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01-peter tosh-legalize it-hlc
02-peter tosh-burial-hlc
03-peter tosh-whatcha gonna-hlc
04-peter tosh-no sympathy-hlc
05-peter tosh-why must i cry-hlc
06-peter tosh-igziabeher (let jah be praised)-hlc
07-peter tosh-ketchy shuby-hlc
08-peter tosh-till your well runs dry-hlc
09-peter tosh-brand new second hand-hlc
02-pinchers-head back no care less
03-pinchers-hotter mr pinchers
05-pinchers-border line
06-pinchers-be my friend
07-pinchers-nuff man have to die
08-pinchers-send another one come
10-pinchers-harder they come
01-poison chang-press up-gully
02-johnny p-look good-gully
01-prince alla-stone-csv
02-prince alla-i dont want to be late-csv
03-prince alla-only love can conquer-csv
04-prince alla-sun is shining-csv
05-prince alla-they never love (in disco style)-csv
06-prince alla-lots wife-csv
07-prince alla-bucket bottom-csv
08-prince alla-mama no fight-csv
09-prince alla-city without pity-csv
10-prince alla-lady deceiver-csv
11-prince alla-youthman in the ghetto (in disco style)-csv
12-prince alla-black rose (with phillip fraser)-csv
13-prince alla-their reward-csv
14-prince alla-dread locks nazarine-csv
01-ras david-true reasoning-hlc
02-ras david-conquering lion-hlc
03-ras david-say no-hlc
04-ras david-rainbow volcano dub-hlc
05-ras david-good news-hlc
06-ras david-dream-hlc
07-ras david-conscious living-hlc
08-ras david-legalizer dub-hlc
09-ras david-ready-hlc
10-ras david-anti-apartheid-hlc
11-ras david-r.n.m.-hlc
12-ras david-strictly roots-hlc
13-ras david-reggae party-hlc
14-ras david-trials and tribulation-hlc
15-ras david-one love vibration-hlc
16-ras david-our father-hlc
17-ras david-hi bye bye-hlc
18-ras david-honesty-hlc
19-ras david-paradise-hlc
01-richie stephens-broadway
02-richie stephens-shes got a hold on me
03-richie stephens-i want you
04-richie stephens-aint no stopping us now
05-richie stephens-sharing the night
06-richie stephens-theres no me without you
07-richie stephens-united we stand
08-richie stephens-nothing with you
09-richie stephens-thats why
10-richie stephens-cease
01-roman stewart-feel good-gully
02-roman stewart-feel it-gully
01-round head-man get shot-row
02-round head-version-row
01-sanchez-come to rule dub-rks
02-sanchez-sorry dub-rks
03-sanchez-place mashup dub-rks
05-sanchez-screaming dub-rks
06-sanchez-cant hold onto it dub-rks
07-sanchez-mexican divorce dub-rks
08-sanchez-im waiting dub-rks
09-sanchez-praise jah dub-rks
01-shorty the president and dean stone-rock your tambourine-gully
02-fat man-bounce your rock-gully
01-sizzla-black man in the white house-hlc
01-jackie mittoo-the killer-hlc
02-jackie mittoo-in cold blood-hlc
03-jackie mittoo-midnight special-hlc
04-jackie mittoo-ram jam-hlc
05-jackie mittoo-high fashion-hlc
06-jackie mittoo-hot milk-hlc
07-jackie mittoo-darker shade of black-hlc
08-jackie mittoo-drum song-hlc
09-jackie mittoo-peenie waalie-hlc
10-jackie mittoo-north of the sun-hlc
11-jackie mittoo-highjack-hlc
12-jackie mittoo-super charge-hlc
13-jackie mittoo-champion of the arena-hlc
14-jackie mittoo-the wizard-hlc
15-jackie mittoo-the magician-hlc
16-jackie mittoo-the scientist-hlc
01-steel pulse-ravers-hlc
02-steel pulse-roller skates-hlc
03-steel pulse-chant a psalm-hlc
04-steel pulse-steppin out-hlc
05-steel pulse-your house-hlc
06-steel pulse-not king james version-hlc
07-steel pulse-worth his weight in gold (rally round)-hlc
08-steel pulse-dub marcus say (rally dub)-hlc
09-steel pulse-earth crisis-hlc
10-steel pulse-blues dance raid-hlc
11-steel pulse-save black music-hlc
12-steel pulse-bodyguard-hlc
13-steel pulse-leggo beast-hlc
14-steel pulse-babylon the bandit-hlc
15-steel pulse-tightrope-hlc
16-steel pulse-roller skates (dub)-hlc
01-stranger cole and hortense-mocking bird-gully
02-stranger cole and hortense-corra bella baby-gully
01-sugar minott-heads of conference-rks
02-sugar minott-gun gang-rks
03-sugar minott-leave them to jah-rks
04-sugar minott-jah love is everlasting-rks
05-sugar minott-total injustice-rks
06-sugar minott-break free-rks
07-sugar minott-come again-rks
08-sugar minott-sprinter stayer-rks
09-sugar minott-nah bow-rks
10-sugar minott-dancehall fever-rks
01-terror fabulous-number 2 (album version)-gully
02-terror fabulous-number 2 (dub version)-gully
03-terror fabulous-number 2 (acapella)-gully
04-terror fabulous-number 2 (instumental)-gully
05-terror fabulous-you no kotch-gully
01-ub40-ub40 where did i go wrong
02-ub40-ub40 here i am (come and take me)
03-ub40-ub40 kingston town
04-ub40-ub40 the way you do the things you do
05-ub40-ub40 cant help falling in love
06-ub40-ub40 higher ground
07-ub40-ub40 bring me your cup
08-ub40-ub40 reggae music
09-ub40-ub40 superstition
10-ub40-ub40 until my dying day
01-the gayladds-love and understanding (disco style)-gully
02-the gayladds-may be for long (disco style)-gully
03-the gayladds-peculiar man (disco style)-gully
04-the gayladds-little candle (disco style)-gully
05-the gayladds-love is gone (disco style)-gully
06-the gayladds-i n r i (disco style)-gully
01-the heptones-diana-rks
02-the heptones-sha-la-la-la-rks
03-the heptones-the same song-rks
04-the heptones-come rain come shine-rks
05-the heptones-come we go see-rks
06-the heptones-all because of you-rks
07-the heptones-good vibes-rks
08-the heptones-drift away-rks
09-the heptones-tickle me-rks
10-the heptones-nice me nice-rks
01-the heptones-i miss you part 1-gully
02-the heptones-i miss you part 2-gully
01-the heptones-mystery babylon
02-hep hep allstars-mystery version
01-the pioneers-let yeah be yeah-gully
02-the pioneers-more love-gully
01-the prince brothers-ram jam-gully
02-the revolutionaries-version to jam-gully
01-the rass-es-nobody here but me-yard
02-the rass-es-blessed are the meek-yard
03-the rass-es-slave driver-yard
04-the rass-es-you gotta have love-yard
05-the rass-es-babylon is falling-yard
06-the rass-es-true experience-yard
07-the rass-es-for once in my life-yard
08-the rass-es-walk in jah light-yard
09-the rass-es-jungle fever-yard
10-the rass-es-thanksgiving-yard
01-the righteous flames-slaving in babylon-gully
02-the righteous flames-bus dem shut version-gully
01-the tamlins-testify-gully
02-the revolutionaries-testify version-gully
01-third world-open up your eyes-gully
02-third world-spear me the blues tonight-gully
03-third world-layla-gully
04-third world-conversation-gully
05-third world-magnet and steel-gully
06-third world-umbeyo-gully
07-third world-live it up-gully
08-third world-times hard-gully
09-third world-getting on fire-gully
10-third world-love divine-gully
11-third world-papa was a rolling stone-gully
12-third world-born in this time-gully
13-third world-conversation remix-gully
01-thriller u jenifer lara and johnny nice-sex you up-row
02-thriller u jenifer lara and johnny nice-version-row
01-thriller u-saved the best-row
01-tippa lee and rappa roberts-mi lover gone-yard
02-tippa lee and rappa roberts-sweet jamaica-yard
03-tippa lee and rappa roberts-gwan go save your soul-yard
04-tippa lee and rappa roberts-session haffe swing-yard
05-tippa lee and rappa roberts-them bow-yard
06-tippa lee and rappa roberts-dibi dibi sound-yard
07-tippa lee and rappa roberts-run come come-yard
08-tippa lee and rappa roberts-wasnt it you-yard
09-tippa lee and rappa roberts-cant take it-yard
10-tippa lee and rappa roberts-conscious-yard
01-tippa lee and rappa roberts-mi lover gone-rks
02-tippa lee and rappa roberts-sweet jamaica-rks
03-tippa lee and rappa roberts-gwan go save your soul-rks
04-tippa lee and rappa roberts-session haffe swing-rks
05-tippa lee and rappa roberts-them bow feat moses livingston-rks
06-tippa lee and rappa roberts-dibi dibi sound-rks
07-tippa lee and rappa roberts-run come come-rks
08-tippa lee and rappa roberts-wasnt it you-rks
09-tippa lee and rappa roberts-cant take it-rks
10-tippa lee and rappa roberts-conscious-rks
01-trevor hartley-ive tried my best-gully
02-trevor hartley-feeling lonley-gully
01-trinity-dj jamboree-gully
02-trinity-dj jamboree version-gully
01-u brown-please doctor-gully
02-u brown-doctor skank-gully
01-unknown-mix up-gully
02-unknown-mix up (version)-gully
101-supercat-don dadda-yard
102-yankee b-the original-yard
103-shinehead-know how fe chat-yard
104-fu schnickens-ring the alarm-yard
105-born jamericans-informa fe dead-yard
106-shaggy-mattress jockey-yard
107-jah batta and skatee-style and fashion-yard
108-rayvon-girls fresh-yard
109-red fox-dem a murderer-yard
110-nikey fungus-zig zag stitch-yard
111-bobby konders-mack daddy-yard
201-louie rankin-typewriter-yard
202-mad lion-double trouble-yard
203-super c-the rat-yard
204-lady apache-rock and comeen-yard
205-jamalski-texas rumpus-yard
206-ken albert-gunshot-yard
207-shinehead-rough and rugged-yard
208-ugly man-dj de yah-yard
209-rankindon-real mccoy-yard
210-mad lion-love woman so-yard
211-terror fabulous-woman say so-yard
01-fleshy ranks-god heart-yard
02-jimmy riley-a different business now-yard
03-papa san-raggamuffin dancehall don-yard
04-wayne wade-ten drum pan a tears-yard
05-honorable apache-talk about woman-yard
06-papa san and honorable apache-we have di style-yard
07-hopeton lindo-if you think i wouldnt-yard
08-roman stewart-cecelia-yard
09-kashief lindo-ugly games-yard
10-nigger mikey-sign up-yard
01-rudy thomas-buffalo soldier-atrium
02-the blues busters-i shot the sheriff-atrium
03-errol dunkley-nice time-atrium
04-max romeo-soul rebel-atrium
05-johnny clarke-bend down low-atrium
06-mafia and fluxy-get up stand up-atrium
07-rudy thomas-could you be loved-atrium
08-the agrovators and the wrailers-put it on-atrium
09-michael spence-jammin-atrium
10-max romeo-thank you lord-atrium
11-johnny clarke-no woman no cry-atrium
12-beres hammond and zappow-small axe-atrium
13-rudy thomas-isthis love-atrium
14-al campbell-hypocrites-atrium
15-the agrovators and the wrailers-simmer down-atrium
16-mafia and fluxy-exodus-atrium
17-jackie edwards-stir it up-atrium
18-dean frazer-redemption song-atrium
101-the dread flimstone sound-how can you forget-yard
102-benjamin zephaniah-rudie dead-yard
104-the hazardous dub company-the hazardous dub company-yard
105-emperors new clothes-welcome to your world-yard
106-gregory isaacs-hold tight-yard
107-the dread flimstone sound-ghetto life-yard
108-gregory isaacs-try me dub-yard
109-dr wildcat-space station wildcat-yard
110-the dread flimstone sound-the love i get from you-yard
111-hazardous dub company-my dub is your dub-yard
112-gregory isaacs-slave master-yard
201-gregory isaacs-preacher boy-yard
202-gregory isaacs-feeling sad tonight-yard
203-gregory isaacs-try me-yard
204-gregory isaacs-mister know it all-yard
205-gregory isaacs-matey-yard
206-gregory isaacs-private lesson-yard
207-gregory isaacs-diplomatic fool-yard
208-gregory isaacs-she doesnt want me-yard
209-gregory isaacs-ticktock-yard
210-gregory isaacs-girl of my dreams-yard
211-gregory isaacs-slave master-yard
212-gregory isaacs-blessed are the poor-yard
301-benjamin zephaniah-one tribe-yard
302-benjamin zephaniah-palestine-yard
303-benjamin zephaniah-do it-yard
304-benjamin zephaniah-mornin come-yard
305-benjamin zephaniah-self defense-yard
306-benjamin zephaniah-dry-yard
307-benjamin zephaniah-allies-yard
308-benjamin zephaniah-mek luv-yard
309-benjamin zephaniah-rudie dead-yard
403-manasseh-spirit dance-yard
404-manasseh-market place-yard
405-manasseh-circle of stone-yard
409-manasseh-one small step-yard
412-manasseh-surface tension-yard
01-shinehead-rough and rrugged-rbk
02-nicodemus-boneman connection-rbk
04-jigsy king-sheppard-rbk
05-burru banton-washington session-rbk
07-cocoa tea-lost my sonya-rbk
08-yellowman-mr wong-rbk
09-burru banton-boom wha dis-rbk
10-michigan and smiley-diseases-rbk
12-yellowman-bam bam-rbk
01-beenie man-wicked man-rks
02-jigsy king-dont know-rks
03-judas-see and blind-rks
04-chuckleberry-my sound rule-rks
05-malvo and general degree-comforter-rks
06-prince mix-head over heels-rks
07-red rose-family man-rks
08-major christie-best of me-rks
09-glen rycks-there goes my baby-rks
10-mad cobra-never forget-rks
11-galaxy p-love zone-rks
12-brian and tony gold-head over heels-rks
01-cutty ranks-a who seh me dun-hlc
02-max romeo-jordan river-hlc
03-tyrone taylor-true confession (adapted)-hlc
04-anthony malvo-falling in love (adapted)-hlc
05-mickey simpson-weeping willow (adapted)-hlc
06-powerman-love and cherrish-hlc
07-garnett silk-king moses-hlc
08-jack radics-start loving again-hlc
09-daddy lizard-ban in a yard-hlc
10-junior mervin-stand by me (adapted)-hlc
11-singing brady-farmer man-hlc
12-kulcha knox-more love in your heart-hlc
01-johnny osbourne-treat her like a lady-hlc
02-david dave-on fire-hlc
03-reggie stepper and phillip frazer-help me make it through the night-hlc
04-papa san-run the country-hlc
05-cassey man-used to be my girl-hlc
06-triston palma-problems-hlc
07-little john-you look good-hlc
08-gregory isaacs-suzie-hlc
09-major sardine-mr man-hlc
10-shaka delly-cold blooded-hlc
11-sugar minott-feel the power of love-hlc
12-jones and azania-ill be lonely-hlc
13-jeanette reid-i dont wanna to see you-hlc
14-frankie paul and janet davis-mystery lady-hlc
15-cultural roots-choice of colours-hlc
16-asha b-down in the ghetto-hlc
17-m c love 1-aint no off stepping-hlc
18-nigger crabbit-go to ochie-hlc
01-va-banana walk-hlc
02-va-quick stick-hlc
03-va-rub a string-hlc
04-va-jamaica back-hlc
05-va-ready rock-hlc
06-va-guilding star-hlc
07-va-better dub-hlc
08-va-congo call-hlc
09-va-never rub a dub-hlc
10-va-dub me girl-hlc
11-va-gready g-hlc
01-Little Ronnie-Racines-FRP
02-Original Kwebi-Deejay-FRP
03-Pati Tosty and Paco T-Tche Macoume-FRP
04-Boubou and Little Ronnie-Jah Est A Lhonneur-FRP
05-Paco T-Malerese La-FRP
06-Josy Tosty Gregory Joan Paco T Feat Stephane Nichols-Bon Die Bon-FRP
07-Oliver Stone-Fin De Siecle-FRP
08-Paco T-Tout Moun Irie-FRP
09-Dub-Jah Est A Lhonneur-FRP
10-Dub-Bon Die Bon-FRP
001-fudgie springer-intro
002-mad cobra-bedroom gangsta
003-serani-wine my girl
004-bragga-dagga dat
005-lady perftect-dagger dat counter
006-busy signal ft rye rye-tic toc rmx
007-vybz kartel-wine up
008-fudgie springer-freestyle aka titty wine
009-raine seville-belly wine
010-tami chin ft voicemail-watch me wine
011-fudgie springer-segue
012-elephant man-balance pon it
013-elephant man-t l c
014-vybz kartel-wine yuh body
015-adonia-hundred stab
017-chino-how dem nuh waah nuh gyal
018-cecile-push back
019-adonia-i like her
020-elephant man-tip up
021-lil joe-hey yo
022-t o k-upinayah
023-vybz kartel-fling it pan mi
024-vybz kartel-yoursexy style
025-fudgie springer-mi nuh trust radio
026-beenie man-wine gyal
027-tony matterhorn-wine pon mi buddy
028-vybz kartel-dugu dugu
029-mr g-wine pon it
030-pamputae-ride it
031-r d x-bend over
032-fudgie springer-freestyle aka fuck and collect
033-fudgie springer-hot gyal – blackhart dubplate
034-charlie blacks-wine and turn
035-one third-daggering
037-killer camp-dagger dweet
038-brilliant-in deh
039-crazy chris-tippy toe
040-charlie blacks-pon me
041-juckie blacks-dash out your hole
042-r d x-daggering
043-spready glory and splendid-calm her down
044-g bling-hundred stab
045-cush and monter twins-rasta daggering
046-beniton the menace-give me some head
047-charlie blacks-buddy buddy (pause)
048-dagger splender-line it up
049-jamsey p – soca-daggering
050-beenie man and sexy p-gimme likkle remix
051-mr lex-sawka sawka
052-mad dog-bounce it
053-mad dog-in deh
054-mad dog-early morning
055-mad dog-no little bit ah fuck
056-tony matterhorn-fuck har hard
057-mr g-wining so
058-mr g-work mi a work
059-tony matterhorn-jump and wine
060-macka diamond-wibble wabble
061-singing craig-hammering
062-voicemail-when it reach her
063-lindo boy-fling it up pon mi blackhart refix
064-skilli bop-dash out di ting
065-mr vegas-daggering
066-elephant man-wine fi me
067-elephant man-dancing ring
068-busy signal-wine up wine up
069-busy signal-up in har belly
070-adonia-grab har nuh
071-juckie blacks-buddy head (pause)
072-fudgie springer-freestyle – blackhart exclusive
073-shawn storm-27 ways – blackhart remix
074-segue bramma-den nuh know
075-bramma-african wine
076-shawn storm-wine it
077-spice-send it on blackhart remix
078-segue fudgie springer-give thanks mp3
080-munga-spin so
081-fudgie springer-gyalster – skit
082-esco-soaking wet
083-bramma-round of applause
084-vybz kartel and javinchi-my senorita
085-elephant man-please
086-assassin-sen it
087-movado-breed fi me
088-movado-high unda
089-laden-gal dem a call
090-fudgie springer-gyal dem whore – blackhart remix
091-hooligan samantha-blackhart remix
092-erupt-mek noise
093-anthony b-position
094-mr lex-100 dagger
095-ghost-dont call me back
096-lady saw-get over it
097-voicemail-get them wet
098-munga-change position
099-movado-till she bawl
100-capleton-stomping flat
101-beenie man-walk out mi gyal
102-bounty killer-gal dem seh
103-galaxy p-sugar cock (pause)
105-lady saw-inna dark
106-mr g-juk har
107-vybz kartel-the teacher says
108-mr vegas-oh my gosh
109-demarco-she cant wait – blackhart remix
110-vybz kartel-bruck it off – blackhart remix
111-vybz kartel-fuck confrontation – blackhart remix
112-vybz kartel-wine up your body – blackhart remix
113-vybz kartel-skin out – blackhart remix
114-mr evil and cecile-di tightest – blackhart remix
115-fudgie springer-mouth pon di buddy – blackhart remix
116-b more club throwback classics-i just wanna fuck
117-busy signal-nah ansa
118-fudgie springer-pussy good – blackhart dubplate
119-macka diamond-fire links – couple up
120-vybz kartel-outro this is stupidness
01-tony rebel and wayne wonder-smaddy pickney pickney-gully
03-buju banton-lef we business-gully
04-thriller u-missing you-gully
05-nana mcclean-i started a joke-gully
06-peter mann-understand each other-gully
07-anthony malvo-theres no me-gully
08-leroy smart-bad boy-gully
09-tabby diamond-take a miracle-gully
10-tiger-crying fool-gully
01-va-penny irie-go look the man-gully
02-va-derrick irie-way patsy live-gully
03-va-clement irie-tell me-gully
04-va-penny irie-nuh want no stone-gully
05-va-derrick irie-money and the buddy-gully
06-va-clement irie-she broke me heart-gully
07-va-penny irie-boom sound-gully
08-va-derrick irie-fat till she buff-gully
09-va-clement irie-dancehall fever-gully
10-va-penny irie-cook food-gully
11-va-derrick irie-watchings-gully
12-va-clement irie-love in the morning-gully
01-jimmy riley-give me your love
02-roman stewart-aint no love
03-pat kelly-dont look for trouble
04-doby dobson-seems to me im loosing you
05-horace andy-just a man
06-dobby dobson-right here waiting
07-sluggy ranks-lovers selection
08-junior wilson and mr easy-most beautiful girl
09-jimmy riley-write about it
10-norris weir-things you say you love
11-colin sampson-loving arms
12-john holt-before the next teardrop falls
13-trevor sparks-hold on
14-tony tuff-do it to me one more time
16-dobby dobson-why do you leave me to cry
18-junior wilson-wild world
20-dobby dobson-before the next teardrop falls
01-beenie man-come again-yard
02-capleton-toppa tings-yard
03-voice mail-bring yuh body come-yard
04-wayne wonder ft. surprise-got to be-yard
05-capleton-warn dem-yard
06-elephant man-no hail mi-yard
07-predator-nah no head-yard
08-sizzla-its burning-yard
09-bounty killer-sadda dem-yard
10-elephant man-krazy-yard
11-ward 21-rhyme-yard
12-wayne marshall and vybz kartel-why you doing it-yard
01-brent dowe-equality and justice-row
02-conscious minds-africa is paradise-row
03-messengers-paul marcus and norman-row
04-prince psalm-deep meditation-row
05-earl16-cardboard city-row
06-the melodians-river of sin-row
07-time and patience-i believe-row
08-zyah and jimmy-oh when i-row
09-ras fowlie-mother mushet-row
10-tidal wave-created by the father-row
11-ocho rios-cold europe-row
12-ocho rios-charles manson-row
01-terror fabulous-run the place-gully
02-anthony malvo-hurry home-gully
03-jigsy king-sound a go dead-gully
04-leroy smart-call me-gully
05-daddy screw-excite createment-gully
06-grindsman-clean heart-gully
07-jack radics-any way somehow-gully
08-capleton-defend him-gully
09-ian sweetness-powerman-tan side-gully
10-reggie stepper-old bangara-gully
11-general tk-dem want war-gully
12-dean frasier-sax of tomorrow-gully
13-jack radics-well see tomorrow-gully
14-simpleton-nuh tek we fi fool-gully
15-nardo ranks-conference-gully
01-galaxy p-dem a go vex-gully
02-panhead-you lead-gully
03-singing melody-its your life-gully
04-hammer mouth-man fi dead-gully
05-ruddy irie-clate him back-gully
06-sly and robbie-friends for version-gully
01-resident alien-pum pum master-gully
02-sugar bear and silver-boom fi di red alert-gully
03-shabba ranks-mi nuh ramp with it-gully
04-patra-love all the men-gully
05-cutty ranks-living conditions(special red alert remix)-gully
06-vicious-the glock-gully
07-shaka ii-black busta-gully
08-sugar bear and silver-papa props-gully
09-red fox and naturally-lets chill-gully
10-daddy slyva-stretch to fit-gully
11-red fox and screechie dan-pose off(hip hop mix)-gully
12-bobby konders featuring mikey jarrett-mack daddy(red alert special)-gully
13-shaggy and rayvon-big up(hip hop remix)-gully
01-jah woosh-psalm 121-yard
02-big youth-phil pratt thing-yard
03-u roy-wake the town-yard
04-dennis alcapone-this a butter-yard
05-i roy-my food is ration-yard
06-jah woosh-ital feast-yard
07-u roy-real cool-yard
08-dennis alcapone-picture or no picture-yard
09-big youth-tell it black-yard
10-jah woosh-zion sound-yard
11-dennis alcapone-belch it off-yard
12-dellinger-platt skank-yard
01-king tubby-zion gate dub-gully
02-king tubby-king tubbys borderline dub-gully
03-lee perry-venus-gully
04-king tubby-money dub-gully
05-lee perry-lee perry upsetting dub-gully
06-king jammy-slow motion dub-gully
07-king jammy-black and white dub-gully
08-king tubby-the battle axe dub-gully
09-king jammy-dub it in the dancehall dub-gully
10-king tubby-fittest of the fittest dub-gully
11-scientist-rasta dub it everywhere-gully
12-king tubby-dark destroyer dub-gully
13-king jammy-jump song dub-gully
14-sly and robbie-hypocrite dub-gully
15-lee perry-lee perry special dub-gully
16-king tubby-rock with i dub-gully
17-king tubby-fat man dub-gully
18-lee perry-hold of death-gully
19-king tubby and augustus pablo-king tubbys rock on time dub-gully
20-lee perry-black street-gully
21-sly and robbie-burial dub-gully
22-lee perry-lee perry guiding star dub-gully
23-king tubby-dawn dub-gully
01-va-echo miuzik et ghetto fabulous presentent ragga dancehall attitude vol. 3-row
01-terror fabulous-you sweet
02-little kirk-i ll be there
03-beennie man-which one
04-daddy screw-gal look so good
05-culture (ghost)-all fruits ripe
06-little lenny-sex-rated
07-louis culture-fruits rohen
08-tanto metro-ever ready
09-jigsy king-gal a fuss
10-ninja ford-wey dem a talk sey
01-marcia griffiths-fire burning-gully
02-marcia griffiths and cutty ranks-hafl idiot-gully
03-chakademus-get up stand up-gully
04-buju banton-love me browning-gully
06-wayne wonder-feeling soul-gully
07-jack radics-this time ill be sweeter-gully
08-andi- feugo quemando-gully
09-thiller u-every little step-gully
10-beres hammond and cinderella mc-come and get me-gully
01-clint eastwood and general saint-another one bites the dust-jah
03-papa michigan and general smiley-diseases-jah
04-michael prophet-gunman-jah
05-ranking dread-fattie boom boom-jah
06-doctor alimantado-born for a purpose-jah
07-genral echo-bathroom sex-jah
08-wailing souls-war-jah
09-yellowman-yellowman getting married-jah
10-john holt-fat she fat-jah
01-bounti killa-spy fi die-gully
02-yammi bolo-free africa-gully
03-junior cat-make gun-gully
04-little john-work us so hard-gully
05-original african-shooting fi stop-gully
06-pinchers-cross dem bridge-gully
07-frankie paul-dancehall ruler-gully
08-ninja kid-hit man-gully
09-risto benjie-cant stop me-gully
10-galaxy p-heads up-gully
11-dandimite-dust gun-gully
12-gold dust-salute to me gun-gully
13-anthony red rose-head back no careless-gully
14-al campbell-turn me loose-gully
15-peter metro-nah watch nutten-gully
16-linval thomson-ready fi dem-gully
17-pan head-poor people government-gully
18-little twitch-nuh hot like we-gully
19-dennis brown-cant stand it-gully
20-ruddy irie-over ruddy-gully
02-buccaneer-high voltage-yard
03-t.o.k.-tell me how you like it-yard
05-general degree-party party-yard
06-lukie d-throw your hands up-yard
07-afrika-escucha en tu interior-yard
08-daddy maza ft. supa bassie-tu sonido va a morir-yard
09-kingstone music-gym riddim-yard
01-beres hammond-tempted to touch-gully
02-cutty ranks-love me have to get-gully
03-tony tuff-girl ive got to get you-gully
04-tony rebel-fresh vegetable-gully
05-e.t. webster-tempation-gully
06-wayne wonder-hold on-gully
07-mad cobra-bad boy-gully
08-sanchez-soon as i get home-gully
09-tony rebel-the herb-gully
10-rolland thriller-tender roni-gully
01-nana mclean-nanas melody-gully
02-richie stephens-trying to get you-gully
03-pinchers-stand by me pt 2-gully
04-pliers-call it off-gully
05-dean frazer-56 sliper road-gully
06-apatchie scratchie-shuffle and deal-gully
07-mad cobra-yush (bad boy talk)-gully
08-tiger-dress back-gully
09-daddy lilly-body body-gully
10-crucial robbie-love jamaica-gully
01-barrington levy and mega banton-shes mine-rbk
02-major mackerel and jennifer lara-stop-rbk
03-garnett silk-lord watch over our shoulders-rbk
04-beenie man-world dance-rbk
05-bounty killer and colin roach-ill be back-rbk
06-lt. stitchie-fresh sexy chicken-rbk
07-mad cobra-selassie i rules-rbk
08-sanchez and bounty killer-searching-rbk
09-red rose and malvo-never get-rbk
10-buccaner-set the pace-rbk
11-bounty killer and junior reid-this worlds too haunted-rbk
12-red dragon-sweetheart-rbk
13-sanchez-brown eye girl-rbk
14-beenie man-name brand-rbk
15-red rose and merciless-you a mi heart-rbk
16-louie culture-ganja lee-rbk
01-krystal feat shabba ranks-twice my age-csv
02-gregory isaacs-report to me-csv
03-j.c lodge and tiger-love me baby-csv
04-home t. and cocoa tea and shabba-pirates anthem-csv
05-dennis brown-no more walls-csv
06-little lenny-wicked and wild-csv
07-deborahe glasgow and shabba-mr love man-csv
08-pinchers-blinking something-csv
09-papa san and lady g-round table talk-csv
10-cocoa tea-why turn down the sound-csv
11-dennis brown and tiger-make up your mind-csv
12-admiral tibet-tell me which one-csv
01-lloyd and glen-jezebel-hlc
02-eric monty morris-if i didnt love you-hlc
03-justin hinds and the dominoes-fight too much-hlc
04-tommy mccook and the supersonics-indian love call-hlc
05-phyllis dillon-its rocking time-hlc
06-the techniques-day-o-hlc
07-the conquerors-i fall in love-hlc
08-tommy mccook and the supersonics-jam session-hlc
09-phyllis dillon-things of the past-hlc
10-the conquerors-lonely street-hlc
11-the techniques-drink wine-hlc
12-tommy mccook and the supersonics-train to ska-thedral-hlc
13-the three tops-the sound of music-hlc
14-the melodians-i know just how she feels-hlc
15-the silvertones-slow and easy-hlc
16-lynn taitt with tommy mccook and the supersonics-spanish eyes-hlc
01-jigsy king-ragga ragga
02-daddy screw-rotate
01-frisco kid-rubbers-rbk
02-baby cham and mr easy-funny man-rbk
03-beenie man-silent violence-rbk
04-wayne wonder-bashment girl-rbk
05-alley cat-fresh off the block-rbk
06-silver cat-get smart-rbk
07-lady saw-sycamore tree-rbk
08-tanya stephens-yuh nuh ready fi dis yet-rbk
09-spragga benz-hunting-rbk
10-baby cham and wayne wonder-joy ride-rbk
01-richie stephens-should i-yard
02-kojack and liza-how could i-yard
03-glen ricketts-loving you-yard
04-richard kimble-big up the woman-yard
05-lady ann-man move-yard
06-beres hammond-step aside-yard
07-lady shabba-move aside-yard
08-candyman-one more chance-yard
09-papa biggy-get up stand up-yard
10-general trees and beres hammond-my time fe ride-yard
01-shaggy wonder-mickey simpson-ole pan sound-gully
02-mad cobra-foundation-gully
03-anthony red rose-impersonators-gully
04-country man-nico nico-gully
05-garnet silk-staceys in love with me-gully
06-jigsy king-gold body-gully
07-squiddly ranks-bathsuit-gully
08-capt. barkey-wine up wine up-gully
09-ninja kid-body basic-gully
10-yami bolo-i dont know why-gully
11-papa san-miss labrish-gully
12-general t.k.-gal a yu mate-gully
01-Glen Ricks-Sweeie Come Brush Me-FRP
02-Frankie Paul-Boom Back Dat-FRP
03-Colin Roach and African-Watch This Sound-FRP
04-Risto Benjie and Powerman and Baby Wayne-Never Borrow Gun Yet-FRP
05-Admiral Bailey-Do The Butterfly-FRP
06-Captain Barkey-No Gun Man No Cry-FRP
07-Gregory Peck-Follow Me Go A Church-FRP
08-Ken Boothe-Sparkle-FRP
10-Pinchers-Nu Badda Fret-FRP
11-Colin Roach and Galaxy-Miss Goodie Goodie-FRP
12-Powerman-Work Hard-FRP
13-Cornell Campbell-Stars-FRP
14-Carlton Livingston-You Send Come Call Me-FRP
01-king tubby-blood of africa-yard
02-king tubby-african roots-yard
03-king tubby-raw roots-yard
04-king tubby-wood roots-yard
05-king tubby-lake lane rock-yard
06-the upsetters-people from the grass roots-yard
07-the upsetters-crime wave-yard
08-the upsetters-no justice for the poor-yard
09-the upsetters-300 years at the grass roots-yard
10-the upsetters-king tubby and the upsetter at spanish town-yard
01-shabba ranks-ting a ling-hlc
02-dirtsman-hot this year-hlc
03-super cat-ghetto red hot-hlc
04-jesse jender-rude boy remember-hlc
05-cutty ranks-a who seh me dun-hlc
06-ninjaman-murder dem-hlc
07-mad cobra-flex-hlc
08-buju banton-big it up-hlc
09-terror fabulous-body and shape-hlc
10-johnny p.-look good-hlc
11-tiger-ram dance hall-hlc
01-niggah mikey-macarena dance-rks
02-niggah mikey-done wife already-rks
03-captain barkey-go go makarina-rks
04-little john-champion sound-rks
05-banana man-banana shoot again-rks
06-malibu-what a night-rks
07-peter metro-earth a run red-rks
08-macarena riddim-version-rks
01-va-mad house crew live-louie culture terror fabulous daddy screw-hlc
01-chaka demus and pliers-boom
02-general levy-heart
03-buju banton-stamina daddy
04-sanchez and shaka shamba-na bun it down
05-half pint-substitute lover
06-buju banton-batty rider
07-maxi priest-reasons
08-beres hammond-full attention
09-capleton-make hey
10-michael rose-visit them
11-brian and tony gold-can you
12-marcia griggiths-closer to you
01-bounty killer-miss ivy last son-rks
02-harry toddler-criss gun nozzle-rks
03-turbo belly-satan spy-rks
04-lukie d-give me grace-rks
05-angel doolas-things fi gwaan-rks
06-mad cobra-hell swell-rks
07-elephant man-in di alley-rks
08-determine-house house-rks
09-ninja rebel-belly yu ketch-rks
10-peenie irie-ready body-rks
01-bob marley-could you be loved-hlc
02-apache indian-medley-hlc
03-shabba ranks-mr. loverman-hlc
04-chaka demus and pliers-murder she wrote-hlc
05-frighty and colonel mite-life (is what you make it)-hlc
06-buju banton-make my day-hlc
07-regga master-oh carolina-hlc
08-premier featuring marquise-open up your heart (and let the sunshine in)-hlc
09-dj ray-secret admirer-hlc
10-third world-now that we found love-hlc
11-david morales and the bad yard club-gimmi luv-hlc
12-mad cobra-flex-hlc
13-french connection-i dont like reggae-hlc
14-kingston club-pride (in the name of love)-hlc
15-sl2-on a ragga tip-hlc
17-inner circle-we a rockers-hlc
01-daddy screw ft donovan-big things
02-dugsy ranks-wifee
03-frisco kid-big speech
04-spragga benz-things a gwaan
05-louie culture-no gyal
06-daddy screw ft donovan steele-dapper
07-wayne wonder ft don youth-loving excess
08-chippy ranks-tan so good
09-gary minott-no more
10-buju banton-man a look you
01-bunny general and king kong-big bad sound-JAH
01-candyman-soundclash medley-jah
01-reggie stepper-my sound rule-jah
02-maliboo-killing a sound-JAH
03-quench aid-kill a sound tonight-JAH
04-sugar minott-my sound a leader-JAH
01-ninja man-don sound-gully
02-tinga stewart-old pan sound-gully
03-pliers-you see we-gully
04-scotty-kill ah sound boy-gully
05-dean frasier-no 1 sound-gully
06-steve knight-papa beto-japanese-dust dem-gully
07-steve knight-the greatest sound-gully
08-japanese-ruffest sound man-gully
09-wayne wonder and nardo ranks-my sound rule-gully
01-gregory peck-pocoman jam-rks
02-flourgon-tie me again-rks
03-daddy lilly-when yu see wi come-rks
04-silver fox and jackie chang-bad wud-rks
05-steely and clevie-fish market-rks
06-trevor lilly-kill them on the border-rks
07-hopeton james-my whole world-rks
08-steely and clevie-steely cant bend-rks
09-carl meeks-bad boys-rks
10-daddy lilly-singers roll call-rks
01-va-project groundation-vol.3-babylons demise-hlc
01-va-project groundation-vol.4-massive-hlc
01-d.j. chroma-here comes the hotstepper-hlc
02-shinehead-jamaican in new york-hlc
03-loft-summer summer-hlc
04-snow-girl ive been hurt-hlc
05-d.j. bobo-there is a party-hlc
06-solina-summer nights-hlc
07-jammin band-baby i love your way-hlc
08-taxi-dollar wine-hlc
09-los locos-macarena-hlc
10-david morales and the bad yard club-gimme luv (eenie meenie miny mo)-hlc
11-mind affair-love is all around-hlc
12-johnny nash-cupid-hlc
13-andrew sixty-oh carol-hlc
14-toots and the maytals-louie louie-hlc
15-m. gi. m. big time-hungry for pamela-hlc
16-arrow-groove master-hlc
01-general levy-ragga ragga
02-top cat-request the style
03-janet lee davis and tippa irie-baby ive been missing you
04-ricky general-splurt
05-sweetie irie-slim body girls
06-cutty ranks and general levy-wha dem a watch we for
07-tenor fly-bright side of life
08-cj lewis and phillip lee-why do fols fall in love
09-red dragon-leave your man alone
10-jack radics-groovin
11-joseph cotton-rub up push up
12-nerious joseph and tenor fly-my girl
13-frankie paul-fp the greatest
14-nerious joseph-guidance
01-terror fabulous-call for peace-gully
02-tony rebel-teach the children-gully
03-garnett silk-splashing dashing-gully
04-jigsy king-two is a couple-gully
05-beenie man-matey-gully
06-sixy morris-always in my heart-gully
07-terror fabulous-almighty god-gully
08-chukki star-rock the boat-gully
09-sylvia tella-people of the world-gully
10-spragga benz-dem flap-gully
11-dennis brown victoria starkey and chukki star-true-gully
12-ninja ford-herbsman-gully
13-wayne wonder-place in my heart-gully
14-tony curtis-fantasy-gully
15-saba tooth-big bed act-gully
16-frankie sly-good and you know-gully
17-sammy levi-home and away-gully
18-cocoa tea and buccaneer-too much gun lyrics-gully
01-merciless-mr war war-jah
02-bounty killer-benz and bimma-jah
03-spragga benz-mad house tek him-jah
04-red dragon-explode gal-jah
05-buccaneer-hotter this year-jah
06-beenie man-girls way-jah
07-general degree-in and out-jah
08-bounty killer-gal fi get wock-jah
09-simpleton-want the lumber-jah
10-red dragon-more gyal-jah
11-various artists-matey anthem-jah
12-simpleton-miss hotty hotty-jah
13-mad cobra-ever tight-jah
14-merciless-greatest lover-jah
15-buccaneer-vintage old bruk-jah
16-daddy screw-death-jah
17-spragga benz-funny guy thing-jah
18-mad cobra-queen of hearts-jah
01-beenie man-yaw yaw-jah
02-bounty killer-model-jah
04-buccaneer-buccaneer medly-jah
05-chuck fender-gal dem wining-jah
06-beenie man-blackboard-jah
07-frisco kid-serve me long-jah
08-bounty killer nitty kutchie and angel doolas-youve got me waiting-jah
09-beenie man-ban mi fi di truth-jah
10-spragga benz-hot girl-jah
11-daddy screw-gal fi di future-jah
12-merciless-man confuse-jah
13-admiral bailey-mi a wine her-jah
14-chuck fender-its me its me-jah
15-scare dem crew-ready or not-jah
16-merciless-nah nuh sense bruce-jah
17-harry toddler-pure gal-jah
18-general degree-woa woa-jah
01-red dragon-agony-yard
02-red dragon-ruff-yard
03-red dragon-big brain girl-yard
04-red dragon-hell rider-yard
05-red dragon-nu friend you mate-yard
06-flourgon-big batty gal-yard
07-flourgon-one foot skank-yard
08-flourgon-jump spread out-yard
09-flourgon-country girl-yard
10-flourgon-keep up your pride-yard
01-sanchez-old friends-gully
02-clement irie-carry no ganja-gully
03-horace andy-come again-gully
04-conroy smith-dangerous-gully
05-dignity stylish-plain and straight-gully
06-flourgon-fe we time now-gully
07-daddy lizzard-dibby dibby-gully
08-horace andy-give love a try-gully
01-admiral bailey-big belly man-gully
02-lieutenant stitchie-wear your size-gully
03-king kong-trouble again-gully
04-wayne smith-under me sleng teng-gully
05-nitty gritty-run down the world-gully
06-peter metro-police in ah england-gully
07-tenor saw-pumpkin belly-gully
08-cocoa tea-crying time again-gully
09-pinchers-sit down pon it-gully
10-cocoa tea-come again-gully
11-dennis magic-its magic-gully
101 eric donaldson – cherry oh baby
102 jackie robinson – come on over to my place
103 the melodians – sweet sensation
104 jimmy cliff – sufferin in the land
105 inner circle – homely girl
106 the paragons – the tide is high
107 desmond dekker – israelites
108 althia and donna – up town top rankin
109 typically tropical – barbados
110 dennis brown – money in my pocket
111 culture – two sevens clash
112 guardian angel – china gate
113 lou and the hollywood bananas – kingston kingston
114 bob marley and the wailers – duppy conquerer
115 mighty two – calico suite
116 the blues busters – shame and scandal
117 prince mohammid – bubbling love
118 the maytals – you make me feel the way i do
119 dillinger – funky punk
120 yellowman and peter metro – the girl is mine
201 arrow – hot hot hot
202 ken boothe – everything i own
203 captain sindbad and little john – saturday night at the movies
204 the melodians – rivers of babylon
205 desmond dekker – moving on
206 dhaima – ina jah children
207 john holt – help me make it through the night
208 the blues busters – wings of a dove
209 lou and the hollywood bananas – ma jamaicane
210 natural ites – picture on the wall
211 michael prophet – reggae music all night long
212 ska boys – norwegian wood disco
213 jimmy cliff – give a little take a little
214 chalice – stan up
215 general trees – kingstonian man
216 judge dread – big six
217 gregory isaacs – willow tree
218 byron lee – 007 shanty town
219 delroy wilson – this old heart of mine
220 the ethiopians – long time now
01-max romeo-revelation-hlc
02-junior byles-young girl-hlc
03-the aggrovators-do you dub me-hlc
04-carlene davis-talking blues-hlc
05-chalice-i cant run-hlc
06-the jamaicans-woman go home-hlc
07-tommy mc cook-flying home-hlc
08-alton ellis-blackmans world-hlc
09-bob marley-thank you lord-hlc
10-u roy-love i tender-hlc
11-joya landis-angel of the morning-hlc
12-justin hinds and the dominoes-over the river-hlc
13-dennis brown-go now-hlc
14-pat kelly-you look so nice-hlc
15-dennis bovell-cut after cut-hlc
16-glen ricks-moving away-hlc
01-peter tosh-dont look back (youve gotta walk)-hlc
02-black slate-amigo-hlc
03-dennis brown-money in my pocket-hlc
04-eddy grant-gimme hope jo anna-hlc
05-jimmy cliff-wonderful world beautiful people-hlc
06-culture club-do you really want to hurt me-hlc
07-errol dunkley-o.k. fred-hlc
08-sophia george-girlie girlie-hlc
09-paul davidson-midnight rider-hlc
10-boris gardiner-i want to wake up with you-hlc
11-desmond dekker-the israelites-hlc
12-rudy thomas-could you be loved-hlc
13-migil 5-mockingbird hill-hlc
14-winston groovy-night shift-hlc
01-sound dimensions-reggae inthe grass-yard
02-bob andy-feeling soul-yard
03-john holt-darling i need your loving-yard
04-roy richards-100 pounds of clay-yard
05-larry and alvin-she will never let go-yard
06-bob and marcia-really together-yard
07-larry and alvin-nanny goat-yard
08-clive alphonso-moving together-yard
09-val bennett-boggie reggae-yard
10-delroy wilson-easy snappin-yard
11-the consumates-do the right thing-yard
12-sound dimension-reaggye for days-yard
01-cedella marley booker-redemption songs-rks
02-big youth-jim squeechy-rks
03-ras michael-new name-rks
04-yellowman-rent a dread-rks
05-prince far i-what you gonna do on the judgement day-rks
06-21st century dub-concrete jungle-rks
07-gregory isaacs-nuff split dub-rks
08-lee scratch perry-bog walk skanking-rks
09-chicken chest and leslie thunder-girl down de lane-rks
10-oku onuora-i a tell-rks
11-21st century dub-jamming-rks
12-michael e johnson and the killer bees-mad minute-rks
13-cedella marley booker-something in a something-rks
01-version-playground riddim
02-version-ride riddim
03-version-murder riddim
04-version-widow riddim
05-version-roots riddim
06-version-bye bye riddim
07-version-answer riddim
08-version-caan riddim
09-version-showtime riddim
10-version-rumors riddim
01-va-roots and culture-hlc
01-tullo t-tempt me-hlc
02-princesss and sis windy-nah run form it-hlc
03-beanie man-weeping and mourning-hlc
04-nadine sweetness-u.s. pum pum-hlc
05-gold dust-gum pan-hlc
06-sis princesss-joe grine get flop-hlc
07-tullo t-gal a sign-hlc
08-sneeking rachael-cocky cooler-hlc
09-junie ranks-another wood dread-hlc
10-princesss-help with the john-hlc
11-tullo t-pum pum mash up-hlc
12-nardo ranks and princesss and sis windy-bed work-hlc
13-tullo t-longula-la-hlc
14-junie ranks-sugar truck-hlc
15-burt lancaster-chat wicked-hlc
16-sis windy-wood with the ring-hlc
01-mikey spice-one last memory-gully
02-nadine sutherland-im in love-gully
03-bunny brown-my first love-gully
04-andrew bell-which way-gully
05-shelene-so much in love-gully
06-gregory isaacs-breaking up-gully
07-wayne wonder-take you to a place-gully
08-bunny brown-try my love again-gully
09-tony curtis-have a little faith-gully
10-spanner banner-love on the carpet-gully
11-jnr. palmer-ordinary love-gully
12-frankie paul-one last memory-gully
13-danny dennis-so much in love(instumental)-gully
14-d.browne lenky and o. brian-one last(instumental)-gully
01-ricky general-you a lead-yard
02-ricky general-politics over-yard
03-ricky general-slam bam-yard
04-ricky general-gun nuh join church-yard
05-ricky general-have no matey-yard
06-ricky general-informer-yard
07-mega banton-decision-yard
08-mega banton-dis di system-yard
09-mega banton-gi di gun a ease-yard
10-mega banton-never heard a sound-yard
11-mega banton-say dem a wicked-yard
12-mega banton-new year new style-yard
01-va-silverhawk sound playing strictly ninja and shabba dubplates-yard
01-frankie paul-heart attack-yard
02-general tk-fancyness-yard
03-cobra-original kill and nuh run-yard
04-gospel fish-you must be fool-yard
05-spanner banner-battle field-yard
06-soljie-dub mix (ragga)-yard
07-oneil shines-when will you love (hip hop)-yard
08-nardo ranks-step up in life-yard
09-daddy woody-man ginal (hip hop)-yard
10-apachie scratchie-gun pon cock-yard
11-mike ninja-miser-yard
12-soljie-dub mix (hip hop)-yard
01-frankie jones – with you (original mix)
02-anthony johnson – stop call me (original mix)
03-patrick andy – you step (original mix)
04-horace andy – sweet loving (original mix)
05-hugh griffiths – i remember (original mix)
06-earl sixteen – strictly bubbling (original mix)
07-midnight riders – hall pull up (original mix)
08-michael palmer – pon your toes (original mix)
09-jackie statement – just come in (original mix)
10-sly robbie dean frazier and robbie lyn – unmetered taxi (original mix)
01-bounty killer-smoke the herb-rbk
02-anthony malvo and josey wales-sensi-rbk
03-sluggy ranks and tuffest-weed man-rbk
04-wayne wonder and don yute-sensi ride-rbk
05-mikal rose-stalk of sensimilla-rbk
06-beenie man and silver cat-the chronic-rbk
07-jigsy king-give mi the weed-rbk
10-turbo belly-true inspiration-rbk
11-mighty diamonds and fragga ranks-chalice in a circle-rbk
12-everton blender-bring the kutchie-rbk
13-bajja jedd-ganja smokin-rbk
14-red dragon-light my spliff-rbk
15-phillip famous-herb vendor-rbk
01-chaka demus-pliers-pretty robber-gully
02-terror fabulous-woman a you-gully
03-glamour murphy-imtimate companion-gully
04-dollar fifty-gal yu body good-gully
05-garnet silk-green line-gully
06-frankie paul-end of the road-gully
07-freddie mcgregor-jigsy king-winner-gully
08-charlie chaplin-red rose-warning-gully
09-sherrif-matey na watch-gully
11-capt.barkey-colin roache-what a heat-gully
12-mikal rose-mr mention-gully
13-sanchez-cutty ranks-woman a mi lover-gully
14-judy mowatt-stop in the name of love-gully
15-thriller u-i wonder why-gully
16-e.t. webster-just say yes-gully
17-sanchez-always on my mind-gully
18-oneil shines-same old song-gully
19-daddy screw-god knows-gully
20-general pecus-right stuff-gully
01-the mighty diamonds-poor marcus-hlc
02-little roy-columbus ship-hlc
03-don d junior-thriller-hlc
04-morwell esquire-in god we trust-hlc
05-earth and stone-in time to come-hlc
06-prince fari and mike brookes-who have eyes to see-hlc
07-the upsetter-shepherd rod-hlc
08-shorty the president and enos mcleod-jestering-hlc
09-the mighty diamonds-shame and pride-hlc
10-prince fari and the arabs-the right way-hlc
11-israel vibration-ill go through-hlc
01-pyramids-train tour to rainbow city-gully
02-little grants and eddie-rock steady 67-gully
03-little grants and eddie-bingo-gully
04-jamaican cousins-just a little love-gully
05-little grants and eddie-everything is alright-gully
06-four gees-rough rider-gully
07-little grants and eddie-rudys dead-gully
08-west indians-you must have been a beautiful baby-gully
09-the original africans-mr full stop-gully
10-pyramids-john chewey-gully
11-west indians-dont say goodbye-gully
12-four gees-ethiopia-gully
01-beres hammond-tempted to touch-rbk
02-cutty ranks-love me have to get-rbk
03-tony tuff-girl lve got to get to you-rbk
04-tony rebel-fresh vegetable-rbk
05-e.t. webster-temptation-rbk
06-wayne wonder-hold on-rbk
07-mad cobra-bad boy-rbk
08-sanchez-soon as i get home-rbk
09-tony rebel-the herb-rbk
10-ronald thriller-tender roni-rbk
11-nana mclean-nanas medley-rbk
12-richie stephens-trying to get you-rbk
13-pinchers-stand by me pt.2-rbk
14-pliers-call it off-rbk
15-dean fraser-56 slipe road-rbk
16-apache scratchie-shuffle and deal-rbk
17-mad cobra-yush (bad boy talk)-rbk
18-tiger-dress back-rbk
19-daddy lilly-body body-rbk
20-crucial robbie-love jamaica-rbk
01-va-jamaican army-hlc
02-va-ganja jamboree-hlc
03-va-classic smoke out-hlc
04-va-back it up-hlc
05-va-irie thing-hlc
06-va-everyone smokes sometimes-hlc
01-va-jamaican army-hlc
02-va-ganja jamboree-hlc
03-va-classic smoke out-hlc
04-va-back it up-hlc
05-va-irie thing-hlc
06-va-everyone smokes-hlc
01-va-selector says-hlc
03-va-block warrior-hlc
04-va-weed please-hlc
05-va-smoke wilder-hlc
01-va-dselector says-hlc
03-va-block warrior-hlc
04-va-weed please-hlc
05-va-smoke wilder-hlc
01-va-woah mon-hlc
02-va-gotta leaf-hlc
03-va-smoke again-hlc
04-va-hot gal today-hlc
06-va-next chronic break-hlc
07-va-hit it again-hlc
08-va-party up bra-hlc
10-va-bam bam-hlc
01-va-whoa mon-hlc
02-va-gotta leaf-hlc
03-va-smoke again-hlc
04-va-hot gal today-hlc
06-va-next chronic break-hlc
07-va-hit it again-hlc
08-va-party up bra-hlc
10-va-bam bam-hlc
01-wayne wade-i love you too much-rbk
02-beres hammond-double trouble-rbk
03-marcia griffiths-closer to you-rbk
04-sanchez-dont worry-rbk
05-wayne wonder-when im with you-rbk
06-dennis brown-friends for life-rbk
07-jack radics and reggie stepper-love is guaranteed-rbk
08-jack radics-what a difference-rbk
09-frankie paul-come and talk to me-rbk
10-glen ricks-fall in love-rbk
11-beres hammond-full attention-rbk
12-singing sweet-when i see you smile-rbk
13-garnet silk-place in your heart-rbk
14-igina and junior rodigan-get here (if you can)-rbk
01-red dragon – hol a fresh-kouala
02-general echo – arieen-kouala
03-sanchez – loneliness-kouala
04-sugar beagle – dust a sound boy-kouala
05-triller u – i ll prove it to you-kouala
06-admiral tibett – terrorist-kouala
07-papa san ft. lady g – equal right-kouala
08-red dragon – agony-kouala
09-major christie ft. ernist wilson and buju banton – do dem supm-kouala
10-professor nuts – crazy glue-kouala
11-tenor saw – ring the alarm-kouala
12-techniques – you dont care-kouala
01-the gladiators-jah works-hlc
02-u-brown-natty dread upon a mountain top-hlc
03-the twinkle brothers-i love you so-hlc
04-prince far i-the foggy road-hlc
05-sly dunbar-mr. bassie-hlc
06-prince hammer-sister bella-hlc
07-althea and donna-make a truce-hlc
08-poet and the roots-dread beat and blood-hlc
09-ranking trevor-rub a dub style-hlc
10-culture-holy mount zion-hlc
11-tapper zukie-tribute to steve biko-hlc
12-big youth-love we a deal with-hlc
13-i-roy-jordan river-hlc
14-jah lloyd-cocaine-hlc
01-va-the mighty diamonds-right time-hlc
02-va-u-roy-natty rebel-hlc
03-va-johnny clarke-declaration of rights-hlc
04-va-i-roy-dont touch i man locks-hlc
05-va-the gladiators-looks is deceiving-hlc
06-va-delroy washington-freedom fighters-hlc
07-va-u-roy-the great psalms-hlc
08-va-keith hudson-civilisation-hlc
09-va-the gladiators-know yourself mankind-hlc
10-va-the mighty diamonds-africa-hlc
01-ghost-where do you go-gully
02-saba tooth-guns out-gully
03-don flash-enemy-gully
04-roundhead-know who fe trust-gully
05-treasure mouth-war zone-gully
06-dilly mally and the doc-version-gully
01-triston palmer with dennis brown and beenie man-three against war-rks
02-triston palmer and dennis brown-ease up-rks
03-beenie man-calm and chill-rks
04-dennis brown-crying for you girl-rks
05-beenie man-aids victim-rks
06-triston palmer-picture on the wall-rks
07-beenie man-miss angella-rks
08-dennis brown-day will come-rks
09-beenie man-which one-rks
10-triston palmer-distress-rks
11-dennis brown-steady rock-rks
12-triston palmer-ebony eyes-rks
13-triston palmer-just my imagination-rks
14-dennis brown-smiling face-rks
01-joe white and chuck-every night-gully
02-judy mowatt-im alone-gully
03-the saints-brown eyes-gully
04-judy mowatt-i love you-gully
05-joe white and chuck-my love for you-gully
06-judy mowatt-cry to me-gully
07-joe white-if it dont work out-gully
08-judy mowatt-too good for me-gully
09-louis sparks-well make love-gully
10-patsy-hanging on-gully
01-frankie paul-sara-rbk
02-nitty gritty-is mi have a girl-rbk
03-leroy gibbons-magic moment-rbk
04-frankie paul-i want to rock with you-rbk
05-chuck turner-i need you-rbk
06-cocoa tea-come again-rbk
07-johnny osbourne-buddy by-rbk
08-john holt-if a was a carpenter-rbk
09-cocoa tea-tune in-rbk
10-frankie paul-cassanova-rbk
11-chuck turner-tears-rbk
12-wayne smith-under mi sleng teng-rbk
13-home t. cocoa tea and shabba ranks-who she love-rbk
14-sanchez-here i am-rbk
01-conroy smith-dangerous-rbk
02-frankie paul-slow down-rbk
03-courtney melody-my lady-rbk
04-thriller u-careless whisper-rbk
05-carl meeks and daddy lizard-heard about my love-rbk
06-conroy smith-model pon me-rbk
07-sanchez-old friends-rbk
08-daddy lilly-walking machine-rbk
09-johnny p-old bruck-rbk
11-chevelle franklin-make it real-rbk
12-sanchez-lady in red-rbk
13-sugar minott-dis the program-rbk
14-donovan champion-to the champion-rbk
15-tippa lee and rappa robert-no trouble we-rbk
16-gregory isaacs-i do-rbk
01-half pint-home sweet home-rbk
02-general trees-gone a negril-rbk
03-barrington levy-she mine-rbk
04-sanchez-let me love you down-rbk
05-dennis brown-friends for life-rbk
06-yellowman-going to the chapel-rbk
07-echo minott-lazy body-rbk
08-dennis brown-missing you-rbk
09-general tress-tarzan-rbk
10-gregory isaacs-solitary confinement-rbk
11-hugh griffitns-young love-rbk
12-admiral tibbets-nah sleep a jail house-rbk
13-john holt-stealing-rbk
14-shabba ranks-man pon consignment-rbk
15-anthony johnson-come in a dis-rbk
16-earl sixteen-role a belly-rbk
101-folkes brothers-oh carolina-r2r
102-laurel aitken-boogie in my bone-r2r
103-owen gray-midnight track-r2r
104-theophilus beckford-easy snappin-r2r
105-derrick and patsy-housewives choice-r2r
106-derrick morgan-foreward march-r2r
107-jimmy cliff-miss jamaica-r2r
108-millie small-my boy lollipop-r2r
109-the maytals-six and seven books of moses-r2r
110-the wailers-simmer down-r2r
111-don drummond-man in the street-r2r
112-justin hinds and the dominoes-carry go bring come-r2r
113-the skatalites-guns of navarone-r2r
114-prince buster-al capone-r2r
115-prince buster-hard man fe dead-r2r
116-derrick morgan-tougher than tough-r2r
117-alton ellis-girl ive got a date-r2r
118-the paragons-happy go lucky girl-r2r
119-delroy wilson-dancing mood-r2r
120-ken boothe-the train is coming-r2r
121-hopeton lewis-take it easy-r2r
122-the jamaicans-ba ba boom-r2r
123-desmond dekker-007 (shanty town)-r2r
124-bob andy-ive got to go back home-r2r
125-the techniques-queen majesty-r2r
126-dobby dobson-loving pauper-r2r
127-phyllis dillon-dont stay away-r2r
201-desmond dekker-israelites-r2r
202-the maytals-54-46 (thats my number)-r2r
203-the ethiopians-reggae hit the town-r2r
204-max romeo-wet dream-r2r
205-the uniques-my conversation-r2r
206-stranger cole and lester sterling-bangarang-r2r
207-the upsetters-return of django-r2r
208-harry j. allstars-the liquidator-r2r
209-melodians-rivers of babylon-r2r
210-jimmy cliff-the harder they come-r2r
211-bob and marcia-young gifted and black-r2r
212-u roy-wake the town-r2r
213-pat kelly-how long-r2r
214-dave and ansell collins-double barrel-r2r
215-niney-blood and fire-r2r
216-eric donaldson-cherry oh baby-r2r
217-delroy wilson-better must come-r2r
218-dennis brown-money in my pocket-r2r
219-john holt-stick by me-r2r
220-dennis alcapone-teach the children-r2r
221-big youth-s.90 skank-r2r
222-ken boothe-everything i own-r2r
223-dennis brown-westbound train-r2r
224-johnnie clarke-moving out a babylon-r2r
225-junior byles-curly locks-r2r
301-heptones-country boy-r2r
302-i. roy-welding-r2r
303-burning spear-marcus garvey-r2r
304-mighty diamonds-right time-r2r
305-roman stewart-natty sing hit songs-r2r
306-leroy smart-ballistic affair-r2r
307-jacob miller-tenement yard-r2r
308-max romeo-war ina babylon-r2r
309-junior murvin-police and thieves-r2r
310-culture-two sevens clash-r2r
311-delroy wilson-im still waiting-r2r
312-bob marley-no woman no cry (live)-r2r
313-althia and donna-uptown top ranking-r2r
314-gregory isaacs-number one-r2r
315-wailing souls-bredda gravalicious-r2r
316-sugar minott-river jordan-r2r
317-willie williams-armagideon time-r2r
318-black uhuru-guess whos coming to dinner-r2r
319-junior delgado-fort augustus-r2r
320-freddie mcgregor-joggin-r2r
321-dennis brown-sitting and watching-r2r
401-gregory isaacs-night nurse-r2r
402-yellowman-mad over me-r2r
403-michigan and smiley-diseases-r2r
404-johnny osbourne-water pumping-r2r
405-frankie paul-pass the tusheng peng-r2r
406-barrington levy-here i come-r2r
407-tenor saw-ring the alarm-r2r
408-wayne smith-under me sleng teng-r2r
409-anthony red rose-tempo-r2r
411-half pint-greetings-r2r
412-admiral bailey-punanny-r2r
413-red dragon-hol a fresh-r2r
414-gregory isaacs-rumours-r2r
415-tinga stewart and ninjaman-cover me-r2r
416-papa san and lady g-legal rights-r2r
417-shabba ranks-wicked inna bed-r2r
419-tiger-yuh dead now-r2r
420-buju banton-bogle dance-r2r
421-chaka demus and pliers-murder she wrote-r2r
422-shaggy-oh carolina-r2r
01-va-tribe of kings-chapter one-hlc
01-sluggy ranks-old pan sound-gully
02-super classic-mento medley-gully
03-negus-all for money-gully
04-lloyd stiff-jamican girl-gully
05-mickey white-gimmie the bubler-gully
06-robby dangerfield-no test the fate-gully
07-joseph cotton-dont touch the sky-gully
08-carlton livingston-land of 1000 dances-gully
09-leroy gibbons-samfire girl-gully
10-sluggy-99% black-gully
11-chuck turner-run around girl-gully
12-eccleton jarret-turn on the heat-gully
13-errol strength-tears-gully
14-pinchers-kingston 13-gully
15-daddy lizard-have fi fly out-gully
16-courtney melody-bad boy-gully
17-victor ranking-body fit-gully
18-flourgan-big batty girl-gully
19-rula brown-break away-gully
20-najo-i wanna be your man-gully
21-cracker jack and patches-bam bam-gully
22-cracker jack and patches-we outta gt-gully
23-cracker jack and patches-guyanese woman-gully
01-blacker and macka diamond-bun him
02-general degree-have weh yu waan
03-shaggy feat olivia-wild 2 night remix
04-elephant man-burn it up
05-ward21 and wayne marshall-we got the flavor
06-kiprich feat wesley diamond-gun thing
07-voicemail-galang so
08-rik rok-should i tell her
09-ky-enie-mampie size
10-delicious-short up clothes
11-hawkeye-why they hate us
12-lady saw-bling-wis
13-twinz of twinz-we are here
14-christopher birch-wild 2 nite riddim
01-wanye wonder-the best-gully
02-spragga benz-dolly house-gully
03-baby cham-break up and make up-gully
04-richie stephen-bull ina pen-gully
05-bounty killa-worthless boy-gully
07-lady saw-woman wi name-gully
08-stranger-dugu dugu-gully
09-beenie man-new suzuki-gully
10-general degree-heavy man-gully
11-wayne wonder-glamour gal-gully
12-frisco kid-think we nice-gully
13-alais-experience rider-gully
14-baby cham-more wood-gully
01-wailing souls-bandits-gully
02-wailing souls-live on-gully
03-wailing souls-mother and child reunion-gully
04-wailing souls-dont give up-gully
05-wailing souls-na na hey hey kiss him goodbye-gully
06-wailing souls-trouble no more-gully
07-wailing souls-jah jah-gully
08-wailing souls-owe me money-gully
09-wailing souls-ok corral-gully
10-wailing souls-rejection-gully
11-wailing souls-what the world needs-gully
12-wailing souls-nuff suffering-gully
13-wailing souls-whats a life worth-gully
01-wailing souls-row fisherman-rks
02-wailing souls-slow coach-rks
03-wailing souls-we got to be together-rks
04-wailing souls-feel the spirit-rks
05-wailing souls-bredda gravalicious-rks
06-wailing souls-wild suspense-rks
07-wailing souls-they never know-rks
08-wailing souls-black rose-rks
09-wailing souls-something funny-rks
10-wailing souls-very well-rks
11-wailing souls-walk but mind you dont fall (dub)-rks
12-wailing souls-row fisherman (dub)-rks
13-wailing souls-bredda gravalicious (dub)-rks
14-wailing souls-slow coach (dub)-rks
15-wailing souls-something funny (dub)-rks
16-wailing souls-weve got to be together (dub)-rks
17-wailing souls-very well (dub)-rks
01-alpha blondy-cocody rock
02-alpha blondy-afriki
03-alpha blondy-jerusalem
04-alpha blondy-rasta poue
05-alpha blondy-apartheid is nazism
06-alpha blondy-i love paris
07-alpha blondy-blesser
08-alpha blondy-brigadier sabari
09-alpha blondy-boulevard de la mort
10-alpha blondy-come back jesus
101-bob marley and the wailers-keep on skanking-hlc
102-bob marley and the wailers-brain washing-hlc
103-bob marley and the wailers-corner stone-hlc
104-bob marley and the wailers-all in one-hlc
105-bob marley and the wailers-man to man (who the cap fit)-hlc
106-bob marley and the wailers-wisdom-hlc
107-bob marley and the wailers-mr chatterbox-hlc
108-bob marley and the wailers-one in all-hlc
109-bob marley and the wailers-dreamland-hlc
110-bob marley and the wailers-run for cover-hlc
111-bob marley and the wailers-i like it like this-hlc
112-bob marley and the wailers-turn me loose-hlc
113-bob marley and the wailers-brand new second hand-hlc
114-bob marley and the wailers-this train-hlc
115-bob marley and the wailers-there she goes-hlc
116-bob marley and the wailers-how many times-hlc
117-bob marley and the wailers-treat you right-hlc
118-bob marley and the wailers-love light shining-hlc
119-bob marley and the wailers-rebels hop-hlc
120-bob marley and the wailers-satisfy my soul-hlc
201-bob marley and the wailers-pictures on the wall-hlc
202-bob marley and the wailers-shocks of mighty-hlc
203-bob marley and the wailers-shocks of mighty (pt 2)-hlc
204-bob marley and the wailers-my cup-hlc
205-bob marley and the wailers-adam and eve-hlc
206-bob marley and the wailers-downpresser-hlc
207-bob marley and the wailers-thank you lord-hlc
208-bob marley and the wailers-tell me-hlc
209-bob marley and the wailers-soul almighty-hlc
210-bob marley and the wailers-send me that love-hlc
211-bob marley and the wailers-make up-hlc
212-bob marley and the wailers-concrete jungle-hlc
213-bob marley and the wailers-screw faces-hlc
214-bob marley and the wailers-love life-hlc
215-bob marley and the wailers-nice time-hlc
216-bob marley and the wailers-power and more power-hlc
217-bob marley and the wailers-redder than red-hlc
218-bob marley and the wailers-hypocrites-hlc
01-easton clarke-out of captivity-pbs
02-easton clarke-top form-pbs
03-easton clarke-world peace-pbs
04-easton clarke-no more connection-pbs
05-easton clarke-wire fence-pbs
06-easton clarke-africas blood-pbs
07-easton clarke-i never give up-pbs
08-easton clarke-heng on pan jah-pbs
09-easton clarke-picture on the wall-pbs
10-easton clarke-a stone in my way-pbs
11-easton clarke-take heed-pbs
12-easton clarke-rasta come again-pbs
01-gregory isaacs-native woman-rks
02-gregory isaacs-john public-rks
03-gregory isaacs-party in the slum-rks
04-gregory isaacs-uncle joe-rks
05-gregory isaacs-word of the farmer-rks
06-gregory isaacs-one more time-rks
07-gregory isaacs-lets dance-rks
08-gregory isaacs-dont pity me-rks
09-gregory isaacs-created by the father-rks
10-gregory isaacs-raving tonight-rks
01-horace andy-don t stop (original mix)
02-horace andy-give it to me (original mix)
03-horace andy-nice and easy (original mix)
04-horace andy-repatriation (original mix)
05-horace andy-angel (original mix)
06-horace andy-something on my mind (original mix)
07-horace andy-leave rastaman (original mix)
08-horace andy-wonderful world (original mix)
09-horace andy-if you want my lovin (original mix)
10-horace andy-there s only one god (original mix)
11-horace andy-the girl is mine (original mix)
12-horace andy-mini mini (original mix)
13-horace andy-something on my mind (every way version)
14-horace andy-repatriation (black star liner version)
15-horace andy-angel (you are my version)
16-horace andy-don t stop (a non stop version)
01-i-roy-heart of a lion-rks
02-i-roy-sister nelly-rks
03-i-roy-casmas town-rks
05-i-roy-catty rock-rks
06-i-roy-jordon river-rks
07-i-roy-fire stick-rks
08-i-roy-peace in the city-rks
09-i-roy-tiddle le bop-rks
10-i-roy-move up roots man-rks
01-m f burrowes-i am a proud african man-r2r
02-m f burrowes-elevation song and music-r2r
03-m f burrowes-people dont waste your youth-r2r
04-m f burrowes-black man has pride-r2r
05-m f burrowes-rise prophet rise-r2r
06-m f burrowes-the struggle goes on to set my people free-r2r
07-m f burrowes-this music business-r2r
08-m f burrowes-the soul of man-r2r
09-m f burrowes-jah is a blessing to my soul-r2r
10-m f burrowes-the millennium is here-r2r
11-m f burrowes-just bring me love-r2r
12-m f burrowes-our life is questionable-r2r
13-m f burrowes-some cried some are sad-r2r
14-m f burrowes-what are we gonna do-r2r
15-m f burrowes-i know jah-r2r
16-m f burrowes-unknown track-r2r
01-scientist-no genteics dub
02-scientist-dub ware
03-scientist-on line dub
04-scientist-dub a byte
05-scientist-kill the virus dub
06-scientist-gigabyte dub
07-scientist-hard drive dub
08-scientist-ram dub memory
09-scientist-killer dub bug
10-scientist-dub modem
11-scientist-one million dub
01-sean paul ft mr. vegas-tiger bone-rbk
02-spragga benz-elum-rbk
03-red rat-gal ting-rbk
04-frankie sly-papa proud-rbk
05-jack a diamond-cant stay away-rbk
06-mister easy-everyday-rbk
07-chico-rail up pt. 2-rbk
08-tok-badman anthem-rbk
09-bounty killer-letter to the leaders-rbk
10-gabriel-mi sick-rbk
11-beenie man-damn-rbk
12-general b.-orgasm-rbk
13-beenie man-circumstances-rbk
14-alozade-badman cousin-rbk
15-lexxus aka (mr.lex)-full hundred-rbk
16-monster shack crew-crazy-rbk
17-hawkeye-yu no beg-rbk
18-buccaneer-slow motion-rbk
20-vegas-girls time mister-rbk
21-mister easy-player haters-rbk
22-devonte and tanto metro-suzie-rbk
23-red rat-little miss bullet-rbk
24-general b-monster commandment-rbk
25-mega banton-no flex one gal-rbk
26-jack a diamond-gal dem boss-rbk
28-elephant man-truth hurts-rbk
29-kiprich-cut him off-rbk
30-chico-nah dem support-rbk
31-the hot mega mix-circumstances-rbk
01-shedrock-test rastafari-jah
02-shedrock-back raw-jah
03-shedrock-rastafari never warn you-jah
04-shedrock-mad city-jah
06-shedrock-adam in the garden-jah
07-shedrock-scavenger style-jah
08-shedrock-walk good-jah
09-shedrock-clock on the wall-jah
10-shedrock-dont blame it on me-jah
11-shedrock-hitchin a ride-jah
13-shedrock-shatter down-jah
14-shedrock-mr norman-jah
01-u brown-black princess-rks
02-u brown-get in the line-rks
03-u brown-get ready skank steady-rks
04-u brown-gimme the music-rks
05-u brown-jah is my father still-rks
06-u brown-jam it tonight-rks
07-u brown-me have to get you-rks
08-u brown-stop your bouncing-rks
09-u brown-take your time-rks
10-u brown-tu-sheng-peng-rks
11-u brown-walk with jah love-rks
01-u-roy-jah son of africa-rks
02-u-roy-rivers of babylon-rks
03-u-roy-tom drunk-rks
04-u-roy-peace and love in the ghetto-rks
05-u-roy-running around town with tom dick and harry-rks
06-u-roy-i got to tell you goodbye-rks
07-u-roy-herbman skanking-rks
08-u-roy-africa for the africans-rks
09-u-roy-love in the arena-rks
01-degree-dry cough-hlc
02-lexxus-number one girl-hlc
03-spragga benz-b gal-hlc
04-cobra-son an so-hlc
05-kiprich-dont mix-hlc
06-hawkeye-reality thing-hlc
08-beenie man-raw peanut-hlc
09-merciless-wah married we-hlc
10-crissy d-love to love-hlc
11-lady g-no worth it-hlc
12-scatta-gallong gal-hlc
13-crissy d and lady g-better days-hlc
14-chico-get a life-hlc
15-mr.easy and frankie sly-diamonds-hlc
16-master b-bed move-hlc
01-lexxus-redder now-rbk
02-burru banton-order of distinction-rbk
03-elephant man-bow city-rbk
04-beenie man-development-rbk
05-kiprich-house fi clean-rbk
07-phoebe one-better recognize-rbk
08-mr. vegas-scream and run-rbk
09-captain barkey and malibu-not my baby-rbk
10-round head-more weed-rbk
11-degree-your highness-rbk
12-anthony b-want lead cant lead-rbk
13-wickerman-bad weather-rbk
14-tanya stephens-shetengae-rbk
15-red rat-spooky-rbk
01-capleton-who dem-2000-rbk
02-ward 21-model and pose-2000-rbk
03-mr vegas-two minute more-2000-rbk
04-beenie man angel doolas-skettel tune-2000-rbk
05-lexxus kiprich elephant man-ghetto youths-2000-rbk
06-ward 21-blood stain-2000-rbk
07-spragga benz-praise-2000-rbk
08-lexxus-halla halla-2000-rbk
09-red rat-skin a slap-2000-rbk
11-beenie man-heights of great men-2000-rbk
12-bushman i lue-live up-2000-rbk
13-mega banton-tight pants-2000-rbk
14-frisco kid-wash pan-2000-rbk
15-hawkeye-mix up time-2000-rbk
16-devonte tanto metro-wi like it-2000-rbk
17-kiprich-naah go switch-2000-rbk
18-madd anju-dat nuh mek it-2000-rbk
19-goofy-naah heng out-2000-rbk
20-jack a diamond-tight it tight-2000-rbk
01-capt. collin hines-chaos y2k mega mix-csv
02-devonte-little cutie-csv
03-spragga benz-dem done-csv
04-madd anju-fat gal-csv
05-tanto metro-hot gal-csv
06-sean paul-no batter bruise-csv
07-future troubles-chin chin-csv
08-kirk davis-shad du-aint nobody-csv
09-ricky rudie-like we do-csv
10-silver cat-stress-csv
11-alozade-thats the way-csv
01-beres hammond-can you play some more-rbk
02-beres hammond and buju banton-pull it up-rbk
03-tony rebel-hypocrites-rbk
04-arp-temple of the lord-rbk
05-beenie man-dont want to be wrong-rbk
06-nicki tucker-got to live-rbk
08-d. wisdom-the party is jumping-rbk
09-morgans heritage-music of the century-rbk
10-buju banton-no rebel in disguise-rbk
11-richie stephens-magic woman-rbk
13-mega banton-inclined phenominon-rbk
14-jahmali-no water-rbk
15-richie stephens-ill be your friend-rbk
01-powerman- drive by shooting-hlc
02-delly ranks- bwoyfriend-hlc
03-cobra- look good-hlc
04-kiprich- mi nuh done yet-hlc
05-lady saw- hail jah-hlc
06-terror fabolous- mama mama-hlc
07-t.o.k.- curfew-hlc
08-buccaneer- boochaq-hlc
09-professor nuts- nothing nah gwann-hlc
10-zebra- how yu fi dis man-hlc
11-delly ranks and zoom t- ready fi kill-hlc
12-scare dem- nuh fraid a yuh ft. nadz-hlc
13-cobra- bruise up-hlc
14-devonte and mack turner- buck a gal-hlc
01-va-dj conscious-holla from yard-hlc
01-capleton – bust it-vod
02-beenie man – cool bwoy-vod
03-sizzla – heard of dem-vod
04-bounty killer merciless – no one cares-vod
05-lexxus – blank-vod
06-ward 21 – this means war-vod
07-elephant man – one-vod
08-mr vegas – more gun-vod
09-harry toddler – who dem a send-vod
10-hawkeye – ganja man-vod
11-danny english – screechie pon mi toe-vod
12-chico – fleety flighty-vod
13-goofy – rubbers-vod
14-general b – 20 weed commandments-vod
15-mr vegas – more bun-vod
16-zaro – good-vod
17-alizade – load up-vod
18-kiprich – badness-vod
19-fargo voice – lose dem way-vod
20-ghost – living years-vod
01-mikey spice and louie culture-grab your lass-rbk
02-morgan heritage-we need love-rbk
03-admiral tibette-gone crazy-rbk
04-singing melody-say what-rbk
05-richie stephenson-crush-rbk
06-a.j. brown-word of wisdom-rbk
07-bobby crystal-one more night-rbk
08-anthony cruz-picture of you-rbk
09-nisha-k-how long-rbk
10-sugar roy-greet the girls-rbk
11-daddy screw-red red red-rbk
12-tony rebel-brother-rbk
13-louie culture-nanco-rbk
14-chrisinte-win or lose-rbk
15-varios-grab your lass ragga mix-rbk
01-capleton-who dem-usc
02-mr.vegas-tiger bone-usc
03-ward 21-shake it-usc
04-buju banton-what is to be-usc
05-lexxus-monkeys out-usc
06-bounty killer-what have i done-usc
07-beenie man-height of great men-usc
08-red rat-little miss buffett-usc
09-fargo voice-u.c. fargo-usc
10-sizzla-the vision-usc
11-mr.vegas-itsy bitsy-usc
12-luciano-jah is my only-usc
13-red rat-bad boy-usc
14-hawkeye-money making guy-usc
15-crissy d and degree-ive been waiting-usc
16-capleton-bun dun dreadi-usc
17-bushman-love of the heart-usc
18-ward 21-y2k stylee-usc
01-tony curtis-jah i thank you-rbk
02-louie culture and anthony selassie-ya hoo-rbk
03-jah cure-zion wait-rbk
04-robert ffrench-calling all rastaman-rbk
05-anthony b-good life-rbk
06-sugar black and lebanchula-fight on-rbk
07-half pint-just be good-rbk
08-sizzla and jah cure-king in the jungle-rbk
09-prince malachi-why is it so-rbk
10-beres hammond and anthony b-penny ketcher-rbk
11-ginja-war inna di city-rbk
12-saba-more love-rbk
13-sizzla-live and give praises-rbk
14-natural black-leff out-rbk
15-don ricardo-bet you didnt know-rbk
01-bennie man-crazy notion-rbk
02-lexxus-penny we-rbk
03-madd anju-must breed something-rbk
04-scala lee-pum pum cut inna 2-rbk
05-serial kid powerman and baby wayne-friend enemy-rbk
07-elephant man and delly ranks-headache-rbk
08-elephant man-inna dem blood-rbk
09-sean paul-next generation-rbk
10-christopher-that way-rbk
11-zum jay-hotter girls-rbk
12-cpt barkey-miss nelly gal-rbk
13-isan-clear di way-rbk
14-dj snow-headache megamix-rbk
01-bob marley-keep on moving-frp
02-horace andy-wonderful world-frp

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