-mist hides my land-gw int
led zeppelin-01-good times bad times-rns
led zeppelin-02-babe im gonna leave you-rns
led zeppelin-03-dazed and confused-rns
led zeppelin-04-communication breakdown-rns
led zeppelin-05-whole lotta love-rns
led zeppelin-06-what is and what should never be-rns
led zeppelin-07-immigrant song-rns
led zeppelin-08-since ive been loving you-rns
led zeppelin-09-black dog-rns
led zeppelin-10-rock and roll-rns
led zeppelin-11-the battle of evermore-rns
led zeppelin-12-when the levee breaks-rns
led zeppelin-13-stairway to heaven-rns
01-silvester anfang-gw int
02-deathcrush-gw int
03-fall of seraphs-gw int
04-carnage-gw int
05-necrolust-gw int
06-ancient skin-gw int
07-freezing moon-gw int
08-symbols of bloodswords-gw int
09-from the dark past-gw int
10-chainsaw gutsfuck-gw int
11-i am thy labyrinth-gw int
12-pure fucking armageddon-gw int
03-holy father-ttm
05-the second creation-ttm
06-the end of messiah-ttm
07-barbarians (live bonus)-ttm
01-megadeth-no more mr. nice guy-iro
03-megadeth-go to hell-iro
04-megadeth-angry again-iro
05-megadeth-99 ways to die-iro
01 Nightwish-Elvenpath-AMRC
02 Nightwish-Beauty And The Beast-AMRC
03 Nightwish-The Carpenter-AMRC
04 Nightwish-Astral Romance-AMRC
05 Nightwish-Angels Fall First-AMRC
06 Nightwish-Tutankhamen-AMRC
07 Nightwish-Nymphomaniac Fantasia-AMRC
08 Nightwish-Know Why The Nightingale Sings-AMRC
09 Nightwish-Lappi – I – Eraemaajaervi-AMRC
10 Nightwish-Lappi – II – Witchdrums-AMRC
11 Nightwish-Lappi – III – This Moment Is Eternity-AMRC
12 Nightwish-Lappi – IV – Etiaeinen-AMRC
01-alpha ete part ii-fff
03-psi structure out of time-fff
01-traenen der sterblichkeit-gw
01-orcish blood-intro-gw
02-as all the gods do-gw
03-goddess of the grief-gw
04-orcish blood-gw
05-my glory-gw
01-orcish blood-intro2-gw
03-my blood-gw
05-the treasure-gw
06-idalized one shroud of mine-gw
07-an islet of irrational hope-gw
08-eternal kingdom of frost-gw
01-my dark subconscious-gw
02-wings of funeral-gw
03-death execution-gw
06-freezing moon-gw
07-chainsaw gutsfuck-gw
08-from the dark-gw
09-disgusting semla-gw
11-my dark subconscious-gw
01-putrid offal-purulent cold-gw
02-putrid offal-repulsive corpse-gw
03-putrid offal-premature necropsy-gw
04-putrid offal-rotten flesh-gw
05-putrid offal-sympton-gw
06-putrid offal-garroting way-gw
07-putrid offal-suffering-gw
08-putrid offal-mortuary garland-gw
09-putrid offal-outro-gw
11-exulceration-cerebral suppuration-gw
12-exulceration-putrid atmosphere-gw
13-exulceration-brain lobotomy-gw
15-exulceration-syndrom of regurgitation-gw
16-exulceration-gastric purulence-gw
17-exulceration-infernal disgust-gw
18-exulceration-happy sickness of life-gw
01-the hordes are pass by this land (millenial darkness)-gw
02-wisdom of war (our pagan war)-gw
03-gods of wolves hordes (and wolves are rush along again)-g
04-fortress ung (tales of mother verhovina)-gw
05-voisko tmy-gw
06-sobiraytes volki budete vy moi sobaki-gw
01-prishestvie roda-gw
03-rod bgu ruse a slaven-gw
04-z o v (zmie ogne volk)-gw
07-karna (pesn smerti)-gw
08-proslavlenie roda-gw
01-beneath the remains-gore
02-inner self-gore
03-stronger than hate-gore
04-mass hypnosis-gore
05-sarcastic existence-gore
06-slaves of pain-gore
09-primitive future-gore
10-a hora e a vez do cabelo nascer-gore
11-inner self (drum tracks)-gore
12-mass hypnosis (drum tracks)-gore
02-from the past comes the storms-gore
03-to the wall-gore
04-escape to the void-gore
05-inquisition symphony-gore
06-screams behind the shadows-gore
07-septic schizo-gore
08-the abyss-gore
09-rip (rest in pain)-gore
10-troops of doom-gore
11-the past reborns the storms (demo version)-gore
12-septic schizo (rough mix)-gore
13-to the wall (rough mix)-gore
04-siebenbuergen-slottet auragon-mwnd
05-siebenbuergen-foer mig ditt blod utgutet-mwnd
06-siebenbuergen-doedens svarta fana-mwnd
07-siebenbuergen-luna luciferi-mwnd
08-siebenbuergen-i doeden fann hon liv-mwnd
10-siebenbuergen-ibi cubavit lamia-mwnd
01-chemical warfare-krema
02-captor of sin-krema
03-haunting the chapel-krema
04-aggressive perfector-krema
01-angel of death-fericex
02-piece by piece-fericex
04-altar of sacrifice-fericex
05-jesus saves-fericex
06-criminally insane-fericex
10-raining blood-fericex
11-aggresive perfector-fericex
12-criminally insane (remix)-fericex
01 Slayer-Evil Has No Boundaries-AMRC
02 Slayer-The Antichrist-AMRC
03 Slayer-Die By The Sword-AMRC
04 Slayer-Fight Till Death-AMRC
05 Slayer-Metal Storm-Face The Slayer-AMRC
06 Slayer-Black Magic-AMRC
07 Slayer-Tormentor-AMRC
08 Slayer-The Final Command-AMRC
09 Slayer-Crionics-AMRC
10 Slayer-Show No Mercy-AMRC
01-slayer-disintegration free money-gB
02-slayer-verbal abuse leeches-gB
03-slayer-abolish government superficial love-gB
04-slayer-cant stand you-gB
06-slayer-guilty of being white-gB
07-slayer-i hate you-gB
08-slayer-filler i dont want to hear it-gB
09-slayer-spiritual law-gB
10-slayer-mr. freeze-gB
11-slayer-violent pacification-gB
12-slayer-richard hung himself-gB
13-slayer-im gonna be your god-gB
Slayer – 01 – Disintegration – Free Money-iHell
Slayer – 02 – Verbal Abuse – Leeches-iHell
Slayer – 03 – Abolish Government – Superficial Love-iHell
Slayer – 04 – Can’t Stand You-iHell
Slayer – 05 – Ddamm-iHell
Slayer – 06 – Guilty of Being White-iHell
Slayer – 07 – I Hate You-iHell
Slayer – 08 – Filler – I Don’t Want to Hear It-iHell
Slayer – 09 – Spiritual Law-iHell
Slayer – 10 – Sick Boy-iHell
Slayer – 11 – Mr. Freeze-iHell
Slayer – 12 – Violent Pacification-iHell
Slayer – 13 – Richard Hung Himself-iHell
Slayer – 14 – I’m Gonna Be Your God-iHell
Slayer – 15 – Gemini-iHell
01-sodom-get what you deserve-dnr
02-sodom-jabba the hut-dnr
03-sodom-jesus screamer-dnr
04-sodom-delight in slaying-dnr
05-sodom-die stumme ursel-dnr
06-sodom-freaks of nature-dnr
07-sodom-eat me-dnr
08-sodom-unbury the hatched-dnr
09-sodom-into perdition-dnr
11-sodom-fellows in misery-dnr
12-sodom-tribute to moby dick (instrumental)-dnr
13-sodom-silence is consent-dnr
16-sodom-angel dust-dnr
01-wrath of the slaughter-gw
03-possessed by violence-gw
04-kill and sacrifice-gw
05-winds of death-gw
06-black bitchfuck-gw
07-life of anguish-gw
08-definitely war-gw
10-carnal lust-gw
11-depressed visions-gw
01-proklyatie (nastassja mertva 3)-gw
02-rossiya zdohla (remix)-gw
03-zverinaya zhestokost-gw
04-v zinkovyh grobah-gw
05-uhud umotayvs avtilom-gw
06-pir na badalyke-gw
07-subbota 6 chasov utra-gw
08-in satanas dominas (remix of achehate)-gw
09-diktator (remix)-gw
11-outro beskonechnost-gw
01-testament-dnr (do not resuscitate)-gB
02-testament-down for life-gB
03-testament-eyes of wrath-gB
04-testament-true believer-gB
05-testament-3 days in darkness-gB
06-testament-legions of the dead-gB
07-testament-careful what you wish for-gB
08-testament-riding the snake-gB
10-testament-sewn shut eyes-gB
11-testament-fall of siple dome-gB
01 signs of chaos-braek
02 electric crown-braek
03 so many lies-braek
04 let go of my world-braek
05 the ritual-braek
06 deadline-braek
07 as the seasons grey-braek
08 agony-braek
09 the sermon-braek
10 return to serenity-braek
11 troubled dreams-braek
01-therion-morbid reality-gf
02-therion-the return-gf
03-therion-bells of doom-gf
01-therion-the rise of sodom and gomorrah-gB
02-therion-birth of venus illegitima-gB
03-therion-wine of aluqah-gB
04-therion-clavicula nox-gB
05-therion-the wild hunt-gB
06-therion-eye of shiva-gB
07-therion-black sun-gB
08-therion-the opening-gB
09-therion-morning star-gB
10-therion-black diamonds-gB
11-therion-raven of dispersion-gB
01-zachatje zla-gw
02-hey perun-gw
03-master of the forest-gw
04-nesvyataja sutj ( vsled za vetrom )-gw
05-lost light of paganism-gw
06-imperia snega i mhov-gw
01-waiting for armageddon-fff
02-burn the heaven land-fff
04-feeble must die-fff
05-life eternal in the eyes of dead-fff
06-senselosing neverwar-fff
05-chatal hujuk-gw
02-pain on my face-gw
03-the black monk-gw
04-qiuas dream-gw
05-plunged in despair-gw
06-uneasiness waiting-gw
01 det hedenske folk – northland rules supreme
02 odium – winterpath
03 covenant – vision of a lost kingdom
04 thy grief – a frozen realm (an ancient scripture)
05 vargariket – taakeheimens trone
06 enchanted – breed my sorrows
07 trelldom – sannet smerte og dod
08 obtained enslavement – centuries of sorrow
09 tulus – midtvintermane
10 troll – over daudens kolde mark
11 kampfar – hymne
12 trelldom – fullmaanens hemelighet
13 inherit – edge of sanity
14 malignant eternal – warriors od dawn
15 obtained enslavement – unblessed
16 odium – palace of forgotten dreams
17 windir – morkets fyrste
101-the thrill-initiation into the mysteries of death omens-ttm
103-centurian-of purest fire-ttm
104-mayhem-de mysteriis dom sathanas (rehearsal)-ttm
105-tyrant-grudge of dannoura-ttm
106-outbreak-ritual in blood-ttm
107-naglfar-twelfth rising-ttm
108-swordmaster-claws of death-ttm
109-ash-the descent-ttm
110-mastiphal-summoned howling-ttm
111-thy primordial-at the world of antrodden-ttm
112-black funeral-mourns a lengthening shadow-ttm
113-labei ritual-storm in the darkness-ttm
114-hemlock-reign of death-ttm
115-ever dark-the horns of sacrifice-ttm
116-soul reaper-the return of the darkness and evil (bathory cover)-ttm
201-apollyon-omnia in majorem diaboli gloriam-ttm
202-algaion-aegis and the sword-ttm
203-sacramentum-awaken chaos-ttm
204-indungeon-in the ashes of civilization-ttm
205-battlelust-the acheron-ttm
206-tartaros-tunes toward empyrean-ttm
208-diaboli-to burn the kingdom of god-ttm
209-thy infernal-the hordes of satan-ttm
210-melechesh-desert pentagram-ttm
211-lord of depression-blade of the mighty ones-ttm
212-mortify-serpentine moon-ttm
213-goddess of desire-blasphemic beasts convoked-ttm
214-haimad-under spread wings of eternal darkness-ttm
215-burning inside-masque-ttm
216-acheron-evil dead (death cover)-ttm
01 damien (intro)-dtl
02 sothis-dtl
03 distant dream-dtl
04 black to the blind-dtl
05 silent empire-dtl
06 blood of kingu-dtl
07 incarnation (bonus track)-dtl
08 carnal-dtl
09 red passage-dtl
10 panzerstoss (intro)-dtl
11 reborn in flames-dtl
12 fractal light-dtl
13 dethroned emperor (bonus track)-dtl
14 from beyond (intro)-dtl
15 crucified ones-dtl
16 foetus god-dtl
17 black sabbath (black sabbath cover)-dtl
18 raining blood (slayer cover)-dtl
19 omen (intro)-dtl
20 dark age-dtl
a1-matsumoto takahiro-touch operation-jrp
a2-matsumoto takahiro-dead line-jrp
a3-matsukawa toshiya-truth-jrp
a4-matsukawa toshiya-tiny wing-jrp
b1-kitajima kenji-whats happening-jrp
b2-kitajima kenji-morning sun-jrp
b3-kitsutaka fumihiko-falcon-jrp
b4-kitsutaka fumihiko-justice of black-jrp
01-imperial lucyfer – devekut-ttm
02-mausoleum – ritualis profanos ao reino pagao-ttm
03-mausoleum – bestial massacre-ttm
04-cheol – perversos chamados da crueldade-ttm
05-defacer – stormy inspiration-ttm
06-poeticus severus – empireo-ttm
07-poeticus severus – abismus di caelum-ttm
08-arkhon ton daimonion – a beatiful witch is consecrate high-priestess in the black art-ttm
09-blazing corpse – crystalized tears (nights of profund sadness)-ttm
10-behalf fiend – thou is for me-ttm
02-period ognja – eapoha sataneu-fff
01-velvet cacoon-intro (through ice caverns of grimness and frost)-gf
02-velvet cacoon-chapter i grim chariots (blazing the trail of northern cold)-gf
03-velvet cacoon-chapter ii symphonaire des grim (troll fire of bloody snowhells)-gf
04-velvet cacoon-chapter iii grimica und helvetta (dark romantic slavery)-gf
05-velvet cacoon-chapter iv tales of grimness (lord grim scarysad)-gf
06-velvet cacoon-chapter v night frost tragedy (death of grimica)-gf
07-velvet cacoon-chapter vi grim opus (devil forest of die)-gf
08-velvet cacoon-chapter vii grim icicles of misanthropy (starlit seas of angel blood)-gf
09-velvet cacoon-outro (grimbitten in the elysian ice fields)-gf
10-velvet cacoon-when the purest flesh is alive in a heart full of hate-gf
01-those tears of filth
02-firedance (jaa)
03-the wisdom of usuluh (veri)
04-the darkness of asath (saatana)
05-silent tongues
01-intro the gates-gw
02-abysmal winter sky-gw
03-the inner endless darkness-gw
04-alone forever-gw
05-terminate the christianity-gw
06-destruction of reality-gw
07-incarnated in the flame-gw
08-diluted in blackness-gw
09-outro twilight of soul-gw
01-when death is better than life-gw
02-death or glorya-gw
03-this is war-gw
04-majestic sadness-gw
05-death or glorya (second version)-gw
01 rise of the predator-bbrc
02 the last revelation-bbrc
03 phoenix rising-bbrc
04 i am the wargod (ode to the battle slain)-bbrc
05 the eternal glory of war-bbrc
06 lone wolf winter-bbrc
07 ride the solar winds-bbrc
08 the birth of tragedy-bbrc
01 The Purifying-baldrg
02 In the Claws of the Desert-baldrg
03 A Fragile Reflection-baldrg
04 In the Surface of the Worldsea-baldrg
05 The Ice-Pit-baldrg
06 Embrace of the Sun-baldrg
07 On the Path of Reality-baldrg
08 The Eternal Harmony-baldrg
01-led zeppelin-the song remains the same-ego
02-led zeppelin-no quarter-ego
03-led zeppelin-houses of the holy-ego
04-led zeppelin-trampled underfoot-ego
05-led zeppelin-kashmir-ego
06-led zeppelin-ten years gone-ego
07-led zeppelin-achilles last stand-ego
08-led zeppelin-nobodys fault but mine-ego
09-led zeppelin-all my love-ego
10-led zeppelin-in the evening-ego
01-dawn of eternity-dtl
02-cryptic remains-dtl
04-chamber of ages-dtl
05-from beyond-dtl
06-defeat remains-dtl
08-symbolic immortality-dtl
09-corpse grinder-dtl
10-inhuman condition (bonus track)-dtl
11-plains of insanity (bonus track)-dtl
12-warhead (bonus track)-dtl
13-provoked accurser (bonus track)-dtl
megadeth-01-kill the king-rns
megadeth-02-dread the fugitive mind-rns
megadeth-04-use the man-rns
megadeth-05-almost honest-rns
megadeth-07-a tout le monde-rns
megadeth-08-train of consequences-rns
megadeth-09-sweating bullets-rns
megadeth-10-symphony of destruction-rns
megadeth-11-hangar 18-rns
megadeth-12-hoy wars. the punishment due-rns
megadeth-13-in my darkest hour-rns
megadeth-14-pleace sells-rns
01 nightwish-sleepwalker (heavy version)-amrc
02 nightwish-walking in the air (edit)-amrc
03 nightwish-nightquest (japanese bonustrack)-amrc
04 nightwish-the carpenter (single version)-amrc
05 nightwish-sacrament of wilderness (single version)-amrc
06 nightwish-tutankhamen (single version)-amrc
01 nordum – the forest of the innocent ones
02 nordum – the blood of survival
03 nordum – to mirror of the beast – chap i
04 nordum – to mirror of the beast – chap ii
01-mandatory suicide-0627-EPK
02-war ensemble-0627-EPK
03-bitter peace-0627-EPK
04-stain of mind-0627-EPK
05-here comes the pain-0627-EPK
06-dead skin mask-0627-EPK
07-raining blood-0627-EPK
08-hell awaits-0627-EPK
09-south of heaven-0627-EPK
10-angel of death-0627-EPK
01-coldhearted blasphemy-gw
02-invocation of demogorgon-gw
04-house of the nameless ones-gw
05-supreme cross-gw
06-chapel of abominations-gw
07-the cold air-gw
08-dreamless sleep-gw
09-again as the slaves misery of circulation-gw
10-the horny and the horned-gw
01-mudrostta na vekovete-gw
01-todeskampf – intro-fff
02-beating in the heart of evil-fff
03-aeon of dreams-fff
05-rising in the horizons dark-fff
06-snow of ashes of humanity-fff
08-nuclear night-fff
01 ruined (now untitled)-cmg
02 redeemed in profanity (by the lost of utopia)-cmg
03 buried by time and dust (mayhem cover)-cmg
01 einklang-die fahne-berc
02 wehrhammer-gruss an die dunkelheit-berc
03 holocaustus-r a w-berc
04 rassenkrieg-palace of ice-berc
05 aryan blood-massenvernichtung-berc
06 nebulah-aeturnus in inferno ardens-berc
07 eternity-vengeance in blood-berc
08 bilskirnir-through the occult veil-berc
09 priestermord-hail sathanas-berc
10 ulfhethnar-heil dem neuen tag-berc
11 nordreich-vergebens all die muehe-berc
12 the true frost-das letzte licht-berc
13 bilskirnir-for the return of paganism-berc
14 wolfsmond-erfroren-berc
15 armatus-total holocaust-berc
16 ulfhethnar-burn the books-berc
17 todesstoss-jenseitsluege-berc
18 the true frost-from the fields of fire-berc
19 oedelegger-zerstoerer i-berc
20 nordreich-die vergessenen-berc
21 ausklang-germania-berc
01-empire of darkness-gw int
02-the way-gw int
03-transitoriness-gw int
04-nuclear death-gw int
05-vilkates-part ii-gw int
06-dying flowers-gw int
07-apocalyptic millennium-gw int
08-slaverace-gw int
01 vinterriket–monde ewiger verdammnis-vic
02 vinterriket–am brennenden nordlichen firmament-vic
03 vinterriket–der schrei der leere-vic
04 vinterriket–zungelnde winterflammen-vic
05 vinterriket–vom echo der melancholie-vic
06 vinterriket–stumme winternacht-vic
07 vinterriket–fragmente eines schattens-vic
08 vinterriket–totendes licht-vic
09 vinterriket–sorgens dis-vic
10 vinterriket–det svake lys-vic
11 vinterriket–nattefrost-vic
01-Dead Kennedys – Police Truck-gF
02-Dead Kennedys – Too Drunk To Fuck-gF
03-Dead Kennedys – California Uber Alles-gF
04-Dead Kennedys – The Man With The Dogs-gF
05-Dead Kennedys – Insight-gF
06-Dead Kennedys – Life Sentence-gF
07-Dead Kennedys – A Child And His Lawnmower-gF
08-Dead Kennedys – Holiday In Cambodia-gF
09-Dead Kennedys – I Fought The Law-gF
10-Dead Kennedys – Saturday Night Holocaust-gF
11-Dead Kennedys – Pull My Strings-gF
12-Dead Kennedys – Short Songs-gF
13-Dead Kennedys – Straight As-gF
14-Dead Kennedys – Kinky Sex Makes The World Go -gF
15-Dead Kennedys – The Prey-gF
16-Dead Kennedys – Night Of The Living Rednecks-gF
17-Dead Kennedys – Buzzbomb From Pasadena-gF
01-dead kennedys-introduction-ser
02-dead kennedys-police truck-ser
03-dead kennedys-kill the poor-ser
04-dead kennedys-holiday in cambodia-ser
05-dead kennedys-moon over marin-ser
06-dead kennedys-california uber alles-ser
07-dead kennedys-mtv-get off the air-ser
08-dead kennedys-too drunk to fuck-ser
09-dead kennedys-goons of hazzard-ser
10-dead kennedys-this could be anywhere-ser
11-dead kennedys-foward to death-ser
12-dead kennedys-i am the owl-ser
13-dead kennedys-hellnation-ser
14-dead kennedys-riot-ser
01-intro – hearing the armies songs-gw
02-war consacrated-gw
03-rise to destruction-gw
01-hergorn – intro-gw
02-hergorn – modlitwa do-gw
03-hergorn – mistyczny czas umierania dusz-gw
04-hergorn – krzyk rozpaczy-gw
05-hergorn – taniec kruka-gw
06-hergorn – outro-gw
07-hellveto – intro-gw
08-hellveto – scream of victory-gw
09-hellveto – potega-gw
10-hellveto – windwinter-gw
11-hellveto – czas plonacych pochodni-gw
12-hellveto – outro-gw
13-hellveto – stony pride bonus track-gw
01 indian fall – landscape
02 indian fall – breathing
03 indian fall – the same deep dark age
04 indian fall – things that i
05 indian fall – still raining in my dreams
06 indian fall – late october
07 indian fall – black suite
08 indian fall – dreams are followed
09 indian fall – neveen
01-tides of vengeance-d2h
02-the bullets breath-d2h
03-border into shadow-d2h
05-spawn of the abscess-d2h
06-thawed for breeding-d2h
08-the last incantation-d2h
09-poets of the trench-d2h
10-part ii-d2h
01 unmercyful extermination-dtl
02 dominating thunderous force-dtl
03 breeders of chaos-dtl
04 outside dwellers (new hyper brutally improved version)-dtl
05 catacombs devourer-dtl
06 decapitation of the weak-dtl
01-megadeth-dread and the fugitive mind-pms
02-megadeth-kill the king-pms
04-megadeth-the world needs a hero-pms
05-megadeth-losing my senses-pms
06-megadeth-return to hangar-pms
07-megadeth-1000 times goodbye-pms
08-megadeth-coming home-pms
09-megadeth-moto psycho-pms
11-megadeth-capitol punishment-pms
01-nebular carpathians-introduction-gf
02-nebular carpathians-christian crusher black metal-gf
03-nebular carpathians-szentsegtelen fekete halal-gf
04-nebular carpathians-winter twilight-gf
01-nightwish elvenpath-fd
02-nightwish beauty and the beast-fd
03-nightwish the carpenter-fd
04-nightwish astral romance-fd
05-nightwish angels fall first-fd
06-nightwish tutankhamen-fd
07-nightwish nymphomaniac fantasia-fd
08-nightwish know why the nightingale sings-fd
09-nightwish lappi (lapland) i – eramaajarvi-fd
10-nightwish lappi (lapland) ii – witchdrums-fd
11-nightwish lappi (lapland) iii – this moment is eternity-fd
12-nightwish lappi (lapland) iv – etiainen-fd
01-nightwish stargazers-fd
02-nightwish gethsemane-fd
03-nightwish devil and the deep dark ocean-fd
04-nightwish sacrament of wilderness-fd
05-nightwish passion and the opera-fd
06-nightwish swanheart-fd
07-nightwish moondance-fd
08-nightwish the riddler-fd
09-nightwish the pharaoh sails to orion-fd
10-nightwish walking in the air-fd
11-nightwish sleeping sun-fd
01-nightwish she is my sin-fd
02-nightwish the kinslayer-fd
03-nightwish come cover me-fd
04-nightwish wanderlust-fd
05-nightwish two for tragedy-fd
06-nightwish wishmaster-fd
07-nightwish bare grace misery-fd
08-nightwish crownless-fd
09-nightwish deep silent complete-fd
10-nightwish dead boy’s poem-fd
11-nightwish fantasmic-fd
12-nightwish sleepwalker-fd
01-nightwish over the hills and far away-2001-fd
02-nightwish 10th man down-fd
03-nightwish away-fd
05-nightwish the kinslayer (live)-fd
06-nightwish she is my sin (live)-fd
07-nightwish sacrament of wilderness (live)-fd
08-nightwish walking in the air (live)-fd
09-nightwish beauty and the beast (live)-fd
10-nightwish wishmaster (live)-fd
01-sorath (the dethronization of osiris)-gw
02-le nozze l incesto (horns of the eclipse)-gw
04-abjuration satans host-gw
05-satanick astral osmosis-gw
02-the atavism into ginnungagap pt. 3 (return to our pagan past)-gw
03-venomous magic (live)-gw
01 rok-under a southern sky-berc
02 rok-warpower-berc
03 rok-black leather-berc
01-sex pistols-pretty vacant-aaf
02-sex pistols-seventeen (im a lazy sod)-aaf
03-sex pistols-dolls (new york)-aaf
04-sex pistols-satellite-aaf
05-sex pistols-no feelings-aaf
06-sex pistols-i wanna be me-aaf
07-sex pistols-submission-aaf
08-sex pistols-anarchy in the uk (demo vers.-aaf
09-sex pistols-anarchy in the uk (new versi.-aaf
10-sex pistols-no fun-aaf
11-sex pistols-god save the queen-aaf
12-sex pistols-problems-aaf
13-sex pistols-pretty vacant-aaf
14-sex pistols-liar-aaf
15-sex pistols-emi-aaf
16-sex pistols-substitute-aaf
01-slayer-darkness of christ-PMS
03-slayer-god send death-PMS
04-slayer-new faith-PMS
07-slayer-seven faces-PMS
08-slayer-cast down-PMS
13-slayer-here comes the pain-PMS
15-slayer-scar struck-PMS
02-thylord-suicidal salvation-gw
04-thylord-last crimes-gw
05-song of melkor-thanatobeast-gw
06-song of melkor-night of blood-gw
07-song of melkor-nocturnal possession-gw
08-song of melkor-festering dementia-gw
09-song of melkor-heretics vengeance-gw
01-stabbing westward-wasted
02-stone in egypt-tomb transmission
04-miligram-after the riot
05-ministry-just one fix
06-tripod-attends et bave
08-altamont-saint of all killers
10-thorn eleven-simple things
02-my first victim-gw
03-worship us-gw
04-cancerous jesus christ-gw
06-kedjad vid kommande ar-gw
01-violence kill and destruction-gw
02-hellfire and damnation-gw
03-damned in hell-gw
04-black metal thunder-gw
05-bitch we gonna kill you-gw
06-were the pussy hunter-gw
07-shooting master-gw
08-hey slut-gw
10-struggle to death-gw
11-war 666-gw
02-absurd-the gates of heaven-mwnd
04-absurd-eternal winter-mwnd
05-absurd-deep dark forest-mwnd
06-absurd-first winter of bloodred snow-mwnd
07-absurd-mourning soul-mwnd
08-absurd-dreaming of love-mwnd
09-absurd-wartend in einsamkeit-mwnd
10-absurd-der sieg ist unser-mwnd
11-absurd-in des mondes blutgen schein-mwnd
13-absurd-lord of ages-mwnd
15-absurd-ashes to ashes-mwnd
16-absurd-last breath-mwnd
17-absurd-green heart-mwnd
20-absurd-tod vor sonnenaufgang-mwnd
21-absurd-fuer germanien-mwnd
22-absurd-als die alten jung noch waren-mwnd
01-unholy black metal-fff
02-daemons supremacy-fff
03-the reign of satan-fff
04-project 666-fff
05-madness of closed sleep-fff
07-the ride of the ancestral war-fff
08-satan master-fff
09-true frost evil-fff
10-so cold in transilvania-fff
11-norde (the past black metal)-fff
12-through of the occult veil (graveland)-fff
13-gay crush (mayhem)-fff
14-transilvanian hunger (darkthrone)-fff
15-les legions de satan-fff
16-throne of the black goat-fff
17-human barbecue-fff
01-bad religion-punk rock song-tlt
02-bad religion-the gray race-tlt
03-bad religion-the streets of america-tlt
04-bad religion-a walk-tlt
05-bad religion-ten in 2010-tlt
06-bad religion-new america-tlt
07-bad religion-i love my computer-tlt
08-bad religion-its a long way to the promise land-tlt
09-bad religion-hear it-tlt
10-bad religion-raise your voice-tlt
11-bad religion-no substance-tlt

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