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02-junior delgado-the raiders-yard
03-leroy smart-mr. smart-yard
04-barrington levy-shine eye gal-yard
05-pablo moses-one people-yard
06-augustus pablo-one way-yard
07-yellowman-for your eyes only-yard
08-al campbell-going the wrong way-yard
09-don carlos-spread out-yard
10-fred locks-love and harmony-yard
11-little roy-touch not my locks-yard
12-michael prophet-jah love-yard
13-viceroys-yah ho-yard
14-clint eastwood-dance cork-yard
01-cornell campbell-please be true-yard
02-earth and stone-wicked a fe dress back-yard
01-va-creation high powa 1988
01-lt stichie – learn fe read and spell
02-little twich – make us a life
03-major worries – me no response
04-tulloch t – think me did gone
05-risco benty – dont pirate it
06-admiral bailey – big belly man
07-shabba ranks – must love reggae
08-derrick irie – slide and wine
09-pampidoo – synthersizer voice
10-horse man daddy – fat belly man
01-echo minott-i hello-yard
02-echo minott-sweet reggae music-yard
03-echo minott-girl next door-yard
04-echo minott-my lady-yard
05-frankie paul-string up the sound-yard
06-frankie paul-come home-yard
07-frankie paul-wicked and dreadful-yard
08-frankie paul-dont want no war-yard
01-johnny osbourne-guilty-rks
03-nikki parchment-take this love-rks
04-linval thompson-raggamuffin lover-rks
05-henkel irie-ghetto life-rks
06-cornell campbell-boxing-rks
07-ernest wilson-never walk away-rks
08-carlton livingston-rumours-rks
09-horace andy-treasure call love-rks
10-chris wayne-for ever love-rks
01-screwdriver-run johnny-yard
02-horace andy-conscious lyrics-yard
03-louis culture-yuh nuh waan let off-yard
04-anthony redrose-we raggamuffin-yard
05-echo minott-mad over me-yard
06-yellow bird-let me be your lover-yard
07-junie ranks-weh fi hole dem-yard
08-ashman-sen fi di brush-yard
01-lecturer-invest your money-yard
02-jah son-fat in panty-yard
01-super cat-sweet for my sweet-yard
02-little twitch and lecturer-d.j. wan bust-yard
03-shelly thunder-kuff-yard
04-barrington levy-teach the youth-yard
05-carl meeks-wey dem fa-yard
06-nadine sutherland-dont take your love away-yard
07-admiral bailey-old time something-yard
08-sophia george-you never knew-yard
09-pinchers-why me-yard
10-j.c. lodge- telephone love-yard
11-junior reid-married life-yard
01-smiley culture-slam bam
02-phillip levi-mi god mi king
03-asher senator-fast style origination
04-peter king-me neat me sweet
05-macka b-a gentleman with manners
06-smiley and asher-its comming down
07-papa benji-fare doger
08-pato-nice up the session
09-papa face and bionic rhona-to the bump
10-laurel and hardy-youre nicked
01-wayne smith-under me sleng teng-yard
02-michael buckley-dance gate-yard
01-freddie magregor-big ship-rks
02-al campbell-unfaithful children-rks
03-barrington levy-too poor-rks
04-earl sixteen-trials and crosses-rks
05-eek-a-mouse-do you remember-rks
06-barry brown-love what you want-rks
07-sammy dread and saddle dread-follow fashion-rks
08-lee van cleef-gone water gone-rks
09-johnny osbourne and papa tullo-back off-rks
10-linal thompson-holding on to my girlfriend-rks
11-nicodemus-wife and sweetheart-rks
12-toyan-strictly the dread-rks
01-gregory isaacs-rumours (12 mix)-r2r
02-j.c.lodge-telephone love (12 mix)-r2r
03-shabba ranks-no bother dis (soundbwoy) 12 mix)-r2r
04-dennis brown and gregory isaacs-big all around (12 mix)-r2r
05-home t cocoa tea shabba ranks-pirates anthem (12 mix)-r2r
06-mighty diamonds-mr. bodyguard (12 mix)-r2r
07-gregory isaacs freddie mcgregor ninjaman-john law (12 mix)-r2r
08-krystal and shabba ranks-twice my age (12 mix)-r2r
09-dennis brown and cocoa tea-to the foundation (12 mix)-r2r
10-papa san-dancehall good to we (12 mix)-r2r
11-deborahe glasgow-champion lover (12 mix)-r2r
12-deborahe and shabba-mr. lover man (12 mix)-r2r
01-va-jack ruby-at 9 mile st.ann 1981
01-va-jack ruby-high powa 1986-hlc
01-tiger-love line-yard
02-colour man-cricketer-yard
01-peter ranking and papa lucky-easies and squeezies-yard
02-sammy dread and peter ranking-you i love-yard
01-don carlos – mr big man-gmg
02-barry brown – shoot up the town-gmg
03-willie williams – jah righteous reign-gmg
04-uptempo allstars – version-gmg
01-tiger-don is don-yard
02-tiger-talk of the town-yard
03-tiger-right through the gate-yard
04-tiger-gather people gather around-yard
05-tiger-lyrics for you money-yard
06-yellowman-letter to rosie-yard
07-yellowman-titty jump-yard
08-yellowman-girl watcher-yard
10-yellowman-have fe get it-yard
01-va-king jammys versus jack ruby-mobay 1986-hlc
01-va-side 1-yard
02-va-side 2-yard
01-early b-dj pattern
02-early b-never leave her again
03-early b-what a gwan
04-early b-certain food we eat
05-phillip fanna-block out
06-phillip fanna-youre so young
07-phillip fanna-walk out on me
08-phillip fanna-dont be surprised
01-wayne wonder-girl its over now-gully
02-johnny p-love and unity-gully
03-japanese-roughest hatman-gully
04-shadow man-woman a fi nice-gully
05-ninja man feat tinga stewart-cover me-gully
06-pliers-her love is burning-gully
07-hopeton james-got to be there-gully
08-tommy trouble feat robert levy-heart skip beat-gully
01-admiral tibett – serious times
02-robert lee – lovely lady
03-junior delgado – illegal gun
04-cultural roots – running back to me
05-admiral tibett – be with me tonight
06-coca tea – possy
07-robert lee – fantasy world
08-cultural roots – my sweet lady
09-leroy gibbons – magic moment
10-dominic – favour boy george
01-j twins-ill always love you-yard
02-lady mackerel-rough girls-yard
03-tuffest-yu safe-yard
04-joe mannix-cut eye cut eye-yard
05-bert lancaster-one plus-yard
06-d. jango niceness-dub plate in my hands-yard
07-courtney candy-closer than just friends-yard
08-roland burrel-tonight is the night-yard
09-phillip frazer-stand by me-yard
10-singing melody-killing me softly-yard
01-ashman-want a punaunie-yard
02-super barry-want a virgin-yard
03-phantom and super barry-kill mi wid it-yard
04-joe manix-no touch mi tomato-yard
05-john wayne-want you body-yard
06-lady junie-ne get punaunie-yard
07-don angilo and anthony red rose-want de loving-yard
08-pan bird-punaunie galore-yard
09-bob livingston-wat a two aear old-yard
10-peego and fatman-punaunie riddim-yard
01-beres hammond-all i need to know-rks
02-freddie magregor and marcia griffiths-united we stand-rks
03-scotty-close to me-rks
04-marcia griffiths-lets dance-rks
05-dean fraser-lets dance-rks
06-beres hammond-how to say goodbye-rks
07-freddie magregor-smile-rks
08-aj brown-too many women-rks
09-nana mclean-feel like making love-rks
01-sanchez-baby can i hold you tonight-rbk
02-wayne wonder-new way to say i love you-rbk
03-boris gardiner-my commanding wife-rbk
04-intense-on my mind-rbk
05-roni-lovers affair-rbk
06-kofi-looking over love-rbk
07-foxy brown-baby can i hold you tonight-rbk
08-johnny p. and thrilla u.-stick by me-rbk
09-u. madoo and captain barky-mix up-rbk
10-lambert douglas and wane fire-sweet and nice-rbk
11-clement irie and robert french-bun and cheese-rbk
12-top cat-love me ses-rbk
13-taxman-fatal attraction-rbk
14-manifest-i want to get next to you-rbk
01-steel plus-sound system-gully
02-steel plus-handsworth revolution-gully
03-i-threes and the wailers-belly full-gully
04-melody makers and the wailers-sugar pie-gully
05-eak a mouse-wa do dem-gully
06-dennis brown-if i had the world-gully
07-black uhuru-plastic smile-gully
08-black uhuru-guess whos coming to dinner-gully
09-sheila hylton-the beds too big without you-gully
10-gregory isaacs-soon foward-gully
11-carlean davis-the harder they come-gully
12-mighty diamonds-right time-gully
13-third world-1865-gully
14-third world-rock the world-gully
01-daddy freddy and asher senator-no drugs allowed-rks
02-top cat-bike rider-rks
03-junior chin-send them come-rks
04-tenor fly-roughneck fashion-rks
05-ricky ranking-love her to death-rks
06-nico gun-the remedy-rks
07-shanki sheckles-respect woman-rks
08-ricky tuffy-dont lick no rock-rks
09-devon irie-dj anthem-rks
10-mr palmer-respect champion-rks
11-conrad crystal-original a de key-rks
12-sister sonia-respect woman-rks
13-joe mannix-rough house na ramp-rks
14-lady mackerel-rougher girl fashion-rks
01-ini kamoze-stress-jah
02-sanchez-my perogative-jah
03-chaka demus-vanity crazy-jah
04-carl meeks-rawborn rub a dub-jah
05-general trees-me no know why-jah
06-sugar minott-jah is the way-jah
07-ny gel-special lady-jah
08-ninja man-lick out-jah
09-pad antony-step it up-jah
10-johnny p.-nice and cute-jah
01-little john-say what youre saying-yard
02-elfigo bacca-dedicated to you-yard
01-johnny osbourne ft bunny brown-love makes the world go round-rks
02-bobby gaynair ft earth roots and water-come together-rks
03-earth roots and water ft jerry brown-sufferer-rks
04-johnny osbourne-right right time-rks
05-earth roots and water-awakening-rks
06-adrian miller-mankind-rks
07-noel ellis-reach my destiny-rks
08-ranking-thanks and praise-rks
09-adrian miller-one and only one-rks
10-ranking-chatty chatty people-rks
11-johnny osbourne-jah jah live forever-rks
12-jerry brown-dreadlock lady-rks
13-johnny osbourne-warrior-rks
14-willie williams-run them a run-rks
15-unique madoo-call me nobody else-rks
01-thriller u-greatest love affair-rks
02-papa san-watch dem a watch me-rks
03-chaka demus-back out-rks
04-johnny p-no bed use-rks
05-higgs and twins-jump up time-rks
06-toughest-cant live with out them-rks
07-johnny p-girls dem time-rks
08-shabba ranks-cant keep me down-rks
09-king jammys-iron claw-rks
10-king jammys-greatest version-rks
01-mikey jarrett and princess goldie-downtown-yard
02-verdie green-proud a we-yard
03-ken albert-mash it again-yard
04-citrus-shock out and spread out-yard
05-chris diamond-waiting for my baby-yard
06-junior rodigan-be happy-yard
07-kari ranks-she loves me-yard
08-sister sensi-easy nuh ma-yard
09-shaka ranks-have you ever seen the rain-yard
10-princess goldie-gucci hat-yard
01-midnight riders-youthman invasion-yard
02-wayne smith-rain from the sky-yard
03-wayne blackstock-growing up-yard
04-frankie paul-that love-yard
05-tonos all stars-tonos dub-yard
06-frankie jones-let go the rythm-yard
07-don angelo-on the track-yard
08-lloyd hemmings-false love-yard
09-bubbler ranking-american culture-yard
10-steve knight-tell dem already-yard
01-red rose and king kong-two big bull in one pen-yard
02-red rose-body crazy-yard
03-king kong-is it love i am feeling-yard
04-red rose-tribulation-yard
05-king kong-riddle me this-yard
06-red rose and king kong-follow me now-yard
07-king kong-cater fi she-yard
08-red rose-dont touch my choo choo-yard
09-king kong-aint gonna be no loafter-yard
10-red rose-monkey sample-yard
01-echo minott-put your hand on the key for me-yard
02-johnny osbourne-put it by number one-yard
03-wayne smith-under me sleng teng-yard
04-patrick andy-jamming in the street-yard
05-john wayne-call the police-yard
06-tony asher and king jammy-sweet teng-yard
07-tenor saw-old time proverbs-yard
08-tunto irie-posse teng-yard
09-mr. lee-prices a lick like storm-yard
10-digital bobby-meg dub mix-yard
01-michael palmer-them nawh sting-yard
02-sugar minott-hard time rock-yard
01-little kirk-i dont know-yard
02-little john-cork up dance hall-yard
01-ziggy marley and the melody makers-conscious party-dina
02-ziggy marley and the melody makers-lee and molly-dina
03-ziggy marley and the melody makers-tomorrow people-dina
04-ziggy marley and the melody makers-new love-dina
05-ziggy marley and the melody makers-tumblin down-dina
06-ziggy marley and the melody makers-we a guh some weh-dina
07-ziggy marley and the melody makers-a who a say-dina
08-ziggy marley and the melody makers-have you ever been to hell-dina
09-ziggy marley and the melody makers-we propose-dina
10-ziggy marley and the melody makers-whats true-dina
11-ziggy marley and the melody makers-dreams of home-dina
101-aswad-a rebel soul-r2r
102-aswad-cant stand the pressure-r2r
103-aswad-back to africa-r2r
104-aswad-sons of criminals-r2r
105-aswad-judgement day-r2r
106-aswad-not guilty-r2r
107-aswad-warrior charge-r2r
108-aswad-three babylon-r2r
109-aswad-its not our wish-r2r
110-aswad-rainbow culture-r2r
111-aswad-dub fire-r2r
112-aswad-tuff we tuff (live)-r2r
113-aswad-not satisfied (live)-r2r
114-aswad-roots rocking (live)-r2r
115-aswad-drum and bass line (live)-r2r
116-aswad-african children (live)-r2r
202-aswad-just a little herb-r2r
203-aswad-need your love (each and every day)-r2r
206-aswad-gimme the dub-r2r
207-aswad-kool nom-r2r
208-aswad-the message-r2r
209-aswad-dont turn around-r2r
211-aswad-dont get weary-r2r
212-aswad-smokey blues-r2r
213-aswad-on and on-r2r
214-aswad-dancing on my own-r2r
217-aswad-old firestick-r2r
218-aswad-gotta find a way-r2r
01-atlantik-horn song-hlc
03-atlantik-not guilty-hlc
05-atlantik-all aboard-hlc
06-atlantik-bend down-hlc
07-atlantik-come my way-hlc
08-atlantik-reggae medley-hlc
09-atlantik-run to me-hlc
10-atlantik-follow me-hlc
12-atlantik-bend down (remix)-hlc
01-burning spear-appointment with his majesty-csv
02-burning spear-play jerry-csv
03-burning spear-reggae physician-csv
04-burning spear-music-csv
05-burning spear-african jamaican-csv
06-burning spear-loving you-csv
07-burning spear-my island-csv
08-burning spear-dont sell out-csv
09-burning spear-commercial development-csv
10-burning spear-glory to be jah-csv
11-burning spear-clean it up-csv
12-burning spear-come in peace-csv
01-dillinger-cocaine in my brain-gully
02-dillinger-loving pauper-gully
03-dillinger-crabs in my pants-gully
04-dillinger-jah love-gully
05-dillinger-marijuana in my brain-gully
06-dillinger-mickey mouse crab louse-gully
07-dillinger-flat foot hustlin-gully
08-dillinger-i thurst-gully
09-dillinger-funky punk-gully
10-dillinger-cocaine in my brain (acid house mix)-gully
01-yellowman-11 and 11
03-yellowman-morning ride
04-yellowman-even tide fire
05-yellowman-operation radication
07-yellowman-out a hand
08-yellowman-mad over me
09-yellowman-lovers corner
10-yellowman-bim and bam
12-yellowman-my possie
01-sizzla-give them a ride-rbk
02-sizzla-love is divine-rbk
03-sizzla-make it secure-rbk
04-sizzla-blackwoman and child-rbk
05-sizzla-guide over us-rbk
06-sizzla-hard ground-rbk
07-sizzla-one way-rbk
08-sizzla-oh what a joy-rbk
09-sizzla-babylon a use dem brain-rbk
10-sizzla-princess black-rbk
11-sizzla-no time to gaze-rbk
12-sizzla-more guidance-rbk
13-sizzla-mi lord-rbk
14-sizzla-give them a ride-remix-rbk
15-sizzla-too much to bare-rbk
01-anthony b-red in the gideon-rks
02-anthony malvo ft anthony b-bodyguard-rks
03-monster shack-fun time-rks
04-anthony redrose ft harry toddler-bob marley make up-rks
05-lexxus and kiprich-real age-rks
06-corners boy riddim-version-rks
01-tanya stephens-handle the ride-rbk
02-sizzla-give them the ride-rbk
03-morgan heritage-lets pray to the lord-rbk
04-red dragon-never give up-rbk
05-anthony b-stronger-rbk
06-nadine sutherland-what does it takes-rbk
07-louie culture-foundation form birth-rbk
08-junior tucker-big chat-rbk
09-terror fabulous-love me if you love me-rbk
10-admiral tibbet-babylon brutally-rbk
11-yami bolo and cutty ranks-pick and choose-rbk
12-josey whales-bowl dem-rbk
13-tony rebel-jah never let us down-rbk
14-michael butley-world without end-rbk
15-neisha k-jah love-rbk
16-lt. stechie-promises-rbk
17-luckie d-lonely is the night-rbk
01-va-sharlene boodram featuring vybe-joe le taxi-hlc
02-va-ziggy rankin featuring candice-the message-hlc
03-va-chantwell-clear de way-hlc
04-va-schizophrenia-crazy times-hlc
05-va-rustee and karla-maturity-hlc
06-va-kindred-doh stop (paradise mix)-hlc
07-va-bushmen-aint we funkin-hlc
08-va-detrimental-girls girls-hlc
10-va-sharlene boodram-chutney time-hlc
11-va-detrimental-drug baron-hlc
12-va-poetic religion-chant-hlc
13-va-chantwell-morning ground-hlc
14-va-ninja kat-look behind-hlc
15-va-3 canal-blue blue-hlc
16-va-roger israel featuring detrimental-silent storm-hlc
01-john mclean-never risk-rks
02-intense-you are the one-rks
03-kofi-we play reggae-rks
04-horace andy-armagedeon-rks
05-macka b-squeeze me-rks
06-ranking ann-kill the police bill-rks
07-thriller jenna-dj mama-rks
08-u roy-true born african-rks
09-pato banton-king step-rks
10-tippa irie-rebel on the roots corner-rks
11-papa levi-speed rap-rks
12-lee scratch perry-mystic warrior-rks
13-mad professor-your rights my rights-rks
14-jah shaka and mad professor-one million man dub-rks
15-mad professor with william the conqueror and king o di jungle-doppler in de jungle-rks
16-mad professor with douggie digital and juggler-kunte kinte jungle-rks
01-natural beauty-nice up the dance-rks
02-tiger-no wanga gut-rks
03-tony rebel-firing strong-rks
04-sizzla-nah give in-rks
05-michigan and smiley-blackness awareness-rks
06-brigadier jerry-lyrics of mine-rks
07-u roy-music addict-rks
08-yellowman-reggae on the move-rks
09-capleton-alms house-rks
10-chaka demus and pliers-ruff this year-rks
11-tappa zukie-oh lord-rks
12-top cat-love mi sess-rks
13-charlie chaplin-charlie in the party-rks
14-little lenny-gun in a baggy-rks
15-sister carol-mother culture-rks
01-black uhuru-dread in the mountain-rks
02-israel vibration-cool and calm-rks
03-culture-one stone-rks
04-link and chain-something is wrong-rks
05-heptones-teach the children-rks
06-melodians-get up and dance-rks
07-congos-natty dread rise again-rks
08-mighty diamonds-posse are you ready-rks
09-psalms-joy in the morning-rks
01-ras michael and the sons of negus-hear the river jordan-rks
02-josey wales-le go me hand-rks
03-barrington levy-teach me culture-rks
04-the mighty diamonds-reggae-lution-rks
05-junior reid and don carlos-chanting-rks
06-junior reid and don carlos-black history-rks
07-dennis brown-hold tight-rks
08-the mighty diamonds-where is garvy-rks
09-wailing souls-them a fret-rks
10-wailing souls-kingston 14-rks
11-the mighty diamonds-run around child-rks
12-beres hammond and barrington levy-some girls are trouble-rks
13-the mighty diamonds-jam session-rks
14-wailing souls-play on-rks
15-michael prophet-cease fire-rks
16-al campbell-forward natty-rks
01-various artists-first bashment-rbk
02-baby cham-gallong yah gal-rbk
03-spragga benz-we nuh like-rbk
04-mr easy-rain again-rbk
05-frisco kid-gal pon de side-rbk
06-cobra-gal splurt-rbk
07-wayne wonder-searching dem searching-rbk
08-baby cham-hottie hottie crew-rbk
09-lady saw-eh em-rbk
10-professor nuts-jamaican girls-rbk
11-wayne wonder-cartoon-rbk
12-cobra-who get de money-rbk
13-frankie sly-fassy-rbk
14-mr easy-ah who-rbk
01-jackie mittoo-disco jack-hlc
02-alton ellis-too late-hlc
03-the techniques-purify dub-hlc
04-big joe-santic way-hlc
05-king tubby-king at the controls-hlc
06-mike brooks-woman of shiloh-hlc
07-the overnight players-shaka the great-hlc
08-gladstone anderson-holy mount zion-hlc
09-prince far i-brother joe-hlc
10-jackie mittoo-disco jack (version)-hlc
01-terror fabulous-so many war and crime-gully
02-dennis brown-running around-gully
03-capt barkey-angel doolas-all eyes on me-gully
04-galaxy p-drop top caddy-gully
05-jigsy king-because of you-gully
06-admiral bailey-jamaica way-gully
07-gary minott-greedy-gully
08-chuck fender-does it pay-gully
09-anthony b-unite-gully
10-king kong-seize all the guns-gully
11-yammi bolo-wonders and signs-gully
12-linval thompson-leggo the violence-gully
13-robert lee-time after time-gully
14-lt stitchie-lukie d-the vow-gully
15-sister marie-babylon-gully
01-oochi-engines of godly behaviour (edited rootsman dub mix)-hlc
02-the rootsman-sidi ayoub (unreleased dub mix)-hlc
03-the rootsman-return of ustad (unreleased dub mix by vibe)-hlc
04-the rootsman-temple of light (unreleased dub mix)-hlc
05-the rootsman meets monument-perilous time (edited remix by strongpoint)-hlc
06-the rootsman featuring dayjah-bind us together (edited version)-hlc
07-the rootsman featuring el jethoor-luxor (unreleased special edit by vibe)-hlc
08-the rootsman-mektoub (mix in the mix)-hlc
09-dayjah and the disciples-walk with i (unreleased mix)-hlc
10-the rootsman-koyaanisqatsi (mix in the mix)-hlc
11-the disciples meet the rootsman-roadblock (edited soundman mix)-hlc
12-the rootsman-cry of the fellaheen (unreleased dub track)-hlc
13-the rootsman-healing spirit (unreleased dub mix)-hlc
14-the rootsman-tribal dervish (unreleased dub plate mix)-hlc
15-strongpoint-we come in peace (edited version)-hlc
16-dub chandra-giving up the ghost (unreleased version)-hlc
17-the rootsman-mother of nature (unreleased dub mix)-hlc
01-mercilless and lady saw-baby to enjoy-rbk
02-beenie man-extra extra-rbk
03-scare dem crew-set it off-rbk
04-sizzla-show us the way-rbk
05-wayne wonder-rainbow-rbk
06-gregory isaacs-danger in your eyes-rbk
07-ghost-gal a nuh sweetie-rbk
08-bounty killer and beenie man-re-fix-rbk
09-lady saw-go he knows-rbk
11-monster shock crew-monster world-rbk
12-richie stephens-doctor fish-rbk
13-dennis brown-cold hearted fool-rbk
14-frankie paul-set it off-rbk
15-lukie d-god know i love you-rbk
16-red rat-italie-rbk
01-anthony b-bloody bloody city-rks
02-roundhead-wall of conscience-rks
03-tony curtis-desperado-rks
04-singing melody-ill be there-rks
05-bobby crystal-missing you-rks
06-captain barkey-man yard-rks
07-prezident brown-past present and future-rks
08-up park camp riddim-version-mix 1-rks
09-up park camp riddim-version-other mix-rks
01-wingless angels-i write my name. good morning-hlc
02-wingless angels-no dark there-hlc
03-wingless angels-keyman-hlc
04-wingless angels-on mount zion i-hlc
05-wingless angels-morning train-hlc
06-wingless angels-roll jordan roll-hlc
07-wingless angels-rasta army-hlc
08-wingless angels-we shall overcome-hlc
09-wingless angels-come in my little ones-hlc
10-wingless angels-four and twenty-hlc
11-wingless angels-rivers of babylon-hlc
12-wingless angels-ring out mt zion bells-hlc
13-wingless angels-bright soul-hlc
14-wingless angels-enjoy yourself-hlc
15-wingless angels-love love love-hlc
16-wingless angels-keyman acappella-hlc
01-black uhuru-here comes black uhuru-rks
02-black uhuru-system-rks
03-black uhuru-nyahbinghi congo-rks
04-black uhuru-look at life-rks
05-black uhuru-wicked haffe feel it-rks
06-black uhuru-real thing-rks
07-black uhuru-cant fight it-rks
08-black uhuru-proselyte-rks
09-black uhuru-hail tafari-rks
10-black uhuru-lullaby love-rks
11-black uhuru-babylon fall with john paul-rks
12-black uhuru-emperor lion-rks
13-black uhuru-binghi fire-rks
14-black uhuru-two for one-rks
01-dennis brown-equal rights-gully
02-dennis brown-money in my pocket-gully
03-dennis brown-wolves and leopards-gully
04-dennis brown-aint that loving you-gully
05-dennis brown-here i come-gully
06-dennis brown-so jah say-gully
07-dennis brown-words of wisdom-gully
08-dennis brown-cassandra-gully
09-dennis brown-slave driver-gully
10-dennis brown-man next door-gully
11-dennis brown-concrete castle king-gully
12-dennis brown-drifter-gully
13-dennis brown-boasting-gully
14-dennis brown-jah can do it-gully
15-dennis brown-should i-gully
16-dennis brown-love me always-gully
17-dennis brown-oh mother-gully
18-dennis brown-malcolm x-gully
01-doniki and steady ranks-war and crime-jah
02-doniki and steady ranks-praises-jah
03-doniki and steady ranks-teach and warn-jah
04-doniki and steady ranks-warn me a warn-jah
05-doniki and steady ranks-get ready-jah
06-doniki and steady ranks-hills and valleys-jah
07-doniki and steady ranks-bad fruit-jah
08-doniki and steady ranks-no security-jah
09-doniki and steady ranks-too much-jah
10-doniki and steady ranks-some love-jah
11-doniki and steady ranks-burning fire-jah
01-tony rebel-tribute to garnett silk-rbk
02-garnett silk-a man is just a man-rbk
03-garnett silk-who is like selassie-rbk
04-garnett silk-good good-rbk
05-garnett silk-lion heart-rbk
06-garnett silk-complaint-rbk
07-garnett silk-christian soldiers ft tony rebel-rbk
08-garnett silk-fussing and fighting-rbk
09-garnett silk-hungry-rbk
10-garnett silk-everything lve got-rbk
11-garnett silk-broken heart-rbk
12-garnett silk-broken heart ft buju banton-rbk
13-garnett silk-who is like selassie (remix)-rbk
14-garnett silk-good good (remix)-rbk
15-garnett silk-complaint (remix)-rbk
16-garnett silk-a man is just a man ft tony rebel-rbk
01-jimmy cliff-many rivers to cross
02-jimmy cliff-reggae night
03-jimmy cliff-we all are one
04-jimmy cliff-hot shot
05-jimmy cliff-reggae down babylon
06-jimmy cliff-reggae street
07-jimmy cliff-special
08-jimmy cliff-i can see clearly now
09-jimmy cliff-love me love me
10-jimmy cliff-rub a dub partner
11-jimmy cliff-rock children
12-jimmy cliff-brown eyes
13-jimmy cliff-sunshine in the music
14-jimmy cliff-hanging fire
15-jimmy cliff-girls and cars
16-jimmy cliff-the jimmy cliff megamix (we all are one reggae night hot shot)
01-pluto shervington-jambalaya-rks
02-pluto shervington-letter from miami-rks
03-pluto shervington-your honour-rks
04-pluto shervington-sixpence-rks
05-pluto shervington-no joshua-rks
06-pluto shervington-my heart dont know when to stop breaking-rks
07-pluto shervington-i-man born ya-rks
08-pluto shervington-rock the boat-rks
09-pluto shervington-ramgoat liver-rks
10-pluto shervington-dancing mood-rks
11-pluto shervington-dat-rks
12-pluto shervington-dis ya hard time (cant last)-rks
13-pluto shervington-i shot the sheriff-rks
14-pluto shervington-i-man bitter-rks
15-pluto shervington-book of rules-rks
16-pluto shervington-here i am-rks
17-pluto shervington-gimme-rks
18-pluto shervington-head above the water-rks
19-pluto shervington-reggae tonight-rks
01-prince buster-earthquake
02-prince buster-texas hold up
03-prince buster-freezing up orange street
04-prince buster-free love
05-prince buster-julie
06-prince buster-take it easy
07-prince buster-judge dread
08-prince buster-too hot
09-prince buster-ghost dance
10-prince buster-ten commandments
11-prince buster-al capone
12-prince buster-barrister pardon
01-the taxi gang-back home-gully
02-the taxi gang-way back home-gully
01-zebra-picture fi frame-yard
02-mr. vegas-big things a gwaan-yard
04-demo delgado-name weh name-yard
05-beenie man-gwaan so-yard
06-future troubles-dem bwoy gal-yard
07-goofy-anything can happen-yard
08-alley cat-leggo from yah so-yard
09-mad cobra-no one style-yard
10-terror fabulous-them a watch me-yard
11-red rat-bizzi blazzi-yard
12-daddy screw-baby bounti-yard
13-mega banton-tell a gal chill-yard
14-delly ranks-flex too hard-yard
15-merciless-gal sheet-yard
16-steely and clevie-black widow version (clean cut)-yard
01-hunter and laventille rhythm section-jouvert-hlc
02-lady spencer-d ring bi ding song-hlc
03-square one-controller (feeling the vibes)-hlc
04-3 canal-mud madness-hlc
05-kmc-soca bashment-hlc
06-andre tanker and machel montano-carnival strangers-hlc
08-2 shi-tik a wok-hlc
09-ajala-soca reggae party-hlc
10-ataklan and karen-spanish fly-hlc
11-nathalie burke and ricky general-jerky jerky-hlc
12-brother resistance-homegrown violence-hlc
13-kv charles-naughty but nice-hlc
14-point fortin engine room-dougla-hlc
01-chico-mek noise-rbk
02-general degree-lotoya-rbk
03-buccaneer-how can she forget-rbk
04-hawkeye-police alarm-rbk
05-buju banton and red rat-love dem bad-rbk
06-tanto metro and devonte-everyone falls in love-rbk
07-sean paul-nah get no bligh-rbk
08-richie stephens-weekness for sweetness-rbk
09-buju banton-up close and personal-rbk
10-little kirk-ill be holding on-rbk
11-alley cat-dirty thoughts-rbk
01-rayvon ft shaggy-old foot
02-beenie man-year 4
03-scare dem crew-many many
04-red rat and goofy-big man – little youth
05-sizzla-good ways
06-yami bolo and capleton-put down your weapon
07-terror fabulous-love me as i am
08-mr. vegas-heads high
09-cutty ranks-dj riding west
10-yellowman-want your body
11-richie stephens and crissy d-physical attracntion
12-frisco kid-juvenile
13-merciless-mama cooking
01-bounty killer-kry for lie for (tequila)-usc
02-anthony b-fire come now-usc
03-beres hammond-focussing time-usc
04-red rat-buss up pants waist-usc
05-delicate-bachelor profile-usc
06-sanchez and beenie man-refugee-usc
07-scare dem crew (elephant man and harry toddler)-dis scare dem-usc
08-capleton-king is a king-usc
09-angel doolas and captian barkey-2 by 4-usc
10-beenie man and a.r.p – tony curtis-missing you-usc
11-lady saw-man haffi mind wi-usc
01-general degree-sweet cologne-rbk
02-mr vegas-wuk the money-rbk
04-hawkeye-a we-rbk
05-beenie man-do you wanna dis-rbk
06-pinchers-yagga yah-rbk
07-tony rebel-enough is enough-rbk
08-glamma kid-run the place red-rbk
09-junior tucker-my girl tonight-rbk
10-lt stitchie-night club-rbk
11-nana mclean-trod on-rbk
12-devonite-if i hold you-rbk
01-leroy sibbles-choice of colour-rbk
03-pam hall-hear oh lord-rbk
04-junior more-its no secret-rbk
06-lt-only jah-rbk
07-mikey spice-have it all-rbk
08-courtney melody-key to your heart-rbk
09-honorable apache-miss gorgious-rbk
10-itals-ina dis a time-rbk
11-yellowman and fathead-operation radication-rbk
12-tony tuff-the remedy-rbk
13-tinga stewart-wrapped up in your love-rbk
14-cassandra-used to be my girl-rbk
15-trinity-the bump-rbk
16-black rat-school thing-rbk
01-stone love-intro-hlc
03-yankee b-mucho dinero-hlc
04-yankee b-next flight ft sizzla-hlc
05-junior delgado-hypocrites-hlc
06-augustus pablo-take it easy ft dillinger-hlc
07-born jamericans-state of shock iv ft johnny osborne-hlc
08-mikey dread-jah jah love (in the morning)-hlc
01-gregory isaacs-maximum respect-ill
02-yellowman and the paragons-come get everything-ill
03-bob marley-rebels hop-ill
04-leonard dillon-im ready-ill
05-toots and the maytalls-we shall overcome-ill
06-the paragons-the first time i saw you-ill
07-inner crisis feat. bob isaac-rasta business-ill
08-jamaica combination-we are the world-ill
09-greyhound-dream lover-ill
10-john holt-hey world-ill
11-dillinger-funky punk-ill
12-crucial vibes-try once more-ill
13-cornell campbell-malicious world-ill
14-dennis brown-your hearts desire-ill
15-roman stewart-running away from love-ill
16-the reggae masters-stir it up-ill
17-mick rowley-i heard it trough the grapevine-ill
18-don carlos-rivers of babylon-ill
01-beenie man-year 4-rbk
02-mr vegas-heads high (killem with it re-mix)-rbk
03-buccaneer-fade away-rbk
04-shaggy-sexy gal-rbk
05-goofy-tatty boom-rbk
06-richie stephens featuring general degree-give it up-rbk
07-sizzla-like mountain-rbk
08-red rat-bizzi blazzi-rbk
09-t.o.k and lady saw-hardcore lover-rbk
10-mr vegas-latest news-rbk
11-merciless-one of them-rbk
12-ghost-what have you done-rbk
13-beenie man-tell me-rbk
14-red rat-cyaan sleep-rbk
15-general degree-signal-rbk
16-capleton-rising up-rbk
01-dennis brown-money in my pocket-ill
02-gregory issacs-promise to be true-ill
03-leonard dillon-no bad woman-ill
04-bob marley-rainbow country-ill
05-toots and the maytalls-hold on-ill
06-susan cadogan-cause you love me baby-ill
07-yellowman and the paragons-yellow a the don-ill
08-the heptones-tickle me-ill
09-prince lincoln thompson and the royal rasses-they know not jah-ill
10-greyhound-mango rock-ill
11-john holt-release me-ill
12-crucial vibes-look into yourself-ill
13-the upsetters-tell me somthing good-ill
14-owen gray-candida-ill
15-soulful dynamics-i show you how to reggae-ill
16-club safari-peace and love and happiness-ill
17-brad osborne-little flute chant-ill
18-don carlos-better must come-ill
01-beenie man-nah bow-rbk
02-red rat-goody 2 shoe-rbk
03-general degree-sugar plum plum-rbk
04-mr vegas-big things a gwaan-rbk
05-mad cobra-any time you want war-rbk
06-spragga benz-she nuh ready yet-rbk
07-merciless-mr hart harden-rbk
08-red rat-bizzi blazzi-rbk
09-devonte and tanto metro-go so-rbk
10-lady g-breeze off-rbk
11-mr vegas-hit him back-rbk
12-merciless-gal sheet-rbk
13-frisco kid-passion touch-rbk
14-goffy-terri little puddy cat-rbk
15-mad cobra-no one style-rbk
16-mr vegas-everywhere i go-rbk
17-goofy-nuff a dem bad mind-rbk
01-beenie man-let him go-usc
02-red rat-mix up melissa-usc
03-mr. vegas-wave-usc
04-sean paul-strategy-usc
05-buccaneer-soco numa-usc
06-hawkeye-man poppy show-usc
07-harry toddler-get gal easy-usc
08-mr. vegas-jacket-usc
09-beenie man-gwaan so-usc
10-tanya stephens-bounce me-usc
11-zebra-you see me-usc
12-goofy-that cyaan happen-usc
13-buccaneer-bruk out-usc
14-red rat-yu nice-usc
15-general degree-bag a tings-usc
16-hawkeye-damn it-usc
17-goofy-tatty boom-usc
18-devonte and tanto metro-better body-usc
01-va-romantic reggae mix vol 2
01-merciless-wann know mi yard-irie
02-captain barkey-not ah pu-irie
01-various artists-the juggling mix-rbk
02-shaggy-hot gal-rbk
03-professor nuts-mama have her own-rbk
04-goofy-lef we turf-rbk
05-redd foxx-bashment party-rbk
06-beenie man-hypocrite-rbk
07-bounty killer-eagle and the hawk-rbk
08-general degree-stand by-rbk
09-baby cham-slurp-rbk
10-lady saw-get a straw-rbk
11-professor nuts-of course-rbk
12-spragga benz-bad mind-rbk
01-red rat-gal dont worry-yard
02-lady saw-naw mix nah mingle-yard
03-hawk eye-bass wine-yard
04-crissy d-strike like matches-yard
05-degree-shock out-yard
06-lady g-only one man-yard
07-chico-river mouth-yard
08-cobra-tek it off-yard
09-degree-dutch pot-yard
10-crissy d-here comes the rain-yard
11-bounty killer-magnet-yard
13-degree-my kinda gal-yard
14-richie stephens-gun a nu fun-yard
15-cobra-mek mi si di gal dem-yard
16-mr. vegas-nobody-yard
17-hawk eye-whats new-yard
18-t.o.k.-all a really want-yard
20-mega banton-dem fi leggo-yard
21-8 team-consular-yard
22-crissy d-true colors-yard
23-tak-god he knows-yard
01-red rat-gal dont worry
02-lady saw-naw mix nah mingle
03-hawk eye-bass wine
04-crissy d-strike like matches
05-degree-shock out
06-lady g-only one man
07-chico-river mouth
08-cobra-tek it off
09-degree-dutch pot
10-crissy d-here comes the rain
11-bounty killer-magnet
13-degree-my kinda gal
14-richie stephens-gun a nu fun
15-cobra-mek mi si di gal dem
17-hawk eye-whats new
18-t.o.k.-all a really want
20-mega bandon-dem fi leggo
21-8 team-consular
22-crissy d-true colors
23-tak-god he knows
01-sean paul-my place-yard
02-a.r.p.-give me your body-yard
03-mega banton and twiggy-house party-yard
04-raymond wright-just for your love-yard
05-sly dunbar and steve marsden-summer madness version-yard
01-various artists-the sound of ska medley-gully
02-pauline black-on my radio-gully
03-rankin roger-mirror in the bathroom-gully
04-bad manners-special brew-gully
05-bad manners-night boat to cairo-gully
06-bad manners-can can-gully
07-pauline black-missing words-gully
08-bad manners-baggy trousers-gully
09-bad manners-on step beyond (92 rhythm remix)-gully
10-bad manners-lip up fatty-gully
11-rankin roger-hands off shes mine-gully
12-rankin roger-too much too young-gully
13-pauline black-three minute hero-gully
14-bad manners-busters groove (can can 92)-gully
15-rankin roger-mirror in the bathroom (reggae dub mix)-gully
16-bad manners-one step beyond-gully
01-mr. vegas-sucky ducky-row
02-buccaneer-di more gal-row
03-buju banton-di woman dem phat-row
04-machel montano-big phat fish-row
05-beenie man-kingston hot-row
06-sean paul-excite me-row
07-degree-wi nuh boring-row
08-lady saw-stale ride-row
09-goofy and red rat-all in for that-row
10-prento kidd-girls dem honey-row
11-mossy and looga-buck di cup-row
13-evette-so nice-row
14-frisco kid-hackle you-row
15-degree-giddy up giddy up-row
16-richie stepehens-call mi name-row
17-mr. vegas-model pon dem-row
18-u.t. dread-shotta bwoy-row
19-mr easy-warning-row
20-spragga benz-cute and little and tight-row
21-crissy d and degree-den a who-row
22-frisco kid and mr. easy-bashment time-row
01-beenie man and luciano-running away
02-beenie man and luciano-running away version
01-bushman-worries and problems-rbk
02-bushman-fire bun a weak heart-rbk
03-bushman-afraid of commitment-rbk
05-bushman-give jah the praise-rbk
06-bushman-hard time-rbk
07-bushman-terrible ina di giddeon-rbk
08-bushman-live your life right-rbk
09-bushman-works to do-rbk
10-bushman-cant please you-rbk
11-bushman-send dem come ft i lue-rbk
12-bushman-babylon dead-rbk
13-bushman-take it easy-rbk
01-fab 5-shape-yard
02-fab 5-mango-yard
03-fab 5-viagra-yard
04-fab 5-the pass he giving-yard
05-fab 5-womanising-yard
06-fab 5-woman is a problem-yard
07-fab 5-womans anthem-yard
08-fab 5-unwind-yard
09-fab 5-miss bonfield-yard
10-fab 5-sexy girls-yard
01-fire house crew and dean fraser-ram dance hall-rks
02-fire house crew and dean fraser-freedom-rks
03-fire house crew and dean fraser-clean deeds-rks
04-fire house crew and dean fraser-king of kings-rks
05-fire house crew and dean fraser-cling cling rock-rks
06-fire house crew and dean fraser-s corner rock-rks
07-fire house crew and dean fraser-rockers in blue-rks
08-fire house crew and dean fraser-the king lives on-rks
09-fire house crew and dean fraser-love is overdue-rks
10-fire house crew and dean fraser-like mountain-rks
11-fire house crew and dean fraser-build a better world-rks
12-fire house crew and dean fraser-brucking (ft boo-pee)-rks
01-little kirk-too hot to handle-yard
02-little kirk-one love-yard
03-little kirk-my sound rule-yard
04-little kirk-rock steady-yard
05-little kirk-why-yard
06-little kirk-killing me softly-yard
07-little kirk-tender roni-yard
08-little kirk-crazy-yard
09-little kirk-once in your lifetime-yard
10-little kirk-two way street-yard
01-little roy and friends-little roy-hurt not the earth-hlc
02-little roy and friends-carl dawkins-burnin fire-hlc
03-little roy and friends-little roy-ticket to zion-hlc
04-little roy and friends-heptones-revolution-hlc
05-little roy and friends-leroy sibbles-total destruction-hlc
06-little roy and friends-feat baba leslie-version-hlc
07-little roy and friends-john clarke-recession-hlc
08-little roy and friends-little roy-rat trap-hlc
09-little roy and friends-dennis brown-set your heart free-hlc
10-little roy and friends-feat bongo herman don d junior-version-hlc
11-little roy and friends-heptones-forward on a yard-hlc
12-little roy and friends-version-hlc
13-little roy and friends-winston scotland-zion fever-hlc
14-little roy and friends-tafari all stars-free for all-hlc
15-little roy and friends-litttle roy-natty yard-hlc
16-little roy and friends-tafari all stars-prophecy dub it up-hlc
01-pablo moses-freedom for the africans-hlc
02-pablo moses-live to love-hlc
03-pablo moses-rewind-hlc
04-pablo moses-be your man-hlc
05-pablo moses-pay day-hlc
06-pablo moses-i want to be with you-hlc
07-pablo moses-more than i expect-hlc
08-pablo moses-fight back-hlc
09-pablo moses-bad trouble-hlc
10-pablo moses-on your love-hlc
11-pablo moses-green light-hlc
12-pablo moses-freedom (dub)-hlc
13-pablo moses-on your love (dub)-hlc
14-pablo moses-rewind (dub)-hlc
01-prince malachi-watch over we-rbk
02-prince malachi-jah its i-rbk
03-prince malachi-meditation time-rbk
04-prince malachi-universal pain (with lion)-rbk
05-prince malachi-look around-rbk
06-prince malachi-well be strong-rbk
07-prince malachi-seek and youll find-rbk
08-prince malachi-why do we have to live this way-rbk
09-prince malachi-fishers of men-rbk
10-prince malachi-river nile (with prince bob)-rbk
11-prince malachi-where do they go-rbk
01-sizzla-as in the beginning-rbk
02-sizzla-eastern mountain-rbk
03-sizzla-in this time ft luciano-rbk
04-sizzla-ripe leaf-rbk
05-sizzla-burn dem turf-rbk
06-sizzla-what does ir worth-rbk
07-sizzla-a wah dat-rbk
08-sizzla-babylon homework-rbk
09-sizzla-oh children-rbk
10-sizzla-break free-rbk
11-sizzla-mental chains-rbk
12-sizzla-true hearts-rbk
13-sizzla-a wah dat remix-rbk
01-snaga puss-sixty sexy girls-gully
02-snaga puss-sixty sexy girls (version)-gully
03-daddy screw-maniac-gully
04-daddy screw-maniac (version)-gully
01-screw driver-emergency-gully
02-lan sweetness-as i look up to the hills-gully
03-thriller u-new world order-gully
04-admiral tibet-i cant be sure-gully
05-pam hall-tick tock-gully
06-screw driver-bad news-gully
07-admiral tibet-time is the master-gully
09-f mcgregor-know what you saying-gully
10-diplomat-god bless present-gully
02-red rat-tink yuh hot-rks
03-degree-fun ting-rks
04-lady g-mi nuh manny manny-rks
05-hawkeye-god great-rks
06-red rat and goofy-coom coom-rks
07-future troubles-living it up-rks
08-crissy d-money money-rks
09-italee-boyfriend billy-rks
10-buccaneer and mr vegas-weh dem woulda do-rks
11-kid krazee-tired-rks
12-jim screechie and psycho kid-bum bah-rks
13-madd anju-lie-rks
01-beenie man-naah watch nuttn-csv
02-mr. vegas-drunkin whispy-csv
03-hawkeye-only stick it-csv
04-devonte-the bounce-csv
05-mega banton-love it-csv
06-tanto metro-no bwoy-csv
07-ghost-wasted smoke-csv
08-power man-prison-csv
09-silver cat-naah decay-csv
10-snagga puss-learn now-csv
11-little kirk-dem a screw-csv
12-shad du-the sound of-csv
01-spragga benz-call her name
02-hawkeye-cah dun
01-natasha-sweet tnt
02-protector-spanish party
03-tambu-rant and rave
05-kitch-the dog
06-merchant-um ba yo
07-trinidad bill-back to school
08-poser-ah tell she
10-super blue-swing
11-scrunter-de will
12-explainer-doing it
13-calypso rose-her majesty
14-duke-work it up
15-lovey-dont cry me a river
01-tanya stephens-corners boy-yard
02-zebra and anthony malvo-body guard-yard
03-brian and tony gold-good for me-yard
04-devonte tonto metro and mega banton-call my name-yard
05-sly dunbar and christopher birch-corners boy version-yard
01-morgan heritage-crying out-rks
02-terror fabulous and red rose-life-rks
03-fred locks-want you in my life-rks
04-mikey general-miss hottie hottie-rks
05-triston palmer-see dem ah come-rks
06-simpleton-jah save i and i-rks
07-sizzla-woman of africa-rks
08-determine-man a african-rks
09-tyrical-clean up your temple-rks
10-lukie d-good ole days-rks
11-mykal roze-war fi dun-rks
12-mikey general-red hot-rks
13-gregory isaacs-spend the night-rks
14-determine-free up the youth-rks
01-admiral bailey-what time is it-rbk
02-alley cat-go deh gal-rbk
03-buccaneer-keep di hype-rbk
04-elephant man-burn a rapist-rbk
05-frisco kid-strange-rbk
06-goofy-run for it-rbk
07-lexxus-divine reasoning-rbk
08-red rat-naa naa-rbk
09-ricky general-a wha dis-rbk
10-ward 21-judgement day-rbk
11-ward 21 and lexxus-skettel nine night-rbk
03-vaughn benjamin-grapes of wrath
04-sabbattical ahdah-mt. zion
05-army-watch your step
06-cripleton-if you play with guns
07-sabbattical ahdah-who jah bless
09-vaughn benjamin-roll call
10-sabbattical ahdah-kings i went
01-capleton-in or out-row
02-beenie man-nothing gonna change-row
04-bounty killer-look good time now-row
05-nitty kutchie and future troubles-i still love you-row
06-mr. vegas-give it away-row
07-capleton-more prophet-row
08-mr. vegas-blaze mi fire-row
09-lexxus-ring mi cellie-row
10-zebra-hype type of love-row
11-beenie man-always be my baby-row
12-mr. vegas-wave-row
13-harry todddler-gal get easy-row
14-elephant man-nuh like-row
15-tanya stephens-who have the link-row
01-capleton-rising up-rks
02-jah cure-chant-rks
03-sizzla-like mountain-rks
04-anthony b-lava-rks
05-singing melody-think you should know-rks
06-michael rose-war fi dun-rks
07-mikey general-red hot-rks
08-red rose-life-rks
09-fred locks-want you in my life-rks
10-lukie d-heavy load-rks
11-red rose-too much-rks
12-half pint-buss out-rks
13-lukie d-you got it going on-rks
14-glamma murphy-red light-rks
15-luciano and sizzla-build a better world-rks
16-gregory isaacs-wont you spend the night-rks
01-sean paul and mr. vegas-hot gal today-rbk
02-capleton-never get down-rbk
03-beenie man-always be my baby-rbk
04-buju banton-fake smile-rbk
06-ward 21-haters-rbk
07-burro banton-boom wah dis-rbk
08-sizzla featuring luciano-in this time-rbk
09-general degree-fun ting-rbk
10-zebra-selassie warning-rbk
11-buccaneer-kill a sound-rbk
12-sean paul-safe sex-rbk
13-mr. vegas and buccaneer-weh dem woulda do-rbk
14-t.o.k.-hot gal crew-rbk
15-beenie man-mi nuh walla-rbk
16-bounty killer and pinchers-sweat dem-rbk
17-bushman-fire bun a weak heart-rbk
18-shabba ranks-x-rated-rbk
01-capleton-high grade-rbk
02-mr. vegas-shes a ho-rbk
03-bounty killer-divide and rule-rbk
04-ward 21-model and pose-rbk
05-beenie man-hundred dollar bag-rbk
06-shaggy-model ya mi gal-rbk
07-luciano-good over evil-rbk
08-red rat and psycho kid-explanation-rbk
09-sean paul-back off-rbk
10-capleton-more prophet-rbk
11-madd anju-wha dis fadda-rbk
13-sizzla-anytime now-rbk
14-general degree-dem girl deh-rbk
16-goofy-tings could be worst-rbk
17-buju banton-probation-rbk
18-beenie man and buccaneer-hot bwoy-rbk
01-brian and tony gold-must be a sign-rbk
02-tanto metro and devonte-long time-rbk
03-tony curtis-sweet lady-rbk
04-mr. vegas-stephanie-rbk
05-thriller-u-city of peace-rbk
06-spragga benz-heaven sent-rbk
07-tony curtis-tony (do you remember)-rbk
08-sean paul-model-rbk
09-chico-rail up-rbk
10-frisco kid-more time-rbk
11-mr. chichen-sneak-up-rbk
12-2 bad crew-which gal-rbk
01-errol dunkley-ok fred-csv
02-jimmy cliff-roll on rolling stone-csv
03-bob marley-soul shake down-csv
04-judy mowat-put it on-csv
05-gregory isaac-lonely lover-csv
06-max romeo-one step forward-csv
07-third world-now that we found love-csv
08-rita marley-fussin and fighting-csv
09-black uhuru-somebodys watching you-csv
10-steel pulse-ku klux klan-csv
11-john holt-a love in my pocket-csv
12-u-roy-gorgon wise-csv
13-horace andy-cassandra-csv
14-aswad-dont turn around-csv
15-ijahman-jah heavy load-csv
16-peter tosh-east side west side-csv
01-barrington levy-steady rock-rbk
02-buju banton and wayne wonder-bonafide love-rbk
03-shabba ranks-wicked in bed-rbk
04-el maleante-tu amor-rbk
05-garnet silk-everything ive got-rbk
06-nardo ranks-find yuh self-rbk
07-half pint-im not a substitute lover-rbk
09-wayne wonder-saddest day-rbk
10-richie stephens-dont waste no time-rbk
11-barrington levy-black roses-rbk
12-tenor saw-golden hen-rbk
13-sanchez-rough neck sound-rbk
14-buju banton-young lover-rbk
15-leroy smart-talk about friends-rbk
01-frankie paul-i can love you-r2r
02-carlton livingston-wrote me a letter-r2r
03-yami bolo-ivory towers-r2r
04-paul elliot-more love-r2r
05-anthony b-mr labba labba-r2r
06-rolex-fools desire-r2r
07-triston palmer-never turn my back-r2r
08-thriller u and favrit-talk is cheap-r2r
09-jah cure-revolution-r2r
10-natural black-my meditation-r2r
11-luciano-i love his majesty-r2r
12-prilly hamilton-bun fi bun-r2r
13-triston palma-try jah love-r2r
14-rolex-thank you-r2r
15-king kong-step on dem corn-r2r
16-jah cure-nuh come fi die-r2r
17-mikey general-jah blessed me-r2r
01-barrington levy-teach de youth-rbk
02-ninja man and tinga stwart-take time to know her-rbk
03-sanchez-lonely wont leave me alone-rbk
04-hugo barrington-its over-rbk
05-sammy levi-its a shame-rbk
06-night rider-bad boy stepping-rbk
07-johnny osbourne-dirty dancing-rbk
08-shabba ranks-needle eye pum pum-rbk
09-ugly man-d.j. deh yah-rbk
10-little john-cork dance hall-rbk
11-tonto irie-balong balong-rbk
12-papa san-pastor fe stop-rbk
13-robert french-too young-rbk
14-al campbell-hard to confess-rbk
15-sandy culture-proud to be black-rbk
01-barrington levy-teach de youth-rks
02-ninjaman and tinga stewart-take time to know her-rks
03-sanchez-lonely wont leave me alone-rks
04-hugo barrington-its over-rks
05-sammy levi-its a shame-rks
06-night rider-bad boy stepping-rks
07-johnny osbourne-dirty dancing-rks
08-shabba ranks-needle eye pum pum-rks
09-ugly man-dj deh yah-rks
10-little john-cork dance hall-rks
11-tonto irie-balong balong-rks
12-papa san-pastor fe stop-rks
13-robert french-too young-rks
14-all campbell-hard to confess-rks
15-sandy culture-proud to be black-rks
01-dennis alcapone-djs choice-hlc
02-derrick morgan-night at the hop-hlc
03-lloyd robinson-the worm-hlc
04-the pioneers-reggae fever-hlc
05-al barry-hold it-hlc
06-the pioneers-down at the club-hlc
07-joe gibbs all stars-hijacked-hlc
08-ansel collins and the jj allstars-bigger boss-hlc
09-the bovver boys-a.g.g.r.o-hlc
10-the wailers-hooligan-hlc
11-e.k. bunch-banana-hlc
12-audrey-youll loose a good thing-hlc
13-the gaylettes-son of a preacherman-hlc
14-derrick morgan-im in a jam-hlc
15-desmond riley-lead them-hlc
16-the pyramids-train tour to rainbow city-hlc
17-errol english-sha la la la lee-hlc
01-third bass and desdra-just a friend-row
02-edwin yearwood-queen of the pack feat. merciless-row
03-preacher-i wanna dance-row
05-merciless-i like-row
06-chinese laundry-most of all-row
07-ital d-pig tail time-row
08-allison hnds-ready-row
09-chinese laundry-pig pen mix-row
10–c.l sound system-pig tail beats-row
01-anthony b-rolling down the street-rbk
02-sanchez-sip my chalice-rbk
03-morgan heritage and friends-mt.zion medley-rbk
04-capleton-rise up-rbk
05-luciano-movin out of babylon-rbk
06-michael rose-what have i done-rbk
07-beenie man-feel good-rbk
09-sizzla-like mountain-rbk
10-robert ffrench-try me-rbk
11-sizzla-have your own-rbk
12-dennis brown-give i the love-rbk
01-VA-Punny Mix-FRP
02-VA-Spanish Mix-FRP
03-VA-DJ Halan Mix-FRP
04-VA-Pitch Mix-FRP
05-VA-Styl Mix-FRP
06-VA-Dance Hall Mix-FRP
07-VA-Jungle Mix-FRP
01-mr. vegas-you a di no.1-usc
02-ward 21-judgement day-usc
03-beenie man-forget you-usc
04-spragga benz-move and gweh-usc
05-sean paul-check it deeply-usc
06-buccaneer-dash weh-usc
07-lady saw-no bellyas-usc
08-ward 21-mr. fassy-usc
09-red rat-buddy she want-usc
10-mad cobra-hard fi do-usc
11-hawkeye-go rachel-usc
12-ricky general-a wha dis-usc
13-mr. vegas-true or false-usc
14-admiral bailey-what time is it-usc
15-elephant man-watchie pum-usc
16-general b-my name is-usc
17-future troubles-bad moda fer-usc
18-devonte and tanto metro-front of the line-usc
01-glen washington-open your eyes-rbk
02-frankie paul-searching for love-rbk
03-al campbell-i found you-rbk
05-anthony b-me dem a ban-rbk
06-various artist-mount zion medley-rbk
07-beenie man-number one-rbk
08-spragga benz-some bwoy-rbk
09-freddie mcgregor-what you gonna do-rbk
10-dennis brown-love me tonight-rbk
11-wayne wonder-informer-rbk
12-elephant man-a nuh fi we fault-rbk
13-spragga benz-cute and little and tight-rbk
14-luciano and sizzla-jah blessing-rbk
15-prince malachi-jah is our guide-rbk
16-peter hunnigale-african tears-rbk
17-don campbell-they dont know-rbk
18-mr vegas-bounce bout-rbk
19-innocence crew-impossible train-rbk
20-beenie man-gospel time (remix)-rbk
01-glen washington-open your eyes-rbk
02-frankie paul-searching for love-rbk
03-al campbell-i found you-rbk
05-anthony b-me dem a ban-rbk
06-various-mount zion medley-rbk
07-beenie man-number one-rbk
08-spragga benz-some bwoy-rbk
09-freddie mcgregor-what you gonna do-rbk
10-dennis brown-love me tonight-rbk
11-wayne wonder-informer-rbk
12-elephant man-a nuh fi we fault-rbk
13-spragga benz-cute and little and tight-rbk
14-luciano and sizzla-jah blessing-rbk
15-prince malachi-jah is our guide-rbk
16-peter hunnigale-african tears-rbk
17-don campbell-they dont know-rbk
18-mr. vegas-bounce bout-rbk
19-innocence crew-impossible train-rbk
20-beenie man-gospel time(remix)-rbk
01-bounty killer-show me dem-row
02-mr vegas-heads highs (remix)-row
03-lord kossity-pas dans ca-row
04-born jamericans-go girl feat. spragga benz-row
05-daddy pleen-viagra-row
06-mikael rose sly dunbar and robbie shakespeare-one a we two a we-row
07-princess erika-quand je pense a lui feat. capleton-row
08-38 dub band-i and i blues-row
09-skatalites-lucky seven-row
10-tairo-saisis ta chance-row
01-buju banton-the truth-rbk
02-jah cure-guiding star-rbk
03-delly ranks-look before yu leap-rbk
04-iya shanti-merry go round-rbk
05-duck man-fire-rbk
06-buju banton-yes buju-rbk
07-buju banton-muma prem prem-rbk
08-buba-run dem-rbk
09-black mice-get serious-rbk
11-sabba tooth-careless gal-rbk
13-daddy lizard-one thing-rbk
14-riddim sensations-version-rbk
01-tanto metro and devonte-sensimelia
02-u.t. dread-whooo
01-zebra-galasayshe want-rks
02-elephant man-she told me-rks
03-alley cat-dem gal crazy-rks
04-mr vegas and elephant man-jump jump-rks
05-demo delgado-a who fool-rks
06-harry toddler-nah go far-rks
07-chuck fender-ganja man bout yah-rks
08-tonto metro and devonte-a your time-rks
09-baby wayne-area by name-rks
10-captain barkey-a truth that-rks
11-harry toddler and chico-a couldnt war-rks
12-elephant man-teach them-rks
13-sean paul ft dutty cup-strictly the herb-rks
14-alley cat-hot gal face-rks
15-general b-sitting on the top the world-rks
16-mega banton-same bwoy contact-rks
17-chcuk fenda-slip in slip out-rks
18-baby wayne-master di war-rks
19-determine-mr wicked-rks
20-demo delgado-bleach babies-rks
01-beenie man-one bagga man-rks
02-anthony b-high grade-rks
03-mr vegas-not guilty-rks
04-elephant man-position-rks
05-lukie d-tell me-rks
06-mr vegas-frontier-rks
07-bobby crystal-a me dem after-rks
08-14k-gum down deh-rks
09-merciless-nuff man a watch gal-rks
10-capleton-hot get hotter-rks
11-innocent crew and thriller u-long time-rks
12-tonto metro and devonte-cant get no sleep-rks
13-harry toddler ft brian and tony gold-perfect combination-rks
14-mega banton-how we so crawny-rks
15-brian and tony gold-nowadays gal-rks
16-peenie irie-hot gal-rks
17-14k-i keep holding on-rks
18-bobby crystal-god spent a little more time-rks
01-bounty killer ft.pinchers-sweat dem-hlc
02-beenie man- study me (dancehall mix)-hlc
03-beenie man- study me (radio mix)-hlc
04-little hero-pure hot gal-hlc
05-chuck fender- new gal-hlc
06-max wayne ft.black rat-man guinep-hlc
01-sizzla-herb man a smoke-rbk
02-luciano-free up (the herbalist)-rbk
03-morgan heritage-wisdom weed-rbk
04-sizzla-submerge cocaine base-rbk
05-luciano-shank if you skanking-rbk
06-macka b-legalize the ganja-rbk
07-sanchez and shaka shamba-bun bun bun-rbk
08-sizzla-search fi hardcore-rbk
09-cocoa tea-the weed-rbk
10-leroy sibbles-must be good-rbk
11-singing colone-high grade-rbk
12-roaring lion-the more wi plant-rbk
13-turbulence-word wid it-rbk
01-sly and robbie-zen concrete (interlude)-gully
02-beenie man feat sly and robbie-dungle boogie (budda mix)-gully
03-sly and robbie-capones theme (score)-gully
04-red dragon-we run things (runway mix)-gully
05-innocent crew-papers (budda mix)-gully
06-sly and robbie-softcore surge-gully
07-marley brothers feat ghetto youths crew-call the police-gully
08-lady g-man a bad man-gully
09-buccaneer-soca nama-gully
10-innocent crew-mambo jambo (mambo re-rub)-gully
11-tanto metro and mega banton-fake name-gully
12-red dragon-we run things (fuzz townshend mix)-gully
13-luciano-police and thieves-gully
01-serial kid-little shatta-rbk
02-luciano-move on up-rbk
03-jahmali-substance abuse-rbk
04-morgan heritage-praise him-rbk
05-lukie d-heart and mind-rbk
06-george nooks-no more-rbk
07-a.r.p.-sweet lady-rbk
08-a.j. brown-we need to learn-rbk
09-beres hammond-still going strong-rbk
10-cecile-if u have my love-rbk
11-singing melody-when a womans fed up-rbk
12-little kirk-family-rbk
01-serial kid-little shatta-gully
02-luciano-move on up-gully
03-jahmali-substance abuse-gully
04-morgan heritage-praise him-gully
05-lukie d-heart and mind-gully
06-george nooks-no more-gully
07-arp-sweet lady-gully
08-aj brown-we need to learn-gully
09-beres hammond-still going strong-gully
10-cecile-if you had my love-gully
11-singing melody-when a womans fed up-gully
12-little kirk-family-gully
01-delly ranks-head a di house-rks
02-merciless-let dem have it-rks
03-degree-gwaan good-rks
04-tony curtis-bad mind-rks
05-wayne wonder ft surprize-blazing-rks
06-spragga benz introducing twice-magnum-rks
07-buju banton-opportunity-rks
08-baby cham-desperate measures-rks
09-ut dread-two laws-rks
10-mr vegas-double blank-rks
11-beenie man-the doctor-rks
12-mega banton-what a gal-rks
13-hawkeye-mus hole yu-rks
14-tanto metro and devonte-sensimelia-rks
15-lexxus (mr lex)-drop it like it hot-rks
16-grizzley-pigeon list-rks
17-sadeki-love how yu tun-rks
18-dancehalls magnificent 7-unda wata medley-rks
19-dancehalls magnificent 7-unda wata mega mix-rks
01-buju banton-truth-rbk
02-bushman-grow your natty-rbk
03-glen washington-jah glory-rbk
04-jah cure ft sizzla-king in the jungle-rbk
05-sanchez-hands of babylon-rbk
06-capleton-more them try the-rbk
07-morgan heritage-down by the river-rbk
08-anthony selassie ft louie culture-ya ho-rbk
09-anthony b.-me dem ah ban-rbk
10-luciano-winter summer-rbk
11-cocoa tea ft louie culture-zeeks-rbk
12-beres hammond-sing glory-rbk
13-freddie mcgregor-jah never fail i-rbk
14-norris man-bad road-rbk
15-morgan heritage-when will it all change-rbk
01-african melodica dub-in south africa
02-african melodica dub-san paulo rock
03-african melodica dub-blowing
04-african melodica dub-east of ghana
05-african melodica dub-no escape
06-african melodica dub-silent river
07-african melodica dub-foundation
08-african melodica dub-spanish border
09-african melodica dub-road to addis
10-african melodica dub-bingi man chant pt1
11-african melodica dub-bingi man chant pt2 (bonus)
12-african melodica dub-revelation sound
01-barbara jones and trinity-why didnt you let me know-gully
02-ggs all stars-lsd in my brain-gully
01-barrington levy-bounty hunter
02-barrington levy-shaolin temple
03-barrington levy-shine eye girl
04-barrington levy-trod with jah jah
05-barrington levy-its not easy
06-barrington levy-skylarking
07-barrington levy-jah life
08-barrington levy-wedding ring
09-barrington levy-dont fuss nor fight
10-barrington levy-this place too dark
11-barrington levy-call you on the phone
12-barrington levy-true i own
13-barrington levy-roof over my head
14-barrington levy-walk 2000 miles (extended version)
15-barrington levy-butterfly
16-barrington levy-doe rae me
17-barrington levy-my one and only lover
18-barrington levy-one and one a two
19-barrington levy-moonlight lover
01-beenie man-stop live in the past-row
02-beenie man-version-row
101-big youth-give praises-r2r
102-big youth-plead i cause-r2r
103-big youth-i am your man-r2r
104-big youth-hip-ki-do-r2r
105-big youth-riverton city-r2r
106-big youth-its not unusual-r2r
107-big youth-papa was a rolling stone-r2r
108-big youth-love and happiness-r2r
109-big youth-weeping in the night-r2r
110-big youth-reggae phenomenon-r2r
201-big youth-get up stand up-r2r
202-big youth-notty no jester-r2r
203-big youth-johnny reggae-r2r
204-big youth-hit the road jack-r2r
205-big youth-phil pratt thing-r2r
206-big youth-wolf in sheeps clothing-r2r
207-big youth-facts of life-r2r
208-big youth-tell it black-r2r
209-big youth-mammy hot daddy cool-r2r
210-big youth-dread in a babylon-r2r
01-byron lee and the dragonaires-duppy jamboree-yard
02-byron lee and the dragonaires-mpla-yard
03-byron lee and the dragonaires-rat race-yard
04-byron lee and the dragonaires-a fe we music-yard
05-byron lee and the dragonaires-working mood-yard
06-byron lee and the dragonaires-paloma reggae-yard
07-byron lee and the dragonaires-roof over my head-yard
08-byron lee and the dragonaires-tenement yard-yard
09-byron lee and the dragonaires-six million dollar man-yard
10-byron lee and the dragonaires-all night till day light-yard
01-bob marley-soul rebels-csv
02-bob marley-natural mystic-csv
03-bob marley-lively up yourself-csv
04-bob marley-soul shakedown party-csv
05-bob marley-no sympathy-csv
06-bob marley-no water-csv
07-bob marley-hammer-csv
08-bob marley-caution-csv
09-bob marley-soon come-csv
10-bob marley-cheer up-csv
11-bob marley-fussing and fighting-csv
12-bob marley-african herbsman-csv
13-bob marley-sun is shining-csv
14-bob marley-trench town rock-csv
15-bob marley-kaya-csv
16-bob marley-its allright-csv
17-bob marley-stop the train-csv
18-bob marley-rainbow country-csv
19-bob marley-try me-csv
20-bob marley-stir it up-csv
01-bob marley-no woman no cry-csv
02-bob marley-could you be loved-csv
03-bob marley-coming in from the cold-csv
04-bob marley-buffalo soldier-csv
05-bob marley-is this love-csv
06-bob marley-3 little birds-csv
07-bob marley-kaya-csv
08-bob marley-jamming-csv
09-bob marley-get up stand up-csv
10-bob marley-stir it up-csv
11-bob marley-exodus-csv
12-bob marley-night nurse-csv
01-bounty killer-copper shot-irie
02-bounty killer-copper shot (version)-irie
01-bounty killer-spy fi die-row
02-bounty killer-version-row
01-chuck fender-its me-gully
01-cobra-your wish-rks
02-cobra-a wash-rks
03-cobra-if a boy dis-rks
04-cobra-poison gas-rks
05-cobra-must drop out-rks
06-cobra-train length-rks
07-cobra-same way-rks
08-cobra-rod out-rks
09-cobra-tight underneath-rks
10-cobra-nuh tek it-rks
11-cobra-love fever-rks
12-cobra-matey a talk-rks
01-crixtal series – i love jamaica-ass
02-crixtal series – soul shake down party-ass
03-crixtal series – love me-ass
04-crixtal series – roots rock-ass
05-crixtal series – there she goes-ass
06-crixtal series – throw some water-ass
07-crixtal series – all that she wants-ass
08-crixtal series – riding high-ass
09-crixtal series – reggae fever-ass
10-crixtal series – stick together-ass
01-dennis brown-here i come-rbk
02-dennis brown-promised land-rbk
03-dennis brown-get myself together-rbk
04-dennis brown-revolution-rbk
05-dennis brown-money in my pocket-rbk
06-dennis brown-silhouette-rbk
07-dennis brown-sitting and watching-rbk
08-dennis brown-should i-rbk
09-dennis brown-westbound train-rbk
10-dennis brown-wolves and leopards-rbk
11-dennis brown-have you ever-rbk
12-dennis brown-stop the fussing and fighting-rbk
13-dennis brown-hold on to what youve got-rbk
14-dennis brown-cassandra-rbk
15-dennis brown-wildfire-rbk
01-enos mcleod-ram jam party
02-enos mcleod-lipstick on my collar
03-enos mcleod-im just a man
04-enos mcleod-beat of my heart
05-enos mcleod-tear drop
06-enos mcleod-satta a masagana
07-enos mcleod-tell you goodbye
08-enos mcleod-sweet sexy
09-enos mcleod-always has always will
10-enos mcleod-dancehall style
11-enos mcleod-making love
12-enos mcleod-wish he didnt trust me so much
13-enos mcleod-puppet on a string
14-enos mcleod-woman at the house
15-enos mcleod-cash and carry
16-enos mcleod-headmistress
01-frankie sly-wah wah-row
01-freddie mckay-rock a bye woman-gully
02-freddie mckay-rock a bye woman version-gully
01-ghost-saving forever-hlc
02-ghost-lonely is the night-hlc
04-ghost-first real love-hlc
05-ghost-love funny (feat. culture)-hlc
06-ghost-this is love-hlc
07-ghost-one more try-hlc
08-ghost-missing you-hlc
09-ghost-why do i believe-hlc
10-ghost-killing me softly-hlc
11-ghost-god is so amazing (feat. beenie man)-hlc
01-half pint-cry cry-yard
02-half pint-cry cry dub-yard
01-yami bolo-people of south africa-rks
02-yami bolo-the whole world fighting for peace-rks
03-yami bolo-officials are like locust-rks
04-yami bolo-singing up life street-rks
05-yami bolo-i dont know why-rks
06-yami bolo-glock war gun war-rks
07-yami bolo-music make me groove-rks
08-yami bolo-in love with a rastaman-rks
09-yami bolo-nature boy-rks
10-yami bolo-never stopping-rks
11-yami bolo-so softly love-rks
12-yami bolo-jah jah give me love-rks
01-yami bolo-show me-rks
02-yami bolo-call me-rks
03-yami bolo-joanna-rks
04-yami bolo-african woman-rks
05-yami bolo-warmongers-rks
06-yami bolo-jah jah love-rks
07-yami bolo-maximum greedium-rks
08-yami bolo-mr big in crime-rks
09-yami bolo-star of love-rks
10-yami bolo-mind games-rks
01-ishan people-come to the music-gully
02-ishan people-hold on-gully
03-ishan people-inflation-gully
04-ishan people-sweet chariot-gully
05-ishan people-let the rhythm oll-gully
06-ishan people-mighty warrior-gully
07-ishan people-rainbow-gully
08-ishan people-trenchtown-gully
01-jimmy riley-everybody needs love-gully
02-jimmy riley-love wont let me wait-gully
03-jimmy riley-come back baby-gully
04-jimmy riley-my richness is love-gully
05-jimmy riley-mexican divorce-gully
06-jimmy riley-its too hot-gully
07-jimmy riley-set them free-gully
08-jimmy riley-magic-gully
09-jimmy riley-everytime you go away-gully
10-jimmy riley-world for everyone-gully
11-jimmy riley-ride on-gully
12-jimmy riley-trigger happy-gully
13-jimmy riley-this little boys lost-gully
14-jimmy riley-poor immigrant-gully
15-jimmy riley-put the people first-gully
16-jimmy riley-black mother prays-gully
17-jimmy riley-bang bang-gully
18-jimmy riley-my womans love-gully
19-jimmy riley-give me your love-gully
20-jimmy riley-love and devotion-gully
01-junior english-got to come back-gully
02-junior english-girl what youre doing to me-gully
01-ken boothe-love is so strange-yard
02-ken boothe-its time for me to go-yard
03-ken boothe-just say you love-yard
04-ken boothe-youre no good-yard
05-ken boothe-moving away-yard
06-ken boothe-puppet on a string-yard
01-kid creole-i let it slide-snook
02-kid creole-you shoulda told me you were watholic-snook
03-kid creole-gorgeous-snook
04-kid creole-things we said today-snook
05-kid creole-baby im real-snook
06-kid creole-callin out to marlboro-snook
07-kid creole-the anniversary medley-snook
08-kid creole-get together-snook
09-kid creole-runnin out of scapegoats-snook
10-kid creole-abu-snook
11-kid creole-what a work of art is man-snook
12-kid creole-life is always good-snook
01-king tubbys meets scientist-scientist ganga dub (african beat)-hlc
02-king tubbys meets scientist-king tubbys conversation dub (my conversation)-hlc
03-king tubbys meets scientist-scientist explosion dub-hlc
04-king tubbys meets scientist-king tubbys explosion dub (give me you love)-hlc
05-king tubbys meets scientist-scientist tribute to the reggae king (shank i shenk)-hlc
06-king tubbys meets scientist-king tubbys badness dub-hlc
07-king tubbys meets scientist-scientist doctor dub (old broom)-hlc
08-king tubbys meets scientist-king tubbys feeling like dubbing-hlc
09-king tubbys meets scientist-scientist coming home in dub (come on little girl)-hlc
10-king tubbys meets scientist-king tubbys going home in dub (rougher yet)-hlc
11-king tubbys meets scientist-scientist problem dub (wont you come home girl)-hlc
12-king tubbys meets scientist-king tubbys take it easy dub (swing easy)-hlc
13-king tubbys meets scientist-scientists fever dub (fever)-hlc
14-king tubbys meets scientist-king tubbys patient dub (freedom blues)-hlc
01-lady mackerel-oh what a pity-row
02-lady mackerel-version-row
01-leroy smart feat. mighty diamonds-the meek shall inherit-yard
02-leroy smart feat. mighty diamonds-mixed up-yard
03-leroy smart feat. mighty diamonds-whats on your mind-yard
04-leroy smart feat. mighty diamonds-so much things-yard
05-leroy smart feat. mighty diamonds-i love jah rastafari-yard
06-leroy smart feat. mighty diamonds-herbs in my garden-yard
01-linval thompson-i cant stand the pressure-gully
02-linval thompson-you must feel it-gully
03-linval thompson-jah jah a do it-gully
04-linval thompson-my woman is gone-gully
05-linval thompson-i love jah-gully
06-linval thompson-no more war-gully
07-linval thompson-stop loving-gully
08-linval thompson-mr wicket man-gully
09-linval thompson-never push your brother-gully
01-Little Lenny-Old Time Religion-FRP
02-Little Lenny-All The Girls-FRP
03-Little Lenny-Pum Pum Punane-FRP
04-Little Lenny-You Have The Body-FRP
05-Little Lenny-Love Me Kill Me-FRP
06-Little Lenny-How She Wine-FRP
07-Little Lenny-Meck Them Come-FRP
08-Little Lenny-What A Thing-FRP
09-Little Lenny-Slander-FRP
10-Little Lenny-Wicked Fellow-FRP
11-Little Lenny-Collect Call-FRP
12-Little Lenny-Pick Axe Stick-FRP
13-Little Lenny-Bad Boy-FRP
14-Little Lenny-Somn Wrong-FRP
15-Little Lenny-How She Walk-FRP
01-lord kitchener-jerico-hlc
02-lord kitchener-pan in a minor-hlc
03-lord kitchener-pan in harmony-hlc
04-lord kitchener-fever-hlc
05-lord kitchener-sugar bum bum-hlc
06-lord kitchener-symphony in g-hlc
07-lord kitchener-the symptoms of carnival-hlc
08-lord kitchener-the bees melody-hlc
09-lord kitchener-gimme the ting-hlc
10-lord kitchener-the spirit-hlc
11-lord kitchener-pan in the 21st century-hlc
12-lord kitchener-jaws-hlc
13-lord kitchener-curfew time-hlc
14-lord kitchener-rain-o-rama-hlc
15-lord kitchener-tribute to spree simon-hlc
01-lucky dube-keep on knocking-hlc
02-lucky dube-victims-hlc
03-lucky dube-johnny-hlc
04-lucky dube-soldiers for righteousness-hlc
05-lucky dube-my world-hlc
06-lucky dube-little heroes-hlc
07-lucky dube-you know (where to find me)-hlc
08-lucky dube-lovers in a dangerous time-hlc
09-lucky dube-my game-hlc
10-lucky dube-different colours – one people-hlc
01-mad cobra-acid-rks
02-mad cobra-goldmine-rks
03-mad cobra-fulfillment-rks
04-mad cobra-wicked in bed-rks
05-mad cobra-tease dem-rks
06-mad cobra-fresh-rks
07-mad cobra-bun-rks
08-mad cobra-woman in love-rks
09-mad cobra-we vex-rks
10-mad cobra-tease you dub-rks
11-mad cobra-acid dub-rks
12-mad cobra-middle dub-rks
13-mad cobra-fulfillment dub-rks
14-mad cobra-dubbing in a goldmine-rks
15-mad cobra-fresh fresh dub-rks
16-mad cobra-women love dub-rks
17-mad cobra-a vexful dub-rks
01-mad cobra-big long john-yvp
02-mad cobra-milkman-yvp
03-mad cobra-splash-yvp
04-mad cobra-dont need lights-yvp
05-mad cobra-all the way-yvp
06-mad cobra-started out so good-yvp
07-mad cobra-slam dunk-yvp
08-mad cobra-sting night-yvp
09-mad cobra-plant it-yvp
10-mad cobra-know a whine-yvp
11-mad cobra-by grace not law-yvp
12-mad cobra-honey and money-yvp
13-mad cobra-shes lonely-yvp
14-mad cobra-its a shame-yvp
15-mad cobra-mo big long john-yvp
01-maxi priest-cant turn away-rks
02-maxi priest-promises-rks
03-maxi priest-just wanna know (uk mix)-rks
04-maxi priest-groovin in the midnight-rks
05-maxi priest-make my day-rks
06-maxi priest-ten to midnight-rks
07-maxi priest-careless whispers (featuring carla marshall)-rks
08-maxi priest-one more chance-rks
09-maxi priest-sublime-rks
10-maxi priest-amazed are we-rks
11-maxi priest-hard to get-rks
01-natty u-move with the kraut (ft. ranting chako)-onepiece
02-natty u-raggamuffin-onepiece
03-natty u-crying over you-onepiece
04-natty u-boys dont cry (ft. mc pacman)-onepiece
05-natty u-alien-onepiece
06-natty u-darkness-onepiece
07-natty u-kuff (ft.sugar dee)-onepiece
08-natty u-sweet talking-onepiece
09-natty u-step closer-onepiece
10-natty u-enough is enough (ft. mc pacman)-onepiece
11-natty u-mirror shades-onepiece
12-natty u-sweet talking (indian version)-onepiece
13-natty u-move with the kraut (full length version)-onepiece
01-pan head-run down the man-yard
02-pan head-legalise it-yard
03-pan head-too much gun-yard
04-pan head-no pick it up (feat. freddie mcgregor)-yard
05-pan head-a no ghetto dis ( get out)-yard
06-pan head-draw near-yard
07-pan head-no dish your lover dirt-yard
08-pan head-champion sound-yard
09-pan head-love the people want-yard
10-pan head-dollars a spend-yard
01-papa san-acid-gully
02-papa san-acid version-gully
01-penny irie-shout it out-gully
02-shout it out-version-gully
03-glen rickets-sitting in the backseat-gully

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