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03-roman stewart-we jamaican-frp
04-yellowman-the ark-frp
05-nicodemus-father jungle rock-frp
06-heptones-everyday life-frp
07-the mighty diamonds-people are crying-frp
08-bob marley-african herbsman-frp
09-gregory isaacs-hes just having fun-frp
10-beenie man-brainwash-frp
11-dennis brown-cassandra-frp
12-gregory isaacs-tune in in the morning-frp
13-horace andy-leve rastaman-frp
14-delroy wilson-do good-frp
15-bob marley-try me-frp
16-third world-roots with quality-frp
17-ken boothe-ive got power-frp
18-jon holt-dont know why-frp
01-morgan heritage-love of the common people-rbk
02-freddie mcgregor-sweet caroline-rbk
03-chaka demus and pliers-uprising-rbk
04-luciano-black man king-rbk
05-sizzla-thou shalt not kill-rbk
06-yami bolo-conquerer-rbk
07-willie one blood with tony rebel-life is like a road-rbk
08-anthony b-yard and broad-rbk
09-jah mason-high grade man-rbk
10-jahmali-oh jah-rbk
11-robert ffrench-free love-rbk
12-gregory isaacs-cut about the rest-rbk
13-tanto metro and devonte-picture you-rbk
14-morgan heritage-rock n roll-rbk
01-sean paul and mr. vegas-tiger bone-rbk
02-gabriel-mi sick-rbk
03-frannkie sly-papa proud-rbk
04-spragga benz-elum-rbk
05-beenie man-damn-rbk
06-t.o.k.-bad man anthem-rbk
07-elephant man-hurt dem-rbk
08-chico-nah support-rbk
09-mr. lexxus-full hunder-rbk
11-tanto metro and devonte-suzie-rbk
12-mr. vegas-girls time-rbk
13-ras mouses and ricky rudy-circumstances-rbk
14-buccaneer-slow motion-rbk
01-frankie paul-who issue the guns-usc
02-simpleton-name in vain-usc
03-thriller u-me or him-usc
04-crucial vibes feat las celles beckford-voice of the ghetto-usc
05-mad cobra-how does it feel-usc
06-dreadline-love must rule-usc
07-dennis brown-you wont see me-usc
08-sanchez-be with i jah-usc
09-tony tuff-hit and run-usc
10-the blackstones-dont chuck badness-usc
11-gregory isaacs-too late gona be your cry-usc
12-freddie maggregor-chant it down-usc
13-john holt-born to lose-usc
14-johnny clarke-cant get enough-usc
15-bunny melody-everybody bawling-usc
16-dwight pinkney-els nino-usc
01-chico-yuh nuh care-rbk
02-wayne wonder-keep them coming-rbk
03-frankie sly-haters anthem-rbk
04-bounty killer-look-rbk
05-spragga benz-cant get no gal-rbk
06-yellow ranks-lakou lakay-rbk
07-beenie man-haters and fools-rbk
08-baby cham-ghetto pledge-rbk
09-frisco kid-what you up to-rbk
10-baby cham ft bounty killer-another level-rbk
11-ja-meri-tian-pretty girl-rbk
12-elephant man-get mad now-rbk
13-tony curtis-money taker-rbk
14-chico-no worry them-rbk
15-sean paul-hot already-rbk
16-tanya stephens-big mack-rbk
17-harry toddler-watch your friends-rbk
18-cobra-nah back down-rbk
19-elephant man-elephant man-rbk
101-sugar minot-good thing going
102-alton ellis-baby i love you
103-gregory isaacs-maximum respect
104-dennis brown-lately girl
105-the paragons-the first time i saw you
106-cornell campbell-got to tell the people
107-john holt-she want it
108-jackie edwards-do it sweet
109-devon russell-falling in love with you
110-the blackstones-you and i
111-dennnis brown-let love in
112-yellowman and the paragons-yello a the best
113-leonard dillon-train to skaville
114-george faith-have i told you lately that i love you
115-jackie edwards-all night session
116-marcia griffiths-mark my word
117-the heptones-diana
118-delroy wilson-do that to me one more time
201-dennis brown-lovers paradise
202-yellowman and the paragons-you better come good
203-the heptones-good vibes
204-jackie edwards-let me go girl
205-alton ellis-the valley of decision
206-john holt-homely girl
207-anthony johnson-suspicious minds
208-sugar minot-youve lost that loving feeling
209-marcia griffiths-feel the jumping
210-delroy wilson-rivers of babylon
211-john holt-hey love
212-devon russell-we the people who are darker than blue
213-gregory isaacs-she is not my kind
214-audrey scott-brandy
215-the paragons-i need her
216-dennis brown-children of israel
217-auton ellis-i want you girl
218-marcia griffiths-survival
01-freddie mcgregor-no defeat-rbk
02-candyman-killa sound-rbk
03-buju banton-mama rule-rbk
05-beres hammond-do you pray-rbk
06-morgan heritage-let jah be the guide-rbk
07-junior reid-give thanks-rbk
08-thriller u-good love-rbk
09-delroy stewart-glory to his name-rbk
10-marcia griffith-nightfall-rbk
11-bushman-too much-rbk
12-richie stephens-j.o.b.-rbk
13-yasus safari-jamaica-rbk
14-lukie d-hardcore loving-rbk
15-general echo-arleen-rbk
16-sister nancy-bam bam-rbk
17-general echo-buju banton-candyman-sister nancy-stalag y2k megamix tenor saw-rbk
01-Yashanti and Buju Banton-Jah Jah Say-FRP
02-Lexxus-Any Necessary Means-FRP
03-Anthony B-Free-FRP
04-Spanner Banner-Give Thanks-FRP
05-Jah Mason-Inah Dah Time Yah-FRP
06-Goldie Natch-Amaieur-FRP
07-Paul Elliot-Leaders Mistake-FRP
08-Norrisman-Things And Time-FRP
09-Determine-Unseen Eyes-FRP
10-Junior Reid-Wings Of The World-FRP
11-Louie Culture-A Di Livity-FRP
12-Round Head Feat Mega Plough-Snakie Trouble-Equal Rights-FRP
14-Startrail Family-Cant Stop The Youths-FRP
01-Beres Hammond-Good Night To Love-FRP
02-Anthony B-Who Shoot First-FRP
03-Iyashanti-Above The Water-FRP
04-Paul Elliot-Dem A Worry and Fret-FRP
05-Josie Mel-The Blessing-FRP
06-Garnett Silk-Jah Is The Ruler-FRP
07-Luciano-Village Rock-FRP
08-Jah Mason-Never Step Down-FRP
09-Norrisman-Bright Days-FRP
10-Goldie Natch-Hotter Fire-FRP
11-Thriller Prince-Taking Over-FRP
12-Louie Culture-Let Not My Enemies-FRP
13-Everton Blender-Just Wanna Be-FRP
14-Determine-They Have No Love-FRP
01-Radics and Kulcha Knox-Let Me People Go-FRP
02-Wickerman-Iniquity Worker-FRP
03-Anthony B-Love Me For Me-FRP
04-Courtney Melody-In The Streets-FRP
06-Capleton-Live Clean-FRP
07-Terry Ganzie-Its Too Late-FRP
08-Josie Wales-Wi No Fool-FRP
09-Garnett Silk-Love-FRP
10-Beres Hammond-It Tale Youe-FRP
11-Utan Green-Ticket To Love-FRP
12-Derrick Lara Anthony B and Determine-Youthman-FRP
13-Josie Mel-Play It Louder-FRP
14-Doniki and Steady Ranks-Never Leave Jah-FRP
101-capleton-crazy looks-rbk
102-mr.vegas-shes a ho-rbk
103-ward 21-blood stain-rbk
104-elephant man-thruth hurts-rbk
105-sean paul-es ee ex-rbk
106-bounty killer-black power-rbk
107-bennie man-ring pon finga-rbk
108-buccaneer-tight and right-rbk
109-capleton-cuyah cuyah-rbk
110-mr.vegas-girls time-rbk
111-hawkeye-twingy twang-rbk
113-red rat-im a big kid now-rbk
114-lexxus-monkeys out-rbk
115-capleton-who dem-rbk
116-beenie man-l.o.y-rbk
117-ward 21-anti-spy-rbk
118-barrington levy and bounty killer-im free-rbk
119-mr.vegas and elephant man-whats up-rbk
120-punanny medley-various-rbk
201-elephant man and mr.vegas-bun it-rbk
202-ward 21-model and pose-rbk
203-capleton-good in her clothes-rbk
204-beenie man-cool bwoy-rbk
205-buccaneer-hot to ratid-rbk
206-sizzla-loving and upright-rbk
207-mr.vegas-thumbs up-rbk
208-danny english-bun-rbk
210-elephant man-1000 bill-rbk
211-lexxus-see dem a come-rbk
212-degree-you better believe-rbk
213-sean paul-back off-rbk
214-capleton-bust it-rbk
215-beenie man-moses cry-rbk
216-elephant man-watchie pum-rbk
217-hawkeye-thug anthem-rbk
218-bounty killer and richie stephens-world a hot gal-rbk
219-sean paul-check it deeply-rbk
220-beenie man-badder than the best-rbk
01-capleton-stand tall-rbk
02-j.mcclymont-free up the herbalist-rbk
03-prince malachi-love jah-rbk
04-sizzla-the world shall see-rbk
05-turbulence-think of peace-rbk
06-l.m.s.-follow jah-rbk
07-anthony mills-the story of my life-rbk
08-morgan heritage-bubble in the struggle-rbk
09-sizzla-why boast-rbk
10-prince malachi-life cycle-rbk
11-luciano and capleton-jah kingdom-rbk
12-beres hammond-hold on-rbk
13-leroy sibbles-fight-rbk
14-jah cure-trod in the valley-rbk
15-cocoa tea-mr. neck tie man-rbk
16-capleton and sizzla-the vibes-rbk
17-turbulence and fucious-one gun-rbk
01-machel montano and xtatik-power puff-row
02-prento kidd-city lock-row
03-degree-from mi say woman-row
04-chico-dem nuh like yu-row
05-u.t. dread-whooo-row
06-tony curtis-sexual attractions-row
07-delly ranks-some girls-row
10-xtatik lexxus and cl smooth-kiki-row
11-machel montano-locksmith-row
12-t.o.k-lock down-row
13-frisco kid-who dat-row
14-sean pau-disrespect-row
15-mega banton-silly clown-row
16-hawkeye-which fassy-row
01-bushman-on a mission-rbk
02-capleton-seek knowledge-rbk
03-mikey general-make that change-rbk
04-anthony b-no like what a gwan-rbk
05-luciano-keep i chanting-rbk
06-buju banton-straight foward-rbk
08-yami bolo-children-rbk
09-tony rebel-high grade-rbk
10-beres hammond-chase dem-rbk
11-toots-king of kings-rbk
12-jimmy riley-never give it up-rbk
01-wailing souls-war-hlc
02-wailing souls-jah give us life-hlc
03-wailing souls-bredda gravalicious-hlc
04-wailing souls-old broom-hlc
05-wailing souls-kingdom rise and kingdom fall-hlc
06-wailing souls-firehouse rock-hlc
07-wailing souls-who no waan come-hlc
08-wailing souls-baby come rock-hlc
09-wailing souls-things and time-hlc
10-wailing souls-stop red eye-hlc
11-wailing souls-sticky stay-hlc
12-wailing souls-they dont know jah-hlc
13-wailing souls-war deh round a john shop-hlc
01-zion i-creation (voice by carolyn gaines)-hlc
02-zion i-revolution (b-boy anthem) ft vinroc-hlc
03-zion i-critical ft planet asia-hlc
04-zion i-mysterious ways-hlc
05-zion i-tha choice (voice by carolyn gaines khalid adlim)-hlc
06-zion i-koncrete jungle-hlc
07-zion i-metropolis (keyboards by micheal aaberg)-hlc
08-zion i-oh lawd-hlc
09-zion i-trippin-hlc
10-zion i-how many (piano by micheal aaberg)-hlc
11-zion i-elevation-hlc
12-zion i-a little change-hlc
13-zion i-fools gold-hlc
14-zion i-venus-hlc
15-zion i-rap degreez-hlc
16-zion i-silly puddy ft the grouch-hlc
17-zion i-inner light-hlc
18-zion i-big ups-hlc
19-zion i-all tha way ft knowmatic eclipse 427 rasco-hlc
20-zion i-one-hlc
21-zion i-innerlight (icy remix)-hlc
01-black uhuru with sly and robbie-party next door
02-black uhuru with sly and robbie-what is life
03-black uhuru with sly and robbie-here comes black uhuru
04-black uhuru with sly and robbie-i love king selassie
05-black uhuru with sly and robbie-bull in the pen
06-black uhuru with sly and robbie-world is africa
07-black uhuru with sly and robbie-solidarity
08-black uhuru with sly and robbie-sinsemilla
09-black uhuru with sly and robbie-guess who s coming to dinner
01-dennis brown-should i-rks
02-dennis brown-promised land-rks
03-dennis brown-how could i live-rks
04-dennis brown-here i come-rks
05-dennis brown-cassandra-rks
06-dennis brown-revolution-rks
07-dennis brown-silhouettes-rks
08-dennis brown-party time-rks
09-dennis brown-children of israel-rks
10-dennis brown-wildfire-rks
11-dennis brown-whip them jah-rks
12-dennis brown-money in my pocket-rks
13-dennis brown-have you ever been in love-rks
14-dennis brown-west bound train-rks
15-dennis brown-its magic-rks
16-dennis brown-your loves got a hold on me-rks
17-dennis brown-stop fighting-rks
18-dennis brown-wolves and leopard-rks
19-dennis brown-once upon a time-rks
20-dennis brown-look of love-rks
21-dennis brown-stick by me-rks
01-glen washington-open your eyes-gully
02-glen washington-down low-gully
03-glen washington-one bright morning-gully
04-glen washington-how sweet it will be-gully
05-glen washington-stormy weather-gully
06-glen washington-free up the vibes-gully
07-glen washington-before its over-gully
08-glen washington-i wont let them-gully
09-glen washington-can you feel it-gully
10-glen washington-moonlight memories-gully
11-glen washington-give jah praise-gully
01-judge dread-big eight
02-judge dread-take off your clothes
03-judge dread-the belle of snodland town
04-judge dread-big five
05-judge dread-dreads law
06-judge dread-big nine
07-judge dread-je taime (moi non plus)
08-judge dread-grandads flannelette nightshirt
09-judge dread-what kung fu dat
10-judge dread-big one
11-judge dread-mind the doors
12-judge dread-nine and a bit skank
13-judge dread-dance of the snods
14-judge dread-hey there lonely girl
15-judge dread-grasshopper
01-mad cobra-intro-rks
02-mad cobra-gunslingers ft cl smooth-rks
03-mad cobra-gal and man-rks
04-mad cobra-why why why-rks
05-mad cobra-earth crisis-rks
06-mad cobra-red eye-rks
07-mad cobra-the last straw-rks
08-mad cobra-i didnt know ft calvin richardson-rks
09-mad cobra-sorry-rks
10-mad cobra-dj bobby konders says-rks
11-mad cobra-da money ft queen pen-rks
12-mad cobra-door knob-rks
13-mad cobra-between da sheets ft monifah-rks
14-mad cobra-gangsta roll ft derrick parker-rks
15-mad cobra-ants in a milk-rks
16-mad cobra-ma fans-rks
01-ras karbi-babylon grave stone-csv
02-ras karbi-give love a chance-csv
03-ras karbi-longing for your touch-csv
04-ras karbi-discrimination-csv
05-ras karbi-big old world-csv
06-ras karbi-rise up jah jah children-csv
07-ras karbi-this world is a treasure-csv
08-ras karbi-why you do me that-csv
09-ras karbi-ill never leave you again-csv
01-ras karbi-a-free-ca-csv
02-ras karbi-its crazy-csv
03-ras karbi-island man-csv
04-ras karbi-one more prophet-csv
05-ras karbi-country life (nice)-csv
06-ras karbi-we got reggae-csv
07-ras karbi-rascal-csv
08-ras karbi-jamaica is waiting-csv
09-ras karbi-jah rastaman-csv
01-tiken jah fakoly-le pays va mal
02-tiken jah fakoly-entretien
03-tiken jah fakoly-le descendant
04-tiken jah fakoly-entretien
05-tiken jah fakoly-sundjata
06-tiken jah fakoly-entretien
07-tiken jah fakoly-tata
08-tiken jah fakoly-entretien
09-tiken jah fakoly-nationalite
10-tiken jah fakoly-entretien
11-tiken jah fakoly-mangercratie
12-tiken jah fakoly-entretien
13-tiken jah fakoly-ohba ohba
14-tiken jah fakoly-entretien
15-tiken jah fakoly-plus jamais ca
16-tiken jah fakoly-entretien
17-tiken jah fakoly-promesses cameleon
18-tiken jah fakoly-entretien
19-tiken jah fakoly-politiciens
20-tiken jah fakoly-entretien
21-tiken jah fakoly-yen a marre
22-tiken jah fakoly-alpha conde message
01-toots and the maytals-got to be there-rks
02-toots and the maytals-in the dark-rks
03-toots and the maytals-having a party-rks
04-toots and the maytals-time tough-rks
05-toots and the maytals-i see you-rks
06-toots and the maytals-take a look in the mirror-rks
07-toots and the maytals-take me home country roads-rks
08-toots and the maytals-fever-rks
09-toots and the maytals-love gonna walk out on me-rks
10-toots and the maytals-revolution-rks
11-toots and the maytals-54-46 was my number-rks
12-toots and the maytals-sailing on-rks
01-bounty killer-super star-riddim
02-assasin-shotta from birth-riddim
03-wayne marshall-not a game-riddim
04-ward 21-gyal factory-riddim
05-bling. dawg-its over son-riddim
06-sizzla-fire got to burn-riddim
07-bascom x-yeh yeh-riddim
08-kymani marley and war tear-jus wanna smoke-riddim
09-tok-lock di city-riddim
10-elephant man-war izzle-riddim
11-mr vegas-if you say-riddim
12-frisco kid-madness-riddim
13-galaxy p-hot to the hottest-riddim
14-vybz kartel-pain mi heart-riddim
15-david king and rasta youth-nah par-riddim
16-round head-chillin-riddim
17-lady saw-yuh know-riddim
18-admiral bailey-say no-riddim
19-battery riddim (jam 2 prod.)-version-riddim
01-richie spice and snatcha dog-plant a tree-riddim
02-sizzla and messenger selah-joy-riddim
03-jeffrey star-try them-riddim
04-yami bolo-babylon burning-riddim
01-sizzla-its a scenario
02-garnett silk-hard nut to crack
03-capleton-man-bruk (nyabinghi mix)
04-beenie man-ganja farm
05-junior kelly-word power
06-various artists-peace cry
07-sizzla-bus out a dis
08-luciano-blast off
09-capleton-say what you want
10-bushman-fire pon a deadas
11-bounty killer-corrupt system
12-morgan heritage-crystal ball
13-spectacular-what a bloodbath
14-sizzla-love the people
15-frisco kid-one and one
16-beenie man-more prayer
17-anthony b-redder than red
18-capleton-run de place
01-junior kelly – exile-vod
02-morgan heritage – jah alone-vod
03-l.m.s – steal a next man meal-vod
04-jahmali – ghetto youth-vod
05-freddie mcgregor – tidal wave-vod
06-tony curtis and christopher – dont hurry love-vod
07-glen washington george nooks – prepare for him-vod
08-rangaton ludwik smith – what a tribulation-vod
09-capleton little capes – what you gonna do-vod
10-sizzla – its only getting better-vod
11-sly robbie (taxi gang) – cuss cuss riddim version-vod
01-garnett silk-what do you say-rbk
03-mr. vegas-rise-rbk
04-elephant man feat wayne marshall-hot girls (the club)-rbk
05-morgan heritage-helping hand-rbk
06-ward 21 and fahrenheit-all about the money-rbk
07-sanchez-somethings missing-rbk
08-beenie man-reasoning-rbk
10-buju banton-be my love tonight-rbk
11-bushman-your love-rbk
12-sizzla-blaze fire blaze-rbk
13-bounty killer a.r.p and curly lox-evils of your mind-rbk
14-sean paul-shake it-rbk
15-mad cobra-just cant get you out of my mind-rbk
16-elephant man-e-l-e-p-h-a-n-t-rbk
17-red rat-put yuh hands up-rbk
18-mr. vegas-girls time (remix)-rbk
01-sizzla-to the point-rbk
02-beenie man-straight prison-rbk
03-mr vegas-some boy-rbk
04-ward 21-for da ladies-rbk
05-zumjay and wayne marshall-101 ways to kill satan-rbk
06-ward 21 and elephant man-anything a anything-rbk
07-bling dawg-say my name-rbk
08-alozade-more woman-rbk
09-mad cobra-grudge-rbk
10-spragga benz-gunz up-rbk
11-danny english-one two-rbk
12-sizzla-blaze fire blaze-rbk
13-ward 21 and fahrenheit-all about the money-rbk
14-elephant man-blaze it up-rbk
15-lady saw-defend the girls-rbk
16-delly ranks and patchy-big up-rbk
17-ward 21 and wayne marshall-thugs 4 life-rbk
18-lexxus-go dung so-rbk
19-frisco kid-round here-rbk
20-mad cobra-which one-rbk
22-kiprich-rinse it-rbk
01-capleton-hands off (2)-rbk
02-mr vegas-shes a ho (remix)-rbk
03-ward 21-pick-rbk
04-lexxus-tug it out-rbk
05-merciless-war medley-rbk
06-mr vegas-stop man food-rbk
07-elephant man and danny english-its ok-rbk
08-sean paul-check it deeply-rbk
09-bling dawg-brand new flavor-rbk
10-mr vegas-call di hearse-rbk
11-elephant man-friend enemy-rbk
12-hawkeye-go rachel-rbk
13-junior demus-bun dem-rbk
14-elephant man and mr vegas-bun it (1)-rbk
15-harry toddler-set straight-rbk
16-captain barkey-bleach on-rbk
17-danny english and singer j-big gun-rbk
18-hawkeye-keeping it real-rbk
19-alozade-street dreams-rbk
20-mr vegas-work it out-rbk
01-unico-say it-rbk
02-beres hammond-under pressure-rbk
03-jah cure and jah manson-run come love me-rbk
04-richie stephens-stranger heart-rbk
05-beres hammond feat u. roy-dont play with my heart-rbk
06-aj. brown-get up and love somebody-rbk
07-nicola tucker-back to the beginning-rbk
08-jah mali-love sweeter everytime-rbk
09-red fox mr.easy and robert ffrench-special ladies-rbk
10-jimmy riley-simple communication-rbk
12-sonia collymore-what have i done-rbk
13-nicola tucker-you give me joy-rbk
14-yogie-hang on-rbk
15-natural black-im not amazed-rbk
01-Capleton-Love mama-JAH
02-Glen washington and George nooks-can I get a witness-JAH
03-Jr kelly-cool nuh-JAH
04-LMS-love the most high-JAH
05-Morgan heritage and LMS-love reggae music-JAH
01-bushman-run away-jah
02-utan green-island bwoy-jah
03-pressure-know thy self-jah
04-nitty kutchie-ups and down-jah
05-cobra-just di flex-jah
06-admiral tibett-they dont realize-jah
10-pinchers-mr right-jah
11-dr g-life-jah
12-island bwoy riddim-version-jah
01-maroon decendants ft skorpian(l.m.t.)-mindstate-hlc
02-l.m.t.-w.i. niggas-hlc
03-mahad mahan articarlton t ft alesha-det ainjel-hlc
04-maroon decendants (ayatollah hakeem) ft soul rebel-wicked days-hlc
05-l.m.t. ft soul rebel-my life-hlc
06-maroon decendants (authenik p)-fina tings-hlc
07-p.o.d.e. ville man dem (n4sa) ft major terror (l.m.t.)-gangsta girl-hlc
08-p.o.d.e. ville man dem ft soul rebel-hope she stay-hlc
09-p.o.d.e. ville man dem-stampede-hlc
10-mahad mahan articarlton t-1 mahad mahan-hlc
11-p.o.d.e. ville man dem (undah p)-curupt-hlc
12-l.m.t.-what people do-hlc
13-maroon decendants ft skorpian (l.m.t.)-stomp yo ass-hlc
14-p.o.d.e. ville man dem (undah p)-great pretender-hlc
15-mahad mahan articarlton t (mahad mahan)-sad fi seh-hlc
16-maroon decendants ft skorpian (l.m.t.)-soldiers-hlc
17-mahad mahan articarlton t (mahad mahan)-pon vihalence-hlc
18-l.m.t. ft soul rebel skorpian and renegade-jah lead de way-hlc
01-va-jamdown records presents dancehall xplosion 2001-row
01-mikey spice-ethiopian here i come-hlc
02-daweh congo-most naturally-hlc
03-freddie mcgregor-i dont know-hlc
04-jahmali-expect a fight-hlc
06-junior kelly-black african star-hlc
07-morgan heritage-ready to work-hlc
08-daweh congo-iration-hlc
09-al campbell-ites gold and green-hlc
10-glen washington-kings of kings-hlc
11-the mighty diamonds-a better days-hlc
12-jah love-rasites-hlc
13-johnnie clarke-jah bless the man-hlc
14-president brown-lion king humble-hlc
01-beres hammond-say thank you-jah
02-sabre tooth-deliver me-jah
03-starky ranks-blaze up the fire-jah
04-teresa jae-we the innocent-jah
Bongo Kanni – Babylon System Wrong (Lessons Riddim)
Junior Kelly – Jah Live On (Lessons Riddim)
01-captain barkey-dutty puppa-jah
02-ultimate shines and powerman-pure lies-jah
03-flourgan-rudeboy sinting-jah
04-anthony b tristan palma and terror fabulous-lickshot-jah
05-buju banton-hold me tight-jah
06-elephant man-hot summer-jah
07-mr. chicken-mi can tell u dis-jah
08-bling dawg-father for the dog-jah
09-daddy lizard-goin down-jah
10-capleton-inna di pit-jah
01-bounty killer-fire with fire
02-burro banton-phenomenum
03-lexxus-ride with me
04-kiprich-lau me
05-elephant man-somebody
06-razah-yard bounce
07-murdah inc.-wa-ba-le
09-t.o.k.-if a war
10-indesent-bounty killer
11-elephant man-mrs. hook
12-bounty killer-mr. tear n boar
13-mr.vegas-nice and sweet
14-razah-gu way
15-burro banton-politicians
16-chronicle and norrisman-highest grade
17-k.m.c.-wheres my girl
01-toots and the maytals-reggae got soul-r2r
02-culture-why am i a rastaman-r2r
03-jimmy cliff-give the people what they want-r2r
04-rico-midnight in ethiopia-r2r
05-joe higgs-upside down-r2r
06-israel vibration-rudeboy shufflin-r2r
07-ras michael and the sons of negus-none a jah jah children no cry-r2r
08-the gladiators-streets of freedom-r2r
09-black uhuru-sponji reggae-r2r
10-augustus pablo-point blank-r2r
11-peter tosh-mystery babylon-r2r
01-clinton fearon and the boogie brown band-what a system
02-junior kelly-sunshine
03-triston palma-mama
04-mister gang-pli fo
05-alpha blondy-sweet fanta diallo (live)
06-channel one-school days version
07-bob wasa and artikal band-river jordan
08-dread locks faye-back wey
09-monty alexander-king tubby mets the rockers
12-cobra-red eye
13-mohammed le poete-insouciance
02-elephant man-new application-rbk
03-mr. vegas-pretty dunce-rbk
04-sizzla-give it to dem-rbk
05-tanya stephens-wok dat-rbk
06-madd anju and kiprich-we ah friend-rbk
07-beenie man-counteract-rbk
08-capleton-blaze up di fire-rbk
09-sizzla-nah hear-rbk
10-junior kelly-cant run-rbk
11-elephant man-hafi bun-rbk
12-major christie-where i wanna be-rbk
13-capleton-never get down-rbk
14-jah mason-better be true-rbk
15-harry toddler-hey lady-rbk
16-military man-scandal-rbk
17-delly ranks-roll on-rbk
01-bounty killer-yapping
02-spragga benz-cuchi daddy
03-ward 21-da pum
04-tanto metro and devonte-love da style
05-mr.lexx-we dat
06-merciless-war life
07-wayne wonder-what
08-sean paul-naah stop
09-wayne marshall-my girl
10-lady saw-bad man gal
11-elephant man-never plan fi dis
12-galaxy p and ward 21-scare crow
13-frisco kid-rigth now
14-vybz kartel-da rolling
15-anthony cruz-here for you
16-ward 21-for da ladies again
17-anthony b-driving
01-bounty killer-yapping-rbk
02-spragga benz-chuchi daddy-rbk
03-ward 21-da pum-rbk
04-tanto metro and devonte-love da style-rbk
05-mr. lex-we dat-rbk
06-merciless-war life-rbk
07-wayne wonder-what-rbk
08-sean paul-naah stop-rbk
09-wayne marshall-my girl-rbk
10-lady saw-bad man gal-rbk
11-elephant man-never plan fi dis-rbk
12-galaxy p and ward 21-scarecrow-rbk
13-frisco kid-right now-rbk
14-vybz kartel-da rolling-rbk
15-anthony cruz-here for you-rbk
16-ward 21-for da ladies again-rbk
17-anthony b.-driving-rbk
01-mr. easy-drive me crazy-jah
02-beenie man-miss lap-jah
03-notch-nuttin no go so-jah
04-sean paul-like glue-jah
06-tok-money to burn-jah
07-sadeki-gal dem everytime-jah
08-elan-red red wine-jah
09-tanto metro devonte-that fire-jah
10-spragga benz twice-real niggaz-jah
10-unknown – we can work it out-vod
11-voice mail-work it out-jah
12-elan-put it on-jah
13-gabriel-when you see me-jah
02-ali cat-punny-a-day
03-frisco kid-tunn it up
04-elephant man-the prophecy
05-sean paul-junkin punny
06-spragga ft lady saw-backshot
07-frisco kid-feedback
08-buju-all over me
09-elephant man-jigga
10-spragga-bait (soffas)
11-ali cat-di island
12-devonte-sweet symphony
01-dowe and f.farian-rivers of babylon
02-w.jass and c.stein-sun of jamaica
03-bob marley-no woman no cry
04-traditional-brown girl in the rain
06-j.calvert and m.west-barbados
07-j.alanski and lou-kingston kingston
08-jimmy cliff-you can get it if you really want
09-bob marley-one love people get ready
10-traditional-la bamba
11-a.kong and d.dacres-the israelites
12-eddy grant-i dont wanna dance
13-jimmy cliff-reggae night
14-ziggy marley-tommorow people
15-bob marley-i shot the sheriff
01-luciano-live in concert-hlc
03-luciano-enough is enough-hlc
04-luciano-come away-hlc
05-luciano-saturday night-hlc
07-sizzla-mind over matter-hlc
08-sizzla-keep it real-hlc
09-sizzla-show off-hlc
10-junior kelly-gideon red-hlc
11-junior kelly-place for rasta-hlc
12-junior kelly feat anthony malvo-identify-hlc
13-junior kelly-yu can make it-hlc
14-q shandia-i rejoice-hlc
15-q shandia-face reality-hlc
01-story-suprize and wayne wonder-rbk
02-last night-ward 21-rbk
03-top ah di line-sizzla-rbk
04-more thank you-mr. lex-rbk
05-victory-beenie man-rbk
06-ladies man-christopher-rbk
07-who gonna save you-capleton-rbk
08-oh baby-wayne wonder-rbk
09-dont change-mr. easy and red fox-rbk
10-try stop it-elephant man and delly ranks-rbk
11-they call me-elephant man-rbk
12-guinness-frisco kid-rbk
01-jr toots-intro-hlc
02-jr toots-holding firm ft junior p-hlc
03-jr toots-jah give us victory ft quinto sol-hlc
04-jr toots-malcom x-hlc
05-jr toots-trust in jah light ft general jah mikey-hlc
06-jr toots-dont just say you love me ft general jah mikey and fugitive-hlc
07-jr toots-whats going on ft mykal rose-hlc
08-jr toots-harmony ft black ice-hlc
09-jr toots-malcom x-hlc
10-jr toots-honorable youth ft rootsman and junior p-hlc
11-jr toots-more positive-hlc
12-jr toots-babylon insane ft rootsman-hlc
13-jr toots-malcom x-hlc
14-jr toots-alpha and omega-hlc
15-jr toots-realize ft rootsman-hlc
16-jr toots-jah will be done-hlc
17-jr toots-h.i.m. haile selassie i (excerpt form 1963 un speech)-hlc
01-judge dread-bring back the skins
02-judge dread-a rhyme in time
03-judge dread-dread rock
04-judge dread-wrokers lamet
05-judge dread-the winkle man
06-judge dread-take it easy (but take it)
07-judge dread-come outside
08-judge dread-fatty dread
09-judge dread-y viva suspenders
10-judge dread-banana throat song
11-judge dread-bring back the skins (reprise)
12-judge dread-confessions of a bouncer
13-judge dread-jamaica jerkoff
14-judge dread-end of the world
15-judge dread-big everything
16-judge dread-up with the cock
17-judge dread-big punk
18-judge dread-hokey cokey
19-judge dread-jingle bells
20-judge dread-come outside (usa (ha ha ha) mix)
21-judge dread-the winkle man (alternative version)
22-judge dread-big punk (alternativ version)
01-raskidus-original congoman
02-raskidus-a free ka 2093
03-raskidus-call into jah
04-raskidus-special request
05-raskidus-twelve tribes (feat. mahad mahan)
06-raskidus-we shall win
07-raskidus-give i bread (feat. jah flyy)
08-raskidus-blessed be jah
09-raskidus-longin to see
10-raskidus-meritorius manumission
11-raskidus-reggae supa starz
12-raskidus-children of joh
13-raskidus-kool it down
14-raskidus-jah creation
15-raskidus-ill be waiting
16-raskidus-walk away
17-raskidus-more than a friend
18-raskidus-still going strong
19-raskidus-ruba dub style
20-raskidus-mystery to see
21-raskidus-hey you
01-rico and des all stars-going west-rks
02-des all stars-black fox-rks
03-rico and des all stars-rock back-rks
04-rico and des all stars-one eyed giant-rks
05-rico and des all stars-work together-rks
06-rico and des all stars-once a man-rks
07-rico and des all stars-hammer rock-rks
08-rico and des all stars-further look-rks
09-winston wright-sly mangoose-rks
10-the combo boys-jerusalem rock-rks
11-des all stars-back a yard-rks
12-the combo boys-its too late-rks
13-des all stars-rockers-rks
14-des all stars-the system-rks
01-the solution-reggae music-pbs
02-the solution-give thamx and praise-pbs
04-the solution-homeless-pbs
05-the solution-i dont want to loose your love-pbs
06-the solution-nicht mein ding-pbs
07-the solution-long time-pbs
08-the solution-not the right way-pbs
09-the solution-trouble on top-pbs
10-the solution-mount zion-pbs
11-the solution-judgement day-pbs
12-the solution-right dub-pbs
01-luciano-top of the world-jah
02-george nooks-running away-jah
03-sizzla-praise jah and live-jah
04-lukie d-i see-jah
05-pam hall-unite-jah
06-anthony b-togetherness-jah
07-admiral tibet-give a helping hand-jah
08-richie stephens-cant stop-jah
09-determine-reggae nice-jah
10-half pint-make the best of it-jah
11-michelle gordon-you are the one-jah
12-linval thompson-trod on-jah
13-fiona-you say-jah
14-anthony cruz-baby i love you-jah
15-natty king feat graddiel-true love-jah
16-rudy thomas-everybody is talking-jah
17-typrical feat singing sweet-give thanks for life-jah
01-warrior king-jah is always there-riddim
02-half pint-dance-riddim
03-hawkeye-nuh cry-riddim
04-natural black-where have you been-riddim
05-anthony red rose and patchy-wont work-riddim
06-lion heart-break it up-riddim
07-kirk davis-situation-riddim
08-chabano-dont worry-riddim
09-christinti-way to go-riddim
10-escape riddim (r brown and computer paul)-version-riddim
01-beenie man-bad man chi chi-rbk
02-bounty killer-look good-rbk
03-beenie man ft gringo-get yourself a gun-rbk
04-elephant man-bombing the-rbk
06-harry toddler-condolence-rbk
07-anthony b.-talk out-rbk
08-mr. vegas-big-rbk
09-kiprich-new law-rbk
10-capleton ft jah thunder-fire-rbk
11-madd anju-want you now-rbk
12-tazz-drop dat body-rbk
13-devonte and tanto metro-thump it-rbk
14-danny english-damn-rbk
15-christini-loving the ladies-rbk
16-hollow point-got it going-rbk
17-g-money-dem a fluke-rbk
19-godl voice-wave gal-rbk
20-chuck fender-so many girls-rbk
01-anthony b-hail jah-jah
02-determine-dem a fight war-jah
03-cutty ranks-gang war-jah
04-admiral tibet-battlefield-jah
05-guess who is coming to dinner-version-jah
01-lutan fyah-its good to know-hlc
02-wadi god-cant conquer me-hlc
03-norris man-etiopa-hlc
04-rocker-t-ganja progress-hlc
05-e cushna-in love-hlc
06-changa-boasty police-hlc
07-hiyah rems-last drop a bomb-hlc
08-anthony b-make me a criminal-hlc
09-steve machette-the right way-hlc
10-luciano-problem in our mind-hlc
11-leopard-how the guns get so prevalent-hlc
12-spectacular-free up the youths-hlc
13-jah mason-she brings me roses-hlc
14-turbulence-behold behold-hlc
15-higher ground sound-king of kings-hlc
16-higher ground sound-soldiers of jah-hlc
17-higher ground sound-senor tovar-hlc
01-morgan heritage-ababajahni-jah
02-junior reid-rise up-jah
04-andrew coombs-off spring of a king-jah
05-lukie d-one in ten-jah
06-buju banton-why must we suffer-jah
07-anthony b-truth-jah
08-ultimate shines-walk with jah-jah
08-version – 1 in 10-vod
09-yami bolo-top shotta-jah
10-half pint-bounce-jah
11-master b-nutten nah gwaan-jah
01-damion hall and gangsta girl-temperature-riddim
02-danny english and janyelle-all about the hype-riddim
03-cecile-handle it ruff (edit)-riddim
04-hawkeye-buss it up-riddim
05-mad anju-sugar cane-riddim
06-sizzla-treat you like a lady-riddim
07-turbulance-feelin da vibe-riddim
08-anthony b-they aint ready-riddim
09-zumjay and anthony cruz-hardcore lover-riddim
10-perculator riddim-version-riddim
01-spectacular-give me love-rks
03-anthony john-mi bad-rks
05-kulcha knox-de gideon-rks
06-conrad crystal-make up your mind-rks
07-phanso black-dem system-rks
08-general pecos-never give in-rks
09-pelican-deh pon deh alert-rks
10-determine-ruff in here-rks
11-steve machete-deh pon de run-rks
12-baijieman and charlie proverb-lovely woman-rks
13-el pancho-fire-rks
14-glamour murphy-sensimelia-rks
15-bunk i-one simple touch-rks
16-jah tomic-gaze it out-rks
17-baby wayne-nah watch nuh man-rks
01-capleton with terry linen and malvo and red rose-love is coming at you-rks
02-junior kelly-sleep last night-rks
03-tony curtis-ride on-rks
04-luciano-good over evil-rks
05-sizzla-nah hear-rks
06-jah cure-situation get out of control-rks
07-glen washington and george nooks-can i get a witness-rks
08-morgan heritage featuring lms-love reggae music-rks
09-richie stephens-diana-rks
10-george nooks-artibela-rks
11-singing melody-this is your chance-rks
13-mikey spice-body calling-rks
15-mountain lion-jah will make a way-rks
16-jah mali-come again-rks
01-desmond dekker and the aces-unity-gully
02-jimmy cliff-rub a dub-gully
03-gregory isaacs-rock on-gully
04-the cimarons-kung fu fighting-gully
05-don carlos-just groove with me-gully
06-clint eastwood-african roots-gully
07-the cimarons-you can get it if you really w-gully
08-u roy-joyful locks-gully
09-glen ricks-oh carolina-gully
10-trinity-big big man-gully
11-derrick morgan-some woman must cry-gully
12-the jamicans-peace and love-gully
13-mello lads-chatty chatty mouth-gully
14-dillinger-ball of fire-gully
15-cobra-lover fever-gully
16-sugar minott-let go the dread-gully
17-gregory isaacs-what will your mama say-gully
18-phillis dillion-eddie oh baby-gully
19-u roy-super boss-gully
20-barry brown-trying youthman-gully
01-george nooks – the thrill-rbk
02-capelton – good woman-rbk
03-admiral tibbet – anything you can do-rbk
04-merciless – put down the badness-rbk
05-keri – cant you say-rbk
06-sizzla – long live the king-rbk
07-sugar minott – if a so we a go say-rbk
08-anthony b – bad man-rbk
09-luciano – not until-rbk
10-tony rebel – cant believe-rbk
11-glen washington – ill be waiting-rbk
12-lady g – how would you feel-rbk
13-l.m.j – how i love you-rbk
14-hawkeye chabana – showers of blessings-rbk
15-saba – zion or hell r-rbk
01-gregory isaacs and ranking buckner-paymaster-captives (12 discomix)-rks
02-michael rose-guess whos coming to dinner (12 discomix)-rks
03-freddie mcgregor-we got love-rks
04-ken boothe-left with a broken heart-rks
05-delroy wilson-halfway up the stairs (12 discomix)-rks
06-dennis brown-westbound train-rks
07-cornell campbell and dillinger-my heart is clean-gate number (12 discomix)-rks
08-niney the observer-blood and fire (12 discomix)-rks
09-gregory isaacs-rock on-rks
10-christine-saturday night-rks
11-leroy smart-mr richman-rks
12-mighty diamonds-well hot-rks
13-the heptones-temptation botheration and tribulation-rks
14-jr byles and i-roy-weeping-water rate (12 discomix)-rks
15-observer all stars-teach them love-rks
16-dennis brown and the heptones-live after you-rks
17-sang hugh and the lionelairs-rasta no born yah-rks
01-missi blue hat-bouge sur mon son
02-dubbie vax-last word
03-personal-voodoo love
04-robert jackson-riddim on time
05-lord harry-featuring mc chunk
06-downtown brozas-calamity on us
07-mad keol-politik no limit
08-twista masta-koko jumbo
09-ultimal-give i some land
10-plantation sound system-dubba babe
11-sgt dazz-speaking four ourselves
12-the movement-smoke of spirit
13-jason and the flowers-i wanna be free
14-sunshine-like a bird in a tree
01-anthony b-naw vote-jah
02-anthony john-hard times-jah
03-bling dog-all night party-jah
04-capleton-what they gonna do-jah
06-lady saw-ooh yeah-jah
07-lisa dainjah-be wise-jah
08-luciano-praise jah-jah
09-lulumba-see dem a galang-jah
10-emperor-be careful-jah
01-capleton-log on girls-rbk
02-spragga benz ft assasin and red-square more girls-rbk
03-sizzla-girls them me love-rbk
04-frisco kid-girls sport-rbk
05-stevie face and dbad dwag-something about you-rbk
06-delly ranks-girls shocking out-rbk
07-mega banton-another hype-rbk
08-danny english-go gal-rbk
09-daddy juice ft pinchy p-cant get we money-rbk
10-moses i-sunshine princess-rbk
11-2 kool and dasta-crime and violence-rbk
12-nana mclean-love in your heart-rbk
13-abijah-healing time-rbk
14-u.t. ras-blazing-rbk
15-jah thunder-sweet reggae-rbk
16-va-mega mix-rbk
01-hurtin buckaroos-us and them-rbk
02-jmj band-take up thy stethoscope-rbk
03-hurtin buckaroos-echoes-rbk
04-jmj band-careful with that axe eugene-rbk
05-glimmerglass reggae ensemble-run like hell-rbk
07-jmj band-interstellar overdrive-rbk
08-hurtin buckaroos-hey you-rbk
09-stu-another brick in the wall pt. 2-rbk
10-joe ferry-pink skazmer-rbk
01-the untouchables-tighten up
02-joya landis-kansas city
03-val bennett-spanish harlem
04-david isaacs-a place in the sun
05-george a. penny-win your love for me
06-brother dan all stars-donkey returns
07-joyce bond-ob-la-di ob-la-da
08-joya landis-angel of the morning
09-derrick morgan-fat man
10-byron lee and the dragonaires-soul limbo
11-the kingstonians-mix it up
12-the uniques-watch this sound
13-the race fans-bookie man
14-the mellotones-uncle charlie
15-ranny williams and george regent-rent too high
16-the beltones-no more heartaches
17-danny and lee-sentence
18-alton ellis and lloyd williams-i cant stand it
19-john holt and joya landis-ill be lonely
20-tommy mccook and the supersonics-reggay (aka lonely goat herd)
21-burt walters-honey love
22-the race fans-time marches on
23-drumbago and the dynamites-dulcemania
24-val bennett-sweet africa
25-val bennett-baby baby
01-niney-blood and fire
02-the slickers-johnny too bad
03-the ethiopians-the selah
04-the maytals-one eye enos
05-merlene webber-hard life
06-judy mowatt and the gaytones-i shall sing
07-hopeton lewis-grooving out on life
08-the pioneers-starvation
09-the music doctors-bush doctor
10-the ethiopians-good ambition
11-the lowbites-i got it
12-merlene webber-stand by your man
13-delroy jones-dorikey skank
14-winston wright and the blaketone all stars-silhouettes
15-dennis alcapone-out the light baby
16-the jamaicans-love uprising
17-herman-el fishy
18-alton ellis-(going) back to africa
19-ansel collins-nuclear weapon
20-ken boothe-i wish it could be peaceful again
21-jeff barnes and u roy-wake the nation (aka heights of a great man)
22-cliff and winston and the g.g. all stars-all one nation
23-lloyd clarke-love you the most
24-charlie ace and the melodians-creation version
25-stranger cole and gladstone anderson-where will you be tomorrow
01-delroy wilson-better must come
02-jackie edwards-in paradise
03-the dynamites-hello mother
04-clancy eccles-rod of correction
05-dennis alcapone-ripe cherry
06-errol dunkley-three in one
07-judy mowatt and the gaytones-joy of the world
08-bongo herman and bunny-know far i
09-the maytals-its you
10-jimmy london-bridge over troubled waters
11-the chosen few-theme from shaft
12-bob marley and the wailers-duppy conqueror
13-ken boothe and lloyd charmers-rasta never fails
14-john holt-stick by me
15-stranger cole-crying every night
16-the ethiopians-lot wife
17-little roy-hardest fighter
18-winston blake and the m squad-carroll street
19-augustus pablo-reggae in the fields
20-tony brevett-you took me by surprise
21-the bleechers-put it good
22-the twinkle brothers-do your own thing
23-maxie and glen-jordan river
24-the charmers-one big unhappy family
25-tommy mccook and the supersonics-stupid doctor
01-danny english-bounce-riddim
03-beenie man-erase your mind-riddim
05-buju banton-yard and broad-riddim
06-frisco kid-problem-riddim
07-lexxus-crackers gal-riddim
08-elephant man-jacket-riddim
10-cecile-step out-riddim
11-sean paul and richie stephens-in your eyes-riddim
12-copocino-bring there-riddim
13-tony rebel-ras in the kitchen-riddim
14-silver cat-real real fiesta-riddim
15-madd anju-age-riddim
16-sean paul-regular thing-riddim
17-devonte and tanto metro-i dont care-riddim
18-tony curtis and galaxy p-stalking-riddim
19-delly ranks and patchy-fever-riddim
20-goofy-guh dung guh dung-riddim
21-anthony cruz-girlz-riddim
22-general b-the year ya-riddim
01-charlie chaplin-last warning-rks
02-charlie chaplin-promise land-rks
03-charlie chaplin-marangin sister-rks
04-charlie chaplin-tell me if me wrong-rks
05-charlie chaplin-gwaan yu ways-rks
06-charlie chaplin-your sweetness-rks
07-charlie chaplin-chalice contest-rks
08-charlie chaplin-keep it to yu self-rks
09-charlie chaplin-no profit-rks
10-charlie chaplin-send ninjaman home-rks
01-laroz-laroz sound system-r2r
02-laroz-move your soul (feat t y)-r2r
03-laroz-black people (feat ras haile malekot)-r2r
04-laroz-kuti ital (feat saxon sound)-r2r
05-laroz-jah rainbow-r2r
06-laroz-reparation (feat ras haile malekot)-r2r
07-laroz-zion on earth (feat ras d and jonah dan)-r2r
08-laroz-dread dub (feat trevor sax)-r2r
09-laroz-on and on (feat sayjah)-r2r
10-laroz-white lily black rose-r2r
11-laroz-color of the rainbow (feat trevor sax)-r2r
12-laroz-sabbo ital (feat saxon sound)-r2r
13-laroz-man a kill man (feat ras d and jonah dan)-r2r
14-laroz-prayer (feat dayjah)-r2r
01-third world-96 degrees in the shade-gully
02-third world-feel a little better-gully
03-third world-rhythm of life-gully
04-third world-roots with quality-gully
05-third world-sense of purpose-gully
06-third world-always around-gully
07-third world-now that we found love-gully
08-third world-world of uncertainty-gully
09-third world-try jah love-gully
10-third world-lagos jump-gully
11-third world-jamica-gully
12-third world-girl youll be a woman soon-gully
13-third world-jamaica (house mix)-gully
14-third world-now that we found love (south beach mix)-gully
15-third world-now that we found love (uptempo mix)-gully
01 – unity pacific – are you strong
02 – unity pacific – in the ghetto
03 – unity pacific – red squad
04 – unity pacific – thou we are
05 – unity pacific – thank you
06 – unity pacific – juniors song
07 – unity pacific – got no job
08 – unity pacific – time is running out
09 – unity pacific – from street to sky
01-lukie d – some day-jah
02-singing melody – drive me crazy-jah
03-bushman – live my life-jah
04-morgan heritage – chase them away-jah
05-buju banton – if jah was like man-jah
06-sizzla – why should i-jah
07-anthony b – all whats going on-jah
08-java – version-jah
01-va-killamanjaro-ultimate dubplate classics vol. 4
01-Beenie Man-Im Leaving-FRP
02-Buju Banton-International Dish-FRP
03-Baby Cham-Shoot Out-FRP
04-Baby Wayne-Wey Dem A Defend-FRP
05-Carlton Livington-Just Come Bad Boy-FRP
06-Chris Irie-Gi Man Jacket-FRP
07-Linval Thompson-Im Not A King-FRP
08-Capleton-A We Run The Route-FRP
09-Apache Scratchy-How The World A Run-FRP
10-Tullo T-Hard And Tuff-FRP
11-Chaka Demus And Pliers-Come On Home-FRP
12-Charlie Sprang-Punnay A De Target-FRP
13-Wolf Man-Punanny-FRP
14-Cobra-Rod Out-FRP
15-Rankin Joe-Ghetto People-FRP
16-Tony Rebel-Dontt Call The Police-FRP
17-Beenie Man-Tell Me Now-FRP
01-buju banton – one to one-jah
02-sizzla – thank you mama-jah
03-morgan heritage – men in love-jah
04-luciano – get down on it-jah
05-one to one – version-jah
01-Gregory Isaacs-Hail Article Don-FRP
02-Gregory Isaacs-My Pride Dont Let Me-FRP
03-Gregory Isaacs-First Degree Murder-FRP
04-Lee Perry-In The Valley-FRP
05-Lee Perry-Kojack-FRP
06-Lee Perry-Power To The Children-FRP
07-Cimarons-Kung Fu Fighting-FRP
08-Cimarons-So Free (Best Things In Life)-FRP
09-Dennis Brown-Blood Sun-FRP
10-Dennis Brown-Run Too Tuff-FRP
11-Jimmy Cliff-Samba Reggae-FRP
12-Jimmy Cliff-Stepping Out Of Limbo-FRP
13-Toots and The Maytals-Monkey Man-FRP
14-Yellow Man-Mek We Nice Up The Area-FRP
15-Yellow Man-A Love We A Deal With-FRP
16-Dillinger-Three Piece Suit And Thing-FRP
17-U-Roy – Wake The Town-FRP
18-King Tubby-Iyahta-FRP
01-anthony b-jah love-jah
02-beres hammond-hail his name-jah
03-capleton-things you do-jah
04-luciano-no one can hide-jah
05-sizzla-give jah praise-jah
06-norris man-their scuffling-jah
07-iyashanti-community inna battlefield-jah
08-mykal roze-keep on moving-jah
09-anthony b-three cheers-jah
10-pinchers-dont waste your time-jah
11-thriller prince-genuine girl-jah
12-richie spice-all of yuh loving-jah
13-norris man-stand up firm-jah
14-anthony b-smell gun powder-jah
01-freddie mcgregor-never let trouble get you down-yvp
02-carlton livingston-girl you send come call me-yvp
03-castro pink-where is the love-yvp
04-ras badoo-thats why you hiding-yvp
05-patrick andy-dont hide your feeling-yvp
06-ras badoo-hams house-yvp
07-tabby diamonds-pass the kuchie-yvp
08-roman stewart-diplomat-yvp
09-the mighty visionaries-satta – amassa – gana-yvp
10-chino sanchez-satta spanish-yvp
11-ras badoo-deck of cards-yvp
12-jd smooth-rain is gonna fall-yvp
13-chino sanchez-if you should lose me-yvp
14-ras badoo-shilling-yvp
15-sabastian-world dub-yvp
01-the dv8 2003 rewind devastation-intro part 1-ego
02-the dv8 2003 rewind devastation-break part 2-ego
03-the dv8 2003 rewind devastation-break 2 part 3 outro-ego
04-the diwali devastation-intro part 1-ego
05-the diwali devastation-break 1 part 2 outro-ego
06-dj sergs total recall part ii-intro part 1-ego
07-dj sergs total recall part ii-break part 2-ego
08-dj sergs total recall part ii-break 2 part 3 outro-ego
09-sergs sexy lady-intro part 1-ego
10-sergs sexy lady-break part 2-ego
11-sergs sexy lady-break 2 part 3 outro-ego
12-the buzz riddim-intro part 1-ego
13-the buzz riddim-break part 2 outro-ego
01-nicodemus-mr. fabulous-gully
02-nicodemus-computer knife and fork-gully
03-nicodemus-keeping a dance-gully
04-nicodemus-ugly gal-gully
05-nicodemus-p-t 109-gully
06-nicodemus-ease freeze-gully
07-nicodemus-strawberry fields-gully
09-dean frazer-nuff gal mud up-gully
10-dean frazer-quiet storm-gully
11-dean frazer-sax lover-gully
12-dean frazer-fat sax-gully
13-dean frazer-kill dem wid sax-gully
14-dean frazer-troubled sax-gully
15-dean frazer-young sax business-gully
16-dean frazer-sunday blues-gully
01-a.r.p-gee wiz its christmas
02-a.r.p-christmas song (chesnut)
03-a.r.p-silent night
05-a.r.p-give love on christmas day
06-a.r.p-the gift
07-a.r.p-white christmas
08-a.r.p-oh holy night
09-a.r.p-what child is this
10-a.r.p-1st noel
11-a.r.p-marys boy child
12-a.r.p-o little town of bethlehem
01-calvin bubbles cameron-good over evil
02-calvin bubbles cameron-one people
03-calvin bubbles cameron-ruth
04-calvin bubbles cameron-sweet incense
05-calvin bubbles cameron-the throne
06-calvin bubbles cameron-rasta dont leggo
07-calvin bubbles cameron-st.raphael road
08-calvin bubbles cameron-i warn you
09-calvin bubbles cameron-children of love
10-calvin bubbles cameron-eleitha with love
02-dennis brown-wolf and leopards-rks
03-dennis brown-money in my pocket-rks
04-dennis brown-africa-rks
05-dennis brown-cassandra-rks
07-dennis brown-open the gate-rks
08-dennis brown-whip them jah jah-rks
09-dennis brown-rain from the skies-rks
10-dennis brown-conqueror-rks
11-dennis brown-here i come-rks
12-dennis brown-let love in-rks
13-dennis brown-my time-rks
14-dennis brown-youre no good-rks
15-dennis brown-black magic woman-rks
16-dennis brown-blood sun-rks
17-dennis brown-what about the half-rks
18-dennis brown-fight for truth and rights-rks
19-dennis brown-love jah-rks
20-dennis brown-give a helping hand-rks
21-dennis brown-silver words-rks
22-dennis brown-only a smile-rks
23-dennis brown-god bless my soul-rks
24-dennis brown-show us the way-rks
25-dennis brown-tribulation-rks
01-dr i bolit and tribal roots-go rastaman go
02-dr i bolit and tribal roots-i-roots
03-dr i bolit and tribal roots-jah jah can redeem
04-dr i bolit and tribal roots-material world
05-dr i bolit and tribal roots-burning flower
06-dr i bolit and tribal roots-hallilujah
07-dr i bolit and tribal roots-golden bull
08-dr i bolit and tribal roots-not for sale
09-dr i bolit and tribal roots-pure apricot jam
10-dr i bolit and tribal roots-(raggae) its my position
11-dr i bolit and tribal roots-haile jah love
12-dr i bolit and tribal roots-cest la vie
13-dr i bolit and tribal roots-summer time
14-dr i bolit and tribal roots-wings of a dove
01-george banton-silent night-sleep little baby
02-george banton-joy to the world
03-george banton-thats all i want for christmas
04-george banton-hark the herald angels sing
05-george banton-o come all ye faithful
06-george banton-angels we have heard on high
07-george banton-he comes from glory
08-george banton-ding dong
09-george banton-joy to the world (caribbean remix)
10-george banton-silent night
11-george banton-go tell it on the mountain
12-george banton-we wish you a merry christmas
13-george banton-auld lang syne
14-george banton-sleep little baby
01-hava – eyes of jah-gmg
02-b.brown – eyes of jah version-gmg
02-yohto-big up
03-yohto-groove addicted
05-yohto-yohto crew
06-yohto-riddim police
07-yohto-nough man
08-yohto-set a sign
10-yohto-champion sound
11-yohto-what do you do
01-jc lodge-thank you-hlc
02-jc lodge-you carry the swing-hlc
03-jc lodge-activate me-hlc
04-jc lodge-telephone love-hlc
05-jc lodge-work with me baby-hlc
06-jc lodge-love for all seasons-hlc
07-jc lodge-someone loves you honey-hlc
08-jc lodge-don man-hlc
09-jc lodge-loving you-hlc
10-jc lodge-top of the line-hlc
11-jc lodge-he said-hlc
12-jc lodge-crysis-hlc
01-matumbi-bluebeat and ska (single version)-rks
02-matumbi-empire road-rks
03-matumbi-music in the air-rks
04-matumbi-hook deh-rks
06-matumbi-breakdown (single version)-rks
07-matumbi-points of view (squeeze a little lovin) (12 dub version)-rks
08-matumbi-guide us jah-rks
09-matumbi-straight to my head-rks
11-matumbi-ordinary man-rks
12-matumbi-come with me-rks
14-matumbi-nothing at all (12 dub version)-rks
15-matumbi-black civilisation-rks
17-matumbi-bluebeat and ska (12 dub version)-rks
01-rasta boyz music-in-tro mn m2m
02-rasta boyz music-sensi ft dj red eyez
03-rasta boyz music-the institute ft dj red eyez
04-rasta boyz music-yo play yo self radio edit ft osc and too shade w shy-lox and marina
05-rasta boyz music-shoez ft lore
06-rasta boyz music-jah babiez anthem ft jah babies
07-rasta boyz music-booty call ft tom and osc w shy-lox
08-rasta boyz music-van-city slugz ft rahim
09-rasta boyz music-spot lite ft terro-t
10-rasta boyz music-skit ft lore
11-rasta boyz music-marie ft dj red eyez
12-rasta boyz music-con-fuse-sion ft dj red eyez
13-rasta boyz music-temptation ft jah babies
14-rasta boyz music-remernising ft q bee and dj red eyez
15-rasta boyz music-hiphop ersize ft lore and kytami
16-rasta boyz music-yo play yo self ft osc and too shade w shy-lox and marina
17-rasta boyz music-loxx id ft shy-lox
18-rasta boyz music-it was me ft jah babies
19-rasta boyz music-who is he ft osc
01-skal man-judgement
02-skal man-transformation
03-skal man-dj-takeover
04-skal man-africa ska
05-skal man-castlewood
06-skal man-meditation time
07-skal man-rain or shine
01-sly and robbie-subzero-rks
02-sly and robbie-vice vanity-rks
03-sly and robbie-here comes the rain again-rks
04-sly and robbie-right stuff dub-rks
05-sly and robbie-around the sun-rks
06-sly and robbie-perspective-rks
07-sly and robbie-shock absorber dub-rks
08-sly and robbie-street times-rks
09-sly and robbie-for the living-rks
10-sly and robbie-rhythmotor dub-rks
11-sly and robbie-words in verse-rks
12-sly and robbie-turbo dub-rks
01-staylefish-the theory-butt
02-staylefish-bobby rocks the ganja-butt
03-staylefish-hold on-butt
04-staylefish-fallen (feat. big bandit)-butt
05-staylefish-give it up-butt
06-staylefish-next wave (to paradise)-butt
07-staylefish-tippin canoes-butt
08-staylefish-crix n cheese-butt
09-staylefish-buena vista-butt
10-staylefish-stereo (feat. big bandit)-butt
01-tarrus riley-larger than life-r2r
02-tarrus riley-jah will-r2r
03-tarrus riley-its better this way-r2r
04-tarrus riley-all is vanity-r2r
05-tarrus riley-who can stand it-r2r
06-tarrus riley-dont give up-r2r
07-tarrus riley-ill be your friend-r2r
08-tarrus riley-the other half-r2r
09-tarrus riley-take me higher-r2r
10-tarrus riley-ego-r2r
11-tarrus riley-rasta at the control-r2r
12-tarrus riley-barber chair-r2r
13-tarrus riley-love created i-r2r
14-tarrus riley-save the children-r2r
01-louie culture – harrasement-vod
02-lutan fyah – give thanks-vod
03-mark wonder and gentleman – spiritual warriors-vod
04-ras shiloh – depths of the sea-vod
05-taffari – im a rebel-vod
06-turbulence – cut up another load-vod
07-version – alto ego riddim-vod
01-junior kelly – blaze-vod
02-check fenda – cry for my people-vod
03-lutan fyah – bits and pieces-vod
04-gentleman – unconditional love-vod
05-turbulence – rest a show-vod
06-platinum – how i feel-vod
07-anthony b – the system-vod
08-jah mason – my way-vod
09-richie spice – the way youre living-vod
10-elijah prophet – back for good-vod
11-taffari – heaven in your eyes-vod
12-mark wonder – tell it like it is-vod
13-murdak – brighter days-vod
14-tippa irie – everyday-vod
15-version – blaze riddim-vod
01-john holt-the meaning of christmas
02-john holt-i believe in christmas
03-john holt-last christmas
04-john holt-lonely this christmas
05-john holt-white christmas
06-john holt-so this is christmas
07-john holt-mother and child
08-john holt-when a child is born
09-john holt-santa claus is coming to town
10-john holt-i believe in woman
11-john holt-blue christmas
12-john holt-for auld lang syne
13-johnny clarke-mommy kissing santa claus
14-jackie edwards-white christmas ft. ossie scott
15-jackie edwards-christmas medley 1
16-jackie edwards-christmad medley 2
17-frank cosmo-seasons greetings (ska version)
18-frank cosmo-greetings to everyone (ska version)
01-alcatraz – having my baby-vod
02-degree – craddle robber-vod
03-gentleman – do the right thing-vod
04-inner circle – dont quit-vod
05-kirk davis – jah jah love-vod
06-live wyya – war gainst lucifer-vod
07-morgan heritage – jah come first-vod
08-natural black – judgement-vod
09-satta – strongest love-vod
10-vc – sit with me-vod
11-version – bush fire riddim-vod
12-warrior king – say you love me-vod
01-viceroys-they cant stop us now-rks
02-freddie magregor-jah help the people-ext mix-rks
03-junior reid-mr big man-rks
04-barrington levy-jah help us-rks
05-dennis brown-give a little-rks
06-johnny clarke-they cant stop me-rks
07-johnny osbourne-night fall-ext mix-rks
08-eek-a-mouse-sensi party-rks
09-wayne wade-poor and humble-rks
10-gregory isaacs-tenement yard-rks
11-barrington levy-sensimilla-rks
12-anthony johnson-africa-rks
13-rod taylor-jah jah is calling-rks
14-linval thompson and barrington levy-bad boys-rks
15-sugar minott-move up-rks
16-don carlos-sweet africa-rks
17-tristan palma-happy song-rks
18-wailing souls-you can stay-rks
19-freddie mckay-guide us jah jah-rks
20-barry brown-love is what the world wants-ext mix-rks
01-ward 21 – get out the way-vod
02-looga man – gone dead-vod
03-million – gimmi a try-vod
04-nicky b – mi wah fi know-vod
05-famous – heart nah clean-vod
06-zumjay – style and grace-vod
07-kristaal – what im about-vod
08-michael knight – baby-vod
09-voicemail – so much ladies-vod
10-richie riot and mam – why-vod
11-future troubles – lord-vod
12-version – crystal clear riddim-vod
01-chuck fender-perfect love-jah
02-elijah prophet-got to be conscious-jah
03-lutan fyah-when me rise it-jah
04-rebellion-life is a treasure-jah
05-richie spice-gideon soldier-jah
06-nosliw-wie wiet-jah
07-anthony b-player no more-jah
08-jah mali-on the guard-jah
09-maxim-tausch ich mich-jah
10-crystal woman-version-jah
01-neg marrons et daddy mory-on reste engages-row
02-passi et big red-on controle la foule-row
03-lyricson-this is my way-row
04-tairo-elle veut feat. flya-row
05-fuckly-le loup-row
06-shakaneli et dimi donka-dancehall soldats-row
07-straika-voila le son feat. little espion et krys-row
08-wyclef jean-secret lover feat. admiral t et lynnsha-row
09-lino et jamadom-top des tops-row
10-toma-plus loin-row
11-lady sweety et matinda-dancehall lady-row
12-sir samuel-quest ce tu fais feat. matt et benji-row
13-faya d-ki ca feat. les sales gosses et irie kane-row
14-soundkail-party time-row
15-doc gyneco-la verite feat. dimi donka et mamido-row
16-sir samuel et mc janik-bouge ton body-row
17-jmi cissoko-sois fort feat. flya et brahim-row
18-neg marrons-donne leur la vibe feat. disiz la peste mystik diams flya supa john captain nico celcius black passi-row
19-lord william-boom boom boom-row
20-double n-meme combat-row
01-tony rebel -no daddy like you-mad
02-president brown -gun shot-mad
03-i wayne -cant satisfy her-mad
04-culture nahki -over deh-mad
05-unkown artist -african girls-mad
06-honerable -nah sell out-mad
07-unkown artist -pretty girl-mad
08-unknown artist -commited-mad
09-version -father jungle rock-mad
10-tony rebel -no daddy like you-mad
11-lukie d -every little thing-mad
12-luciano -jah jah never let me down-mad
13-dennis brown -problem-mad
14-capleton -lie dem a tell-mad
01-assassin-they dont know-jah
02-sizzla-kick dem out-jah
03-tok-no more-jah
04-chico-nah worry-jah
05-christopher-love eternal-jah
06-nicky b-vip-jah
08-tanto metro and devonte-we dont play-jah
09-wayne marshall-all that-jah
10-elephant man-ting-jah
11-fifth avenue-instrumental-jah
01-capleton – love for all-vod
02-warrior king – baby girl-vod
03-sizzla – woman ah request it-vod
04-anthony b – one of a kind girl-vod
05-cocoa tea – tek wey yuh gyal-vod
06-richie stephens – cant take my girl-vod
07-singing melody – a single moment with you-vod
08-tommy b – friday gal-vod
09-zippa ras – emperor haille selassie-vod
10-thriller u – good loving-vod
11-george nooks – stick by me-vod
12-captain barkey – behave myslef-vod
13-general degree – good ole fashion ting-vod
14-wickerman – all unite-vod
01-wayne marshall – rudeboys-vod
02-daville – dem no mi amigo-vod
03-junior kelly – give me strength-vod
03-nico – crazy-vod
04-vybz kartel – ride in-vod
05-lady saw – na walk out-vod
06-sizzla – party-vod
07-tanto metro and devonte – picture you-vod
08-rally bop – jamaica-vod
09-jah mason – keep it as it was-vod
10-tanya stephens – to the top top-vod
11-mahlon stewart and harry toddler – do me-vod
12-lee-lee (of swv) and showki-ru – baby baby-vod
13-anthony b – salt ting-vod
14-lukie d – too shy-vod
15-ward 21 – sittin on chrome-vod
16-version – guala guala a-vod
17-version – guala guala aa-vod
01-anthony cruz-mari-ras
02-chuck fenda-jah is worthy-ras
03-hard times-version-ras
01-capleton – that day will come-vod
02-luciano – hear what i say-vod
03-richie spice – ghetto girl-vod
04-jr. kelly – the more i see you-vod
05-george nooks – my heart-vod
06-kulture knox – one world-vod
07-boscom x – lonely-vod
08-i wayne – rasta tell dem all the while-vod
09-cezar – hello world-vod
10-latoya – so confused-vod
11-hard times – version (mix 1)-vod
12-hard times – version (mix 2)-vod
01-braveheart-oohhhh ahhhh-yard
02-gifta-dey do wha dey see-yard
01-bushman-how can they say-rks
01-choppa chop-real herb-ill
02-chronicle-light it up-ill
03-burro banton-in da ghetto-ill
04-sizzla-jah never fail i-ill
05-king kong-paradise lost-ill
06-anthony b-underground-ill
07-morgan heritage-reggae music-ill
09-heavenless riddim-version-ill
01-power man – us. visa-vod
02-anthony b – own man-vod
03-pinchers – miss always-vod
04-sizzla – august town-vod
05-erup – buzy-vod
06-jack-a-diamond – simon say-vod
07-simpleton – champagne-vod
08-alozade – empty benches-vod
09-elephant man – caan tame-vod
10-harry toddler – keep up (mix 1)-vod
11-hawkeye – self control-vod
12-ninja kid – mr mighty-vod
13-david house – david house party-vod
14-general b – telephone pest-vod
15-harry toddler – keep up (mix 2)-vod
16-version – hormone riddim-vod
01-anthony cruz-walk with me-jah
02-chuck fender-save me-jah
03-george nooks-here for you-jah
04-richie spice-pray-jah
05-version-i believe riddim-jah
01-jah cure-good morning jah jah-jah
02-richie spice-marijuana-jah
03-chuck fender-i swear-jah
04-anthony cruz-mamas blessing-jah
05-sizzla-for you-jah
06-richie stephens-woman to man-jah
07-natural black-conquer dem-jah
08-junior kelly-dem story-jah
09-luciano-tell me-jah
10-pliers-why cant you-jah
11-melchezidek-what a life-jah
12-jah penco-your goals-jah
13-george nooks-tragedy-jah
14-iley bless-long way-jah
15-omar silk-never had to lie-jah
16-ultimate shines-zion gate-jah
01-chrissy and vybz kartel-wasting my time-csv
02-junior kelly-so sh seh-csv
03-antony b-nine yard-csv
04-turbulence-send out boy-csv
05-danny english and terry lyn-all about you-csv
06-lukie d-get it on-csv
07-mr. lex (lexxus)-keep it low-csv
08-norris man-some time-csv
09-private eye-bad man-csv
10-choppa chop-crazy-csv
11-nanco flex-the vibe is right-csv
12-chukki starr-tun mi crazy-csv
13-queen omega-love-csv
14-anatalee-sen on di fire-csv
15-alpha rowen-high voltz-csv
16-riddim-ice cold-makatak-csv
01-beres hammond and louie culture-extra loving-jah
02-anju coombs and louie culture-building a fence-jah
03-richie spice-robbery-jah
04-lukie d-if youre the one-jah
01-anthony cruz-all night-jah
02-blacka ranks-ting deh-jah
03-bounty killer-gimme di gal dem-jah
04-capleton-burn down-jah
05-chico-u nuh badman now-jah
06-macka diamond-broken heart-jah
07-delly ranks and voicemail-handle it-jah
08-jagwa-call mi numba-jah
09-shaggy feat kashira-feels right-jah
11-lady saw-crime time-jah
12-macka diamond-joe grine-jah
13-unknown-keep it real-jah
14-unknown-by your side-jah
15-vybz kartel-leff him fi good-jah
17-ward 21-do yuh ting-jah
01-capleton and uplifter-bless them with love-rks
02-chezidek-calling up-rks
03-jah cure-hit me with music-rks
04-junior pinchers and juice-she never know-rks
05-cocoa tea and gentleman-be yourself-rks
06-sizzla-fight against the youths-rks
07-turbulence-im so tired-rks
08-warrior king-is it wrong-rks
09-lonely riddim-version-rks
01-winston reedy-a wonderful christmas
02-peter hunnigale-last christmas
03-rudie davis-driving home
04-kofi-this christmas
05-leroy mafia-little christmas tree
06-bubblers-marys boy child (instrumental)
07-j.c. lodge-the christmas song
08-lloyd brown-silent night
09-winston reedy-i believe in father christmas
10-paulette taja-have yourself a merry little christmas
11-j.c. lodge-feliz navidad ft. big man
12-kofi-reggae christmas
13-leroy mafia-lonely this christmas
14-richie davis-when a child is born
15-dennis alcapone tippa irie and jd-dancehall christmas
01-chuck fender – youre so beautiful-vod
02-everton blender – time get rough-vod
03-keysha – lets find a place-vod
04-morgan heritage – dont push we-vod
05-natural black – mountain-vod
06-richie spice – rooted and grounded-vod
07-sizzla – take control-vod
08-version – mineral riddim-vod
01-chuck fender – still around-vod
02-natural black – 100 a love-vod
03-nesbeth – only one-vod
04-real flava – big up yardie-vod
05-richie spice – day by day-vod
06-tanya stephens – not your own-vod
07-version – music man riddim-vod
08-warrior king – good people-vod
01-pat rhoden-it must be santa claus
02-norman t. washington-happy christmas
03-jama allstars-he is my santa claus
04-profinos dingwall-have a merry christmas
05-rox anne-dont send me bouquet
06-carl st. claire-aul laing zine
07-jama allstars-bouquet (instrumental)
08-star production allstars-christmas dub
01-natural black – treat her like a lady-vod
02-chezidek – dont wait too long-vod
03-ultimate shines – too much war-vod
04-unknown – rise this morning-vod
05-richie spice – its gonna be terrible-vod
06-luciano – equal rights-vod
07-morgan heritage – hail rastafari-vod
08-turbulence – i will survive-vod
09-warrior king – my life-vod
10-maria – ask heaven for love-vod
11-blu fox – break loose-vod
12-unknown – stop your back biting-vod
13-bushman – only jah can save the day-vod
14-anthnoy b – jah jah world-vod
15-unknown – world without babylon-vod
16-unknown – feel the pain-vod
17-chuck fender – cant see me-vod
18-junior kelly – do good-vod
19-version – nine eleven riddim-vod
01-turbulence – music is life-gmg
02-lutan fyah – woman of principle-gmg
03-natural black – moving time-gmg
04-natty king and al pancho – man of truth-gmg
05-empress michiboo – breath of life-gmg
06-jah marcus – let the music play-gmg
07-moon the digital ancient – are u the one-gmg
08-mark messam a.k.a. shadowz – no politic-gmg
09-no politic riddim – version-gmg
01-capleton – ton load-vod
02-chukki star – nuff a dem-vod
03-gentleman and ras shiloh – blessing from jah-vod
04-jamelody – be prepared-vod
05-luciano – all ive got-vod
06-morgan heritage and bushman – try-vod
07-mr flash – jah is faithfull-vod
08-richie spice – world order-vod
01-marcia griffiths-back in the days-jah
02-tinga stewart-dream of me-jah
03-freddie mcgregor-nu bada-jah
04-lloyd brown-give thanks-jah
05-nadine sutherland-always-jah
06-glen washington-roller coaster ride-jah
07-george nooks-top ten-jah
09-tanya stephens-better luck-jah
10-wayne wade-one good girl-jah
11-glen washington-on and on-jah
12-fiona-no more-jah
13-lloyd brown-bongo nyah-jah
14-brando-gone away-jah
15-mix by dinero-joe fraser party-jah
01-omar silk – rastafari reigns-vod
02-lij amlak – education-vod
03-unknown – taxi-vod
04-richie spice – prime time girl-vod
05-unknown – open up your eyes-vod
06-version – prime time riddim-vod
01-elephant man-stress free-rsd
02-sasha-hanky panky-rsd
03-vybz kartel-money and gal-rsd
04-mr lexx-survive-rsd
05-red fox and rayvon-a which gal-rsd
06-new kid on the block-rolly bop-rsd
07-madd anju-try fi get yu-rsd
08-bunji garlin-real bad boy-rsd
09-galaxy p-halla back-rsd
10-christopher-shes on fire-rsd
11-tanto metro and devonte-my way or the highway-rsd
12-cecile-a so mi like it-rsd
13-voice mail-name brand-rsd
14-turbulance-roll up-rsd
101-sean paul-beware-csv
102-2 play feat raghav and jucxi-so confused (dancehall mix)-csv
103-fya feay smujii and predator-must be love-csv
104-cnn wayne wonder lexxus-anything goes-csv
105-ebon-e feat beenie man-pride and joy-csv
106-elephant man-pon di varandah-csv
107-kiprich and predator-head no good-csv
108-fya-rough chick-csv
109-beenie man-bun bad mind-csv
110-general levy-nubian queen-csv
111-spragga benz and tok-we waah-csv
112-bounty killer-twisted-csv
113-dmx feat sean paul mr. vegas-top shotter-csv
114-shabba ranks-more pon more-csv
116-sizzla-these are the days-csv
117-vybz kartel-tattoo-csv
118-buju banton-many ways-csv
119-ward 21-24-7-csv
120-one vybe-nah no way-csv
121-mr. z-booty killer-csv
122-2 play feat raghav and jucxi-turn me on-csv
201-barrington levy-here i come-csv
202-gregory issacs-rumours-csv
203-frankie paul-fp the greatest-csv
204-shaggy feat ravon-we never danced to the rub a dub-csv
205-dennis brown-money in my pocket-csv
206-freddie mcgregor and snagga puss-carry go bring come-csv
207-chaka demus and pliers-tease me-csv
208-sean paul-check it deeply-csv
209-beenie man and silver cat-chronic-csv
210-red rat-bun dem-csv
211-daddy screw-model pon yu man-csv
212-dillinger-cocaine in my brain-csv
213-nervous joe and tenor fly-whats the name of the sound-csv
214-aswad-dancehall mood-csv
215-papa san-dancehall good to we-csv
216-frankie paul-pass the tu-sheng peng-csv
217-lt stitchie-gangster-csv
218-shabba ranks-tailer load a girls-csv
219-yellowman-mr chin-csv
220-eek a mouse-ganja smuggling-csv
221-wayne wonder and don yute-sensi ride-csv
01-richie spice and chuck fenda-fake smile-csv
02-doniki and jahmason-your eyes-csv
03-sizzla-jah alone-csv
04-norris man-bless if you love-csv
05-jahmali-giving thanks-csv
06-terry linen-first time-csv
07-jahovan-innocent cry-csv
08-natural black-not your enemy-csv
09-lms-zion is the place-csv
10-mountain lion-more love-csv
11-capleton-why worry-csv
12-anthony b-cant get we out-csv
13-version-river nile riddim-csv
01-anthony b – cant stop me-vod
02-jah guide – military man-vod
03-jah mason – mi chalwa-vod
04-junior kelly – rasta should be deeper-vod
05-luciano – ancient memories-vod
06-queen ifrica – wipe the tears-vod
07-tony rebel – take care of yourself-vod
08-utan green – heading to the top-vod
09-version – roots tonic riddim-vod
10-zahair – from the realms-vod
01-chuck fender and richie spice – cyaan control-vod
01-gentleman – strange things-vod
02-luciano – only jah knows-vod
02-sizzla – much more-vod
03-mark wonder chezidek and lutan fyah – only the strong-vod
04-taffari – terrible now a days-vod
05-version – security riddim-vod
01-luciano – love and devotion-vod
02-turbulence – ethiopia awakes-vod
03-gentleman – rumours-vod
04-elijah prophet – put people first-vod
05-sizzla – cant keep us down-vod
06-daddy rings – the wiff-vod
07-anthony b – time for the love-vod
08-sugar black and lebanculeh – jah jah bless-vod
09-tanya stephens – power of a girl-vod
10-tippa irie – the uk-vod
11-jah mason – too much youth dying-vod
12-jack radics – dance with my baby-vod
13-azrock – girlie girlie-vod
14-uman – lyrics-vod
15-version – shanty town-vod
01-chuck fender-oh my lord-jah
02-richie spice-upside down-jah
03-abijah-better days-jah
04-natural black-be patient-jah

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