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12-bad religion-infected-tlt
13-bad religion-21st century-tlt
14-bad religion-stranger than fiction-tlt
15-bad religion-dream of unity-tlt
16-bad religion-punk rock song german version-tlt
17-bad religion-leave mine to me live-tlt
18-bad religion-change of ideas live-tlt
19-bad religion-slumber live-tlt
20-bad religion-cease live-tlt
21-bad religion-were only gonna die live-tlt
22-bad religion-the henchman live-tlt
23-bad religion-the answer live-tlt
24-bad religion-the universal cynic-tlt
25-bad religion-the dodo-tlt
01 balrog-black holocaust-berc
02 balrog-black melancholy of death-berc
03 balrog-visions of the apokalypse-berc
04 balrog-old forests shadows-berc
101 mirror mirror-cnmc
102 a cry from the crypt-cnmc
103 darkness in paradise-cnmc
104 incarnation of evil-cnmc
105 bearer of pain-cnmc
106 ancient dreams-cnmc
107 the bells of acheron-cnmc
108 epistle no 81-cnmc
109 black sabbath medley-cnmc
201 mirror mirror-cnmc
202 the bells of acheron-cnmc
203 bearer of pain-cnmc
204 a cry from the crypt-cnmc
205 ancient dreams interview-cnmc
01 cradle of filth-once upon atrocity-amrc
02 cradle of filth-thirteen autumns and a widow-amrc
03 cradle of filth-cruelty brought thee orchids-amrc
04 cradle of filth-beneath the howling stars-amrc
05 cradle of filth-venus in fear-amrc
06 cradle of filth-desire in violent overture-amrc
07 cradle of filth-the twisted nails of faith-amrc
08 cradle of filth-bathory aria-amrc
09 cradle of filth-portrait of the dead countess-amrc
10 cradle of filth-lustmord and wargasm the lick of carnivorous winds-amrc
11 cradle of filth-the black goddess rises-amrc
12 cradle of filth-unbodied of dusk-amrc
13 cradle of filth-the raping of faith-amrc
14 cradle of filth-as deep any burial fraternally yours 666 outro-amrc
01 cradle of filth-darkness our bride jugular wedding-amrc
02 cradle of filth-the principal of evil made flesh-amrc
03 cradle of filth-the forest whispers my name-amrc
04 cradle of filth-iscariot-amrc
05 cradle of filth-the black goddess rises-amrc
06 cradle of filth-one final craven kiss-amrc
07 cradle of filth-a crescendo of passion bleeding-amrc
08 cradle of filth-to eve the art of witchcraft-amrc
09 cradle of filth-of mist and midnight skies-amrc
10 cradle of filth-in secret love we drown-amrc
11 cradle of filth-a dream of wolves in the snow-amrc
12 cradle of filth-summer dying fast-amrc
13 cradle of filth-unknown-amrc
14 cradle of filth-from the cradle to enslave-amrc
15 cradle of filth-of dark blood and fucking-amrc
16 cradle of filth-death comes ripping-amrc
17 cradle of filth-sleepless-amrc
01-damnation army – archangel-fkk
02-damnation army – death embrace-fkk
03-damnation army – age of punishment-fkk
04-damnation army – forsaken-fkk
01-dead kennedys-kill the poor-pos
02-dead kennedys-forward to death-pos
03-dead kennedys-when ya get drafted-pos
04-dead kennedys-lets lynch the landlord-pos
05-dead kennedys-drug me-pos
06-dead kennedys-your emotions-pos
07-dead kennedys-chemical warfare-pos
08-dead kennedys-california uber alles-pos
09-dead kennedys-i kill children-pos
10-dead kennedys-stealing peoples mail-pos
11-dead kennedys-funland at the beach-pos
12-dead kennedys-ill in the head-pos
13-dead kennedys-holiday in cambodia-pos
14-dead kennedys-viva las vegas-pos
01-devilish era-the purifying cult of the ancestors-gw
02-devilish era-much to my dismay-gw
03-devilish era-apocalyptic eschatology-gw
04-devilish era-impedimenta-gw
05-devilish era-der abschaum-gw
06-devilish era-delude to believers-gw
07-zaghurim-the fantasy to be dead-gw
08-zahgurim-rapture means torture-gw
09-zaghurim-entangled in leather whips-gw
10-zaghurim-bondage is the law-gw
11-zaghurim-climax in alcohol baths-gw
101 to live forever 94-wlm
102 take the time-wlm
103 eve-wlm
104 you or me-wlm
105 the way it used to be-wlm
106 dont look past me-wlm
107 to live forever 91-wlm
108 raise the knife-wlm
109 where are you now-wlm
110 cover my eyes-wlm
111 speak to me-wlm
201 lie-wlm
202 hollow years-wlm
203 home-wlm
204 through her eyes-wlm
205 through her eyes-wlm
206 home-wlm
207 pull me under-wlm
208 under a glass moon-wlm
209 a fortune in lies-wlm
210 only a matter of time-wlm
211 take the time-wlm
212 misunderstood-wlm
213 blind faith-wlm
214 solitary shell-wlm
215 the test that stumped them all-wlm
01-edinstvennoje vernoje-gw
02-prosnulis derevja-gw
03-novye obitateli-gw
04-v krasnyh louchakh nezabvenen-gw
05-nasha pobeda-gw
06-finalnaya prichina-gw
07-voskresnet umret i roditsya-gw
08-tam gde otchaijanie zrimo-gw
01-requiem for a stormy day-gw
02-born from chaos-gw
03-i swear revenge-gw
05-as the only witness-gw
06-miserable agony-gw
07-eternal silence-gw
08-morbids thoughts-gw
09-when the snow became rain-gw
01-dead end stronghold-gw
02-the old path-gw
03-on the deadly glare-gw
04-hoards of past-gw
06-the tempest depths-gw
07-into the fog-gw
08-pagan blaze-gw
01-hel-fast besluten-mwnd
02-hel-oede vaerld-mwnd
03-hel-i det dolda-mwnd
04-hel-tjockare aen blod-mwnd
05-hel-mitt all-mwnd
06-hel-segerfylld hemkomst-mwnd
07-hel-bestarnas sal-mwnd
08-hel-vi salde vara hemman-mwnd
10-hel-valkyriors dom-mwnd
12-hel-bortgloemda tid-mwnd
01 the unfolded conquest of the universe-dtl
02 chaotic matrix-dtl
03 colossal vortex-dtl
04 lurking monstrosity-dtl
05 cosmic ancient mountain-dtl
06 reborn in victory-dtl
07 cataclysmic origin-dtl
08 vatican bombardment-dtl
09 destroyer entity-dtl
10 the antiquary horror-dtl
11 decapitation of the weak (re-recorded)-dtl
01 mighty triumphant return-dtl
02 valley of the impaled-dtl
03 evil sorcerers-dtl
04 daemons awakening-dtl
05 outside dwellers-dtl
06 threshold into the unknown-dtl
07 enter the gate of death-dtl
08 beyond the mystic portal of madness-dtl
09 supreme knowledge domain-dtl
10 summoning the ancient ones-dtl
11 unmercyful extermination (bonus track)-dtl
12 dominating thunderous force (bonus track)-dtl
13 breeders of chaos (bonus track)-dtl
14 outside dwellers (bonus track)-dtl
01 manowar – the dawn of battle-nbd
02 manowar – i believe-nbd
03 manowar – call to arms-nbd
01-manowar-call to arms-ser
02-manowar-fight for freedom-ser
03-manowar-nessun dorma-ser
05-manowar-swords in the wind-ser
06-manowar-an american trilogy-ser
07-manowar-the march-ser
08-manowar-warriors of the world united-ser
09-manowar-hand of doom-ser
10-manowar-house of death-ser
11-manowar-fight until we die-ser
01 iunhum-amw
02 grimlust for decay-amw
01 fullmoon over the mountains of bukk-amw
02 possessed by me-amw
03 enehs descendants-amw
04 archaic woods-amw
01-megadeth-last rites-loved to death-pms
02-megadeth-killing is my business and business is good-pms
03-megadeth-the skull beneath the skin-pms
05-megadeth-chosen ones-pms
06-megadeth-looking down the cross-pms
08-megadeth-these boots-pms
09-megadeth-last rites-loved to death (demo)-pms
10-megadeth-mechanix (demo)-pms
11-megadeth-the skull beneath the skin (demo)-pms
01 Cleansed by Fire-LD
02 Violent Obsession-LD
03 Cold Eyes of Grey-LD
04 Human Waste-LD
05 Burn All the Way-LD
06 Unearthy Salvation-LD
07 Painless End-LD
08 Mind Possession-LD
09 Fallen Angels Universe-LD
10 In Your Blood-LD
02-pauvre je suis-gw
03-la confrorie des porcs-gw
04-far beyond past and future-gw
01-cd1-muse-forced in-wcr
02-cd1-muse-shrinking universe-wcr
04-cd1-muse-yes please-wcr
05-cd1-muse-map of your head-wcr
06-cd1-muse-nature 1-wcr
07-cd1-muse-shine acoustic-wcr
09-cd1-muse-the gallery-wcr
10-cd1-muse-hyper chondriac music-wcr
01-cd2-muse-dead star-wcr
02-cd2-muse-micro cuts-wcr
03-cd2-muse-citizen erased-wcr
06-cd2-muse-dark shines-wcr
08-cd2-muse-space dementia-wcr
09-cd2-muse-in your world-wcr
10-cd2-muse-muscle museum-wcr
01 diabolorum-amw
02 over all the shame -amw
01-nightwish-bless the child-ser
02-nightwish-end of all hope-ser
03-nightwish-dead to the world-ser
04-nightwish-ever dream-ser
05-nightwish-slaying the dreamer-ser
06-nightwish-forever yours-ser
07-nightwish-ocean soul-ser
08-nightwish-feel for you-ser
09-nightwish-the phantom of the opera-ser
10-nightwish-beauty of the beast-ser
01-nightwish-sleepwalker (live)-srn
02-nightwish-passion and the opera (single edit)-srn
03-nightwish-traitors kiss-srn
06-nightwish-walking in the air (single edit)-srn
07-nightwish-sleepwalker ii-srn
09-nightwish-once upon a troubadour-srn
10-nightwish-a return to the sea-srn
01-du hast (clawfinger remix)
02-spookshow baby (rammstein mix)(rob zombie)
03-sonne (clawfinger t.k.o remix)
04-last cup of sorrow (rammstein mix)(faith no more)
05-stripped (heavy metal mix)(depeche mode)
06-links 234 (clawfinger am linksten remix)
07-rammstein (eskimos and egypt instrumental)
08-du riechst so gut (rmx by gunter schulz)
09-good god (rammstein remix)(korn)
10-du riechst so gut (rmx by jacob hellner)
11-du hast (jacob hellner remix)
12-du riechst so gut (rmx by sascha konietzko)
13-ich will (vandit mix)
14-engel (dj victor speed metal house mix)
15-rammstein (house version)
01-ramones-blitzkrieg bop-ego
02-ramones-beat on the brat-ego
03-ramones-judy is a punk-ego
04-ramones-gimmie gimmie shock treatment-ego
06-ramones-glad to see you go-ego
08-ramones-rockaway beach-ego
09-ramones-were a happy family-ego
10-ramones-sheena is a punk rocker-ego
11-ramones-teenage lobotomy-ego
12-ramones-i wanna be sedated-ego
13-ramones-im against it-ego
14-ramones-i wanted everything-ego
15-ramones-i just want to have something to do-ego
16-ramones-rocknroll high school-ego
17-ramones-do you remember rocknroll radio-ego
18-ramones-the kkk took my baby away-ego
19-ramones-pyscho therapy-ego
21-ramones-highest trails above-ego
22-ramones-wart hog-ego
23-ramones-mamas boy-ego
24-ramones-somebody put something in my drink-ego
25-ramones-i wanna live-ego
26-ramones-garden of serenity-ego
27-ramones-i believe in miracles-ego
28-ramones-main man-ego
29-ramones-strenght to endure-ego
30-ramones-the crusher-ego
01-ravens empire-intro-mwnd
02-ravens empire-die eiche-mwnd
03-ravens empire-verfall-mwnd
04-ravens empire-vae victis-mwnd
05-ravens empire-outro-mwnd
01 slayer-h82k2 montreux-amrc
02-war ensemble-ptsl
03-stain of mind-ptsl
05-post mortem-ptsl
06-raining blood-ptsl
08-god send death-ptsl
09-dead skin mask-ptsl
10-mandatory suicide-ptsl
11-chemical warfare-ptsl
12-angel of death-ptsl
13-angel of death-reprise-ptsl
01 tragedy begins – advance to barbarism
02 tragedy begins – love slavery
03 tragedy begins – drink the black blood
04 tragedy begins – at the black watered spring
05 tragedy begins – outro
01 verdeleth – garmonbozian dream (intro)-amw
02 verdeleth – the ancient cult-amw
03 verdeleth – inhumanized by the darkest calls-amw
04 verdeleth – dark barbarism-amw
05 verdeleth – cold breath-amw
06 verdeleth – massacra (hellhammer cover)-amw
07 schwarzlose – stuka-amw
08 schwarzlose – mourning light-amw
09 schwarzlose – hungarian landscape-amw
10 schwarzlose – blood desecration-amw
11 schwarzlose – schwarzlose-amw
12 schwarzlose – inferno-amw
13 schwarzlose – iron youth-amw
14 schwarzlose – sonn ar skyggers skygge (sort vokter cover)-amw
01-war funeral march in the grey mist of a fullmoon night-gw
02-from the celtic moonfrost-gw
03-wallachian tyrant-gw
04-returning to my old battlegrounds-gw
05-frozen deads kingdom-gw
06-ravens hike-gw
07-abyssic and funeral symphony – an ode to our ruin-gw
08-in holocaust to the natural darkness-gw
09-tepes – the unweeping-gw
10-warmoon lord-gw
11-wladimirs march-gw
12-massacre songs from the devastated lands-gw
13-in holocaust to the natural darkness-gw
14-drink the poetry of the celtic disciple-gw
15-dans notre chute-gw
16-misery fear and storm hunger-gw
17-diabolical reaps-gw
18-under the carpathian yoke-gw
02-ultimate sacrifice-gw
04-end of all-gw
01-waste the flesh as reluctance grows-ss
02-submission whore-ss
03-rigor mortis-ss
04-total emptiness-ss
01 a sickening sight-HeD
02 choose your side-HeD
03 sleeping in tar-HeD
02-dragons sphere-gw
03-flammes of undesire-gw
04-s b m-gw
05-black worshippers-outro-gw
01-satanic skullcrusher-gw
02-fucked ave maria-gw
03-raise the inverted cross-gw
04-sodomizing wretched nuns (infernal defecation)-gw
05-desecrating holy cadaver-gw
06-bastard fuckin christ-gw
07-pandemonic unholy hordes-gw
08-goat blasphemy-gw
09-diabolos death cult-gw
10-perverted necrofuck-gw
11-murdering for satan-gw
12-jesus vaginal vomit-gw
13-hellish cannibalistic insanity-gw
14-impure butchery of angels-gw
01-coheed and cambria-junesong provision-fnt
02-coheed and cambria-everything evil-fnt
03-coheed and cambria-time consumer-fnt
04-coheed and cambria-watch over me acoustic-fnt
02-journey of sadness-gw
03-long for-gw
04-endless night-gw
01-dead kennedys-hyperactive child-cor
02-dead kennedys-nazi punks fuck off-cor
03-dead kennedys-kepone factory-cor
04-dead kennedys-dogbite-cor
05-dead kennedys-religious vomit-cor
06-dead kennedys-weve got a bigger problem now-cor
07-dead kennedys-rawhide-cor
08-dead kennedys-moral majority-cor
09-dead kennedys-hyperactive child (live)-cor
10-dead kennedys-nazi punks fuck off (live)-cor
11-dead kennedys-kepone factory (live)-cor
12-dead kennedys-dopbite (live)-cor
13-dead kennedys-religious vomit (live)-cor
14-dead kennedys-weve got a bigger problem now (live)-cor
15-dead kennedys-rawhide (live)-cor
16-dead kennedys-moral majority (live)-cor
17-dead kennedys-about the dvd (by anthony bonet)-cor
01-the ravenous beast-vic
02-metal discharge-vic
03-rippin the flesh apart-vic
04-fear of the moment-vic
05-mortal remains-vic
06-desecrators of the new age-vic
07-historical force feed-vic
08-savage symphony of terror-vic
09-made to be broken-vic
01-diabolical deadly war slaughter the hordes of battle d-gw
02-black legions of death and annihilation-gw
03-necromantic land of the deadly war demons-gw
04-bestial dragonbeast of annihilation-gw
05-diabolic witchcraft (black order of death and necroman-gw
06-dark way through dungeon of death-gw
07-dead forest of demonic warbeast-gw
101-the glass prison-atm
102-burning my soul-atm
103-another hand-the killing hand-atm
105-through my words-fatal tragedy-atm
201-the great debate-atm
202-another dimension-atm
203-guitar solo intro-atm
204-scarred 2112 yyz-atm
205-take te time-atm
302-about to crash-atm
303-war inside my head-atm
304-the test that stumped them all-atm
305-goodnight kiss-atm
306-solitary shell-atm
307-about to crash-reprise-atm
308-losing time – grand finale-atm
310-the spirit carries on-atm
311-pull me under-atm
312-master of puppets-atm
01-dreved-horovod stikhiy-gw
02-dreved-tam gde otchaijanie zrimo-gw
03-land beyond the forest-intro-gw
04-land beyond the forest-forest is a symphony of light and colours-gw
05-land beyond the forest-my immortal kingdom-gw
06-land beyond the forest-winter-gw
07-land beyond the forest-blackmoon rising-gw
01-sanre voukods lak act.1-gw
02-sanre voukods lak act.2-gw
03-gales of tragedy-gw
04-my place in the dark-gw
05-tears far away-gw
07-in nomine nosferatu-gw
09-i belong to my loneliness-gw
02-entombed-the fix is in-esc
04-entombed-children of the underworld-esc
05-entombed-thats when i became a satanist-esc
08-entombed-young and dead-esc
09-entombed-descent into inferno-esc
10-entombed-public burning-esc
11-entombed-flexing muscles-esc
12-entombed-skeleton of steel-esc
01-evanescence-origin (intro)-vma
04-evanescence-my immortal-vma
05-evanescence-where will you go (reprise)-vma
06-evanescence-field of innocence-vma
07-evanescence-even in death-vma
10-evanescence-away from me-vma
14-evanescence-so close-vma
15-evanescence-understanding (original version)-vma
16-evanescence-the end (outro)-vma
17-evanescence-give unto me-vma
18-evanescence-forgive me-vma
01 front beast-intro-flag of death and curse of baphomet-berc
02 front beast-ripping of evil-berc
03 front beast-worsphip of sadism-berc
04 front beast-nightmare (sarcofago cover)-berc
05 front beast-the black pest-berc
06 front beast-intro-berc
07 front beast-armageddon has just begun-berc
08 front beast-assassin unleashed-berc
09 front beast-outro-berc
10 front beast-darkness and evil (sabbat cover)-berc
11 front beast-geschichten aus der folterkammer-berc
01-demon eyes-fff
02-night cry-fff
05-forbidden skies-fff
06-long journey-fff
07-son of darkness-fff
10-dark woods-fff
11-dark blood-fff
12-baphomets son-fff
13-meridian line-fff
14-suicide eyes-fff
16-killing machine-fff
17-we are war-fff
01 The Yawning Void of Time-GREV
02 The Beast of Har Megiddo-GREV
03 Unleashed Kakodaimones-GREV
04 The Ultimate Detonation-GREV
05 Misanthropic Art – Reconstruction Overdose (by the Bleak Innerlight)-GREV
01 gorefest-the glorious dead-berc
02 gorefest-state of mind-berc
03 gorefest-reality – when you die-berc
04 gorefest-get a life-berc
05 gorefest-false-berc
06 gorefest-second face-berc
07 gorefest-infamous existence-berc
08 gorefest-from ignorance to oblivion-berc
09 gorefest-the mass insanity-berc
10 gorefest-tired moon (bonus)-berc
11 gorefest-reality – when you die (live bonus)-berc
12 gorefest-demon seed (live bonus)-berc
13 gorefest-erase (live bonus)-berc
14 gorefest-goddess in black (live bonus)-berc
01 graabein-krig-berc
02 graabein-kampklar-berc
03 graabein-the hunger of the wolf-berc
04 graabein-maanens misantropi-berc
05 graabein-sorgen til skogens konge-berc
06 graabein-out for vengeance-berc
07 graabein-beyond the borders to hate-berc
01 helloween-just a little sign-amrc
02 helloween-open your life-amrc
03 helloween-the tune-amrc
04 helloween-never be a star-amrc
05 helloween-liar-amrc
06 helloween-sun 4 the world-amrc
07 helloween-dont stop being crazy-amrc
08 helloween-do you feel good-amrc
09 helloween-hell was made in heaven-amrc
10 helloween-back against the wall-amrc
11 helloween-listen to the flies-amrc
12 helloween-nothing to say-amrc
01-ill nino-te amo i hate you-rep
02-ill nino-how can i live-rep
03-ill nino-two (vaya con dios)-rep
04-ill nino-unframed-rep
05-ill nino-cleansing-rep
06-ill nino-this times for real-rep
07-ill nino-lifeless life-rep
08-ill nino-numb-rep
09-ill nino-have you ever felt-rep
10-ill nino-when it cuts-rep
11-ill nino-letting go-rep
12-ill nino-all the right words-rep
13-ill nino-re-birth-rep
14-ill nino-how can i live (spanish version)-rep
01 yngwie malmsteen-vengeance-amrc
02 yngwie malmsteen-no love lost-amrc
03 yngwie malmsteen-tomorrows gone-amrc
04 yngwie malmsteen-the only one-amrc
05 yngwie malmsteen-id die without you-amrc
06 yngwie malmsteen-overture 1622-amrc
07 yngwie malmsteen-voodoo-amrc
08 yngwie malmsteen-cross the line-amrc
09 yngwie malmsteen-time will tell-amrc
10 yngwie malmsteen-fire in the sky-amrc
11 yngwie malmsteen-dawn-amrc
12 yngwie malmsteen-tournament bonus track-amrc
01-tearing down the temple-gw
02-deaths conscription-gw
03-time descending-gw
04-the downward rise i-gw
05-the downward rise ii-gw
06-forever black as night-gw
07-the conquering-gw
01-king diamond-the candle-rns
02-king diamond-charon-rns
03-king diamond-halloween-rns
04-king diamond-no presents for christmas-rns
05-king diamond-arrival-rns
06-king diamond-a mansion in darkness-rns
07-king diamond-the family ghost-rns
08-king diamond-abigail-rns
09-king diamond-welcome home-rns
10-king diamond-the invisible guests-rns
11-king diamond-tea-rns
12-king diamond-at the graves-rns
13-king diamond-sleepless nights-rns
14-king diamond-eye of the witch-rns
15-king diamond-burn-rns
101 kreator-the patriarch-amrc
102 kreator-violence revolution-amrc
103 kreator-reconquering the throne-amrc
104 kreator-extreme aggression-amrc
105 kreator-people of the lie-amrc
106 kreator-all of the same blood-amrc
107 kreator-phobia-amrc
108 kreator-pleasure to kill-amrc
109 kreator-renewal-amrc
110 kreator-servant in heaven king in hell-amrc
111 kreator-black sunrise-amrc
112 kreator-terrible certainty-amrc
113 kreator-riot of violence-amrc
201 kreator-lost-amrc
202 kreator-coma of souls-amrc
203 kreator-second awakening-amrc
204 kreator-terrorzone-amrc
205 kreator-betrayer-amrc
206 kreator-leave this world behind-amrc
207 kreator-under the guillotine-amrc
208 kreator-awakening the gods-amrc
209 kreator-golden age-amrc
210 kreator-flag of hate-amrc
211 kreator-tormentor-amrc
01 kushantaiidan-cold war blasts-berc
02 kushantaiidan-triumphant-berc
03 kushantaiidan-judkrist-berc
04 kushantaiidan-mind blizzard-berc
05 kushantaiidan-kahruum-berc
06 kushantaiidan-overseer of the marsh-berc
07 kushantaiidan-nightress mourns-berc
08 kushantaiidan-innus-berc
09 kushantaiidan-untitled-berc
01 violent behavior-cnmc
02 winds of war-cnmc
03 brotherhood of fire-cnmc
04 wittekind-cnmc
05 victory-cnmc
06 elite-cnmc
07 key to freedom-cnmc
08 nordic blood-cnmc
09 dethronement-cnmc
01 lord – hells fucking metal
02 lord – my heavens hell
03 lord – the sail of charon
04 lord – unholy and blasphemic
05 lord – tormentor die by my will
06 lord – apocalyptic death spell
07 lord – la nuit du necromant
01 lucifugum–untitled-vic
02 lucifugum–untitled-vic
03 lucifugum–untitled-vic
04 lucifugum–untitled-vic
05 lucifugum–untitled-vic
06 lucifugum–untitled-vic
07 lucifugum–untitled-vic
08 lucifugum–untitled-vic
a1 mayhem-side a-berc
b1 mayhem-side b-berc
01 hatefullmoon (morbid gaschamber version)-amw
02 samhain-amw
01-Metallica – Battery 1986-KiLLa
02-Metallica – Damage Inc 1986-KiLLa
03-Metallica – The Thing that Should Not Be 1986-KiLLa
04-Metallica – Harvester of Sorrow 1988-KiLLa
05-Metallica – Leper Messiah 1986-KiLLa
06-Metallica – Jump in the Fire 1983-KiLLa
07-Metallica – Hit the Lights 1983-KiLLa
08-Metallica – Creeeping Death 1984-KiLLa
09-Metallica – Seek and Distroy 1983-KiLLa
10-Metallica – Rid the Lightning 1984-KiLLa
11-Metallica – The Four Horsemen 1983-KiLLa
101 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – the ecstasy of gold-rhr
102 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – the four horsemen-rhr
103 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – seek and destroy-rhr
104 Metallica – 17 Years In The Life Of Metallica – For Whom The Bell Tolls-RhR
105 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – fight fire with fire-rhr
106 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – fade to black-rhr
107 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – am i evil–rhr
108 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – master of puppets-rhr
109 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – welcome home (sanitarium)-rhr
110 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – damage inc-rhr
111 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – battery-rhr
112 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – last caress-green hell-rhr
113 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – the wait-rhr
201 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – harvester of sorrow-rhr
202 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – blackened-rhr
203 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – the shortest straw-rhr
204 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – wherever i may roam-rhr
205 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – nothing else matters-rhr
206 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – the unforgiven-rhr
207 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – enter sandman-rhr
208 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – so what-rhr
209 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – sad but true-rhr
210 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – creeping death (live)-rhr
211 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – whiplash (live)-rhr
212 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – one (live)-rhr
301 Metallica – 17 Years In The Life Of Metallica – King Nothing-RhR
302 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – aint my bitch-rhr
303 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – until it sleeps-rhr
304 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – mama said-rhr
305 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – the house jack built-rhr
306 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – stone dead forever-rhr
307 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – the unforgiven ii-rhr
308 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – devils dance-rhr
309 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – the memory remains-rhr
310 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – whiskey in the jar-rhr
311 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – die die my darling-rhr
312 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – turn the page-rhr
313 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – astronomy-rhr
314 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – no leaf clover-rhr
315 metallica – 17 years in the life of metallica – i disappear
01-misfits-this magic moment-xxl
02-misfits-dream lover-xxl
05-misfits-great balls of fire-xxl
06-misfits-latest flame-xxl
07-misfits-monster mash-xxl
08-misfits-only make believe-xxl
10-misfits-you belong to me-xxl
01 mysterion noctum-intro-berc
02 mysterion noctum-granit potemneet-berc
03 mysterion noctum-tma nastupaet-berc
04 mysterion noctum-mournful landscape-berc
05 mysterion noctum-noch temna-berc
06 mysterion noctum-retson retap-berc
07 mysterion noctum-ode to darkness-berc
08 mysterion noctum-black metal attack (under the colours of satan)-berc
09 mysterion noctum-visions-berc
01 morkriket-mighty roots of northern oak-berc
02 morkriket-last journey-berc
03 morkriket-ancient traces in the snow-berc
04 morkriket-rite of death-berc
05 morkriket-untitled-berc
101 motorhead-motorhead by hawkwind-amrc
102 motorhead-lost johnny-amrc
103 motorhead-leavin here-amrc
104 motorhead-white line fever-amrc
105 motorhead-the watcher-amrc
106 motorhead-city kids-amrc
107 motorhead-im your witchdoctor-amrc
108 motorhead-motorhead-amrc
109 motorhead-louie louie peel session 1978-amrc
110 motorhead-keep us on the road peel session 1978-amrc
111 motorhead-tear ya down peel session 1978-amrc
112 motorhead-ill be your sister peel session 1978-amrc
113 motorhead-overkill-amrc
114 motorhead-stay clean-amrc
115 motorhead-capricorn-amrc
116 motorhead-limb form limb-amrc
117 motorhead-dead men tell no tales-amrc
118 motorhead-stone dead forever-amrc
119 motorhead-step down-amrc
120 motorhead-bomber-amrc
121 motorhead-over the top by motordam-amrc
122 motorhead-shoot you in the back-amrc
201 motorhead-ace of spades-amrc
202 motorhead-bite the bullet-amrc
203 motorhead-the chase is better than the -amrc
204 motorhead-live to win bbc session 1980-amrc
205 motorhead-like a nightmare bbc session 1980-amrc
206 motorhead-please dont touch by headgirl-amrc
207 motorhead-iron fist-amrc
208 motorhead-heart of stone-amrc
209 motorhead-dont need religion-amrc
210 motorhead-shine-amrc
211 motorhead-one track mind-amrc
212 motorhead-i got mine-amrc
213 motorhead-snaggletooth-amrc
214 motorhead-under the knife slow version-amrc
215 motorhead-aint my crime-amrc
216 motorhead-nothing up my sleeve-amrc
217 motorhead-killed by death bbc session -amrc
218 motorhead-deaf forever bbc session 1986-amrc
219 motorhead-orgasmatron spoken word bbc session 1986-amrc
220 motorhead-orgasmatron bbc session 1986-amrc
221 motorhead-dr. rock bbc session 1986-amrc
301 motorhead-rock n roll-amrc
302 motorhead-eat the rich-amrc
303 motorhead-just cos you got the power-amrc
304 motorhead-black leather jacket club x -amrc
305 motorhead-no voices in the sky-amrc
306 motorhead-going to brazil-amrc
307 motorhead-love me forever-amrc
308 motorhead-you better run-amrc
309 motorhead-i aint no nice guy-amrc
310 motorhead-hell on earth hellraiser iii ost-amrc
311 motorhead-burner-amrc
312 motorhead-i am the sword-amrc
313 motorhead-bad woman-amrc
314 motorhead-devils-amrc
315 motorhead-sacrifice-amrc
316 motorhead-sex and death-amrc
317 motorhead-over your shoulder-amrc
318 motorhead-out of the sun-amrc
319 motorhead-i dont believe a word-amrc
401 motorhead-overnight sensation-amrc
402 motorhead-broken-amrc
403 motorhead-listen to your heart-amrc
404 motorhead-love for sale-amrc
405 motorhead-snakebite love-amrc
406 motorhead-take the blame-amrc
407 motorhead-joy of labour-amrc
408 motorhead-orgasmatron 2000 internet download-amrc
409 motorhead-stay out of jail-amrc
410 motorhead-one more fucking time-amrc
411 motorhead-we are motorhead-amrc
412 motorhead-shoot em down twisted sister tribute track-amrc
413 motorhead-walk a crooked mile-amrc
414 motorhead-brave new world-amrc
415 motorhead-mine all mine-amrc
416 motorhead-voices form the war-amrc
501 motorhead-on parole live-amrc
502 motorhead-train kept a rollin live-amrc
503 motorhead-too late too late bbc in concert-amrc
504 motorhead-i wont pay your price bbc in concert-amrc
505 motorhead-iron horse live-amrc
506 motorhead-we are the roadcrew live-amrc
507 motorhead-nadine bootleg version-amrc
508 motorhead-steal your face bbc in concert-amrc
509 motorhead-mean machine live-amrc
510 motorhead-no class live-amrc
511 motorhead-stone deaf in the usa live-amrc
512 motorhead-dogs live-amrc
513 motorhead-traitor live-amrc
514 motorhead-built for speed live-amrc
515 motorhead-acropolis metropolis greek 45 free single-amrc
516 motorhead-angel city live-amrc
517 motorhead-r.a.m.o.n.e.s live-amrc
518 motorhead-silver machine bootleg version-amrc
519 motorhead-on your feet or on your knees live-amrc
520 motorhead-im so bad baby i dont care -amrc
521 motorhead-born to raise hell live-amrc
01 namroth blackthorn-intro (reverencia a moloque)-berc
02 namroth blackthorn-comando de azael-berc
03 namroth blackthorn-et invoco-berc
04 namroth blackthorn-o culto da serpente-berc
05 namroth blackthorn-portais de ishtar-berc
06 namroth blackthorn-escurido suprema-berc
01-at the gates of samhain night-gw
02-lands of my ancestors-gw
03-born in unbaptised forest-gw
04-awaiting the battle ravens-gw
05-celtiberian werewolf warriors-gw
06-wrath of taranis-gw
07-under the barbarian swords-gw
08-and the snow fall in the forest-gw
01 nevermore-enemies of reality-amrc
02 nevermore-ambivalent-amrc
03 nevermore-never purify-amrc
04 nevermore-tomorrow turned into yesterday-amrc
05 nevermore-i voyager-amrc
06 nevermore-create the infinite-amrc
07 nevermore-who decides-amrc
08 nevermore-noumenon-amrc
09 nevermore-seed awakening-amrc
01 end of all hope-dmg
02 dead to the world-dmg
03 10th man down-dmg
04 slaying the dreamer-dmg
05 over the hills and far away-dmg
06 sleeping sun-dmg
07 the kinslayer-dmg
08 come cover me-dmg
01 nunslaughter-cerebus-berc
02 nunslaughter-mother cunt whore-berc
01 nunslaughter-impale the soul of christ on the inverted cross of death-berc
02 nunslaughter-blasphemy of the flesh-berc
03 nunslaughter-burning away-berc
04 nunslaughter-seas of blood-berc
05 nunslaughter-perversion of gore-berc
06 nunslaughter-inverted churches-berc
07 nunslaughter-alive but dead-berc
01 orthane-tour de garde-cnmc
02 orthane-the dark crusade-cnmc
03 orthane-le blaive-cnmc
04 orthane-les chiens et les loups-cnmc
05 orthane-732-cnmc
06 orthane-le gang-cnmc
07 orthane-la rose et le marbre-cnmc
08 orthane-a strife a victory-cnmc
09 nordum-ombrage-cnmc
10 nordum-enfant de putain-cnmc
11 nordum-le seigneur ma trahi-cnmc
12 nordum-le declic du mal-cnmc
01 pagan rites-retriumph with satan-berc
02 pagan rites-return to the lake of fire-berc
03 pagan rites-lord of fire-berc
04 pagan rites-by the pagans-berc
05 pagan rites-die priest die-berc
06 pagan rites-mark of the devil-berc
07 pagan rites-inferno-berc
08 pagan rites-blood in my hand-berc
09 pagan rites-seventh soul of hell-berc
10 pagan rites-hell no longer awaits-berc
11 pagan rites-pagan rites-berc
01-pantera-cowboys from hell-bos
03-pantera-cemetery gates-bos
04-pantera-mouth for war-bos
06-pantera-this love-bos
07-pantera-fucking hostile-bos
09-pantera-im broken-bos
10-pantera-5 minutes alone-bos
11-pantera-planet caravan-bos
12-pantera-drag the waters-bos
13-pantera-where you come from-bos
14-pantera-revolution is my name-bos
15-pantera-immortally insane-bos
16-pantera-the badge-bos
01 panzersturm-das panzerlied-berc
02 panzersturm-funeral winter-berc
03 panzersturm-seven gates-berc
04 panzersturm-infernal war-berc
05 panzersturm-master of evil-berc
06 panzersturm-dark skies (insturmental)-berc
01-paradise lost-gothic-rda
02-paradise lost-dead emotion-rda
03-paradise lost-shattered-rda
04-paradise lost-rapture-rda
05-paradise lost-eternal-rda
06-paradise lost-falling forever-rda
07-paradise lost-angel tears-rda
08-paradise lost-silent-rda
09-paradise lost-the painless-rda
10-paradise lost-desolate-rda
11-paradise lost-rotting misery (doom dub)-rda
12-paradise lost-breeding fear (demolition dub)-rda
01 passive aggressive-given the chance to die-berc
02 passive aggressive-passive aggressive-berc
03 passive aggressive-death and the hungry-berc
01-Queensryche-best i can-EGO
02-Queensryche-the thin line-EGO
03-Queensryche-jet city woman-EGO
04-Queensryche-della brown-EGO
05-Queensryche-another rainy night (without you)-EGO
08-Queensryche-silent lucidity-EGO
09-Queensryche-hand on heart-EGO
10-Queensryche-one and only-EGO
11-Queensryche-anybody listening-EGO
12-Queensryche-last time in paris (bonus)-EGO
13-Queensryche-scarborough fair (bonus)-EGO
14-Queensryche-dirty lil secret (bonus)-EGO
101 Rainbow – Man on the Silver Moutain
102 Rainbow – Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
103 Rainbow – Catch the Rainbow
104 Rainbow – Tarot Woman
105 Rainbow – Starstruck
106 Rainbow – Stargazer
107 Rainbow – Light in the Black
108 Rainbow – Mistreated
109 Rainbow – Long Live Rock n Roll
110 Rainbow – Gates of Babylon
111 Rainbow – Kill the King
112 Rainbow – Rainbow Eyes
201 Rainbow – Eyes of the world
202 Rainbow – Since You Been Gone
203 Rainbow – All Night Long
204 Rainbow – Weiss Heim
205 Rainbow – I Surrender
206 Rainbow – Spotlight Kid
207 Rainbow – Cant Happen Here
208 Rainbow – Jealous Lover
209 Rainbow – Death Alley Driver
210 Rainbow – Stone Cold
211 Rainbow – Tearin out My Heart
212 Rainbow – Power
213 Rainbow – Cant Let You Go
214 Rainbow – Desperate Heart
215 Rainbow – Street of Dreams
216 Rainbow – Difficult to Cure
104-bestrafe mich-x3m
105-du hast-x3m
106-bueck dich-x3m
107-spiel mit mir-x3m
109-alter mann-x3m
111-kuess mich (fellfrosch)-x3m
112-mein herz brennt-x3m
115-ich will-x3m
116-feuer frei-x3m
118-engel (english version)-x3m
201-wollt ihr das bett in flammen sehen-x3m
202-der meister-x3m
203-weisses fleisch-x3m
204-asche zu asche-x3m
206-du riechst so gut-x3m
207-das alte leid-x3m
208-heirate mich-x3m
213-rein raus-x3m
01-rasmus-first day of my life-xxl
02-rasmus-in the shadows-xxl
03-rasmus-what ever-xxl
01 ravensblood-chronicles of the fallen (jailed)-berc
02 ravensblood-bloodshed-berc
03 ravensblood-bestial awakening-berc
04 ravensblood-a new blizzard shall come-berc
05 memorial-immortal woods-berc
06 memorial-a morning in mist-berc
07 memorial-embarking for new lands-berc
08 memorial-conquest-berc
09 memorial-traveling with the walkyries-berc
10 memorial-the rain which is mine-berc
01 rites of thy degringolade-twenty six triumphant years-berc
02 rites of thy degringolade-sine qua non-berc
03 rites of thy degringolade-the feast of reason-berc
04 rites of thy degringolade-totality-berc
05 rites of thy degringolade-thyhathbecomehim-berc
06 rites of thy degringolade-hail pain-berc
07 rites of thy degringolade-to toil in the swamp of psychosis-berc
08 rites of thy degringolade-arch spatial-berc
09 rites of thy degringolade-the highest form of violence-berc
01-beyond humanity (demo 98)-gw
02-the rape of purity (demo 98)-gw
03-stillborn jesus (demo 98)-gw
04-who needs love when we have murder (demo 98)-gw
05-serenity fades (demo 97)-gw
06-darkness divine (demo 94)-gw
07-the rape of purity (demo 94)-gw
08-object of strife (rehersal 2000)-gw
09-venial sin (rehersal 2000)-gw
10-ablation of man (rehersal 2000)-gw
01 sabbat-envenom into the bitchs hole-berc
02 sabbat-demonic serenade – brothers of demons-berc
01 sabbat-black magical circle of witches-berc
02 sabbat-satanician-berc
01-yloesnousemus (intro)-gw
02-varjojen yoe-gw
04-saastainen risti-gw
05-jumalan viha-gw
06-beautiful fire-gw
01 second impact-a desolate landscape-berc
01-antichristian chop-gw
01-slayer-die by the sword (live in california 383)-rns
02-slayer-aggressive perfector (live in california 1983)-rns
03-slayer-praise of death (live in california 984)-rns
04-slayer-haunting the chapel (live in sweden 585)-rns
05-slayer-necrophobic (live in new york 1986)-rns
06-slayer-reborn (live in new york 1986)-rns
07-slayer-jesus saves (live in new york 1986)-rns
08-slayer-war ensemble (live in michigan 691)-rns
09-slayer-south of heaven (live in michigan 691)-rns
10-slayer-dead skin mask (live in michigan 691)-rns
11-slayer-gemini (live in california 896)-rns
12-slayer-heaviest band award (kerrang magazine award 1996)-rns
13-slayer-epk (for diabolus in musica 1998)-rns
14-slayer-stain of mind (live in japan 798)-rns
15-slayer-bloodline (live on espn 402)-rns
16-slayer-disciple (live in france 703)-rns
17-slayer-god send death (live in france 703)-rns
01-slain-mors lucrum-gw
02-slain-death reigns supreme-gw
03-slain-walking the treacherous path of misanthropy-gw
04-worthless-the torture of remorse (promo version)-gw
01-smell of death-gw
02-its the manifestation -gw
03-kill -gw
06-life is nothing-gw
07-beyond the wall of death (instrumental)-gw
01-grohnal pod edin dub-gw
02-siromashkite izvori-gw
03-ovchari na bezbogg-gw
04-nebeto staro tiho pada-gw
05-kum vihur v slamenata gorica-gw
06-chernomorski zaginali mechti-gw
07-mugla po balkana-gw
08-kruchmata na murtviya chorbadzhiya-gw
09-breathing kathaarian dust (taken from baxas xebesheth 1883 album)-gw
10-welkes schwarz (taken from baxas xebesheth 1883 album)-gw
01 teurgia – intro
02 teurgia – heic noenum pax
03 teurgia – hanyatlas
04 teurgia – mors tua ero
101-the rasmus-first day of my life-ser
102-the rasmus-in the shadows-ser
103-the rasmus-still standing-ser
104-the rasmus-in my life-ser
105-the rasmus-time to burn-ser
106-the rasmus-guilty-ser
107-the rasmus-not like the other girls-ser
108-the rasmus-the one i love-ser
109-the rasmus-back in the picture-ser
110-the rasmus-funeral song-ser
201-the rasmus-everything you say-ser
202-the rasmus-in the shadows (meadows remix)-ser
01 the shadow order-thy kingdom gone-berc
02 the shadow order-in the arms of lethe-berc
03 the shadow order-a rivalry his fall-berc
04 the shadow order-voice from the heathen past-berc
05 grom-before the aryan throne of zeus (instrumental)-berc
06 grom-olympian triumph (bass by ymir)-berc
07 grom-pan lord of the woods-berc
08 grom-hellenic warspirit-berc
09 grom-army must go-berc
01-expendable youth-daw
03-dead skin mask-daw
04-divine intervention-daw
05-mandatory suicide-daw
07-die by the sword-daw
08-south of heaven-daw
09-war ensemble-daw
10-mindless death-daw
01-trivium-inception the bleeding skies-aon
02-trivium-pillars of serpents-aon
03-trivium-if i could collapse the masses-aon
04-trivium-fugue (a revelation)-aon
06-trivium-ember to inferno-aon
08-trivium-to burn the eye-aon
09-trivium-falling to grey-aon
10-trivium-my hatred-aon
11-trivium-when all light dies-aon
12-trivium-a view of burning empires-aon
13-trivium-blinding tears will break the skies (bonus track)-aon
14-trivium-the deceived (bonus track)-aon
15-trivium-demon (bonus track)-aon
01-trivium-to burn the eye-be
04-trivium-my hatred-be
05-trivium-the storm-be
01-doctrine of immortality-gw
02-war diary-gw
03-thy will not be done-gw
04-songs and dances of death-gw
07-pillars of hercules-gw
08-blood sweat and tears-gw
09-only that is religion-gw
10-strategies of terror-gw
11-look fields of wonder-gw
12-their finest hour-gw
01-blasphemy rites-goat vomit-gw
02-beleth-brotherhood of black alians-gw
03-katharsis-(under) a pagan megalith-gw
04-hellveto-our land of aphelion-gw
05-north-w drodze do nawii-gw
06-shemhamforsh-spintriam satyriazis-gw
07-ave-my dark semen-gw
08-winter sorrow-nad glembiami-gw
09-hegemoon-opetaj mnie-gw
10-thornafire-from grand and darkness conversion-gw
11-blasphemy rites-christs death-gw
12-hellveto-od halgilibrum po blakagir-gw
13-eternal gates-arise-gw
01-antiphrasis-wilde jagd-mwnd
04-hel-ich bin die macht-mwnd
05-frostkrieg-odyssee to the blasphemie-mwnd
06-magog-kaempfer der meere-mwnd
07-leichenzug-werwolf (absurd cover)-mwnd
08-totenburg-schwarzer tod-mwnd
09-devilesh-the thron of satan-mwnd
10-einsatzkommando-my blood-mwnd
11-antisemit-germania incognita-mwnd
13-arminus-martyrs of night-mwnd
14-frostkrieg-necomantic winter visions-mwnd
15-leichenzug-die letzte schlacht-mwnd
16-totenburg-der grosse tod (absurd cover)-mwnd
01-nephasth-war ensemble-fnt
03-oni-altar of sacrifice-fnt
04-deteriorot-read between the lies-fnt
05-serberus-ghost of war-fnt
06-evil incarnate-piece by piece-fnt
07-universal eye-south of heaven-fnt
09-engrave-evil has no boundaries-fnt
10-nokturne la-raining blood-fnt
11-acerbus-angel of death-fnt
12-enraged-black magic-fnt
101-va-godsmack-straight out of line-ph
102-va-hatebreed-this is now-ph
103-va-staind-price to play-ph
104-va-cold-stupid girl-ph
106-va-marilyn manson-this is the new s–t-ph
108-va-ill nino-when it cuts-ph
109-va-mudvayne-worlds so cold-ph
111-va-static-x-destroy all-ph
112-va-killswitch engage-fixation on the darkness-ph
113-va-stone sour-inhale-ph
115-va-anthrax-safe home-ph
116-va-slayer-reign in blood (live)-ph
117-va-murderdolls-dead in hollywood-ph
118-va-shadows fall-destroyer of senses-ph
119-va-mushroomhead-sun doesnt rise-ph
120-va-rob zombie-house of 1000 corpses-ph
201-va-lamb of god-ruin-ph
202-va-arch enemy-we will rise-ph
203-in flames-clouds connected-ph
204-chimaira-down again-ph
205-eighteen visions-you broke like glass-ph
206-lacuna coil-heavens a lie-ph
207-devildriver-i could care less-ph
208-sworn enemy-sworn enemy-ph
209-36 crazyfists-at the end of august-ph
210-cradle of filth-mannequin-ph
211-demon hunter-infected-ph
212-mastodon-march of the fire ants-ph
214-e town concrete-mandibles-ph
215-poison the well-botchla-ph
216-soilwork-rejection role-ph
218-strapping young lad-relentless-ph
219-as i lay dying-forever-ph
220-meshuggah-rational gaze-ph
01 tenta-feeble screams from forests unknown-berc
02 waffen ss-war-berc
03 profezia-the crying orc-berc
04 masche-my journey to the stars-berc
05 gosforth-lost wisdom-berc
06 ancient supremacy-smu mikrokosmos tegn-berc
07 oraculum-dunkelheit-berc
08 sinfonica notte-die liebe nerpus-berc
01-virgin black-adorned in ashes-rep
02-virgin black-velvet tongue-rep
03-virgin black-and the kiss of gods mouth part 1-rep
04-virgin black-and the kiss of gods mouth part 2-rep
05-virgin black-renaissance-rep
06-virgin black-the everlasting-rep
07-virgin black-cult of crucifixion-rep
08-virgin black-beloved-rep
09-virgin black-our wings are burning-rep
01-devil pig-gw
06-satanic blood-gw
07-christ fire-gw
11-blood angel-gw
12-chalice of blood-gw
20-satanic blood-gw
22-chalice of blood-gw
23-goat christ-gw
25-dissection inhuman-gw
01-krazumpath-the kunt kult of krazumpath-gw
02-krazumpath-lick the horns-gw
03-krazumpath-our decay (outro)-gw
04-necrofurya-hecate throne-gw
06-zarach baal taragh-chapter 39-gw
01 zarathustra-existence of evil-berc
02 zarathustra-lucifers domain-berc
01 abandon-abandon-berc
02 abandon-cold blessed-berc
03 abandon-black torrent-berc
04 abandon-shackled-berc
05 abandon-glory of disease-berc
01 abruptum-corpus in as trahere abincere-berc
02 ophtalamia-the eternal walk-berc
01-vomit in the church(part ii)-fff
02-leaver collapsed(cirrosis ii)-fff
03-only death is real(part ii)-fff
04-dead messiah(part iii)-fff
06-first casualties-fff
08-global slavery-fff
09-the truth-factory of lies-fff
10-face of a lier-fff
11-going to angka loeu-fff
13-the entity in the room-fff
14-supreme creation-fff
16-beyond good and evil-500 years of infamy(live)-fff
17-flowers to the pigs(live)-fff
18-jesus christ(live)-fff
19-final fall of the gods(live)-fff
20-ishavet kaller(live)-fff
22-sodomy and lust(live)()-fff
01-annihilator – all for you (single edit)-qtxmp3
02-annihilator – weapon x-qtxmp3
03-annihilator – the one (single edit)-qtxmp3
04-annihilator – all for you (album version)-qtxmp3
01 anthrax-metal trashing mad-fmc
02 anthrax-panic-fmc
03 anthrax-gung-ho-fmc
01 armany – tunderek konnyei
02 armany – die krieger des ewigen reiches
03 armany – almos halala
01 armany – ostfront 1942
02 armany – eisengewitter
03 armany – legion hunyadi
04 armany – die kraft des sonnenrades
01 armany–rise of the ancient flame (intro)-vic
02 armany–die krieger des ewigen reiches-vic
03 armany–1046-vic
04 armany–a het eg titka-vic
05 eternal oblivion–genesis chapter 1-vic
06 eternal oblivion–destructing faith of humanity-vic
07 eternal oblivion–crying in eternal oblivion-vic
02-the visions of dream-gw
03-the black wandering of death (vision 1)-gw
04-the black wandering of death (vision 2)-gw
05-the master of everything (dream version)-gw
06-the ancient track-gw
08-leather rebel-gw
09-an eternity-gw
01-atomizer-intro the death of forever
02-atomizer-upon the dying priest i spat
03-atomizer-now thats fuckin evil
04-atomizer-the only good human
05-atomizer-somebodys gonna die tonight
06-atomizer-atomic metal power
07-atomizer-blacker than eer
08-atomizer-the end of forever
09-atomizer-atomic metal power (demo 1998)
10-atomizer-now thats fuckin evil (demo 1998)
01-plane the first-gw
02-plane the second-gw
03-plane the third-gw
01 beastcraft-recrucifixion-berc
02 beastcraft-daemon calling-berc
03 beastcraft-satanic supremacy-berc
04 beastcraft-the horned god rises-berc
01-astapas ashes-gw
02-gaze at the sky-gw
03-forgotten kingdoms-gw
04-the great celtiberia-gw
05-cries of blood and hate-gw
06-blood of the gods-gw
07-lost wisdom-gw
01 besatt-revelation-berc
02 besatt-ave master lucifer-berc
03 besatt-the kingdom of hatred-berc
04 armaggedon-genocide-berc
05 armaggedon-kill the koward krist-berc
06 armaggedon-immortal winds of blashyrkh-berc
07 misanthropy-abhorrent-berc
08 misanthropy-pleasure of ones suffering-berc
09 misanthropy-legion of antichrist-berc
10 misanthropy- like nails in your skull-berc
11 inner helvete-raise of the swords-berc
12 inner helvete-the army of death strikes-berc
13 inner helvete-as human blood runs dead (we feast)-berc
14 inner helvete-inner reign of terror-berc
15 inner helvete-war without end-berc
01 black blood-rise of a cursed soul-berc
02 black blood-black sorcery of desecration and death-berc
03 black blood-cryptic ritual-berc
04 kadotus-sinister anthems-berc
05 kadotus-into nothingness-berc
06 kadotus-the death that pierced-berc
01-black dementia-to ride the wolf
02-black dementia-ship of death
03-black dementia-under the black sun of melancholy
01-black mass-hellraised-black mass – intro-bfhmp3
02-black mass-hellraised-black mass – evil conquering force-bfhmp3
03-black mass-hellraised-black mass – i am the beast of prophecy-bfhmp3
04-black mass-hellraised-black mass – corpses in waiting-bfhmp3
05-black mass-hellraised-hellraised – locust kill-bfhmp3
06-black mass-hellraised-hellraised – blood war-bfhmp3
07-black mass-hellraised-hellraised – feast of the beast-bfhmp3
02-the last dream-gw
04-for honor-gw
05-fed by blackness-gw
06-odhins raven-gw
01 satan macht mich frei-cnmc
02 unter der schwarzsonne-cnmc
03 der flug des nukleardrachen-cnmc
04 licht ist dein tod-cnmc
05 satanische endloesung-cnmc
06 schmerzenssehnsucht-cnmc
07 die stahltraenen-cnmc
01-blodulv-crusher ov covens-cos
05-blodulv-menacing dark relentless-cos
02-haunting the runes-gw
03-superior winds-gw
04-threshold of the unseen-gw
05-the burning season-gw
06-as creation wept-gw
07-lokis fury-gw
08-drifting of ull-gw
09-thirteen oars of misfortune-gw
10-while you lie bleeding-gw
01 blut aus nord-track i-berc
02 blut aus nord-track ii-berc
03 blut aus nord-track iii-berc
04 reverence-the fleshs decadence nihil process-berc
05 reverence-ipes luciferia-berc
01 brumalis–voicfera ad bellum-vic
02 brumalis–zeitgeist-vic
03 brumalis–as the empire falls-vic
04 brumalis–fires of desolation-vic
05 brumalis–totenkopf-vic
06 brumalis–exordium-vic
07 brumalis–kriegswind-vic
08 brumalis–the weeping forest-vic
09 brumalis–razing the temples of soloman-vic
10 brumalis–embraced by the cold-vic
11 brumalis–creatures of the night-vic
12 brumalis–departure-vic
13 brumalis–craftsmanship of blood-vic
14 brumalis–selbstmord-vic
15 brumalis–freiheit-vic
16 brumalis–as the owl -vic
17 brumalis–lost wisdom (burzum cover)-vic
01-unknown i-koma
02-unknown ii-koma
03-unknown iii-koma
04-unknown iv-koma
05-unknown v-koma
06-unknown vi-koma
07-unknown vii-koma
08-unknown viii-koma
09-northern blood (bonus track)-koma
10-unknown (bonus track)-koma
11-human damned-koma
12-sore in pain-koma
13-feel the hate-koma
14-bloody retribution-koma
15-under pains-koma
16-bring the spell-koma
17-befall the riddle-koma
19-pathetic attempt (bonus track)-koma
01 cathedral–ride-vic
02 cathedral–hopkins (witchfinder general)-vic
03 cathedral–autumn twilight-vic
04 cathedral–midnight mountain-vic
05 cathedral–soul sacrifice (ep version)-vic
06 cathedral–enter the worms-vic
07 cathedral–stained glass horizon-vic
08 cathedral–vampire sun-vic
09 cathedral–cosmic funeral-vic
10 cathedral–ebony tears-vic
11 cathedral–melancholy emperor-vic
12 cathedral–equilibrium-vic
13 cathedral–utopian blaster-vic
14 cathedral–voodoo fire-vic
15 cathedral–imprisoned in flesh-vic
01 festerchrist-dtl
03 impale the fraud-dtl
04 impious masterbation of a depraved orthodox-dtl
05 demented omen of masochism (goreaphobia cover)-dtl
06 better impaled then crucified-dtl
07 castration in the name of god-dtl
08 the uncreation (pyrexia cover)-dtl
09 overlord 96 (infernal majesty cover)-dtl
10 daethronation (intro)-dtl
11 hierarchy of hypocrisy-dtl
12 christophobia-dtl
13 no salvation-dtl
14 overlord 94 (infernal majesty cover)-dtl
01 chuck schuldiner-legion of doom-amrc
02 chuck schuldiner-evil dead-amrc
03 chuck schuldiner-beyond the unholy grave-amrc
04 chuck schuldiner-power of darkness-amrc
05 chuck schuldiner-death by metal-amrc
06 chuck schuldiner-corpse grinder-amrc
07 chuck schuldiner-summon to die-amrc
08 chuck schuldiner-zombie-amrc
09 chuck schuldiner-witch of hell-amrc
10 chuck schuldiner-reign of terror-amrc
11 chuck schuldiner-slaughterhouse-amrc
12 chuck schuldiner-living monstrosity live-amrc
13 chuck schuldiner-pull the plug live-amrc
14 chuck schuldiner-zombie ritual live-amrc
15 chuck schuldiner-altering the future live-amrc
16 chuck schuldiner-left to die live-amrc
17 chuck schuldiner-spiritual healing live-amrc
18 chuck schuldiner-defensive personalities live-amrc
19 chuck schuldiner-mutilitation live-amrc
01-death in the frosty moonlight-gw
02-the wall-gw
03-lza dla cieniow minionych (kat cover)-gw
04-majestic desolate eye (darkthrone cover)-gw
01 coldness-i destroyed the i-berc
02 coldness-living a lie-berc
03 coldness-that is all-berc
04 coldness-none-berc
05 coldness-touch the chaos-berc
06 coldness-from me to them-berc
07 coldness-one minus one-berc
08 coldness-nothing in the mirror-berc
09 coldness-devoted to you-berc
10 coldness-a fountain of death-berc
11 coldness-c.u.m.-berc
01 contagion black-beneath black wings-berc
02 contagion black-genocide of the organic-berc
03 contagion black-thy infection-berc
04 contagion black-poison of life-berc
05 contagion black-scaling the spires of insanity-berc
01 crowned in semen-fallen angel of sodomy-berc
02 crowned in semen-tears of jahovah-berc
03 crowned in semen-of holy sacrament and semen-berc
01 cultus-forest music-berc
02 cultus-wijze stem uit het verleden-berc
03 cultus-intro-berc
04 cultus-fire of hate-berc
05 cultus-back to the stars-berc
06 cultus-darkness of space-berc
07 cultus-ending of an era of the stars-berc
08 cultus-balder is reborn-berc
09 cultus-to the defender of asgard and midgard-berc
10 cultus-wolvencultus-berc
11 cultus-intro-berc
12 cultus-musik der schlacht (odal cover)-berc
13 cultus-outro-berc
01-damageplan-wake up-rfk
02-damageplan-breathing new life-rfk
03-damageplan-new found power-rfk
05-damageplan-fuck you-rfk
08-damageplan-save me-rfk
09-damageplan-cold blooded-rfk
11-damageplan-blink of an eye-rfk
12-damageplan-blunt force trauma-rfk
13-damageplan-moment of truth-rfk
14-damageplan-soul bleed-rfk
01 damnation-insulter of jesus christ-berc
02 damnation-bloody vengeance-berc
03 damnation-night eternal-berc
01 dark fury-introduction-cnmc
02 violence and death-cnmc
03 wrath-cnmc
04 mystery-cnmc
05 revenge-cnmc
06 vae victis-cnmc
07 slavonic pride-cnmc
08 aryan glory-cnmc
09 werewolf-cnmc
10 unknown god-cnmc
11 epilogue-cnmc
01-dead kennedys-introduction by dj johnny walker-sdr
02-dead kennedys-kill the poor-sdr
03-dead kennedys-back in rhodesia-sdr
04-dead kennedys-man with the dogs-sdr
05-dead kennedys-gaslight-sdr
06-dead kennedys-california uber alles-sdr
07-dead kennedys-ill in the head-sdr
08-dead kennedys-straight as-sdr
09-dead kennedys-short songs-sdr
10-dead kennedys-holiday in cambodia-sdr
11-dead kennedys-police truck-sdr
12-dead kennedys-forward to death-sdr
13-dead kennedys-have i the right-sdr
14-dead kennedys-back in the ussr-sdr
15-dead kennedys-viva las vegas-sdr
01 death angel-seemingly endless time-amrc
02 death angel-evil priest-amrc
03 death angel-voracious souls-amrc
04 death angel-3rd floor-amrc
05 death angel-disturbing the peace-amrc
06 death angel-mistress of pain-amrc
07 death angel-veil of deception-amrc
08 death angel-5 steps-amrc
09 death angel-stagnant-amrc
10 death angel-bored-amrc
11 death angel-thrashers-amrc
12 death angel-ultra-violence-amrc
13 death angel-room with a view-amrc
14 death angel-kill as one-amrc
01 definition sane-nightmare irrationality-berc
02 definition sane-sometimes normal-berc
03 definition sane- remember the pain-berc
04 definition sane-common human desire to kill-berc
05 definition sane-surrounding-berc
06 definition sane-veil of apathy-berc
07 definition sane-the trial-gods face-berc
08 definition sane-wait-berc
09 definition sane-sound of inevitability-berc
10 definition sane-inborn self-destructon-berc
11 definition sane-poisonous rage-tear the flesh-berc
12 definition sane-unconscious activity-berc
13 definition sane-delirium of excited mind-berc
14 definition sane-personality dissolution-berc
15 definition sane-explode-berc
16 definition sane-delirium of excited mind-overt.-berc
17 definition sane- remember the pain-berc
18 definition sane-lunatic of gods creation-original version by deicide-berc
01-deicide-scars of the crucifix-fag
02-deicide-mad at god-fag
03-deicide-conquered by sodom-fag
04-deicide-fuck your god-fag
05-deicide-when heaven burns-fag
06-deicide-enchanted nightmare-fag
07-deicide-from darkness come-fag
08-deicide-go now your lord is dead-fag
09-deicide-the pentecostal-fag
01 der stuermer-iron will and discipline-berc
02 der stuermer-for pagan and heretics blood-berc
03 der stuermer-heathen terrormachine-berc
04 der stuermer-guards of the solar order-berc
02 der stuermer-for pagan and heretics blood trackfix-berc
01-midnight horror factory-fff
02-a handful of hay-fff
03- of day and funeral to come-fff
04-p.c. larve-fff
05-iron megaria-fff
06-dempn mastery top level-fff
07-the face of oranus-fff
08-no corpse – no funeral-fff
09-god bless you bastards-fff
10-total core melting-fff
11-impyre concord-fff
12-fee fen omen on-fff
01-true for oneself-gw
02-kill you-gw
04-life this death-gw
101-dream theater-as i am-musiq
102-dream theater-this dying soul-musiq
103-dream theater-beyond this life-musiq
104-dream theater-hollow years-musiq
105-dream theater-war inside my head-musiq
106-dream theater-the test that stumped them all-musiq
201-dream theater-endless sacrifice-musiq
202-dream theater-instrumedley-musiq
203-dream theater-trial of tears-musiq
204-dream theater-new millennium-musiq
205-dream theater-keyboard solo-musiq
206-dream theater-only a matter of time-musiq
301-dream theater-goodnight kiss-musiq
302-dream theater-solitary shell-musiq
303-dream theater-stream of consciousness-musiq
304-dream theater-disappear-musiq
305-dream theater-pull me under-musiq
306-dream theater-in the name of god-musiq
01-dream theater-battery-butt
02-dream theater-master of puppets-butt
03-dream theater-the thing that should not be-butt
04-dream theater-welcome home (sanitarium)-butt
05-dream theater-disposable heroes-butt
06-dream theater-leper messiah-butt
07-dream theater-orion-butt
08-dream theater-damage inc.-butt
01-dream theater-.-imt
01-baroque esprit (overture)-gw
02-dominion of splendor-gw
03-mort a venise-gw
04-eusrydices tears-gw
05-venetian sunset (bonus track)-gw
01 ferrum aeternum-amw
02 iron-amw
03 sword chant-amw
04 mourning heart – interlude-amw
05 tale of revenge-amw
06 lost in despair-amw
07 slayer of light-amw
08 into battle-amw
09 lai lai hei-amw
10 tears-amw
11 battery (bonus track)-amw
01 enthroning silence – unnamed quintessence of grimness
02 enthroning silence – thy essence
03 enthroning silence – golden path to suicidal abyss
04 enthroning silence – embraced to cosmic infinity
05 enthroning silence – renaissance
06 enthroning silence – transfiguration of the triarchy
01 eole noir-du remorsement des valeurs-amrc
02 eole noir-il n en restera que poussiere-amrc
03 sombre chemin-wolfheim-amrc
04 sombre chemin-soleil invaincu-amrc
01-epica – feint-qtxmp3
02-epica – feint (piano version)-qtxmp3
03-epica – triumph of defeat-qtxmp3
04-epica – seif al din (the embrace that smothers part v)-qtxmp3
01 ethereal blue–your mechanical ego-vic
02 ethereal blue–destination denial-vic
03 ethereal blue–despair-vic
04 ethereal blue–war-vic
05 ethereal blue–black heart purification-vic
06 ethereal blue–transplanted images-vic
07 ethereal blue–licking the wounds-vic
08 ethereal blue–noi tu loss-vic
01-everlast-blinded by the sun-rns
03-everlast-white trash beautiful-rns
04-everlast-sleeping alone-rns
05-everlast-the warning-rns
06-everlast-this kind of lonely-rns
07-everlast-soul music-rns
09-everlast-god wanna-rns
10-everlast-lonely road-rns
11-everlast-two pieces of drama-rns
12-everlast-sad girl-rns
14-everlast-kicking away-rns
01-exodus-scar spangled banner-pms
02-exodus-war is my sheppard-pms
04-exodus-shroud of urine-pms
05-exodus-forward march-pms
06-exodus-culling the herd-pms
07-exodus-sealed with a fist-pms
08-exodus-throwing down-pms
10-exodus-tempo of the damned-pms
01-part i-gw
02-part ii-gw
01-fates warning-left here-esc
02-fates warning-simple human-esc
03-fates warning-river wide ocean deep-esc
04-fates warning-another perfect day-esc
05-fates warning-heal me-esc
06-fates warning-sequence-esc
07-fates warning-crawl-esc
08-fates warning-a handful of doubt-esc
09-fates warning-stranger (with a familiar face)-esc
10-fates warning-wish-esc
01 flagellum dei-rite of flagellation-berc
02 flagellum dei-strength to annihilate-berc
03 flagellum dei-dawn of holocaustic winds-berc
04 flagellum dei-antichristian agression-berc
05 flagellum dei-vomit of the goatlord-berc
06 flagellum dei-the decadent celebration of death-berc
07 flagellum dei-almighty visions of destruction-berc
08 flagellum dei-tormentor of the false creator-berc
09 flagellum dei-funeral fog (mayhem cover)-berc
01-franz ferdinand-jacqueline-esc
02-franz ferdinand-tell her tonight-esc
03-franz ferdinand-take me out-esc
04-franz ferdinand-matinee-esc
05-franz ferdinand-auf asche-esc
06-franz ferdinand-cheating on you-esc
07-franz ferdinand-this fire-esc
08-franz ferdinand-darts of pleasure-esc
09-franz ferdinand-michael-esc
10-franz ferdinand-come on home-esc
11-franz ferdinand-40 ft-esc
01-funeral fog-forest of shadows-butt
02-funeral fog-transylvanian bloodlust-butt
03-funeral fog-immortal summonings-butt
04-funeral fog-graveland-butt
05-funeral fog-under the black veil-butt
06-funeral fog-order of the dragon-butt
07-funeral fog-ea lord of the depths-butt
08-funeral fog-funeral rites -butt
02-i spokoj-gw
03-panowie idealu-gw
04-gniewni odurzeni-gw
06-(nie) patrz tam-gw
01 cold wind (intro)-amw
02 dark night of illusions-amw
03 the candle-amw
04 christ tot-amw
01 gjenferdsel-forpestelsens inntog (intro)-berc
02 gjenferdsel-1394 – doedens vilje-berc
03 gjenferdsel-nr moerket faller p-berc
04 gjenferdsel-pestens roest-berc
05 gjenferdsel-doedshymne-berc
06 gjenferdsel-stillhetens leven (outro)-berc
01 goatlord-pitbulls of darkness-berc
02 goatlord-kill goth-berc
03 goatlord-preaching the gospel of paedophilia-berc
04 goatlord-everlasting grace of the needle-berc
05 goatlord-squadron 666-berc
01-ku odrodzeniu-gw int
02-my journey-gw int
03-ceremony-gw int
04-cztery zywioly-gw int
05-the might of fire-gw int
06-winds of the night are comming-gw int
07-i am the wind-gw int
08-mother north (satyricon cover)-gw int
09-a oto kres-gw int
01 goatpenis-byochemical annihilation-berc
02 goatpenis-machine voidness-berc
03 goatpenis-roman revenge-berc
04 goatpenis-zyklon-b-berc
05 goatpenis-black rain-berc
06 goatpenis-high temperature fires-berc
07 goatpenis-lethal binary chemical munitions-berc
08 goatpenis-icbm-berc
09 goatpenis-homo hommini lupus-berc
10 goatpenis-soldier of blasphemy-berc
11 goatpenis-inhumanization-berc
01 goatpenis-warlock-berc
02 goatpenis-demons spit fire-berc
03 goatpenis-desecration to the holy mother-berc
04 goatpenis-jesus fall-berc
05 goatpenis-black orgy-berc
06 goatpenis-demoniac sacrifice-berc
07 goatpenis-nocturnal violation-berc
08 goatpenis-semen-berc
09 goatpenis-burning the house of god-berc
10 goatpenis-warverdose-berc
11 goatpenis-countess bathory-berc
01 godless cruelty-intro-berc
02 godless cruelty-ungod of cruelty-berc
03 godless cruelty-total war-berc
04 godless cruelty-verdammnis-berc
05 godless cruelty-warrior-berc
06 godless cruelty-unholy black metal-berc
07 godless cruelty-no return-berc
08 godless cruelty-outro-berc
01 godless cruelty-no return-berc
01 graabein-the goat is among us-berc
02 graabein-what i unleashed-berc
03 graabein-sword of your lord-berc
04 graabein-hell is here-berc
05 graabein-souls of the dead-berc
06 graabein-demons to some angels to others-berc
07 graabein-hidden track-berc
01 grafvolluth – gotterdammerung
02 grafvolluth – epic to barbarity
03 grafvolluth – funeral of the damned
04 grafvolluth – forest of ymir
05 grafvolluth – knot of the slain
06 grafvolluth – a snow will fall
07 grafvolluth – march atop the fallen
02-rasing the citadel-gw
04-summerian bloodlust-gw
05-wretched spells-gw
06-beheading the worthless-gw
08-cold blistering death-gw
09-may the blood of ingrates taint they steel-gw
10-for green eyes i slaughter-gw
12-the lamentation of the women-gw
13-summerian bloodlust-gw
14-a raven at my funeral-gw
16-invicible armour-gw
17-night of shadow magick-gw
18-titans of celtic wood-gw
01-frost bitten and alone-fff
02-snowblind and dying-fff
03-at the mercy of wolves-fff
01-grima morstua-feel yourself the heart of the serpent-cos
02-grima morstua-the real blasphemy born from pain-cos
01 grip inc.-curse of the cloth-amrc
02 grip inc.-the answer-amrc
03 grip inc.-the prophecy-amrc
04 grip inc.-endowment of apathy-amrc
05 grip inc.-enemy mind-amrc
06 Grip Inc.-Skin Trade-AMRC
07 grip inc.-built to resist-amrc
08 grip inc.-the gift-amrc
09 grip inc.-privilege-amrc
10 grip inc.-blood of saints-amrc
11 grip inc.-man with no insides-amrc
01 gromm – seeds and bones
02 gromm – all dies
03 gromm – towards the line of ideal
04 gromm – on the way of chains
05 gromm – without a pack without a herd
06 gromm – chop by death
07 gromm – times dust upon millstones of eternity
08 gromm – in the trap of life
01 haemoth-side a-cnmc
02 nemeton-total scorn of humanity-cnmc
03 nemeton-piege dans la glace-cnmc
04 nemeton-noire luxure-cnmc
01-daemonii azerath-gw
02-instinctus apocalipti holocaus-gw
03-incarnated genetic necrophilia-gw
04-dominus perversus-gw
05-der finsterreich-gw
01-heil den uralten-gw
03-schwarzer stolzer krieger-gw
04-heidenskampf im sturmgewitter-gw
05-rache wird kommen-gw
01 hellwrath – anger words-bfhmp3
02 hellwrath – hellwrath-bfhmp3
03 hellwrath – peaceless-bfhmp3
01 snador-cnmc
02 grin aen velda-cnmc
03 tvart od skuenghelvra-cnmc
04 hir kampagansjanden-cnmc
05 skeld hogpor-cnmc
a1 horned almighty-intro praedictum-berc
a2 horned almighty-satanic fatherland-berc
a3 horned almighty-terror soul-berc
a4 horned almighty-carnival of dead people-berc
a5 horned almighty-black metal jesus-berc
b1 horned almighty-desecrate the world-berc
b2 horned almighty-exit planet earth-berc
b3 horned almighty-horned redemption-berc
b4 horned almighty-complete utter darkness-berc
b5 horned almighty-war (burzum cover)-berc
b5 horned almighty-war (burzum cover)-trackfix-berc
01 hunok-hadak utjan-berc
02 hunok-utodok es testverharcok-berc
03 marblebog-marblebog-berc
04 marblebog-zivar-berc
05 marblebog-return to archaiv woods-berc
101 iced earth-star spangeld banner-amrc
102 iced earth-declaration day-amrc
103 iced earth-when the eagle cries-amrc
104 iced earth-the reckoning dont tread on me-amrc

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