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04 lurker of chalice-minions-amrc
05 lurker of chalice-paramnesia-amrc
06 lurker of chalice-this blood falls as mortal part iii-amrc
07 lurker of chalice-granite-amrc
08 lurker of chalice-vortex chalice-amrc
09 lurker of chalice-fastened to the five points-amrc
01 magnificat-hymn to the elements armide by lully preludes variation-amrc
02 magnificat-suicides monologue-amrc
03 magnificat-spickatto maestro in am-amrc
04 magnificat-my cosmic race-amrc
05 magnificat-cclxiii-amrc
06 magnificat-agliareth awakens this is only the begining -amrc
01 magog-unholy german black metal-berc
02 magog-feuer der dunkelheit-berc
03 magog-koenig aus frankenland-berc
04 magog-des kriegers zorn-berc
05 magog-orlog-berc
06 magog-todesweihe-berc
07 magog-kaempfer der meere-berc
08 magog-magog-berc
09 magog-hel-berc
10 magog-die pest-berc
11 magog-wolfsauge-berc
01 mayhemic truth-the fivepointed star-berc
02 mayhemic truth-my mourning star-berc
03 mayhemic truth-hand in hand-berc
04 mayhemic truth-long forgotten cries-berc
05 mayhemic truth-god in ruins-berc
06 mayhemic truth-in monolithic abyss of a dying dream-berc
07 mayhemic truth-the wind blows from north-berc
08 mayhemic truth-our gate band is a rainbow-berc
09 mayhemic truth-child of mayhem-berc
10 mayhemic truth-as the wolves sing their whyping hymns-berc
11 mayhemic truth-countess bathory (venom cover)-berc
01 make a change kill yourself-chapter one-amrc
02 make a change kill yourself-chapter two-amrc
03 make a change kill yourself-chapter thee-amrc
04 make a change kill yourself-chapter four-amrc
01 malcuidant-tristesse-amrc
02 malcuidant-invasions imics-amrc
03 malcuidant- et la copmplainte se tot-amrc
04 malcuidant-vestiges de tradition-amrc
05 malcuidant-lhymne de la ghilde-amrc
06 malcuidant-tyrannicides-amrc
01 malefice – hail satan
02 malefice – blood night
03 malefice – pig slaughter in heaven black
04 malefice – fuck blackmetal
01 malicious secrets-interior crack – psycho angel bitch-cnmc
02 antaeus-gate to the outside-cnmc
01 malicious secrets-rejection and raising – perdition blaze-cnmc
02 mutiilation-my way-cnmc
03 mutiilation-tears of a melancholic vampire-cnmc
01 malsain-troubled waters-berc
02 malsain-the marsh-berc
03 malsain-they never die-berc
04 malsain-cold strofobia-berc
05 malsain-kvele seg-berc
06 malsain-brent tre-berc
07 malsain-lokkemann (demo version)-berc
01-manegarm-vid hargen-qtxmp3
04-manegarm-kologa trolltand-qtxmp3
05-manegarm-dodens strand-qtxmp3
07-manegarm-vredens tid-qtxmp3
08-manegarm-svunna minnen-qtxmp3
01 mannaz-intro-berc
02 mannaz-time of war-berc
03 mannaz-the messiah-berc
04 mannaz-kingdom of shades-berc
05 mannaz-instrumental-berc
06 mannaz-saison sous la neige-berc
07 mannaz-words of darkness-berc
08 mannaz-stemmen fra taarnet (burzum cover)-berc
09 mannaz-outro-berc
10 mannaz-lost in the past-berc
11 mannaz-words of darkness-berc
12 mannaz-the black flame-berc
13 mannaz-instrumental-berc
14 mannaz-warrior of the north-berc
15 mannaz-stamina-berc
16 mannaz-outro-berc
01-preludium – sorg og hat-gw
02-om livets stutt og helvetespine-gw
03-descending into eternal darkness-gw
04-under den gamle kirke-gw
05-postludium – vampyr-gw
02-massemord-loki 7-cos
03-massemord-the final solution-cos
05-massemord-last hope-cos
06-massemord-massemord (genocide)-cos
07-massemord-eternal war (live 2003)-cos
09-svartskogg-lord of all evil-cos
10-svartskogg-gods sadistic nature-cos
11-svartskogg-thed art of perversion-cos
01-megadeth-holy wars the punishment due
02-megadeth-in my darkest hour
03-megadeth-peace sells
04-megadeth-sweating bullets
05-megadeth-angry again
06-megadeth-a tout le monde
08-megadeth-kill the king
09-megadeth-symphony of destruction
10-megadeth-mechanix (2002 remix)
11-megadeth-train of consequences
12-megadeth-wake up dead
13-megadeth-hangar 18
14-megadeth-dread and the fugitive mind
15-megadeth-skin o my teeth
17-megadeth-prince of darkness
02-a m f-gw
03-the time is coming-gw
04-holy thief-gw
06-nuclear fist-gw
07-where was he-gw
08-your strength and honour-gw
09-cold breath from grave pt i (intro)-gw
10-against you-gw
12-someday hell come for you-gw
13-get rid of the cross-gw
14-i decided-gw
15-catholic twarp-gw
16-cold breath from grave pt ii (outro)-gw
01-metallica – metallica – master of puppets (gljiva remix)-aoel
101-metallica – hit the lights-smp3
102-metallica – harvester of sorrow-smp3
103-metallica – ride the lightning-smp3
104-metallica – wherever i may roam-smp3
105-metallica – low mans lyrics-smp3
106-metallica – the thing that should not be-smp3
107-metallica – seek and destroy-smp3
108-metallica – am i evil-smp3
109-metallica – die die my darling-smp3
110-metallica – nothing else matters-smp3
111-metallica – and justice for all-smp3
112-metallica – hero of the day-smp3
201-metallica – enter sandman-smp3
202-metallica – whiskey in the jar-smp3
203-metallica – whiplash-smp3
204-metallica – welcome home (sanatarium)-smp3
205-metallica – the four horsemen-smp3
206-metallica – one-smp3
207-metallica – fuel-smp3
208-metallica – motorbreath-smp3
209-metallica – blitzkrieg-smp3
210-metallica – i disappear-smp3
211-metallica – bleeding me-smp3
212-metallica – frantic-smp3
213-metallica – last caress-green hell-smp3
214-metallica – master of puppets-smp3
01-mh lmth – tripvra bhairavi (shmashan edition)-gw
02-ithdabquth qliphoth – tripvra bhairavi-gw
03-ithdabquth qliphoth – tripvra bhairavi-gw
01 affirmation-cnmc
02 no lyrics-cnmc
03 stagnation-cnmc
04 superstar construction kit-cnmc
05 chosen unity-cnmc
06 101-cnmc
07 mindflare-cnmc
08 the hauch of aggression-cnmc
09 human tapedeck-cnmc
10 the fairy tale of intelligence-cnmc
11 excess to nothing-cnmc
12 positive thought treatment-cnmc
13 seduced to purity-cnmc
14 brainwash method-cnmc
01 misanthropic art–hypnotical tranquility-vic
02 misanthropic art–mental alienation-vic
03 misanthropic art–mourning steel (tears of chainsaw)-vic
04 misanthropic art–future impure-vic
05 misanthropic art–murder incantation-vic
06 misanthropic art–towards somnambulistic sleeps (future homicides)-vic
07 misanthropic art–follow -vic
08 misanthropic art–ravnajuv-vic
01-misantropical painforest-demons haunt this forest
02-misantropical painforest-winds saturate with inhumane longing
03-misantropical painforest-past the stonecircle clearing
04-misantropical painforest-besmeared the tunic of honour
05-misantropical painforest-to bequeath the tranquil waters
06-misantropical painforest-woodchain summoning
07-misantropical painforest-journeying (t)here
08-misantropical painforest-instrumental longing winds
01 moat-a quest for darkness-berc
02 moat-the knights return-berc
03 moat-as moonlight glows over murky waters-berc
04 moat-woodspirits of the night-berc
05 moat-thirteen-berc
06 moat-a troll lead me to my demise-berc
07 moat-the sun is destroying us all-berc
08 moat-the end-berc
09 moat-hidden track-berc
01 moontower–intro-vic
02 moontower–antichristian supremacy proclamation-vic
03 moontower–in warfare havoc-vic
04 moontower–disciple of hellfire-vic
05 moontower–passion of the christ-vic
06 moontower–moonforest-vic
07 moontower–holocaust revelation-vic
08 moontower–outro-vic
01-demonic possession-gw
02-cult in the age of aquarius-gw
03-on the threshold of the unseen-gw
04-straight way to hell-gw
05-total devotion-gw
01 morgart-sinfonie 1 – einleitung-berc
02 morgart-sinfonie 2-berc
03 morgart-sinfonie 3-berc
04 morgart-sinfonie 4 – die schlacht-berc
05 morgart-sinfonie 5 – in a-dur-berc
06 morgart-sinfonie 6-berc
07 morgart-sinfonie 7-berc
08 morgart-sinfonie 8 – finale-berc
01-morgul-intro the mask of sanity-cos
02-morgul-the need to kill-cos
03-morgul-all dead here-cos
04-morgul-sanctus perversum-cos
01 morke-i-berc
02 morke-ii-berc
03 morke-iii-berc
04 morke-iv-berc
01-slaget om norden-gw
02-dyster tid-gw
03-raabjorn speiler draugheimens skodde-gw
04-tidlos varld-gw
06-den sista utfarden-gw
01 morrigan-morrigans flight over celtic lands-berc
02 morrigan-crom cruach-berc
03 morrigan-where rainbows end-berc
04 morrigan-bloody blue faces-berc
05 morrigan-they cant tame the devil-berc
06 morrigan-headcult-berc
07 morrigan-talisain-berc
08 morrigan-beyond the convent-berc
09 morrigan-spell of the mountain king-berc
01 morte incandescente-destruidor de sonhos-berc
02 morte incandescente-remembering the shallow-berc
03 morte incandescente-shadows upon the earth-berc
04 morte incandescente- -berc
05 onirik-finally the hordes have gathered-berc
06 onirik-my dark ages-berc
07 onirik-burden of a king-berc
08 onirik-the song of the dead-berc
01 mortiis-decadent and desperate-fwyh
02 mortiis-underdog-fwyh
03 mortiis-gibber (gibbering idiot mix)-fwyh
01-mortuus-silence sang the praise of death-cos
02-mortuus-all dead-cos
01 mosu quma-canon episcopi-berc
02 mosu quma-bloodtrails-berc
03 mosu quma-bhoabhan sidhe-berc
04 mosu quma-where are the clouds-berc
05 mosu quma-the one-eyed king-berc
06 mosu quma-rolling thunder-berc
07 mosu quma-zogen gen norden-berc
08 mosu quma-creatures of the night-berc
09 mosu quma-blut fordert blut-berc
10 mosu quma-hartung der schneemond-berc
101-motorhead-dead men tell no tales-ser
103-motorhead-sweet revenge-ser
106-motorhead-stone dead forever-ser
107-motorhead-all the aces-ser
108-motorhead-step down-ser
109-motorhead-talking head-ser
201-motorhead-over the top (b-side)-ser
202-motorhead-stone dead forever (alternate version)-ser
203-motorhead-sharpshooter (alternate version)-ser
204-motorhead-bomber (alternate version)-ser
205-motorhead-step down (alternate version)-ser
206-motorhead-leaving here (live)-ser
207-motorhead-stone dead forever (live)-ser
208-motorhead-dead men tell no tales (live)-ser
209-motorhead-too late too late (live)-ser
210-motorhead-step down (live)-ser
01 that night when i died-amw
02 testimony of a sick brain-amw
03 the bitter taste of emotional void-amw
04 black coma-amw
05 the pact (the eye of the jackal)-amw
06 the ecstatic spiral to hell-amw
07 i satans carrion-amw
08 rattenkonig-amw
01-nadir-the hungarian underground lifestyle
02-nadir-marketing strategy free zone
03-nadir-ties that bind
04-nadir-dark clouds are gathered
05-nadir-writing the requiem 2005
06-nadir-as daylight yields
07-nadir-against all odds we move along
08-nadir-trapped in history
09-nadir-fauna funeral
10-nadir-tenacity blues
01-naer mataron-extreme unction-qtxmp3
02-naer mataron-blessing of sin-qtxmp3
03-naer mataron-for the new man-qtxmp3
04-naer mataron-arrival of the caesar-qtxmp3
05-naer mataron-blast furnace-qtxmp3
06-naer mataron-the day is breaking-qtxmp3
07-naer mataron-the last loyal-qtxmp3
08-naer mataron-land of dreams-qtxmp3
09-naer mataron-last man against time-qtxmp3
01 proclamation-cmg
02 a swarm of plagues-cmg
03 spoken words of venom-cmg
04 the murder manifesto-cmg
05 revelations carved in flesh-cmg
06 none shall be spread-cmg
07 and the world shall be your grave-cmg
08 the perpetual horrors-cmg
09 carnal scorn and spiritual malice-cmg
01 nahar-dead mass-berc
02 nahar-hell investigation-berc
03 nahar-bearing the pest mask i walk-berc
04 nahar-rapture in dead-berc
05 nahar-untitled-berc
02-nanowar-tricycles of steel-qtxmp3
03-nanowar-true metal of the world-qtxmp3
06-nanowar-introducing the power-qtxmp3
07-nanowar-power of the power of the power of the power of the power of the power (of the great sword)-qtxmp3
10-nanowar-gioca true-qtxmp3
11-nanowar-number of the bitch-qtxmp3
12-nanowar-entra l uomo di sabbia-qtxmp3
13-nanowar-triumphant march of the nanowarrior-qtxmp3
01 nebular mystic-intro-berc
02 nebular mystic-legions-berc
03 nebular mystic-serpent-berc
04 nebular mystic-suspended in chains-berc
05 nebular mystic-necrotic-berc
06 nebular mystic-kingdom of death-berc
07 nebular mystic-seeds of suffering-berc
08 nebular mystic-children of black hearts-berc
09 nebular mystic-forraadt-berc
01 necrolust-godless-berc
02 necrolust-instrumental 1-berc
03 necrolust-necrolust-berc
04 ovskum-untitled-berc
05 ovskum-untitled-berc
01 necrophagia-kindred of the dying kind-berc
02 sigh-young burial-berc
01 necrovomitor-the ultimate necro injector-berc
02 necrovomitor-genuine crackwhore mutilation-berc
03 necrovomitor-rotten corpse in pague-berc
04 necrovomitor-vomit porn satan-berc
05 necrovomitor-swallow my armageddon-berc
01-ledyanoi sarkofag-gw
03-svet glubiny-gw
04-polyarnaya noch ottenok rassveta-gw
05-sny zhestoki-gw
06-slezy angela na zemle-gw
07-nenastie acoustic reprise-gw
08-dostigaya 108-gw
01-netherealm-the abyss wails
02-netherealm-beyond the eighteen portal
03-netherealm-unspoken passages
04-netherealm-shadow tempest
06-netherealm-dream of the vanquished
07-netherealm-fallen skies
08-netherealm-blood of the imperial night
09-netherealm-kingdom of nightfall
10-netherealm-master of centuries black
01-nightwish-the siren (edit)
02-nightwish-the siren (album version)
03-nightwish-the siren (live version)
04-nightwish-symphony of destruction (live version)
05-nightwish-kuolema tekee taiteilijan (live version)
01 nihilist-sentenced to death-berc
02 nihilist-supposed to rot-berc
03 nihilist-carnal leftovers-berc
04 nihilist-abnormally deceased-berc
05 nihilist-revel in flesh-berc
06 nihilist-face of evil-berc
07 nihilist-severe burns-berc
08 nihilist-when life has ceased-berc
09 nihilist-morbid devourment-berc
10 nihilist-radiation sickness-berc
11 nihilist-face of evil-berc
12 entombed-but life goes on-berc
13 entombed-shreds of flesh-berc
14 entombed-the truth beyond-berc
02-holocaust of the poisoned ones-fff
03-trampling the meanness-fff
04-thrown down under sleipnirs hooves-fff
01-nocte obducta-anis (desihras tagebuch kapitel i)-butt
02-nocte obducta-und pan spielt die floete (desihras tagebuch kapitel ii)-butt
03-nocte obducta-im siebten mond (desihras tagebuch kapitel iii)-butt
04-nocte obducta-es fliesse blut-butt
05-nocte obducta-nektar-butt
06-nocte obducta-atme-butt
101-nocturnal rites-sword of steel-esc
102-nocturnal rites-skyline flame-esc
103-nocturnal rites-black death-esc
104-nocturnal rites-in a time of blood and fire-esc
105-nocturnal rites-downspell-esc
106-nocturnal rites-lay of ennui-esc
107-nocturnal rites-winds of death-esc
108-nocturnal rites-rest in peace-esc
109-nocturnal rites-dragonisle-esc
110-nocturnal rites-lay of ennui (demo)-esc
111-nocturnal rites-in a time of blood and fire (2004 version)-esc
112-nocturnal rites-winds of death (2004 version)-esc
201-nocturnal rites-ring of steel-esc
202-nocturnal rites-dark secret-esc
203-nocturnal rites-test of time-esc
204-nocturnal rites-lost in time-esc
205-nocturnal rites-the vision-esc
206-nocturnal rites-warriors return-esc
207-nocturnal rites-change the world-esc
208-nocturnal rites-pentagram-esc
209-nocturnal rites-eye of the demon-esc
210-nocturnal rites-end of the world-esc
211-nocturnal rites-the curse-esc
212-nocturnal rites-burn in hell-esc
213-nocturnal rites-living for today (demo)-esc
01-put bessmertnyh-gw
02-dyhane ragnarjoka-gw
03-zvjoznaya pyl-gw
05-pechal rodnyh zemel-gw
06-slava geroyam-gw
07-tanec ognya i stali-gw
08-novaya era mechej-gw
09-beskrajnie toli-gw
10-niti sudbonosnoj uzly-gw
11-sobiraya smerti posev-gw
12-vkus pobedy-gw
13-doroga slavy-gw
14-untitled track-gw
01 nord – rituel automnal
02 nord – dessechement
03 nord – larbre qui ecoute
04 nord – lueur nocturne
05 nord – sombre jour
06 nord – tempete
07 nord – lenfant de la foret
08 nord – terre de glace
09 nord – loeil de sagesse
10 nord – la foret de glace
11 nord – interlude croisade
12 nord – sagesse oubliee
13 nord – lame de la foret
14 nord – sombre jour
15 nord – sans titre
16 boreal – sanctuaire de glace
17 boreal – solitude
18 boreal – mirage hivernal
19 boreal – aube-spleen 2
20 boreal – solstice
21 boreal – nature morte
22 boreal – crepuscule
23 boreal – letendard partie 1
24 boreal – letendard partie 2
25 boreal – ere glaciaire
01-nordishavet-dissolved memories
02-nordishavet-transparent death in solitude
03-nordishavet-black void of my heart
04-nordishavet-before death (intro)
05-nordishavet-part i
06-nordishavet-part ii
07-nordishavet-part iii
08-nordishavet-part iv
09-nordishavet-death (outro)
02-nattens sang-gw
03-til evig tid-gw
04-min doed hinsides-gw
05-farvel verden-gw
06-doed manns tanke-gw
08-min vandring mot moerket-gw
09-i blod jeg sverget min ed-gw
10-hevnen paa kristenmann-gw
11-om sorg og helvete-gw
12-maatte min doed bli helvete-gw
02-nordmen-sur leurs ruines-cos
04-nordmen-le hurlement des loups-cos
05-nordmen-son dernier soupir a la nuit mourante -cos
06-nordmen-pour cette noble cause-cos
01-darknessm in whose souls linger here-gw
02-cunts-seemingly salivating wet -gw
03-winds of the cursed-gw
04-in the vain of forbidden lust-gw
05-when those rise to feed-gw
06-ritus lunae-gw
01-the pale haunt departure-fff
02-swallowed by the moon-fff
03-autumn reflection-fff
04-dark world burden-fff
05-in the absence of grace-fff
06-the dead leaf echo-fff
07-through a childs eyes-fff
08-collapse of the falling throe-fff
01 novembers fall-cmg
02 brutal truth-cmg
03 life between files-cmg
04 warcult-cmg
05 dropped to death-cmg
06 after ego (bonus track)-cmg
01-numbers from the beast-run to the hills
02-numbers from the beast-wasted years
03-numbers from the beast-wrathchild
04-numbers from the beast-flight of icarus
05-numbers from the beast-fear of the dark
06-numbers from the beast-the trooper
07-numbers from the beast-aces high
08-numbers from the beast-2 minutes to midnight
09-numbers from the beast-can i play with madness
10-numbers from the beast-the evil that men do
11-numbers from the beast-the wickerman
01 nunslaughter-black horn of the ram-berc
02 nunslaughter-piranha-berc
03 nunslaughter-hellchild-berc
04 nunslaughter-ritual of darkness-berc
05 nunslaughter-devil metal-berc
06 nunslaughter-church bizarre-berc
01-oathean-distant requiem buried within-cos
02-oathean-wandering soul-cos
03-oathean-from the depths of despair-cos
04-oathean-the origin-cos
05-oathean-a life of suffering craving the darkness-cos
06-oathean-voice of my soul-cos
07-oathean-beyond the memories i lost-cos
08-oathean-scent of longing-cos
09-oathean-road to -cos
10-oathean-in the fear with silver (live)-cos
11-oathean-the money from the tobacco pouch-cos
01-obscurant-in the end-cos
02-obscurant-the redemption-cos
03-obscurant-guardian angel-cos
04-obscurant-first degree suicide-cos
05-obscurant-a wasteland-cos
06-obscurant-light from above-cos
07-obscurant-blinded by love-cos
08-obscurant-dead calm surface-cos
09-obscurant-170603 (memoir)-cos
01 obscuro-begynnelsen (intro)-berc
02 obscuro-allt aer svart-berc
03 obscuro-foerintelsen aer naera-berc
04 obscuro-marsch in i doeden (outro)-berc
01-descending of the fire hordes-gw
02-tyrants warlust-gw
03-the enthrone of hellfire dominions-gw
04-black metal armageddon-gw
01 odal-einklang-berc
02 odal- wilde kraft entfesselt-berc
03 odal-aus hassgeschwellter brust-berc
04 odal-der worte gewalt-berc
05 odal-die rast unter der eiche-berc
06 odal-flammendes schwert-berc
07 odal-um frei zu sein pt. ii-berc
08 odal-gabe der vollkommenheit-berc
09 odal-ausklang (das siegeslied)-berc
01 old wainds-scalding coldness-berc
02 old wainds-freezing winter breath-berc
03 old wainds-in the glance of the dead-berc
04 old wainds-in the forgotten darkened spheres-berc
05 old wainds-through icy wilderness of the forest-berc
06 old wainds-wolves in white-berc
07 old wainds-passing the burials of dead stars-berc
08 old wainds-north from the south-berc
01-djaevuiens ande-fff
02-feeding the flames-fff
03-revelations of another time-fff
04-lord of all unclean spirits-fff
06-i kristi skugga-fff
07-fienden hungrar-fff
09-the fires of hell-fff
10-blessed by demonic wrath-fff
11-beast of death-fff
01 opeth-ghost of perdition-berc
02 opeth-the baying of the hounds-berc
03 opeth-beneath the mire-berc
04 opeth-atonement-berc
05 opeth-reverie-harlequin forest-berc
06 opeth-hours of wealth-berc
07 opeth-the grand conjuration-berc
08 opeth-isolation years-berc
01-for marchosias-fff
02-to alloces-fff
03-gateway to silence-fff
04-the visitors-fff
06-to gremory-fff
08-the swordwraith (unbroken vow ii)-fff
01 ebren-rsc
02 egyszer-rsc
03 sirok kozott-rsc
04 level-rsc
05 vegs latomas-rsc
01 orphans in coma-mademoiselle morte-berc
02 orphans in coma-mirroroscope-berc
03 orphans in coma-earthquake in asia-berc
04 orphans in coma-track04-berc
01-p.o.d-if it wasnt for you
02-p.o.d-teachers (palm springs demo)
03-p.o.d-ya mama (palm springs demo)
04-p.o.d-why wait
05-p.o.d-eyes of a stranger
06-p.o.d-boom (live at cornerstore)
07-p.o.d-wildfire (live at cornerstore)
101 pantheon – storms of steel (the atavism into ginnungagap pt 4)-baldrg
102 pantheon – aryan rebirth-baldrg
103 pantheon – nifeltod-baldrg
104 pantheon – the outcast (of heathen blood)-baldrg
105 pantheon – vanangriff-baldrg
106 pantheon – mjollneric might-baldrg
107 pantheon – decline of the west (europe will rise)-baldrg
108 pantheon – walker of the rope (plains drifting lonewolf outlaw of the unchained frontiers)-baldrg
109 pantheon – muspelsturmsreich-baldrg
110 pantheon – a darkened sunset hovers upon the new aryaland-baldrg
111 pantheon – the return of he who walks with fire-baldrg
112 pantheon – 911 prelude to rahowa-baldrg
201 pantheon – jotunkrieg-baldrg
202 pantheon – acriemanic triumph of the will-baldrg
203 pantheon – the solemn godi-baldrg
204 pantheon – as the ice hammer falls-baldrg
205 pantheon – the crossing of bifrost by hjaeltedod-baldrg
206 pantheon – song of predators and prey-baldrg
207 pantheon – the bow taker-baldrg
208 pantheon – stairwell 88-baldrg
209 pantheon – visionary flight of hugin and munin (outro) and prisoners of war (bonus track)-baldrg
01 panzerfaust-blut fuer den teufel-berc
02 panzerfaust-luzifer soldaten-berc
03 panzerfaust-nacht der ziege-berc
04 balest-ladinische alpen-berc
05 balest-aufs pferd in die schlacht-berc
01 paragon impure-to gaius part. i-amrc
02 paragon impure-to gaius part. ii-amrc
03 paragon impure-to gaius part. iii-amrc
04 paragon impure-to gaius part. iv-amrc
01 paria-suicide vortex-berc
02 paria-sadomasochistic devilworship-berc
03 paria-black cum shrapnel-berc
04 paria-the white snake-berc
05 paria-chaosgoat law-berc
06 paria-horus agressor-berc
07 paria-under the waves (rehearsal)-berc
08 paria-the white snake (rehearsal)-berc
09 paria-scolding the words of genocide-berc
10 paria-tormentor (rehearsal)-berc
01 thrones abalze-cnmc
02 beyond redemption-cnmc
03 in total contempt-cnmc
04 a vengeance rising-cnmc
05 cold stare-cnmc
06 slaves of celestial bounds-cnmc
07 dreams of life seem morbid-cnmc
08 into deep black halls-cnmc
01-the lost son phoenix-amok
02-nows the time-amok
05-good times-amok
06-true love-amok
08-animal life-amok
09-the crusade-amok
10-can love survive-amok
11-feel my soul-amok
01-dismay symphony-gw
02-denounce to abdication-gw
03-illicit dissonance-gw
04-accusation in existence-gw
05-predominant madness-gw
06-perecive the lie-gw
07-adony of vainglory-gw
08-chastise by cross-gw
01-presences-primordial time of the black earth
02-presences-demon of the mystic forest
03-presences-wind of silence in frost
04-presences-the last lord of frozen mountain
05-presences-imperial legion of thor
06-presences-the legend of the immortal progeny
07-presences-in the abyss of the wood
08-presences-dawn of the nightdominion
09-presences-lord of the wooded creatures
01 raging heat of the new dawn-cnmc
02 chaos salvation-cnmc
03 falling through a deceased etermity-cnmc
04 storm of will-cnmc
05 the chosen stone-cnmc
06 condamned for the lust of life-cnmc
01 The Golden Spiral-kispatak
02 The Gathering Wilderness-kispatak
03 The Song of the Tomb-kispatak
04 End of All Times (Martyrs Fire)-kispatak
05 The Coffin Ships-kispatak
06 Tragedys Birth-kispatak
07 Cities Carved in Stone-kispatak
01 proctor-ende-berc
02 proctor-angstslaaf-berc
03 proctor-de zondebok-berc
04 proctor-mensenhaat-berc
05 proctor-mijn broeders hoeder-berc
06 proctor-de klank van onheil-berc
07 proctor-met godenmoed en vlammend zwaard-berc
08 wolversveen-de synaps splijter-berc
09 wolversveen-razernij-berc
10 wolversveen-het derde oog-berc
11 wolversveen-mijn ziel is van vlees-berc
12 wolversveen-hordes van de onderwereld-berc
13 proctor and wolversveen-zwarte fusie-berc
01 rabennacht-rabennacht-berc
02 rabennacht-odins dawn-berc
03 rabennacht-licht der dunkelheit-berc
04 rabennacht-tapfere soldaten-berc
05 rabennacht-untergang des glaubens-berc
06 rabennacht-ausklang-berc
07 rabennacht-zeit zum krieg (bonus 04)-berc
01-a1 rammstein – moskau (viper xxl remix)-rst
02-b1 rammstein – mein teil (viper xxl remix)-rst
102-rammstein-reise reise-hdp
103-rammstein-links 2-3-4-hdp
104-rammstein-keine lust-hdp
105-rammstein-feuer frei-hdp
106-rammstein-rein raus-hdp
108-rammstein-mein teil-hdp
109-rammstein-stein um stein-hdp
201-rammstein-du riechst so gut-hdp
202-rammstein-du hast-hdp
205-rammstein-encore 1-hdp
208-rammstein-ich will-hdp
209-rammstein-ohne dich-hdp
210-rammstein-mein herz brent-hdp
02-experimental suicid order-fff
03-sect of thematic orchestra-fff
04-great white gravity-fff
05-spectre of negativity-fff
06-industrial mental concept-fff
07-complexity of archaic demence-fff
02-roctum-im so excited-cos
01 runenblut-einklang-berc
02 runenblut-thors hammer-berc
03 runenblut-am pfad der einsamkeit-berc
04 runenblut-zwischenspiel-berc
05 runenblut-kirchenbrand und christenblut-berc
06 runenblut-schlachtgesang-berc
07 runenblut-die vergessenen krieger-berc
08 runenblut-stimme des blutes-berc
09 runenblut-die neue zeit-berc
10 runenblut-ausklang-berc
01 sapthuran-i-berc
02 sapthuran-ii-berc
03 sapthuran-iii-berc
04 sapthuran-iv-berc
05 sapthuran-v-berc
06 sapthuran-vi-berc
07 sapthuran-vii-berc
08 sapthuran-viii-berc
09 sapthuran-ix-berc
10 sapthuran-x-berc
11 sapthuran-xi-berc
01-war god invocation-gw
03-bleed for satan-gw
04-into the storm-gw
05-spawning the plagues of hell-gw
06-infernal carnage-gw
07-luciferian honour-gw
08-i am the earthly havoc-gw
09-gate of nergal-gw
10-misanthropic fire-gw
11-christ fire von cover-gw
01 satans sign of war-track01-berc
02 satans sign of war-track02-berc
03 satans sign of war-track03-berc
04 satans sign of war-track04-berc
05 satans sign of war-track05-berc
06 satans sign of war-track06-berc
01 the freedom fall-cmg
02 be you angel be you beast-cmg
03 claw the clouds-cmg
04 vengeance is hers-cmg
05 for galaxies to clash-cmg
06 the springrise-cmg
07 scattering the timeweb-cmg
08 300 years old-cmg
09 nihil juggernaut-cmg
10 no god loves-cmg
01-renunciation of god-gw
02-pure hatred-gw
03-technology of baphomet-gw
04-god-crushing hammer-gw
07-sign of chosen names-gw
08-the cut up dream-gw
01-sengaia-the birth and demise of an infernal machine-butt
03-sengaia-hydra guillotine-butt
04-sengaia-de incidentibus in fluido-butt
05-sengaia-mystery of the redeemed and the idiot-butt
01-sentenced-ever-frost (single edit)-cos
02-sentenced-despair-ridden hearts-cos
01-sepultura-live in sao paulo-cd1-whoa
02-sepultura-live in sao paulo-cd2-whoa
05-sudba volkhva-gw
07-v stremenakh-gw
02-vortex abominations-fff
03-the merciless order-fff
05-degeneration of the weak-fff
07-total chaos breed-fff
08-shrapnel (through the fields of megiddo)-fff
01 signum diabolis-spell of the fullmoon-berc
02 hatespawn-murder in mind-berc
03 hatespawn-death cult-berc
01-silberbach-die rache naht-butt
02-silberbach-mit kraft voran-butt
04-silberbach-unser kampf-butt
06-silberbach-unter der schwarzen sonne-butt
07-silberbach-leichenzeit – der winter der menschheit-butt
09-silberbach-dem tode geweiht-butt
10-silberbach-neuer morgen-butt
11-silberbach-prophecy of doom (bonus track)-butt
12-silberbach-born in blood and tears (bonus track)-butt
01-sin origin-intro-unaccountable masses (of shades and shadows)-dgn
02-sin origin-in the presence of a dread magician-dgn
03-sin origin-the devil with seven more evil-dgn
04-sin origin-plague-dgn
05-sin origin-ancient and unentered forests-dgn
06-sin origin-outro midwinter sacrifice-dgn
01 disgorging the dead-dtl
02 revenge through torture-dtl
03 infesting the corpse-dtl
04 infantile autopsy-dtl
05 innocence raped away-dtl
06 entombed in flesh-dtl
07 inhuman decrepitcy-dtl
08 murder epidemic (bonus track)-dtl
04-syopa-portals of hell-cos
01 skaur-bortsvinn-berc
02 skaur-maatte min doed bli helvete-berc
03 skaur-min vandring mot moerket-berc
04 skaur-hjemferd-berc
05 skaur-farvel verden-berc
06 skaur-skaur-berc
07 skaur-doed manns tanke-berc
08 skaur-doed manns visdom-berc
09 skaur-fullmaanesang-berc
10 skaur-mennesket-berc
11 skaur-om sorg og helvete-berc
12 skaur-i blod jeg sverget min ed-berc
13 skaur-fullblodsmaane-berc
14 skaur-nattens sang (prinsessens komme)-berc
15 skaur-til evig tid (moerkets dystre toner)-berc
16 skaur-min doed hinsides (mellom himmel og helvete)-berc
17 skaur-hevn paa kristenmann-berc
18 skaur-krissmannshaagjen-berc
01 skoll-a night of grimly silver moon-berc
02 skoll-rebirth uthark-berc
03 skoll-longbardr-berc
04 skoll-in the deep-berc
05 skoll-intermezzo-berc
06 skoll-bloodstorm-berc
07 skoll-keep alive your heathenfolk-berc
08 skoll-moon-berc
09 skoll-hourling soul-berc
01-slagmark – aeon of horus-qtxmp3
02-slagmark – erase christianity-qtxmp3
03-slagmark – da hedningen tok sverdet-qtxmp3
04-slagmark – art of war-qtxmp3
05-slagmark – death comes forth-qtxmp3
06-slagmark – the glacers battle-qtxmp3
07-slagmark – deaths mask-qtxmp3
08-slagmark – slavery by the book-qtxmp3
09-slagmark – the absence-qtxmp3
10-slagmark – total war part 1-qtxmp3
11-slagmark – total war part 2-qtxmp3
01-sleeping village-fallen leaves around me
02-sleeping village-happiness passes away mourning persists
03-sleeping village-angores lunae
04-sleeping village-cry liberator
05-sleeping village-memories of a forgotten solitude
06-sleeping village-autumnal fire
07-sleeping village-remains
101-slipknot-the blister exists-qtxmp3
104-slipknot-before i forget-qtxmp3
105-slipknot-left behind-qtxmp3
108-slipknot-pulse of the maggots-qtxmp3
111-slipknot-drum solo-qtxmp3
201-slipknot-three nil-qtxmp3
202-slipknot-the nameless-qtxmp3
203-slipknot-skin ticket-qtxmp3
204-slipknot-everything ends-qtxmp3
205-slipknot-the heretic anthem-qtxmp3
208-slipknot-spit it out-qtxmp3
209-slipknot-people shit-qtxmp3
210-slipknot-get this-qtxmp3
211-slipknot-wait and bleed-qtxmp3
01-solnorth-hellish lust-gw
02-solnorth-mortification – redeemer is dead-gw
03-solnorth-great vagina-gw
04-solnorth-transilvanian hunger-gw
06-opus nocturne-intro-gw
07-opus nocturne-torn by demons-gw
08-opus nocturne-forgotten forest-gw
09-opus nocturne-imprisoned-gw
01 sombre chemin–retour aux sources-vic
02 sombre chemin–notre genocide naura pas lieu-vic
03 sombre chemin–patrie charnelle-vic
04 sombre chemin–pan est mort-vic
05 sombre chemin–rien quune volonte-vic
06 sombre chemin–peuple de thule-vic
07 sombre chemin–les feux de joie (bunker84 cover)-vic
08 sombre chemin–renaissance dans lombre-vic
01 sorgerth-irrikak eta sufrimendua-amrc
02 sorgerth-ahaztuak-amrc
03 sorgerth-jainkoaren hitza-amrc
04 sorgerth-isladaren atzean-amrc
05 sorgerth-mugitzen ari dira-amrc
01 sorgsvart-paradokser i menneskesinn og kosmisk natur (del i)-berc
02 sorgsvart-paradokser i menneskesinn og kosmisk natur (del ii)-berc
03 sorgsvart-skog og mark en frelse fra falskhet-berc
04 sorgsvart-entertainment-berc
05 sorgsvart-kill the king-berc
06 sorgsvart-hagland mitt land-berc
07 sorgsvart-en nasjon str i lag-berc
08 sorgsvart-fortapt fra verden i vakkert selvmord-berc
01 vandrer blandt doedninge-cnmc
02 blot-cnmc
03 droemme om evig nat-cnmc
04 sorte tarer-cnmc
05 blandt gra monumenter-cnmc
06 sar-cnmc
07 jeg er kulden-cnmc
08 graven ved slottet-cnmc
09 vandrer du i natten moerk-cnmc
10 skumring-cnmc
11 fanget i et sygt sind-cnmc
12 det syge sind-cnmc
13 savn-cnmc
14 sorte tarer-cnmc
15 more days-cnmc
01 sothis-hypocrisy-amrc
02 sothis-the memory-amrc
03 sothis-sinister nation-amrc
04 sothis-reflections of old-amrc
01 speerspitze-nordische streitmacht-berc
02 speerspitze-der letzte gang-berc
03 speerspitze-kriegerweihe-berc
04 speerspitze-feenlicht-berc
05 speerspitze-aus vergangenen zeiten-berc
01-your soul i will torture for all eternity-fff
02-perverted commandment-fff
04-the pleassure of pain-fff
01-spite extreme wing-linizio
02-spite extreme wing-il tempio ad est
03-spite extreme wing-kosmokrator
04-spite extreme wing-deo soli invicto
05-spite extreme wing-vvltvs
06-spite extreme wing-monvmentvm
07-spite extreme wing-clermont
08-spite extreme wing-il volo del bicorne
01 styggmyr-the journey to hell-berc
02 styggmyr-christianity dismissed-berc
03 styggmyr-fallen angels-berc
04 styggmyr-necro fuck-berc
05 styggmyr-the hunters trophy-berc
06 styggmyr-summoning the demons 04-berc
07 styggmyr-necromasturbation-berc
08 styggmyr-berserk-berc
09 styggmyr-entering hell-berc
10 styggmyr-dreptu allur (vondur cover)-berc
11 styggmyr-pure fucking armageddon (mayhem cover)-berc
01 stillhet-intro-berc
02 stillhet-gjemt i skyggene-berc
03 stillhet-synderens smerte-berc
04 stillhet-spell of destruction (burzum cover)-berc
05 stillhet-tvangstroeye-berc
06 stillhet-nr sjelen doer-berc
07 stillhet-silent hill (akira yamaoka cover)-berc
08 stillhet-outro-berc
09 stillhet-fordoemt (bonustrack)-berc
01 stormnatt-introduction-berc
02 stormnatt-resurrection ov the kult-berc
03 stormnatt-within the void of existence-berc
04 stormnatt-the black katharsis-berc
05 stormnatt-upon the shores of solitude pt. ii-berc
06 stormnatt-the decay of time and life-berc
01-stormtroopers of death-diamonds and rust
02-stormtroopers of death-whats that noise
03-stormtroopers of death-march of the s.o.d.
04-stormtroopers of death-fistbanging mania
05-stormtroopers of death-milano mosh
06-stormtroopers of death-diamonds and rust
07-stormtroopers of death-milk
08-stormtroopers of death-pi alpha nu
09-stormtroopers of death-ram it up
10-stormtroopers of death-united forces
11-stormtroopers of death-no turning back
12-stormtroopers of death-kill yourself
13-stormtroopers of death-momo
14-stormtroopers of death-speak english or die
15-stormtroopers of death-anti-procrastination song
16-stormtroopers of death-fuck the middle east
17-stormtroopers of death-douche crew
18-stormtroopers of death-vitality
19-stormtroopers of death-premenstrual princess blues
20-stormtroopers of death-diamonds and rust
21-stormtroopers of death-cromatic death
22-stormtroopers of death-ballad of jimi hendrix
23-stormtroopers of death-ballad of jimi hendrix
24-stormtroopers of death-ballad of jimi hendrix
25-stormtroopers of death-freddy kreuger
26-stormtroopers of death-not
01-stratovarius-maniac dance-sisomp3
03-stratovarius-just carry on-sisomp3
04-stratovarius-back to madness-sisomp3
05-stratovarius-gypsy in me-sisomp3
06-stratovarius-gotterdammerung (zenith of power)-sisomp3
07-stratovarius-the land of ice and snow-sisomp3
08-stratovarius-leave the tribe-sisomp3
01 striborg-a sour pale ghostly dawn-berc
02 striborg-mysterious semblance of spectral trees-berc
03 striborg-dark storm broodinglightning in the south-berc
04 striborg-looming black apparition-berc
05 striborg-the ghostly pallid hand of fear-berc
06 striborg-as sad as a cemetery in the winter darkness-berc
07 striborg-the screaming winds-berc
08 striborg-lurking the murky damp forest-berc
02-shock and awe-fff
04-army of odin (harsfjord)-fff
05-master hunter-fff
07-grimmer than ugly-fff
09-satz – die flamme satz – meister mephisto-fff
01 sturmkaiser-intro-berc
02 sturmkaiser-h.v.-berc
03 sturmkaiser-mors tua vita mea-berc
04 sturmkaiser-defend our kingdom-berc
05 sturmkaiser-blitzkrieg-berc
06 sturmkaiser-craven-berc
07 sturmkaiser-the horde-berc
08 sturmkaiser-sturmkaiser-berc
09 sturmkaiser-death eternal-berc
01 decibel dance-cmg
02 c14 measured by infinity-cmg
03 haughs of cromdale-cmg
04 the alliance-cmg
05 a runic rhyme (acoustic)-cmg
06 second skin-cmg
07 reap the storm-cmg
08 gathered in fear (acoustic)-cmg
09 strange perfection-cmg
10 dead mans reel (instrumental)-cmg
11 the end beyond me-cmg
01-sunn 0)))-sin nanna-butt
02-sunn 0)))-it took the night to believe-butt
03-sunn 0)))-cursed realms-butt
04-sunn 0)))-orthodox caveman-butt
05-sunn 0)))-candlegoat-butt
06-sunn 0)))-cry for the weeper-butt
07-sunn 0)))-bathory erzsebet-butt
01-intro and the black art-fff
02-reminiscence of an ancien prophecy-fff
03-the a wolf anger-fff
04-death to macrocosm-fff
05-the evil war-fff
01-putrefiance redemptrice-fff
02-nuit de walpurgis-fff
01 sworn-skyggens ankomst-berc
02 sworn-heart of decay-berc
03 sworn-the beauty of my funeral-berc
03-blood and soil-gw
04-solitary eternity-gw
05-anno armanen-gw
06-past the black sun-gw
07-in the absence of light-gw
01-the crescents-freezing-nth
02-the crescents-the overture of crescent-nth
03-the crescents-priest-nth
04-the crescents-curze-nth
05-the crescents-blackhearted butterfly-nth
06-the crescents-last judgement day-nth
07-the crescents-under the crescent-nth
08-the crescents-believe in death-nth
09-the crescents-ebbing away-nth
10-the crescents-raven tears the dove-nth
11-the crescents-a precipice-nth
01-the dying light-the killing plan
02-the dying light-all crowns fall
03-the dying light-jaws of dis
04-the dying light-freezing the spirit
05-the dying light-serve the hidden masters
06-the dying light-the bodiless
07-the dying light-haunting recollections
08-the dying light-this world is sinking
01-the entrails-teaching us
02-the entrails-sucur surur
03-the entrails-uprising follow
01-the eternal pain-vaterland-gw
02-the eternal pain-the black chamber-gw
03-the eternal pain-der weg des ewigen leidens-gw
04-godless cruelty-apocalypse-gw
05-godless cruelty-der eigene glaube-gw
06-godless cruelty-zeit des hasses-gw
01-the old dead tree-out of breath-qtxmp3
02-the old dead tree-unrelenting-qtxmp3
03-the old dead tree-i cant get rid of it-qtxmp3
04-the old dead tree-what else could weve said-qtxmp3
05-the old dead tree-so be it -qtxmp3
06-the old dead tree-everyday life-qtxmp3
07-the old dead tree-1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8-qtxmp3
08-the old dead tree-by the way-qtxmp3
09-the old dead tree-my friends-qtxmp3
10-the old dead tree-even if-qtxmp3
11-the old dead tree-the knock out song-qtxmp3
12-the old dead tree-this is no farewell-qtxmp3
01 the true frost-wiedergaenger-berc
02 the true frost-the grand sadist of satan-berc
03 the true frost-crusade 666 the palestine song-berc
04 the true frost-nightside bond-berc
05 the true frost-erblicket die sonne satans-berc
06 the true frost-satanic dna pt ii in blood we trust-berc
02-united scene-fff
03-see my contempt-fff
04-i believe-fff
05-devilish behavoir-fff
07-we are-fff
08-another dimension-fff
11-what is your membership-fff
12-get some relax-fff
14-destructive race-fff
15-pain is pleasure-fff
16-the school of assasins-fff
01-sectors of madness pt.1-gw
02-sectors of madness pt.2-gw
03-complex structure of a cold space-gw
04-social polarization-gw
05-the platform-gw
06-vacuum of the aprils waves-gw
07-radar with arrival angel-gw
08-outer drug-gw
09-to evolution pt.1-gw
10-to evolution pt.2-gw
03-thesyre-hypocritely correct
06-thesyre-the eagle in the wheel
07-thesyre-discount planet earth
08-thesyre-the cult of victory
10-thesyre-quatre lys noirs
11-thesyre-outbreak of evil (sodom cover)
01 thy antichrist 666-lo temporal-berc
02 thy antichrist 666-the beast is the chaos-berc
03 thy antichrist 666-pseudo gods-berc
04 thy antichrist 666-over the humanity in ruins-berc
05 thy antichrist 666-destruction times-berc
06 thy antichrist 666-transmigraciones-berc
07 thy antichrist 666-first enochian key recital-berc
08 thy antichrist 666-the invocation – transfiguration-berc
09 thy antichrist 666-satans black light-berc
10 thy antichrist 666-satan inside of me-berc
11 thy antichrist 666-666-berc
12 thy antichrist 666-epitaph of my death-berc
01-lets hail satan-bfhmp3
03-everywhere and nowhere-bfhmp3
04-ojcze moj-bfhmp3
05-pope died tonight-bfhmp3
07-why are they not coming-bfhmp3
08-no forgiveness-bfhmp3
09-this is not life-bfhmp3
10-divine integrity-bfhmp3
11-never gonna get me-bfhmp3
12-god sees you-bfhmp3
01-thou art lord-possesed – the legion-just
02-thou art lord-hecate uveiled-just
03-thou art lord-an apparition of vengeance-just
04-thou art lord-he the great worm-just
05-thou art lord-the gnostic code-just
06-thou art lord-the royal invocation of apophis-just
07-thou art lord-orgia daemonicum-just
08-thou art lord-necromantic-just
09-thou art lord-satanic aphorisms-just
10-thou art lord-onslaught (power from hell)-just
01-thronar-to kill and be king-qtxmp3
02-thronar-gift from the gods-qtxmp3
03-thronar-the hunt for vengeance-qtxmp3
04-thronar-crimnor valora-qtxmp3
05-thronar-dainars last rites-qtxmp3
06-thronar-for death and glory-qtxmp3
07-thronar-screams of thunder-qtxmp3
08-thronar-where sword axe and bow strike together-qtxmp3
09-thronar-the butchers bill-qtxmp3
01-throndt – heimat-fkk
02-throndt – das geschenk der holl-fkk
03-throndt – zwischenspiel-fkk
04-throndt – winterruh-fkk
05-throndt – zwischenspiel-fkk
06-throndt – im kerker-fkk
07-throndt – zwischenspiel-fkk
08-throndt – hohnlachend jene spukgestalten-fkk
09-throndt – zwischenspiel-fkk
10-throndt – des menschen tag-fkk
11-throndt – ausklang-fkk
01-typhus-perverse angelic masturbation ejaculation-cos
02-typhus-copcophagic communion upon the holy alter-cos
03-typhus-anal rape of the virgin mary-cos
04-typhus-typhus shits in the mouth of christ-cos
05-typhus-black cum upon the faces of angels-cos
06-typhus-profound blasphemous proclamation-cos
07-typhus-ritual semen scrament-cos
08-typhus-satanic goat fuck lust-cos
09-typhus-your savior cought drinking the piss of the apostles-cos
01 Without Regret-KaT
02 Grandeur-KaT
03 Subsides-KaT
04 My Lie-KaT
05 Tragedious Insickening-KaT
06 Damage-KaT
01 todesstoss-beutetrieb schwarzer witwen-berc
02 todesstoss-d das weisse ross-berc
01 todfeind-todfeind-berc
02 todfeind-stolz und siegreich-berc
03 todfeind-angst-berc
04 todfeind-seelentod-berc
05 todfeind-dunkle horden-berc
06 todfeind-der letzte krieg-berc
07 todfeind-schlaflos-berc
08 todfeind-vier jahre-berc
09 todfeind-dunkle seite-berc
10 todfeind-wolfsjagd-berc
11 todfeind-untitled-berc
12 todfeind-untitled-berc
13 todfeind-untitled-berc
01-todtgelichter-hort des todes-cos
03-todtgelichter-von hass und trauer-cos
04-todtgelichter-erinnerungen eines wolfes-cos
06-todtgelichter- und guetig empfange ich euch-cos
08-todtgelichter-existenz aus nichts-cos
01-torment-job part i the fall the rec-qtxmp3
02-torment-job part ii restless farewell-qtxmp3
03-torment-and then the madness comes-qtxmp3
04-torment-the voices-qtxmp3
05-torment-expect my serpent judas no1-qtxmp3
06-torment-beyond obscurity-qtxmp3
07-torment-confessions of routine sins-qtxmp3
09-torment-petrified soul ritmo del gri-qtxmp3
01 torturium-as an alien for this soil-berc
02 torturium-suicide command-berc
03 torturium-profanatic lust-berc
04 torturium-stars cry for another extinguished blaze of the black flame-berc
02-totenburg-art und kampf-jfm
05-totenburg-stahl blitzt kalt-jfm
01 toten-macabre-berc
02 toten-of pestilence-berc
03 toten-misery-berc
04 toten-unholy sickness-berc
05 toten-necrosis-berc
06 toten-misery-berc
07 toten-misery (rehearsal)-berc
08 toten-necrosis (rehearsal)-berc
09 contrivisti-saints nailed to toppled crosses-berc
10 contrivisti-i return (part i)-berc
11 contrivisti-i return (part ii)-berc
12 contrivisti-screams of a crucified dog-berc
13 contrivisti-mes yeux qui meur-berc
14 contrivisti-the silencing of jehovah (incomplete song)-berc
15 contrivisti-burning down the altar of christ (outro)-berc
16 contrivisti-for the eternal lord of mes yeux qui meur)the slaughtering of the heavens-berc
01 totenkult-christenjagd-berc
02 totenkult-pure misanthropic hate-berc
03 totenkult-the essence channeld by a thousand funeral nights-berc
04 totenkult-black metal endsieg-berc
05 totenkult-vargvinter part i-berc
06 totenkult-eternal black dawn-berc
07 totenkult-through the mists of nightly woods -berc
08 totenkult-funeral procession (gorgoroth cover)-berc
01 wurmerbarmend-cmg
02 heroin-cmg
03 angstbeisser-cmg
04 blutost-cmg
05 samenroh – wird kein leben-cmg
06 heidenfeuer-cmg
07 deine leiche-cmg
08 im schwarzen kreis-cmg
09 das ewige bluten – faustrecht-cmg
10 tonbergurtod – kastrazion-cmg
01-toxic holocaust-evil never dies-cor
02-toxic holocaust-war is hell-cor
03-toxic holocaust-enemy of jesus-cor
04-toxic holocaust-damed to fire-cor
05-toxic holocaust-exxxecutioner-cor
06-toxic holocaust-666-cor
07-toxic holocaust-summon the beast-cor
08-toxic holocaust-demise-cor
09-toxic holocaust-warfare-cor
10-toxic holocaust-dead to the world-cor
11-toxic holocaust-fallout-cor
12-toxic holocaust-atomik destruktor-cor
13-toxic holocaust-deathmaster-cor
14-toxic holocaust-metal attack-cor
15-toxic holocaust-created to kill-cor
01 tristania-libre-berc
02 tristania-equilibrium-berc
03 tristania-the wretched-berc
04 tristania-cure-berc
05 tristania-circus-berc
06 tristania-shadowman-berc
07 tristania-endogenisis-berc
01-trivium-the end of everything-mip
03-trivium-pull harder on the strings of your martyr-mip
04-trivium-drowned and torn asunder-mip
06-trivium-a gunshot to the head of trepidation-mip
07-trivium-like light to the flies-mip
08-trivium-dying in your arms-mip
09-trivium-the deceived-mip
10-trivium-suffocating sight-mip
01-trivium-the end of everything
03-trivium-pull harder on the strings of your martyr
04-trivium-drowned and torn asunder
06-trivium-a gunshot to the head of trepidation
07-trivium-like light to the flies
08-trivium-dying in your arms
09-trivium-the deceived
10-trivium-suffocating sight
01 trollfest-trollfest-berc
02 trollfest-willkommen folk tell drekka fest-berc
03 trollfest-helvetes hunden garm-berc
04 trollfest-en ytterst heftig sak-berc
05 trollfest-sagaen om suttungs-mjoed-berc
06 trollfest-der erste krieg-berc
07 trollfest-du kom for seint -berc
08 trollfest-trollkamp-berc
09 trollfest-die uergammal gebraeu-berc
10 trollfest-offer-visa-berc
11 trollfest-der tag nach-hinter-berc
12 trollfest- naa maa du drikka mest-berc
01-trollskogen – die prozession der verdammten-fkk
02-trollskogen – im sturm der katharsis-fkk
03-trollskogen – endlos fallen die sterne-fkk
04-trollskogen – ewig haelt er totenwache -fkk
05-trollskogen – monumente des todes-fkk
06-trollskogen – jenseits der pforten(ueber die grenzen der erkenntnis hinweg)-fkk
01 tsjuder-sodomizing the lamb (the kings conquering)-berc
02 tsjuder-helvete-berc
03 tsjuder-i-10-berc
04 tsjuder-unholy paragon-berc
05 tsjuder-lord of terror-berc
06 tsjuder-ghoul-berc
07 tsjuder-mouth of madness-berc
08 tsjuder-sacrifice (bathory cover)-berc
09 tsjuder-malignant coronation-berc
10 tsjuder-eriphion epistate-berc
01-tundra-enter the world from the path below
03-tundra-toward the oniric fields
04-tundra-morbid hallucinations
05-tundra-as cerbero
06-tundra-demons of innerself
07-tundra-poisoned mind
08-tundra-inner helvete
09-tundra-co dobre pro mne dobrym jest
01-sign of the fiery legion-ss
02-mass murderer-ss
03-countdown to doomsday-ss
05-worship no god-ss
08-hail satan-ss
09-still in satans embrace-ss
02-tuoni-pois minusta-cos
03-tuoni-ruusut helvetin-cos
04-tuoni-aamen rukoukseen-cos
06-tuoni-muisto pahasta-cos
07-tuoni-tyhjat katseet-cos
08-tuoni-kolmen kuningas-cos
09-tuoni-pahuuden perima-cos
01 twilight-woe is the contagion-amrc
02 twilight-exact agony take life-amrc
03 twilight-larval liaise-amrc
04 twilight-as the march of worms-amrc
05 twilight-winter before-amrc
06 twilight-white fire under black text-amrc
07 twilight-hopeless etheride-amrc
08 twilight-swollen voices in silence-amrc
09 twilight-beyond light beautiful and malignant-amrc
01-underdark-pravda (truth )-cos
02-underdark-golod (hunger)-cos
03-underdark-moral dlja mass (public moral)-cos
04-underdark-vnutrennij golod (internal hunger)-cos
05-underdark-vo slavu luny (in the moons glory)-cos
06-underdark-osen (autumn)-cos
07-underdark-zhadnost (greed)-cos
08-underdark-pod tmoij (under the darkness)-cos
02-thousands hypocrites invoke to satan-fff
03-the revenge of the impaled man-fff
04-dismembering the nazarene-fff
06-i am just once-fff
07-summoning sathanas-fff
08-the king of hell defeats empire-fff
09-undertaker of the damned-fff
01 unheilig-intro-fwyh
02 unheilig-zauberer-fwyh
03 unheilig-willst du mich-fwyh
04 unheilig-auf zum mond-fwyh
05 unheilig-freiheit-fwyh
06 unheilig-schutzengel-fwyh
07 unheilig-herz aus eis-fwyh
08 unheilig-fabrik der liebe-fwyh
09 unheilig-hoert mein wort-fwyh
10 unheilig-maschine-fwyh
11 unheilig-sage ja-fwyh
12 unheilig-sieh in mein gesicht-fwyh
13 unheilig-himmelherz-fwyh
14 unheilig-gib mir mehr-fwyh
15 unheilig-eva-fwyh
16 unheilig-komm zu mir-fwyh
17 unheilig-jetzt noch nicht-fwyh
01 dunkel still von ewigkeit-cnmc
02 ragnaroek mystiker-cnmc
03 gespinnst des verderbens-cnmc
04 trauerhoehle-cnmc
05 verflucht das blenden der erscheinung-cnmc
06 der gottesveraechter-cnmc
07 in den weiten oeden raeumen-cnmc
01 urgehal-sodomizer-berc
02 urgehal-invasion (short version)-berc
03 urgehal-we are unholy (new song)-berc
04 urgehal-drumsolo-berc
05 urgehal-mirror satan-berc
06 urgehal-mtte blodet flomme-berc
07 urgehal-through thick fog till death-berc
08 urgehal-666 (intro)-berc
09 urgehal-possessed (raped by evil)-berc
10 urgehal-the eternal eclipse-berc
11 urgehal-mankind murder-berc
01-saga of redemption-gw
02-desert fox-gw
03-ride the warstorm-gw
05-colossal fist-gw
06-raiding monasteries-gw
08-unchangeable fate-gw
01-remember the ancient-fff
02-minas morgul-fff
03-the eternal walls-fff
01-utuk xul – the goat of black possession-qtxmp3
02-utuk xul – snake of the abyss-qtxmp3
03-utuk xul – visions of the fire-qtxmp3
04-utuk xul – the ancient god of light-qtxmp3
05-utuk xul – allax xul-qtxmp3
06-utuk xul – whispers of typhared-qtxmp3
07-utuk xul – the goat of black possession-qtxmp3
01 v28-the brighest light-berc
02 v28-unleash the energy-berc
03 v28-a prophecy written in uranium-berc
04 v28-infected by life-berc
05 v28-the purifying flames-berc
06 v28-solid structure unknown-berc
07 v28-as the sky opens-berc
08 v28-deconstructor-berc
09 v28-dead mens choir-berc
01 as i lay dying – meaning in tragedy-tp
02 heaven shall burn – the weapon they fear-tp
03 heaven shall burn – voice of the voicless-tp
04 evergreen terrace – new friend request-tp
05 evergreen terrace – the smell of summer-tp
06 agents of man – death of me-tp
07 agents of man – without a trace-tp
08 end of days – dedicated to the extreme-tp
09 end of days – turned to death-tp
10 neaera – the world devourers-tp
11 neaera – where submission reigns-tp
01 arch enemy – nemesis-tp
02 opeth – the grand conjuration-tp
03 disturbed – guarded-tp
04 god forbid – chains of humanity-tp
05 fear factory – moment impact-tp
06 static x – the enemy-tp
07 from autumn to ashes – jack ang ginger-tp
08 the black dahlia murder – a vulgar picture-tp
09 extol – gloriana-tp
10 beecher – funcion function-tp
11 within temptation – its the fear-tp
12 deadlock – earth. revolt-tp
13 headspeed – a different side of me-tp
14 laruso – falling apart-tp
15 sal – death ray-tp
16 senses fail – lady in a blue dress-tp
17 razorwire – d-fens-tp
18 head hung low – ashes bones burnt to dust-tp
19 siebenburgen – rebellion-tp
20 beseech – innerlane-tp
01-funker vogt – navigator (zillo mix)-cmg
02-solitary experiments – homesick-cmg
03-reaper – jagd-cmg
04-angel theory – black and blue (structure)-cmg
05-o.v.n.i – what have i done-cmg
06-spasmodique – schmerzspender 2000-cmg
07-unto ashes – in memory of d drennan-cmg
08-the beautiful disease – bluetenleicht-cmg
09-the dreamside – forsaken-cmg
10-porn – the free alternate reality-cmg
11-subway to sally – das raetsel ii-cmg
12-xandria – in love with the darkness-cmg
13-end of green – shes wild-cmg
14-fear factory – moment of impact-cmg
15-legio mortis – legend of humanitys fall-cmg
16-opeth – the grand conjuration (edit)-cmg
01 arch-enemy-nemesis-tdpmp3
02 arch-enemy-i-am-legend-tdpmp3
03 nevermore-final-product-tdpmp3
04 nevermore-the-psalm-of-lydia-tdpmp3
01 akerbeltz-burning offerings-amrc
02 amnion-at night at the cemetery-amrc
03 beelzeb-misanthropes aurora-amrc
04 beheaded lamb-nine kings masterplan-amrc
05 crystalmoors-north iberian sadness and pride-amrc
06 deathsquadron-genocide before extinction-amrc
07 empty-alone in the darkness my eternal rest-amrc
08 harridan-the banshees call-amrc
09 mortinatum-eromena-amrc
10 nazgul-celtiberian werewolf warriors-amrc
11 primigenium-there where we will have to rise again-amrc
12 shroud-chaos or death-amrc
13 the sign of katu marus-in nostro omnium fletu-amrc
14 xerion-o diario das tebras-amrc
01-eluveitie-uis elveti-gw
02-forecast-my key – my pain-gw
03-hegemoon-opetaj mnie-gw
04-pogrom 1147-mutilated corpse of god-gw
05-inner silence-laspe of memory-gw
06-fortision-among ices he has arosen-gw
07-nuklear antikrist-war-gw
08-besatt-the kingdom of hatred-gw
09-heol telwen-heol telwen-gw
10-nocturnal-ripping christian carrion-gw
11-massemord-ion storm (dodheimsgard cover)-gw
12-black altar-the accuser-gw
13-the cryptosy-heartless merciless-gw
14-opus nocturne-imprisoned-gw
15-medievil-toljki sosny (only the pines and the sky in the night)-gw
01 nokturnal mortum-hailed by the heroes-berc
02 runenblut-die vergessenen krieger-berc
03 elite-antican-berc
04 creature-unerhoert blieb sein gebet-berc
05 pest-cold stare-berc
06 aaskereia-erkenntnis-berc
07 wigrid-tagtraum-berc
08 nachtfalke-praise the war-berc
09 infernum-before the locks of twilight-berc
10 magog-lebe kaempfe toete siege-berc
11 satanic warmaster-eaten by rats-berc
12 black altar-the ultimate antigod appearance-berc
13 woodtemple-tears of forest-berc
14 caedes-blood war perversion-berc
15 darkestrah-march of the hordes-berc
16 ravensblood-runatal odins runenlied-berc
17 krieg-who shall stand against me-berc
18 wolfswinter-der sinn von sax und ger-berc
19 graveland-creator and destroyer-berc
20 armageddon-kill the koward khrist-berc
21 tymah-vihar-berc
22 odal-der worte gewalt-berc
23 werewolf-burning eyes of werewolf-berc
24 legion of sadism-festival of violence-berc
01-national napalm syndicate-sweet revenge-cos
02-maple cross-the greatest hit-cos
03-sacred crusifix-the last path-cos
02-vacuum-withered centuries of dust
01-dark man shadow-lesser evil-butt
02-sacred sin-hephaistus (blast for satan)-butt
03-suhrim-there is no god but man-butt
04-neoplasmah-mummified in hybrid plasma-butt
05-stigmhate-understand the black-butt
06-bak xiii-remember-butt
07-z.e.t.a. x-7 cultures-butt
09-arcane wisdom-theatre unfolds (suglo xviii of a diseased mind)-butt
10-moonlyght-ride the ice storms-butt
12-evadne-the autumn of the withered roses-butt
13-arte sacra-the searching-butt
14-darkshine- en la cruz-butt
15-dead meat-fasciitis necrotizing-butt
17-abfys-sex with your smashed face-butt
18-the ransack-virus-butt
19-dark embrace-dusk in my heart-butt
20-voice of hate-hidden inside-butt
01-strata-never there
02-jet-hey kids
03-the donnas-everyone is wrong
04-switchfoot-sooner or later
05-finger eleven-thousand mile wish (elektra mix)
06-megan mccauley-wonder
07-taking back sunday-your own disaster
08-evenascence-breathe no more
09-12 stones-photograph
10-alter bridge-save me
11-the dreaming-beautiful
13-hawthorne heights-angels with even filthier souls
14-the twenty twos-5 years
15-full blown rose-in the light
01-dead to earth-descent
02-dead to earth- and as they dream
03-dead to earth-infinite and pollutive dispersion
04-volkeinblucht- for i cannot enter there
05-volkeinblucht-die geschenke der wolfe
06-volkeinblucht-living under the shadow of holiness
07-volkeinblucht-deaths siren call
08-idvarp-victory hail
10-idvarp-blood death honour part i
11-idvarp-blood death honour part ii
01-charing cross- back for attack-atr
02-tempesta- fuck-atr
03-nice- dr. love-atr
04-backwash- one more dollar-atr
05-fatcap- snatch away-atr
06-palmer- who am i-atr
07-mabon- fight-atr
08-trinity- take away the anger-atr
09-red rain- red rain-atr
10-in your face- the revenant-atr
11-dividingline- burning sky-atr
12-united to be famous- sun of my soul-atr
13-other fools- so fucking why-atr
14-snook- loo dream-atr
15-gumpen- the land of booze-atr
16-pylon- to my brethren-atr
17-majesty of silence- through eternity-atr
18-dragonflys- through the night-atr
01-crown of clory- the limit-atr
02-dark sign- i am right on-atr
03-fair haven- life changes-atr
04-nighthunter- nighthunter-atr
05-ad lacum- through the open door-atr
06-arise- twisting and turning-atr
07-motu proprio- let me drown-atr
08-petrified- frailty-atr
09-punish- suffering of the enemies-atr
10-ex-ortation – you cant feel the breath-atr
11-784itch- blackfire-atr
12-prograss- spotswatch-atr
13-p.m.t- taste in camouflage-atr
14-redcandy- ball of illusions-atr
15-corpus delicti- the immortal knight-atr
16-fabi ann- drowning my love-atr
17-corwen- howard the beaver-atr
18-thunder x- bad world-atr
19-anxiety- creeping flight-atr
01-foo fighters-free me-gf
02-funeral for a friend-recovery-gf
03-green day-shes a rebel-gf
04-towers of london-fuck it up-gf
06-my chemical romance-thank you for the venom-gf
07-trivium-pull harder on the strings of your martyr-gf
08-lordi-the devil is a loser-gf
09-still remains-the worst is yet to come-gf
10-bullet for my valentine-her choice resides (live)-gf
11-slipknot-the blister exists (live)-gf
12-cradle of filth-nymphetamine fix-gf
13-fightstar-palahniuks laughter-gf
14-avenged sevenfold-trashed and scattered-gf
15-eighteen visions-i let go-gf
101 dracul-violence (exklusiv mix)-fwyh
102 asp-ich will brennen-fwyh
103 unheilig-die muse-fwyh
104 crematory-tick tack-fwyh
105 garden of delight-black mass-fwyh
106 umbra et imago-lieber gott (miggemix)-fwyh
107 the birthday massacre-lovers end-fwyh
108 amber-die ranken-fwyh
109 faun-egil saga-fwyh
110 flesh field-haven-fwyh
111 dismantled-exit-fwyh
112 panzer ag-filth god-fwyh
113 relegion-legion-fwyh
114 polarlicht 4.1-ueberflieger 727-fwyh
115 azrael 69-killing me-fwyh
116 psyche-15 minutes-fwyh
201 wumpscut-rise again-fwyh
202 umbra et imago-stalker (birkenbeil rmx)-fwyh
203 vnv nation-electronaut-fwyh
204 the retrosic-total war-fwyh
205 fusspils 11-feiert f11-fwyh
206 stendal blast-schmutzige haende-fwyh
207 janus-ich will seinen kopf-fwyh
208 sara noxx-vampire-fwyh
209 mind in a box-change-fwyh
210 catastrophe ballet-consequently (sexy mozart edit)-fwyh
211 screaming banshee aircrew-uproot them-fwyh
212 pink turns blue-nows the time-fwyh
213 hypocrisy-apocalypse-fwyh
214 agathodaimon-faded years-fwyh
215 saltatio mortis-salz der erde-fwyh
216 cultus ferox-virelai-fwyh
01-vale of tears-sympathy for passing time
02-vale of tears-the mere cypher
03-vale of tears-desolate
04-vale of tears-surrounded by walls
05-vale of tears-the innocents
06-vale of tears-another level of existence
07-vale of tears-restrained vision
08-vale of tears-encountering the unknown
09-vale of tears-spiritual swamp
01-face down-heroin-gf
02-dimmu borgir-broderskapets ring-gf
03-the ocean-une saison en enfer-gf
04-annihilator-maximum satan-gf
05-clawfinger-hate yourself with style-gf
06-perzonal war-for the last time-gf
07-bolt thrower-entrenched-gf
08-hellfueled-look out-gf
09-nai ssaion-the mirror-gf
11-razorback-the flame still burns-gf
12-loslos-vamos a la playa-gf
01-trivium-pull harder on the strings of your martyr
02-arch enemy-i am legend-out for blood
03-god forbid-end of the world
04-bullet for my valentine-cries in vain (live at download 2005)
06-chimaira-nothing remains
07-shadows fall-inspiration on demand
08-black label society-stillborn
09-devildriver-end of the line
10-soulfly-carved inside
12-nevermore-final product
02-nightwish-wish i had an angel
03-disbelief-rewind it all (death or glory)
04-bleed the sky-kill tank
05-wintersun-winter madness
06-mnemic-door 2.12
08-exodus-war is my shepherd
09-death angel-the devil incarnate
10-in flames-touch of red
11-dimmu borgir-progenies of the great apocalypse
01-arch enemy-nemesis
02-opeth-the grand conjuration (edit)
04-god forbid-chains of humanity
05-fear factory-moment of impact
06-static x-the enemy
07-form autumn to ashes-jack and ginger
08-the black dahlia murder-a vulgar picture
10-beecher-function function
11-within temptation-its the fear
12-deadlock-earth revolt
13-headspeed-a different side of me
14-laruso-falling apart
15-sal-death ray
16-senses fail-lady in a blue dress
18-head hung low-ashes bones burnt to dust
01-comeback kid-wake the dead
02-darkest hour-sound the surrender
03-a perfect murder-wake up and die
04-between the buried and me-mordecai
05-aiden-goodbye were falling fast
06-hawthorne heights-niki fm
07-silverstein-smile in your step
08-spitalfield-gold dust vs state of illinois
09-bayside-devotion and desire
10-theaudition-youve made us conscious
11-the junior varsity-get comfortable
01-kronos-disease of god
03-recueil morbide-made of flesh and blood
04-concept of elation-worship the pain
05-destinity-weak of sorrow
06-force fed-punishment
07-bloody sign-onward to citheron forest
08-t.a.f-break man
09-aura noire-possession nocturne
11-execution-my suffering
12-post mortem-fatal holocaust
14-apoplexy-endanger your mind
01-mind-a-stray-sign of victory-sng
02-dead shape figure-to chase the wicked-sng
03-widescreen mode-everlasting bomb-sng
04-hateform-i wont kneel-sng
05-bloodsoul-monumental massacre-sng
06-reprisal scars-angels die-sng
08-sightless-sell your messiah-sng
10-dead samaritan-bleeding ground-sng
11-dienecia-raping my mind-sng
12-thy legacy-reverse exorcism-sng
13-teardown-stolen by sorrow-sng
15-rotten faces-mechanics-sng
18-the lust i seek-crowned in damnation-sng
01-hammerfall-blood bound
02-judas priest-revolution
03-nile-execration text
04-candlemass-black dwarf
05-in flames-my sweet shadow
08-darkane-secondary effects
09-mnemic-door 2 12
10-dew-scented-turn to ash
11-kreator-impossible brutality
13-legion of the damned-bleed for me
14-the haunted-all against all
15-ektomorf-show your fist
16-dark tranquillity-lost to apathy
17-omnium gatherum-the fall went right through here
18-napalm death-low life
19-suffocation-surgery of impalement
20-graveworm-i the machine
22-dimmu borgir-vredesbyrd
23-strapping young lad-love
24-mastodon-iron tusk
26-dillinger escape plan-setting fire to sleeping giants
27-agnostic front-so pure to me
28-bleed the sky-minion
29-m o d -wigga
30-the duskfall-the shallow end
31-primal fear-seven seals
33-crystal ball-digital world
34-subway to sally-ratsel ii
36-cathedral-upon azraels wings
38-gotthard-lift u up
39-subway to sally-sieben
41-within temptation-ice queen
42-accept-balls to the walls
43-grave digger-the last supper
44-saxon-beyond the grave
45-motorhead-lifes a bitch
46-rage-straight to hell
47-edguy-all the clowns
48-iced earth-declaration day
49-thunderstone-tool of the devil
50-masterplan-back for my life
51-beyond twilight-shadow self
52-evidence one-virus in my veins
53-nightwish-ghost love score
54-primal fear-suicide and mania
55-annihilator-all for you
56-communic-conspiracy in mind
57-paradise lost-forever after
59-pain-same old song
60-crematory-tick tack
61-die apokalyptischen reiter-die sonne scheint
62-j b o -gansebluemchen
63-all shall perish-deconstruction (live)
64-misery index-pulling out the nails (live)
65-pungent stench-klyster boogie (live)
66-the duskfall-the light (live)
67-die apokalyptischen reiter-we will never die (live)
68-omnium gatherum-the nolans fati (live)
69-anthrax-refused to be denied (live)
70-destruction-the butcher strikes back (live)
71-dimmu borgir-puritani (live)
72-hypocrisy-the final chapter (live)
73-kataklysm-laments of fear (live)
74-raise hell-soulcollector (live)
01-squash bowels-dead field

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