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04 askuror-majestaetik eines eisernen wi -berc
05 vargshelske-intro-berc
06 vargshelske-unlimited hate-berc
07 vargshelske-nocturnal horizon-berc
08 vargshelske-perish-berc
09 vargshelske-hollow moon-berc
10 vargshelske-eternal frost-berc
11 vargshelske-outro-berc
01 ataraxie – a step into the gloom
02 ataraxie – funeral hymn
03 ataraxie – lataraxie
04 ataraxie – slow transcending agony
05 ataraxie – another day of despondency
01-atem-kalpean hymy-hxc
02-atem-keskella mustaa vetta-hxc
03-atem-polttakaa ruumiini-hxc
04-atem-veren oikeudesta-hxc
06-atem-maa muistaa maa odottaa-hxc
01 ater tenebrae – creatures from void
02 ater tenebrae – chanting of the catacombs
03 ater tenebrae – forgotten prayers return (live)
04 ravenshades – intro
05 ravenshades – praise be to roach
06 ravenshades – honour your lord
07 ravenshades – obsessed in peace of mine
01 azahels fortress-circles of a dead existence-berc
02 azahels fortress-schlacht gesang-berc
03 azahels fortress-secrets of the forest-berc
04 azahels fortress-wolfskriegers zorn-berc
05 azahels fortress-lugnasadh-berc
06 azahels fortress-enclosed by silence-berc
07 azahels fortress-ejaculating hellfire-berc
01 balrog-black depths of awareness-berc
02 balrog-the hate triumph-berc
03 balrog-altar of obscurantism-berc
04 balrog-the fog-berc
05 balrog-opus fifth-berc
06 balrog-oh satan kill me-berc
07 balrog-on the throne of demolition-berc
08 balrog-abyss of flame of my soul-berc
01 battlelore – usvainen rhun
02 battlelore – storm of the blades
03 battlelore – ghan of the woods
04 battlelore – gwaith – i – mirdain
05 battlelore – trollshaws
06 battlelore – elves of luva
07 battlelore – valier – queens of the valar
08 battlelore – thousand caves
09 battlelore – cloaked in her unlight
10 battlelore – of orcs and elves
11 battlelore – touch of green and gold
12 battlelore – pallando – forgotten wizards 1
13 battlelore – gollums cry
01-beastcraft-burnt at his altar-cos
02-beastcraft-pentagram sacrifice-cos
04-beastcraft-torn from the cross-cos
05-beastcraft-demonic horde of satan prevail-cos
01 beatrik – my funeral to come
02 beatrik – requiem of december
03 beatrik – eternal rest
04 beatrik – the last wandering
05 beatrik – apollonias december 7th 1647
06 beatrik – returning after a death
01-bergthron-tanz der elemente-cos
01 bestial holocaust-bestial alcoholocaust-berc
02 bestial holocaust-sangre semen and alcohol-berc
03 bestial holocaust-pacto con satan-berc
04 bestial holocaust-culto al chivo-berc
02-lethal venom-gw
06-vission days-gw
07-bestial slaughter-gw
08-ill spit your face-gw
09-never slave-gw
01 between the frost-a furious storm of intoxicating evil-amrc
02 between the frost-dominions of impaled beheaded corpses-amrc
03 between the frost-burning kingdom-amrc
04 between the frost-a glorious dead end-amrc
01-black angel-rites-qtxmp3
02-black angel-from the darkness-qtxmp3
03-black angel-apocalyptic war ii-qtxmp3
04-black angel-enter two forces-qtxmp3
05-black angel-the sect-qtxmp3
06-black angel-possessed minds-qtxmp3
07-black angel-harlots of satan-qtxmp3
08-black angel-slaves of evil-qtxmp3
09-black angel-condemneds-qtxmp3
01-black beast-revelation for the horncrowned king-cos
02-black beast-dawn of the five winged star-cos
03-black beast-posession-cos
04-black beast-outro-cos
03-holocaust 666-gw
04-memories of war-gw
05-eternal hellfire-gw
01-into the forest-gw
02-ar-pharazon 25. unlawful king of the lands in the west-gw
03-the fire of amon anwar-gw
04-the dark legacy of menegroth-gw
05-of forest and fire-gw
06-and night comes over neldoreth-gw
07-as nargothrond burn in the dragons fire-gw
08-at the drop shaddow of the black iron maointains-gw
09-out of the fire-gw
10-queen beyond the western seas-gw
11-in nin i turmagwenn-gw
12-enyare tar i teyel-gw
13-of forest and fire live at ring of fire 2005-gw
14-dense fog over the widths dead swamps-gw
01-black leaves-candlelight ode
02-black leaves-knight of eternity
03-black leaves-solitude song
04-black leaves-ocean of shades
05-black leaves-rain symphony
06-black leaves-twilight elegy
01-black mass-satanik victory-bfhmp3
02-black mass-antichrist reborn-bfhmp3
03-black mass-cursed wrath-bfhmp3
04-black mass-blaspheme-bfhmp3
05-black mass-evil reigns eternal-bfhmp3
06-black mass-conquering legions of astaroth-bfhmp3
07-black mass-demon possessed-bfhmp3
08-black mass-evil conquering force-bfhmp3
09-black mass-i am the beast of prophecy-bfhmp3
01-blood oath-dai
02-heretic death call-dai
03-profane savagery-dai
04-baphomet throne exaltation-dai
05-holocaust summoning-dai
06-hellstorm of evil vengeance-dai
07-darkness attack-dai
08-scorned and crucified-dai
09-upheaval of satanic might-dai
10-ritual (blasphemy cover)-dai
01-black witchery-ritual (blasphemy cover)-rmc
01-driven by black wrath-gw
02-evil blasphemy has unchained-gw
03-creator of shadows deforming the light-gw
04-malicious pest of satan from the crypt-gw
05-procreations of the dead moon-gw
06-siyat zvezde tmy vechno-gw
07-for the mankind grief reunited-gw
01-blackwind – a glimpse from beyond-fkk
02-blackwind – ravaged by reality-fkk
03-blackwind – from depths of insanity-fkk
04-blackwind – the curse of nyark-fkk
05-blackwind – from birth to chaos-fkk
06-blackwind – si javance -fkk
01 blasphix-tearing the fabric of time-berc
02 blasphix-propaganda-berc
03 blasphix-beatae memorum-berc
04 blasphix-morbid phantasy-berc
05 blasphix-equation x-berc
01 bleak forest-fog over the highland-berc
02 bleak forest-black moon rising-berc
03 bleak forest-at the gates of winter-berc
01-blood haven-hellfire
02-blood haven-n.c. 2020
03-blood haven-love to see her dead
04-blood haven-shards of crystal
05-blood haven-colors of human evolution
06-blood haven-dead asleep
07-blood haven-dwelling in evil revelations
08-blood haven-into the arms of satan
09-blood haven-blue prints of armageddon
01 blood storm-death by the storm wizard-berc
02 blood storm-anubis cell-berc
03 blood storm-ninhursag a dark breeder-berc
04 blood storm-age of the ram-berc
05 blood storm-the black science-berc
06 blood storm-decaying the code of dagon-berc
07 blood storm-watcher beyond the lawless waste-berc
08 blood storm-imzaari exrih the negative zone of kylxuss-berc
09 blood storm-hidden track-berc
10 blood storm-hidden track-berc
01-bloodhammer-suffering is eternal-cos
02-bloodhammer-hellborn fire-cos
03-deathspawned destroyer-whore holocaust-cos
04-deathspawned destroyer-reign of terror-cos
01 bloodthirst – united by hell of night-bfhmp3
02 bloodthirst – paradise is covered by death-bfhmp3
03 bloodthirst – warriors of hell-bfhmp3
04 bloodthirst – hateful antichristian thrash-bfhmp3
05 bloodthirst – woman of dark desires (bathory cover)-bfhmp3
06 ebola – christ impaled-bfhmp3
07 ebola – burning garments of jehova-bfhmp3
08 ebola – legion-bfhmp3
09 ebola – karmageddon warriors (impaled nazarene cover)-bfhmp3
10 ebola – chrzescijanstwo musi umrzec-bfhmp3
01-blut – the extermination of the red plague-gw
02-blut – eternal worship of war and holocaust-gw
03-blut – hail those who rideth with the storm-gw
04-blut – shedding the blood of the weak-gw
05-sonnenkreuz – sieg oder zionismus-gw
06-sonnenkreuz – wolves of the north-gw
07-sonnenkreuz – untitled-gw
01-boletus satanas-stenostomum occultum-korv
02-boletus satanas-dein graave-korv
03-boletus satanas-redevirginized-korv
04-boletus satanas-i am-korv
01 bound for tomb-recognition-berc
02 bound for tomb-geomantik-berc
03 bound for tomb-deserts spirit-berc
04 bound for tomb-caves of humanity-berc
05 bound for tomb-scourge-berc
06 bound for tomb-bloodspawn-berc
01 breath of sorrows – night of the broken glass
02 breath of sorrows – depribe my thoughts
03 breath of sorrows – slow form of suicide
04 breath of sorrows – through darknes to battle i ride
05 breath of sorrows – sea of solitude
06 breath of sorrows – drowning in abyssic despair
07 breath of sorrows – night of the vampire (roky erickson cover)
08 breath of sorrows – black ash (mist of night)
09 breath of sorrows – fragments of life lost in empty battlefields
10 breath of sorrows – depths and solitude (corporate predator version)
11 breath of sorrows – war cries (battlefield of scars)
12 breath of sorrows – come forth (like the winds beneath me)
13 breath of sorrows – outro
01-bruce dickinson-mars within-don
02-bruce dickinson-abduction-don
03-bruce dickinson-soul intruders-don
04-bruce dickinson-kill devil hill-don
05-bruce dickinson-navigate the seas of the sun-don
06-bruce dickinson-river of no return-don
07-bruce dickinson-power of the sun-don
08-bruce dickinson-devil on a hog-don
09-bruce dickinson-believil-don
10-bruce dickinson-a tyranny of souls-don
01-cancer-insides out-fnt
02-cancer-mindless reactions-fnt
03-cancer-spirit in flames-fnt
04-cancer-hell house-fnt
05-cancer-solar prophesy-fnt
06-cancer-devils playground-fnt
01-velichestveni pobedi ot vremeto na krum-frost
02-mojat dvorec sred planinite-frost
03-kraj madara-frost
04-slavnata balkanska zemja-frost
01 carpticon-the imprint of corrupted souls-berc
02 carpticon-new flesh-berc
03 carpticon-darkened-berc
04 carpticon-rovdyr av doeden-berc
05 carpticon-mankinds putrefaction-berc
01 catapult-cnmc
02 the drowning forest-cnmc
03 demonic science-cnmc
04 they sleep in open graves-cnmc
05 the beasr of six thousand bones-cnmc
01-children of bodom-living dead beat
02-children of bodom-are you dead yet
03-children of bodom-if you want peace prepare for war
04-children of bodom-punch me i bleed
05-children of bodom-in your face
06-children of bodom-next in line
07-children of bodom-bastards of bodom
08-children of bodom-trashed lost and strungout
09-children of bodom-were not gonna fall
01-children of bodom-in your face-f34r
02-children of bodom-all night long (shut faced bastards of bodom )-f34r
03-children of bodom-sixpounder (live at wacken open air)-f34r
101 vad ima-amw
102 isteni orgia-amw
103 a megrontott-amw
104 purgatory-amw
105 harag napja-amw
106 langok olen-amw
107 atok-amw
108 a fajdalom koronaja-amw
109 szuzek konnye-amw
110 ragaly-amw
111 lehajtott fejjel-amw
112 konnyek konyve (demo 2004) (bonus)-amw
201 wild prayer-amw
202 divine orgy-amw
203 depraved-amw
204 purgatory-amw
205 ashamed of my tears-amw
206 symbolical harmony-amw
207 the curse-amw
208 the crown of pain-amw
209 tears of virgins-amw
210 christian epidemic-amw
211 tearful silence-amw
01-my winter-gw
02-skimrish in the north-gw
03-frosty palace-gw
04-unholy war-gw
05-icy north-gw
06-talk at sunrise-gw
07-silver gardens-gw
08-princess of ice-gw
01-the cotton optic-ube
02-brass dogs-ube
03-an enigma in brine-ube
04-a cloud formed teardrop asylum-ube
05-aeon in cinders-ube
08-ghost formula-ube
01-coheed and cambria-a favor house atlantic-kzt
02-coheed and cambria-devil in jersey city (live)-kzt
03-coheed and cambria-delirium trigger (live)-kzt
04-coheed and cambria-the crowing (live)-kzt
01 a past forgotten-cnmc
02 aphelionistic pansophism-cnmc
03 demonic entrapment-cnmc
04 and death-cnmc
05 spectramancy-cnmc
01-cold void-frostbanes gate
02-cold void-obscure alcoholic wound
03-cold void-fistfucking armageddon
04-cold void-porno slut
05-tod-hate campaign
06-tod-blood filled eyes
07-tod-in the black endless i lay
08-tod-do you dream of me
01 coldness-dead before you killed me-berc
02 coldness-what to become-berc
03 coldness-fear the i-berc
04 coldness-smelling my own stench-berc
05 coldness-root of the rotten-berc
06 coldness-once again-berc
01-construcdead – wounded-fkk
02-construcdead – human harvest-fkk
03-construcdead – misery-fkk
04-construcdead – save me-fkk
01-construcdead-grand machinery-qtxmp3
02-construcdead-a cog in the machinery-qtxmp3
03-construcdead-the lustfull-qtxmp3
04-construcdead-in a moment of sobriety-qtxmp3
05-construcdead-8 inches of flesh-qtxmp3
06-construcdead-the cynical revolation-qtxmp3
08-construcdead-the eye of revelation-qtxmp3
09-construcdead-pater noster-qtxmp3
10-construcdead-rusty armour-qtxmp3
11-construcdead-forever cin-qtxmp3
01-contra ignem fatuum-blood upon the horizon-fnt
02-contra ignem fatuum-detritus-fnt
03-contra ignem fatuum-hyperborean ascension-fnt
01-coram lethe-the angels fell
02-coram lethe-shouts of cowards
03-coram lethe-dying water walk with us
04-coram lethe-episode
05-coram lethe-instinct
06-coram lethe-i oblivion
07-coram lethe-hands of lies
08-coram lethe-pain therapy for a praying mantis
09-coram lethe-ruling emptiness
10-coram lethe-sleet
01-coroner-devine step conspectu mortis
02-coroner-son of lilith
03-coroner-semtex revolution
06-coroner-pale sister
07-coroner-about life
08-coroner-i want you
03-coroner-masked jackal
05-coroner-skeleton on your shoulder
06-coroner-sudden fall
07-coroner-shadow of a lost dream
08-coroner-the new breed
09-coroner-voyage to eternity
10-coroner-purple haze
01-crematory – greed (video version)-fkk
02-crematory – revolution (video version)-fkk
03-crematory – tick tack (video version)-fkk
04-crematory – backstage (bonus)-fkk
05-crematory – interview (bonus)-fkk
01 cryfemal-niebla de funeral-berc
02 cryfemal-the beginning of the end-berc
03 cryfemal-unbelievable storm in the holy circle-berc
04 cryfemal-iberian werewolf warriors-berc
05 cryfemal-arrival of unholy knights-berc
06 cryfemal-the sky burns-berc
07 cryfemal-macabre suicide-berc
08 cryfemal-walking with the dead-berc
09 cryfemal-disturbed conscious death-berc
10 cryfemal-hate the opposite-berc
11 cryfemal-intro-berc
12 cryfemal-paseo entre tumbas-berc
13 cryfemal-llamada a los muertos que vigilan-berc
14 cryfemal-morireis todos los sementerios atraen-berc
15 cryfemal-creacion del mal para sentir el bien-berc
01-screams of torment-gw
02-blood ritual-gw
03-icon of serpent-gw
04-hellfire kiss-gw
05-lakes of blood-gw
06-carnal countess-gw
01-infernal legion-fff
02-enthroned lucifer-fff
03-aeons of cruelty-fff
05-powerful trident-fff
06-bloody days on the altar-fff
07-no hope-fff
08-decoru serpens-fff
09-engulfed by dark flames-fff
10-force of chaos-fff
11-agents representing of evil and darkness-fff
12-agonizing in the valley of the death-fff
13-apocalyptical vociferation-fff
01-heretic burnt poetry intro-gw
02-white wolf cries-gw
04-ars militia loyaute conscience and bigilance-gw
05-cult of betrayal-gw
06-decennies de cynisme-gw
07-division straight edge-gw
08-dans l embrasure du soleil dhever-gw
09-sacrilegious terror-gw
10-gloire a la nouvelle france-gw
01 crux dissimulata-sur nos glaives victorieux flamboie lanouvelle aurore-berc
02 crux dissimulata-mourning of the aryan moon-berc
03 crux dissimulata-hymne a la revolte de nos freres-berc
04 crux dissimulata-foghorn-berc
05 crux dissimulata-l ultime rafle purificatrice-berc
06 crux dissimulata-europa when zion rules the world-berc
07 crux dissimulata-als die alten jung noch waren-berc
08 crux dissimulata-les lauriers sont coupes-berc
01-cuffins-black storm-edn
02-cuffins-sacrifice to evil spirit-edn
03-cuffins-into the coffin-edn
05-cuffins-the unspeakable pain (live)-edn
06-cuffins-warhead (live)-edn
01 dantalion-grant me the eternal rest-amrc
02 dantalion-only death is real-amrc
03 dantalion-everything ends-amrc
01-ocularis infernum-gw
02-legacy of fire-gw
04-razors dance-gw
05-seck song simphony of the dark-gw
01 dark legions-intro-berc
02 dark legions-altar of shame-berc
03 dark legions-purification-berc
04 dark legions-march of the legions-berc
05 dark legions-carpe mortem-berc
01 dark storm-for throne-berc
02 dark storm-wrath of satan-berc
03 dark storm-sons of apocalypse-berc
04 dark storm-princes seam-berc
05 dark storm-triumph of horned beast-berc
06 dark storm-infernal tyrant-berc
07 dark storm-return of his majesty-berc
08 dark storm-black satanic propaganda-berc
01 darkest hate warfront-infernal baptism (intro)-berc
02 darkest hate warfront-order of battle-berc
03 darkest hate warfront-satanik annihilation kommando-berc
04 darkest hate warfront-satans kult of terror-berc
05 darkest hate warfront-scourge of wormkind-berc
06 darkest hate warfront-final solution-berc
07 darkest hate warfront-duty fulfillment-berc
08 darkest hate warfront-possessed by fire-berc
09 darkest hate warfront-purification by hatred-berc
10 darkest hate warfront-the aftermath (outro)-berc
01 massenvernichtung-overtuere-berc
02 massenvernichtung-feldzug gen morgenland-berc
03 massenvernichtung-isa-berc
04 massenvernichtung-heren-holocaust-berc
05 massenvernichtung-heidenlied-berc
06 massenvernichtung-des teufels leibstandarte-berc
07 darkthule-magna europa-berc
08 darkthule-the voice of heathen blood-berc
09 darkthule-nykta-berc
10 darkthule-the flame that still lights-berc
11 darkthule-the coming from the past-berc
02-der falken flug-amok
03-im heimatwald-amok
04-der schaffende-amok
05-stiller bund-amok
06-weg ins licht-amok
07-tochter des waldes-amok
10-torn nation-amok
11-the hidden stone-amok
12-deutsche sonnwend-amok
01 ale tata xal maj sap-cmg
02 phirav mange korkoro-cmg
03 noite-cmg
04 to vapori aptin perssia-cmg
05 te aven baxtale-cmg
06 sueno con serpientes-cmg
07 opa cupa-cmg
08 por la tu puera yo pasi-cmg
09 di grine kusine-cmg
10 wenn es nacht wird in paris-cmg
11 les singes-cmg
12 a un semejante-cmg
13 te recuerdo amanda-cmg
14 oxota na volkov – wolfsjagd-cmg
15 turceasca-cmg
16 fratelli-cmg
01-crystal waters of misanthropy (the reflection)-gw
02-flight of the block of ice through the cosmic darkness-gw
03-satanic winds (the inner wind)-gw
04-march upon the black holocaust-gw
05-pentagram regime-gw
06-the last mystery (insufferable emptiness of eye-sockets)-gw
01 sturmbund-cnmc
02 asgardsrei-cnmc
01-def leppard-hellraiser
02-def leppard-no matter what
03-def leppard-rock on
04-def leppard-hangin on the telephone
05-def leppard-20th century boy
06-def leppard-drive-in saturday
07-def leppard-street life
08-def leppard-hes gonna step on you again
09-def leppard-waterloo sunset
10-def leppard-little bit o love
11-def leppard-10538 overture
12-def leppard-golden age of rock n roll
13-def leppard-dont believe a word
14-def leppard-stay with me
01-eternal darkness intro-gw
02-baptism in fire-gw
03-from the throne of darkness-gw
04-latent death-gw
05-darkess sorrow and misanthrop-gw
06-the curse from abyssic labyrin-gw
07-ancient constellations-gw
08-eternal land of misery outro-gw
01 destruction – soul collector
02 destruction – the defiance will remain
03 destruction – the alliance of hellhoundz
04 destruction – no mans land
05 destruction – the calm before the storm
06 destruction – the chosen ones
07 destruction – dealer of hostility
08 destruction – under surveillance
09 destruction – seeds of hate
10 destruction – twist of fate
11 destruction – killing machine
12 destruction – memories of nothingness
13 destruction – we are the road crew (motorhead)
14 destruction – the alliance of hellhoundz (schmier only)
01-destruktor nuclear storm – intro-fff
02-fight like the devil-fff
03-nuclear storm-fff
04-stribe to conquer-fff
05-justice unleashed-fff
01 devastator-into battle-berc
02 devastator-nuclear proliferation-berc
03 devastator-alcoholocaust (bonus)-berc
04 blasphemer-into the abyss-berc
05 blasphemer-lord of the cryptic deeps-berc
06 blasphemer-kingom come-berc
07 blasphemer-race of the cursed seeds-berc
01 devilish era – agnostic supremacy
02 devilish era – the deiphobic syndrome
03 devilish era – under the aegis of the megathropist
04 devilish era – bemoaning the loss of belligerent atheists
05 devilish era – no god no icon slavery
06 devilish era – conjuring up the plague of all plagues
07 devilish era – conspicuous bigotry of humbled masses
08 devilish era – begrime the tomb of a lunatic saviour
09 devilish era – outro
01-the woods remain sad-gw
02-howls are my lovesongs-gw
03-a lost heart in fog-gw
04-snowfall of tears-gw
05-speech of the trees-gw
06-skies in sorrow-gw
07-hollow ground-gw
08-dea tristitia-gw
09-myth from the ruins-gw
11-hidden mourning thoughts-gw
12-in poema memoralis-gw
01-dialectic soul-intro-gw
02-we all are sinful-gw
03-martyrs road prelude-gw
04-martyrs road-gw
05-world of ideal incarnation prelude-gw
06-world of ideal incarnation-gw
07-the lord of the fates prelude-gw
08-the lord of the fates-gw
09-dialectic soul-outro-gw
02-all the sky is dead-gw
03-executioner divine-gw
05-to stand before bifrost-gw
06-by the northstar-gw
01-dimmu borgir-alt lys er svunnet hen
02-dimmu borgir-broderskapets ring
03-dimmu borgir-nar sjelen hentes til helvete
04-dimmu borgir-sorgens kammer
05-dimmu borgir-dan den kristine satte livet til
06-dimmu borgir-stormblast
07-dimmu borgir-dodsferd
08-dimmu borgir-antikrist
09-dimmu borgir-vinder fra en enson grav
10-dimmu borgir-guds fortapelse – apenbaring av dommedag
01 dismal kingdom-intro – channeling hell-berc
02 dismal kingdom-the old goat-berc
03 dismal kingdom-following the cry of necromancy-berc
04 dismal kingdom-a warriors grave-berc
05 dismal kingdom-outro – cold crimson sunset-berc
01 dissimulation-as jusu prakeikimas-berc
02 dissimulation-suteikim jiems kancia-berc
03 dissimulation-ju septynetas-berc
04 dissimulation-omega et alpha-berc
05 dissimulation-kol viskas niekur-berc
06 dissimulation-karo ugnys – i dausas-berc
01 dommedagssalme – moribund
02 dommedagssalme – bleakest death beneath a bitter moon
03 dommedagssalme – rapture of the desolate
04 dommedagssalme – of blistering frost
05 dommedagssalme – the night is deep
06 dommedagssalme – perished
01-doominhated-night on grishell
04-doominhated-battle in the eternal snow
05-doominhated-the sons of the cross
06-doominhated-prisoner of the dark
07-doominhated-come back from beyond
08-doominhated-death everywhere
03-killing machine-amok
04-10 years-amok
05-pain of feelings-amok
06-angel song-amok
07-dancing goodbye-amok
08-bloody solution-amok
09-city of sin-amok
10-slavery moon-amok
11-winters misery blizzard rmx by requiem for fm-amok
01 dornenreich-von der quelle-berc
02 dornenreich-der hexe flammend blick-berc
03 dornenreich-der hexe naechtlich ritt-berc
04 dornenreich-aus laengst verhalltem lied-berc
05 dornenreich-zu traeumen wecke sich wer kann-berc
01-the fall-cmg
03-silent screams-cmg
01-dragonheart-eyes of hell-aaf
02-dragonheart-silent sentinel-aaf
03-dragonheart-crusaders march-aaf
04-dragonheart-the ancient oracle-aaf
05-dragonheart-queops escape-aaf
06-dragonheart-secret cathedral-aaf
07-dragonheart-heart of a hero-aaf
08-dragonheart-vengeance in black-aaf
09-dragonheart-calling the dragons-aaf
10-dragonheart-spreading fire-aaf
01-seil pa skyggans hav-gw
02-alt hap e tapt-gw
04-marblebog-a silent hermit
05-marblebog-in the valley
01-dream theater – nyc radio ad-fkk
02-dream theater – as i am-fkk
03-dream theater – honor thy father-fkk
04-dream theater – caught in a web pt.1-fkk
05-dream theater – mike portnoy drum solo duet with scott rockenfield-fkk
06-dream theater – beyond this life improv jam-fkk
07-dream theater – the oakdale odyssey-fkk
08-dream theater – the spirit of st. louis-fkk
09-dream theater – john petrucci guitar spot-fkk
10-dream theater – vacant-fkk
11-dream theater – stream of consciousness-fkk
12-dream theater – disappear-fkk
101-dream theater-metropolis (instrumental demo)-butt
102-dream theater-take the time (instrumental demo)-butt
103-dream theater-learning to live (instrumental demo)-butt
104-dream theater-under a glass moon (instrumental demo)-butt
105-dream theater-dont look past me (with john hendricks)-butt
106-dream theater-to live forever (with john hendricks)-butt
107-dream theater-to live forever (with steve stone)-butt
108-dream theater-a change of seasons (with chris cintron)-butt
201-dream theater-metropolis (atco demo)-butt
202-dream theater-to live forever (atco demo)-butt
203-dream theater-take the time (atco demo)-butt
204-dream theater-pull me under (demo)-butt
205-dream theater-another day (demo)-butt
206-dream theater-surrounded (demo)-butt
207-dream theater-under a glass moon (demo)-butt
208-dream theater-wait for sleep (demo)-butt
209-dream theater-learning to live (demo)-butt
210-dream theater-olivers twist (demo)-butt
01-dream theater-a fortune in lies (live)-butt
02-dream theater-status seeker (live)-butt
03-dream theater-ytse jam (live)-butt
04-dream theater-the killing hand (live)-butt
05-dream theater-light fuse and get away (live)-butt
06-dream theater-afterlife (live)-butt
07-dream theater-the ones who help to set the sun (live)-butt
08-dream theater-only a matter of time (live)-butt
09-dream theater-to live forever (live with charlie dominici)-butt
10-dream theater-metropolis (live with charlie dominici and derek sherinian)-butt
01-dream theatre-root of all evil
02-dream theatre-answer lies within
03-dream theatre-these walls
04-dream theatre-i walk beside you
05-dream theatre-panic attack
06-dream theatre-never enough
07-dream theatre-sacrificed sons
08-dream theatre-octavarium
01 dreamlike horror – night hunt-bfhmp3
02 dreamlike horror – the house that breathes with ghosts-bfhmp3
03 dreamlike horror – moonshine-bfhmp3
04 dreamlike horror – damien-bfhmp3
05 dreamlike horror – a solitary moment-bfhmp3
06 dreamlike horror – the labyrinth of qena-bfhmp3
07 dreamlike horror – la vendetta-bfhmp3
08 dreamlike horror – your lying body-bfhmp3
09 dreamlike horror – wedding in horror-bfhmp3
10 dreamlike horror – the owls secret-bfhmp3
11 dreamlike horror – delightful suicides-bfhmp3
12 dreamlike horror – funeral march-bfhmp3
01-the underwater lake-gw
02-intangible caress of the night-gw
03-forge of hatred-gw
04-the blue dahlia-gw
05-tears of the sky-gw
06-sick dreams-gw
07-tomb of stillborn hope-gw
08-april decay-gw
01-ancient sign-gw
03-an image about an infinitely cold soul-gw
04-frosty screaming-gw
01-marching to glory-ube
02-at the gates-ube
03-i will live forever-ube
05-sons of revenge-ube
07-blood on my hands-ube
08-fly away-ube
10-lost humanity-ube
01 embrace of thorns-nokturnal slaughterkult-berc
02 embrace of thorns-purifying butchery-berc
03 embrace of thorns-mass annihilation project-berc
04 embrace of thorns-i am the face of genocide-berc
05 embrace of thorns-stench of the deceased martyrs-berc
06 embrace of thorns-the cold ashes of humanity fertilize the soil-berc
01 episode 13 – tabula rasa-turkmp3
02 episode 13 – the black mass-turkmp3
03 episode 13 – a bleeding century-turkmp3
04 episode 13 – submerging dreams-turkmp3
05 episode 13 – c.r.y.-turkmp3
06 episode 13 – forlorn till dawn-turkmp3
07 episode 13 – an exhaustion-turkmp3
08 episode 13 – the unfinished ceremony-turkmp3
01 epithalium-einklang-berc
02 epithalium-ausrottung-berc
03 epithalium-untitled-berc
04 epithalium-blutdurst-berc
05 epithalium-untitled-berc
06 epithalium-wahnsinn-berc
07 epithalium-untitled-berc
08 epithalium-nacht in den waeldern-berc
09 epithalium-endsieg – ausklang-berc
01 erhabenheit-traum der toten sonnen-berc
02 erhabenheit-in den eisenwaeldern-berc
03 erhabenheit-fragmente einer wahrnehmung-berc
01 erhabenheit – vom kreisen der geier-berc
02 wolfsschrei – in tiefer erkenntnis meiner verachtung-berc
01 eschaton-omega (intro)-berc
02 eschaton-goetic evocation-berc
03 eschaton-despair of those-berc
04 burial hordes-marching to death-berc
05 burial hordes-bestial bloodwar-berc
06 burial hordes-submission to eternal pain-berc
01-fanatic desire-fff
02-end of the usurpers reign-fff
03-hardened in the tears of the will-fff
04-the war dogs mortal ballet-fff
01-eternity burning-disease of serenity
02-eternity burning-merciless oblivion
03-eternity burning-crestfallen shadow
04-eternity burning-panic-stricken prototype
05-eternity burning-king treason
01 ether – discomfort
02 ether – a need for external
03 ether – love
01 eugenik-einklang-berc
02 eugenik-tag des raben-berc
03 eugenik-skladensang-berc
04 eugenik-heimkehr des drachenschiffes-berc
05 eugenik-ein wackerer kerl-berc
06 eugenik-schwert an schwert-berc
07 eugenik-thuringia-berc
08 eugenik-windes klagen-berc
09 eugenik-asgards schwarze boten-berc
10 eugenik-wotans wilde jagd-berc
01-please lord-ube
02-by the flag-ube
03-fear dot gov-ube
04-day of torment-ube
05-gunshell revenge-ube
06-right hand servant-ube
07-on bleeding knees-ube
08-the deviant-ube
09-ten times the pain-ube
10-absolute hate-ube
11-die now-ube
02-evohe-through the eyes of the sky i see-qtxmp3
03-evohe-drawn in fire-qtxmp3
04-evohe-frozen fate-qtxmp3
06-evohe-tellus mater-qtxmp3
07-evohe-in crowned places-qtxmp3
09-evohe-rotten angel-qtxmp3
01 excruiate 666-battlehammer of inner war-berc
02 excruiate 666-guerre jusqua la mort-berc
03 warage-offensive sociale-berc
04 warage-sylviphilie-berc
03-exodus-karmas messanger
04-exodus-shudder to think
05-exodus-i am abomination
06-exodus-altered boy
07-exodus-going going gone
08-exodus-now thy death day come
09-exodus-44 magnum opus
10-exodus-shovel headed kill machine
01 exordium-wrathprayer-berc
02 exordium-deathcold road-berc
01-falchion-immortal heroes-rmc
02-falchion-the ancient tale-rmc
03-falchion-folk in the golden town-rmc
04-falchion-broken stone-rmc
05-falchion-journey in the woods-rmc
06-falchion-swordmaster of the dragonland-rmc
07-falchion-the darkest valleys of mist-rmc
08-falchion-burning the gates-rmc
09-falchion-black crown-rmc
01 feldgrau – stormfront
02 feldgrau – strong arm faction
03 feldgrau – zerstorer
04 feldgrau – wolves of flame and shadow
05 feldgrau – iron law iron will
06 feldgrau – conflagration total war
07 feldgrau – putrid stigmata
08 feldgrau – bacillus satanas
09 feldgrau – kommand
01-fenris-de verschroeide aarde
02-fenris-suffering predestined
03-fenris-chronicle of kings
05-fenris-das boot (from darkened worlds)
07-fenris-burst into oblivion
08-fenris- and beyond
01-shroud exordium-amok
02-straight to the light-amok
03-new god dawn-amok
04-requiem xiii 33 le veilleur silencieux-amok
05-xiberia seasons in the ice cage-amok
07-mourning sun-amok
02-firn-el part i.
03-firn-el part ii.
01 fjallstorm – kveldstur i maneskinn
02 fjallstorm – ved ildsteden
03 fjallstorm – nattens sjel
04 fjallstorm – de hvite vinterlandskapene
05 fjallstorm – hostdaggrn
06 fjallstorm – sangen til havet
07 fjallstorm – varen
08 fjallstorm – midnattssolen
09 fjallstorm – i nordstillheten
01-hells flame is burning (intro) – satans flame (age of fire part 1)-ss
02-arts of the black wisdom-ss
03-lust flesh desire-ss
04-darkness shall rise-ss
05-internal wrath (infernal hate)-ss
06-dark demonic domain-ss
07-poisoned kingdom (age of fire part 2)-ss
08-roots of evil – eternal abyss (outro)-ss
01 folge dem wind – at the end
02 folge dem wind – unholy anthem to the children of wrath
03 folge dem wind – enter the wood
04 folge dem wind – hail the pagan age
01-fordirelifesake-four letter-lie
02-fordirelifesake-acoustic instrumental
03-fordirelifesake-the perfect way to cut yourself
04-fordirelifesake-she loves me not
06-fordirelifesake-into what we call stars for patient imperfections
07-fordirelifesake-falling for the promise
08-fordirelifesake-sweet we forgot to name our cover song
09-fordirelifesake-we burn in our own comfort
10-fordirelifesake-insecurities securing tragedy
11-fordirelifesake-love song
12-fordirelifesake-my best wishes
01-across the icy fogs and mists-gw
02-beyond the gate-gw
03-through the reflection of time-gw
01-peace and love-d2h
02-war and hate-d2h
03-fuck off and die-d2h
04-pacifism sucks-d2h
05-useless race-d2h
06-i hate homosexual metalheads-d2h
07-cult of intoxication-d2h
08-fuck the nuns in the ass-d2h
09-you must suffer bitch-d2h
10-atomic nuclear desolation blasphmey cover-d2h
11-better alone that with you-d2h
01 aryans ride over falling israel-cnmc
02 the wolfish initiation-cnmc
03 carpathian windspirit-cnmc
04 the pagan mountain-cnmc
05 blood for immortality-cnmc
06 in thy silver glare-cnmc
01-pact with lucifer-gw
02-black goat church-gw
03-vrykolkas(white iris eyes)-gw
04-werewolf nightmare-gw
05-funeral letanies from the graves-gw
06-the lust-gw
07-acid queen of darkness-gw
08-the howl of the black witch-gw
10-deathwar and hate-gw
11-de natura daemonium-gw
12-night cry-gw
13-funeral moon-gw
14-the feast has begun-gw
15-nightmare tales-gw
16-angel of death-gw
17-exurgent mortui-gw
18-in the heart of darkness-gw
01 funeral procession-of a world hidden by nocturnity-berc
02 funeral procession-for a journey-berc
03 funeral procession-warriors of fullmoon-berc
01 funerarium-disappearance of a sad spirit-berc
02 funerarium-night of the fullmoon-berc
03 funerarium-valley of darkness-berc
04 funerarium-uther pendragon-berc
05 funerarium-funeral procession-berc
06 funerarium-iry steel-berc
07 funerarium-outro-berc
08 funerarium-phantom hordes (bonus)-berc
01 funerarium-reperta sapienta-berc
02 funerarium-offrande des dieux-berc
03 funerarium-les noces chimiques-berc
04 funerarium-artiste introverti du necrophalique-berc
05 funerarium-ode a la rose-croix-berc
06 funerarium-art et traditions-berc
07 funerarium-par le sang des arbres-berc
03-skrajna nienawisc egoistycznej egzyztencji (arkona cover)-gw
04-smierc ludzkosci ii-gw
01-furia-dogmas fall-just
02-furia-anthem for kheros-just
04-furia-evil spells approval-just
01 futhark 14-aryan dawn-berc
02 futhark 14-swirling swastikas and black suns in our blood-berc
03 futhark 14-burn israel burn-berc
04 futhark 14-the gates of heaven-berc
101-g3-glasgow kids
102-g3-damage control
103-g3-the audience is listening
104-g3-building the church
201-g3-up in flames
204-g3-foxey lady
205-g3-la grange
206-g3-smoke on the water
01-intro-lugubre floresta-gw
03-cantico de morte-gw
04-ultima quimera-gw
01 gehenna-death to them all-berc
02 gehenna-flames of the pit-berc
03 gehenna-devout dementia-berc
04 gehenna-the shivering voice of the ghost-berc
05 gehenna-grenade prayer-berc
06 gehenna-the killing kind-berc
07 gehenna-deadlights-berc
08 gehenna-midwinter forest-berc
09 gehenna-master satan-berc
01 geimhre-a call to the aryan winds-berc
02 geimhre-we are the wolves you are the sheep-berc
03 geimhre-beyond the frozen cross-berc
04 geimhre-celtic-berc
05 geimhre-wolf interlude-berc
06 geimhre-ulfhartaich-berc
07 geimhre-traitor song-berc
08 geimhre-buried in permafrost-berc
01 gestapo 666-ornaments of the holocaust-berc
02 gestapo 666-gestapo of satan-berc
03 gestapo 666-in the sign of the totenkopf-berc
04 gestapo 666-opening the crypt of death-berc
05 gestapo 666-the twelve missing coffins-berc
06 gestapo 666-gestapo legion-berc
07 gestapo 666-under the banner of death-berc
08 gestapo 666-the victory of darkness and death-berc
01 ghastly-intro-berc
02 ghastly-a morbid moon-berc
03 ghastly-haunting the mortuary-berc
04 ghastly-black demon-berc
05 ghastly-gateways beyond-berc
06 ghastly-outro-berc
07 flame-demonic curse-berc
08 flame-forever dark-berc
09 flame-satans flame-berc
10 flame-roots of evil-berc
11 flame-darkness shall rise-berc
01 ghremdrakk-de sfeer van daath-berc
02 ghremdrakk-doodsbidders-berc
03 ghremdrakk-geselvaart-berc
04 ghremdrakk-doorheen der nevel der sterren-berc
05 ghremdrakk-nachtelijke fanfare-berc
06 ghremdrakk-wegen onzer god-berc
07 ghremdrakk-naar de kring-berc
08 ghremdrakk-craeyeveld-berc
01 glorior belli – dictum audiens
02 glorior belli – o laudate dominvs
03 glorior belli – poisoned flesh
04 glorior belli – celestial phenomena
05 glorior belli – in paradisum
06 glorior belli – eternal torments
07 glorior belli – darkened shroud
08 glorior belli – stigma diaboli
01-glueh-crypt shamanizm-gw
02-dangerous meeting in nagasaki-axnxtxi-gw
03-dangerous meeting in nagasaki-death penalty-gw
04-dangerous meeting in nagasaki-twilight nausea (alternative ver)-gw
01-goatfire-monumental transfixion
02-goatfire-enlightenment in primeval chaos
03-goatfire-infernal ascension
04-goatfire-unveiling prometheus
05-goatfire-dormant vortex
06-goatfire-petrified in darkness
07-goatfire-the fifth fulmination
01 goatlord-pitbulls of darkness-berc
02 goatlord-everlasting grace of the needle-berc
03 goatlord-kill goth-berc
04 goatlord-king satan-berc
05 goatlord-bestiality-berc
06 goatlord-people of the lie (kreator cover)-berc
07 goatlord-preaching the gospels of peadophilia-berc
08 goatlord-squadron 666-berc
01 godless cruelty-intro-berc
02 godless cruelty-untergang-berc
03 godless cruelty-schatten der zeit-berc
04 godless cruelty-burning the cross-berc
05 godless cruelty-feuer wird richten-berc
06 godless cruelty-outro-berc
101 gorefest-the glorious dead-amrc
102 gorefest-state of mind-amrc
103 gorefest-reality when you die-amrc
104 gorefest-get a life-amrc
105 gorefest-false-amrc
106 gorefest-second face-amrc
107 gorefest-infamous existence-amrc
108 gorefest-from ignorance to oblivion-amrc
109 gorefest-the mass insanity-amrc
110 gorefest-false exposure (demo)-amrc
111 gorefest-from ignorance to oblivion (demo)-amrc
112 gorefest-infamous existence (demo)-amrc
113 gorefest-the mass insanity (demo)-amrc
114 gorefest-gorefest (live)-amrc
115 gorefest-from ignorance to oblivion (live)-amrc
116 gorefest-false exposure (live)-amrc
201 gorefest-low-amrc
202 gorefest-erase-amrc
203 gorefest-i walk my way-amrc
204 gorefest-fear-amrc
205 gorefest-seeds of hate-amrc
206 gorefest-peace of paper-amrc
207 gorefest-goddes in black-amrc
208 gorefest-to hell and black-amrc
209 gorefest-raven bonus track-amrc
210 gorefest-horrors in a retarded mind 94-amrc
211 gorefest-fear (live)-amrc
212 gorefest-autobahn (new version)-amrc
213 gorefest-goddes in black (orchestral version)-amrc
01-gorefest-the call (trackfix)
01 graefenstein-days red dawn-berc
02 graefenstein-vengeance-berc
03 graefenstein-call the storm-berc
04 graefenstein-vow of honour-berc
05 graefenstein-hoarfrost-berc
06 graefenstein-through the leaves-berc
07 graefenstein-waechter der stille-berc
08 graefenstein-pulsing death-berc
01 gravespawn-dominus legionis nocturna-berc
02 gravespawn-slaughter the messiah-berc
03 gravespawn-your complete guide on how to stalk a virgin for a satanic sacrifice ritual-berc
04 gravespawn-with pride i condemn myself-berc
05 gravespawn-a red moon rises over transylvania-berc
06 gravespawn-as heaven burns-berc
07 gravespawn-was einst war-berc
01 green carnation-intro-berc
02 green carnation-crushed to dust-berc
03 green carnation-the everlasting moment-berc
04 green carnation-writings on the wall-berc
05 green carnation-the quiet offspring-berc
06 green carnation-rain-berc
07 green carnation-dead but dreaming-berc
08 green carnation-light of day day of darkness (short excerpt)-berc
09 green carnation-myron and cole-berc
10 green carnation-just when you think its safe-berc
01 alkony hideg vara-amw
02 a megbocsajto-amw
03 a holnap szemen-amw
04 megfoszlott tisztasag-amw
05 mas vilag melyen-amw
06 a vagy meg el-amw
07 dermedt angyal szarnyan-amw
08 vilagtalan lelek-amw
09 a ketszino ver-amw
10 left outside alone-amw
01 grey – i
02 grey – leaving this place once again
03 grey – i speak fluent evil
04 grey – ii
05 grey – israel uber alles
06 grey – omegod
07 grey – iii
08 grey – hidden behind your sufferings
09 grey – vladian
01 grimfist-primal aggression-berc
02 grimfist-outlined in black-berc
03 grimfist-a world of wrath-berc
04 grimfist-from hell and back-berc
05 grimfist-no compromise-berc
06 grimfist-obsession-berc
07 grimfist-lesser of two evils-berc
08 grimfist-ghouls of grandeur-berc
09 grimfist-christ denied-berc
10 grimfist-mosh-pit underground-berc
01 grimlair-intro-berc
02 grimlair-hatred wattered my soul-berc
03 grimlair-depression part 2 (abyssic hate cover)-berc
04 grimlair-instrumental-berc
05 grimlair-corroded by sickness-berc
06 grimlair-darkness of the outside-berc
01 grimlair-intro – the death of the old wolf-berc
02 grimlair-eternal wandering of the lost soul-berc
03 grimlair-guilty-berc
04 grimlair-cursed humain – mortal race-berc
05 grimlair-outro-berc
01 grimnismal-ansur intro-berc
02 grimnismal-min kamp er sat-berc
03 grimnismal-havamal-berc
04 grimnismal-pa balet-berc
05 grimnismal-ind i evighedens skygge-berc
06 grimnismal-fyfu-berc
07 grimnismal-en rakold vinternat-berc
08 grimnismal-bag fjerne horisonter-berc
09 grimnismal-lokes afkom-berc
10 grimnismal-asablot the pagan survival-berc
11 grimnismal-oldtidens mindesmarker-berc
12 grimnismal-the wisdom of the ancient-berc
01-destroy of human race-gw
02-new era-gw
03-worship me-gw
04-premanition of death-gw
05-blood violence terror-gw
07-absolute reality-gw
08-two thousand years down-gw
09-twilight of the world-gw
10-im chaotic earth-gw
12-we are true we are hate-gw
01 hagl-intro and hate-berc
02 hagl-the war-berc
03 hagl-nuclear winter-berc
04 hagl-the lake of death-berc
05 hagl-armageddon-berc
06 hagl-the crystal – clear night-berc
07 hagl-i call for you-berc
08 hagl-outro-berc
01 handful of hate-scorn and conquest-berc
02 handful of hate-the horny and the horned-berc
01 hangman-all rise for the hangman-berc
02 hangman-temple of the dead-berc
03 hangman-slut-berc
02-harkonin-into the hailstorms of revelations
03-harkonin-beneath the rubble
06-harkonin-destined to conquer
07-harkonin-dogs of lucifer
08-harkonin-three stars of fire
09-harkonin-devils rain
01-daybreak on darkview-gw
02-forest dreaming in my discontent-gw
03-a harvesters hymn-gw
05-trolls bane – water in the lungs-gw
06-turmoil of the seed-gw
07-when nothing becomes-gw
08-the dawn will begin again-gw
09-hollowed from within-gw
01 hate forest – cold of the grave
02 hate forest – fullmoon
03 hate forest – what the ruins remember
04 hate forest – fog
05 hate forest – as the sunlight dies
06 hate forest – night harvest
07 hate forest – chambers of the winds
01-carl orff-fortuna imperatrix mundi-fnt
02-hate forest-annihilation-fnt
03-hate forest-the wood brothers-fnt
04-hate forest-scythia-fnt
05-hate forest-shining abyss-fnt
06-hate forest-aryosophia-fnt
07-hate forest-nietzscheism-fnt
08-hate forest-black god-fnt
09-hate forest-burning churches-fnt
02-incurable disease-gw
03-peace before the last breathe-gw
04-funeral of the soul-gw
05-endless suicide-gw
01 hegemoon – tron zla part i
02 hegemoon – wieczne potepienie
03 hegemoon – mroczne pragnienia
04 hegemoon – poganski krzyk
05 hegemoon – znak czarnej myli (blunierczy instynkt)
06 hegemoon – tron zla part ii
07 hegemoon – w imie ciemnoci
08 hegemoon – czara goryczy
09 hegemoon – wedrowka do ksiecia cieni
01 heimnar-tearing this world-berc
02 heimnar-laugh of the torturers-berc
03 heimnar-rite of autumn-berc
04 heimnar-god of the enfeebled-berc
05 heimnar-the oak and its rotten fruit-berc
06 heimnar-angelrape-berc
07 heimnar-vision of departed thule-instrumental-berc
08 heimnar-the moon whispers my secrets-berc
01 helrunar-birke im moor-berc
02 helrunar-frostnacht-berc
03 helrunar-unten und im norden-berc
04 helrunar- bis die seele gefriert-berc
05 helrunar-nachtfrost-berc
06 helrunar-der trank des gehaengten-berc
07 helrunar-neun naechte-berc
08 helrunar-aelter als das kreuz-berc
09 helrunar-dreifach dorn-berc
10 helrunar-minis brunnr (gratr oennor)-berc
01 helrunar-hauch wird sturm-berc
02 nachtmahr-trollnacht-berc
01 veri ja viha-cnmc
02 our great revenge-cnmc
03 of grand desolation and void-cnmc
04 mustan auringon kaste-cnmc
05 veri juottaa mustaa maata-cnmc
06 wolves of war and blood-cnmc
07 winds of honour-cnmc
08 helwulf-cnmc
09 malja kuolemalle-cnmc
01-hemnur-satanic hellride-qtxmp3
02-hemnur-i spit my blood-qtxmp3
03-hemnur-fucked by your christ-qtxmp3
04-hemnur-hellbound extravagant-qtxmp3
05-hemnur-freezing doom-qtxmp3
06-hemnur-skullfucking jesus-qtxmp3
08-hemnur-den vestlandske skogen-qtxmp3
09-hemnur-doden luskat-qtxmp3
01 herot – a trail through dismal forests
02 herot – and darkness fell like rain
03 herot – raped and ruined
04 herot – parasites
01 hexxed-where gods look away-berc
02 hexxed-sub liminal-berc
03-hidden-hydrodynamic physics
04-hidden-infinty express
05-hidden-deathstar oblivion
06-hidden-the search for where life may have existed
07-hidden-interplanetary space physics and climatology
08-hidden-ripples in time
09-hidden-planets of metal
10-hidden-extraterrestrial illusions
01-hills of sefiroth-we drink of our fathers cup-cos
02-hills of sefiroth-the stone called night (silently she reigns)-cos
03-hills of sefiroth-before ice and hatred-cos
04-hills of sefiroth-of nightfall and cold valleys-cos
05-hills of sefiroth-the pillar of the elite-cos
06-hills of sefiroth-from heaven battles reign-cos
01 himinbjorg–intro-vic
02 himinbjorg–entering odins huge palace-vic
03 himinbjorg–it was in europe-vic
04 himinbjorg–untitled-vic
05 himinbjorg–the inner mirror-vic
06 himinbjorg–yon-vic
07 himinbjorg–the alienated-vic
08 himinbjorg–the law of the worship-vic
09 himinbjorg–like a shadow-vic
10 himinbjorg–untitled-vic
11 himinbjorg–daily desillusions-vic
12 himinbjorg–untitled-vic
13 himinbjorg–les strates-vic
14 himinbjorg–last day in alesia-vic
01 hypocrisy-born dead buried alive-berc
02 hypocrisy-fusion programmed mind-berc
03 hypocrisy-adjusting the sun-berc
04 hypocrisy-eraser-berc
05 hypocrisy-turn the page-berc
06 hypocrisy-fire in the sky-berc
07 hypocrisy-necronomicon-berc
08 hypocrisy-slaves to the parasites-berc
09 hypocrisy-reborn-berc
10 hypocrisy-roswell 47-berc
11 hypocrisy-god is a lie-berc
12 hypocrisy-deathrow (no regret)-berc
03-hirpus-il silenzio
04-hirpus-deep dark forest
06-hirpus-sentenza di morte per la modernita
07-hirpus-tributo di sangue
08-hirpus-purificazione nel fuoco
09-hirpus-la nostra crociata
01 hithlum-first step of the halfings journey-berc
02 hithlum-land of the horse lords-berc
03 hithlum-when saurumans words were wise-berc
04 hithlum-hidden beneath fangron-berc
05 hithlum-the morgul lord-berc
06 hithlum-as the dead lay on the fields of pelennor-berc
07 hithlum-children of thorondor-berc
08 hithlum-through fire and water-berc
09 hithlum-lieutenant of barad dur-berc
10 hithlum-amon amarth awakening (return home to reclaim)-berc
01 hkz-intro-berc
02 hkz-centurions of thule-berc
03 hkz-resistance to z.o.g.-berc
04 hkz- accomplishment-berc
05 hkz-intro-berc
06 hkz-hakenkreuzzug-berc
07 hkz-le peuple elu est ecrase-berc
08 hkz-vieux continent-berc
09 hkz-blood calls blood-berc
01 hoellentor-without light without love without trust and without god-berc
02 hoellentor-murderer of all gods-berc
03 hoellentor-satanic black metal-berc
04 hoellentor-black seed of emptiness-berc
05 hoellentor-blackstorms and winds of wrath proclaim the last infernal war-berc
06 hoellentor-moonlightshadows embraces my forgotten grave-berc
07 hoellentor-the gathering between demonic strength and ancient wisdom-berc
08 hoellentor-tears of angels with broken wings-berc
01-holy moses-near dark
02-holy moses-def con ii
03-holy moses-panic
04-holy moses-strange deception
05-holy moses-locky popster
06-holy moses-ssp (secret service project)
07-holy moses-state catatonic
08-holy moses-the brood
09-holy moses-lost in the maze
10-holy moses-ssp (live)
11-holy moses-lost in the maze (live)
01 holocaustus-preludium-berc
02 holocaustus-j.d.t. iii-berc
03 holocaustus-werwolfkommado i-berc
04 holocaustus-the saw (mg 42)-berc
05 holocaustus-werwolfkommado ii-berc
06 holocaustus-j.d.t. ii-berc
07 holocaustus-leichenfelder 2001-berc
08 odelegger-nightmare claws-berc
09 odelegger-evoluting blackness-berc
10 odelegger-supreme-berc
11 odelegger-berzerkr-berc
12 odelegger-ascending into darkness-berc
13 odelegger-the sword of evolution-berc
14 odelegger-zeitenwende-berc
15 odelegger-desperation-berc
01 hordagaard-arvesynd-berc
02 hordagaard-war for a goal-berc
03 hordagaard-fossegrims salme-berc
04 hordagaard-far ove adle hav-berc
05 hordagaard-maatte jehovas vitner sjaa klubba-berc
06 hordagaard-ildkorset-berc
07 hordagaard-trollskap-berc
08 hordagaard-reiso te helvete-berc
01 horna-vihan stigmat-berc
02 blackdeath-unkeusche traeume-berc
01 horna-mustasiipinen-berc
02 horna-vihasta ja arvista-berc
03 horna-sinulle maetaenevae jehova-berc
04 horna-oerkkivuorilta-berc
05 kerberos-burning black vomit-berc
06 kerberos-baphomets acolytes-berc
07 kerberos-deaths prophet-berc
08 kerberos-the holocaust of mans destruction-berc
09 kerberos-satanas (sarcofago cover)-berc
01 horna-oerkkivourilta-berc
02 horna-kaiken kristityn koulema-berc
03 horna-hiidentorni houkui usvansa-berc
04 horna-tappakaa kristus-berc
05 horna-imperial devastation-berc
06 horna-kun lyoemme junadan kodin-berc
07 horna-sinulle maetaenevae jehova black magic-berc
01-horna – noidanloitsu-fff
02-horna – uhrivalkea-fff
03-horna – hel-fff
04-horna – praconium-fff
05-horna – surun ikuistama henki-fff
06-horna – varjoissa-fff
07-musta surma – kuolonmyrsky-fff
08-musta surma – miekka ja krusifiksi-fff
09-musta surma – kristuksen veri maljoissamme-fff
10-musta surma – pedon uneen-fff
11-musta surma – usvan lapset-fff
12-musta surma – pirusnsaarna-fff
01 horna-unohdetut kasvot unohdettu aani-berc
02 tenebrae in perpetuum-un sogno oscuro-berc
01-hour of penance-towards our storm
02-hour of penance-shreds of martyr
03-hour of penance-end of relief
04-hour of penance-celebrating collective terror
05-hour of penance-far beyond humiliation
06-hour of penance-life in a pain amplifier
07-hour of penance-exiled innocence
08-hour of penance-naked knife absolution
09-hour of penance-deranged parasite
10-hour of penance-egomanisch
01 hrossharsgrani-a legend -tnt
02 hrossharsgrani-preparing for battle-tnt
03 hrossharsgrani-the prayer-tnt
04 hrossharsgrani-march of the einherjer-tnt
05 hrossharsgrani-ragnarok-tnt
06 hrossharsgrani-the ravenfight-tnt
07 hrossharsgrani-gjallarhorn-tnt
08 hrossharsgrani-fimbulwinter (demo track 2000)-tnt
09 hrossharsgrani-der pfad zum tor der toten (rehearsal track 1999)-tnt
01 hugi-solarliod-berc
02 hugi-solarliod-berc
03 hugi-solarliod-berc
04 hugi-solarliod-berc
05 hugi-solarliod-berc
06 hugi-solarliod-berc
07 hugi-solarliod-berc
08 hugi-solarliod-berc
09 hugi-solarliod-berc
10 hugi-solarliod-berc
01 human pesticide-disgorge your entrails-amrc
02 human pesticide-fucking sluts with a cereal mixer-amrc
03 human pesticide-throatcut-amrc
04 human pesticide-the surgery-amrc
05 human pesticide-gunfucked-amrc
06 human pesticide-rotten flesh inside-amrc
07 human pesticide-mutilated in a bathtub-amrc
08 human pesticide-bound in a straight jacket-amrc
09 human pesticide-shit happens in your face bitch-amrc
01-hun-entering a new dimension (intro)-gf
02-hun-bound for glory-gf
03-hun-a holtak lelke-gf
04-hun-returning of an ancient race-gf
01-iconoclasm – iconoclastic warfare-qtxmp3
02-iconoclasm – wolfpack-qtxmp3
03-iconoclasm – welcome to hell-qtxmp3
04-iconoclasm – the omen-qtxmp3
05-iconoclasm – fedelms prophecy-qtxmp3
06-iconoclasm – sons of fire-qtxmp3
07-iconoclasm – beer metal satan-qtxmp3
08-iconoclasm – army of immortals-qtxmp3
09-iconoclasm – daemons-qtxmp3
10-iconoclasm – the other cheek-qtxmp3
11-iconoclasm – crush ya like a worm-qtxmp3
12-iconoclasm – screams of the bansee-qtxmp3
01 ignis uranium-incineration-cnmc
02 ignis uranium-speech of the mushroomcloud-cnmc
03 ignis uranium-grant me your suffering-cnmc
04 ignis uranium-behold the sacred lust-cnmc
05 ignis uranium-glorious radiation spirits-cnmc
06 ignis uranium-descend into razorcult solitude-cnmc
07 ignis uranium-war titans-cnmc
08 ignis uranium-terror psalm-cnmc
09 havoc vulture-the screaming statues resound-cnmc
10 havoc vulture-harken to the barathrums roar-cnmc
11 havoc vulture-ritual death at the triangles gate-cnmc
12 havoc vulture-rigormortik remembrances pt.i-cnmc
13 havoc vulture-sss-the khaaooz xul-cnmc
14 havoc vulture-threatening gifts from kagal an-cnmc
01 ikon and the house of usher-death by dawn psychic vampire part 2-set
02 ikon and the house of usher-none worse than a woman spurned-set
03 ikon and the house of usher-the floor she walked upon extended 7 inch edit-set
01-winds of storm and pest-gw
02-invoke the ancient darkness-gw
03-the dark forest spell-gw
04-the wandering old spirit of times-gw
05-the cave under the mountain-gw
06-brother wantherer-gw
07-bestial invocation-gw
08-the great lord of the under world-gw
09-in nomine dei nostri-gw
10-cosmic veneration-gw
11-the chants of stars-gw
101 ildjarn-silence – analogics vinyliac – mindache-berc
102 ildjarn-intro – i-berc
103 ildjarn-ii-berc
104 ildjarn-iii-berc
105 ildjarn-iv-berc
106 ildjarn-v-berc
107 ildjarn-vi-berc
108 ildjarn-silence – the logies of pain-berc
109 ildjarn-succumb (the mutilation theme. 2nd session version)-berc
110 ildjarn-death dynamics (intermediate version)-berc
111 ildjarn-nocturnal gathering (2nd session version)-berc
112 ildjarn-3rd unknown harmony (instrumenl)-berc
113 ildjarn-i-berc
114 ildjarn-ii-berc
115 ildjarn-iii-berc
116 ildjarn-iv-berc
117 ildjarn-v-berc
118 ildjarn-vi-berc
119 ildjarn-vii-berc
120 ildjarn-death dynamics (original first session recording)-berc
121 ildjarn-silence – pain – succumb (the mutilation theme final cut)-berc
122 ildjarn-nocturnal gathering (virgin mix)-berc
123 ildjarn-buried alive by life – mass nocturnal – grief vs death-berc
124 ildjarn-mass nocturnal closing – buried alive by life ii – voice of death-berc
125 ildjarn-relief – the escape entering timeless nothingness-berc
201 ildjarn-intro innferd-berc
202 ildjarn-kronet-berc
203 ildjarn-sola skjultes-berc
204 ildjarn-ild-berc
205 ildjarn-fjerde dag-berc
206 ildjarn-er glimt-berc
207 ildjarn-stov og aske-berc
208 ildjarn-ode-berc
209 ildjarn-utsyn del 1-berc
210 ildjarn-utsyn del 2-berc
211 ildjarn-utsyn del 3-berc
212 ildjarn-utsyn del 4-berc
213 ildjarn-utsyn del 5-berc
214 ildjarn-demring-berc
215 ildjarn-minnesjord del 1-berc
216 ildjarn-minnesjord del 2-berc
217 ildjarn-minnesjord del 3-berc
218 ildjarn-minnesjord del 4-berc
219 ildjarn-minnesjord del 5-berc
220 ildjarn-minnesjord del 6-berc
221 ildjarn-myrkvar-berc
222 ildjarn-dalens and-berc
223 ildjarn-unreleased 1-berc
224 ildjarn-unreleased 2-berc
225 ildjarn-unreleased 3-berc
226 ildjarn-unreleased 4-berc
227 ildjarn-unreleased 5-berc
228 ildjarn-unreleased 6-berc
01 ilvestgrol-glorious hate of asmodeus-berc
02 ilvestgrol-obesity perversion-berc
03 ilvestgrol-intrinsic alchemy profane-berc
04 ilvestgrol-fuck you sodomy-berc
05 ilvestgrol-ilvestgrol-berc
06 ilvestgrol-hunters moon-berc
07 ilvestgrol-lick my wounds-berc
01 immortal hammer-intro-berc
02 immortal hammer-agnus dei-berc
03 immortal hammer-posledny z poslednych-berc
04 immortal hammer-prorok-berc
05 immortal hammer-meine stern scheint mehr-berc
06 immortal hammer-in the shadows of the horns-berc
07 immortal hammer-gesta zaniku-berc
08 immortal hammer-suboj vekov-berc
09 immortal hammer-rotest-berc
10 immortal hammer-in the shadows of the horns (live)-berc
11 immortal hammer-meine stern scheint mehr-berc
01-in heaven-thoughts-qtxmp3
02-in heaven-betrayed-qtxmp3
03-in heaven-life after death-qtxmp3
04-in heaven-angel of darkness-qtxmp3
05-in heaven-come out come out-qtxmp3
06-in heaven-cry for me-qtxmp3
07-in heaven-fading light-qtxmp3
08-in heaven-lie to me-qtxmp3
09-in heaven-with you-qtxmp3
10-in heaven-in heaven-qtxmp3
11-in heaven-forgiven-qtxmp3
01-in tormentata quiete-la realta
02-in tormentata quiete-zeus
03-in tormentata quiete-phato varva
04-in tormentata quiete-chiaro scuro
05-in tormentata quiete-nel regno dellevo
06-in tormentata quiete-lalbero
07-in tormentata quiete-rosso sangue
08-in tormentata quiete-piccole variazioni
09-in tormentata quiete-nellessere
01-incriminated-the task is black-qtxmp3
02-incriminated-born to rule-qtxmp3
03-incriminated-melting the core-qtxmp3
04-incriminated-morbid utopia-qtxmp3
05-incriminated-the age of deserved doom-qtxmp3
06-incriminated-noble are the warriors-qtxmp3
07-incriminated-the grand downfall-qtxmp3
08-incriminated-in sin-qtxmp3
09-incriminated-the last nightmare-qtxmp3
10-incriminated-we will be remembered-qtxmp3
01-in cold being-gw
02-liars slavery-gw
03-summon by wind of disease-gw
04-father hell mother death-gw
06-the one who come after-gw
07-evil is my name-gw
08-the ghost on nameless grave-gw
09-destroying your desires-gw
01 introduction to assassination-amw
02 crushing impure idolatry-amw
03 dead heads empire-amw
04 be a slave or be a lord-amw
05 crush the tribe of jesus christ-amw
06 terrorfront-amw
07 salvation-amw
08 the grand intolerance-amw
09 dechristianized by parabellum-amw
10 triumphant outroduction-amw
01 infernum-reverence to the obscure-berc
02 infernum-black march-berc
03 infernum-before the locks of twilight-berc
04 infernum-hisarna-berc
05 infernum-inverted prayer-berc
01-in-quest-diffuse pattern recognition
02-in-quest-audiotoxic binaries
03-in-quest-socioneural geneticism
04-in-quest-cryotron frequency
05-in-quest-the frozen nuclear aftermath
06-in-quest-the comatose quandary
08-in-quest-systematic arhythmetic hate
09-in-quest-operation citadel (bonus)
10-in-quest-sigmoid signal
11-in-quest-resilient androtronic carnage
01 inquisition-embraced by the powers of death and destruction-berc
02 inquisition-baptized in black goat blood-berc
03 inquisition-empire of luciferian race-berc
04 inquisition-crush the jewish prophet-berc
05 inquisition-those of the night-berc
06 inquisition-invoking the majestic throne of satan-berc
07 inquisition-magnificent glorification of lucifer-berc
08 inquisition-impirial hymn of our master satan-berc
09 inquisition-winds of fire-berc
10 inquisition-under the black inverted pentagram-berc
101-tih drassenex-gw
102-succir ob laanfen ex-gw
104-chaorganic machina-gw
201-laen zeon-gw
202-devoid eranaissance-gw
204-echopium tears-gw
206-euphoric cessation-gw
01 irhmgaar-nazareth holocaust-berc
02 irhmgaar-a goat pissing on your grave-berc
03 irhmgaar-may the cross burns worldwide-berc
04 irhmgaar-destruction of the light-berc
05 irhmgaar-glory to master satan-berc
01-iron maiden-the trooper (live 2003)-doh
02-iron maiden-the trooper (original album version)-doh
03-iron maiden-prowler (live 2005)-doh
01-ithdabquth qliphoth-ithdabquth qliphoth-gw
01-joyless-deep inside-obc
02-joyless-inside me-obc
03-joyless-better and better-obc
04-joyless-vermin on me-obc
01-judas priest-the hellion
02-judas priest-electric eye
03-judas priest-metal god
04-judas priest-riding on the wind
05-judas priest-touch of evil
06-judas priest-judas is rising
07-judas priest-revolution
08-judas priest-breaking the law
09-judas priest-im a rocker
10-judas priest-diamonds and rust
11-judas priest-worth fighting for
12-judas priest-beyond the realms of death
13-judas priest-turbo lover
14-judas priest-hellrider
15-judas priest-victim of changes w guitar solo
16-judas priest-painkiller
17-judas priest-hell bent for leather
18-judas priest-living after midnight
19-judas priest-crowd
20-judas priest-youve got another thing coming
01 judas priest-the hellion-amrc
02 judas priest-electric eye-amrc
03 judas priest-metal gods-amrc
04 judas priest-riding on the wind-amrc
05 judas priest-the ripper-amrc
06 judas priest-a touch of evil-amrc
07 judas priest-judas rising-amrc
08 judas priest-revolution-amrc
09 judas priest-hot rockin-amrc
10 judas priest-breaking the law-amrc
11 judas priest-im a rocker-amrc
12 judas priest-diamonds and rust-amrc
13 judas priest-worth fighting for-amrc
14 judas priest-deal with the devil-amrc
15 judas priest-beyond the realms of death-amrc
16 judas priest-turbo lover-amrc
17 judas priest-hellrider-amrc
18 judas priest-victim of changes-amrc
19 judas priest-exciter-amrc
20 judas priest-painkiller-amrc
21 judas priest-hell bent for leather-amrc
22 judas priest-living after midnight-amrc
23 judas priest-youve got another thing coming-amrc
01 kaeltetod-wiederhall der leere-berc
02 kaeltetod-kaeltetod-berc
03 kaeltetod-von vertrauter vergaenglichkeit-berc
04 kaeltetod-appendix hypnos-berc
01-kamelot–the haunting-nsr
01-in my dangeon-gw
02-in arms of the astral world-gw
03-below the tree of life-gw
04-night sky-gw
05-the manifesto of the unity-gw
06-the breath of atlantis-gw
01 kathaarsys-perennial forest of winter-amrc
02 kathaarsys-gnostic seasons-amrc
03 kathaarsys-epic pagan times-amrc
04 kathaarsys-portrait of wind of sorrow-amrc
05 kathaarsys-walk the mist in the lack-amrc
06 kathaarsys-nectar in the nocturnal river-amrc
01 telchines the magic race-dco
02 oneiropompos-dco
03 bind enemies-dco
04 katadesmos-dco
05 thunderstorm-dco
06 the curse of the old witch-dco
07 ode to time-dco
08 typhoon magic-dco
09 nekydaimon-dco
01 back from hell-cmg
02 still im alive-cmg
03 das licht ist tot-cmg
04 she cried (gothic remix)-cmg
05 ich tor-cmg
06 the devil inside (unplugged)-cmg
07 india-cmg
08 morna-cmg
09 the love that ill never forget-cmg
10 einsam-cmg
11 der herr der finsternis-cmg
12 lughnasad-cmg
13 gefangene der nacht-cmg
14 hey god-cmg
15 wie ein schrei-cmg
16 dunkle seelen-cmg
17 the love that ill never forget (radio edit)-cmg
01 klabautamann-der ort-berc
02 klabautamann-forlorn sea-berc
03 klabautamann-winternacht-berc
04 klabautamann-the river-berc
05 klabautamann-waldschrat-berc
06 klabautamann-red urn-berc
07 klabautamann-the wanderer-berc
08 klabautamann-october-berc
01-mirrors of the lakes-gw
02-on the winds wings-gw
03-shroud of woods-gw
01 koldborn-repression-berc
02 koldborn-a stir of unreason-berc
03 koldborn-hand held hate-berc
04 koldborn-behind the world-berc
05 koldborn-the devil of all deals-berc
01 Cottages and Saunas-kispatak
02 Journey Man-kispatak
03 Fields in Flames-kispatak
04 Pine Woods-kispatak
05 Spirit of the Forest-kispatak
06 Native Land-kispatak
07 Hunting Song-kispatak
08 Ryyppajaiset-kispatak
09 Beer Beer-kispatak
10 Old Tale-kispatak
11 Kadet Siipina-kispatak
01-kotiteollisuus-hulluutta ja humalaa-ser
02-kotiteollisuus-vieraan sanomaa-ser
04-kotiteollisuus-perkeleen tyota-ser
05-kotiteollisuus-murheen mailla-ser
07-kotiteollisuus-pohjanmaan kautta-ser
08-kotiteollisuus-raskas kantaa-ser
09-kotiteollisuus-hyvaa tulevaisuutta-ser
10-kotiteollisuus-siemen alla routaisen maan-ser
01-kotiteollisuus-kaihola edit-ser
02-kotiteollisuus-ei kenenkaan maa bonus-ser
103-dech smrti-ss
104-kruty dest-ss
105-boj se smrti-ss
108-posledni zvon-ss
113-nesmyslne mrtvoly-ss
114-odsouzeny k zatraceni-ss
115-pacifisticka smrt-ss
201-diverzni jednotka-ss
202-totalni destrukce-ss
203-zakerny valecnik-ss
204-divny cisar-ss
205-tajemstvi hrbitova-ss
206-besnici valka-ss
207-posmrtna vina-ss
208-znameni zla-ss
209-in memoriam-ss
210-muceni v ohni-ss
212-horici kostel-ss
213-brutalni smrt-ss
218-pacifistic death-ss
01 krater-weisse reinheit-berc
02 krater-ruf zu den waffen-berc
03 krater-bastion-berc
04 krater-bastion (live)-berc
01 Enemy of God
02 Impossible of Brutality
03 Suicide Terrorist
04 World Anarchy
05 Dystopia
06 Voices of the Dead
07 Murder Fantasies
08 When Death Takes Its Dominion
09 One Evil Comes(a Million Follow)
10 Dying Race Apocalypse
11 Under A Total Blackened Sky
12 The Ancient Plague
01 seven plagues seven houses-cnmc
02 knights of the holocaust-cnmc
03 fallen ones-cnmc
04 slit their throats to the spine-cnmc
05 hallucinations in the withered eden-cnmc
06 ruin under the burning skies-cnmc
07 maelstrom-cnmc
08 plague waltz-cnmc
09 power of darkness-cnmc
10 shadows of the fallen kingdom-cnmc
11 blackash snowfall-cnmc
12 hypnotic decay-cnmc
03-u sercy-gw
07-czorny stab-gw
10-szaljonaja biezlicz-gw
11-czorny cjamryczny bjaskraj-gw
13-zniszczennie zyccja smierc dzielja smierci-gw
15-majo scjudzjonaje polymja-gw
16-mara ab bjaskoncaj zimie-gw
17-mjorzlaje piekla-gw
01-lacrimosa-tranen der sehnsucht (part 1and2)-nth
02-lacrimosa-reissende blicke-nth
04-lacrimosa-diener eines geistes-nth
05-lacrimosa-loblied auf die zweisamkeit-nth
01-lathspell-son of mourning
02-lathspell-the haunting song
04-lathspell-jumalan kuolemalle
08-lathspell-this world dressed in fear
01 leichengott-leichengott-berc
02 leichengott-teutonicus furorem-berc
03 leichengott-black metal despotism-berc
04 leichengott-gastfy subhuman bodies-berc
01-gerstenat (with brim-filled pints)-gw
02-mournful beauty-gw
03-a day of reckoning-gw
05-thors hammer-gw
07-as i die-gw
08-gerstenat (the last sip)-gw
01 leviathan-traveling over the oceans skull-amrc
02 leviathan-it comes in whispers part ii-amrc
03 leviathan-particular dis-ease-amrc
04 leviathan-shimmering with horn of woe-amrc
05 leviathan-a silhouette in splinters-amrc
06 leviathan-blood red and true part ii a spell to vanquish sea serpents-amrc
01 lexincrypt-beging of the end-fwyh
02 lexincrypt-one way to escape-fwyh
03 lexincrypt-some other way-fwyh
04 lexincrypt-crawlspace (with scott sturgis)-fwyh
05 lexincrypt-victim again-fwyh
06 lexincrypt-unbeliever-fwyh
07 lexincrypt-hilf mir-fwyh
08 lexincrypt-sleepwalker-fwyh
09 lexincrypt-past the breaking point-fwyh
10 lexincrypt-dead by morning-fwyh
11 lexincrypt-untitled (hideen track)-fwyh
01 lycanthropys spell-lunar reflections-berc
02 lycanthropys spell-nightly solitude-berc
03 lycanthropys spell-melancholical apathy-berc
04 lycanthropys spell-the burning agony of despair-berc
05 lycanthropys spell-the end-berc
01-the source-svr
02-the sacrament-svr
03-vast homeland-svr
04-old hills memories-svr
06-getting dark-svr
07-the twilight thickened with sadness (over the horizon)-svr
03-lorn-the dark realm
05-lorn-the old spirit
06-lorn-ancient power
07-lorn-black infinity
01-siloj slepogo secheniya-gw
02-brezgi plebozhizni-gw
03-kistyu chervistrajsti-gw
05-proklyate chjornogo nachala-gw
06-black metal must be-gw
01-ludicra-the only cure the only remedy
02-ludicra-let thirst the soul
03-ludicra-one thousand wolves
04-ludicra-why conquer
05-ludicra-in the greenest maze
06-ludicra-time wounds all heals
07-ludicra-aging ghost
02-kill bastard kill-ube
03-revolution restart-ube
05-moral masquerade-ube
07-the great monologue-ube
09-full vanity fair-ube
10-egoism divine-ube
11-diva messiah-ube
01 lurker of chalice-i-amrc
02 lurker of chalice-piercing where they might-amrc
03 lurker of chalice-spectre as valkerie is-amrc

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