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105 iced earth-greenface-amrc
106 iced earth-attila-amrc
107 iced earth-red baron-blue max-amrc
108 iced earth-hollow man-amrc
109 iced earth-valley forge-amrc
110 iced earth-waterloo-amrc
111 iced earth-when the eagle cries unplugged-amrc
201 iced earth-the devil to pay-amrc
202 iced earth-hold at all costs-amrc
203 iced earth-high water mark-amrc
01-immolation – of martyrs and men-fkk
02-immolation – father youre not a father-fkk
03-immolation – unholly cult-fkk
04-immolation – a kingdom divided-fkk
05-immolation – those left behind-fkk
06-immolation – recluctant messiah-fkk
07-immolation – unpardonable sin-fkk
08-immolation – christ cage-fkk
09-immolation – bring them down-fkk
01 imperium-eternal pain-berc
02 imperium-awaiting the decay-berc
03 imperium-trollmannens vrede-berc
04 imperium-the ravens -berc
01 impurity – satanic metal kingdom
02 impurity – grayish land of desolation
03 impurity – invocation of the world of horrors
04 impurity – abyss of wisdom
05 impurity – egyptian devils
06 impurity – about the flame and the wind
07 impurity – dark are the ways
08 impurity – night beasts
09 impurity – desecration of the host
10 impurity – instrumental
01 impurity-intro-berc
02 impurity-lucifer spewing blasphemies-berc
03 impurity-malediction-berc
04 impurity-guests of the infernal pit-berc
01-in memorium-ravenslaughter-qtxmp3
02-in memorium-from misery-qtxmp3
03-in memorium-thy hourless season-qtxmp3
04-in memorium-in the form of darkness-qtxmp3
05-in memorium-legend of the well-fiend-qtxmp3
06-in memorium-des todes gruft-qtxmp3
07-in memorium-resurrection-qtxmp3
01 infernal angels – dominus silentii-bfhmp3
02 infernal angels – vigilia secunda (reprise)-bfhmp3
03 infernal angels – shining evil light-bfhmp3
04 infernal angels – at the heart of winter (immortal cover)-bfhmp3
01 death of heaven-tom
02 pestilential eternity-tom
03 one who points to death-tom
04 honey tongue of satan-tom
05 virgin blood tastes purest at night-tom
06 cathedral of hate-tom
07 angels and acid-tom
08 hysteron proteron-tom
01-block 11-fff
02-decapitate the nazarene-fff
03-time of destruction-fff
04-born of hate-fff
05-black legions of ss-fff
06-years of slavery-fff
07-chainsaw gutsfuck-fff
08-blcok 11-fff
09-black legions of ss-fff
a1 inferno-legie nesmrtelnch-berc
a2 inferno-predurceni k temnote a vitezstvi-berc
b1 inferno-hymna valky-berc
02-in darkness you shall follow-gw
03-the final chapter-gw
04-journey to death-gw
05-moral abyss-gw
06-black fire-gw
07-of ancient splendour-gw
08-northern fortress-gw
09-animus impurus-gw
01-yngwie malmsteens rising force-razor eater-rfk
02-yngwie malmsteens rising force-rise up-rfk
03-yngwie malmsteens rising force-valley of kings-rfk
04-yngwie malmsteens rising force-ship of fools-rfk
05-yngwie malmsteens rising force-attack-rfk
06-yngwie malmsteens rising force-baroque and roll (instrumental)-rfk
07-yngwie malmsteens rising force-stronghold-rfk
08-yngwie malmsteens rising force-mad dog-rfk
09-yngwie malmsteens rising force-in the name of god-rfk
10-yngwie malmsteens rising force-freedom isnt free-rfk
11-yngwie malmsteens rising force-majestic blue (instrumental)-rfk
12-yngwie malmsteens rising force-valhalla-rfk
13-yngwie malmsteens rising force-iron clad-rfk
14-yngwie malmsteens rising force-air (instrumental)-rfk
15-yngwie malmsteens rising force-battlefield (previously unreleased track)-rfk
16-yngwie malmsteens rising force-dreaming (live bonus track)-rfk
01 choronzonic force domination-dtl
02 summon the gods of chaos-dtl
03 across the tenth aethyr-dtl
04 baphomet invocation-dtl
05 legion-dtl
06 dagons rising-dtl
07 dispersion and darkness-dtl
08 orbiting chaosphere-dtl
09 enter the gate of death (re-recorded)-dtl
01-judas priest-diamonds and rust-CRock
02-judas priest-better by you better than me-CRock
03-judas priest-breaking the law-CRock
04-judas priest-hot rockin-CRock
05-judas priest-youre got another thing comin-CRock
06-judas priest-the sentinel-CRock
07-judas priest-reckless-CRock
08-judas priest-johnny b goode-CRock
09-judas priest-stained class-CRock
10-judas priest-take on the world-CRock
11-judas priest-painkiller-CRock
12-judas priest-living after midnight-CRock
13-judas priest-desert plains-CRock
14-judas priest-hell bent for leather-CRock
15-judas priest-electric eye-CRock
16-judas priest-jawbreaker-CRock
17-judas priest-turbo lover-CRock
18-judas priest-between the hammer and the anvil-CRock
01 kampfzeit–intro-vic
02 kampfzeit–ave longinus-vic
03 kampfzeit–under the burning lies-vic
04 kampfzeit–ode to a dying people-vic
05 kampfzeit–eternal winter-vic
06 kampfzeit–sur la terre disrael-vic
07 kampfzeit–judeo terre des brules-vic
08 kampfzeit–outro-vic
01 key of mythras-so it let be done-berc
02 daemonlord-the sharpened edge of ignorance-berc
101 king diamond-funeral-amrc
102 king diamond-a mansion in darkness-amrc
103 king diamond-the family ghost-amrc
104 king diamond-black horsemen-amrc
105 king diamond-spare this life-amrc
106 king diamond-mansion in sorrow-amrc
107 king diamond-spirits-amrc
108 king diamond-sorry dear-amrc
109 king diamond-eye of the witch-amrc
110 king diamond-sleepless nights-amrc
201 king diamond-the puppet master-amrc
202 king diamond-blood to walk-amrc
203 king diamond-so sad-amrc
204 king diamond-living dead outro-amrc
205 king diamond-welcome home-amrc
206 king diamond-the invisible guests-amrc
207 king diamond-burn-amrc
208 king diamond-introductions-amrc
209 king diamond-halloween-amrc
210 king diamond-no presents for christmas-amrc
01 krater-einst -berc
02 krater-untertanen des verfalls-berc
03 krater-rostger stahl-berc
04 krater-barritus-berc
05 krater-morsches geaest-berc
06 krater-ein gnadenschuss der menschenbrut-berc
07 krater-ein schwert genannt amicitia-berc
08 krater-der wasserleichen im geleit-berc
01-kriegsmaschine-unto wormfeast flesh
02-kriegsmaschine-a thousand voices
03-kriegsmaschine-apostle of plague
04-kriegsmaschine-b t s
01-lycanthropys spell-misanthropic visions-gw
02-lycanthropys spell-the wolf lord-gw
03-lycanthropys spell-horns of war-gw
04-celtic blood-prelude to regnarok-gw
05-celtic blood-weltenbrand-gw
06-celtic blood-is the fire still burning (in our hearts)-gw
07-celtic blood-auf alten pfaden der dunkelheit-gw
08-celtic blood-wir barbaren-gw
09-celtic blood-pagan alliance-gw
01 lycanthropys spell-when the darkness tales the sky-berc
02 lycanthropys spell-immortal hordes-berc
03 lycanthropys spell-in a raging battle-berc
04 lycanthropys spell-werwolf (absurd cover)-berc
05 lycanthropys spell-lycanthropys spell-berc
06 lycanthropys spell-transilvanian hunger (darkthrone cover)-berc
01 lycanthropys spell-into eternity-berc
02 lycanthropys spell-dreams of the dead emperor-berc
03 lycanthropys spell-black clouds are gathering (on the horizon)-berc
04 lycanthropys spell-the night of the great storm-berc
05 lycanthropys spell-on a winter path-berc
06 lycanthropys spell-blood calls for revenge-berc
07 lycanthropys spell-silent night of the fog-berc
01 luftwaffe raid-intro-berc
02 luftwaffe raid-red sky at night-berc
03 luftwaffe raid-interlude-berc
04 luftwaffe raid-nachtjagdgeschwader (doom from the dark)-berc
05 luftwaffe raid-interlude-berc
06 luftwaffe raid-sieg sieg sieg-berc
07 luftwaffe raid-interlude-berc
08 luftwaffe raid-welcome to london-berc
09 luftwaffe raid-the end is near-berc
10 luftwaffe raid-interlude-berc
11 luftwaffe raid-dak-berc
12 luftwaffe raid-battle fire earth-berc
13 luftwaffe raid-interlude-berc
14 luftwaffe raid-flight of the mustang under the grim moonlight-berc
15 luftwaffe raid-interlude-berc
16 luftwaffe raid-a summer night in berlin-berc
17 luftwaffe raid-interlude-berc
18 luftwaffe raid-the eternal grace of suffering-berc
19 luftwaffe raid-outro-berc
01 lunae nocturna – intro
02 lunae nocturna – transparency of memories
03 lunae nocturna – flight of karasu
04 lunae nocturna – dust of stars
05 lunae nocturna – interlude
06 lunae nocturna – lord in quest
07 lunae nocturna – breakfast for the dust
08 lunae nocturna – maskarade
a1 lunar aurora-einsamkeit und dunkelheit-berc
a2 lunar aurora-zorn aus aeeonen-berc
a3 lunar aurora-augenblick-berc
b1 lunar aurora-geister-berc
b2 lunar aurora-kerkerseele-berc
b3 lunar aurora-freiheit-berc
b4 lunar aurora-hier und jetzt-berc
c1 lunar aurora-a wandering winterdream beneath the cold moon-berc
c2 lunar aurora-the unknown dead-berc
c3 lunar aurora-irrlichter-berc
d1 lunar aurora-der waechter-berc
d2 lunar aurora-unrast und leid-berc
d3 lunar aurora-totenacker-berc
d4 lunar aurora-alone in the dark-berc
01-to young wolfs-gw
02-glory to fallen warriors-gw
03-pagan music-gw
04-new world order-gw
06-rebel spirit-gw
07-for a blood for a pain-gw
08-feeling russia-gw
02-lutomysl-how can one sleep peacefully
03-lutomysl-truth within
04-lutomysl-the challenge
01 may result-kad crt sedne na presto-berc
02 may result-mesec je sad sa nama-berc
03 may result-nog crnog plamena-berc
04 may result-zloslut-berc
05 may result-svetogrdje-berc
06 may result-u narucju mrtvog boga-berc
07 may result-pogrom-berc
08 may result-kraljevsto mrtvih gavrana-berc
01 marthyr-bloody corpse resistance-berc
02 marthyr-god is lost-berc
03 marthyr-mandraenken-berc
04 marthyr-resurrected blasphemy-berc
05 marthyr-imperial symphony-berc
06 marthyr-in front of cold distance-berc
07 marthyr-trinity suicide-berc
08 marthyr-dschihad-berc
01-shapeless in the dark-gw
02-dream of blood-gw
03-souls been left to die-gw
04-the force-gw
05-brave the blizzard-gw
06-battle of the dead-gw
07-the last candle-gw
08-land unknown-gw
01-megadeth-the day the music died-ice
01-megadeth-peace sells-pms
02-megadeth-anarchy in the u.k.-pms
03-megadeth-hangar 18-pms
04-megadeth-symphony of destruction-pms
05-megadeth-crown of worms-pms
06-megadeth-train of consequences-pms
08-megadeth-the creed-pms
10-megadeth-crush em-pms
01-megadeth-blackmail the universe-was
03-megadeth-kick the chair-was
04-megadeth-the scorpion-was
05-megadeth-tears in a vial-was
06-megadeth-i know jack-was
07-megadeth-back in the day-was
08-megadeth-something that im not-was
09-megadeth-truth be told-was
10-megadeth-of mice and men-was
11-megadeth-shadow of deth-was
12-megadeth-my kingdom-was
01-branded by sunlight-ube
02-mind possession-ube
03-darkened clouds-ube
04-the book of lies-ube
06-shadows of fire-ube
08-act of horror-ube
09-the treasures within-ube
10-dying world-ube
11-book of lies (demo version)-ube
12-nuclear attack-ube
01-hypnotical tranquillity-gw
02-mental alienation-gw
03-mourning steel (tears of chainsaw)-gw
04-future impure-gw
05-murder incantation-gw
06-towards somnabulistic sleeps (future homicides)-gw
08-ravnajuv (darkthrone cover)-gw
01 myself-experiences 6-berc
02 myself-experiences 7-berc
01 myself-je men fous-experiences 5-berc
02 myself-je men fous-totally fucked-berc
01 myself-1st-the anti slut trx-berc
02 myself-2nd-experiences 4-berc
01-blood fucker of maria the whore-fff
03-fucking christian whore-fff
04-hankering for death-fff
05-dead woman fucker-fff
06-private hell for latex bitch-fff
07-cut yourself and die-fff
01 naturgeist-i-berc
02 naturgeist-ii-berc
03 naturgeist-iii-berc
04 naturgeist-iv-berc
05 naturgeist-v-berc
06 naturgeist-vi-berc
07 naturgeist-vii-berc
08 naturgeist-viii-berc
09 naturgeist-ix-berc
10 naturgeist-x-berc
11 naturgeist-xi-berc
12 naturgeist-xii-berc
13 naturgeist-xiii-berc
14 naturgeist-xiv-berc
01-halls of death-unit
02-galloping from the blizzards heart-unit
03-icy armour on the peak of the world-unit
04-the black god-unit
05-eternity of death-unit
06-omniscient indifferent and solitary-unit
07-infinite winters embrace-unit
08-obsidian knives-unit
01 nebelhorn–nordwarts-vic
02 nebelhorn–midgard-vic
03 nebelhorn–utgard-vic
04 nebelhorn–asgard-vic
05 nebelhorn–winterfest-vic
01 necro ritual-bloodstained victory-berc
02 necro ritual-in the sanctuary of shadows-berc
03 necro ritual-ancient forests of olde-berc
04 necro ritual-slaughter of the angels-berc
05 necro ritual-the withering seeds of isolated despair-berc
06 necro ritual-dark earth-berc
07 necro ritual-a corpse was born in bethlehem-berc
08 necro ritual-allegiance to satan-berc
09 necro ritual-pure satanic slaughter-berc
01 necropsy–au pre-vic
02 necropsy–mythomanie-vic
03 necropsy–pathetic mystic-vic
04 necropsy–vachelor-vic
05 necropsy–le carosse-vic
01-behind the horizon-gw
02-battle song-gw
03-prehistoric crafts-gw
04-dark triumphant hordes-gw
05-melodies of pride and honour-gw
06-master of steel and master of-gw
07-roving clouds-gw
08-the era of pureness-gw
09-seeds of death-gw
10-devising of black strategies-gw
11-hymn to the glory of mother na-gw
12-the black fortress-gw
13-before the last battle-gw
14-where the eagles fly-gw
01-niden div187 – impergium-numb
02-niden div187 – genocide-numb
03-niden div187 – judgement dawns-numb
04-niden div187 – in the twilight of dawn-numb
05-niden div187 – a view in the black mirror-numb
06-niden div187 – the execution-numb
07-niden div187 – funeral pyres-numb
08-niden div187 – hate-numb
09-niden div187 – mass burial disorder-numb
10-niden div187 – the end-numb
11-niden div187 – black water-numb
12-niden div187 – retinence-numb
13-niden div187 – a view in the mirror black-numb
14-niden div187 – towards judgement-numb
01-dark red sky-ube
04-master of my dreams-ube
05-the perfect li(f)e-ube
06-the end times-ube
08-one of these days-ube
10-so(u)l invictus-ube
01-nightwish-wish i had an angel-rda
02-nightwish-ghost love score (instrumental score)-rda
03-nightwish-where were you last night-rda
04-nightwish-wish i had an angel (demo version)-rda
03-cruel queen-amok
04-without daylight-amok
05-give me a scream-amok
06-immaculate bitch-amok
07-drops of soul-amok
09-after before-amok
10-the end (behind the mask)-amok
11-aves (ebm remix)-amok
02-invocation of the dead-gw
04-in darkness i prevail-gw
05-riding on darkened wings-gw
06-darkness and suffering upon the blessed-gw
01 nokturne-charred corpse supremacy-berc
02 nokturne-blackneiss-berc
03 nokturne-kruelty kampaign-berc
04 nokturne-untitled-berc
01-fjord intro-gw
04-unser weg-gw
05-das ende vom leid-gw
06-weg nach walhall-gw
08-krieg des glaubens-gw
09-ausklang outro-gw
01-nasz honor i krew-gw
02-czas zemsty i krwi-gw
03-w drodze do nawii-gw
04-syn nocnych majestatow-gw
05-z moca ognistych prawd-gw
07-w slowianskie imperium-gw
08-straznicy ognia-gw
09-niesmiertelna duma-gw
01-wandering in the darkness intro-gw
02-dead in the cellar-gw
03-the immortals-gw
04-souls of deceased-gw
05-zombie revenge-gw
06-the antichrist time-gw
07-evil spirits refuge-gw
08-dances of the dead-gw
09-outcast by hell-gw
10-rebirth outro-gw
01 nuclear warfare-intro-berc
02 nuclear warfare-warfare-berc
03 nuclear warfare-war is unleashed-berc
04 nuclear warfare-kill-berc
05 nuclear warfare-thrash speed-berc
06 nuclear warfare-predator-berc
07 nuclear warfare-inner war-berc
08 nuclear warfare-warlust-berc
09 nuclear warfare-thrash em down-berc
01-nuit noire-magical blast-cos
02-nuit noire-fairies of paper-cos
03-nuit noire-ton stupide chemin-cos
04-nuit noire-voice of the night-cos
05-nuit noire-spectres-cos
06-nuit noire-dont fear to go through the window-cos
07-nuit noire-sword that doesnt hurt-cos
08-nuit noire-vers la lune-cos
09-nuit noire-les fees-cos
10-nuit noire-i see the moon between the trees-cos
11-nuit noire-tourbillon-cos
12-nuit noire-night is everything-cos
a1 nunslaughter-nocturnal hell-cnmc
a2 nunslaughter-damned be the souls-cnmc
b1 slaughter-children of the fire-cnmc
b2 slaughter-hell hath returned-cnmc
02-oathean–wandering soul-nsr
03-oathean–from the depths of despair-nsr
04-oathean–the origin-nsr
05-oathean–a life of suffering craving the darkness-nsr
06-oathean–voice of my soul-nsr
07-oathean–beyond the memories i lost-nsr
08-oathean–scent of longing-nsr
09-oathean–on the path of no return-nsr
10-oathean–in fear with shiver bonus track-nsr
01 oksanat – prolog
02 oksanat – sokola let
03 oksanat – besmrtan
04 oksanat – aurora
05 oksanat – wine of my veins
06 oksanat – tron
07 oksanat – pogled
08 oksanat – u prah pretvorice se kamen
09 oksanat – dying battlefields
01-old legend-our final fate-hxc
02-old legend-dead portrait of thy masquerade first-hxc
03-old legend-endless pain-hxc
04-old legend-le portrait mort de ta masquerade finalement-hxc
05-old legend-calendia-hxc
06-old legend-le monstre en sa riviere-hxc
07-old legend-the mower of my soul-hxc
01 omendark-antzinako herriaren birjaiotza-berc
02 omendark-intro-berc
03 omendark-remembering old times-berc
04 omendark-and our hate has awake-berc
05 omendark-antzinako herriaren birjaiotza-berc
06 omendark-untitled-berc
07 omendark-untitled-berc
08 omendark-untitled-berc
01-onirik-forest of my kingdom-cos
02-onirik-walking as a shadow-cos
03-onirik-hymn to lucifer-cos
04-onirik-morbid dreams-cos
05-onirik-curse of the witch-cos
06-onirik- as i laugh -cos
01 ovum – eld-bcc
01 take your sword-cnmc
02 blood for blood-cnmc
03 world full of scum-cnmc
04 marching on-cnmc
05 nordic blood-cnmc
06 ready for war-cnmc
07 heroes in black-cnmc
08 fight back-cnmc
09 this land belongs to me-cnmc
10 dont forget-cnmc
11 enne kul veel touseb paikene-cnmc
a1 pantheon i-is this a prophecy-berc
b1 pantheon i-transparent-berc
01 pest-prelude to the end-berc
02 pest-the failure of creation-berc
03 pest-eternal darkness-berc
04 pest-infinity awaits-berc
05 pest-vado mori-berc
06 pest-before the storm-berc
07 pest-the glimmer-berc
08 pest-yersinia-berc
09 pest-der ewige-berc
10 pest-into madness-berc
11 pest-es lebe der tod-berc
01 piorun–nadbuanski wit-vic
02 piorun–ju nadszed czas-vic
03 piorun–przywrocimy stary ad-vic
04 piorun–stajemy jak ojce-vic
05 piorun–wadyka podniebnych burz-vic
06 piorun–do boju-vic
07 piorun–biay rumak boyca-vic
08 piorun–nam ojczyzny nie wydrzecie-vic
09 piorun–tu sie urodziae walczyae i umrzeae-vic
10 piorun–nadbuanski zmierzch-vic
11 piorun–untitled-vic
01-the ancient tale-gw
02-dea aetheris-gw
03-forest dance-gw
04-neastitia infinitae hiemis-gw
05-beauty of an endless night-gw
06-stara lutnia-gw
08-total destruction bathory cover-gw
a1 raate-enne-amrc
a2 raate-rauniotorni-amrc
a3 raate-halki kuolleen maan-amrc
a4 raate-kaskeajan laulu-amrc
b1 raate-aamu koittaa-amrc
b2 raate-haevitys-amrc
b3 raate-tuhkaa-amrc
102-rammstein-reise reise-butt
103-rammstein-links 234-butt
104-rammstein-keine lust-butt
105-rammstein-feuer frei-butt
106-rammstein-rein raus-butt
108-rammstein-mein teil-butt
109-rammstein-stein um stein-butt
112-rammstein-du riechst so gut-butt
113-rammstein-du hast-butt
201-rammstein-portugal screaming to rammstein-butt
204-rammstein-ich will-butt
205-rammstein-ohne dich-butt
02-ramones-the job that ate my brain-smo
03-ramones-poison heart-smo
05-ramones-strength to endure-smo
06-ramones-its gonna be alright-smo
07-ramones-take it as it comes-smo
08-ramones-main man-smo
09-ramones-tomorrow she goes away-smo
10-ramones-i wont let it happen-smo
11-ramones-cabbies on crack-smo
12-ramones-heidi is a headcase-smo
14-ramones-spiderman bonus track-smo
01-intro cyclone devastator-gw
02-blasphemy (satanic metal throne)-gw
03-evil to the bone-gw
04-black kingdom-gw
05-day of vengeance-gw
06-conduit of death (adrenaline rush)-gw
07-thrash command-gw
08-camara ya vas-gw
09-terror squad-gw
10-golden hades-gw
01 raptor-skullfucking the holy virgin-berc
02 raptor-deathcamp treblinka-berc
03 raptor-hass und rache-berc
04 raptor-satanik warlust-berc
05 raptor-stars of my sacrifice-berc
06 raptor-torment in hell-berc
07 raptor-worship the goat-berc
08 raptor-antichristian crusade-berc
09 raptor-burn the churches-berc
10 raptor-unholy blood-berc
11 raptor-humiliation by spermbaptism-berc
12 raptor-slashing demonclaws-berc
13 raptor-kneel down for satan-berc
14 raptor-anal impalement of jezus-berc
15 raptor-they are coming-berc
16 raptor-terror damnation-berc
17 raptor-satans grand inquisitor-berc
18 raptor-raping pious nuns-berc
01 revenge-this is war-berc
02 revenge-total elimination-berc
03 revenge-evil makes us stronger-berc
04 revenge-intolerance-berc
01-reverence-forest of damned-cos
02-reverence-winds of north-cos
03-reverence-freezing lake-cos
04-reverence-the eternal sleep-cos
05-reverence-the throne-cos
06-reverence-black spell of destruction (buzum cover)-cos
01 reverence-redemption in suicida-berc
02 reverence-spectra of negativity-berc
03 reverence-endless-berc
04 wolok-anti life conjurors-berc
05 wolok-nde worshippers-berc
06 wolok-invoking the cursed-berc
07 sons of fenris-la royauma legendaire-berc
08 sons of fenris-guerre totale-berc
09 sons of fenris-freezing moon-berc
01-hell waits for us-gw
02-human fear-gw
04-my heart-gw
05-some words about love-gw
06-ruby spots on a sheet-gw
07-to survive-gw
08-im searching for inspiration-gw
02-of solitary enchantment-gw
03-cosmic divinity-gw
04-den letzten traum-gw
01-ritual day-moon daughter-gw
02-ritual day-extinguish sunshinee-gw
03-ritual day-green light falling on the hopeless mountain peak-gw
04-ritual day-black velvet (instrumental)-gw
05-frostmoon eclipse-black hole nemesis-gw
06-frostmoon eclipse-when time consumes the flesh-gw
07-frostmoon eclipse-a death to share-gw
08-frostmoon eclipse-lurking in the forgotten kingdom of buried sorcery-gw
101 holy diver-rikskrim
102 we rock-rikskrim
103 man on the silver mountain-rikskrim
104 evil eyes-rikskrim
105 catch the rainbow-rikskrim
106 strange highways-rikskrim
107 heaven and hell-rikskrim
108 the last in line-rikskrim
109 institutional man-rikskrim
110 gates of babylon-rikskrim
111 computer god-rikskrim
112 fever dreams-rikskrim
113 lock up the wolfes-rikskrim
201 stand up and shout-rikskrim
202 tarot woman-rikskrim
203 rainbow in the dark-rikskrim
204 rock n roll children-rikskrim
205 voodoo-rikskrim
206 long live rock n roll-rikskrim
207 night people-rikskrim
208 i speed at night-rikskrim
209 killing the dragon-rikskrim
210 the sign of the southern cross-rikskrim
211 hoochie koochie lady-rikskrim
212 dream evil-rikskrim
213 stargazer-rikskrim
214 jesus mary and the holy ghost-rikskrim
215 scream-rikskrim
01 sabbat-cold evil-berc
02 sabbat-sato-berc
01 sabbat-fetu-berc
02 sabbat-hell of the voltage (japanese version)-berc
01-sargeist – in ruin and despair-fff
02-sargeist – questing the blessing of evil-fff
03-sargeist – profane bleeding call-fff
04-sargeist – at the altar of the beast-fff
05-horned almighty – skullsplitting manifest-fff
06-horned almighty – degradation song-fff
07-horned almighty – in torture we trust-fff
08-horned almighty – to the lord our lives-fff
01 satanic death-black mass-berc
02 satanic death-demonic chronicles-berc
03 satanic death-sadistic ritual-berc
01-satan-necrogoat of armageddon
02-satan-black misanthropy
03-satan-human extermination
04-satan-bastard nazarene
05-satan-the key for black wisdom
06-satan-book of silence
07-satan-temple of noisex
01 satans elite kommando-satans elite kommando-berc
02 satans elite kommando-werwolf-daemon der nacht-berc
03 satans elite kommando-mehr naegel fuer das schwein-berc
04 satans elite kommando-satans kettenhunde-berc
01 sauron-thrash til death-bla
02 sauron-witch king-bla
03 sauron-demonic invasion-bla
04 sauron-thrash assault-bla
05 sauron-unholy art-bla
06 sauron-tormentor-bla
07 sauron-total death (kreator cover)-bla
01 schattendasein-im abglanz der waelder-berc
02 schattendasein-durch felder voller list-berc
03 schattendasein-die quellen grauer vaeter-berc
04 schattendasein-an ufern hassbefallener seen-berc
05 schattendasein-letzte tropfen trueben drecks-berc
06 schattendasein-das erwachen gefallener fuersten-berc
01 screamin daemon – the whores that jack killed
02 screamin daemon – kill your family (then yourself)
03 screamin daemon – the brady bunch
04 screamin daemon – fred west was the best (killer in the english west)
05 screamin daemon – dennis was a homosexual menace
06 screamin daemon – excuse me thats my brain youre eating
07 screamin daemon – the acid bath murders
08 screamin daemon – 10 rillington place
09 screamin daemon – what shall we do with the evil doctor
10 screamin daemon – michael ryan caused much dying
11 screamin daemon – burke and hare (what a horrible pair)
12 screamin daemon – here comes my creepy
13 screamin daemon – the big ripper sings sadistic rape
01 sephyroth–the winter blood of sodomy-vic
02 sephyroth–the winter holocaust-vic
03 sephyroth–7 demons-vic
04 sephyroth–im raping your wife-vic
05 sephyroth–the awakening of chtullu-vic
06 sephyroth–the blackest storm the infernum abysmal-vic
01-severe storm-intro-gw
02-burning symbols of christ-gw
03-walki czas-gw
04-armia bogow-gw
06-severe storm-outro-gw
01 she said destroy-armageddon anyone-berc
02 she said destroy-swallow my tounge-berc
03 she said destroy-joy to the world (the coming of kali)-berc
01 shemhamphorash-crossing my hell-amrc
02 shemhamphorash-the call-amrc
03 shemhamphorash-bloody falls-amrc
04 shemhamphorash-immortal realm-amrc
05 shemhamphorash-matrunka-amrc
06 shemhamphorash-mystical ceremony-amrc
07 shemhamphorash-shemhamphorash-amrc
01 shining-ett liv utan mening-berc
02 shining-att med kniv goera sig illa-berc
03 shining-aennu ett steg naermare total utfrystning-berc
04 shining-doed-berc
05 shining-svart-berc
06 shining-livets aendhllplats-berc
07 shining-manipulation mass-berc
02-legiony asmodeya-gw
03-pandemia nenavisti-gw
04-pogrebalnye kostry-gw
05-pod raspyatjem nebes-gw
07-sataninskaya era-gw
08-666 -gw
01-sicks deep-omnipotence-rtb
02-sicks deep-proof-rtb
03-sicks deep-last rites-rtb
04-sicks deep-penalty-rtb
05-sicks deep-brainwash-rtb
01-pope suck my cock-koma
02-suicide by mastrubation-koma
03-stick a head in cunt-koma
04-the return of mental pain-koma
05-fetal of god lover-koma
06-rape depraved-koma
07-jerk after killed-koma
08-come and drink my juice-koma
09-pussy soup-koma
10-dining in mortuary-koma
01 skerft-inleiding op de waanzin-berc
02 skerft-de plaag verspreidde zich-berc
03 skerft-de kille nachtwake-berc
04 skerft-de eindeloze reis-berc
05 skerft-een rijk herboren-berc
06 skerft-stervensweg-berc
07 skerft-de duistere kerkers van de geest-berc
08 skerft-de kille nachtwake (soft mix) bonus))-berc
09 skerft-woudtaferelen (bonus)-berc
01 skyclad–intro (pipes solo)-vic
02 skyclad–do they mean us-vic
03 skyclad–a good day to bury bad news-vic
04 skyclad–another drinking song-vic
05 skyclad–a survival campaign-vic
06 skyclad–the song of no-involvement-vic
07 skyclad–the parliament of fools-vic
08 skyclad–ten little kingdoms-vic
09 skyclad–like a ballad for the disenchanted-vic
10 skyclad–lightening the load-vic
11 skyclad–ntrwb-vic
12 skyclad–hybrid blues-vic
13 skyclad–outro (the dissolution of parliament)-vic
01 slayer-introduction 0726-amrc
02 slayer-disciple 0726-amrc
03 slayer-war ensemble 0726-amrc
04 slayer-mandatory suicide 0726-amrc
05 slayer-necrophiliac 0726-amrc
06 slayer-payback 0726-amrc
07 slayer-dead skin mask 0726-amrc
08 slayer-hell awaits 0726-amrc
09 slayer-postmorten 0726-amrc
10 slayer-raining blood 0726-amrc
11 slayer-south of heaven 0726-amrc
12 slayer-angel of death 0726-amrc
01 slayer–darkness of christ-vic
02 slayer–disciple-vic
03 slayer–war ensemble-vic
04 slayer–at dawn they sleep-vic
05 slayer–fight till death-vic
06 slayer–mandatory suicide-vic
07 slayer–hallowed point-vic
08 slayer–dead skin mask-vic
09 slayer–seasons in the abyss-vic
10 slayer–chemical warfare-vic
11 slayer–hell awaits-vic
12 slayer–south of heaven-vic
13 slayer–angel of death-vic
14 slayer–postmortem-vic
15 slayer–raining blood-vic
01 slayer-introduction 0727-amrc
02 slayer-disciple 0727-amrc
03 slayer-war ensemble 0727-amrc
04 slayer-at dawn they sleep 0727-amrc
05 slayer-mandatory suicide 0727-amrc
06 slayer-chemical warfare 0727-amrc
07 slayer-payback 0727-amrc
08 slayer-dead skin mask 0727-amrc
09 slayer-hell awaits 0727-amrc
10 slayer-south of heaven 0727-amrc
11 slayer-raining blood 0727-amrc
01-slavland-na uroczysku-atr
02-slavland-wedrowka wzgardzonej swiadomosci-atr
04-slavland-wojna trwa-atr
05-slavland-taniec wil-atr
06-slavland-w blasku gromu-atr
07-slavland-lipowe bogi-atr
01-sonata arctica-misplaced-ind
02-sonata arctica-blinded no more-ind
03-sonata arctica-aint your fairytale-ind
04-sonata arctica-reckoning day reckoning night-ind
05-sonata arctica-dont say a word-ind
06-sonata arctica-the boy who wanted to be a real puppet-ind
07-sonata arctica-my selene-ind
08-sonata arctica-wildfire-ind
09-sonata arctica-white pearl black oceans-ind
10-sonata arctica-shamandalie-ind
11-sonata arctica-wrecking the sphere (japan bonus)-ind
01-ss leid-gw
03-merciless mayhem-gw
04-cast into the race of progress-gw
05-der fuhrer is our life-gw
06-fire of hell-gw
09-meine ehre heibt treue-gw
10-i arose screams from the gasmask-gw
12-satanic terrorists-gw
13-merciless mayhem demo version-gw
14-der fuhrer is our life demo version-gw
15-execute strf 90-gw
17-the fire of hell-gw
18-returning to treblinka-gw
01 sthygma–mean serenity-vic
02 sthygma–a breath in the night-vic
03 sthygma–soul fragment-vic
04 sthygma–sir misery-vic
05 sthygma–the split-vic
06 sthygma–sthygma (bonus track)-vic
02-funeral apocalypse-gw
03-from the sky the black ash rains-gw
04-the eternal journey of the deathminded-gw
05-upon the shores of solitude-gw
06-within the void of existence – live-gw
01 sturmwolf-intro-berc
02 sturmwolf-zeit des erwachens-berc
03 sturmwolf-siegeszug-berc
04 sturmwolf-todesstoss-berc
01-sudden death-cold-rtb
02-sudden death-you dont give a fuck-rtb
03-sudden death-l.i.e.f.e-rtb
04-sudden death-living and dying-rtb
05-sudden death-damn-rtb
06-sudden death-my left shoulder-rtb
07-sudden death-unpure burial-rtb
01-suicide winds – in deaths domain-qtxmp3
02-suicide winds – evils eternal power-qtxmp3
03-suicide winds – obsessed by blood-qtxmp3
04-suicide winds – serpent lord of the apocalypse-qtxmp3
05-suicide winds – wrath of god (the second antichrist)-qtxmp3
06-suicide winds – devils heir-qtxmp3
07-suicide winds – the lord-qtxmp3
08-suicide winds – virgin stabber-qtxmp3
09-suicide winds – burn and die-qtxmp3
10-suicide winds – traitor perish in flames-qtxmp3
11-suicide winds – the road to hell-qtxmp3
05-dolina vechnyh snegov-gw
07-tsarstvo bezmolvnogo straha-gw
08-skorb lesov-gw
09-natassja in eternal sleep (darkthrone cover)-gw
01 sunwheel-intro-declaration against judeo christianity-berc
02 sunwheel-completing the four sides of the flaming sickle-berc
03 sunwheel-under the banner of hate-berc
04 sunwheel-monuments of the elder faith-berc
05 sunwheel-outro-invisible empire-berc
02-svartnar-mitt hat-cos
03-svartnar-worship this-cos
05-svartnar-purgatory eternal-cos
01-tankard – slipping from reality-qtxmp3
02-tankard – endless pleasure-qtxmp3
03-tankard – under friendly fire-qtxmp3
04-tankard – slipping from reality-qtxmp3
05-tankard – genetic overkill-qtxmp3
06-tankard – die with a beer in your hand-qtxmp3
07-tankard – the horde-qtxmp3
08-tankard – endless pleasure-qtxmp3
09-tankard – dead man drinking-qtxmp3
10-tankard – alien revenge-qtxmp3
11-tankard – fistful of love-qtxmp3
12-tankard – beyond the pubyard-qtxmp3
13-tankard – were coming back-qtxmp3
02-awakening of belial-fff
03-let the hell be unleash-fff
04-krwia zbryzgany nazarenski bekart-fff
05-war against christianity-fff
06-flame of annihilation-fff
07-under a funeral moon-fff
01-tempus fugit-gods defiled empire-cos
02-tempus fugit-triumph of blasphemy-cos
03-tempus fugit-realm of suffering-cos
04-tempus fugit-het lot der dwazen-cos
05-tempus fugit-the world left in darkness-cos
01-the bereaved – soaked mud remain-qtxmp3
02-the bereaved – silverspoon-qtxmp3
03-the bereaved – the bereaved-qtxmp3
04-the bereaved – vital organ theft-qtxmp3
05-the bereaved – hollow child-qtxmp3
06-the bereaved – my dying pride-qtxmp3
07-the bereaved – pathetic-qtxmp3
08-the bereaved – devils deal-qtxmp3
09-the bereaved – angels ablaze-qtxmp3
10-the bereaved – fatal human rapture-qtxmp3
11-the bereaved – lines in shape-qtxmp3
12-the bereaved – the abyss-qtxmp3
01-locked away-vic
04-the mirror water-vic
05-red is a slow colour-vic
06-sleepy buildings-vic
09-in motion part ii-vic
10-stonegarden (v 2003)-vic
11-my electricity-vic
14-like fountains-vic
01 the mass-drifting-berc
02 the mass-abscence-berc
03 the mass-the beacon interception-berc
04 the mass-dispair-berc
05 the mass-vile requiem-berc
06 the mass-towards darkness-berc
01-in the storms winds-gw
03-immortal existence-gw
04-next to the throne of chaos-gw
05-into the damned souls limbo-gw
06-ancient spirits in the mist dwell-gw
07-embraced by the darkness-gw
08-where the moon lies in silence-gw
09-temple of ever dark-gw
10-lord of souls rebellion-gw
01-thyruz – martyrenes rike-fkk
02-thyruz – hells core-fkk
03-thyruz – show no mercy-fkk
04-thyruz – like a father like a son-fkk
01 throneum – dark recall-bfhmp3
02 throneum – connected with emptiness-bfhmp3
03 throneum – mutiny of death-bfhmp3
04 throneum – reborn to stars-bfhmp3
05 throneum – the fallen oves-bfhmp3
06 throneum – serpentine transformations-bfhmp3
07 throneum – the vast tree-bfhmp3
08 throneum – burn holy image-bfhmp3
09 throneum – one that never becomes silent-bfhmp3
10 throneum – reborn to stars-bfhmp3
a1 throneum-godless antihuman evil-berc
a2 throneum-death from beyond hell-berc
a3 throneum-fuck me dead-berc
b1 throneum-in the depth of sulphur-sea-berc
b2 throneum-madness destroys-berc
b3 throneum-dead inside (beherit cover)-berc
01 tyrant-flag of misanthropy-berc
02 tyrant-cold sexual abuse-berc
03 tyrant-taking on the throne-berc
04 tyrant-imperium rex luciferum-berc
05 tyrant-bundet av hat-berc
06 tyrant-in blasphemy-berc
07 tyrant-the misanthropic prophecy-berc
08 tyrant-freezing moon (mayhem cover)-berc
01-totenkult-praeludium – winterthron-wrm
03-totenkult-pure misanthropic hate-wrm
04-totenkult-the essence channeld by a thousand funeral nights-wrm
05-totenkult-black metal endsieg – a dedication to total war against religious diseases-wrm
06-totenkult-vargvinter part i – and the cold autumn winds carry on the smell of ash-wrm
07-totenkult-eternal black dawn-wrm
08-totenkult-through the mists of nightly woods towards the shores of eternity-wrm
10-totenkult-funeral procession (gorgoroth cover)-wrm
01-toxic holocaust-ready to fight-cor
02-toxic holocaust-onslaught (power from hell)-cor
01 triskel – la marche des chevaliers
02 triskel – loeil de la sagesse
03 triskel – les berserkers
04 triskel – le signe du marteau
05 triskel – reverence nocturne
01 troops of death-possessed-berc
02 troops of death-trench of death-berc
03 troops of death-deathstrike-berc
04 troops of death-deathsquad (assault cover)-berc
05 troops of death-satanic jihad-berc
06 troops of death-revolutionary brigades-berc
07 troops of death-black september-berc
08 troops of death-armed march-berc
02-odolen trava-gw
04-morok uzrev-gw
06-the thread-gw
07-tam gde zhili sviristeli-gw
08-vo luzeh omutkovo lyadi-gw
09-resnoti sonty-gw
10-winter wood-gw
01-twilight is mine-intro-gw
02-cities must fall-gw
03-the black trace-gw
06-the silent knowledge-gw
07-young and cursed-gw
08-baba-yaga (m p musorgsky)-gw
09-twilight is mine-outro-gw
01 unholy cross – the funeral march
02 unholy cross – when death comes
03 unholy cross – horrors of war
01 unleashed–winterland-vic
02 unleashed–destruction (of the race of men)-vic
03 unleashed–only the dead-vic
04 unleashed–the longships are coming-vic
05 unleashed–helljoy-vic
06 unleashed–insane for blood-vic
07 unleashed–i bring you death-vic
08 unleashed–attack-vic
09 unleashed–ceo-vic
10 unleashed–one nigth in nazareth-vic
11 unleashed–praised be the lord-vic
12 unleashed–metalheads-vic
13 unleashed–to miklagard-vic
14 unleashed–long live the beast-vic
01-unpure – never in gold-qtxmp3
02-unpure – stolen sun-qtxmp3
03-unpure – rapist-qtxmp3
04-unpure – swansons of the ancient stream-qtxmp3
05-unpure – quest for hell-qtxmp3
06-unpure – a world below-qtxmp3
07-unpure – stormattack-qtxmp3
08-unpure – mark of the beast-qtxmp3
09-unpure – sabbath-qtxmp3
10-unpure – black war-qtxmp3
11-unpure – risen and bound-qtxmp3
01-urdraum – intro-bcc
02-urdraum – o dessassossego-bcc
03-urdraum – paysage de rurale doleur-bcc
04-urdraum – outono transfigurado-bcc
05-urdraum – shadowy horses-bcc
06-urdraum – recitation a leloge dune reine-bcc
07-urdraum – everlasting voices-bcc
08-urdraum – sun satyrs-bcc
09-urdraum – a lair of labyrinths-bcc
01 urskumug – her majesty silence
02 urskumug – urskumug
03 urskumug – the third
04 urskumug – when world necomes ice
05 urskumug – pareja
06 urskumug – naves ena
07 urskumug – uguns siena
08 urskumug – warriors end
09 urskumug – the heathens cave
10 urskumug –
01-awaken the dragon-gw
02-deep dark forest in fangorn-gw
04-kampf und krieg-gw
07-thousand lightnings strike-gw
08-menegroth was einst so glorreich war-gw
09-the unknown-gw
10-durins halls-gw
11-dark riders-gw
01-leviathan-in adverse talons-cos
02-funeral winds-the old serpent stirs-cos
03-ad hominem-black thrash desecration-cos
04-eternity-each night (blizkrieg versi-cos
01-nitberg-asgard flames-gw
02-rundagor-journey in return-gw
03-branikald-av vinterkald-gw
04-nitberg-the triumph of w o t a n-gw
05-branikald-horrid storms-gw
06-ravendark-in the opening of sieg-gw
07-forest-in the middle of death in the face of life-gw
08-branikald-raven fierce-gw
09-rundagor-inhaling the murder-gw
10-ravendark-eternal freezing moon-gw
11-branikald-the steel strings of the spirit-gw
01 goat horns-the torment-berc
02 goat prayers-from quest to insanity-berc
03 goatbless-mors et odium sanctis (ode prima)-berc
04 nocturnal goat-deathstrom-berc
101 mona mur-eden-ffi
102 john alexander ericson-a world youll never reach-ffi
103 swans of avon-alive-ffi
104 d arcadia-r.i.p-ffi
105 frank the baptist-beggars would ride-ffi
106 dronning maud land-hollow eyes-ffi
107 cell division-fingerprints-ffi
108 leaves eyes-norwegian lovesong-ffi
109 schandmaul-die flucht-ffi
110 adaro-minne ist ein suesser nam-ffi
111 dargaard-bearer of the flame-ffi
112 estampie-al jorn – carceres-ffi
113 stoa-captivity-ffi
114 kontrast-eisberg-ffi
115 final selection-fade into you-ffi
116 distain-sex n cross 7 edit-ffi
201 truemmerwelten-princess of blood-ffi
202 soko friedhof-blutsauger und du kommst -ffi
203 blutengel-love killer-ffi
204 silent assault-subzero-ffi
205 spetsnaz-on the edge-ffi
206 run level zero-under the gun-ffi
207 staubkind-knie nieder clubmix-ffi
208 asp-ich will brennen-ffi
209 x-fusion-left hand path-ffi
210 the retrosic-total war-ffi
211 xotox-mechanische unruhe remixed by cycloon-ffi
212 solitairy experiments-existence-ffi
213 angeltheory-cold fire-ffi
214 decree-violent reckoning-ffi
215 e.r.r.a.-energy in your eyes-ffi
216 metallspuerhunde-teenage years feat. alev emine-ffi
01-the suicide file-cold snap-dnr
02-cold war-bombs away-dnr
03-final word-something to prove-dnr
05-insted-one world-dnr
07-still crossed-for old times sake-dnr
08-zombie apocalypse-the dead in queue-dnr
09-adamantium-funeral of silence-dnr
11-the promise-the kiss off-dnr
12-over my dead body-anchors aweigh-dnr
13-in control-its coming down-dnr
14-the lost-the lost-dnr
01-six feet under-rock n roll aint noise pollution-ice
02-megadeth-died dead enough-ice
03-silent force-no one lives forever-ice
04-moonlight agony-ceremony-ice
05-king diamond-a mansion in darkness live-ice
06-sear bliss-two worlds collide-ice
07-zeke-hold tight-ice
08-nostradameus-the reapers image-ice
10-wasp-come black to black-ice
12-everdome-the crown-ice
13-pungent stench-no guts no glory-ice
14-fates warning-simple human-ice
15-edenbridge-holy fire live-ice
16-tsjuder-malignant coronation-ice
17-dying wish-schizophrenia exclusive demo-ice
19-eisregen-am glockenseil-ice
01 children of bodom-needled-amrc
02 blitzkrieg-unholy trinity-amrc
03 damned nation-wall of illusion-amrc
04 dgm-amazing journey-amrc
05 ghost machinery-darkest hour-amrc
06 heartplay-grateful-amrc
07 hibria-the faceless in charge-amrc
08 joe stump-speed metal messiah-amrc
09 memorized dreams-gates of heaven-amrc
10 odyssea-fly-amrc
11 requiem-mask of damnation-amrc
12 seventh one-eyes of the nation-amrc
13 twilight guardians-search for grace-amrc
14 unchained-the analist-amrc
15 vii gates-the love bullet-amrc
01 saeko-seek the light-amrc
02 epica-illusive consensus-amrc
03 visions of atlantis-lost-amrc
04 lorien-light of valinor-amrc
05 twilightning-the fiend-amrc
06 vendaval-la nave blanca-amrc
07 metalium-pain crawls in the night-amrc
08 scorngrain-cyberwarmachine-amrc
09 leash law-fight-amrc
10 weinhold-metamophosis-amrc
11 predator-predator-amrc
12 silver-finish what you started-amrc
13 final breath-bemoaned animosity-amrc
14 sarissa-masters of sins-amrc
15 arwen-dance of souls-amrc
16 safe haven-need a change-amrc
01 machine men-silver dreams-amrc
02 epica-cry for the moon-amrc
03 beforce-outsider for the nature-amrc
04 chris caffery-fade into the x-amrc
05 amoral-atrocity evolution-amrc
06 dragonlord-dragon lord-amrc
07 ajattara-pagan tuoma-amrc
08 kick axe-rock n roll dog-amrc
09 necronomicon-stormbringer-amrc
10 saxon-motorcycle man-amrc
11 chinchilla-the almighty power-amrc
12 raza de odio-la nueva alarma-amrc
13 tygers of pan tang-straight as a die-amrc
14 avalanch-juego cruel-amrc
15 red wine-despierta-amrc
101-dimmu borgir – progenies of the great apocalypse-rtb
102-edguy – king of fools-rtb
103-mnemic – liquid-rtb
104-deathstars – syndrome-rtb
105-in flames – the quiet place-rtb
106-primal fear – metal is forever-rtb
107-raunchy – watch out-rtb
108-reaktor – damage zone-rtb
109-children of bodom – sixpounder-rtb
110-kataklysm – as i slither-rtb
111-subway to sally – unsterblich-rtb
112-therion – to mega therion-rtb
113-hammerfall – always will be-rtb
114-nevermore – enemies of reality-rtb
115-nightwish – over the hills and far away-rtb
116-immortal – grim and forbitten kingdoms-rtb
117-entombed – wolverine blues-rtb
118-machine head – imperium-rtb
119-fireball ministry – flatline-rtb
120-tiamat – cain-rtb
121-rhapsody – rain of a thousand flames-rtb
122-iced earth – the reckoning-rtb
123-napalm death – mass appeal madness-rtb
124-thunderstone – until we touch the burning sun-rtb
125-benediction – the grotesque-rtb
126-edguy – studioreport (bonus)-rtb
127-orphanage – studioreport (bonus)-rtb
128-in flames – studioreport (bonus)-rtb
129-ektomorf – studioreport (bonus)-rtb
130-farmer boys – making of (bonus)-rtb
201-crematory – greed-rtb
202-soilwork – light the torch-rtb
203-anthrax – taking the music back-rtb
204-farmer boys – stay like this forever-rtb
205-exodus – war is my shepherd-rtb
206-savatage – gutter ballet-rtb
207-in extremo – kuess mich-rtb
208-orphanage – at the mountains of madness-rtb
209-sinner – used to the truth-rtb
210-helloween – if i could fly-rtb
211-destruction – desecrators (of the new age)-rtb
212-stratovarius – i walk to my own song-rtb
213-graveworm – awaiting the shining-rtb
214-samael – infra galaxia-rtb
215-soulfly – seek n strike-rtb
216-arch enemy – we will rise-rtb
217-saxon – killing ground-rtb
218-hypocrisy – roswell 47-rtb
219-bolt thrower – cenotaph-rtb
220-meshuggah – transfixion-rtb
221-darkane – chaos vs order-rtb
222-motoerhead – god save the queen-rtb
223-rage – down-rtb
224-dark tranquillity – monochromatic stains-rtb
225-disbelief – to the sky-rtb
226-death angel – 5 steps of freedom (live bonus)-rtb
227-dew scented – soul poison (live bonus)-rtb
228-misery index – angst frisst die seele auf (live bonus)-rtb
229-mystic prophecy – mystic prophecy (live bonus)-rtb
230-exodus – toxic waltz (live bonus)-rtb
231-thunderstone – break the emotions (audiopart)-rtb
232-farmer boys – like jesus wept (audiopart)-rtb
233-exodus – blacklist (audiopart)-rtb
234-raunchy – i get what i see (audiopart)-rtb
235-hypocrisy – slave to the parasite (audiopart)-rtb
236-primal fear – suicide and mania (audiopart)-rtb
237-crematory – greed (audiopart)-rtb
238-ektomorf – destroy (audiopart)-rtb
239-kataklysm – the ambassandor of pain (audiopart)-rtb
240-in flames – borders and shading (audiopart)-rtb
241-prime sth – pieces (audiopart)-rtb
242-orphanage – beyond the fall (audiopart)-rtb
243-golem – al ghanor (audiopart)-rtb
244-therion – lemuria (audiopart)-rtb
02-edguy-lavatory love machine-cos
03-death angel-thicker than blood-cos
04-primal fear-the healer-cos
05-wintersun-beyond the dark sun-cos
06-apocalyptica feat nina hagen-seemann-cos
07-anthrax-what doesnt die-cos
10-sentenced-killing me killing you-cos
11-iced earth-when the eagles cries-cos
13-soilwork-as we speak-cos
14-destruction-ravenous beast-cos
15-children of bodom-downfall-cos
16-exodus-throwing down-cos
17-nevermore-i voyager-cos
18-amorphis-against widows-cos
19-monster magnet-unbroken (hotel baby)-cos
20-fireball ministry-king-cos
21-agathodaimon-serpents embrace-cos
22-misery index-the great depression-cos
23-morbid angel-enshrined by grace-cos
26-pungent stench-no guts no glory (audio part)-cos
27-wintersun-winter madness (audio part)-cos
28-mnemic-door 2 12 (audio part)-cos
29-angelzoom-fairyland (audio part)-cos
30-sonata arctica-aint your fairytale (audio part)-cos
31-helltrain-route 666 (audio part)-cos
32-mystic prophecy-burning bridges (audio part)-cos
33-my early mustang-romeos burning (audio part)-cos
34-die apokalyptischen reiter-reitermaniacs (audio part)-cos
35-omnium gatherum-the fall went right trough here (audio part)-cos
36-stormwitch-fallen from god (audio part)-cos
37-evidence one-virus in my veins (audio part)-cos
38-agnostic front-all is not forgotten (audio part)-cos
39-anthrax-indians (audio part)-cos
40-nightwish-wish i had an angel-cos
41-sonata arctica-dont say a word-cos
43-die apokalyptischen reiter-eruption-cos
44-agnostic front-peace-cos
45-life of agony-weeds-cos
46-chimaira-down again-cos
47-machine head-crashing around you-cos
48-in flames-touch of red-cos
49-sepultura-roots bloody roots-cos
50-killswitch engage-rose of sharyn-cos
52-voivod-we carry on-cos
53-devil driver-i could care less-cos
54-arch enemy-ravenous-cos
56-lacuna coil-swamped-cos
58-immortal-one by one-cos
59-deicide-scars of the crucifix-cos
60-susperia-the bitter man-cos
61-omnium gatherum-writhen-cos
62-mystic prophecy-burning bridges-cos
63-sinergy-midnight madness-cos
64-stratovarius-hunting high and low-cos
65-grave digger-valhalla (live)-cos
66-crystal ball-hellvetia (live)-cos
67-death-scavanger of human sorrow (live)-cos
68-darkane-violence form within (live)-cos
69-graveworm-demonic dreams (live)-cos
70-kataklysm-where the enemy sleeps (live)-cos
71-disbelief-ethic instinct (live)-cos
01-black sabbath-paranoid-ice
02-lamb of god-laid to rest-ice
03-atreyu-right side of the bed-ice
04-every time i die-i been gone a long time-ice
05-unearth-the great dividers-ice
06-bleeding through-love lost in a hail of gunfire-ice
07-god forbid-antihero-ice
08-lacuna coil-swamped-ice
09-devildriver-nothings wrong-ice
12-darkest hour-sadist nation-ice
13-magna fi-where did we go wrong-ice
14-in flames-the quiet place-ice
15-love is red-cant close my eyes-ice
16-a thousand falling skies-giving in-ice
01 myrddraal-fallen sky-cnmc
02 anarazel-shadowhunt-cnmc
03 striborg-beneath the fields of rapacious blood-cnmc
04 miserys omen-mortalias abyss-cnmc
05 elysian blaze-despair-cnmc
06 pestilential shadows-amongst famine-cnmc
07 kill the kristians-auschwitz is their home-cnmc
08 battalion-into harms way-cnmc
09 the black death-zealous flames on church roofs-cnmc
10 nuclear winter-frozen winds-cnmc
11 vrag-hatred-cnmc
12 winterfallen-fog in thickets-cnmc
13 kinstrife and blood-grey lands-cnmc
01 evil gets an upgrade-Kzu
02 there is no god-Kzu
03 the grim palace-Kzu
04 darkness falling-Kzu
05 creation of satan-Kzu
06 the sign of eternal curse-Kzu
07 a vision of a nameless soul-Kzu
08 emersing from the immortals-Kzu
09 the king of asine-Kzu
10 spirit of the tomb-Kzu
11 angel of revenge-Kzu
01-varathron – evil gets an upgrade-qtxmp3
02-varathron – there is no god-qtxmp3
03-varathron – the grim palace-qtxmp3
04-varathron – darkness falling-qtxmp3
05-varathron – creation of satan-qtxmp3
06-varathron – the sign of eternal curse-qtxmp3
07-varathron – a vision of a nameless soul-qtxmp3
08-varathron – emersing from the immortals-qtxmp3
09-varathron – the king of asine-qtxmp3
10-varathron – spirit of the tomb-qtxmp3
11-varathron – angel of revenge-qtxmp3
01-kapitel i – fimbulvintern-gw
02-kapitel ii – det stora slaget-gw
03-kapitel iii – det nya riket-gw
01-vargsang-in darkness they will bleed-cos
02-armageddon-armageddon (the call of the an-cos
01-twisted sister-stay hungry (version 2004)-ras
02-sonata arctica-aint your fairytale (edit)-ras
03-jon olivas pain-walk alone-ras
04-fates warning-another perfect day-ras
05-god dethroned-loyal to the crown of god dethroned-ras
06-agnostic front-all is not forgotten-ras
07-thunderstorm-forbidden gates (edit)-ras
08-angra-spread the fire-ras
09-manticora-help me like no one can (edit)-ras
10-tierra santa-naci siendo libre-ras
11-final breath-bemoaned animosity-ras
13-eminence-citizen zero-ras
14-evidence one-virus in my veins (edit)-ras
15-saeko-seek the light-ras
16-moonlight agony-ceremony-ras
17-lunatica-the spell-ras
01-beyond ye grave-w n -gw
02-blackness-praklyon byaskoncasci-gw
03-blackness-u shlyah u chornuyu bezdan-gw
04-beyond ye grave-bleed for satan-gw
05-empty shellz-snufff visions fffrom the chasm offf vaginal abuse-gw
06-ithdabquth qliphoth-fire walk with me (promo version)-gw
07-demonworship-beautiful eyes of necrophile-gw
08-omnia orta cadunt-golems of satan-gw
09-ithdabquth qliphoth-nyarlathotep (rehearsal version)-gw
01-tundra-poisoned mind
02-the krushers-hordes
04-the krushers-venenum in ostia
05-tundra-in cold dimness
06-the krushers-violence and force
07-abgott-no mortiis
08-blasphemophagher-atomic infested carnage
10-blasphemophagher-the return of bestial vomit
12-blasphemophagher-grave desecrator
13-abgott-the eye yog-sothoth
01 verdeleth – once a river
02 verdeleth – crypthop (flashback from vorkuta)
03 verdeleth – black math (the white stripes)
04 vorkuta – raped in the labs of soul (trashing holokaust)
05 vorkuta – dst (verdeleth)
06 vorkuta – fuck it all
07 vorkuta – hes turning blue (carpathian forest)
01 vetrarnott-blod-berc
02 vetrarnott-fra valhall skal vi komme-berc
03 vetrarnott-vetrarnott-berc
04 vetrarnott-nr sola har glidd vekk-berc
01 vikingblood-ihr abend ist unser morgen-berc
02 vikingblood-volk ans gewehr-berc
03 vikingblood-blutes klagen-berc
01-vociferian-enslaved skies form divine hatred
02-vociferian-the new born funeral
03-vociferian-breathing the infectious particles
04-vociferian-impenetrable fog
05-vociferian-enthroned by vilest instinct
07-vociferian-post slaughtering desolation
08-vociferian-the day following the liar birth
09-vociferian-mayhemic wrath
10-vociferian-the necrogoat ceremonial
11-vociferian-blackhorned blasphemy
01 vordr-goathollow-berc
02 vordr-black verse-berc
03 orodruin-durins bane-berc
04 orodruin-flame of udun-berc
01 vorphalack – travelling through paralell dimentios
02 vorphalack – daemonium magister
01-padenie nochi-gw
04-drakony morei-gw
06-v gasnuschem plameni-gw
07-pesn nadezhdy-gw
09-voiny severnoi zemli-gw
10-belyi voin-gw
01 warage-follow-berc
02 warage-into the fog of black forest-berc
03 warage-attack-berc
04 warage-supreme art of genocide-berc
05 warage-sombre destinee-berc
06 wulfhere-from the black hell-berc
07 wulfhere-into gates of witchery-berc
08 wulfhere-forever heathen blood-berc
09 wulfhere-gewaltmarsch-berc
10 wulfhere-terrorism and victory-berc
11 wulfhere-when the proud die-berc
01-expanded holocaust
02-nuklear war kommand
03-napalm jesus
01-whitesnake-walking in the shadows of the blues-sns
02-whitesnake-sweet talker-sns
03-whitesnake-would i lie to you-sns
07-whitesnake-dont break my heart again-sns
08-whitesnake-ready an willing-sns
09-whitesnake-child of babylon-sns
10-whitesnake-here i go again-sns
11-whitesnake-carry your load-sns
12-whitesnake-rough an ready-sns
13-whitesnake-wine women an song-sns
14-whitesnake-lie down i think i love you-sns
15-whitesnake-aint no love in the heart of the city live-sns
16-whitesnake-fool for your loving live-sns
17-whitesnake-take me with you live-sns
18-whitesnake-we wish you well-sns
02-mighty spirit-gw
03-land of the wolves-gw
04-frozen in solitude-gw
05-ending in the lands of war-gw
06-the ancestral way-gw
01-the book of veles no title-fff
02-the book of veles no title-fff
03-the book of veles no title-fff
04-the book of veles no title-fff
05-the book of veles no title-fff
06-the book of veles no title-fff
07-the book of veles no title-fff
08-the book of veles no title-fff
09-the book of veles no title-fff
10-the book of veles no title-fff
11-the book of veles no title-fff
01-woods of infinity-forlorad-cos
02-woods of infinity-jorden ar satans hora-cos
03-woods of infinity-raping the hexagram-cos
04-woods of infinity-tribut till sjalvmordare-cos
05-woods of infinity-excrucior-cos
06-woods of infinity-untitled-cos
07-woods of infinity-den eviga natten-cos
08-woods of infinity-vid kedjan av kommande ar-cos
09-woods of infinity-framtid-cos
10-woods of infinity-dystopia-cos
11-woods of infinity-brutalt mord-cos
12-woods of infinity-missfostret tellus-cos
13-woods of infinity-bortom tvesamheten-cos
01 wulfhere-third reich genuflection-berc
02 wulfhere-heralds of a new black order-berc
03 wulfhere-black sun rising-berc
04 wulfhere-cimmeria-berc
05 wulfhere-discipline of steel-berc
06 wulfhere-aryan battlement-berc
07 wulfhere-at the mountain of crom-berc
08 wulfhere-the bloodstained idol-berc
09 wulfhere-fremdenhass-berc
10 wulfhere-victory in vinland-berc
11 wulfhere-shameless fratricide-berc
01 wurm – winterstorm
02 wurm – let the night come
03 wurm – beauty of the dark forest
04 wurm – the night rider
01 zadoegoat-introemancy and makroe satanikk overdoeze-berc
02 zadoegoat-incendiary oergazm-berc
03 zadoegoat-whorroer-berc
04 zadoegoat-bloodkoeven-berc
02-zymosis-spirits of the night
03-zymosis-imperium of death
05-zymosis-black angel
01-eternal distance-gw
02-burned darkness-gw
03-witchery song-gw
04-no more life-gw
05-call of gods-gw
07-black znich-gw
08-no more life-gw
09-dazh bog oh nash svarog-gw
01 zwenz-introduction-berc
02 zwenz-five parts of the tottered manuscript-berc
03 zwenz-rache den feinden-berc
04 zwenz-krieg-berc
05 zwenz-toetet euren herren-berc
06 zwenz-oh meine lieben ich werd euch nie vergessen-berc
07 zwenz-fuck the church-berc
08 zwenz-nuclear power strike-berc
01 731 urkved-untitled-berc
02 731 urkved-untitled-berc
03 731 urkved-untitled-berc
04 731 urkved-untitled-berc
01-a gruesome find-minions engage
02-a gruesome find-curse of shedim
03-a gruesome find-the nightmare within
04-a gruesome find-tree of despair
05-a gruesome find-shroud of darkness
06-a gruesome find-conquerors of the darkland
07-a gruesome find-blood red moon
08-a gruesome find-pawns of the deceiver
09-a gruesome find-wrath
10-a gruesome find-triumph
01 abigail-bitch your my angel-berc
02 abigail-shoot to kill and die-berc
03 abigail-satanik metal fucking hell-berc
04 abigail-hells necromancer-berc
05 abigail-black princess of hell-berc
06 abigail-i am holocaust-berc
07 abigail-ready for fucking drunk-berc
08 abigail-metal got sick-berc
09 abigail-nuclear warheads-berc
10 abigail-beer metal sex-berc
11 abigail-ilona the very best (bonus)-berc
12 abigail-profaned immolation (bonus)-berc
01-aborted-dead wreckoning-kzt
02-aborted-blood fixing the bled-kzt
03-aborted-gestated rabidity-kzt
05-aborted-the gangrenous epitaph-kzt
06-aborted-the inertia-kzt
07-aborted-a cold logistic slaugther-kzt
08-aborted-threading on vermillion deception-kzt
09-aborted-voracious haemoglobinic syndrome-kzt
10-aborted-descend to extirpation-kzt
01 abstract satan-intro-havohej-berc
02 abstract satan-the return-berc
03 abstract satan-splinter of devils mirror-berc
04 abstract satan-satanic blood (von cover)-berc
05 abstract satan-immortal god of thousand names-berc
06 abstract satan-future is behind his seal-berc
07 abstract satan-outro-tsirhc susej-berc
01-zaebros-the birth of blasphemy-gw
02-zaebros-storm the temple mount-gw
03-zaebros-halls of stone-gw
04-zaebros-i wander-gw
06-agailiarept-the herald of doom-gw
07-agailiarept-i am the spear-gw
01 agressiva 88-the voice of silesia-berc
02 agressiva 88-bloodshed-berc
03 agressiva 88-its storm goin on-berc
04 agressiva 88-in memoriam-berc
05 agressiva 88-the dream-berc
06 agressiva 88-perun bringt the war-berc
07 antisemitex-intro-berc
08 antisemitex-hand in hand-berc
09 antisemitex-the aryan pioneer-berc
10 antisemitex-rahowa-berc
11 antisemitex-the wolf-berc
12 antisemitex-outro we still marching on-berc
01 akitsa-revolution-berc
02 akitsa-regression-berc
03 thesyre-a contre courant-berc
04 thesyre-nous nous sommes-berc
02-aletheian-broken legacy
03-aletheian-out from the shadows
04-aletheian-as the fall breaks
05-aletheian-an open grave
06-aletheian-shepherds fold
07-aletheian-the dividing line
08-aletheian-call to arms
09-aletheian-burnt offerings
01 algor – vyzva k pomste
02 algor – cas odplaty
03 algor – moc ducha pohanskeho
04 algor – cakanie na dotyk mrazu
05 koriu – krajina ticha
06 korium – cachticky hrad
07 korium – mraziva noc prinasa pokoj
08 hromovlad – krv z pody zrodena
09 hromovlad – ohnom vojny spalena zem
10 hromovlad – v ziari hviezd
01-alignak-enter the realm
02-alignak-hymn of world demise
03-alignak-satanik holokaust
04-alignak-spirit of the damned
05-alignak-nocturnal sacrifice
06-alignak-light the fire
08-alignak-transilvanian hunger
01-amarok-temple of truth-atr
03-amarok-decay humanity-atr
04-amarok-prophecy of antichristian uprising-atr
05-amarok-cross of counterfeit god-atr
06-amarok-war art-atr
01-american head charge-loyalty-pms
02-american head charge-pledge allegiance-pms
03-american head charge-dirty-pms
04-american head charge-ridicule-pms
05-american head charge-take what ive taken-pms
06-american head charge-leave me alone-pms
07-american head charge-walk away-pms
08-american head charge-erratic-pms
09-american head charge-fiend-pms
10-american head charge-cowards-pms
11-american head charge-to be me-pms
101 Bastards of A Lying Breed-MAC
102 An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm-MAC
103 Sorrow Throuhout the Nine Worlds-MAC
104 Death in Fire-MAC
105 Ride for Vengeance-MAC
106 God His Son and Holy Whore-MAC
107 The Sound of Eight Hooves-MAC
108 Where Silent Gods Stand Guard-MAC
109 The Dragons Flight Across the Waves-MAC
110 Burning Creation-MAC
111 The Fate of Norns-MAC
112 North Sea Storm-MAC
201 Friends of the Suncross-MAC
202 Versus the World-MAC
203 The Last with Pagan Blood-MAC
204 Masters of War-MAC
205 The Arrival of the Fimbul Winter-MAC
206 Where Death Seems to Dwell-MAC
207 Metalwrath-MAC
208 Eyes of Horror-MAC
209 Valkyries Ride-MAC
210 For the Stabwounds in Our Backs-MAC
01 angkor vat-legion of the burning monolith-berc
02 angkor vat-black knighs astral projection-berc
03 angkor vat-the vessel of psychic revelations-berc
04 angkor vat-the levitating citadel-berc
05 angkor vat-pulsating transport chamber-berc
06 angkor vat-the magnetic fields-berc
07 angkor vat-weltanshauung-berc
08 angkor vat-mind of the enchanted dimensions-berc
09 angkor vat-at the fringe in the sea of the multiverse-berc
10 angkor vat-bipy th nugget-berc
11 angkor vat-untitled-berc
01-l autre monde-ddz
02-pantin de dieu-ddz
03-les ombres du passe-ddz
04-mortifer signum-ddz
05-recipere ferum-ddz
07-virus celeste-ddz
08-corpus christii-ddz
01-antagony-the awakening
04-antagony-last days
05-antagony-abre los ojos
06-antagony-cultivate and collapse
07-antagony-beneath the black
01-antares-intro (choirs of pain)
02-antares-miserable future
03-antares-voices of spirits
04-antares-the touch of the silent souls
05-antares-the last sunset
06-antares-tongues of flame from the air
07-antares-the era of peace is declining
09-antares-the victory of a new creature
10-antares-outro (after the armageddon)
01 anti-nothing-berc
02 anti-death into life-berc
03 anti-longing for the end-berc
04 anti-invocation-berc
01 antisemitex-the race the wotan. the concubinage-berc
02 antisemitex-in the steel storms-berc
03 antisemitex-for the killed-berc
04 antisemitex-the aryans defenders-berc
05 antisemitex-the steel beast-berc
06 antisemitex-the revenge-berc
07 antisemitex-the liars-berc
08 antisemitex-they are coming-berc
01 anu-intro – the fires return-berc
02 anu-within the realms of blackfrost-berc
03 anu-into the gates of eternity-berc
04 anu-towards thy frozen dominion-berc
05 anu-a sorrowful funeral night-berc
06 anu-nachtmusik-berc
01-absorb the astral dimension-gw
02-destination the source of infinity-gw
03-cold apostasy-gw
04-fast frozen future-gw
05-triumphal eclipse-gw
06-afflatus afreet-gw
07-cult of damned-gw
08-woman of dark desiress bathory cover-gw
01-aquer-fullmoon rites of sabbat-cos
02-aquer-priest death satan revenge-cos
03-aquer-bajo la viguera-cos
04-aquer-in necromancy-cos
05-aquer-wgab nagi ftgn-cos
07-aquer-nova orden imperium sathanas-cos
08-aquer-altar de aquer-cos
10-aquer-en la cripta-cos
01 arallu-dingir xul-berc
02 arallu-the devils massacre-berc
03 arallu-the dead will rise again-berc
04 arallu-war spirit-berc
05 arallu-battleground-berc
06 arallu-sierra nevada-berc
07 arallu-the seven chosen genii-berc
08 arallu-the sumerian words-berc
09 arallu-kill kill kill-berc
10 arallu-tzvaot arallu-berc
01 arch enemy – enter the machine
02 arch enemy – taking back my soul
03 arch enemy – nemesis
04 arch enemy – my apocalypse
05 arch enemy – carry the cross
06 arch enemy – i am legend – out for blood
07 arch enemy – skeleton dance
08 arch enemy – hybrids of steel
09 arch enemy – mechanic god creation
10 arch enemy – machtkampf
11 arch enemy – slaves of yesterday
01-arch enemy – marching on a dead end road (intro)-jerk
02-arch enemy – enemy within-jerk
03-arch enemy – nemesis-jerk
04-arch enemy – stigmata-jerk
05-arch enemy – dead eyes see no future-jerk
06-arch enemy – web of lies-jerk
07-arch enemy – burning angel-jerk
08-arch enemy – carry the cross-jerk
09-arch enemy – leader of the rats-jerk
10-arch enemy – sinister mephisto-jerk
11-arch enemy – starbreaker-jerk
12-arch enemy – angelclaw-jerk
13-arch enemy – symphony of destruction-jerk
14-arch enemy – saint and sinners-jerk
15-arch enemy – i am a legend out for blood-jerk
02-day of the doom-bfhmp3
03-dead world-bfhmp3
04-queen of the night-bfhmp3
05-struggle with death-bfhmp3
06-lost fool-bfhmp3
07-ruins of life-bfhmp3
09-hungarian dance-bfhmp3
01-arcturus-hibernation sickness complete
02-arcturus-shipwrecked frontier pioneer
04-arcturus-nocturnal vision revisited
05-arcturus-evacuation code deciphered
06-arcturus-moonshine delirium
07-arcturus-white noise monster
01 Kosmiczna Sila Fohat-cnmc
02 Victims Of Gore-cnmc
03 The Unholy War-cnmc
04 Follow Me And Be Amazed-cnmc
05 Sacred Ice And Bloody Tears-cnmc
06 Ice In My Heart-cnmc
07 W Cieniu Umierajacych Wierzb-cnmc
08 Barbarzynski Ogien Wichrowych Wzgorz-cnmc
09 Przyszly Zdrajca Chrzescijanskiej Masy-cnmc
01 armany – die krieger des ewigen reiches
02 blutfahne – das letzte schlachtlied
a1 arnstadt–le tombeau de lhumanite-vic
b1 sombre chemin–les racines du vieil arbre-vic
01-act i there is no time for inaction-gw
02-under the silent moon-gw
05-act ii in the world of violence and lies-gw
06-master of everything-gw
07-supremacy over the world-gw
08-the main art of mortal-gw
09-slave forever-gw
10-act iii time of eternal dream-gw
11-crash of hope-gw
12-last day of the real existence-gw
13-eternal dream-gw
14-act iv infinite road to hell-gw
15-dark veil of dreams-gw
16-where once the moon rose-gw
01 askuror-battleanthem-berc
02 askuror-fist of steel-berc
03 askuror-immortal hammer-berc
04 askuror-bloodvengeance-berc
05 askuror-the vixtory is near-berc
06 todesrune-intro-berc
07 todesrune-schlacht aus ehre-berc
08 todesrune-outro-berc
01 askuror-kirchenbrand-berc
02 askuror-feuerglanz-berc
03 askuror-widerstandskrieg-berc

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