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14-rankin alpha aka dubital-born 2 run
15-roy paci and aretuska-la regina degli amanti
16-sergente garcia-somos vida
17-shatta connection (gialloandnemo)-mr too nice
01-lukie d-african-jah
02-fred locks-joy-jah
01-sizzla-stay out-riddim
02-bounty killer-baby daddy-riddim
03-vybz kartel-when mi a war-riddim
04-elephant man-bumbooclaat-riddim
05-bling dawg-no-riddim
06-lady saw-na lef-riddim
07-future fambo-stop kill jah jah children-riddim
08-nitty kutchie-raga cobra-riddim
10-school boy-she say-riddim
11-singer j-gansta-riddim
12-jah selah-gimme mi divedence-riddim
13-gines man-its a lot-riddim
14-bum dondimile-bum again-riddim
15-ras merdock-in deh-riddim
16-afta 8 riddim-version-riddim
02-bling dawg-no-row
03-vybz kartel-when mi a war-row
04-sizzla-stay out-row
05-elephant man-bomboklat-row
06-unknow artist-its a laught-row
07-bounty killer-raffle-row
08-lady saw-nah left-row
09-singer j-gangsta-row
10-jah selah-gimme mi divedence-row
11-unknow artist-bum again-row
12-nitty kutghie-ragga cobra-row
13-future faimbo-stop kill jah jah children-row
14-rass merdock-weh dem ah go-row
15-school boy-she say-row
16-version-afta 8 riddim-row
01-vybz kartel – warn dem counteraction (movado diss)
02-deva bratt – mi a badman
03-ghetto poser – riddim star (collie buddz diss)
01-busy signal-wine pon dis-hlc
02-tonado qcdombian ljudisss-from dem diss we-hlc
03-colombiaw and iglt-unknown-hlc
04-judisss-put it down-hlc
01-anthony johnson – paradise-gmg
02-lloyd brown – cant keep a good man down-gmg
03-mike brooks – darker than blue-gmg
04-winston holeness – aint no love-gmg
05-king david – winner (instrumental)-gmg
06-e.brookes – aint no love riddim-gmg
01-twin of twins – beating
02-busy signal – borderline
01-vybz kartel-knock it
02-macka diamond-nuh tek mi fi clown
03-kiprich-to we
05-zumjay-too much war
06-spragga benz-set di order
07-fire links-inna di video
08-elephant man-dem nuh bad
09-wayne wonder-nuh like informers
10-beenie man-product of the ghetto
11-bounty killa-still deh yah
12-harry toddler-cant point finger
13-aidonia-hard way
02-camar and daynea-my boo-r2r
01-movado – stiff necked fools
02-kenyatta fiya – one glock
03-ward 21 and mr peppa – chatty gangsta boyz sound
04-shifta – friends foe
05-jagwa – war
06-luthan fyah – babylon
07-version – all riddim
01-the viceroys-heart made of stone-r2r
02-jr. murvin-rescue the children-r2r
03-jah youth-well ah oh-r2r
04-chinna-we got love-r2r
05-the mighty diamonds-country living (prev. unreleased)-r2r
06-the viceroys-ya ho-r2r
07-kiddus i-no salvation until-r2r
08-ras michael jr.-white line-r2r
09-prince allah-great stone (prev. unreleased)-r2r
10-jr. murvin-gipsy woman-r2r
11-linval thompson-guiding star-r2r
12-congo-congo ashanty-r2r
13-kiddus i-a prayer-r2r
01-maxi priest-falling for you-rks
02-rik rok-your my lady-rks
03-morgan heritage-crossroads-rks
04-jah cure-sunshine-rks
05-lady saw-silly dreams-rks
06-wayne wonder-take it easy-rks
07-tami chynn-be with you-rks
08-tony gold-without you-rks
09-beenie man ft rik rok-shes my girl-rks
10-kiprich-on my mind-rks
11-sweet c-one away-rks
12-tok-when it rains-rks
13-voicemail-you never know-rks
14-lutan fyah-so in love-rks
15-all stars riddim-version-rks
01-delly ranx – muss get sex
02-unknown – uh huh uh huh
03-dimented – (scream an bawl) ah ha
04-black-er – control freak
05-cannon – (wha dem see) ambush
06-unknown – let di eagle soun
07-frisco kid – a talk dem a talk
08-bling dawg – eediat gyal
09-lady saw – nothin for free
10-chico – go down ina history
11-cali blax – no gun no drugs
12-cobra – put it on
13-chicken – woi
14-version – ambush riddim
01-angora riddim-version-hlc
02-baby cham-what di police can do-hlc
03-elephant man-so sexy-hlc
04-flippa mafia-mix up-hlc
05-persia-whine pon mi jackie-hlc
06-xcyclone-run off-hlc
01-anthony b and dejah-more power-(nick fury remix)
02-capleton-respect-(dmx krew remix)
03-anthony b and dejah-more power-(eliot lipp remix)
04-anthony b and dejah-more power-(pilooski remix)
05-anthony b and dejah-more power-(quench remix)
06-sizzla-take control-(eedl remix)
07-anthony b and dejah-more power-(the bug remix)
08-anthony b and dejah-more power-(supersoul remix)
09-anthony b and dejah-more power-(funckarma remix)
10-anthony b and dejah-more power-(high priest remix)
01-beenie man – naah tek bad up
02-ras ghandi feat. dangel – royal soldiers
01-assassin-dont mek mi hold u (edit)
02-assassin-dont mek mi hold u (raw)
03-busy signal-every machine (edit)
04-busy signal-every machine (raw)
05-vybz kartel-yu a wife (edit)
06-vybz kartel-yu a wife (raw)
07-munga-no fraid (edit)
08-munga-no fraid (raw)
09-sean paul-one life (edit)
10-sean paul-one life (raw)
01-anthony b-the place too red-gmg
02-jah mali-real life-gmg
03-jah mason-dont sell your soul-gmg
04-natty king-africa were from-gmg
05-frenchie-ashanti warrior version-gmg
02-Capleton-Longest Time-nG
03-Fantan Mojah-Unity-nG
04-Macka Diamond and Mr. Lezard-Perfect Mixture-nG
05-Maljah-Shout Out-nG
06-Mr. Lezard-Mais Comment Tu Fais Ca-nG
07-Mykal Rose-World is in Trouble-nG
01-dj gravy-b.i.g tings a gwan-jah
01-duane stephenson and tarrus riley-doesnt hurt to care-row
02-jah cure-as long as i live-row
03-ken boothe and queen ifrica-do you love me-row
05-version-babylon riddim-row
01-busy signal-rise and beat-rbk
02-vybz kartel-bruk yuh back-rbk
03-alaine-i want it-rbk
04-wayne marshall-cloud nine-rbk
05-flexx-dem a fool-rbk
06-munga-gangsta ras-rbk
07-voicemail-come nuh-rbk
08-pressure-nothing better than life-rbk
09-version-back ache riddim-rbk
01-alaine-i want it (yaya)
02-busy signal-rise and beat (edit)
03-busy signal-rise and beat (raw)
04-flex-seh dem bad (edit)
05-flex-seh dem bad (raw)
06-vybz kartel-call me (edit)
07-vybz kartel-call me (raw)
08-busy signal and munga-no boy (edit)
09-busy signal and munga-no boy (raw)
10-munga-gangsta rass (edit)
11-munga-gangsta rass (raw)
12-voice mail ft coolface-mek mi come (edit)
13-voice mail ft coolface-mek mi come (raw)
14-pressure-never fail (edit)
15-wayne marshall-so high (edit)
16-version-backache riddim
01-beenie man-the crime (raw)-rbk
02-bounty killer-killa talk (raw)-rbk
03-buju banton-crazy talks (raw)-rbk
04-mad cobra-a-a (raw)-rbk
05-elephant man-prison (raw)-rbk
06-mad cobra-who dem pussy (raw)-rbk
07-rekha-no guts (raw)-rbk
01-rekha-no guts-ras
06-beenie man-the crime-ras
07-version-bad dog-ras
03-einstien-buss mi gun-hlc
04-new kidz-gangsta-hlc
05-frisco kid-tell you bout badness-hlc
06-lukie d-woman-hlc
07-delly ranx-its on-hlc
08-assailiant feat andrea-to the ghetto-hlc
09-bling dawg-ak sings-hlc
10-mr g-no pussy hole-hlc
11-micheal powell-think wi done-hlc
12-unknown-who dem a clown out-hlc
14-version-bad man riddim-hlc
01-sean paul-touch-rbk
02-cobra-nah gaise-rbk
03-rayvon feat red foxx-eagles fly-rbk
04-voicemail-bwoy dis mi mada-rbk
05-bling dawg-haters-rbk
07-brain damage feat mr lexx-hustler-rbk
08-christopher-we hustle-rbk
09-delly ranks-badness nuh wear-rbk
10-unknow-build up-rbk
11-g mafia-grudge we-rbk
12-red foxx-murda-rbk
13-einstein-dem start war-rbk
14-g whizz-red seam-rbk
15-unknow-im strapped-rbk
16-hit list feat teflon-nuh ramp-rbk
17-angel doolas-garrison-rbk
18-egg nog-gangsters i sing-rbk
20-version-bad movie riddim-rbk
02-skanky-lang pann
01-mr. vegas-im in love-spliff
02-benjay-babylon system-spliff
03-isasha-unknown title-spliff
04-mr. king-rankin bandedo-spliff
05-nicky b-legalize it-spliff
06-spice-bed room bully-spliff
07-zumjay-ghetto movement-SPLiFF
08-pinchers-unknown title-spliff
09-rude boy face-ragga ragga-spliff
10-hemo and moofire-bad tempo riddim version-spliff
01-looga man-bad mind time up-hlc
02-lady saw-dat ting-hlc
03-busy signal-dem scared-hlc
04-ras murdak and mr pepper-flash finger-hlc
05-delly ranks-shake dat ting-hlc
06-damage-shut up-hlc
07-bad vybez riddim-version-hlc
01-erup – gunshot
02-mega banton – get busy
03-delly ranks – get busy
04-busy signal ft. movado – badman place (dirty)
05-version – badman place riddim
01-doniki – woman come a dance
02-leaf of life – marcus walk with you
03-lutan fyah – grass roots
04-lymie murray – fire will be burning
05-al pancho – pass mi di bess
06-prophecy – found my groove
07-qurizma – what is it
08-ginjah – just caan go round it
09-version – bay rock riddim
01-singing melody-ready-jah
02-tonto metro and devonte-anytime-jah
03-lukie d-im helpless-jah
04-baltimore riddim-version-jah
01-kiri and kite-pullin up at the bar-csv
02-kiri and kite-boyz 2 men-csv
03-kiri and kite-cry for help-csv
04-jp and kiri-wine it up-csv
05-o.g rippin-my lady-csv
06-jp and kiri-raggablast riddim-csv
07-kiri-roll with me-csv
08-kite ft.juvines kiri miqka-fly-csv
01-ackie-call me rambo
02-chuck turner-trying to conquer i
03-professor grizzly-fight the professor
04-ijahman levi-i am a levi
05-ijahman levi-i am a levi part 2
06-king culture-nice up the session version
07-courtney melody-black liberation
08-courtney melody-black liberation version
09-tenastelin-burial tonight
10-tenastelin-burial tonight version
11-keith hudson-huntin
12-jackie mittoo-ayatollah
13-gregory isaacs-dealing
14-andrew bees-militant
15-white mice-nothing never done before the time
16-prince jazzbo-replay version
01-va-bass odyssey-juggling in st. ann(brownstown)
01-va-bass odyssey-juggling longside black diamond sound
01-politik nai – fodre nou stope
02-lakry – se sa ke yo kwe
03-tomy kmlon – dangere
04-elvys – mafia
05-djama staika – la ri pa konet yo
06-kalash – pli ta pli tris ft. pimp
07-andre suku gray and john john – battlefield riddim version
01-sean kingston-beautiful girls-rbk
02-jojo-beautiful girls-rbk
03-beniton da menace-wifey vs mate-rbk
04-mr. vegas-no friend from dem (remix)-rbk
05-munga-earthquake (remix)-rbk
06-vybz kartel-realest ting (refix)-rbk
07-sizzla-satisfy yourself (refix)-rbk
08-sean kingston ft. beniton da menace-beautiful girls-rbk
09-collie buddz-get recycle-rbk
10-sean kingston ft. fabolous and lil boozie-beautiful girls-rbk
11-malica-beautiful girls-rbk
12-spragga benz-ova gyal (refix)-rbk
13-sean kingston ft lil mama-beautiful girls (remix)-rbk
14-brick and lace-heart breakers-rbk
15-sean kingston and assassin-beautiful girls (remix)-rbk
16-mr. vegas ft. opal hotta ball-hot fuck (remix)-rbk
17-sean kingston ft. vybz kartel-beautiful girls (remix)-rbk
18-einstien-rifle dem (remix)-rbk
19-sean kingston ft. ben e. king-beautiful girls (remix)-rbk
20-beniton da menace-shoot out-rbk
21-beautiful girls-version-rbk
01-action k-break down-jah
02-ellan-life is everything-jah
03-lutan fyah-suffering days-jah
04-perfect-still loving you-jah
05-ras goudie-not a bed a rose-jah
06-sizzla and roots revealers-no more killing-jah
07-triston palma and chantelle-dream-jah
08-turbulence-reminiscing the past-jah
09-unknown-break my promise-jah
01-brama-one day-s33n
02-tony matterhorn-talk di tings dem-s33n
03-future fambo-yuh ting a hapn-s33n
04-assassin-we nuh funny-s33n
05-mavado-which gyal-s33n
06-aidonia-yuh vagina tight-s33n
07-unkown artist-i call it love (adapted)-s33n
08-mr. lex-clockwork-s33n
09-voicemail-hype pon yuh matie-s33n
10-kari jess-hotter hotter gal-s33n
11-ancient monarchy-they dont know-s33n
12-mr. easy-have you ever-s33n
13-shema-first lady of the ship-s33n
14-mr. g-return him-s33n
01-beenie man – no no
02-chino – change
03-elephant man – more (edit)
04-elephant man – more
05-lady saw – weh dem man deh
06-vybz kartel – money fi spend
01-beenie man-whine gal (raw)-r2r
02-beenie man-whine gal (edit)-r2r
03-vybz kartel-ride it (raw)-r2r
04-vybz kartel-ride it (edit)-r2r
01-va-bem beh thursday 10
01-va-bem beh thursday 11
01-va-bem beh thursday 12
01-va-bem beh thursday 13
01-va-bem beh thursday 14
01-va-bem beh thursday 9
01-va-bembeh thursdayz 3
01-va-bembeh thursdayz 4
01-va-bembeh thursdayz 5
01-va-bembeh thursdayz 6
01-va-bentley international-dancehall style 20
01-bentley international-dancing class-csv
101-shaggy-church heathen
102-buju banton-better days coming
103-elephant man-drop dead
104-bounty killer-drop bullet
105-sizzla-im with the girls
106-nicky b-easy now
107-tony matterhorn-dutty wine
108-lady saw-chat to mi back
109-daddy mory-seigneur de guerre
111-admiral t-grand manitou
112-daville feat sean paul-always on my mind (remix)
113-mavado feat serani-dying
114-richie spice-brown skin
115-tarrus riley-shes royal
116-jah cure-to you arms of love
201-chino-in a de club
202-delly ranks feat wayne wonder-lose control
203-alaine-lovers prayer
204-bounty killer-the highest
205-vybz kartel-when last unnu pray
206-wayne marshall-silent murderer
207-wayne wonder-hotter than fire
209-tony matterhorn-goodas fi dem
210-assassin-gully sitn
211-papa tank-si tu aimes le dancehall
212-saik-rich e pov
213-jah cure featfantan mojah-dem nuh build great man
214-al pancho-cant take di war
215-prince malachi-me and dem nah friends
216-lady saw-love one another
01-dutch riddim combo feat. bodea-ride if your life-r2r
02-boozoo bajou feat. joe dukie and u-brown-take it slow-r2r
03-extended spirit-sista riddim-r2r
04-the black seeds-the answer-r2r
05-funset-no blame-r2r
06-frost and wagner feat. paul st. hilaire-like a o-r2r
07-taxi-a certain something (frost and wagner remix)-r2r
08-catrat feat. yah meek-freedom-r2r
09-dj vadim feat. katherin deboer-black is the night-r2r
10-djosos krost-better place-r2r
11-resurrectors-let rhythms flow-r2r
12-eva be feat. joe dukie-no memory of time (reggae version)-r2r
13-masa collective feat. noel mckoy-natural collie-r2r
01-dutch riddim combo ft bodea-ride of your life
02-boozoo bajou-take it slow ft joe dukie
03-extended spirit-sista riddim
04-the black seeds-theanswer
05-funset-no blame
06-frost and wagner-like a o
07-taxi-black is the night (frost and wagner)
09-dj vadim-a certain something
10-djosos krost-better place
11-resurrectors-let rhythms flow
12-eva be-no memory of time
13-massa collective-natural collie ft noelmckoy
01-bounty killer-war mi nah fraid a-row
02-brinsley forde-emotional crisis-row
03-guettox-tengan cuidado-row
04-chulito camacho-senor agente-row
05-nicky b-nah get away-row
06-rude buay-intentan someterme-row
07-ill inspecta-tv-row
08-lukie d-high-row
09-bandido-ya cayo uno mas-row
10-lexie lee-pond side-row
11-julius-lache toi-row
12-lion sitte-y tu a quien tienes-row
13-tapon-los boys del guetto-row
14-mad killah-its all about dancing-row
15-hermano i-van para mal-row
16-dr. rinding-like army-row
18-rapsusklei-cuidado feat. kartyer nene-row
19-nemo-pull up selecta-row
20-version-beware of dog riddim-row
01-murry man – never stop-gmg
02-rod taylor – created by the father-gmg
03-colonel lloydie – bye bye bye-gmg
04-cornell campbell – only love-gmg
05-earl sixteen – important to be nice-gmg
06-yorou – mama africa-gmg
07-joseph cotton – internet babies-gmg
08-tony roots – hola zion-gmg
09-d-fact crew-bye bye bye riddim-gmg
01-polly pumpi-break down the walls-jah
02-cassey man-jah name-jah
03-leroy gibbons-kno-jah
04-junior demus-pop it off-jah
05-big bump riddim-version-jah
01-egg nog-round and round-s33n
02-wicker man-dat nuh right-s33n
03-chicken-chicken problem-s33n
04-mr. g-beg it-s33n
05-barkey and macka diamond-bad man bad gal-s33n
06-mr. lexx-pretty in a pink-s33n
07-beenie man-rehab-s33n
08-capleton-teach dem-s33n
09-elephant man-bounce a gal-s33n
01-capleton-living danger-rbk
02-perfect-bad cloth-rbk
03-burro banton-no lip-rbk
04-shugo banton-stepping up-rbk
05-version-big sick riddim-rbk
01-luciano-i pray for mamma africa-row
02-gyptian-im stepping higher-row
03-beenie man-what we need is jah love-row
04-capleton-leave out the gun-row
05-fantan mojah-wi nuh rate vampire-row
06-ginjah-dem love to pretend-row
07-lutan fyah-hypocritical people-row
08-richie spice-here we go-row
09-calvin richardson-there goes my baby-row
10-carroll thompson-so many lessons-row
11-frankie paul-now that i have found this-row
12-sylvia tella-i feel alive-row
13-freddie mcgregor-longer we live-row
14-anthony que-im a soldier-row
15-mikey general-21st centuary-row
16-levisil-why cant we-row
17-junior cat-washcook and clean-row
18-unknow artist-special kind of love-row
19-charmine-if it aint one thing-row
20-tuggy tuggy-love is better than war-row
21-version-billion riddim-row
01-luciano-i pray for mama africa-gmg
02-richie spice-here we go-gmg
03-gyptian-im stepping higher-gmg
04-junior cat-washcook and clean-gmg
05-fantan mojah-wi nuh rate vampire-gmg
06-ginjah-dem love to pretend-gmg
07-capleton-leave out the gun-gmg
08-beenie man-what we need is jah love-gmg
09-levisil-why cant we-gmg
01-luciano-i pray for mamma africa-row
02-gyptian-im stepping higher-row
03-beenie man-what we need is jah love-row
04-capleton-leave out the gun-row
05-fantan mojah-we nuh rate vampire-row
06-ginjah-dem love to pretend-row
07-levisil-why cant we-row
08-richie spice-here we go-row
09-junior cat-wash cook and clean-row
10-luthan fyah-hypocritical people-row
01-sizzla – africa prepare-gmg
02-anthony b – on spot herb shop-gmg
03-burro banton – lyrics daddy-gmg
01-morgan heritage – guards up-gmg
02-chezidek – life gives us everything-gmg
03-alborosie – holy mount zion-gmg
04-frenchie – black board riddim-gmg
01-va-black hart-shocking versatility vol 10
01-dark angel-stand firm-csv
03-smujji-no rest-csv
04-nyimie-close to you-csv
05-version-aya fire (bonus)-csv
01-black one sound-double feature reggae mix part one-csv
01-buju banton-crazy talk-rks
02-bounty killer-killa talk-rks
03-rekha-no guts-rks
04-beenie man-the crime-rks
06-mad cobra-a a-rks
07-elephant man-down ah prison-rks
08-mr vegas-worry-rks
09-bling dawg-real bad dog-rks
10-kevin lyttle-bumpa roll-rks
11-macka diamond-nuh bad like me toe-rks
12-alozade ft kiprich-gun nuh borrow-rks
13-frisco kid ft new kidz-we nah stop-rks
15-bad dog-riddim-rks
16-mavado-dont mess around (bonus)-rks
17-mad cobra-who dem pussy yah (bonus)-rks
18-busy signal-ghetto commandments (bonus)-rks
01-damian marley-real friends-slskint
02-dr. evil (leftside)-flying by-slskint
03-paul wall-expensive taste (remix)-slskint
01-va-blackone sound presents-dancehall classics vol 3-hlc
01-braveheart – joy
02-vivian jones – can i hear your voice
03-anthony john – in the fire
04-nerious joseph – got to get away
05-empress omega – cant stop i
06-color red – dont cry for me
07-sista feat. vyris – blessing
08-trilla jenna – focus
09-version – blessings riddim
01-tornado and wayne marshall-gangsters (raw)-hlc
02-leftside and esco-you see it-hlc
03-ises-uncle sam-hlc
04-flexx-pum a nuh vegetable-hlc
05-looga man-ahead of dem-hlc
06-busy signal-real hot head-hlc
01-g-loc – gyal dem anthem
02-vybz kartel – wen di teacha say
03-vybz kartel ft. craig dennis – no fraid ah dem
01-va-aidonia samples
02-va-bounty killer samples
03-va-busy signal samples
04-va-movado samples
05-va-elephant man samples
06-va-cham samples
07-va-tony matterhorn samples
08-va-dr evil samples
09-va-ali g samples
10-va-far east riddim
11-va-shotta and badman samples
12-va-this is why im reggae
13-va-pull up samples
14-va-rewind samples
15-va-laser samples
16-va-airhorns samples
17-va-weed medley
18-va-khaki suit riddim
01-alaine – runaway
02-problem child – ride or die (edit)
03-shantia – wukitso (edit)
04-zumjay – skin out
01-bobby konders-90s hardcore ragga dancehall mix-jah
01-maximum sound-intro feat. warrior king
02-natty king-africa were from
03-warrior king-oh what a feeling
04-junior kelly-tough life
05-anthony b-powers of creation
06-natural black-stubborn woman
07-fantan mojah-stronger pt. 2
08-morgan heritage-guards up
09-sizzla-africa prepare
10-richie spice-all for a cause
11-luciano-a no like we no like them
12-lutan fyah-life like this
13-gyptian-rise and live
14-chezidek-have no fear
15-prince malachi-jah nah sleep
16-jah cure and anthony b-poor mans cry pt. 2
17-ras shiloh-love rastafari
18-richie spice-free
19-turbulence-show more love
20-junior kelly-justice
21-jah mason-mama earth
01-cecile – boops
02-cutty corn – no gal (edit)
03-cutty corn – no gal (raw)
01-leftside (aka mr. evil) – send on (edit)
02-leftside (aka mr. evil) – send on
03-monster twins – fire (edit)
04-monster twins – fire
01-vybz kartel – wife material
02-elephant man – way down
03-delly ranks – wine pon a gal
04-chico – you don t scare me
05-vital – up in da club
06-version – brazilian wax
01-sizzla-defend it
02-anthony b-degree
03-mr murphy-nah go
04-lutan fyah-sell out
05-delly ranks-nuh care
06-youthy ras-high way (edit)
07-youthy ras-high way (raw)
08-teflon-all dat
09-lady g-make a ring
10-version-bread back riddim
01-fantan mojah-my heart cries for you girl-rbk
02-nyaka ft norris man-my boy-rbk
03-anthony b-fire pon dem-rbk
04-nateesha-no place like home-rbk
05-perfect-gangsta blues-rbk
06-camar aka flava unit-its cuz i love you-rbk
07-lil j-the way u-rbk
08-jovi rockwell-sunshine-rbk
09-kurrup-please dont go-rbk
10-aidonia-till death do us part-rbk
11-marcus i and kamila-man and woman-rbk
12-irie love-i love-rbk
01-alphanso splendid – dutty fuck
02-beenie man – cock it up (remix)
03-beniton da menace – head (radio edit)
04-charly blacks – buddy buddy inna u pum pum
05-charly blacks – backshot time
06-pattex – when mi fuck her
07-pattex – whoy
08-version – buddy buddy inna u pum pum
09-vybz kartel – wine pon u (calypso remix)
01-shabba ranks-shotta fire remix-jah
02-super cat-scalp dem 2007 remix-jah
03-buju banton-talk to me remix-jah
04-aidonia-ukku bit remix-jah
05-dirtsman-gun nuh stick 2007 remix-jah
06-perfect-kutchie cup remix-jah
01-va-bulbie and damion promotion present-king stur gav part 2-hlc
01-million stylez-streets bulletin
02-brusco-bullet bullet
03-killacat-focu avvampa
04-gioman-save you gunshot
05-bullet era riddim-instrumental
02-million stylez-street bulletin-s33n
03-killacat-focu avvampa-s33n
04-gioman-save your gunshot-s33n
05-version-bullet era riddim-s33n
01-killacat-focu avvampa-gmg
02-gioman-save your gunshot-gmg
03-brusco-bullet bullet-gmg
04-million stylez-street bulletin-gmg
05-m loso-bullet era riddim version-gmg
01-killacat-focu avvampa–gmg
02-gioman-save your gunshot–gmg
03-brusco-bullet bullet–gmg
04-million stylez-street bulletin–gmg
05-m loso-bullet era riddim version–gmg
01-million stylez-streets bulletin-jah
02-gioman-save your gunshot-jah
03-brusco-bullet bullet-jah
04-killacat-focu awampa-jah
05-b.i.g and paya-haffi mek it-jah
06-marco marco-bullet era riddim-jah
01-anthony b-money-s33n
02-congo judah-burnin-s33n
03-sizzla-oh girl-s33n
01-a-gear-wine it up-hlc
02-aidonia-reload (remix)-hlc
03-sean paul-all out (remix)-hlc
04-blacker-teck off something (remix)-hlc
05-movado and busy signal-bad man place (remix)-hlc
06-tok-runaway (remix)-hlc
07-hollow point-jump up (remix)-hlc
08-vybz kartel-wine pon u (remix)-hlc
09-lava lady-real hot girl (remix)-hlc
10-vinyl shotz-bush kash riddim (version 1)-hlc
11-vinyl shotz-bush kash riddim (version 2)-hlc
01-a-gear-wine it up-repack-hlc
02-aidonia-reload (remix)-repack-hlc
03-sean paul-all out (remix)-repack-hlc
04-blacker-teck off something (remix)-repack-hlc
05-movado and busy signal-bad man place (remix)-repack-hlc
06-tok-runaway (remix)-repack-hlc
07-hollow point-jump up (remix)-repack-hlc
08-vybz kartel-wine pon u (remix)-repack-hlc
09-lava lady-real hot girl (remix)-repack-hlc
10-vinyl shotz-bush kash riddim (version 1)-repack-hlc
11-vinyl shotz-bush kash riddim (version 2)-repack-hlc
01-vybz kartel – claat di rifle
02-portmore empire – empire money affi mek
03-shwarm strom – empire money affi mek
04-black rhyno – shot a buss (munga diss)
05-earthworm – when dis bus
06-inium – lock it off
07-munga rock – engee
01-va-bushfire sound-badder than the rest
01-splinter – what a gyal
02-aidonia – bush cash
03-ding dong – go away
04-enur feat. natasha – calabria
05-enur feat. mims and natasja – calabria (mims remix)
06-vybz kartel – wine pon you
07-mr vegas opal and hotta ball – hot fuck
08-pitbull feat. lil jon – the anthem
01-t.o.k – slow wine
02-claudette peters – flaunt it
03-diamond cut – wheres the love we used to know
04-dawg-e-slaughter – love
05-kiyode erasto – mama
06-shamobe – got to go
07-shamobe ft. naycha kid – how we roll
08-carlos – know who your friends are
09-fucha kid – sexy body girls
10-mac truc – informer
11-kenne blessin ft. danskie – your body
12-flexx – yah move
13-spanky d – i know it s for real
14-lee pee ching and kenne b – money holiday
15-version – caribbean dream riddim
01-glen washington-jah glory
02-jah cure-troddin the valley
03-warrior king-judah
04-sizzla-guide over us
06-mikey spice-born again
07-capleton-stand tall
08-luciano-hold me in your arms
09-yami bolo-non-stop loving
10-fred locks-ive got a joy
01-george nooks-god is standing by
02-lloyd brown-rejoice your blessing
03-luciano-come down father
04-lady saw-glory be to god
05-glen washington-take the name of jesus
06-carlene davis-redeemed
07-sanchez-who is this man
08-morgan heritage-take up your cross
09-claudelle clarke-beautitude
10-garnet silk ft tony rebel-christian soldiers
01-elijah prophet-piece of ganja
02-natty king-i see
03-luciano-always around
04-luciano-guilty feelings
05-syrix and bassix-caribbean riddim version
01-delly ranx-gyal yu a mad dem-s33n
02-wayne marshal-who and dem-s33n
03-anthony b-show me-s33n
04-vital-tell dem gweh (edit)-s33n
05-vybz kartel-skin cream-s33n
01-va-cash flow sound presents – unleashed vol. 6 bootleg cd-r2r
01-va-cash money summer vocals mix 2k7
01-va-cash money-hip hop dub mix
01-va-cash money-to the world
01-VA-Cask Dor Mixtape-FRP
01-va-cassette ninja-bruk yu back dancehall mix
01-va-cultural lovers rock-jah
01-bob marley and the wailers-soul rebels
02-peter tosh-get up stand up
03-jimmy cliff-reggae night
04-erroll dunkley-ok fred
05-dillinger-cocaie in my brain
06-israel vibrations-we are de rasta
07-lee perry-coolie rule
08-burning spear-old marcus carvey
09-toots and the maytals-pressure drop
10-max romeo-that lucky old sun
11-horace andry-mr scientist
12-gregory isaacs-pressure drop
13-third world-roots with quality
14-the cimarons-ethiopan romance
15-bob marley-soul shake down
16-i roy-heart
17-dennis brown-black magic woman
18-don carlos-rivers of babylon
01-nozzle up crew-to the left-r2r
02-rah shiloh-a story 2 tell-r2r
03-ed robinson-take it easy-r2r
01-ickarus-i see danger-gmg
02-papa black feat jahold-v.i. cowboy-gmg
03-pressure-firebun day-gmg
04-rafijah-jah iz-gmg
05-ras bumpa-taste of consciousness-gmg
06-Kimbe Don-Time is Up-gmg
07-niyo rah-badness will bloody u-gmg
08-jahman-young crime-gmg
09-ickarus-lead the way-gmg
11-Papa Black-Speed Dem-gmg
12-Niyo Rah-Blues Experience-gmg
13-ras bumpa-never keep i down-gmg
14-star lion family-i-land hoppin-gmg
01-busy signal-rat race-rbk
02-capleton-jah love-rbk
03-chuck fender-upside down-rbk
04-elephant man-good good kingston-rbk
05-morgan heritage-let wi talk-rbk
06-ninjaman-another man girl-rbk
07-voicemail-a so we stay-rbk
08-laza-wat a gwaan-rbk
10-version-chaos riddim-rbk
01-Busy Signal-Rat Race-FRP
02-Chuck Fender-Upside Down-FRP
03-Elephant Man-Good Good Kingston-FRP
04-Laza-Wat A Gwaan-FRP
01-Baby Kat-If U Do It-FRP
02-Elephant Man-Love Tell Lie-FRP
03-Bridgez-Put It On Me-FRP
04-Red Rat-Compliments-FRP
05-Cecile-Tell Me What U Like-FRP
06-Voicemail and Snowcone-Wine Gyal Wine-FRP
07-Spragga Benz-Bad Man Ting-FRP
08-Wayne Wonder-Shes Got Me-FRP
09-Danny English Ft. D. Major-Super Model-FRP
10-Wyclef Jean and Yxia-Belly Dance-FRP
11-General Degree-Elegant-FRP
12-Delicious-Gal Nuh Push It-FRP
13-Tanto Metro And Devonte and Bridgez-How U Like It-FRP
14-Beenie Man and Miss Thing-Shes Horny-FRP
15-Mr Pong-Where Mi Come Form-FRP
16-Mr Vegas-Da Ting Deh-FRP
17-Sasania-U Know Ive Got-FRP
18-Wesley Diamonds and Snowcone-Bad Mind And Greed-FRP
01-delly ranx-show yuh motion-row
02-aisha-set it off feat. tony curtis-row
03-cobra-do dem up-row
04-einstein-bed to floor-row
05-shema-sweet surrender-row
06-earthworm-tight dung deh-row
07-silver cat-pose fi di camera-row
08-vybz kartel-cherry tree-row
09-farenhiet-girls feat. vital-row
10-version-cherry tree riddim-row
01-vybz kartel-cherry tree (raw)
02-mad cobra-set a clothes (raw)
03-earthworm-down there (raw)
04-einstein-hours mi gi har (raw)
05-silver cat-pose fi di camera (raw)
06-aisha ft tony curtis-mek mi want more
07-mad cobra-set a clothes (edit)
08-delly ranks-show mi yuh motion
09-earthworm-down there (edit)
10-einstein-hours mi gi har (edit)
11-farenhiet ft vital-girls
12-version-cherry tree
01-everton blender-let not your heart be troubled-row
03-freddie mcgregor-i pray-row
04-lloyd brown-mr. brown-row
05-marcia griffiths-told you-row
06-maxi romeo-chi chi bud-row
07-mikey general-father god almighty-row
08-mikey spice-walk a mile in my shoe-row
09-pam hall-lovers holiday-row
10-peter spence-two keys-row
11-richie stephens-the sun and the moon-row
12-roger robin-brand crisis-row
15-tarrus riley-life precious gift-row
16-terry linen-no time to linger-row
02-max romeo-chi chi bud
03-tarrus riley-life precious gift
04-marcia griffiths-told you
05-freddie mcgregor-i pray
06-mikey spice-walk a mile in my shoe
07-richie stephens-the sun and the moon
09-lloyd brown-mr.brown
10-terry linen-no time to linger
11-everton blender-let not your heart be trouble
12-pam hall-lovers holiday
13-mikey general-father god almighty
16-roger robin-brand new crisis
17-peter spence-two keys
01-aidonia-nuh start it-yvp
02-elephant man-shake up yuh booty-yvp
03-vybz kartel-nah run-yvp
04-bramma-nah go back-yvp
05-mavado-chiney k-yvp
06-tony matterhorn-running cow-yvp
07-anthony b-wine yuh-yvp
08-wayne marshall-me by myself-yvp
09-aidonia-hot so-yvp
10-chino-ting dem tall-yvp
11-future fambo-jump off-yvp
12-shema-wanna get sum-yvp
13-frisco kid-war drum-yvp
15-nicky b-till i die-yvp
16-laden-dont you like it-yvp
17-stephen mcgregor-chiney k-yvp
01-aidonia-nuh start it-yvp
02-elephant man-shake up yuh booty-yvp
03-vybz kartel-nah run-yvp
04-bramma-nah go back-yvp
05-mavado-chiney k-yvp
06-tony matterhorn-running cow-yvp
07-anthony b-wine yuh-yvp
08-wayne marshall-me by myself-yvp
09-aidonia-hot so-yvp
10-chino-ting dem tall-yvp
11-future fambo-jump off-yvp
12-shema-wanna get sum-yvp
13-frisco kid-war drum-yvp
15-nicky b-till i die-yvp
16-laden-dont you like it-yvp
01-va-chineyhype (dj zhen)-bad movie
01-chinese assassin-fish tea and rockerz
01-va-chinese assassin-the final assassins mixxx
01-fireball-all i really want-jah
02-marlon asha f. dainjemental and gailann-bring back the love-jah
03-rizon-i miss you-jah
04-unknown-santas promise-jah
05-queen omega-light the colly tree-jah
06-mr king-scrouge-jah
07-unknown-its christmas now-jah
08-khari kill-boys and girls-jah
09-christmas reggae riddim-medley-jah
10-christmas reggae riddim-version-jah
01-chino-ting dem tall-row
02-movado-chiney k-row
03-vybz kartel-nah run-row
04-elephant man-shake up yuh booty-row
05-tony matterhorn-running cow-row
07-aidonia-hot suh-row
08-anthony b-wine yuh-row
09-frisco kid-sound the war drum-row
10-future fambo-jump off-row
11-laden-dont you like it-row
12-nikki b-high-row
13-shema-just wanna have fun-row
14-teflon-she say please-row
15-wayne marshall-be by myself-row
16-version-chromatic riddim-row
01-movado-twice a day-jah
02-munga-shake it up-jah
03-vybz kartel-work it-jah
04-chromium riddim-version-jah
01-ziggy ranking-come back home-hlc
02-gardah knight-cinderella-hlc
03-princess adana-true love-hlc
04-paradise-never alone-hlc
05-gardah knight-cinderella (t.v. track)-hlc
01-shawn storm ft. vybz kartel – mi love how yuh
02-showkryme an deablo – belly bus
03-aidonia – gunshot
04-movado – mi henessy
05-bassy (t.o.k) – any bwoy
06-chino – dem haffi hide
07-munga – never too weak to learn
08-future fambo – dead homies
09-gunzallis – cyaah tek
10-wayne marshall – war is on (black rhyno diss)
11-flexx – when my gun rise
01-gyptian-i can feel for love-rbk
02-sean paul ft fiona shabba and erup-baby-rbk
03-turbulence-youre the one-rbk
04-bascom x-a fool for love-rbk
01-tippa irie-ah ho-jah
02-g vibes-stray bullet-jah
03-mad cobra-party nuh-jah
04-anthony b-life is what you make it-jah
01-selector cojie from mighty crown-play it cool volume two mix-jah
01-collie buddz-come around-row
02-ziggi-blaze it-row
03-shabba ranks-burn up (feat fatta and los)-row
04-version come around-row
01-levi myaz-brave and strong
02-pilot-lost dem faith
03-version-condenced milk riddim
01-nitty kutchie-trying to conquer me-row
02-little hero-come home girl-row
03-luthan fyah-mark my word-row
04-natural black-some people-row
05-chezidek-praise jah-row
06-paul elliot-get jah involve-row
07-mr. perfect-babylon dem dog shit-row
08-lt. stitchie-gwan so gallong so-row
09-teflon-burn dem down-row
10-anthony b-bad come run up inna me-row
11-frankie paul-ive got money-row
12-gyptian-let me love you-row
13-capleton-have raspect and manners-row
14-chaka demus-love i deal with-row
15-flourgan-never make a evil doer-row
16-beenie man-none a dem bad like we-row
17-chrisinti-poor people cry out-row
18-taurus riley-respect and manners-row
19-anthony cruz-so wah dem a say then-row
01-carlton livingston – everybody lets dance-gmg
02-the meditations – cool it-gmg
03-glen brown – equal rights and justice-gmg
04-don angelo – selassie i the 1st-gmg
05-glen brown and digital english all stars – nexxt generation dub (melodic version)-gmg
06-digital english all stars – cool dub-gmg
01-va-coppershot-coppershot culture vocals 2k7-hlc
01-coppershot-crank it up-jah
01-gyptian-what are you fighting for-jah
03-luciano-more love-jah
04-lutan fyah-suffering us-jah
05-lukie d-i want to know-jah
06-anthony b-too high-jah
07-jah mason-take me where-jah
08-natty king-no more war-jah
09-perfect-babylon boy-jah
10-chrisinty-guess what-jah
11-turbulence-there is a door-jah
12-prestige-feeling inside-jah
13-nicky b-hey girl-jah
14-flava unit-flute rhythm-jah
01-gyptian-around the world
02-luciano-gang war
03-turbulence-love you so much
04-natty king-good vibes
05-natural black-nah go mek it
07-anthony b-your love
08-teflon-need my love
09-norris man-wherever you go
10-perfect-left me and gone
11-prestige-without your love
12-ras shiloh-humanity
13-ray darwin-some call it love
14-lukie d-music
15-key riddim-version
01-nesbeth-board house-jah
02-gyptian-my head-jah
03-lutan fyah-is this love-jah
04-turbulence-youre the one-jah
05-lukie d-father-jah
07-chezidek-when i call-jah
08-anthony b-mama-jah
09-natural black-jah jah-jah
10-junior x-love-jah
11-teflon-let jah be praise-jah
12-duane-giving a helping hand-jah
13-ray darwin-oh jah-jah
14-natty king-dem no real-jah
15-norris man-love you-jah
17-kemar mcgregor-trumpet rhythm-jah
01-lymie-because of you-jah
03-chaka demus and pliers-i wanna love you-jah
04-spanner banner-youre beautiful-jah
05-irie love-tears in heaven-jah
07-lukie d-a place in the sun-jah
08-swade-bad day-jah
09-peter lloyd-crazy-jah
10-connie campbell-unfaithful-jah
11-angel-be without you-jah
12-pam hall-thinking about you-jah
13-phoenix-i believe-jah
15-sabrina williams-the rose-jah
01-elephant man – tek time nuh
02-mr. peppa – at home
03-deh deh – gang war
04-frankie sly – ghetto youths
05-lexxus – mek a fi sound
06-konshens – street life
07-g-maffiah – risen
08-tony curtis – life
09-aisha – love away
10-spice – good o
11-delly ranx – i am for the girls
12-christopher – party like jamaicans
01-robert lee-bad mind-r2r
02-perry morgan-freal-r2r
03-sparky-take off-r2r
04-superflex-talk bout-r2r
01-i wayne-burn disgrace-gully
02-lutan fyah-is this the way-gully
03-lloyd brown-from the root-gully
04-fire start feat fyakin-give ises-gully
05-tenor blue-gift of life-gully
01-chezidek-chant for life-rks
02-pressure-jah alone-rks
03-fire star-reason-rks
04-harmony-just one of those-rks
05-norris man-time to love-rks
06-spectacular-show some love-rks
07-turbulence ft higher trod-mama love-rks
08-king david-give thanks-rks
01-michael rose-shilling (extended mix)-r2r
02-admiral tibet-have the strength (extended mix)-r2r
03-ranking joe-gideon time (extended mix)-r2r
04-prince alla-no more will i roam (extended mix)-r2r
05-mikey general-tell it like it is (extended mix)-r2r
06-ranking joe-shaka zulu (extended mix)-r2r
07-ranking joe-original fire (extended mix)-r2r
01-busy signal and the wailing souls-me nuh kno (you should have know better) (remix)-hlc
02-elephant man and pharell-give it her good (remix)-hlc
03-vybz kartel-blame my (tight pussy gyall) (remix)-hlc
04-vybz kartel-extended pumpum beatin (i think that she knows) (remix)-hlc
01-edalam-yo ka telecharge-row
02-killamic-si koukounaw douce-row
01-johnny osbourne-trench town school
02-black uhuru-time to unite
03-sugar minott-right track
04-king everald-blood and hate
05-anthony johnson-get ready
06-locksley castell-black sheep
07-hugh mundell-bottomless pit
08-wayne smith-wicked man
09-johnny osbourne-folly ranking
10-sugar minott-be careful
11-king everald-dread lock time
12-fantels-name of the game
13-pad anthony-girl i love you
14-rudo-aint no house
01-va-dancehall planet 2 (dr. production mix cd 2)-jrp
01-shawn storm – musical storm
02-dose ah medicine – my wish
03-vybz kartel – wha do dem
01-aidonia-empty (raw)
02-empty (edit)-empty (edit)
03-vybz kartel-army empire (raw)
04-vybz kartel-army empire (edit)
05-movado-dem bwoy deh nuh bad (raw)
06-frisco kid-head hurt me (raw)
07-frisco kid-head hurt me (edit)
08-chino-put dem inna place (raw)
09-chino-put dem inna place (edit)
10-leftside-suck u mumma (raw)
11-leftside-suck u mumma (edit)
12-aidonia-the robbery (raw)
13-aidonia-the robbery (edit)
14-delly ranks-shoot up (raw)
15-mr vegas-show me hand (raw)
16-bramma-stand alone (raw)
17-bramma-stand alone (edit)
18-cham-start it (edit)
19-cham-start it (raw)
20-busy signal-jah protect us (raw)
21-elephant man-gal alone (raw)
22-version-dark again
01-vybz kartel-army empire-r2r
03-aidonia-the roberry-r2r
04-bramma-stand alone-r2r
05-busy signal-jah protect us-r2r
06-chino-put dem inna place-r2r
07-elephant man-gal alone-r2r
08-kari jess-dem bwoy-r2r
09-frisco kid-head hurt me-r2r
10-delly ranks-shoot up-r2r
11-leftside-suck u mumma-r2r
12-movado-dem bwoy deh nuh bad-r2r
13-singing sweet-taking away-r2r
14-mr vegas-show me hand-r2r
01-vybz kartel-my scheme (raw)
02-vybz kartel-my scheme (radio)
03-mavado-road model (raw)
04-mavado-road model (radio)
05-monarky-dear mama (raw)
06-monarky-dear mama (radio)
07-teflon-run out pon dem (raw)
08-teflon-run out pon dem (radio)
01-delly ranks – bus a smile
02-bush man – born fi di ting
03-frankie – tek up di whip
01-anthony b – gal you tight
02-capleton – dont stop
03-elephant man – sen it up
04-beenie man – gimmie gimme
05-blond ras – no friend
06-turbulence – bingo
07-ninja man – mask gun
01-va-d-crew presents ond sound-trendsetters 2-bootleg
01-trini jacobs-tremble it-hlc
02-silver-hot kinda lovin-hlc
03-nicole greaves-driver-hlc
04-sharla-put em up-hlc
05-precious-no pette boy-hlc
06-knycky cordner-work it out-hlc
07-michelle sylvester-its too late-hlc
01-dee jay jfx-run chune vol.3-cr
01-tifa-crawney gal (edit)
02-stacious-nah go stray (dit)
03-d angel-lucky charm (edit)
04-timberlee-no stress (edit)
05-natalie storm-nuh my fault (edit)
06-lady g-beg you (edit)
07-ms thing-call we (edit)
08-cecile-viser grip (edit)
09-lady saw-go deh (edit)
10-tifa-crawney gal (raw)
11-stacious-nah go stray (raw)
12-d angel-lucky charm (raw)
13-timberlee-no stress (raw)
14-natalie storm-nuh my fault (raw)
15-lady g-beg you (raw)
16-ms thing-call we (raw)
17-cecile-viser grip (raw)
18-lady saw-go deh (raw)
01-tifa-crawny gal-r2r
02-timberlee-no stress-r2r
03-natalie storm-anuh my fault-r2r
04-dangel-lucky charm-r2r
05-stacious-inna mi class-r2r
06-ms ting-dem call we-r2r
07-cecile-vice grip-r2r
08-lady g-beg and trust-r2r
09-lady saw-go deh go deh-r2r
10-macka diamond-all over me-r2r
11-queen paula-dismiss them-r2r
01-storm – anuh my fault
02-lady g – beg and trust
03-tifa – crawny gal
04-miss thing – dem call we
05-stacious – inna mi class
06-d angel – lucky charm
01-dennis brown – falling angel-vod
02-luciano – make ends meet-vod
03-sugar minott – say yes-vod
04-freddie mcgregor – nah sell out de ting-vod
05-dean fraser – security-vod
06-dennis brown – i believe-vod
07-benjy myaz – appreciate nature-vod
08-joseph benaiah – tonight is the night-vod
09-tinga stewart – put down the gun-vod
10-screwdriver and joseph benaiah – shes my everything-vod
11-dennis brown and nilajah emanuel – a perfect start-vod
12-tyrone evans – i wanna dance-vod
13-hopeton lindo – im glad its you-vod
14-joseph benaiah – hey girl-vod
15-mark wonder – signs of the time-vod
16-dennis brown – not my baby-vod
01-lutan fyah-never once-gmg
02-nah switch-love life-gmg
03-natty king-heat is on-gmg
04-step out feat pia-no more folly-gmg
05-teflon-nuh progress-gmg
06-puddy roots-jah soldier-gmg
07-ginjah-damn those people-gmg
08-nature-down with corruption-gmg
09-artizan-desi rock version-gmg
01-luciano-how long
02-chrisinti-my enemies
03-natural black-gideon move
04-jr. kelly-try me
05-jah mason-bun corruption
06-bunji garlin-mr. murder
08-million stylez-more life
09-kabasi-war inna di ghetto
10-elijah prophet-if jah is for us
11-taffari-devils angel
12-blessed-tell me why
13-raina and papa gianni-intra stu munnu
14-tonton david-stop la comedie
15-phenomden-was isch dliebi
16-flookie-another one
17-mike wild-dont waste my time
18-richie campbell-held in
19-singer x-on fire
21-seamus-i swear
22-ras i-world crisis
23-shotta d-love i gotta give
01-dexterity-reggae madness 2k7 v. 1
01-sadiki-take over the floor (remix)-hlc
02-mr vegas-we nah waan (remix)-hlc
03-kanjia-give it to me (remix)-hlc
04-vinyl shotz production-dinner riddim-hlc
01-beenie man-just your time (radio)-r2r
02-beenie man-just your time (raw)-r2r
03-fantan mojah-my works will be reality-r2r
04-turbulence-full up me girl head a think-r2r
05-warrior king-on my knees i pray-r2r
06-luciano-bad boy put it down-r2r
07-natural black-make good use of your time-r2r
08-anthony b-dutty heart-r2r
09-suga roy and conrad crystal-make it one day-r2r
10-dirty heart riddim-version-r2r
01-tonto metro and silver cat – a who she
02-tonto metro and devonte – gangsta wrath
03-power man – good like you
04-chico – keep it gangsta
05-mr. peppa – love di girls
06-famous face – top class
07-steff – you got a hold on me
08-vybz kartel – you got a vibe
09-dirty voltage – version
01-vybz kartel-you got a vibe-rbk
02-mr. peppa-love di girls-rbk
03-steff-got a hold on me-rbk
04-famous-face top class-rbk
05-tanto metro and devonte-gangsta wrath-rbk
06-power man-good like you-rbk
07-chico-keep it gangsta-rbk
08-silver cat and tanto metro-a who she-rbk
09-version-dirty voultage-rbk
01-linval thompson feat turbulance-jezebel-gully
02-linval thompson-medley-gully
03-thompson sound-diseases riddim version-gully
01-va-dj albaze-dark again (hosted by gangsta marv)
01-va-dj django and s1p presents ready fi di riddim vol.3-row
01-va-dj django et s1p presentent ready fi di riddim vol. 2-row
01-dj djo – hot session dancehall mix 2k7
01-dj djo – rae xplosion juggling mix 2k7
01-elephant man-jump jump (feat. swizz beatz)-osc
02-collie buddz-wild out-osc
03-elephant man-drop dead-osc
04-vybz cartel-nuh brother try-osc
05-sean paul-watch them roll-osc
06-wayne marshall-callin up we name-osc
07-movado-amazing grace-osc
08-busy signal-every machine-osc
09-assassin-hold yuh-osc
10-sean paul-life-osc
11-aidonia-datz watz up-osc
12-chino-rave all night-osc
13-beenie man-they should know-osc
14-elephant man-suck ya madda-osc
15-bounty killer-killa-osc
16-beenie man-product of the ghetto-osc
17-movado-gully side-osc
18-capleton-let it go-osc
19-baby cham-conscience-osc
20-capleton-girls dem hot-osc
21-vybz cartel-wine pon it-osc
22-munga-gangstas dont play-osc
23-mr. vegas-raging bull-osc
24-mr. easy-real top a top-osc
25-christopher martin-the streets-osc
26-mr. g-inna yuh league-osc
27-munga-mi bad from mi born-osc
28-richie stevens-jamaica-osc
29-ninja man-sweet reggae music-osc
30-beenie man-cant callor-osc
31-elephant man-yhu nuh r-osc
32-shaggy-church heathen-osc
33-elephant man-heathen church-osc
34-assassin-leave us alone-osc
35-movado-seh shi waa me-osc
36-elephant man-clap it up-osc
37-collie buddz-defend your own-osc
38-movado-rise crime-osc
39-vybz kartel-alliance diss-osc
40-mr. vegas-we nuh wah nuh friend from dem-osc
41-movado-kartel diss-osc
42-mr. vegas-tek way yuh self-osc
43-chris brown-wall to wall (remix) (feat. elephant man)-osc
44-eve-give it to ya girl (feat. sean paul)-osc
45-munga-wine pon it-osc
47-alaine-rise in love-osc
48-tok-guardian angel-osc
49-richie spice-the world is crazy-osc
50-2face idibia-you are my african queen-osc
51-jah cure-sticky-osc
01-gyptian-beautiful lady-csv
02-richie spice-brown skin-csv
03-jah cure-what will it take-csv
06-perfect-no badda mi-csv
07-mr. peppa-gangsta gouerilla-csv
08-capleton-hits pon toppa hits-csv
09-movado-how high-csv
10-movado-u cant escape-csv
11-shaggy-ruba dub wi want-csv
12-firelinks-do you thing-csv
13-tony matterhorn-bawl and beg-csv
14-mr. vegas-killa swing-csv
15-beenie man-reverse di ting-csv
16-collie budz-wild out-csv
17-e rup-gal a run dem head-csv
18-morgan heritage-love you right-csv
19-chuck fender and cherine-coming over-csv
20-da ville-alway on m mind-csv
21-bitty mc lean-real thing-csv
22-wayne wonder-love and affection-csv
01-dj gera-ultimate reggae 8 intro
02-camar-watching you
03-busy signal-step out
04-elephant man-dancing devotion
05-tami chin-hot gal
06-voicemail-shes on fire
07-capelton-rock your body
08-nicky b-bye bye
09-jimmy cozier-what you want
11-angel doola-every damzel
12-flavor unit-she just love the flavor
13-t.o.k-ride it
14-cecile-wine up pon me
15-nicky b-like it hard
16-gaysha ft. tony matterhorn wyclef and elephant man-china wine
17-tony matterhorn ft. alaine-ride
18-rupee-slow motion
19-t.o.k-slow wine
20-claudette peters-flaunt it
21-diamond cut-love we use to know
23-ciara ft. 50 cent-cant leave him alone (blend)
24-brick and lace-love is wicked (blend)
25-lukie d-lap dancer
26-nadz-not enough
27-delly ranks-real love
28-tony curtis and christopher-stand up
29-keisha cole ft. missy-let it go (blend)
30-2 play-link sometime
31-sean paul-watch dem roll
32-mr. easy and assassin-big man ting
33-shema-like this
34-soulja boy-crank dat (blend)
35-t.o.k-summer body
36-elephant man-dance and knock it
37-tami chinn-need a rude boy
38-voicemail-get on the dance floor
39-sean paul-pick up and drop it
40-rakell-if you wanna
41-j. holiday-bed (blend)
42-camar-come on
43-daville-give it up for my baby
44-mitch-ooh baby
45-movado-squeeze trigger
46-amanda-dance all night
47-major christie-wine for me
48-unknown artist-girlfriend
49-major christie-leaning on you
50-capelton and f-passion-love like this
51-singer j-private dancer
52-smujji-all going down tonight
53-kevin lyttle and greg hines-tell me who
01-va-dj impact-reggaeton flavor
01-dj kenny-cultural hitz vol.1-jah
01-dj kenny-cultural lovers rock volume 6-yard
01-va-dj kenny-cultural lovers rock vol 7
01-va-dj kenny-gangsta mix vol. 5
01-va-dj kenny-gangsta mix vol 7
01-va-dj kenny-gangsta mixx vol 6
01-va-dj kenny-lock down mix vol 1
01-va-dj kenny-passa passa vibes mix 7
01-va-dj kenny-roots cultural mix
01-va-dj kenny-vibes mix vol 7-(bootleg)-2007-hlc
01-elephant man -ready fi bus it up
02-bounty killer -still deya
03-vybz kartel -nackins nackins
04-beanie man -product of the ghetto
05-macka diamond -hot gal
06-busy signal -border line
07-aidonia -hardway
08-movado -deya pon di gully side
09-zummjay -war for
10-buju banton -wuk out
11-mr. lexx feat mr. vegas -wine inna di dance
12-mr. vegas -inna mouth
13-lady saw -man
14-vybz kartel -baby father
15-t.o.k -change ya ways
16-spragga benz -gunz girls ganja
17-tami chynn -give it to me
18-elephant man -bring it come
19-tiger and zebra -the tribute
20-mr. vegas -hot gal
21-busy signal -pepper spray
22-mr. vegas -who love gal
23-vybz kartel -gimme di
24-sizzla -unknown
25-munga honorable -unknown
26-t.o.k -bad mind
27-ninja man -confession
28-shaggy -church heathen
29-movado -trigger yard
30-aidonia -boom pon it
31-bounty killer -no special reason
32-elephant man -war bruk out
33-aidonia -reload
34-bounty killer -man ah bad man
35-cobra and predator -unknown
36-movado -touch di road
37-munga honorable -rise
38-elephant man -badman swing
39-macka diamond -unknown
40-baby cham -what you think
41-dave kelly -dem have it hard
42-pinchers-rat ta ta ta
01-va-dj loudmouth-100 percent rockas vol 5
01-va-dj loudmouth-dancehall invasion 26-(bootleg)-2007-hlc
01-va-dj loudmouth-next generation 3 (alliance project)
01-dj magic-intro
02-ding dong-we dont like you
03-tami chynn-ow ow
04-beenie man-they should know this
05-vybz kartel-wine for me
07-elephant man-suck yuh madda
08-tony matterhorn-turn it around
09-geisha matterhorn and elephant man-china wine
10-dj magic-stage show skit
11-kiprich-yu nuh hear
12-assassin-boring gal
13-t.o.k-haffi ave a gyal
14-beenie man-real badman
15-elephant man-touch
16-movado-touch the rope
17-bounty-man a bad man
18-elephant man-war bruckout
19-beenie man-reverse dj ting
20-mr. peppa-when last
21-alaine-i want it
22-wayne marshall-cloud nine
23-busy signal-rise and beat
24-vybz kartel-bruk yuh back
25-voicemail-come nuh
26-movado-dont cry
27-mr. pepper-baby love
28-busy signal-dem team up
29-sizzla-buss ya skull
30-movado-mi buss mi gun
31-bounty-four seasons
32-movado-squeeze breast
33-vybz kartel-fuk u gal
34-voicemail-on me
35-elephant man-bring it in
36-assassin-gun dem a count
37-busy signal-tool
38-vybz kartel-mo fraudo
39-movado-mr. palmer
40-dj magic-bonus elephant man dub remix
41-dj magic-bonus ravon dub
42-sean kingston-freestyle
01-va-dj musical mix-back in times reggae 70s style-hlc
01-va-dj musical mix-soca party mix vol 26-(bootleg)-2007-hlc
01-dj rayms-show live party-row
02-dj rayms-mix live kuduro vs house (bonus track)-row
03-dj rayms-tekilla feat. sensy xs love (this is why im hot crunky version bonus track)-row
04-dj rayms-liljon i dont give a fuck (2 wayz ferme les yeux zouking version bonus track)-row
05-dj rayms-fallstaff riddim megamix live (exclu promo bonus track)-row
02-pretty ricky ft. sean paul-push it baby (remix)
03-ding dong-go away
04-jigzy and rdx-dancing
05-tony matterhorn ft. wyclef and elephant man-china wine
06-tony ft. richie sammy t and samson-jamaican-japanese
07-mr. vegas-raging bull
08-future fambo-drunken dancing
09-tok-the dance floor
10-mr. vegas-tek way u self
11-harry toddler-gal dem forever
12-bunji garlin-blaze jah jah fire
13-danny english-the way you move it
14-ding dong-killa swing
15-tony matterhorn-turn it around
16-voice mail-dancing fever
17-vybz kartel-wine pon yuh
18-capleton-girl dem hot
20-busy signal-rising to the top
21-beenie man-coulda never
22-tony matterhorn-bawl and beg
23-tok-mad ova yuh
24-vybz kartel-go girls
25-leftside and esco-gal yuh hot
26-mr. vegas ft. opal-hot wuk
27-mr. vegas and mr. lexxus-rougher down ah yard
28-vybz kartel-smoke trees and fly
29-anthony b-let me smoke
31-elephant man-pure gyal we sex
32-assassin-dont make me hold yu
33-busy signal-every machine
34-munja-no afraid
35-vybz kartel-wifie style
36-sean paul-life
37-vybz kartel-gal tek tek
38-elephant man-open yuh leg
39-movado-squeeze har breasts
40-voicemail-put it on me
42-assassin-get we mad
43-pressure-satisfy yourself
44-serani and movado-dying pt. 2
45-movado-touch di road
46-elephant man-war bruk out
47-bounty killer-man a bad man
48-sizzla-gun shot you get
49-munja-rise my own
50-cobra and predator-stick dem up
51-mr. mckoy-violate
52-sean kingston-beautiful girl
01-collie buddz-beautiful girl rmx
02-movado basco-real fuckin gangsters
03-movado-the order
04-alozade-the son
05-tony matterhorn-like so
06-collie buddz-mamacita
07-jigzy boysie-everybody dance pt. 2
08-munga-bar from mi born
09-munga busy signal-nuh afraid a nuh bwoy
10-baby cham-what u think
11-wayne marshall-polly ticks
12-sizzla-buss ya skull
13-delly ranx bramma-roll out
14-nitty kutchie-bad man
15-mr. pepper-baby love
16-movado-mama dont cry
17-buju banton-better days
18-tony matterhorn-gully beans
19-mr. pepper-winning
20-beenie man-give it up
21-vybz kartel-gimme now
22-leftside dr. evil-this is why it hot
23-baby cham-possess conscience
24-capleton-let it go
25-assassin-move like sissy
26-t.o.k-no man
27-vybz kartel-yuh know
28-leftside dr. evil-stamina
29-munga-these fools
30-movado-anyway yu
31-munga-dollars and cents
32-busy signal-you know
33-sizzla-strength to strength
34-perfect-who talk first
35-erupt-get we down
36-buju banton-dont follow
37-vybz kartel-gun
38-munga-when my gun rise
39-vybz kartel-wha do dem
40-vybz kartel-yard bass
41-vybz kartel mr. vegas-gyal wine pon u
42-erupt-gun shot
02-cutty ranks ft. b. levy-dancehall rock
03-chaka demus-teach dem
04-tony rebel-hush
05-anthony malvo daddy lizzard-take you to the dance
06-capleton-arms house
07-sanchez-rose marie
08-cutty ranks-stick it up
09-cutty ranks-stopper
10-barrington levy-here i come
11-papa san-strange
12-reggie stepper-kimbo king
13-capleton-number 1 pon the look good chart
14-papa san-maddy maddy cry
15-cutty ranks-retreat
16-johnny p ft. thrilla u-stick by me
17-clement irie robert french-bun and cheese
18-alton black blacker ranks-a gal just watch yu
19-reggie stepper-whining skill
20-super cat junior cat-cabin stabbin
21-alton black-love appeal
22-super cat-how yu pretty so
23-shabba ranks-gal yuh good
24-el general-pun tun tun
25-simpleton-eye no see
26-joseph stepper-pum pum shorts
28-cutty ranks-who say me dun
29-burro banton-boom wha dis
30-mr. vegas-everywhere we go
31-buju banton-first and the last
32-sizzla-love is always there
33-beres hammond-no more pain
34-terror fabulous-no retreat no surrender
35-cutty ranks-leave people man
36-terry ganzie-who so ever may come
37-buju banton-dickie
38-nadine sutherland ft. buju banton-wickie dickie
39-spragga benz-jack it up
40-tony curtis-faith
41-mr. vegas-hands up
42-tok-mona lisa
43-lady g ft. mr. vegas-hotta than da rest
44-scare dem crew-girls everyday
45-born jamaican ft. spragga benz-go girl
46-spragga benz-catari
47-lexus-no problem
01-va-dj rondon-the best of macka diamond
01-akon-mama africa
02-collie buddz-tomorrow another day
03-alaine-rise in love
04-tok-guardian angel
05-wayne marshall-give me strength
06-vybz kartel-missing you a lot
07-richie spice-world in a circle
08-spanner banner-solid as a rock
09-general degree-always
10-marlon asher-they say
11-wayne wonder-again
12-chuck fender and herine-cover over
13-anthony b-not mr. easy
14-tok-work it out
15-christopher martin-giving it
16-voicemail-were dancing
17-fanton mojah-world peace
18-turbulence-love you so
19-alaine-say goodbye
21-mr. vegas-to love a woman
22-sean paul-mama i love you
23-beres hammond-give it all youve got
24-beres hammond and buju banton-im gonna do my best
25-warrior king-its been a long time
26-anthony cruz-stranger to the world
27-richie stephens and assassin-stop the fighting
28-maxie priest-never meet a woman like you
29-sean paul and daville-on my mind rmx
30-morgan heritage-have no fear
31-chuck fender-nah laugh
32-collie buddz-give me da love
33-shaggy screechie red foxx-girls like
34-burro banton-badda dan dem
35-chezidek-me nah run
36-junior reid-stand up
37-collie buddz-blind to you
01-munga feat. sean paul – got it made-hood
02-aidonia – get it first-hood
03-munga – shake it up-hood
04-elephant man – dance and knock it-hood
05-meritol family feat. klase – caribbean dance-hood
06-elephant man – boosie bounce-hood
07-qq – screechie dance-hood
08-dance tune – simply love to dance-hood
09-ancient anarchy – look what theyve done-hood
10-demarco – fallen soldiers-hood
11-aidonia – revelation (munga diss)-hood
12-erupt – click mi finger-hood
13-elephant man – fan it-hood
14-twin of twins – who-hood
15-movado – bed (remix)-hood
16-aidonia – good body gyal-hood
17-vybz kartel – nah run-hood
18-beenie man – mama cry-hood
19-junior reid – real talk-hood
20-gyptian – african prize-hood
21-bugle – what im gonna do-hood
22-vybz kartel – standing in the rain again-hood
23-turbulence – love me for me-hood
24-alicia keys feat. junior reid – no one (remix)-hood
01-va-dj scope-reggae picks 8
01-summer mash up
01-va dj silver-dancehall mix v.7 2k7
01-va-dj sin-cero and club van dome present-nyc puerto rican day parade (the mixtape)
01-va-dj smooth presents-shotta ting
01-va-dj smooth-reggae remedy volume 2
01-va-bunji garlin-blaze jah jah fire-homely
02-va-danny english-the way you move it-homely
03-va-harry toddler-gal dem forever-homely
04-va-mr. vegas-tek way u self-homely
05-va-elephant man-tic tic toc-homely
06-va-voicemail-yuh pickney dem-homely
07-va-vybz kartel-commandments-homely
08-va-macka diamond-hula hoop-homely
10-va-mr. vegas ft. overmars-raging bull-homely
11-va-busy signal-rising to di top-homely
12-va-vybz kartel-wine pon him-homely
13-va-voicemail-dancin feva-homely
14-va-merital family-just dance-homely
15-va-merital family-everybody dance-homely
16-va-cutty-pon pump it-homely
17-va-merital family-cool reminder-homely
18-va-merital family-frog back-homely
01-dj unexpected-1 island 2 sides intro
02-damian marley-welcome to jamrock
03-baby cham-ghetto story
04-i wayne-cant satisfy her
05-hate it or love it just be cool-interlude
06-elephant man-highest grade mi need
07-collie buddz-come around
08-richie spice-marijuana forever
09-bounty killer-smoke the herbs
10-higher level-interlude
11-sizzla-get to the point
12-baby cham-we at war
13-buju banton-vigilante
14-frisco kid ft. sizzla-gun we draw
15-assassin-gun finger now
16-sizzla-brand new
17-beenie man-memories
19-a womans worth-interlude
20-shelly thunder-kuff
21-patra-queen of the pack
22-lady saw-no long talking
23-spragga benz-wow
24-capleton-think before you talk
25-beenie man merciless bounty killer sizzla-final jeopardy
26-bounty killer-shut the fuck up (audiomaxxx.com dub)
27-capleton ft. elephant man-wan test we
28-bounty killer frisco kid and sizzla-badman street
29-bounty killer spragga benz mega banton-battyman bun
30-bounty killer capleton and sizzla-black rage
31-kid kurrupt-bombo
32-skin out-interlude
33-t.o.k.-perfect harmony
34-ding dong-badman forward badman pull up
35-always remember-interlude
36-frisco kid-we haffi make it
01-dj x-clusive-i run tings blood-clot haterz-csv
01-dj x-clusive-reggae classic hits-csv
01-dj x-clusive-still toppa tings-csv
01- va dj zhen chiney hype-eclipse reloaded 07
01-wayne wonder-l.o.v.e.-row
02-nina sky-loving you feat. notch-row
03-collie buddz-tomorrow is another day-row
04-t.o.k-never coming down-row
05-lindo p-the system-row
06-version-doctor bird riddim-row
01-ninja man-coward (edit)
02-turbulance-burn up
03-bounty killa-yuh dun
04-mad cobra-og
05-spragga benz-dem lippin
06-kb-dollers ova dollars
07-shane-o-gallop gallop
08-lutan fyah-school of knowledge
09-norris man-dem vex
10-bling dawg-wanna be
11-red rat-doing it well
12-teflon-fire pon dem
13-danger de deputy-suffa
14-leaf a life-money
15-mad cobra-gangsta script
16-lizard and omancho-gwaan so
17-aidonia-dead deh
18-mavado-any weh yuh run to
19-ruffian-nuh say nuttin
20-munga-common sense
21-mr lee-dont hype
22-tok-thats how high
01-loose cannon crew – naah ramp wid dem
02-skerrit bwoy – domestic violence
03-fresh kids – realest ting
01-trevy-hele intro
02-prass-one draw
03-jah roots-zion
05-nelly stharre-revolution
06-trevy-rasta boss
07-jah roots-liberte
08-prass-illegal politicians
09-trevy-dem forgot
10-prass-jah 4 me
11-ras herbly-nuff a dem
12-nelly stharre-mama nature
13-trevy-hele remix
01-va-dons n divas-stone love longside justice sound
01-sugar roy and crystal conrad – good sensi-vod
02-chezidek – bad out deh-vod
03-lutan fyah – bad traffic-vod
04-perfect – light this joint-vod
05-keefaz ft baby g – on y croit encore-vod
06-ras mcbean – we never tell them-vod
07-glen washington – i could not do that-vod
08-tanya stephens – im not proud-vod
09-george nooks – break of day-vod
10-cornell campbell – lickie lickie-vod
01-dangel-no pop down-row
02-qq-stuckie 2 feat. little richie-row
03-danny english-dancers marchout-row
04-patchy-go baby-row
01-spragga benz-every breath-r2r
02-sizzla-nothing is wrong with lovin me-r2r
03-wayne antony-its you-r2r
04-greg hines-honey honey-r2r
05-merciless-government road-r2r
06-calibe-when a soldier dies in a vain-r2r
07-ill manard-love spell-r2r
08-dream riddim-instrumental-r2r
01-alborosie and nikie-time-gmg
02-cherine anderson-(me and you) against the world-gmg
03-pressure-no fight-gmg
04-maxi priest-whats going on with you-gmg
05-zareb and ninja road-give thanks-gmg
06-voice mail-love-gmg
07-junior x-have to hustle-gmg
08-irie love-change-gmg
09-eloquent-gun alone dem glorify-gmg
10-christopher martin-looking for love-gmg
11-chuck fenda-dreams-gmg
12-chris birch-dreams riddim-gmg
01-mighty ki la – la voisine
02-scientifik – bolide
03-tiwony – come in
04-kalash – ou ka we flou
05-doctor ly – aurelie la tite bobo
06-drop draws – version
01-leftside and kiprich-the tribute-gmg
02-esco-real deal-gmg
03-leftside-bagga fren dem-gmg
04-leftside and esco-clothes off-gmg
05-elephant man-bring it come-gmg
06-leftside and esco-drop draws version-gmg
01-elephant man – bad
02-elephant man – calm it down
03-fire linkz – keep me happy
04-bling dawg – lend them
05-bugle – look inna mi eye
06-vybz kartel – murda dem (edit)
07-vybz kartel – murda dem (raw)
08-zumjay – still live on
09-serani – study people
10-tony matterhorn ft. fire linkz – how we grow
11-version – drum lane riddim
01-faze – gullys and trenches
02-faze and elements – di way u hot
03-bramma – shot fly
01-conflict – beat it up
02-jim crow feat. jigsy – gal every season
03-kari jess – colda than cold
04-drums of war – version
01-eloquent – grandma cry
02-morgan heritage – headline
03-cecile – rose
04-fanton mojah – stay positive
05-i wayne – more herbs
06-chuck fender – where were they
07-version – dst riddim
101-alton ellis and the flames-rock steady
102-the techniques-you dont care (aka youll want me back)
103-the three tops-its raining
104-the jamaicans-the things you say you love
105-the techniques-oh babe (sick and tired)
106-tommy mccook and lester sterling-inez
107-the techniques-out of many one
108-justin hinds and the dominoes-carry go bring come
109-phyllis dillon-perfidia
110-the techniques-day 0 (the banana boat song)
111-alton ellis and the flames-girl ive got a date
112-tommy mccook and the supersonics-train to ska thedral
113-phyllis dillon-dont stay away
114-justin hinds and the dominoes-here i stand
115-tommy mccook and the supersonics-persian cat ska
116-tony and dennis-folk song
117-the paragons-on the beach
118-alton ellis and the flames-cry tough
119-the paragons-on the beach
120-justin hinds and the dominoes-save a bread
121-the paragons-the tide is high
122-the three tops-do it right
123-justin hinds and the dominoes-on a saturday night
124-the moving brothers-dont play that song
125-phyllis dillon-a thing of the past
126-alton ellis and the flames-all my tears (come rolling)
127-the freedom singers-judge sympathy
201-the royals-we are in the mood
202-alton ellis and the flames-duke of earl
203-dawn penn-why did you lie
204-alton ellis-why birds follow spring
205-the jamaicans-dedicate my song to you
206-the paragons-only a smile
207-the melodians-i will get along without you
208-the techniques-queen majesty
209-the melodians-youll never get away
210-tommy mccook and the supersonics-the shadow of your smile

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