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211-the melodians-you have caught me
212-the paragons-the same song
213-tommy mccook and the supersonics-soul serenade
214-dobby dobson-trouble jim
215-phyllis dillon-its rocking time (rocksteady)
216-alton ellis and the flames-aint that loving you
217-the paragons-wear you to the ball
218-the jamaicans-baba boom
219-freddie mckay-love is a treasure
220-vic taylor-heartaches
221-the paragons-mercy mercy mercy
222-tommy mccook and the supersonics-real cool
223-justin hinds and the dominoes-once a man
224-dobby dobson-loving pauper
225-the techniques-love is not a gamble
226-the melodians-last train to expo 67
01-anthony cruz-i like-gmg
02-turbulence-bun bad mind (edit)-gmg
03-turbulence-bun bad mind (raw)-gmg
04-vernon bryan-dutty rain riddim version-gmg
01-shane-o-barnett form arnett
02-munga-dem get weak
03-ward 21 ft mbc-give it to you
04-qq-look a work
05-unknown-lose control
06-tifa-mr t
07-lady saw-people business
08-showki ru-talk up
09-egg nog-things not right
10-anthony b-whaddat dem a try
02-lady saw-people business-r2r
03-ward 21 and m.b.c.-give it tou-r2r
04-timberlee feat ward 21-haffi run weh-r2r
05-elephant man and ward 21-real badman-r2r
01-deciple feat pilot-greedy eyes-csv
02-bongo spear-heart breaker-csv
03-version-earth by day riddim-csv
01-va earthruler–classic dubplate mix
01-iyah lion band feat. massiah-home to zion
02-danny i-mass again
03-young general-where should i go
04-iyah lion band-you
05-sekhu-jah is my guide
06-iyah lion band feat. de apostl-majeliah
07-massiah-wha its all about
08-jah empress-i am a rasta
09-danny i-ahrise
10-k factor-pass me by
11-king lyon-memory road
12-iyah lion band-eva since
13-massiah-dont lose da faith
14-jah empress-6 for ah 9
15-empress d-be careful
16-king lyon-black woman i love
17-danny i-vanity
01-assassin ft pyrana-closet queen
02-movado-talk lippy lippy
03-khristopher-cyaan clown wi out
04-munga-loud loud
05-busy signal-gully code
06-delly ranks ft boysie not nice and iesha-water the roses
07-wada blood-gal affi bawl
08-mad cobra-one to a spliff
09-tyrical-see dem fighting
10-einstein-a nuh wata
11-flex and kibaki-run di place
12-mega sample-informa
13-t.o.k-big up jamaica
14-assailant-chat inna face
15-flava chin-walk out
17-version-eclipse riddim
01-capleton-badness rmx-yard
02-delly ranks and chino-redbull and guiness rmx-yard
03-hollow point-sitting by my window rmx-yard
04-mad cobra-buss me gun rmx-yard
05-merciless-one of these rmx-yard
06-turbo belly-friend we rmx-yard
07-vybz kartel-badman nuh throw word rmx-yard
08-wayne marshall and vybz kartel-why you doing it rmx-yard
01-angel doolas-where is the love-row
02-blacks-love letter-row
03-daville-no ordinary rose-row
04-demarco-i remember-row
06-mitch and new kidz-better days-row
07-mykal rose-feeling lonely-row
01.Luciano-One jah
02.Gyptian-high everyday
03.Capleton-they just dont know
04.Chuck Fenda-Teki Teki
01-buju banton-ghetto reality
02-sizzla-cant buy love
03-aidonia-bum pan it
04-capleton-women mi love
05-mr peppa-no shorta girl
06-vybz kartel-bring it when you ready
07-movado-squeeze trigga
08-bounty killer-no special reason
09-mad cobra-sey dem a shotta
10-g maffia-been through the worst
11-turbulence feat flame-give it to her
12-major christie-wine for me
13-mitch-ooh baby
14-amanda-dance all night
15-queen paula-ive got it
16-ras petha aka galaxy p-gal a pressure me
17-new kidz-money aint a thing
18-energize riddim-version
01-oku onuora – dub out
02-ras michael and the sons of negus – truth and right
03-dub trio – drive by dub
04-bush chemists – east of jaro
05-bad brains – leaving babylon
06-twilight circus – bassie dub i
07-bill laswell – space-time paradox
08-dr. israel – sensimellia
09-niney the observer – acoustic dub
10-alpha and omega – ethiopia
11-terrorists – anittoo
12-badawi – turbo auto drive
13-phase selector sound – jackson park
14-10 ft. ganja plant – new day
01-giddeon red-ethiopian calling-csv
02-ras kiki i-free afrika-csv
03-blessed v-doh speak spanish-csv
06-denis frederick-ethiopian cal riddim-csv
01-kapachie-live and love-gmg
02-dollar frost-everyday a just war-gmg
03-echo bob-don t give it up-gmg
04-i shock-jah is alive-gmg
05-roaring lion aka roboticman-love how-gmg
06-senator and scottie-good vibes-gmg
07-kalumba-rastafari allways-gmg
08-prince alla-jah love-gmg
09-donovan joseph-african princess-gmg
10-king jango and kapackie-them a war mix 1-gmg
11-king jango and kapackie-them a war mix 2-gmg
12-king jango soul syndicate band-asafa mix 1-gmg
13-king jango soul syndicate band-asafa mix 2-gmg
14-king jango-asafa no 3-gmg
01-flex – evil conevil
02-ice cold – rapid
03-advance – unity
01-new kidz-smile-rks
02-buju banton-come back-rks
03-mitch-me you want-rks
04-jah cure-long way out-rks
05-bounty killer and mitch-revolution-rks
06-anthony b-crime and violence-rks
07-sweet c-light a fire-rks
09-galaxy p-love of jah-rks
10-sizzla and buju banton-all shall be well-rks
11-captain barkey-legal herbs-rks
12-tony curtis-we be smoking-rks
14-anthony cruz-jamaica how you doing-rks
15-chaka chaks-chevanae-rks
16-alley cat-war is ugly-rks
17-spectacular-mind games-rks
18-lutan fyah-hard life-rks
19-kirk davis and shamrock-praises-rks
20-boom dandimite-life-rks
21-smile riddim-version-rks
01-morgan heritage – i know what you like
02-voicemail – take you forever
03-pressure – can you hear my cry
04-alaine – rise in love
05-tarrus riley – friend enemy
06-unknow artist – far away
01-pressure-can you hear my cry-nG
02-tarrus riley-trap setter-nG
03-voicemail-far away-nG
04-morgan heritage-i know-nG
06-version-far away-nG
01-back yawd crew-this life
02-junior dre and fred-i-life hard out ya
04-back yawd crew feat. jr dre agy v chris j-danger
05-lyrical king-dem a suffa
06-maddem crew feat. back yawd crew and fred-i-been baptised
07-powa kid-selassie way
08-reddadan feat. fred-i-teach dem
09-junior dre feat. fred-i-party time
10-powa kid jr dre fred-i and chris j-revolution
11-reddadan-throw down your guns
12-maddem-wanna be
13-back yawd crew feat. fred-i-till the soil
14-lyrical king-crucify him
15-junior dre-found dead
17-maddem crew-life hard
18-junior dre-mother in law
19-back yawd crew-war and crime
20-lyrical king-we no dead yet
01-yami bolo-bad boys
02-yami bolo-preserve me
03-mikey general-glory to the king
04-mikey general-never let me down
05-milton blake-man with a dream
06-melissa bird-if you knew
07-frankie paul-love wont let me wait
08-ken boothe-its gonna take a miracle
09-ken boothe-is it because im black
10-dennis brown and michael gayle-youll never know
11-horace james-hot wax
12-sammy dread-m16
13-sluggy ranks-false badboys
14-ras shiloh-why the good die young
15-pad anthony-all about love
01-king david-bullet
02-ziggy ranking-high grade
03-khari kill-old time veteran
04-banton and diamond d-jus be cool
05-new kid-dont give up the fight
06-russel and ranka-last night
07-diamond cut and sheldon benji-make this work
08-zebulun-rastafari way
10-fireball-take time to play
11-justin cross-collie bud
12-natty royal-stick with you
01-anthony cruz-proud to be black-r2r
02-macka diamond-move up aboy-r2r
03-capleton-nah give up-r2r
04-anthony b-i love you-r2r
05-coco tea-star time-r2r
06-turbulance-she belongs to me-r2r
08-warrior king-new year-r2r
09-lutan fyah-since i fell in love-r2r
10-kapachi-get red-r2r
11-mr perfect-l.i.f.e-r2r
12-teflon-joyful noise-r2r
13-leopard-my girl-r2r
14-unzie-watchie people-r2r
15-antonie west-keep a good-r2r
16-singing sunshine-peace-r2r
17-chalky black-no funny man-r2r
18-five star-instrumental-r2r
01-dance-floissac records-dance party-yard
01-shema – caught up
02-vybz kartel – love
03-irie love – it was me
04-vybz kartel – never the less ft. sheema
01-empress-rasta charge-r2r
02-michael rose-give a little justice-r2r
03-bushman-lets make a deal-r2r
04-frankie paul-living in harmony-r2r
05-morgan heritage-be sure-r2r
01-luciano – lead not
02-kaykay – i m in love
03-munga – found her
04-norris man – always love you
05-bushman – zion
06-lutan fyah – crown him
07-jah mason – hold firm
101-wailing souls – war-vod
102-reggae regulars – where is jah-vod
103-doctor alimentado – born for a purpose-vod
104-barrington levy – look youthman-vod
105-clint eastwood and general saint – another one bites the dust-vod
106-eek a mouse – wo do dem-vod
107-yellowman – zungguzgung-vod
108-frankie paul – pass the tu sheng peng-vod
109-wayne smith – under mi sleng teng-vod
110-tippa irie – hello darling-vod
111-jc lodge – telephone love-vod
112-gregory isaacs – rumours-vod
113-home t cocoa tea and shabba ranks – pirates anthem-vod
114-krystal and shabba ranks – twice my age-vod
115-home t cocoa tea and cutty ranks – the going is rough-vod
201-shaggy – oh carolina-vod
202-cocoa tea and buju banton – too young-vod
203-garnett silk – lord watch over our shoulder-vod
204-bounty killer – down in the ghetto-vod
205-beres hammond – over you-vod
206-sizzla – black woman and child-vod
207-beenie man – who am i-vod
208-mr vegas – heads high-vod
209-shaggy – blood stain-vod
210-elephant man – log on (radio version)-vod
211-wayne wonder – no letting go-vod
212-alozade mr vegas hollow point – under mi sensi-vod
213-vybz kartel – tekk-vod
214-fantan mojah – hail the king-vod
215-tony matterhorn – dutty wine-vod
01-beres hammond-last war
02-barry brown-far east
03-gregory isaacs-babylon too rough
04-jacob miller-forward ever backward never
05-black eagles-forward home
06-i kong-ghetto cry
07-john holt-up park camp
08-dennis brown-stop fussing and fighting
09-jacob miller-keep on knocking
10-sugar minott-babylon
11-junior byles-fade away
12-ras michael-none a jah jah children no cry
13-fred locks-vision of redemption
14-black uhuru-i love king selassie
15-congos-la la bam bam
16-wailing souls-things and time
17-leroy smart-ballistic affair
18-barrington levy-no fuss no fight
19-dennis brown-revolution
01-tarrus riley-beware
02-capleton-cold blooded murderer
03-terror fabulous-yu would ah bawl
05-bounty killer-lodge
06-mavado-top shotta nah miss
07-aidonia-ga ga
08-sizzla-run out pon dem
09-capleton-who you callin nigga
11-mavado-amazing grace
12-assassin-gunshot a beat
13-ward 21-gully gun
14-bounty killer-war
15-pinchers-send another one come
16-mad cobra-find and kill
17-beenie man-defend it
18-ninjaman-permit fi bury
19-cocoa tea-children of the ghetto
02-sizzla-healing the nation
03-luciano-free up the weed
04-mikal rose-stalk the sensimilla
05-sizzla-got it right there
06-shinehead-collie weed
07-bounty killer-smoke the herb
08-jigsy king-give mi the weed
10-anthony b-low di herb
11-sugar minott-herbsman hustling
12-morgan heritage-license
13-jacob miller-tired fi lick weed inna bush
14-barrington levy-under mi sensi
15-frankie jones-dont smoke the seed
16-yellowman-bun the kutchie
17-richie spice-marijuana
18-mighty diamonds-pass the kouchie
19-lee scratch perry and the upsetters-free up the weed
01-roger robin-take it slow
02-junior kelly-receive
03-daville ft sean paul-always on my mind (remix)
04-marcia aitken-im still in love
05-gyptian-beautiful lady
06-tarrus riley-stay with you
07-morgan heritage-love you right
08-beres hammond-they gonna talk
09-gyptian-you never know
10-jah mason-princess gone
11-sizzla-i need you
12-sanchez-pretty girl
13-beres hammond-tempted to touch
14-freddie mcgregor-loving pauper
15-leroy gibbons-lovers question
16-john holt-if i were a carp
17-sugar minott-show me that you love me
18-leroy smart-without love
19-j.c lodge-someone loves you honey
01-krystal and shabba ranks-twice my age
02-ini kamoze-hot stepper
03-tenor saw-ring the alarm
04-sister nancy-bam bam
05-althea and donna-uptown top ranking
06-wayne smith-under mi sleng teng
07-cutty ranks-a who she me dun
08-mr vegas-heads high (kill dem with it)
09-tanya stephens-google
10-tanto metro and devonte-give it to her
11-beenie man-romie
12-sean paul-infiltrate
13-beenie man-who am i
14-sean paul-deport them
15-shabba ranks and deborah-mr loverman
16-foxy brown-baby can i hold you tonight
17-wayne wonder and buju banton-bonafide love
19-sizzla-just one of those days
01-luciano – brotherly love-gmg
02-mafia and fluxy – fundimental riddim pt2-gmg
01-empress ayeola – blessed is he-gmg
02-vivian jones – rastafari is my life-gmg
03-jah mirikle – jah ge we de weed-gmg
04-nereus joseph – fundimental priciples of life-gmg
05-k.edgehill and n.joseph – fundimental riddim-gmg
01-gnius.-.sa ou ni a bay
02-t-jy.-.az underground
03-lady sweety.-.they call me sweety
04-little espion.-.phenomene
05-ires mc and wyckyd j.-.operationellement op
06-gandhi.-.kas social
07-tiwony ft. rednex.-.ni onlo
08-gang war riddim.-.version
01-damian jr gong marley-something for you
01-junior gong-something for you-r2r
02-movado-me and ma dogs
02-movado-me and me dogs-r2r
03-vybz kartel feat. voicemail-play ting-r2r
03-vybz kartel-play thing (feat voicemail)
04-elephant man-wi tings dem tall (feat wayne marshall)
04-sizzla-too much gang war-r2r
05-elephant feat. wanye marshall-wi tings dem tall-r2r
06-de marco-story-r2r
07-delly ranks-we nuh fraid-r2r
08-bugle-spen shell-r2r
09-kibaki feat. flex-war is on-r2r
10-jagwa-same old thing-r2r
11-version-gang war riddim-r2r
01-damian jr gong marley-one loaf of bread-rks
02-bounty killer-its okay-rks
03-mavado-me and my dogs-rks
04-vybz kartel ft voicemail-play ting-rks
05-sizzla-too much gang war-rks
06-elephant man ft wayne marshall-over di wall-rks
07-mr evil-liar-rks
09-kibaki ft flexx-war is on-rks
12-gang war riddim-version-rks
13-gang war riddim-medley-rks
01-vybz kartel-nuh bad like we
02-mavado-since lately
03-aidonia-mi clap it
05-elly ess-nuh inna dat
06-sizzla-turn it on
07-flex-dis thing
08-bling dawg-dont play me
09-mr easy-bawlin
10-badda flexx-futon
11-marvelous-turn it up
12-pennie irie-wine
13-gangsta gangsta-version
01-lutan fyah-no turning back-row
02-lady g-gangster way-row
03-caster-nuff work-row
04-ginjah-bright smile-row
06-queen ifrica-stop genocide-row
07-natural black-in this judgement-row
08-black dillinger-america-row
09-rebellion the recaller-gangstalaw-row
10-turbulence-wont allow me-row
11-natty king-the calling-row
12-michael rose-the real man-row
01-einstein-can t stop fire-gmg
02-shema-gangsta girl prayer-gmg
01-michael rose-the real man-rks
02-rasta voice-right time to come-rks
04-rebellion the recaller-gangstalaw-rks
05-natural black-in this judgement-rks
06-black dillinger-america-rks
07-queen ifrica-stop genocide-rks
08-lutan fyah-no turning back-rks
09-natty king-the calling-rks
10-turbulence-wont allow me-rks
11-higher trod family-burn them down-rks
12-ginjah-bright smile-rks
13-lady yell-unto thee-rks
14-lady g-gangster way-rks
15-caster-nuff work-rks
16-mark wonder-what avout love-rks
01-lloyd brown and tippa irie-stress-r2r
02-brinsley forde-bubblin-r2r
01-lord kossity-hotel room
03-admiral t feat diams-les mains en lair
04-daddy mory-inna di club
05-jmi sissoko-si taimes la dancehall
06-laskez et jones-belly move
07-dragon davy-recalage
09-lyricson-love and care
10-elephant man-shake that ass
11-bounty killer-sufferer
12-gypsian-beautiful lady
13-capleton-oh wah
14-shabba ranks-give them di shabba
15-mad cobra-boom wuk
16-tanto metro et devonte-give it to her
17-nina sky-move your body
18-vybz cartel-sweet to the belly
19-t.o.k-gal you a lead
01-Lord Kossity Ft Nicky B and Chico-Hotel Room-frp
03-admiral t ft diams-les mains en lair-frp
04-Daddy Mory-Inna Di Club-frp
05-Jmi Sissoko-Si Taimes Le Dancehall-frp
06-Laskez Ft Jones-Belly Move-frp
07-Dragon Davy-Recalage-frp
09-Lyricson-Love And Care-frp
10-Elephant Man-Shake That Ass-frp
11-bounty killer-sufferer-frp
12-Gyptian-Beautiful Lady-frp
13-Capleton-Oh wah-frp
14-Shabba Ranks-Give Them Di Shabba-frp
15-Mad Cobra-Boom Wuk-frp
16-Tanto Metro and Devonte-Give It To Her-frp
17-Nina Sky-Move Your Body-frp
18-Vybz Kartel-Sweet To The Belly-frp
19-T.O.K-Gal You A Lead-frp
01-va-get buzzy 2 (mixed by dj j.r)
01-jd aka dready-get flat-s33n
02-tippa irie-lyrics thats my hobby-s33n
03-top cat-bun de sensi-s33n
04-red rat-red rat medley-s33n
05-red rat-guess whos back-s33n
06-danielle senior-kiss and tell-s33n
01-richie spice-real reggae
02-lutan fyah-di system
03-ghetto biscuit-version
01-luciano-shes having a baby-jah
02-warrior king-prophecy-jah
03-junior kelly-its over-jah
04-ghetto biscuit riddim-version-jah
01-perfect – ghetto hero
02-rhymes unlimited – dem nuh clean
03-lutan fyah – repatriate
04-krims and wissy – poor people a bawl
05-turbulence – realize-(come as one)
06-reynardo robinson – give praises
07-teflon – disrespect
08-shauna and krim – meant to be
09-kibaki – come a me
10-mark wonder – sail away
11-version – ghetto cryz riddim
01-lutan fyah-ghetto stress-rbk
02-josie mel-run away-rbk
03-capleton-get up-rbk
04-tony tuff-stronger-rbk
05-cocoa tea-biological warfare-rbk
06-ras myrhdak-jah is the way-rbk
01-movado – heaven got a ghetto
02-aidonia – better way
03-buju banton – come to me baby
04-busy signal and demarco – face to face with life
05-spragga benz – desire
06-vybz kartel – shot inna dem
01-jah mason – life is not the same-gmg
02-mysterious – aye boy-gmg
03-luciano – life aint easy-gmg
04-brimstone – laws and charge-gmg
05-chuphsah all stars – gideon riddim-gmg
01-ephraim juda-inity is a must
02-martin jondo-guide and protect
03-mellow mark-the right way
04-ben (ohrbooten)-keine macht fuer niemand
05-mal eleve and carlito (irie revoltes)-merci
06-dub incorporation-more love
07-culcha candela-give thanks
08-mishah (mighty vibez)-in control
09-black dillinger-sinking sand
10-ganjaman-steh auf und komm
11-mono and nikitaman-das alles
12-benjie-oh lord
13-ibk tribe-this time
14-datune-what we need
15-jah mic-parmis toutes ces lionnes
16-kimoe and jah meek-ein neuer morgen
17-uwe banton-i know
18-conscious fiyah-follow jah love
19-yao kan-we wanna be free
01-geoffrey star-free up your mind feat. wildlife-s33n
02-jah mason-glorious morning-s33n
03-lutan fyah-cant stop the fire-s33n
04-spectacular-dem getta beaten-s33n
05-natty king-praises-s33n
01-anthony b – excersise and call
02-collie buddz – rise it (edit)
03-collie buddz – rise it (raw)
04-tony matterhorn – tour guide (edit)
05-tony matterhorn – tour guide (raw)
06-mr. vegas – hottie (edit)
07-mr. vegas – hottie (raw)
08-pompatay – good good (edit)
09-pompatay – good good (raw)
10-elly ess – could never
11-dr. evil – husslin
12-burro banton – cross da board
13-bugle – say what u wanna
14-richie feelings – where da wife (edit)
15-richie feelings – where da wife (raw)
16-version – go go riddim
01-sanchez-in your eyes-s33n
02-lutan fyah-loved by you-s33n
03-version-golden touch riddim-s33n
01-franky paul-ill do for you
02-majesty son-rasta for i
03-positive-do what i gotta do (adapted)
04-prak-t-kal-good energy (mama earth)
05-king hennesie-susie q
06-courtney core-one more chance
07-stormy-magical spell
08-ras igan-ill be there for you
09-tender heart-baby i
10-sniper-days like this
01-anthony b – bannana clip
02-buju banton – gun shot dem seh
03-unknown artist – burn like toaster
04-deva brat – dis munga
05-hawkeye – nah dweet
06-mr peck – badda dan dem
07-sadiki the ice man – defenders of the earth
08-lukie d – shake
09-singer j – run out and beat it
10-vybz kartel ft. deva bratt – million gunz
01-kiddus i-graduation in zion
02-thriller and phillip fraser-woman a di yard
03-gyptian-watch what you doing
04-frank dowding-graduation in dub
05-roberto sanchez-blind souls
06-nano bravo-ojos de leon
07-mark wonder-my love is burning
08-capleton-shoot first ask question after
09-frank dowding-graduation in zion riddim
10-va-graduation in zion-(audio mix)
11-frank dowding-graduation in dub part. 2
01-kiddus i-graduation in zion-rks
02-nano bravo-ojos de leon-rks
03-capleton-shoot first ask question later-rks
04-gyptian-watch what your doing-rks
05-roberto sanchez-blind souls-rks
06-phillip fraser and thriller-woman a di yard-rks
01-va-green b-pure niceness vol. 3-bootleg cd-2007
01-va-green up sound-real herbalist-hlc
01-chezidek-no fear
02-ras shiloh-so proud
03-natural black-selassie and marcus
04-anthony b-just cant live that way
05-sizzla-stop all the violence
06-nasio fontaine-she lost track
07-chuck fenda-long road
08-elephant man-elephant message
09-captain sinbad-sinbad and the eye of the tiger
10-john holt-police in helicopter
11-prince jammy-martian encounter
12-cocoa tea-oil ting
13-clint eastwood and general saint-rock with me
14-wailing souls-a day will come
01-queen ifrica-mi naah rub-ng
02-i maroon-angry revolution-ng
03-turbulance-no other way-ng
04-bugle-naah sell out-ng
05-tony rebel-no more than so-ng
06-lion cub-across the ocean-ng
07-warren-show us the way-ng
08-gunman riddim-version-ng
01-i-maroon-angry revolution-jah
02-lion cub-across the ocean-jah
03-tony rebel-nuh more than so-jah
04-gunman riddim-version-jah
01-erup-the world were living today
02-capleton-lets go (africa)
03-sizzla-african people
04-izes-hail the i
05-luciano-only love
06-sanchez and anju genius-unto thee o lord
07-turbulence-love yourself
08-norris man-if life aint good enough
09-michael andrew-god bless you
10-fya kin i lyons ras penco and king imauny-wonderful world
11-anthony cruz-i just wanna get home
12-chicago-girl you got me
13-cousins crew-instrumental
01-bushman-in my world-r2r
02-courtney melody-never born a killer-r2r
03-gyptian-warn you-r2r
04-prince theo-stress free-r2r
05-nico-never talk about it-r2r
06-ras shiloh-the system-r2r
07-luciano-this place-r2r
08-wappolus-dem no like me-r2r
09-raly bop-stickiest grade-r2r
10-many more-it a go red-r2r
11-cutty ranks-no heart-r2r
12-version-hardcore riddim-r2r
01-true man-hardcore
02-luciano-this place
03-gyptian-warn you
04-bushman-in my world
05-courtney melody-nah born a killa
06-prince theo-stress free
07-shaker-body is a vehicle
08-ras shiloh-the system
09-nico-never talk about it
10-cutty ranks-no heart
11-jah mason-be conscious
12-wappolis-dem no like me
13-rally bop-the stickiest grade
14-ruffi-ann-jah will guide us
15-many more-it a go red
16-terry ganzey-musical road
17-carl henry-nothing else matters
18-hardcore riddim-instrumental
01-josie mel-i love you-riddim
02-cocoa tea-blood and fyah-riddim
03-ras myrhdak-jahneasha-riddim
04-lutan fyah and luciano-tell it from the heart-riddim
01-shawn storm-mi ah pray-row
02-terro 3000-screw face boy-row
03-version-haunted house riddim-row
01-aidonia – pappa smurf (munga diss)
02-craig dennis – i m gonna rise
03-x facta – mama is a thug
01-khari kill-humble-hlc
02-jabami- wicked aint no friend-hlc
03-ziggy ranking-specialist-hlc
04-levi mayers-what a pity-hlc
05-king david-live here-hlc
06-banton and juicy ranks-saluation-hlc
07-daniel bless-guns in abundance-hlc
08-general grant-friend dem-hlc
09-ninjitsu- all who feel-hlc
10-naphtali-rastaman chant-hlc
11-mr. king-house top (bonus)-hlc
01-bascenta-battle field-gmg
02-mark wonder-long way to travel-gmg
03-turbulence-bun dutty mind-gmg
04-steve machete and spectacular-wrong uniform-gmg
05-jah mason-give thanks-gmg
06-ax-saw-round table talk-gmg
07-professional daynjah feat ice block-pressure-gmg
08-lutan fyah-onward rastafari-gmg
01-Keri-Hey Sexy-nG
02-Fiona-I Know-nG
03-Brain Damage Ft G Whizz-Gal Dem Hot-nG
04-Lukie D-So Hot-nG
05-Christopher-Dont Be Cruel-nG
06-Tanto Metro and Devonte-You Make it-nG
07-Wayne Wonder Ft Surprize-God Bless You-nG
08-Wayne Marshall-Keep on Talking-nG
09-Assailant-Bad Mind-nG
11-Chicken-Gal You A Rae-nG
13-Spragga Benz-Nuttin Nuh Wrong-nG
14-General B-Fling it Up-nG
15-Delly Ranks-Too Bless-nG
17-Mad Cobra-Can Do-nG
18-Bling Dawg-Me Nuh Fraid-nG
19-Lady Saw-Pay My Bills-nG
20-Version-Heavy Weight-nG
01-keri-hey sexy-rbk
02-fiona-i know-rbk
03-brain damage and g whizz-gal dem hot-rbk
04-lukie d-so hot-rbk
05-christopher-dont be cruel-rbk
06-tanto metro and devonte-you make it-rbk
07-wayne wonder – god bless you-rbk
08-wayne marshall-keep on talking-rbk
09-assailant-bad mind-rbk
11-chicken-gal you a rae-rbk
13-spragga benz-nuttin nuh wrong-rbk
14-general b-fling it up-rbk
15-delly ranks-too bless-rbk
16-futures troubles fambo-sneeze-rbk
17-mad cobra-can do-rbk
18-bling dawg-me nuh fraid-rbk
19-lady saw-pay my bills-rbk
20-heavy weight riddim-version-rbk
01-va-hellrazor live in philly-flag night wear your colors 2k7
01-va-hellrazor-pre-labor day backyard cook-out 2k7
01-dawg e slaughter-spread the love-jah
02-minmi featuring machel montano-sha na na-jah
03-destra-bonnie and clyde-jah
04-blazer-be mine tonight-jah
05-destra-i dare you-jah
06-akon-dont matter (calypso remix)-jah
07-partice roberts and machel montano-light it up-jah
08-iwer george-fete after fete-jah
09-shurwayne whinchester-open the gate-jah
10-shurwayne whinchester-dont stop-jah
11-alison hinds-roll it gal-jah
12-collie buddz-mamacita-jah
13-machel montano-jumbie-jah
14-naya george featuring destra-last lap-jah
15-kmc-take over-jah
16-fire ball-what i want-jah
17-biggie irie-nah going home-jah
18-minmi-summer time (bonus track)-jah
01-prince green – love like-gmg
02-henry and louis – love dub-gmg
03-izyah davis – irael-gmg
04-henry and louis – israel dub-gmg
05-donette forte – too strong-gmg
06-henry and louis – strong dub-gmg
07-andy scholes – lions den-gmg
08-henry and louis – lions dub-gmg
09-prince green – too late-gmg
10-henry and louis – late dub-gmg
11-izyah davis – life without jah-gmg
12-henry and louis – without jah dub-gmg
13-prince green – revelation time-gmg
14-henry and louis – revelation dub-gmg
15-2kings hi power – rebel dub-gmg
01-sensor ft. gunzman-officer edit-csv
02-ruben-one life-csv
03-deciple-step out-csv
04-dainties-danger zone-csv
05-gounzman-leaving out rome-csv
06-jah sen-always in my life-csv
07-rising prophet-cant stop we-csv
08-version-herbalist riddim-csv
01-sensor-love yuh self-hlc
02-gounz man-more love-hlc
03-marley-healing of d nation (edit)-hlc
04-marley-healing of d nation (raw)-hlc
05-daniel bless-so sad-hlc
06-jah sent-jah is the way-hlc
07-jah son feat. jah choper-dem gready-hlc
08-royal dainties-any time-hlc
09-jah son feat. marina-got to get u-hlc
10-pilot-no duty vibes-hlc
11-kenny auther-how many more-hlc
12-version-high grade riddim-hlc
01-va-higher heights sound system – x rated dancehall mix-bootleg cd-r2r
01-va-higher heights-dancehall mix pt 6
01-idonia-wats up-jah
02-vybz kartel-wine fi me-jah
03-munga-wine pon it-jah
04-beenie man-cock it up-jah
05-beenie and idonia-gal yu a tightest-jah
06-vybz kartel-mi want fi fuck yu-jah
07-idonia-boom pon it-jah
08-vybz kartel-wine pan u-jah
09-vybz kartel-buck out skin out-jah
10-einstein-wine pon mi cock-jah
11-qq and lil richie-stukie pt.2-jah
12-vybz kartel-yu a wife-jah
13-elephant man-clap it in-jah
14-vybz kartel-tek fuck inna yu-jah
15-movado-squeeze her-jah
16-voice mail-rated r-jah
17-vybz kartel-goodas-jah
18-vybz kartel-back yu back-jah
19-voice mail-mek mi come nuh-jah
20-elephant man-drop dead-jah
21-idonia-wine (good ole)-jah
22-vybz kartel-camfa ball-jah
23-idonia-hot fuck-jah
24-vybz kartel-slide on-jah
25-tony matterhorn-cock partern-jah
26-vybz kartel-beaten beatin-jah
27-tifa-laugh off a dem-jah
01-va-higher heights-x rated dancehall mix vol 2
01-freddie mcgregor-we dont need no fuss
02-batch-cant move i
03-wayne wonder ft surprise-apart
04-delly ranx-dont burn the fields
05-jah mason-cant stop me
06-sizzla-buss out the youths
07-tony rebel-joy
08-queen ifrica-love is the only way
09-chino-dem vex
10-teflon-know jah
11-fiona-not enough
12-kallie blacks-stay
13-jah sun-look inside
14-soul medic-find jah
15-shema mcgregor-why
16-ras matthew pailes-prepare the way
17-troy anthony-the grave is too late
18-itation records-higher meditation version
01-freddie magregor-we dont need to fuss-rks
02-batch-cant move i-rks
03-wayne wonder-apart-rks
04-delly ranking-dont burn the fields-rks
05-jah mason-cant stop me-rks
06-sizzla-buss out the youths-rks
07-tony rebel-joy-rks
08-queen ifrica-love is the only solution-rks
09-chino-dem vex-rks
10-teflon-know jah-rks
11-fiona-not enough-rks
12-kalle blacks-stay-rks
13-jah sun-look inside-rks
14-soul medic-find jah-rks
15-shema magregor-why-rks
16-ras matthew-prepare the way-rks
17-higher meditation riddim-version-rks
01-cecile-wine up pon me-r2r
03-monster twins-gyal wi get everday-r2r
04-nicky b-like it hard-r2r
05-omar reid and david slew-volate (edit)-r2r
06-omar reid and david slew-violate (raw)-r2r
07-version-hill billy riddim-r2r
01-vybz kartel – click on
02-i wayne – smart attack
03-bounty killer – bad man no fish
04-munga – mi nah sell out (chino diss)
05-firestar – natural things
06-lutan fyah – hill top
101-va-history clash 2k7 (clash of the legendary sounds)
201-va-history clash 2k7 (clash of the legendary sounds)
301-va-history clash 2k7 (clash of the legendary sounds)
01-prince david – flying away-gmg
02-well jahdgment – beg and pray-gmg
03-moa anbessa – holy fire dub-gmg
04-sister 40 – battle of jericoh-gmg
05-dan i – power of music-gmg
06-moa anbessa – instrumental-gmg
01-home t cocoa tea cutty ranks-another one for the road
02-cocoa tea-no blood for oil
03-cutty ranks-original gangster
04-home t cocoa tea-hip hop
05-home t-aint no woman like the one ive got
06-home t cocoa tea cutty ranks-the going is rough
07-cocoa tea-only me
08-cutty ranks-idle talking
09-home t-competition
10-home t cocoa tea cutty ranks-alien
11-home t-who is he
12-cocoa tea-time will tell
13-home t-love ting
14-cocoa tea-oil ting
15-home t cocoa tea cutty ranks-another one for the road (extended 12 mix)
16-home t cocoa tea cutty ranks-the going is rough (extended 12 mix)
01-jah mason-we will be rising-row
02-jah mali-whole heap a time-row
03-brahim-le vice of lego-row
04-norrisman-rasta glory-row
05-turbulence-never knew-row
06-version-hopeful riddim-row
01-sean paul – i can give you pleasure
02-spice – real hot gyal
03-version – hot winter riddim
01-bling dawg feat.brick n lace-anytime yuh call-hlc
02-busy signal-wine up pon me-hlc
01-flexx aka xx (t.o.k.) ft. ms. thing – i like it
02-smujji – hi grade
03-spragga benz-put it on
01-chanter and i will – learn how fi cook-gmg
02-sandeeno and i will – warning-gmg
03-i will and spliffy ranger and gideon zinga – jah keeps i-gmg
04-jah grasshopper and i will – i will riddim-gmg
01-tornado and dark cutty-everybody dance
02-vybz kartel-hot shot
03-singer j-gangsta nuh talk
04-leftside and esco-phat so
05-einstein-wine pon my cock
06-vybz kartel and mr vegas-wining
07-teflon-dem diss
08-version-yard bass
01-va-immortal vybz-ready n willin vol 3
01-movado – sadness
02-chrisinti – falling sojah
03-floyd west and jeremiah – the skill to kill
04-hyah slice – preserve my life
01-va-infamous soundcrew and dj showtime-deadly alliance 2
01-va-infamous soundcrew-dancehall gone wild vol 1
01-va-infamous soundcrew-when youre lonely vol 2
01-infinity 16-me and my dogs-jah
01-infrared dj scope-reggae picks 9-csv
01-amara and versatile-got it bad
02-anthony b-baddest thing
03-jah vinci-youth in the streets
04-beenie man-police in helicopter
06-versatile-no gun thing
07-version-instant replay
01-sean paul-beat like drum-(clean)
02-kurrupt-nuh driver-(raw)
03-delly ranks-shop alot-(clean)
04-delly ranks-shop alot-(raw)
05-young dro-shoulder lean-(remix)
06-voicemail-style a style-(clean)
07-sizzla-think before-(clean)
08-sizzla-think before-(raw)
10-factor-magle mi gal-(clean)
11-isses feat. calico-dem cant stop us-(clean)
12-isses feat. calico-dem cant stop us-(raw)
13-ward 21-gal ting we rule-(clean)
14-ward 21-gal ting we rule-(raw)
15-chino-girl dem need
16-tornado-jet lee
17-factor-magle mi gal-(dirty)
01-anthony campbell-lady-r2r
02-luciano-time to unite-r2r
03-pinchers-magic carpet-r2r
04-admiral tibet-bloody revolution-r2r
05-echo bryan-strange winds-r2r
06-anthony campbell-million dollar-r2r
07-richie davis-brighter days-r2r
08-george nooks-friends to lovers-r2r
09-pinchers-to be so blind-r2r
10-lukie d-we can change-r2r
11-anthony campbell-rainy days and mondays-r2r
12-dehorah and anthony campbell-emotion-r2r
14-deborah and anthony campbell-closer i get to you-r2r
15-gary gold-glotnus and greedy-r2r
16-gary gold-rastafari save i-r2r
01-luciano-lead not
02-kay kay-im in love
03-munga-found her
04-ickarus and davian-i will always be
05-norris man-treasure you
06-bush man-zion
07-mikey general-got to survive
08-lutan fyah-crown him
09-sizzla-time to unite
10-rudi-mr wrong
11-jah mason-hold firm
12-bush man-jah give live
13-jr. reid-show love
14-luciano and munga-youths and youths
15-ras shiloh-no greater one
16-determine-let peace rain
17-luciano-border line
18-jah mason-need to be cared for
19-glen washington-cant keep a good man down
20-norris man-cold and cruel
21-anthony cruze-watch out now
22-jack radics-rally round the lion
01-sizzla-whats up-r2r
02-lms-rock the station-r2r
03-glamma kid-pay as you go-r2r
04-buppy feat. gal level young bandb young-shake down hips-r2r
05-osmond collins-god is in control-r2r
06-elephant man-escalade bumper (remix)-r2r
07-buju banton-slam bam-r2r
08-beenie man-run mi down (remix)-r2r
09-sizzla-stop the brutality (remix)-r2r
10-serah jane feat. merciless-try me-r2r
11-anthony b-love and affection-r2r
12-chuckie starr-down in the ghetto-r2r
14-queen omega-know the business-r2r
15-maka b-children children-r2r
16-dee ellington-dry hand man-r2r
01-jah kingdom vol 48-natural mystic-jah
01-peas head-inna mi brain-row
02-bushman-nuttin nah gwan-row
03-anthony b-lonely girl-row
04-shandyman-no more war-row
05-swallow and lazer matrix-you mi love-row
06-anthony cruz-lite it up-row
07-iyah lion-aint easy-row
08-lutan fyah-ginnalship-row
09-chezidek-give them a try-row
10-qurious-slow and then fast-row
11-little hero-memba god-row
12-mr peck and singer j-more love-row
13-version-jah soul riddim-row
01-va-jahsporas sons presente rete prany (part.1) mixe par dondada-row
01-earl brown-get together
02-derrick harriott-brown baby
03-jah lloyd-lama
04-the chosen few-i love the way you love
05-cedric im brooks-silent force
06-glen adams-you cant hide love
07-herman and the aquarians-dunce cap
08-the heptones-do good to each and everyone
09-the studio sound-give me some more
10-winston wright and the upsetters-jam 1
11-the now generation-people make the world go round
12-jackie paris-make me smile
13-sidney george and jackie-papa was a rolling stone
14-the rebels-rhodesia
15-big youth-ride on
16-augustus pablo-lightning clap
17-augustus pablo-lightning clap version
18-ansel and the meditations-tricked
01-the maytals-my daily food
02-the techniques-i love you
03-dobby dobson-cry another cry
04-eddie perkins-my darling
05-sneer-towners-him say you say
06-stranger and patsy-word is wind
07-x-rays-big brother
08-eddie and patsy-take these chains from my heart
09-dobby dobson-tell daddy
10-group singers-my dream
11-the maytals-one look
12-eric morris-theres a place
01-va-jeu 2 jambes (mixed by dj j.hart)
01-speedy-babylone die-row
02-red killa-dont mess arround-row
01-kashief lindo-just a tree
02-glen washington-kindness for weakness
03-mikey spice-glass house
04-george nooks-dont give up
05-marcia griffiths-back in the days
06-lloyd brown-bongo nyah
07-fiona-want to make love
09-freddie mcgregor-uncle sam
10-sidiki-innocent or guilty
11-roger robin-harbouring love
12-frankie paul-stranger in love
13-merlene webber-one life to live
14-pam hall-hold it down
15-shinehead-you got it bad
16-screwdriver-owe we
17-tanya stephens-one gram
01-determine – dont fear dem
02-scalalee – 9 and 10
03-genis slick – dream of
04-patriot – heat it on
05-lady saw – talk
06-ricky general – dont care
07-anthony b – shouldnt
08-leego – little girl
09-fire fashon – ding dong
10-sheperd – left wrong do right
11-african – take my own
12-jomo rainbow – wine up
13-version – judgament
01-anthony que and bunny lye lye-its no lie-r2r
02-anthony que and bunny lye lye-more life-r2r
03-anthony que-rise like lion-r2r
04-bunny lye lye-busy with my baby-r2r
05-bunny lye lye-love you some more-r2r
06-anthony que-reggae music yes-r2r
07-anthony que-used to love you-r2r
08-anthony que and bunny lye lye-another poor man-r2r
09-bunny lye lye-back again-r2r
10-anthony que-you have loved-r2r
11-bunny lye lye-love on the line-r2r
12-bunny lye lye-why would you-r2r
13-bunny lye lye-man in love-r2r
14-bunny lye lye-say say-r2r
01-busy signal-real hot head-rbk
02-leftside and esco-you see it-rbk
03-isses-uncle sam-rbk
04-looga man-ahead a dem-rbk
05-wayne marshall and tornado-40 strong-rbk
06-flexx-pum pum a nuh vegatable-rbk
01-alonzo-africa unite-csv
02-angie-best friend-csv
04-indegnes-crazy 4 u-csv
05-alonzo-my lady-csv
06-indegnes-think again-csv
07-angie-so close-csv
08-angie-im sorry-csv
09-alonzo-no need to be sorry-csv
10-indegnes-go away-csv
11-shadrack and spice-diamond lover-csv
01-va-kbis presents dj don-bollywood obsession-bootleg
01-va-kbis presents mr stylistic-bhariat d originals-bootleg
01-va-kbis presents nms-soca fusion 07-bootleg
01-va-kbis presents ond sound-its an irie christmas-bootleg
01-va-kbis presents xs soundz-cane cuttah-bootleg
01-augustus pablo – java orignal
02-mikey dread – israel stylee
03-prince irey – freedom of speech
04-junior murvin – judas and jesus
05-hugh mundell – africa must be free
06-gregory isaacs – dread locks love affair
07-delroy williams – think twice
08-barrington levy – she is the best girl
09-black uhuru – sinsemilla
10-tetrackim – not satisfied
11-junior murvin – hook line and sinker
12-gladiators – my thoughts
13-pablo moses – the slayer
14-mighty diamonds – 4000 years
15-yellowman – take me to jamaica
16-itals – jah glory
17-mikey dread – fast forward
18-augustus pablo – rockers dub
19-black uhuru – wicked act
20-barrington levy – poorman style
21-halfpint – you lick me first
22-bob marley – rat race
23-gregory isaacs – dread locks love affair
24-hugh mundell – red gold and green
01-tami chin-uh oh-row
02-sean paul-hardcore-row
03-t.o.k-flaunt it-row
04-leftside-duppy dem-row
01-va-killamanjaro-up park camp 80s-hlc
01-ganjaman and junior randy-nein nein nein
02-junior banton-wantie wantie
03-el condorsito-positivo
04-black dillinger-never
05-ephraim juda-straight
06-general good-killer
07-flamingmo-rfw (rauchzeichen2)
08-fire time-jah is my light
09-ronny trettmann-gretchen
10-volkanikman-ich fuehl mich gut
11-fitta warri-gather dem
12-atzen team-zu mir
13-skyjuice-good plates turning (feat. tommy 2 positive)
14-roe delgado-para de boquear
15-ede whiteman-was hatta
16-dr. ring ding-bring de money
17-brimstone and fire-polizei
18-version-king orle riddim
01-seven dub-intro-rks
02-noiseshaper-walking (house dub remix)-rks
03-dub syndicate-hey geoff (extended loop mix)-rks
04-senior all stars-red leaf dub-rks
05-dubblestandart vs. ari up-island girl (mellow dub)-rks
06-the slackers-exploitation dub-rks
07-sista gracy ft. sugar minott-my praises (dub)-rks
08-jamaram-no place to run to (dub remix)-rks
09-wet cookies-you somehow (dub)-rks
10-rude 66-revenge of the napalm dread-rks
11-the ruts-babylons burning (dreadzone remix)-rks
12-dub spencer and trance hill-rio (in dub)-rks
14-jonny blender-thinking of a better day-rks
01-bounty killer-war mi nah fraid a (jamaica)-r2r
02-brinsley forde-emotional crisis (inglaterra)-r2r
03-ghettox-tengan cuidado (costa rica)-r2r
04-chulito camacho-senor agente (espana)-r2r
05-nicky b-nah get away (jamaica)-r2r
06-rude buay-intentan someterme (costa rica)-r2r
07-ill nspecta-tv (alemania)-r2r
08-lukie d-high (jamaica)-r2r
09-bandido-ya cayo uno mas (panama)-r2r
10-lexie lee-pond side (eeuu -jamaica)-r2r
11-julius-lache toi (francia)-r2r
12-lion sitte-y tu a quien tienes (espana)-r2r
13-tapon-los boys del guetto (costa rica)-r2r
14-mad killah-its all about dancing (francia)-r2r
15-hermano l-van para mal (espana)-r2r
16-dr rinding-like army (alemania)-r2r
17-banton-contacto (costa rica)-r2r
18-rapsusklei-cuidado feat kartyer nene (espana)-r2r
19-nemo-pull up selecta (francia)-r2r
20-chulito camacho-beware of dog riddim (espana)-r2r
01-klymatik de crowd pleasa-secret agent party animal-yard
01-mr snyp and killa mic-come with me
02-turbulence and fight-sometimes is hard
03-straika d-flam
04-nzh and flaya-leve ton poing
05-blackkayo-vibes bon vibeses
06-lion klash guy blankko precious and dimi donkya-boss up da party
07-nicky b et fefe typical-baby girl
08-dagger kkilla-kreol vibes
10-master kool b-saliya
11-kiddosie and jahna-feel da rhythm
13-kazbad-nou pou faya
14-lion klash and dj kingdom-balance la sauce
15-benjam kamnouze and ras team (intro nono)-974
16-dagger kkila and bramma-work together
17-ras ricky-free
18-precious (sista jubile)-ole ole
19-krys-no crack
20-fefe typical-lets dance
21-shifta and sulflex-born widl
22-don panik yenla and nancy-sega dancehalll
23-kat de luna and elephant man-wine up (dancehall version) (bonus track)
01-wayne marshall-call the police-row
02-alley cat-why we-row
03-alaine-get over me-row
04-busy signal-hard times-row
05-camar-only you-row
06-daville-oh baby feat. don yute-row
09-marcus i-journey-row
10-kris kelly-only for love-row
11-bunny rugz-world today-row
12-norris man-fire fi burn-row
13-version-kool runnings riddim-row
01-gangsta familly-entre zeb et lageol-row
02-tiken-lageol pa mol-row
01-anthony b – no bwoy can dis-vod
02-anthony cruz – i am a jamaican-vod
03-beenie man – what would you do-vod
04-capleton – get us down-vod
05-don mafia – mafia mafia-vod
06-elephant man – bad mind-vod
07-fanton mojah – done dem-vod
08-glamaton – love again-vod
09-heather cummings – gi mi love-vod
10-i ford – modern-vod
11-king hopton – hard times-vod
12-kiprich – fake friend-vod
13-mickeylous – instant hit-vod
14-movado and vybz kartel – happiest days-vod
15-mr peppa – pick up yourself-vod
16-perfect – kill some city-vod
17-red rat – living in hell-vod
18-shaggy and big yard crew – gangster-vod
19-singer j and admiral bailey – like this before-vod
20-teflon-while you can-vod
21-version-laminated riddim-vod
22-villa dutch and fekez-be my lady-vod
01-camar (flava)-meant to be-row
02-natural black-9 to 5-row
03-anthony b-good life-row
04-daville-in my arms-row
05-nicky b-its been so long-row
06-vc-its time-row
08-hawk-too many garrisson-row
10-voicemail-looks are deceiving-row
11-norrisman-life and liberty-row
12-sean paul-mama i love you-row
13-morgan heritage-why feat. laza-row
14-lukie d-hide in your eyes-row
15-tami chin-sweet love-row
01-yaniss odua feat matinda and straika d-ouvre les yeux
02-straika d-la volonte
03-yaniss odua-cool higher
04-matinda feat marsha kate-la vie sans toi
05-yaniss odua-pas comme ca
06-straika d-no limit
07-matinda feat l.t-sa nou le
08-straika d feat blue eyes-high to night
09-matinda-golden doudou
10-yaniss odua-mr music
11-matinda-golden doudou (accoustic mix)
01-machel montano-jamishness-hlc
02-machel montano-jamishness (tv mix)-hlc
03-peter c lewis-more gal-hlc
04-farmer nappy ft. anthony b-chippin (wit me own woman)-hlc
01-Joy Denalane and Jah Mason-Let Go-FRP
02-Ginjah-Be Strong-FRP
03-Joy Denalane-Let Go-FRP
04-Junior Kelly-Fools and Follies-FRP
05-Anthony B-How Could I-FRP
06-Natural Black-Rise Of The Poor-FRP
07-Zap Mama-Spirits-FRP
08-Nosliw-Allerletzte Chance-FRP
09-Rootdown and Nesola Feat. Anthony B Natural Black Joy Denalane and Jah Mason Ginjah Nosliw-Let Go Megamix-FRP
01-luciano and ras zacharri-river jordan
02-ava leigh-over the bridge
03-jah mali-jah works we tek up
04-manasseh-levi rhythm
01-va lexxxus sound-soca gone clear 2k7 mix
01-lyricson – cant go on-gmg
02-jah tool – on nous appelle-gmg
03-the viceroys – lightning and thunder-gmg
04-final call – version-gmg
01-sizzla-whats up-r2r
02-lms-rock the station-r2r
03-elephant man-escalade bumper (remix)-r2r
04-bounty killer-bad man graduation (remix)-r2r
05-beenie man-run mi down (remix)-r2r
06-glamma kd-pay as you go-r2r
08-sizzla-stop the brutality (remix)-r2r
09-turbulence-nah sell out-r2r
10-anthony b-love and affection-r2r
11-chuckie starr-down in the ghetto-r2r
12-serah jane ft. merciless-try me-r2r
13-queen omega-know the business-r2r
14-macka b-children children-r2r
15-dee ellington-dry hand man-r2r
16-phoebe one-one drop-r2r
01-va-lionheart sounds present-rise up-pure anywear-hlc
01-capleton – let the people down-vod
02-chip i prophet – livity nuh nice-vod
03-chrisinti – no more crying-vod
04-lalumba – brainfood-vod
05-luciano – judgement-vod
06-moses i – kick down sufferation-vod
07-turbulence – ghetto youth-vod
08-uplifter – marijuana-vod
09-version – livity nuh nice riddim-vod
01-munga-close to me woman-row
02-singer j-dancing-row
03-vybz kartel-hot gal-row
04-capleton and f. passion-love like this-row
05-wayne marshall-pon a mission-row
06-capes-squeeze it-row
07-harry toddler-tek it pass dem-row
08-i kay-hot boy-row
09-teflon-dont give up-row
10-shot belly-left cigarette-row
11-sizzla-youths are the future-row
12-norrisman-boy dem face-row
13-hallow point-no pet dem-row
14-jah marlo-one a way-row
15-major christie-leaning on you-row
01-shynz-mistaken identity-csv
02-althea di chick-boom boom boom-csv
03-high quality-my angel my voice-csv
04-juleen-come to me-csv
05-junior tamlin-what a man to do-csv
06-oliver smooth-so happy-csv
07-charmaine limonius-ven a mi-csv
08-bunny brown-send your love-csv
09-pam hall-show the children-csv
10-capital d-baby dont cry-csv
11-ras manasseh-study yuh book-csv
12-tinga stewart-caan cool-csv
13-gavinchi-another day-csv
14-tony tuff-give thanks and praise-csv
15-dwight pinkney-love and peace rock-csv
01-chello richie lion feat. hunnie comb-darkie girl-hlc
02-hunnie comb feat. gounz man-plead-hlc
03-gounz man-show u the way-hlc
04-lady zion-honey (i love u)-hlc
06-medely-the love rididm-hlc
07-version-the love riddim-hlc
01-chello richie lion feat. hunnie comb-darkie girl-repack-hlc
02-hunnie comb feat. gounz man-plead-repack-hlc
03-gounz man-show u the way-repack-hlc
04-lady zion-honey (i love u)-repack-hlc
06-medely-the love rididm-repack-hlc
07-version-the love riddim-repack-hlc
01-tarrus riley – life so hard
02-mr.g – hair dresser shop
03-determine feat. mr.g – rasta baldhead
04-pinchers – forgive me
05-i-octane – straight from the ghetto
06-version – lucky 7 riddim
01-tarrus riley – farmers anthem
02-prezident brown – lust and love
03-buju banton – relive my life
01-vaughan benjamin and lutan fyah – stay with his majesty-gmg
02-n.listrani – stay with his majesty dub version-gmg
03-lutan fyah princess menen and khari kill – why why why-gmg
04-n.listrani – why why why dub version-gmg
01-rupee-god needed an angel-row
02-gramps morgan-always and forever-row
03-lindo p-lets get married-row
04-trevor off key-on my way-row
05-mojo morgan-guilty in advance-row
06-peetah heritage-salute them-row
07-spragga benz-dont go down-row
08-faddah rat-bubble-row
09-irie love-love-row
10-laza-top of this world-row
11-nadine sutherland-give them the strength-row
12-alicia keys-no one feat. junior reid-row
01-movado – say wa u want to say
02-busy signal – see dem from a far
03-preditor – get sum coppa
04-advance – thugs hearth cold
05-anarchie – buss it through him head
06-george p – weh some artiste buss n gone
07-george p – gunshot fi beat off
08-dada – mix up
01-shane-o feat baby chris – zeen
02-ricky sprakrett – hey
03-propa – browning
04-version – madagasta riddim
01-steely ft. junior killa (aka john buk wild) – wukup terrorists
02-scotchy ft. selectaz and mills – wukup and get on bad
03-bim – wine down dey (bounce)
01-va-madd squad-the last chapter (hosted by bounty killer)
01-elephant man-dance and knock it-row
02-t.o.k-summer body-row
03-voicemail-get on the dance floor-row
04-blacker-boasty wind feat. kiprich-row
05-macka diamond-dandy shandy-row
06-tami chynn-need a rudeboy-row
07-sean paul-pick it up and drop it-row
08-version-madness riddim-row
01-madd-ugly girls sweet-jah
02-timmy-bam bam-jah
03-madd-hole in de bowl-jah
04-spin pooch ink feat b rocker-de new key-jah
05-captain sawyer-big woman down-jah
06-linskee-girl talk-jah
07-madd feat pc broomes kid site-madd zr song-jah
08-john mahameed-curry wine-jah
10-hannibal smith-live wires-jah
11-spin pooch ink feat mali-top man-jah
12-nikman-wanta wuk-jah
13-madd-hole in de bowl (okra version)-jah
101-bunny wailer-400 years
102-gregory isaacs-kingston 14
103-elephant man-hero (skit)
104-third world-96
105-bunny wailer-rastafari (skit)
106-capleton-that day will come
107-elephant man-stop war (skit)
108-toots and the maytals-love is the best
109-bunny wailer-no woman no cry
110-joseph current-you shaterred my life
111-gregory isaacs-temptation
112-toots and the maytals-54-46
113-shiah coore and cat coore-old mans soul
114-capleton-fire burn (skit)
115-capleton-jah is my everything
116-gregory isaacs-the border
117-bunny wailer-sherif (skit)
118-bunny wailer-i shot the sheriff
119-koolant-rat race
120-joseph current-mr gunner man
121-tanya stephens-cant breathe
122-beres hammond-celebrate life
123-toots and the maytals-so excited
201-lady saw-france
202-elephant man-redemption song
203-elephant man-bootie dance
204-lady saw-bad gal
205-elephant man-ghetto (skit)
206-bounty killer-red light zone
207-vybz kartel-we a kill we
208-bounty killer-no more suffering
209-vybz kartel-emergency
210-third world-skit
211-bounty killer-talk to dem
212-vybz kartel-realest thing
213-blessed stephens-gangsta girl
214-doc marshall-deja vu
215-brick and lace-out of my mind
216-doc marshall and koolant-girls
217-alaine laughton-we can go
218-elephant man-jamaican national anthem
01-elephant man-3 step-r2r
02-kiprich and blacker-boosie wine-r2r
03-macka diamond-dandy sandy-r2r
04-sean paul-drop it-r2r
05-tami chynn-need a rude boy-r2r
06-t.o.k.-summer body-r2r
07-voicemail-get on the dance floor-r2r
08-christopher birch-madness riddim-r2r
01-tippa irie and lloyd brown-thats that
02-marie claire-irreplaceable
03-santana-save room
04-don campbell-you remind me
05-tesaide-still the one
06-thrilla u-always and forever
07-lady lex-want to
08-kofi-rocking eternally
09-winston reedy-favourite girl
10-marie claire and 2 nice-upgrade you
11-jnr dangerous-ride bike
12-2 nice and valley-smack that
13-sexy p-not interested
14-jnr dangerous-up in de club
15-kofi-pon de replay
16-sandra melody-no little scrubs
01-va-marley days-retail cd-r2r
01-althia and donna-uptown top ranking-hft
02-aswad-dont turn around-hft
04-pato banton feat. ali and robin cambell-baby come back-hft
05-ken boothe-everything i own-hft
06-dennis brown-money in my pocket-hft
07-desmond dekker and the aces-israelites-hft
08-chaka demus and pliers-tease me-hft
09-inner circle-sweat ( a la la la la long)-hft
10-janet kay-silly games-hft
11-cj lewis-sweets for my sweet-hft
12-donna marie-think twice-hft
13-bob marley and the wailers-one love-people get ready-hft
14-bob marley and the wailers-three little birds-hft
15-bitty mclean-it keeps raining-hft
16-sugar minott-good thing going-hft
17-dawn penn-you dont love me (no no no)-hft
18-shabba ranks-mr loverman-hft
19-shabba ranks feat. krystal-twice my age-hft
20-shaggy-oh carolina-hft
21-ub40-kingston town-hft
22-ub40 and chrissie hynde-i got you babe-hft
01-va-maumausounds presents easy mix vol.3-row
01-va-maumausounds presents riddim fi riddim vol.16-row
01-beenie man – tell dem fe go weh
02-bling dawg – fear nuh body
03-determine – bawl and mourn
04-lukie d – heaven in your eyes
05-sizzla – righteous cause
06-vybz kartel – give thanks
04-maximum damage – version
01-byronn feat x man-man pa sav
02-kalash-en ba fey
03-t-jy-bo clat
01-therapy-hot like ah blazer
02-blazer dan-smoothe
03-menace (three-suns)-wuk of yuh life
04-c donia-nah hot like you
05-d lox-a ready
06-version-the me too riddim
01-anthony cruz-rumours and lies-jah
02-capleton-no fold hand-jah
03-meditation riddim-version-jah
01-richie davis – it reminds me
02-lukie d – so lonely
03-john holt – sugar sugar
04-johnny clarke – ive got the handle
05-don campbell – ive got it
06-cornel campbell – aint no love
07-anthony cruz – my love
08-mike anthony – dont stop
09-frankie paul – sleepless weekend
10-slim smith – everybody needs love
11-john holt – its a pleasure
12-tony curtis – hold me darling
13-richie davis – let me down easy
14-amberlique – youre my sunshine
15-don carlos – to late to turn back
16-frankie paul – loverman
17-george nooks – come along way
18-slim smith – out of love
19-horace andy – bless you
20-earl sixteen – need your company
01-warrior king-melody-rks
02-anju kumbz ft flourgon-big sound-rks
03-buju banton-hold me tight-rks
04-taurus riley-protect your neck-rks
05-bling dawg-whats life-rks
01-va-mighty crown-will never die (dubplate mix)
01-va-militant inification movement-put down de gun inna trinidad
01-luciano-time after time
02-mykal rose-tell me
03-turbulence-my children
04-maxi priest-make me wanna holla
05-gyptian-let me know
06-capleton-never let dem
07-sizzla-jah say
08-jah mason-material world
09-fantan mojah-jah make me stronger
10-chuck fender-love no care
11-carroll thompson-fly away
12-frankie paul-life
13-flash and ninja ford-loneliness
14-sugar minott-positive vibe
15-mikeylous-sticky part 2
16-mr perfect-give you love
17-anthony que-on the right track
18-kwest-your time will come
19-levysill-know yourself
20-l.i. on music-million riddim
01-blacker-better gyal-r2r
02-christopher martin-fi yuh money-r2r
03-d major-good girls-r2r
04-danny english-make it in life-r2r
05-delicious-you dont have to sneak in the door-r2r
06-general degree-dem a fool (edit)-r2r
07-general degree-dem a fool (raw)-r2r
08-hawkeye-fire love-r2r
09-iceman-wine (edit)-r2r
10-iceman-wine (raw)-r2r
11-lady g-we nah fraid ah dem (edit)-r2r
12-lady g-we nah fraid ah dem (raw)-r2r
13-nitty kutchie-girl-r2r
14-tanya stephens-bwoy like you (edit)-r2r
15-tanya stephens-bwoy like you (raw)-r2r
01-golden neggle-some struggle
02-eyes-all them a fighta
03-golden neggle-jah gate
04-golden neggle-take my love
05-golden neggle ragga ev-money worries
06-golden neggle singin chris d z-high grade
07-ragga ev golden neggle-dont stop
08-golden neggle-rastaman
09-singin chris-rebel
10-smoky jo-must be revolution
11-singin chris smoky jo-ras bass dubplate
01-toots and the maytals – funky kingston-gmg
02-lone ranger – the answer-gmg
03-sugar minott – steal away girl-gmg
04-burning spear – marcus garvey-gmg
05-black uhuru – what is life-gmg
06-stephen marley – mind control-gmg
07-bob marley and the wailers – exodus (live)-gmg
08-yabby you trinity mts dillinger – jesus dread-gmg
09-u roy and the congos – fisherman style-gmg
10-freddie mckay – im a free man-gmg
11-the heptones – message from a black man-gmg
12-james eastwood – darkest night-gmg
13-prince far i – black man land-gmg
14-keith hudson and the soul syndicate – nuh skin up dub-gmg
15-lee perry and the upsetters – curly dub-gmg
01-va-monsters (mixed by 4korners)
01-fireball-some lies-csv
02-chucky-to the one i love-csv
03-richard trumpet-if you want it-csv
04-version-moonlight riddim-csv
01-singing melody-more and more-gully
02-morgan heritage-love you right-gully
04-mitch-this is real-gully
05-lymie murray-slow and easy-gully
01-mr. goggles-cruisin vibes-csv
01-soltex 3000-wacky jackson-r2r
02-firelinkz-haters hate we-r2r
03-zumjay and hottoball-calling all dancers-r2r
04-bunji garlin-fire now-r2r
05-milonie and bay-c(t.o.k)-wine on you-r2r
07-frisco kid-fire dem up-r2r
08-kadillac and cris cross-kadillac-r2r
09-version-murda riddim-r2r
01-va-indian mega (voodoo mix)
02-va-baandh mere (thunder mix)
03-va-chalne lagi hawaein (one time rmx)
04-va-chunri re (x factory mix)
05-va-mera dil (da ceiling rmx)
06-va-dil na diya (trance mixx)
07-va-dus bahaane (touch it remix)
08-va-ghoomar (i dare u rmx)
09-va-barso re (reggaeton rmx)
10-va-ankhiyan na maar (2 hot 4 u rmx)
11-va-deewani (deep drum mix)
12-va-ladkai badi anjain hai (latin remix)
13-va-khaike paan banaraswala (tribal remix)
14-va-just walk into my life (du luv remix)
15-va-natasha (remix)
16-va-des rangila (roll it remix)
17-va-silsila hai pyar ka (old school rmx)
18-va-laga prem rog (soka remix)
01-va-musical expedition-aftermath-wop up the place part 2-hlc
01-musical mix-ganja farmer-csv
01-va-muzick machine ft one draww-town and country link up
01-va-mvp soundcrew-socaphonics vol 6-(bootleg)-2007-hlc
01-al campbell-national front-row
02-chezidek-leggo the herbman-row
04-lukie d-cant breathe-row
06-mister flash-daily bread-row
07-junior kelly-need a break-row
08-version-national front riddim-row
01-denis alcapone-baby version
02-lone ranger-tribute to marley
03-barrington levy-robin hood
04-don carlos-mr sun
05-captain sinbad-the eye of the tiger
06-black roots-juvenile delinquent
07-aisha-evil spirits
08-queen i-frica-below the waist
09-chezidek-far i
01-dennis brown-concrete castle king
02-little john-time longer than rope
03-toyan-dread in babylon
04-culture-jah tabernacle
05-african dub vol.1-midnight movie
06-yellowman-getting divorce
07-zap pow-bubblinover
08-african dub vol.2-third world
01-jah cure-most high cup full-gmg
02-natural black-jah jah bless me-gmg
03-capleton-jah jah live-gmg
04-sizzla-chant dem down-gmg
05-the heptones-baby-gmg
06-gg s all stars-iron gate-gmg
07-i kong-zion s pathway-gmg
08-bullwackies-free for all-gmg
09-lion youth-rat a cut bottle-gmg
01-chrisinti-new beginning-rks
02-lutan fyah-last trumpet-rks
03-jah mason-my people-rks
04-turbulence-live up right-rks
05-teflon-oh what a joy-rks
07-sasha-fat black woman-rks
08-bascom x-longing to be free-rks
09-radical-dont get heart broken-rks
10-kerry-i know-rks
11-kiprich-more love-rks
12-shareese-come and get it-rks
13-new kingston-time is precious-rks
14-jay-i surrender-rks
15-marsha-you know i love you-rks
16-iley dread-world crisis-rks
17-tony curtis-dance dance-rks
18-christopher-nothing but love-rks
19-michele-inspire me o jah-rks
20-rochelle-ill be your empress-rks
21-new beginning-instrumental-rks
02-tanya stephens-what about you-s33n
03-vybz kartel-standing in the rain-s33n
01-chico-dont you-jah
02-black kappa-outtadoor-jah
03-ill inspecta-seet deh-jah
04-ryno-me glad-jah
05-rebellion the recaller-straight-jah
06-sojah-party all day-jah
07-choppa chop-stressfree-jah
01-elephant man-no raper-r2r
02-sizzla-ban bad mind-r2r
03-anthony b-caan put hand pon mi-r2r
04-hit list-nuh draw mi out-r2r
05-geefus and fambo-party time-r2r
06-motion-roll deep-r2r
07-nitty kutchy-buss off yuh face-r2r
08-power man-nuh fraid-r2r
09-chin and big pop-dem waan fi war-r2r
10-monster empire-i smoke-r2r
11-unknown artist-category 5-r2r
01-elephant man – head top (raw)
02-elephant man – head top (edit)
03-anthony b – dem a war (raw)
04-anthony b – dem a war (edit)
05-damage – what goes around (raw)
06-damage – what goes around (edit)
07-munga – gangsta name (deva diss) (raw)
08-munga – gangsta name (deva diss) (edit)
09-deva bratt – night creature (munga diss) (raw)
10-deva bratt – night creature (munga diss) (edit)
11-einstein – rest it pan dem (raw)
12-einstein – rest it pan dem (edit)
13-mega sample – rise mine (raw)
14-mega sample – rise mine (edit)
15-version – night creature riddim
01-Bounty Killer – Killa na trace-nG
02-Costo – Nine-nG
03-G – What does it take ft. Spawner-nG
04-Joe Seeova and Spawner – Taking Over-nG
05-Rising Sun – Ten thousand-nG
06-Seeova – Sugarcane-nG
07-Version – Produced by Sheldon Rodney aka Spawner-nG
02-rally bak-wifey material-r2r
04-s.cani-jolly day-r2r
05-mad indian-wey u do im-r2r
06-zulu-miss lou-r2r
07-priceable-dj story-r2r
08-wissy wassy movie star johnny speng-youts dem-r2r
09-supa sass-material girlz-r2r
10-aaron kedar-drugs-r2r
11-amani-luv me-r2r
12-zulu-stress free-r2r
13-gov tiggy-show me u grend-r2r
14-priceable-nookie price-r2r
15-flex uk-no fren-r2r
17-zulu-kitty kat-r2r
18-zulu-weakest link-r2r
19-unknown artist-me one can-r2r
20-zulu-dear momma-r2r
01-choppa chop-set it off-csv
02-inspecta-come fight me-csv
03-million stylez-call his name-csv
04-version-no borders-csv
05-ziggi-good over evil-csv
01-burro banton-badder dan dem
02-collie buddz-give me da love
03-shaggy ft. screechie and red fox-girls like
04-chezidek-me nah run
05-junior reid-stand up
01-va-noble society live from the frontline the mixtape album (retail cd)-r2r
01-beenie man-nah go bad me up-gully
02-spice-im back-gully
03-deva bratt-a nah them alone can buss gun-gully
04-ward 21-if you should diss we-gully
05-mr peppa-full a stamina-gully
06-perfect-oh mama-gully
07-mad cobra-tell me how me bad so-gully
08-ratigan-battyman cyaah go a beach-gully
09-macka diamond-gotta have money-gully
10-jd-i never leave my pipi-gully
11-anthony b-bobo man get outta tempa-gully
12-assailiant-nah tek nuh check from dark up car-gully
13-zinc fence-put yuh hand up-gully
14-north coast riddim-version-gully
01-di unusual – angle
02-einstein – anywhey
03-bling dawg – as it is
04-busy signal – bilias
05-east coast ft. mitch – corrupt system
06-vybz kartel – gangsta roll
07-shane o – girls tingaling
08-busy signal – gone a lead
09-macka diamond – ova me
10-marlon binns feat new kidz – rolling high
11-elephant man – shell unno
12-voicemail – show off
13-tina nunez – test me
14-lutan fyah – to hell wid it
15-movado – up to
16-bad cash – visions and dreams
01-blacka dan-a who him-row
02-blonde ras-govern feat. devonte-row
03-dangel-nah tek him back feat. vybz kartel (beenie man and barbie diss)-row
04-danielle-controversy (dangel diss)-row
05-erup-roll serious-row
06-frisco kid-model gal-row
07-junior cat-touch land-row
08-monster hemp higher-monster for life-row
09-earthworm- none of my gun dem-row
10-red fox-we got tonight-row
11-tony matterhorn-stop hail-row
12-version-ol axel riddim-row
03-gyptian-give thanks-r2r
07-hero-wicked hafi run-r2r
12-major christie-always true-r2r
17-mystic man feat. smoke-money cant buy life-r2r
01-tanya stephens-call me back
02-chezidek-buss no gun
03-gentleman-do the right thing
04-kulcha knox-hard working woman
05-tommy b-wa dem fighting fa
06-morgan heritage-jah comes only
07-capleton-make a try
08-curtis prophet and skillman-sign of the time
09-warrior king-you say you love
10-little hero-when youre up
11-determine-good times bad times
12-junior kelly-give me strength
14-anthony b-take time
15-prince canary x-false pretense
16-turbulence-thats life
17-natural black-judgement
18-mikey dangerous-dont go pretending
19-perfect-mama says
01-perfect – jamaica is the best
02-unknown – police inna mi ting
03-unknown – land of my birth
04-anthony b and singer j – girls dem we love
05-mikey lous – far from dem
06-unknown – guns
07-unknown – big arguement
08-villah dutch and feekez – war and violence
09-jungle jesus – stop unu war
10-lutan fyah – sing a song
11-ninjaman – weh dem ah guh do
12-sizzla – wise up
13-chuck fender – soldier
14-natural black – leff yuh attitude
15-george nooks – badda than
16-version – one up riddim
01-george nooks-badder than-jah
02-mickylous-far from dem-jah
03-perfect-jamiaca is paradise-jah
05-anthony b and singer j-girls dem love we-jah
06-glamaton-wrong inna jamaica-jah
07-natural black-lef yuh attitude-jah
08-villa dutch and freeze-bare war and voilence-jah
09-prezident brown-big argument-jah
10-shocking murray-jamaica land of birth-jah
11-sizzla-wise up-jah
12-one up riddim-version-jah
01-al borosie-right or wrong-gmg
02-conscious fiyah-live up-gmg
03-skarra mucci-glory glory-gmg
04-lutan fyah-hypocrits-gmg
05-jahcoustix-tears of happiness-gmg
06-earl 16 feat jospeh cotton-bun down soddom-gmg
07-spectacular-rally round-gmg
08-luciano-use jah words-gmg
09-uwe banton-love light-gmg
10-oneness band-version-gmg
01-sean paul-pick it up
02-shaggy feat. rik rok and tony gold-bonafide love
03-movado-top shotta
04-wayne wonder-for my love
05-razah feat. rihanna-where do we go
06-morgan heritage-caribbean party
07-teddyson john-coming down d road
08-mr. slaughter-spread the love
09-cultura profetica tribute to the legend bob marley-is this love (live)
10-david kirton-green camoflauge
11-mims feat. sean kingston vybz kartel and mr. vegas-like this
12-daddy yankee-ella me levanto
13-zion-zun da da
14-hector el father feat. ken y-te vas
15-divino-pobre corazon
16-dj nelson presenta valerie-anda y dile
17-v.r.-cayendo en ti
18-tony touch feat. voltio and the beatnuts-ese pito
19-dj nelson f.-huey dunbar and de la ghetto-anoche
20-guary and cleyton-con mambo
01-bad cash-vision and dreams-s33n
02-bling dawg-as it is-s33n
03-boom steppa-so much to me-s33n
04-busy signal-bilias-s33n
05-busy signal-gone a lead-s33n
06-di unusual-angle-s33n
07-east coast and mitch-corrupt system-s33n
09-elephant man-shell unno-s33n
10-jagwa-tun it on-s33n
11-lutan fyah-to hell wid it-s33n
12-macka diamond-ova you-s33n
13-marvin binns and new kidz-rolling high-s33n
14-mavado-up to (edit)-s33n
15-shano-gal ting a ling-s33n
16-tina nunez-test me-s33n
17-voicemail-show off-s33n
18-vybz kartel-when gangsta roll-s33n
01-pumpman-overboard (radio)-hlc
02-chucky-reggae dancin-hlc
03-journey-i wanna know-hlc
04-jah son-love stronger than crime-hlc
05-tnts finest-never could forget-hlc
06-trini heart-jah is real-hlc
07-pumpman-overboard (street)-hlc

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