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03-ras nas-dar-es-salaam
04-ras nas-trouble in a dub
05-ras nas-sweet rhythms
06-ras nas-sina makosa (simba wa nyika)
07-ras nas-zakina
08-ras nas-dance rhumba
01-rasites-rasites come
03-rasites-with a little hope
04-rasites-ithiopian queen
05-rasites-no fear
06-rasites-one world feat. dean fraser
07-rasites-sex violence and drugs
09-rasites-because of i roots
12-rasites-fittest of the fittest
13-rasites-life goes on feat dean fraser
14-rasites-how could i forsake thee
15-rasites-ithiopian queen (video mix)
16-rasites-sex violence and drugs (dub)
17-rasites-life goes on (acoustic mix)
01-rebel muffin-mama africa-r2r
02-rebel muffin-oh my love-r2r
03-rebel muffin-the truth-r2r
04-rebel muffin-livity-r2r
05-rebel muffin-peace and love-r2r
06-rebel muffin-nanana-r2r
07-rebel muffin-one love-r2r
08-rebel muffin-run away-r2r
09-rebel muffin-love is the connection-r2r
10-rebel muffin-good vibration ska-r2r
01-redlyte (big mon)-intro
02-redlyte (big mon)-ride out (feat boku)
03-redlyte (big mon)-doctor (feat lunch money)
04-redlyte (big mon)-cant stop me (feat grafh)
05-redlyte (big mon)-watch me when i do it (freestyle)
06-redlyte (big mon)-trini flag (freestyle)
07-redlyte (big mon)-beds2big (feat inner circle and pitbull)
08-redlyte (big mon)-outro
09-redlyte (big mon)-addicted (freestyle)
10-redlyte (big mon)-higher
11-redlyte (big mon)-heaven
12-redlyte (big mon)-lunch money (get grown)
13-redlyte (big mon)-bizerk feat junior jazz (soulja)
14-redlyte (big mon)-inner circle feat lutan fiyah (gun ting)
01-revalation-self esteem
02-revalation-live u live
04-revalation-flames on
05-revalation-you are someone
06-revalation-just getting even
07-revalation-jah is there
08-revalation-serious matters
09-revalation-real revalutionary feat. pressure
10-revalation-bun weed
11-revalation-hard to handle
12-revalation-evil doers
13-revalation-petty thief feat. niyorah
14-revalation-live it up right
15-revalation-breath of life
01-rhymatic-har inte komme laangt
02-rhymatic-fan bryr jag mi foer feat. suzy the gun
03-rhymatic-blaasa ut ljuset feat. suzy the gun
04-rhymatic-massmedia feat. suzy the gun and oskar franzen
05-rhymatic-bracka feat. suzy the gun
06-rhymatic-kloeva feat. ras cricket
07-rhymatic-staa upp feat. suzy the gun and diegojah
08-rhymatic-storebror feat. suzy the gun and d-chi
09-rhymatic-8 bars mord feat. bacardy diegojah d-chi milkweed ozz oskar franzen and ras cricket
10-rhymatic-haall di frisk feat. ida
11-rhymatic-konsumera feat. ras cricket
12-rhymatic-du fraelsa min sjael
13-rhymatic-skillnad feat. suzy the gun and oskar franzen
01-richie phoe-eye on the prize (feat tippa irie)
02-richie phoe-eye on the dub (feat tippa irie)
03-richie phoe-step at a time
01-richie spice-how-rks
02-richie spice-something on my mind-rks
03-richie spice-honey in dem face-rks
04-richie spice-glad i got you-rks
05-richie spice-your light of this world-rks
06-richie spice-bet you never know-rks
07-richie spice-motherland africa-rks
08-richie spice-i dont need your loving-rks
09-richie spice-everything-rks
10-richie spice-dont worry be happy-rks
11-richie spice-calling my name-rks
12-richie spice-just the other day-rks
13-richie spice-drap tap-rks
14-richie spice-friday face-rks
15-richie spice-gather them up-rks
01-rick wayne – my father judge proper-gmg
02-ras muffet – my father judge dub mix proper-gmg
03-hornsman coyote – coyote horns proper-gmg
04-ras muffet – coyote dub proper-gmg
01-riddim conference-struggle
02-riddim conference-struggle dub
02-rizon-amnesia (tv track)
01-rockamovya-take the night-ashanti
02-rockamovya-ya better rally-ashanti
03-rockamovya-the bounty-ashanti
04-rockamovya-warrior sound-ashanti
05-rockamovya-battling within-ashanti
06-rockamovya-red rose-ashanti
07-rockamovya-coolin i-ashanti
08-rockamovya-brown stew fish-ashanti
09-rockamovya-rock in place-ashanti
10-rockamovya-horse dance-ashanti
01-royalty and unity-so hard inna babylon-csv
01-rudebwoy face-intro-jah
02-rudebwoy face-rumbo-jah
03-rudebwoy face-a message to-jah
04-rudebwoy face-watch out featuring mison b-jah
05-rudebwoy face-whoo-jah
06-rudebwoy face-skit-magnum baby-jah
07-rudebwoy face-lovin you featuring aco-jah
08-rudebwoy face-rum dancehall-jah
09-rudebwoy face-rudebwoy-jah
10-rudebwoy face-deejay deejay-jah
11-rudebwoy face-coremuffin-jah
12-rudebwoy face-nice and sweet-jah
13-rudebwoy face-sadness song-jah
14-rudebwoy face-oneday-jah
01-ruffi-ann-save the juvenile-riddim
01-sadiki-dancer (dandh remix)-yvp
02-sadiki-no boring ride (dandh remix)-yvp
03-sadiki-dancin (dandh remix)-yvp
01-sam ragga band-ibis dub
02-sam ragga band-stop firing dub
03-sam ragga band-why dub
04-sam ragga band-wasser dub
05-sam ragga band-poor mans affair dub
06-sam ragga band-die welt steht still dub
07-sam ragga band-new morning dub
08-sam ragga band-new morning rub-a-dub
09-sam ragga band-big curve dub
10-sam ragga band-schade dub
11-sam ragga band-killah drillah dub
12-sam ragga band-the day is now dub
13-sam ragga band-the day is now (original style)
01-scientist-mr babylon dub
02-scientist-never trouble dub
03-scientist-light and dub
04-scientist-time and place for dub
05-scientist-wah dah dub
06-scientist-the greatest dub
07-scientist-mr landlord
08-scientist-stop spreading dub
09-scientist-bad boy dub
10-scientist-bad posse dub
11-scientist-undying dub
12-scientist-joker dub
13-scientist-eveready dub
14-scientist-havenless dub
15-scientist-moving away to dub
16-scientist-take a dub
01-sean paul-home alone-riddim
01-sebastian sturm-be righteous
02-sebastian sturm-invitation (feat. jahcoustix)
03-sebastian sturm-seeing things
04-sebastian sturm-her eyes
05-sebastian sturm-waste too much time
06-sebastian sturm-irie place
07-sebastian sturm-ey honey
08-sebastian sturm-true music
09-sebastian sturm-sunbeam
10-sebastian sturm-no wiser
11-sebastian sturm-start it today
12-sebastian sturm-one moment
01-selena serrano feat sizzla-dont think-riddim
02-selena serrano feat sizzla-dont think (version)-riddim
01-sena – too late-gmg
02-judik – dub late-gmg
03-sena – bun it out-gmg
04-juni k – dub it out-gmg
02-bramma-all i see-gully
03-bramma-march out-gully
04-bramma-heading to the top-gully
05-bramma-beat it pon all-gully
06-bramma-last sound standing-gully
08-bramma feat chino-set it off-gully
09-bramma feat benjamin and x-files-no know bout war-gully
10-bramma-run fi him life-gully
11-bramma-stop watch me-gully
12-bramma-nuh fraid-gully
13-bramma-better must come-gully
14-bramma-badman town-gully
15-bramma-play play clash-gully
16-bramma feat einstein-how dem fi-gully
17-bramma-talk dem ah talk-gully
18-bramma-from dem-gully
19-bramma-stand alone-gully
20-bramma-war is on-gully
21-bramma-value of a lady-gully
01-sentinel pow pow and mighty crown-live at summerjam 2008 pt1
02-sentinel pow pow and mighty crown-live at summerjam 2008 pt2
03-sentinel pow pow and mighty crown-live at summerjam 2008 pt3
04-sentinel pow pow and mighty crown-live at summerjam 2008 pt4
05-sentinel pow pow and mighty crown-live at summerjam 2008 pt5
01-shaggy-save a life-riddim
02-shaggy-save a life (instrumental)-riddim
01-oungku-musical bomb
02-oungku-shaolin tempo
03-esther dyer-no drama
05-oungku-super hero
06-esther dyer-loosen up
07-oungku-the flow
08-esther dyer-position
09-oungku-pordie on
10-oungku-leah we dance
11-esther dyer-latch on
12-oungku-want to jam
13-oungku-funk in soca
14-onika bostic-steal the show (bonus track)
01-sister olidia-sodom and gomorrah
02-king earthquake-sodom dub
03-sister olidia-follow fashion
04-king earthquake-dub fashion
01-sisters-gender riots
02-sisters-sista sista
06-sisters-same voices
08-sisters-alle diese frauen
09-sisters-so viele jahre
11-sisters-grey cats
12-sisters-play with fire
01-sizzla-hottest girl-yvp
02-sizzla-exess of love-yvp
03-sizzla-love is forever-yvp
05-sizzla-oh baby-yvp
06-sizzla-dont be fed up-yvp
07-sizzla-so much for love-yvp
01-sizzla-just one of those days (dry cry)-irie
02-sizzla-praise ye jah-irie
03-sizzla-the solution-irie
04-sizzla-good ways-irie
05-sizzla-thank you mama-irie
06-sizzla-africa prepare-irie
07-sizzla-be strong-irie
08-sizzla-really and truly-irie
09-sizzla-one love-irie
10-sizzla-give me a try-irie
11-sizzla-havent i told you-irie
12-sizzla-aint gonna see us fall-irie
13-sizzla-like mountain-irie
14-sizzla-rise to the occasion-irie
15-sizzla-show more love-irie
16-sizzla-thanks and praise-irie
17-sizzla-love is divine-irie
18-sizzla-where are you running to-irie
19-sizzla-rastafari teach i everything-irie
20-sizzla-in this time (featuring luciano)-irie
21-sizzla-black woman and child-irie
01-skarface-a ska pirates life intro
02-skarface-skarface return
03-skarface-reve de jeunesse
04-skarface-rocknroll is dead
05-skarface-meetics king
06-skarface-star acasse les couilles
07-skarface-la compagnie noire (le depart)
09-skarface-se taire en chier
10-skarface-we want justice
12-skarface-rude-boy show
13-skarface-annees 80
14-skarface-le mytho
15-skarface-borstal breakout
16-skarface-ou serez vous
17-skarface-the sopranos rocksteady
18-skarface-freedomm fighter
19-skarface-le gardien
20-skarface-esprit canal
21-skarface-in the west
22-skarface-hidden track
01-sly and robbie-i love you-hlc
02-sly and robbie-born to love you-hlc
03-sly and robbie-my conversation-hlc
04-sly and robbie-hot milk-hlc
05-sly and robbie-queen majesty-hlc
06-sly and robbie-traveling man-hlc
07-sly and robbie-armagidon-hlc
08-sly and robbie-high version-hlc
09-sly and robbie-make you love me-hlc
10-sly and robbie-keep that night-hlc
11-sly and robbie-fatty fatty-hlc
01-slightly stoopid-thinkin bout cops
02-slightly stoopid-circle house blues
03-slightly stoopid-supernatural
04-slightly stoopid-chaunch
05-slightly stoopid-i would do for you
06-slightly stoopid-fruits legalize them
07-slightly stoopid-aint no reason to go
08-slightly stoopid-sinsemilla
09-slightly stoopid-no cocaine
10-slightly stoopid-london dub
11-slightly stoopid-shoobie
12-slightly stoopid-on and on
13-slightly stoopid-train 1
14-slightly stoopid-train 2
15-slightly stoopid-know you rider
16-slightly stoopid-false rhythms
17-slightly stoopid-i metal
18-slightly stoopid-she bangs
19-slightly stoopid-digital
20-slightly stoopid-foreign land
21-slightly stoopid-tom and jerry
01-smiley-dem a wonder (feat junior kelly)-riddim
02-sojah-so high (dub)-hlc
03-sojah-pon di corner (dub)-hlc
04-sojah-leave my herbs alone (dub)-hlc
05-sojah-mi madda (dub)-hlc
06-sojah-real thugz (dub)-hlc
07-sojah-the herbs (dub)-hlc
08-sojah-wha mek (dub)-hlc
09-sojah-dutty niaga (dub)-hlc
10-sojah-cyaan tek no more-hlc
11-sojah-the flag-hlc
12-sojah-government guy-hlc
13-sojah-pretty land-hlc
14-sojah-nah care (dub)-hlc
15-sojah-show me the way (dub)-hlc
16-sojah-betta than dem (dub)-hlc
17-sojah-kill a sound (dub)-hlc
18-sojah-nah tek no talk (dub)-hlc
19-sojah-crew (dub)-hlc
20-sojah-work for my own (dub)-hlc
21-sojah-wuk gal (dub)-hlc
24-sojah-run (dub)-hlc
01-spade-diggi dagga (raw)-riddim
02-spade-diggi dagga (edit)-riddim
03-bedroom war riddim (venom house prod)-version-riddim
01-spontaneous-doh tell we
01-spragga benz-tiny tot
02-spragga benz-badman class
03-spragga benz-burn pagan
04-spragga benz-number one (feat sizzla)
05-spragga benz-inna di club
06-spragga benz-mek dem chat
07-spragga benz-take it slow
08-spragga benz-for life
09-spragga benz-glock (feat sizzla)
10-spragga benz-nutten but love
01-straika d-inmen mwen
02-straika d-viv an harmonie
03-straika d-an mission
04-straika d-jah sel sav
05-straika d-vis ma vie
06-straika d-no limit
07-straika d-priere (ft. mc janik and tiwony)
08-straika d-la volonte
09-straika d-tire tchouw la
10-straika d-high tonight (ft. blues eyes)
11-straika d-bien bien
12-straika d-kontradisyon (ft. max telephe)
13-straika d-kreyol vibration (ft. jocelyne beroard)
14-straika d-il est la (ft. guy al mc)
15-straika d-afro facher (ft. les nubians)
16-straika d-energetik
17-straika d-le temps de vous faire danser
01-suburban legends-lets be friends
02-suburban legends-girls got what i want
03-suburban legends-together
04-suburban legends-polyester
05-suburban legends-fire
06-suburban legends-favorite face
07-suburban legends-unbelievable
08-suburban legends-getting down to business
09-suburban legends-villain
10-suburban legends-took my breath away
11-suburban legends-lucy
12-suburban legends-dont wanna wait
13-suburban legends-natasha (bonus track)
01-sugaman-obama going to run this country-rks
02-sugaman-them hear him-rks
03-sugaman-black president-rks
04-sugaman-vision of obama-rks
05-sugaman-john mccain-rks
06-sugaman-obama remix-rks
07-sugaman-obama calypso-rks
08-sugaman-mccain poem-rks
01-sugar aloes-reflection
02-sugar aloes-bad decision
03-sugar aloes-never again
04-sugar aloes-my observation
05-sugar aloes-jubilation
06-sugar aloes-24 hours
07-sugar aloes-do better
08-sugar aloes-whos in charge
09-sugar aloes-advice to the youths
10-sugar aloes-man to manning
01-sunrise tribe-rastaman philosophy
02-sunrise tribe-alles klar
03-sunrise tribe-what are you talkin about
04-sunrise tribe-in this world
05-sunrise tribe-bewegung
06-sunrise tribe-listen up
07-sunrise tribe-hey
08-sunrise tribe-take it slow
09-sunrise tribe-righteousness
10-sunrise tribe-sound hoeren
11-sunrise tribe-tell us what you want
12-sunrise tribe-under the heat
13-sunrise tribe-raus
14-sunrise tribe-listen up dub
01-susan cadogan-hurt so good
02-susan cadogan-let me prove my love to you
03-susan cadogan-youre mine
04-susan cadogan-losing you
05-susan cadogan-baby i love you
06-susan cadogan-falling in love
07-susan cadogan-rich girl
08-susan cadogan-tell me a lie
09-susan cadogan-peace and harmony
10-susan cadogan-hold me
11-susan cadogan-sign of the times
12-susan cadogan-homeless
13-susan cadogan-gloomy morning
14-susan cadogan-slow down
15-susan cadogan-dub so good (ariwa bonus track)
16-susan cadogan-dub signature (ariwa bonus track)
17-susan cadogan-dub down (ariwa bonus track)
01-taj weekes and adowa-angry language
02-taj weekes and adowa-propaganda war
03-taj weekes and adowa-little fire
04-taj weekes and adowa-since cain
05-taj weekes and adowa-we stand
06-taj weekes and adowa-hollow display
07-taj weekes and adowa-kink and crinkle
08-taj weekes and adowa-dark clouds
09-taj weekes and adowa-orphans cry
10-taj weekes and adowa-for today
11-taj weekes and adowa-louisiana
01-tami chynn feat. akon-kung fu fighting-riddim
01-tamika mamadee-good days (radio edit)-irie
02-tamika mamadee-see me-irie
03-tamika mamadee-so many places-irie
04-tamika mamadee-out cry-irie
05-tamika mamadee-live in love-irie
06-tamika mamadee-all the time-irie
07-tamika mamadee-got to go-irie
08-tamika mamadee-good days (original edit)-irie
09-tamika mamadee-good days (jr blender rmx)-irie
01-tarrus riley-larger than life
02-tarrus riley-jah will
03-tarrus riley-its better this way
04-tarrus riley-all is vanity
05-tarrus riley-who can stand it
06-tarrus riley-dont give up
07-tarrus riley-ill be your friend
08-tarrus riley-the other half
09-tarrus riley-take me higher
10-tarrus riley-ego
11-tarrus riley-rasta at the control
12-tarrus riley-barber chair
13-tarrus riley-love created i (bonus)
14-tarrus riley-save the children (bonus)
01-tarrus riley-cold kisses-riddim
01-teflon-jah strike dem-riddim
01-terro 3000-dagga (raw)-riddim
02-terro 3000-dagga (edit)-riddim
01-texta and house of riddim-regeln
01-the black seeds–come to me-oma
02-the black seeds–slingshot-oma
03-the black seeds–take your changes-oma
04-the black seeds–love is a radiation-oma
05-the black seeds–send a message-oma
06-the black seeds–make a move-oma
07-the black seeds–one step at a time-oma
08-the black seeds–bulletproof-oma
09-the black seeds–afrophone-oma
10-the black seeds–strugglers-oma
11-the black seeds–rotten apple-oma
12-the black seeds–the bubble-oma
13-the black seeds–make a move dub-oma
01-the blaster master-beggars catwalk
02-the blaster master-rude boy life
03-the blaster master-ray says
04-the blaster master-life is a grave
05-the blaster master-runs in the family
06-the blaster master-brains of youth
07-the blaster master-desperation
08-the blaster master-monika
09-the blaster master-i dont pay any mind no more
10-the blaster master-hard rain
01-the caroloregians–gumbo ya ya
02-the caroloregians–six years
03-the caroloregians–rude is here to stay
04-the caroloregians–hootchie corner
05-the caroloregians–chicken crap
06-the caroloregians–cotton road
07-the caroloregians–voodoo reggay
08-the caroloregians–howlin at the moon
09-the caroloregians–twice as happy
10-the caroloregians–free lodolo
11-the caroloregians–another saturday night
12-the caroloregians–redlight serenade
13-the caroloregians–roll with it
14-the caroloregians–pum pum hotel
01-the crucialites-foundation
02-the crucialites-lion ridge
03-the crucialites-politricks
04-the crucialites-africa
05-the crucialites-live up
06-the crucialites-crucial dub
07-the crucialites-rise up
08-the crucialites-sufferation
09-the crucialites-tamami
10-the crucialites-trials and tribulations
11-the crucialites-we need more love
12-the crucialites-arc of the covenant
01-riko dan and the heatwave-mind how you a talk
02-warrior queen and the heatwave-things change
03-rubi dan and the heatwave-higher heights
04-the heatwave-piano riddim (instrumental)
05-warrior queen and the heatwave-things change (dj c remix)
01-the heptones – love without feeling-gmg
02-the heptones – feeling version-gmg
01-the itals ft vin gordon-in a dis ya time-rks
02-the itals-time will tell-rks
03-the itals-dont wake the lion-rks
04-the itals-brutal out deh-rks
05-the itals-false preachers-rks
06-the itals-you dont care-rks
07-the itals-rougher yet-rks
08-the itals-time get harder-rks
09-the itals-seeing is beleiving-rks
10-the itals-temptation-rks
11-the itals-beware-rks
12-the itals-like you do-rks
13-the itals-the way you are-rks
14-the itals-the half-rks
15-the itals-what about me-rks
16-the itals ft trinity and dillinger-wont you come home-rks
101-the o.c. supertones–supertones strike back-wus
102-the o.c. supertones–unite-wus
103-the o.c. supertones–away from you-wus
104-the o.c. supertones–o.c. supertones-wus
105-the o.c. supertones–little man-wus
106-the o.c. supertones–who can be against me-wus
107-the o.c. supertones–adonai-wus
108-the o.c. supertones–resolution-wus
109-the o.c. supertones–hold on to jesus-wus
110-The O.C. Supertones–Grounded-WUS
111-The O.C. Supertones–Wilderness-WUS
201-The O.C. Supertones–What It Comes To-WUS
202-the o.c. supertones–unknown-wus
203-the o.c. supertones–hallelujah-wus
204-The O.C. Supertones–Louder Than The Mob-WUS
205-the o.c. supertones–jury duty-wus
206-the o.c. supertones–welcome home-wus
207-the o.c. supertones–sure shot-wus
208-the o.c. supertones–chase the sun-wus
209-the o.c. supertones–go go go-wus
210-the o.c. supertones–grace flood-wus
01-the small axe people – reason-vod
02-the small axe people – connection-vod
03-the small axe people – tinhead-vod
04-the small axe people – hiro-vod
05-the small axe people – waterhouse-vod
06-the small axe people – cookie-vod
07-the small axe people – button-vod
08-the small axe people – rockfort-vod
09-the small axe people – deh-vod
10-the small axe people – safe-vod
11-the small axe people – disassociation-vod
12-the small axe people – hail-vod
01-tiken jah fakoly-le pays va mal feat soum malachi
02-tiken jah fakoly-danga
03-tiken jah fakoly-promesses de cameleon
04-tiken jah fakoly-justice
05-tiken jah fakoly-baba
06-tiken jah fakoly-allah tando
07-tiken jah fakoly-yen a marre
08-tiken jah fakoly-alpha conde
09-tiken jah fakoly-politiciens
10-tiken jah fakoly-les audits
11-tiken jah fakoly-tete de mule
12-tiken jah fakoly-kafri
01-tiken jah fakoly-medley (discrimination les martyrs yen a marre baba and africa)
02-tiken jah fakoly-ca va faire mal
03-tiken jah fakoly-justice
04-tiken jah fakoly-foly
05-tiken jah fakoly-le balayeur
06-tiken jah fakoly-plus rien ne metonne
07-tiken jah fakoly-lafricain
08-tiken jah fakoly-fou
09-tiken jah fakoly-viens voir
10-tiken jah fakoly-ohba ohba
11-tiken jah fakoly-tonton damerica
12-tiken jah fakoly-ayebada
13-tiken jah fakoly-gauche droite
14-tiken jah fakoly-ouvrez les frontieres
15-tiken jah fakoly-africain a paris (englishman in new york)
16-tiken jah fakoly-delivrance
17-tiken jah fakoly-francafrique
01-tok-gimmie little (if yu wah me) (edit)-riddim
02-tok-gimmie little (if yu wah me) (raw)-riddim
01-tony chin-born to love you-r2r
02-tony chin-those guys-r2r
03-tony chin-ring of gold-r2r
04-tony chin-why did you leave-r2r
05-tony chin-memories by the score-r2r
06-tony chin-girl i left behind-r2r
07-tony chin-on the beach-r2r
08-tony chin-nut tree-r2r
09-tony chin-left with a broken heart-r2r
10-tony chin-talking love-r2r
11-tony chin-riding for a fall-r2r
12-tony chin-not anymore-r2r
01-tony forbes-we belong together
02-tony forbes-southern belle
03-tony forbes-praise him
04-tony forbes-set us free
05-tony forbes-water the garden
06-tony forbes-tell me how u feel
07-tony forbes-mr big man
08-tony forbes-i want u back
09-tony forbes-u cant stop me from loving u
10-tony forbes-easin breezin
11-tony forbes-stop the gunman lyrics
12-tony forbes-tempting me to cheat
13-tony forbes-check after her
01-tony matterhorn-future wine 2024 mix 2-hlc
01-tony matterhorn-recessesion blame-riddim
01-trebunie tutki and twinkle brothers-moj dom (the day i build my house)
02-trebunie tutki and twinkle brothers-milosc moja (im still waiting for you)
03-trebunie tutki and twinkle brothers-krolewskie nadania (king lion)
04-trebunie tutki and twinkle brothers-czas zniw (time for harvest)
05-trebunie tutki and twinkle brothers-nasa ojcowizna (im going to the country)
06-trebunie tutki and twinkle brothers-gniazdo nad dunajcem (cross the river)
07-trebunie tutki and twinkle brothers-zielony zolty czerwony (colours of life)
08-trebunie tutki and twinkle brothers-nuta honorowa (ill honour you)
09-trebunie tutki and twinkle brothers-zbojnicy z obrazow (outlaw)
10-trebunie tutki and twinkle brothers-ojczyzna (let freedom ring)
11-trebunie tutki and twinkle brothers-w malej lace (could never be)
12-trebunie tutki and twinkle brothers-spiewka juhasa (do you remember)
13-trebunie tutki and twinkle brothers-swieci z poronina (teach us the way to righteousness)
14-trebunie tutki and twinkle brothers-gwara (me affi hold on to me roots)
15-trebunie tutki and twinkle brothers-z bogiem (go with jah)
16-trebunie tutki and twinkle brothers-chwala (glory to jah)
17-trebunie tutki and twinkle brothers-home dub (bonus track)
18-trebunie tutki and twinkle brothers-love dub (bonus track)
01-tribal seeds-youth rebellion
02-tribal seeds-rider
03-tribal seeds-dawn of time
04-tribal seeds-creator
05-tribal seeds-dolls dancing
06-tribal seeds-beautiful mysterious
07-tribal seeds-roman leader
08-tribal seeds-island girl
09-tribal seeds-warrior
10-tribal seeds-rasta refuse it
11-tribal seeds-tulasi
12-tribal seeds-lost paradise
13-tribal seeds-jah stone
14-tribal seeds-sun n water
15-tribal seeds-dark angel
01-true jamaican crew-dont go (9mm riddim)-hlc
02-true jamaican crew-nine mm (bluetooth riddim)-hlc
03-true jamaican crew-anywhere (rum punch riddim)-hlc
04-true jamaican crew-bling bullet (war ship riddim)-hlc
05-true jamaican crew-dangerous rasta man-hlc
06-true jamaican crew-deadly orchestra (fully loaded riddim)-hlc
07-true jamaican crew-form monarche to prince (chromium riddim)-hlc
08-true jamaican crew-ghost city-hlc
09-true jamaican crew-move ya waisline-hlc
10-true jamaican crew-no chat (robbery riddim)-hlc
11-true jamaican crew-no stress (no stress riddim)-hlc
12-true jamaican crew-reggae on russian-hlc
13-true jamaican crew-she want it (chiney k riddim)-hlc
14-true jamaican crew-sunday early morning-hlc
15-true jamaican crew-tears of joy-hlc
16-true jamaican crew-new hit-hlc
01-tu shung peng-songs of praises ft. clinton fearon-yard
02-tu shung peng-babylon pressure ft. michael rose-yard
03-tu shung peng-love grows ft. rod taylor-yard
04-tu shung peng-one sweet day ft. ras daniel ray-yard
05-tu shung peng-sleepy head ft. clinton fearon-yard
06-tu shung peng-im a believer ft. derrick harriott and bunny brown-yard
07-tu shung peng-vision land ft. ras daniel ray-yard
08-tu shung peng-zion feeling ft. stix dan-yard
09-tu shung peng-filthy act ft. joseph cotton-yard
10-tu shung peng-acting funny ft. u roy-yard
11-tu shung peng-me no love wa gwan ft. ranking joe-yard
12-tu shung peng-road to freedom street ft. stix dan-yard
13-tu shung peng-tell me what ft. prince jazzbo-yard
14-tu shung peng-blaze ft. tapper zukie-yard
15-tu shung peng-baby come rock with me (discomix) ft. u brown-yard
16-tu shung peng-true love can never die ft. dizzy moore bunny and skully and junior-yard
01-tuff lion-yad along-r2r
02-tuff lion-vibes preservation-r2r
03-tuff lion-majestic honor-r2r
04-tuff lion-coming home-r2r
05-tuff lion-indigo tides-r2r
06-tuff lion-burning bush-r2r
07-tuff lion-kindred spirit-r2r
08-tuff lion-ivahlasting-r2r
09-tuff lion-a different iration-r2r
10-tuff lion-lalibela-r2r
11-tuff lion-love is all-r2r
12-tuff lion-zion awake-r2r
13-tuff lion-firm foundation-r2r
14-tuff lion-set dem free-r2r
15-tuff lion-fly away-r2r
16-tuff lion-carry on (livication to dumisani dlamini)-r2r
17-tuff lion-blessed feeling-r2r
18-tuff lion-acient trees-r2r
01-twinjkle brothers – repent-gmg
02-sip a cup royal orchestra – repent in dub-gmg
03-twinkle brothers – nah get weh wid it-gmg
04-sip a cup royal orchestra – dub a get weh-gmg
05-twinkle brothers – wishfull thinking-gmg
06-sip a cup royal orchestra – dub thinking-gmg
07-twinkle brothers – bun dem constitution-gmg
08-sip a cup royal orchestra – dub constitution-gmg
01-ub40-(i cant help) falling in love with you
02-ub40-one in ten
03-ub40-red red wine
04-ub40-if it happens again
05-ub40-here i am (come and take me)
06-ub40-sing our own song
07-ub40-i got you babe (ft. chrissie hynde)
08-ub40-groovin (out on life)
09-ub40-my way of thinking
10-ub40-the way you do the things you do
11-ub40-higher ground
12-ub40-please dont make me cry
13-ub40-kingston town
14-ub40-come back darling
15-ub40-dont break my heart
16-ub40-cherry oh baby
17-ub40-breakfast in bed (ft. chrissie hynde)
18-ub40-rat in mi kitchen
19-ub40-homely girl
20-ub40-until my dying day
21-ub40-swing low (ft. the united colours of sound)
02-ub40-food for thought-hlc
03-ub40-stick by me-hlc
04-ub40-maybe tomorrow-hlc
05-ub40-wear you to the ball-hlc
06-ub40-impossible love-hlc
07-ub40-bring me your cup-hlc
08-ub40-end of war-hlc
09-ub40-ill be there-hlc
10-ub40-cherry oh baby-hlc
11-ub40-tears form my eyes-hlc
12-ub40-sweet sensation-hlc
14-ub40-many rivers to cross-hlc
15-ub40-dance until the morning light-hlc
16-ub40-i shot the sheriff-hlc
17-ub40-kingston town-hlc
18-ub40-reggae music-hlc
20-ub40-rat in the kitchen-hlc
21-ub40-johnny too bad-hlc
22-ub40-red red wine-hlc
23-ub40-here i am-hlc
24-ub40-cant help falling in love-hlc
26-ub40-rainbow nation-hlc
27-ub40-sing or own song-hlc
101-ub40-food for thought-hlc
102-ub40-stick by me-hlc
103-ub40-maybe tomorrow-hlc
104-ub40-wear you to the ball-hlc
105-ub40-impossible love-hlc
106-ub40-end of war-hlc
107-ub40-rainbow nation-hlc
108-ub40-tears form my eyes-hlc
109-ub40-sweet sensation-hlc
202-ub40-dance until the morging light-hlc
203-ub40-i shot the sheriff-hlc
205-ub40-johnny too bad-hlc
206-ub40-here i am-hlc
208-ub40-version girl-hlc
209-ub40-sing our own song-hlc
01-ub40-rainbow nation-rbk
02-ub40-end of war-rbk
03-ub40-lost and found-rbk
04-ub40-here we go again-rbk
05-ub40-oh america-rbk
06-ub40-instant radical change of perception-rbk
07-ub40-ill be there-rbk
08-ub40-once around-rbk
09-ub40-this is how it is-rbk
10-ub40-the road-rbk
01-soothsayers horn section-wadada
02-judith-such is life
03-sandeeno-top shotter
04-marlene ammers-live the life
06-knatty p-we know
07-sandeeno-put down de guns
08-knatty p-arrival pt 1
09-soothsayers horn section-freedom street
10-sandeeno-more strength
11-rasta indian-good perspective
12-soothsayers horn section-ganja free
13-knatty p-pon me
14-peter roots-peace and love
15-hay-ere-yah-harmonica style
01-ut ras-stranger
02-ut ras-the order of the day
03-ut ras-nubian queen
04-ut ras-blessed
05-ut ras-burn dem out
06-ut ras-ancient warriors
07-ut ras-take my picture
08-ut ras-go getta
09-ut ras-up up
10-ut ras-criticism
11-ut ras-more youths
12-ut ras-only hope
13-ut ras-hail the king feat. chrisinti
14-ut ras-tha bitter stretch
01-uwe kaa-hallo deutschland-yard
02-uwe kaa-april bis marz-yard
03-uwe kaa-nie genug ft. phenomden-yard
04-uwe kaa-freundin-yard
05-uwe kaa-besser gehts kaum-yard
06-uwe kaa-allein-yard
07-uwe kaa-mein ganja-yard
08-uwe kaa-so sweet-yard
09-uwe kaa-tut gut-yard
10-uwe kaa-wir leben laut-yard
11-uwe kaa-das mic-yard
12-uwe kaa-high grade-yard
13-uwe kaa-so wie ihr-yard
14-uwe kaa-dancehall story (yum yum edit)-yard
01 va – stir it up
02 va – tomorrow people
03 va – three little birds
04 va – bad boys
05 va – get up stand up
06 va – one love
07 va – red red wine
08 va – soul shake down party
09 va – tell me something good
10 va – waiting in vain
01-bongo spear-box base
02-shy and sharia-christmas morning
03-impulse-talking i n parang
04-silver-ah maccoing
05-impulse-something fail
06-bongo spear-season it
07-natty-get ah taste
08-bongo spear-season it (soca mix)
01-alaine and 8 bars-flash back to dancehall-hlc
02-beenie man-jiggle up (edit)-hlc
101-prince far i-throw away your gun
102-althea and donna-uptown top ranking
103-burning spear-hail him
104-the gladiators-soul rebel
105-gregory isaacs-mr brown
106-horace andy-johnny too bad
107-mighty diamonds-tonight
108-the icebreakers with the diamond-grand rock
109-jimmy cliff-born to win
110-maxi priest-wild world
111-peter tosh-bush doctor
112-sly dunbar-sun is shining
113-culture-holy mount zion
114-u roy-dreadlocks dread
115-johnny clarke-declaration of rights
116-vital dub-merciful dub
117-the twinkle brothers-praise jah
118-linton kwesi johnson-five nights of bleeding
119-i roy-jordan river
120-alpha blondy-jerusalem
201-culture-the international herb
202-burning spear-colombus
203-the gladiators-looks is deceiving
204-horace andy-children of israel
205-ziggy marley and the melody makers and harry t-african herbsman
206-abyssinians-this land is for everyone
207-jimmy cliff-on my life
208-johnny clarke-crazy baldhead
209-maxi priest-strollinon
210-althea and donna-no more fighting
211-peter tosh-come together
212-prince far i-no more war (dub)
213-sly dunbar-dirty harry
214-ub40-dont let it pass you by
215-gregory isaacs-if i dont have you
216-u roy-natty dont fear
217-vital dub-roof top dub
218-blackbeard-river to bank
219-delroy washington-freedom fighters
220-i roy-satta amasa gana
301-alpha blondy-i love paris
302-burning spear-farover
303-sly dunbar-rasta fiesta
304-the gladiators-know yourself mankind
305-gregory isaacs-universal tribulation
306-horace andy-rock to sleep
307-jimmy cliff-fundamental reggae
308-u roy-tench town rock
309-johnny clarke-prophecy a fulfilled
310-culture-natty ever get weary
311-linton kwesi johnson-com wi go dung deh
312-maxi priest and shaggy-that girl
313-althea and donna-the west
314-mighty diamonds-right time
315-peter tosh-crystal ball
316-prince far i-message from the king
317-the icebreakers with the diamond-work out
318-the twinkle brothers-never get burn
320-vital dub-total dub
401-jimmy cliff-foolish pride
402-misty in the roots-true rasta
403-the bodysnatchers-people do rock steady
404-peter tosh-wanted dread and alive
405-u roy-natty rebel
406-althea and donna-sorry
407-big youth-isaiah first prophet of old
408-shaggy feat. rayvon-in the summertime
409-abyssinians-dem a come
410-culture-too long in slavery
411-sly dunbar-mr music
412-delroy washington-zion
413-dennis bovell-brain damage
414-the gladiators-let jah be praised
415-gregory isaacs-native woman
416-burning spear-jah is my driver
417-keith hudson-civilisation
418-linton kwesi johnson-dread beat and blood
419-maxi priest-love dont come easy
420-tapper zuckie-oh lord
501-peter tosh-guide me from my friends
502-johnny clarke-cry tough
503-horace andy-dont let problems get you down
504-i roy-african herbsman
505-jimmy cliff-music maker
506-mighty diamonds-africa
507-misty in roots-almighty the way
508-prince far i-commandment of drugs
509-ranking trevor-rub a dub style
510-burning spear-education
511-the selecter-three minute hero
512-blackbeard-strictly dub
513-the icebreakers with the diamond-run away
514-the ruts-jah war
515-special aka-gangsters
516-the twinkle brothers-distant drums dub
517-alpha blondy-travailler cest trop dur
518-ub40-kingston town
519-u roy-jah son of africa
520-ziggy marley and melody makers-tomorrow people
101-va-100 percent ragga dancehall 2 (mixed by demolisha djs)
201-va-100 percent ragga dancehall 2 (mixed by demolisha djs)
101-va-100 percent ragga soca (mixed by dj almighty)
201-va-100 percent ragga soca (mixed by dj almighty)
01 junior x – hustle
02 pressure – love you tonight
03 gyptian – girl i love you
04 voicemail – love
05 demarco – falling soldiers
06 demarco – i remember
07 jah cure – sticky
08 mykal rose – shootout
09 shaggy feat akon – whats love
10 mr vegas – do you know
11 movado – gangsta for live
12 ky-mani marley the march
01-alozade-boom flick-hlc
02-dangel-talk di tingz dem-hlc
03-deva bratt-punx dem shock-hlc
04-143 riddim-version-hlc
01-buju banton – cowboys
02-buju banton and new kidz – curfew
03-mr g – di corner
01-ras mc bean-travelling man
02-ranking joe-fyah bun dem
03-digitaldubs-dub dun dem
04-dubiterian and digitaldubs-30 head dub
01-junior kelly-mi pretty little-jah
02-sizzla-sexual appeal-jah
03-anthony b-simple sumting-jah
04-lukie d-more girl-jah
05-daddy gong-ready when yuh ready-jah
06-vybz kartel-smoke everyday-jah
07-kid kurupt-mi no rampy-jah
08-ward 21-big dance a keep-jah
01-Delly Ranx Ft. Esco-Close Fit (Raw)-FRP
02-Delly Ranx Ft. Esco-Close Fit (Edit)-FRP
03-Bounty Killer-Send It U-FRP
04-Rholyn X-Over The Bar (Raw)-FRP
05-Rholyn X-Over The Bar (Edit)-FRP
06-Esco-Floss It (Edit)-FRP
07-Fambo Ft. Mr. Easy-Fi Di Gal Dem (Edit)-FRP
08-Fresh-Fresh Type (Raw)-FRP
09-Fresh-Fresh Type (Edit)-FRP
10-Macka Diamond-Some Gal-FRP
11-Wayne Marshall-Dont Stop (Edit)-FRP
12-Vybz Kartel Ft. Jah Vinci-Fling Some Fuck (Edit)-FRP
01-delly ranx ft. esco-close fit-riddim
02-fresh-fresh type-riddim
03-rholyn x-over the bar-riddim
01-sizzla-defend it-r2r
02-beenie man-put it on-r2r
03-beenie man-put it on (edit)-r2r
04-anthony b-have up u degree-r2r
05-determine-part rat-r2r
06-determine-part rat (edit)-r2r
07-lutan fyah-sell out-r2r
08-teflon-all that-r2r
09-u t ras-highway patrol-r2r
10-delly ranks-nuh care-r2r
11-lady g-make ring-r2r
12-mr murphy-nuh me that-r2r
13-versatile-nuff gal-r2r
14-hel raza-head in life-r2r
15-745 riddim-version-r2r
01-anthony b-whip dem jah-r2r
02-munga-help yourself-r2r
03-ginjah-black archer-r2r
04-sizzla-buss it (edit)-r2r
05-norris man-pagan and fools (edit)-r2r
06-teflon-gangsta thing-r2r
07-rally boop-hyenas-r2r
08-bugle-bad man law-r2r
09-mr lexx-real bad man-r2r
10-yellow man and s-kani-feeling good-r2r
11-wappalous and don yute-confusing-r2r
12-hollow point-you dont have to-r2r
13-blacker-clean whine-r2r
14-l a lewis-dont know me-r2r
16-8806 rhythm-version-r2r
01-Chezidek-A De Weed-FRP
02-Sha B-Love Life-FRP
03-Lutan Fyah-Lonesome Fire-FRP
04-Version-A Bitta World Riddim-FRP
01-va-a vintage reggae presentation mixed by max glazer (sampler cd)-r2r
01-calypso rose-i dont know
02-david ramoutar-give it to me
03-larry p-all night long
04-jason lee-inside the party
05-angela ramoutar-feel so good
06-donald andrews-bring it
07-va-trini 2 d bone
08-natty keith-drinking ah bottle
09-nice-to dam fast
10-va-fire in me wire (remix) (bonus track)
11-version-bottle riddim
01-vavvy-thats what you get-gmg
02-hawkeye-nuh clean-gmg
03-iceman-words of wisdom-gmg
04-abendigo riddim-version-gmg
01-Baby Wayne-Histry-frp
02-Preacher-Give A Run-frp
03-Baby Wayne-Bull-frp
01-bling dawg-dis di level (edit)-rbk
02-bling dawg-dis di level (raw)-rbk
03-flexx-devil reject (edit)-rbk
04-flexx-devil reject (raw)-rbk
01-aidonia-tell dem
02-anthony b-funeral
03-bramma-dem fool fool
04-busy signal-treaty put off
05-chino-crawb up
06-elephant man-we nuh know dem
07-laden-money over war
09-ryno-tell it to dem say
10-shema-ride or die for you
11-spragga benz-tyni tot
12-teflon-team wid us
13-vybz kartel-nuh fraid
01-aidonia-tell dem
02-anthony b-funeral
03-bramma-dem fool fool
04-busy signal-treaty put off
05-chino-crawb up
06-elephant man-we nuh know dem
07-laden-money over war
09-ryno-tell it to dem say
10-shema-ride or die for you
11-spragga benz-tiny tot
12-teflon-team wid us
13-vybz kartel-nuh fraid
01-djama keita-fok nou vire-kouala
02-yeahman c-an reve-kouala
03-mystikal heights-prayer for a child-kouala
04-version-africa land riddim (by ricosax)-kouala
01-konshens-rasta imposta-hlc
02-laden-little shoota-hlc
01-blak ryno-she link mi (edit)-hlc
02-blak ryno-she link mi (raw)-hlc
03-earthworm-when mi and mi gyal (edit)-hlc
04-earthworm-when mi and mi gyal (raw)-hlc
05-shawn storm-sneak out and go hide (edit)-hlc
06-shawn storm-sneak out (raw)-hlc
01-bettina g-faith-riddim
02-norris man-government-riddim
03-fanton mojah-rasta chalice-riddim
04-suga roy conrad crystal and linval thompson-youthman get ready-riddim
05-serina-still in love-riddim
06-peter spence-all i have-riddim
07-suga roy and conrad crystal-rock steady-riddim
08-alton rock riddim (fireball records)-version-riddim
01-benzly hype-revive me-hlc
02-macka diamond-lets party (edit)-hlc
03-stacious-get it started-hlc
04-vybz kartel-tek it likkle (raw)-hlc
101-yt-england story
103-doctor and davinche-gotta man
104-ty and roots manuva-so u want more (refix)
105-papa levi-my god my king
106-tenor fly-bump and grind
107-skibadee-tika toc
108-riko-ice rink vocal
109-jakes and tc-deep
110-jah screechy-walk and skank
111-top cat-love mi ses
201-warrior queen and the heatwave-things change
202-glamma kid-fashion magazine
203-general levy-champagne body
204-london posse-money mad
205-navigator and freestylers-ruffneck
206-stush-dollar sign
207-tubby t-ready she ready
208-blak twang-red letters
209-estelle and joni rewind-uptown top rankin
210-tippa irie-complain neighbour
01-jolly stewart-when a mans in love
02-steve tulloch-mr. officer dont burn it down
03-organs-what you gonna say
04-fever grass-panical and physical
05-doniki-rock with my girl
06-fever grass-judgement pon them
07-tuffy melody-better man
08-jolly stewart-naw give up
09-steve tulloch-set me free
10-organs-youth dem hungry
11-fever grass-rise up this morning
12-tuffy melody-cool operator
13-u mykes-take it easy
01-emperor i-my lady-csv
02-marley-so shall you reap-csv
03-ruben-give you my love-csv
04-rocky the gorgan-only jah alone-csv
05-sensor-pretty baby-csv
06-version-annihilation riddim-csv
01-munga-bad form mi born (remix)-hlc
02-nelly furtado-say it right (remix)-hlc
03-gyptian-too late-hlc
04-vybz kartel-tek fuck-hlc
05-mavado and busy signal-badman place ft. one republic (remix)-hlc
06-one republic ft. vybz kartel-no apology-hlc
07-apologize riddim-version-hlc
01-ken boothe-show me that love-r2r
02-ras daniel ray-man of the mountain-r2r
03-ganja tree-world cry-r2r
04-ganja tree-open your hearth-r2r
05-difanga-jah live-r2r
06-lone ranger-healing of the nation-r2r
07-instrumental-funky maziere-r2r
08-jah marcus-give jah praise-r2r
09-al pancho-no power to the wicked man-r2r
10-ganja tree-suffring line-r2r
11-ras daniel jay-can you be my princess-r2r
12-fabwize mix-princess dub-r2r
13-jahko lion-dont give it up-r2r
14-tu shung peng-interlude-r2r
15-justin hinds-my love is like a burning fire-r2r
01-i octane and teflon-gun rise-jah
02-bounty killer-think of next-jah
03-the camp-too many killing-jah
04-vybes kartel-wine-jah
06-general b-tek yuh fi fraud-jah
07-future trouble-skill bango-jah
08-cutty ranks-move off-jah
09-don mafia-mummy maf-jah
10-tok-crazy world-jah
11-mbc-filing it up-jah
12-elephant man-balance pon it-jah
13-chino-chronic to my brain-jah
15-natty chris-xclusive-jah
16-buju banton-see dem a come deh-jah
17-suga roy and conrad crystal-step up inna the club-jah
18-beenie man-bonus track-jah
19-tanya stephen-so so wine-jah
20-spragga benz-tek over now-jah
01-lukie d-loved by you-jah
02-luciano-enough love-jah
03-george faith-ask her-jah
04-daville-this is the feeling-jah
05-abijah-lovin girl-jah
06-anthony cruz-when are you coming home-jah
07-daville-main squeeze-jah
08-cornel campbell-forever by your side-jah
09-morgan heritage-faithful-jah
10-daville-crying over you-jah
11-jack radics-que sera sera-jah
12-maxi priest-always with you-jah
13-lenky roy-love conquers all-jah
14-sean paul-it s over my lover-jah
15-morgan heritage-she is still loving me-jah
01-glen washington-you should know by now-jah
02-glen washington-what a woe-jah
03-stevie face-try my love again-jah
04-frankie paul-sex bomb-jah
05-george nooks-its not over-jah
06-stevie face-im in love-jah
07-frankie paul-i dont wanna go-jah
08-stevie face-come to me baby-jah
09-frankie paul-cant stop me-jah
10-george nooks-call on me-jah
11-frankie paul-baby you are mine-jah
12-frankie paul-top of the world-jah
13-frankie paul-only love knows-jah
14-glen washington-heaven must have sent you-jah
15-george nooks-this love-jah
01-va-art of war 3-the beginning of the end-ras
01-kenyatta fiya – gaza gaza
02-brooklan – you me love
01-asteroid riddim- version-evx
02-boogs- step-evx
03-busy signal- p tune-evx
04-konshens- winner-evx
05-vybz kartel- gimi now-evx
01-devonte feat dan lou-whose gonna help you-hlc
02-frenzi-bruk out (edit)-hlc
03-frenzi-bruk out-hlc
04-lukie d-harder they come-hlc
05-ras myrhdak-only the people-hlc
06-wasp-attack dem-hlc
07-attack riddim–hlc
01-mojo morgan-river nile-riddim
02-petah morgan-bye bye-riddim
03-roman virgo-love doctor-riddim
01-marcia griffiths feat busy signal-automatic (remix)-riddim
02-richie spice-oh jah jah-riddim
03-torch-treat her like a lady-riddim
01-harry toddler – buss it
02-macka diamond – chat mi
03-shawn storm – chatty chatty mout
04-tyrical – keep it lyrical
05-damage – nuh beg frien
01-deva brat – pick war (busy signal diss)
02-black rhino – mi rifle
03-g whizz – it s all about
04-version – autopsy riddim
01-aidonia-shake it-r2r
02-laden-im high-r2r
03-john hype-ambassador-r2r
04-harry toddler-buss it-r2r
05-monster empire-beat it longtime-r2r
07-black rhyno-rifle-r2r
08-deva brat-pick war-r2r
09-tyrikal-keep it lyrical-r2r
10-macka diamond-chat mi-r2r
11-zumjay-mek noise-r2r
12-g-whizz-these days-r2r
13-autopsy riddim-version-r2r
01-sizzla and demus-smoke good marijuana-riddim
02-beenie man and bruce blems-in da streets-riddim
03-turbulence-cant dis rastaman-riddim
04-boom viniyard-caribbean girls-riddim
01-chezidek-i wont change
03-fantan mojah-hold dem heads
04-luciano-just hold on
05-red lion-zion high
06-ninja ford-seh dem a bad man
07-aimann raad-days i remember
08-ginjah-give thanks
09-mcpullish-aerophonic dub
10-mcpullish-dub change i
11-mcpullish-just dub on
12-mcpullish-zion dub
01-junior killa-rise up-hlc
02-lb-slow motion-hlc
03-leetal-a so wi roll-hlc
04-savage (f.f.c)-joe grizine-hlc
05-tappa-mix refix-hlc
01-elephant man-shell dung di place-hlc
02-monster empire-tek it to di world-hlc
01-bounty killa-bad fire-r2r
02-monster empire-ready fi war-r2r
03-buju banton-do it like u gal-r2r
04-bling dawg-we naturaly-r2r
05-major money-like double u-r2r
06-new kidz-bimma benz and lex-r2r
07-ancient monarchy-cant tame-r2r
08-louie culture-make a move-r2r
10-instrumental-bad fire-r2r
11-bounty killa-bad fire (edit)-r2r
12-monster empire-ready fi war (edit)-r2r
13-bling dawg-we naturaly (edit)-r2r
14-major money-like double u (edit)-r2r
15-ancient monarchy-cant tame (edit)-r2r
01-bounty killa-bad fire-hlc
02-new kidz-bimma benz and lex-hlc
03-bad fire riddim-version-hlc
04-buju banton-do it like u gal-hlc
05-major money-like double u-hlc
06-bling dawg-we naturally-hlc
07-louie culture-make a move-hlc
08-frisco kid-cant tame-hlc
09-monsta empire-war versatile-hlc
10-stinger bling-got to get girl-hlc
01-shaggy-bad mon dont cry-riddim
02-lady saw-bad mon goin cry (radio)-riddim
03-lady saw-bad mon goin cry (club)-riddim
04-assassin and josey wales-know how fi love dem up-riddim
05-bad mon dont cry riddim (big yard prod)-version-riddim
01-vybz kartel-selassie i luv we (raw)-riddim
02-vybz kartel-selassie i luv we (edit)-riddim
03-busy signal-hustling-riddim
04-shaggy-i cant fight this feeling-riddim
05-assassin-child molester (raw)-riddim
06-assassin-child molester (edit)-riddim
07-voicemail-nuh stray-riddim
08-red fox and tash-go on-riddim
09-kiprich-who seh (raw)-riddim
10-kiprich-who seh (edit)-riddim
11-elephant man-dance-riddim
12-dangel-push over-riddim
13-pamputae-stress free (raw)-riddim
14-pamputae-stress free (edit)-riddim
15-lisa hype and vybz kartel-how you do it like dat (raw)-riddim
16-baddaz riddim (christopher birch prod)-version-riddim
01-busy signal-hustle-riddim
03-elephant man-dance-riddim
04-kiprich-who say-riddim
05-voicemail-nah stray-riddim
06-vybz kartel-me never born-riddim
07-baddaz riddim (christopher birch prod)-version-riddim
01-bag juice riddim-version-hlc
04-unicorn-one baby-hlc
01-black ryno-real stingers (edit)-hlc
02-black ryno-real stingers (raw)-hlc
03-instrumental-bail 4 me version-hlc
04-jah vinci-watch yu frenz-hlc
05-lisa hype-hustle forever (edit)-hlc
06-lisa hype-hustle forever (raw)-hlc
07-shawn storm-be wise (edit)-hlc
08-shawn storm-be wise (raw)-hlc
09-vybz kartel-bail 4 me (edit)-hlc
10-vybz kartel-bail 4 me (raw)-hlc
01-Bunk I-Wrong Ting-FRP
02-Eggy B-Tek Off Yuh-FRP
03-First Lady-Nah Own No Man-FRP
04-G Wise-Her Waisline-FRP
05-Ghetto Rych-Jump Around-FRP
06-Ghetto Rych-Yuh Nah Good-FRP
07-Gibbz-Hafe Cum Bak-FRP
08-Grey Rhymer-Bak Bench-FRP
09-I Wonda-Push Pram-FRP
11-Justice-Shouldnt Do Dat-FRP
12-Kennyatta-Gal Dem Train-FRP
13-Landlord-Hot Gyal Scream-FRP
14-Lava-Put E Fire-FRP
15-Lyricst-Get used-FRP
16-Miami Don-Good Material-FRP
17-Rus T-Catty Masta-FRP
01-honourable – used to love that girl
02-ashkenas – enough is enough
03-jah fire – ballerz(pon di corners)
04-simba – gal roll(bootylicious)
05-rinch feat. jah fire – bounce(go go)
06-lady whisper and c-money – what girls want
07-bamboo b – good type a love (raw)
08-bamboo b – good type a love (edit)
09-cinnamon feat. jah fire – only you
10-java – you design
11-tv – she want best a dem (raw)
12-tv – she want best a dem (edit)
13-infamous feat. hi light – man a ballerz (raw)
14-infamous feat. hi light – man a ballerz (edit)
15-faze – guinness and mi babba (raw)
16-faze – guinness and mi babba (edit)
17-conman – dancing
01-anthony b-bad mind people-hlc
02-anthony cruz-band change-hlc
03-charlie blacks-one step-hlc
04-chuck fenda-night turn to day-hlc
05-pressure-the children-hlc
06-queen ifrica-when will it-hlc
07-singer j-fighting for dinner-hlc
08-stacious-watch over me-hlc
09-teflon-trod it alone-hlc
10-version-band change riddim-hlc
11-villa dutch and feekez-to the top-hlc
101-peter tosh-legalize it
102-johnny nash-i can see clearly now
103-keith hudson-nah skin up
104-dennis brown-judge not
105-augustus pablo-jah dread
106-freddie mcgregor-big ship
107-john holt-last train from the ghetto
108-aswad-not satisfied
109-barrington levy-a ya we deh
110-black uhuru-tonight is the night to unite
111-mighty diamonds-sensemilla
112-gregory isaacs-slow down
113-sugar minott-good thing going
114-jimmy cliff-reggae night
115-wailing souls-all over the world
201-shabba ranks-mr loverman
202-shaggy-give thanks and praise
203-sizzla-babylon a use dem brain
204-bounty killer-roots reality and culture
205-yellowman-strong me strong
206-mr. vegas ft sean paul-hol gal today
207-tony rebel-sweet jamaica
208-beenie man ft silver cat-oh jah jah
209-eek a mouse-terrorists in the city
210-clint eastwood and general saint-talk about run
211-elephant man ft jagwa-party lke this
212-wayne smith-under me sleng teng
213-mykal rose-ruff and ragged
214-garnett silk ft frankie paul and determine-let them talk
215-pato banton-absolute perfection
01-luciano and preacher – battle field-gmg
02-aubrey williams – battle field riddim-gmg
01-Rseenal-Ketch Dem A Road-FRP
02-Bonez-Glock 40-FRP
02-chino-style it-hlc
03-elephant man-wine for me-hlc
04-ishawna-ladies night-hlc
06-serani-we grow-hlc
08-the beauty riddim-instrumental (tetimus and daseca)-hlc
09-vegas-deh pon the scene-hlc
10-voicemail-put it up-hlc
11-wayne marshall-dance-hlc
12-wayne wonder-stay close-hlc
01-beauty riddim-instrumental (tetimus and daseca)-hlc
03-chino-style it-hlc
04-elephant man-wine fi me-hlc
05-ishawna-ladies night-hlc
07-mr vegas-deh pon the scene-hlc
08-serani-we grow-hlc
10-voicemail-put it up-hlc
11-wayne marshall-dance-hlc
12-wayne wonder-stay close-hlc
01-rdx-bend over-riddim
02-mr g-wine pon it-riddim
03-pamputta-ride it-riddim
04-bend over riddim (mr g production)-version-riddim
01-Elephant Man-No Tikkle (Raw)-FRP
02-Elephant Man-No Tikkle (Edit)-FRP
03-Lady Saw-Jealous (Edit)-FRP
04-Lady Saw-Jealous (Raw)-FRP
05-Leftside-Cowboy (Raw)-FRP
06-Leftside-Cowboy (Raw)-FRP
07-Leftside-I Love You-FRP
09-Shano-U Lele-FRP
11-Version-Benny Hill Riddim-FRP
01-Capleton-Getting Red-FRP
02-Sizzla-Say Yes-FRP
01-jr melvin-cool out son-hlc
02-lloyd parks-into the night-hlc
03-unknown artist-stay here and love you-hlc
04-pat kelly-white shade of pale-hlc
05-bunny melody-allways on my mind-hlc
06-unknown artist-send me the pillow-hlc
07-eddie lovette-mr sea-hlc
08-john holt-if i were a carpenter-hlc
09-rita marley-one draw-hlc
10-cornell campbell-mash you down-hlc
11-unknown artist-which way you going natty-hlc
12-ranking devon-no good girl-hlc
13-unknown artist-yun jammin so and green bay killing-hlc
14-unknown artist-someone loves you honey-hlc
01-sanchez-oh my lady-r2r
02-daville and fiona-i hope we get to love in time-r2r
03-roger robin-love can take u higher-r2r
04-fiona and lloyd brown-really together-r2r
05-pam hall-youve caught me baby-r2r
06-marlene webber-what good am i-r2r
07-george nooks-stand by your woman-r2r
08-tony curtis-i wanna be down-r2r
09-fiona-i could fall in love-r2r
10-jimmy london-cant get used to losing you-r2r
11-freddie mcgregor-your shining light-r2r
12-brian and tony gold-the love we had stays on my mind-r2r
13-mikey melody-saving all my love fro you-r2r
14-jimmy riley and michelle gordon-private number-r2r
15-anthony cruz-aint nobody-r2r
02-jamesy p-bashment
04-k du bois and shal marshal-gyal farm
05-fay ann-get on
06-patch-de tail gone
08-fay ann-road call
09-olatunji-have ah time
10-tony p-wukkin up on me
11-hunter and bunji-bring it (bonus track)
12-ziggy and andy singh-love how yuh winin (remix) bonus track
13-hitman and bunji-bring de rum (remix)
01-bling dawg-from you violate-hlc
02-bramma-wine up-hlc
04-busy signal-see it deh now-hlc
05-demarco-spend pon dem (edit)-hlc
06-demarco-spend pon dem-hlc
07-elephant man-broomie-hlc
09-mr g-no cradle-hlc
10-munga-waan cash-hlc
11-raine seville-position-hlc
12-serani-make money-hlc
13-tony matterhorn-fuck or not-hlc
14-voice mail-gimme gal-hlc
15-vybz kartel-squeeze-hlc
01-bling dawg-from you violate
02-bramma-wine up
04-busy signal-see it deh now
05-demarco-spend pon dem
06-demarco-spend pon dem (edit)
07-elephant man-broomie
09-mr g-no cradle
10-munga-waan cash
11-raine seville-position
12-make money-make money
13-tony matterhorn-fuck or not
14-voicemail-gimme gal
15-vybz kartel-squeeze
01-the dynamics-move on up – original mix-ccat
02-grandmagneto-everybodys talkin – original mix-ccat
03-mato-mary jane feat. andrej 747 – original mix-ccat
04-grandmagneto-night fever – original mix-ccat
05-mato-forget me nots feat. ladygatica – original mix-ccat
06-grandmagneto-echoes of my mind – original mix-ccat
07-patchworks-steve mcqueen – original mix-ccat
08-grandmagneto-tainted love – original mix-ccat
09-grandmagneto-lets dance – original mix-ccat
10-the gorgones-nautilus – original mix-ccat
11-grandmagneto-heart of glass – original mix-ccat
12-patchworks-la scoumoune – original mix-ccat
13-patchworks-teddy bears theme – original mix-ccat
01-carl meeks-help me jah-riddim
02-michael rose-never let babylon fool you-riddim
03-mikey melody-stand up and chant-riddim
04-colonel maxwell-heart attack-riddim
05-biga-nah buss mi gun fa nuttin-riddim
06-tony d-determine-riddim
07-murray man-break dem barriers-riddim
08-billie jean riddim (fury bass prod)-version-riddim
01-one republic-apologize (ii hot billie jean bootleg)-hlc
02-t.o.k.-gal dem way (remix)-hlc
03-bounty killer-hotta dan (remix)-hlc
01-michael campbell-barber saloon
02-barrington levy-warm and sunny day
03-larry marshall and carlton patterson-cant you understand
04-sugar minott-mr. dc
05-carlton patterson and trinity-its raining
06-delroy wilson-im in love
07-johnny ringo-have some mercy
08-trinity-internal feeling
09-ray i-weatherman skank
10-jonny osbourne-turn me on
11-al campbell-keep it up
12-carlton patterson-hypocrite
13-i roy-cant wine
14-carlton patterson-pressure and slide
15-carlton patterson-wash wash
01-nina sky feat notch-lovin you-jah
02-richie spice-babylon going down-jah
03-collie buddz-tomorrows another day-jah
04-wayne wonder-l.o.v.e-jah
05-lindo p-the system-jah
06-t.o.k-i feel so high-jah
07-supa dups and khan-dr. bird riddim (instrumental)-jah
01-jah malo-tell yuh fren bout mi-hlc
02-wescalado-gal yuh have di ting-hlc
03-grimreepa ft stratdon-gal yuh a lead-hlc
04-tyrical-too much fella-hlc
05-vybz kartel-me wah know straight-hlc
01-va-jah malo-gal tell yu fren bout me-riddim
02-va-wescalado-unknown title-riddim
03-va-grimreepa ft stratdon-unknown title-riddim
04-va-tyrical-unknown title-riddim
05-va-vybz kartel – me wah know straight-riddim
01-beenie man-some gal-rbk
02-bounty killer-judas-rbk
03-currency-nuh new-rbk
04-sizzla-chat up dem mouth-rbk
05-turbulence-who fool dem-rbk
06-vybz kartel-various guns-rbk
01-bounty killer-judas-riddim
02-beenie man-some gal-riddim
03-sizzla-chat up dem mouth-riddim
04-vybz kartel-various guns-riddim
05-turbulence-who fool dem-riddim
06-currency-nuh new-riddim
01-black supreme one riddim-version-hlc
02-unknown-crowd a boy-hlc
03-kari jess-smoke full-hlc
01-future fambo – negative-yvp
02-esco – gal alone (edit)-yvp
03-danny english – mi ready fa-yvp
04-tami chynn – let me give you-yvp
05-capleton – didnt have to-yvp
06-ward 21 – rise up ft. mr. pepper (edit)-yvp
07-mr. evil – look at me (edit)-yvp
08-mr. evil – look at me (raw)-yvp
09-elephant man – smoke everyday (edit)-yvp
10-red rat – doh do me dat (edit)-yvp
11-damian marley – real friends-yvp
12-tornado – jamaica-yvp
13-wayne marshall – strictly weed (edit)-yvp
14-jagwa – wake up-yvp
15-paul wall – expensive taste-yvp
16-jah malo – everything connect (edit)-yvp
17-looga man – pick up mi shield (edit)-yvp
18-shiah coore and brandon crooks – black velvet-yvp
01-charley blacks-clitarus-hlc
02-dada-nah cross ova-hlc
03-d-east – di dance a get mad-hlc
04-einstein-from dem dis-hlc
05-mikeylous-tek it off-hlc
06-sizzla-im gonna give you love-hlc
07-sizzla-red yah now-hlc
08-t.o.k.-turn mi on-hlc
01-christopher martin-im drivin-jah
02-micky rich-inna party time-jah
03-dangel-good old dayz-jah
04-ken-u rueed corn head-hgg-jah
05-ryo the skywalker-wow-jah
07-armstrong and mison-b-what are you gonna do-jah
08-rudebwoy face and tak-z-champion girl-jah
09-anthony b-keep it burning-jah
10-jun 4 shot from fireball and guan chai-sui-ken-jah
11-hollow point-pull it up again-jah
12-hibikilla-stamina anthem-jah
13-megamix-so mad-jah
02-lutan fyah and anthony john – roots woman
03-d.bo. general and jah light – just smile
04-lilu and junior stress – you are
05-anya and kacezet – burn in love
06-yt – hold the faith
07-zoro – i-nity
08-dr. ring ding – tomorrow
09-bongo chilli – satisfy
10-hooga troopers – neva loose our focus
11-al-fatnujah – jestem tu u siebie (al-fatnujah remix)
12-joddski – kem kan dom dem
13-admiral p and nico d – they dont care
14-big man tryton – praise him
15-version – bless ya riddim
16-version – bless ya riddim (al-fatnujah remix)
01-prestige-i am bless-r2r
02-lutan fyah-burn dem out-r2r
03-jaheim-give praise-r2r
01-bloody city-instrumental-gully
03-fearless-hold the faith-gully
04-gyptian-bloody city-gully
05-perfect-ive done my share-gully
06-telfon-dont play with the music-gully
01-black ryno-askella-rbk
02-version-bloodline riddim-rbk
03-vybz kartel-bag a money-rbk
01-the pioneers-easy come easy go
02-the heptones-book of rules
03-toots and the maytals-funky kingston
04-the congos-la la bam bam
05-third world-1865 (96 degrees in the shade)
06-the pioneers-long shot kick de bucket
07-justin hinds and the dominoes-carry go bring come
08-chaka demus and pliers-murder she wrote
09-dillinger-cokane in my brain
10-the upsetters-much smarter dub
11-sugar minott-river jordan
12-black uhuru-what is life
13-steel pulse-ku klux klan
14-burning spear-marcus garvey
15-the wailers-stop the train
16-bob marley and the wailers-three little birds
01-elephant man-clap it een-jah
02-voicemail-push it-jah
03-movado-squeeze breast-jah
04-munga-own thing-jah
06-assassin-beep out-jah
07-vybz kartel-tek wuk-jah
08-h20 productions-blue tooth version-jah
09-pressure featuring munga-everything is everything-jah
10-bling dawg-stop wi food-jah
11-movado-force it up-jah
12-vybz kartel-murderous-jah
13-flexx-nuh gal-jah
14-purple skunk productions-operation torpedo version-jah
01-3 suns-baby
02-jungle ft keil-you are the one
03-linkz-you are so good to me
04-one circle-move your body
05-trini jacobs-dont hold back
06-minute men productions-blueskyy riddim version
01-Shaggy-Body A Shake-FRP
02-Daville-Worka Man-FRP
03-Schreechy Dan-She Neva Know-FRP
04-Version-Body A Shake Riddim-FRP
01-sheldon douglas-personal trainer
02-ziggy ranking-coming to get ya
03-shurwayne winchester-winer girls
04-elo-our time
05-version-bonita riddim
01-tony curtis-dangerous-jah
02-jigsy king-twickenham park-jah
03-irish dance riddim-version-jah
01-boom dandimaite-guns dem plenty-rbk
02-marlon binns-oh gosh-rbk
03-bounty killer-huff and puff-rbk
04-bugle-no longer-rbk
05-nymron and bad cash-race out-rbk
01-boom dandimaite-guns dem plenty-riddim
02-marlon binns-oh gosh-riddim
03-bounty killer-huff and puff-riddim
04-bugle-no longer-riddim
05-nymron and bad cash-race out-riddim
01-Beenie Man Feat. Sexy P-Gimmi Likkle (Remix)-FRP
02-Determine-Long Time-FRP
03-Lexxus-Sawka Sawka-FRP
04-Nitty Kutchie-Take A Sip-FRP
05-Sexy P-Moses Moses-FRP
01-c.k ft kaution-sit down pon it-riddim
02-equater-girl the way you wine-riddim
03-fatal-bawl out-riddim
04-fyah motion-wine n bubble-riddim
05-m to the h-gal thing-riddim
06-zabrick-hood inna di fire-riddim
01-powerman-any man-hlc
03-delus-di gal dem-hlc
04-voice mail- female inspector-hlc
05-general b-hot gal-hlc
06-frisco kid-come fah-hlc
07-mr g-good-hlc
08-pamputae-hungry belly-hlc
09-mr g and frisco kid-fucking-hlc
10-bezrock-mr fucki fucki-hlc
11-munga-send fi ting dem-hlc
12-buju banton-preements-hlc
13-zebra-show dem-hlc
01-deva bratt – chat u
02-lady shelly – talk up now
03-shane-o feat. approach – my girl
01-aaron silk – truely
02-ginjah – music alone
03-jah cure – forever
04-lutan fyah – always
05-malija – no combo
06-version – breakfast in bed riddim
01-rita marley and the i-threes-buffalo soldier
02-bunny wailer-your roots are reggae
03-bunny wailer-rise and shine
04-ziggy marley and the melody makers-concious party
05-chrissie hynde (of the pretenders)-waiting in vain
06-chrissie hynde (of the pretenders)-steppin razor
07-toots hibbert-country roads
08-toots hibbert-oh yeah
09-grace jones-my jamaican guy
10-carlos santana and the neville brothers-my blood
11-carlos santana and the neville brothers-it aint no use
12-jimmy cliff-harder they come
13-jimmy cliff-love me
14-jimmy cliff-harder they come
01-blacker-mix dem up-hlc
02-brick and lace-bad to di bone-hlc
03-busy signal-gangsta nah (edit)-hlc
04-busy signal-wine gal wine-hlc
05-elephant man-hands in di air-hlc
06-fambo and chino-get drunk-hlc
07-lady saw-your boyfriend (edit)-hlc
08-lisa hype and vybz kartel-how yuh proud (edit)-hlc
09-macka diamond-done mi done-hlc
10-monster twin and mis ting-bad gal bad man (edit)-hlc
11-tok-pretend (edit)-hlc
12-terro 3000-hype pon a gal-hlc
13-vybz kartel-she know fi (edit)-hlc
01-idonia-position (edit)-hlc
02-idonia-position (raw)-hlc
03-bennie man-yuh a di baddis (edit)-hlc
04-bennie man-yuh a di baddis (raw)-hlc
05-christopher birch-bruk up instrumental-hlc
06-busy signal-gangsta nah (raw)-hlc
07-lady saw-your boyfriend (raw)-hlc
08-lisa hype and vybz kartel-how yuh proud (raw)-hlc
09-monster twin and mis ting-bad gal bad man (raw)-hlc
10-tok-pretend (raw)-hlc
11-vybz kartel-she know fi (raw)-hlc
01-buju banton-cowboys-rks
02-george nooks-police and theives-rks
03-pinchers-punk me out-rks
04-yami bolo-end of the day-rks
05-ghost-lonely night-rks
06-jah cure-january morning-rks
07-tony curtis-goodbye to love-rks
08-lutan fyah-means to survive-rks
09-buju banton ft new kidz-curfew-rks
10-terror fabulous-ready rock-rks
01-laroz feat ranking joe-my lord inna rub a dub-r2r
02-laroz feat bomba-bully bully-r2r
03-larozmusic-bully riddim version-r2r
01-laroz ft ranking joe-my lord inna rub a dub-hlc
02-laroz ft bomba-bully bully-hlc
03-bully riddim-instrumental-hlc
01-unknown artist-give bun-riddim
02-unknown artist-bun for bun-riddim
03-unknown artist-shear it-riddim
04-unknown artist-gi bun shear it-riddim
05-unknown artist-icemint and bun bun-riddim
06-bun bun riddim-version-riddim
01-dennis brown-party time-hlc
02-john holt-fancy make up-hlc
03-johnny clarke-love me forever-hlc
04-alton ellis-can i change my mind-hlc
05-delroy wilson-riding for a fall-hlc
06-lord tanamo-rainy night in georgia-hlc
07-horace andy-my guilding star-hlc
08-cornell campbell and the eternals-queen of the ministrel-hlc
09-hortense ellis-melody life-hlc
10-hortense ellis-mark my words-hlc
11-dennis brown-why cant i touch you-hlc
12-dennis brown-no man is an island-hlc
13-dennis brown-ill never fall in love again-hlc
14-cornell campbell-why did you leave me to cry-hlc
15-cornell campbell and the eternals-you dont care for me-hlc
16-cornell campbell and the eternals-undying love-hlc
17-cornell campbell and the eternals-why birds follow spring-hlc
18-jackie edwards-im still waiting-hlc
19-jackie mittoo and the aggravators-ram jam-hlc
20-jackie mittoo and the aggravators-hot milk-hlc
21-jackie mittoo and the aggravators-darker shade of black-hlc
22-jackie edwards-mean girl-hlc
23-cornell campbell and the eternals-stars-hlc
24-jackie edwards and doreen schaffer-welcome you back home-hlc
25-jackie edwards and doreen schaffer-the vow-hlc
26-delroy wilson-who cares-hlc
27-delroy wilson-i shall be released-hlc
28-errol dunkley-ok fred-hlc
29-errol dunkley and freddie mcgregor-why did you do that-hlc
30-cornell campbell-please be true-hlc
31-cornell campbell-only sixteen-hlc
32-delroy wilson-once upon a time-hlc
33-john holt-love i can feel-hlc
34-ken boothe-the train is coming-hlc
35-ken boothe-moving away-hlc
36-delroy wilson-dancing mood-hlc
37-delroy wilson-trying to conquer me-hlc
38-delroy wilson-rain form the sky-hlc
39-john holt-do you love me-hlc
40-horace andy- just say who-hlc
41-horace andy-skylarking-hlc
42-johnny clarke-soul and inspiration-hlc
43-johnny clarke-declaration of rights-hlc
44-horace andy-the love of a woman-hlc
45-derrick morgan and the aggravators-simmer down-hlc
46-derrick morgan and the aggravators-put it on-hlc
47-earl heptones- fattie fattie-hlc
01-delroy wilson-what am i living for-hlc
02-pat kelly-funny familiar forgotten feelings-hlc
03-johnny clarke and hortense ellis -in paradise-hlc
04-johnny clarke and al campbell-behold-hlc
05-delroy wilson-since i met you baby-hlc
06-johnny clarke and doreen shaffer -let it be me-hlc
07-johnny clarke and hortense ellis -dearest-hlc
08-johnny clarke and hortense ellis -youre mine-hlc
09-derrick morgan and hortense ellis -we will be lovers-hlc
10-johnny clarke and hortense ellis -baby come back to me-hlc
11-pat kelly-people get ready-hlc
12-pat kelly-my way-hlc
13-johnny clarke and doreen shaffer -just want to stay here and love you-hlc
14-delroy wilson-there is something on your mind-hlc
15-johnny clarke-she wears my ring-hlc
16-johnny clarke and hortense ellis -this is my story-hlc
17-pat kelly-form both sides-hlc
18-pat kelly-you are everything-hlc
19-pat kelly-are you lonesome tonight-hlc
20-derrick morgan and hortense ellis -im leaving-hlc
21-john holt and hortense ellis-so long baby-hlc
22-john holt-i remember-hlc
23-john holt-girls of my dreams-hlc
24-john holt and hortense ellis- im leaving it up to you-hlc
01-bunji garlin-banana
03-fay ann lyons-heavy t
04-version-heavy t
01-gyptian-she dont want to-hlc
02-jr menzy-time for me-hlc
03-fanton mojah-who have eyes-hlc
04-higher boukie-no fear-hlc
05-blacka pride-put down the gun-hlc
06-jah mason-its my time-hlc
07-kashu man-no gun control-hlc
08-ninja ford-mama son-hlc
01-the revolution of st. vincent-the little you say
02-st. maartens the rolling tones-its a feeling
03-juan formel and los van van-a ver que sale
04-clarence curvan and his mod sounds-calypsoul
05-lancelot layne-yo tink it sorf
06-boris gardiner-negril
07-magic circle express-magic fever
08-the checkmates-disco groove
09-biosis now-independent bahamas
10-tyrone taylor-move up blackman
11-amrals trinidad cavaliers steel orchestra-90 of me is you
12-the hondells-raycan
13-marius cultier-guanavaco
14-gemini brass-you dont love me
16-wadadli experience-we see jah
17-duke-freedom in africa
18-cedric im brooks-blackness of darkness
19-ophelia-red light lady
20-the goretti group with dennis de souza trio-of my hands
01-t-pain ft lil wayne-cant belive it-riddim
02-busy signal-smoke some high grade-riddim
03-demarco-cant believe it-riddim
04-cant believe it riddim-version-riddim
01-anthony b-show me (edit)-r2r
02-anthony b-show me (raw)-r2r
03-black rhino-you nicole (edit)-r2r
04-black rhino-you nicole (raw)-r2r
05-delly ranx-gyal you a mad dem (edit)-r2r
06-delly ranx-gyal you a mad dem (raw)-r2r
07-delly ranx featuring sadiki-island snowman-r2r
08-einstein-wine pon it (edit)-r2r
09-einstein-wine pon it (raw)-r2r
10-elephant man-clown we out (edit)-r2r
11-elephant man-clown we out (raw)-r2r
12-g maffiah-hustler 4 life-r2r
13-hawkeye-rise it (edit)-r2r
14-hawkeye-rise it (raw)-r2r
16-teflon-dem nuh good (edit)-r2r
17-teflon-dem nuh good (raw)-r2r
18-vital-tell dem gweh (edit)-r2r
19-vital-tell dem gweh (raw)-r2r
20-vybz kartel-skin cream-r2r
21-wayne marshall-u an dem (edit)-r2r
22-wayne marshall-u an dem (raw)-r2r
23-eloquent-bubble up (edit)-r2r
24-eloquent-bubble up (raw)-r2r
25-shawn storm-27 ways (edit)-r2r
26-shawn storm-27 ways (raw)-r2r
27-version-carrot oil riddim-r2r
01-wayne marshall-who and dem-r2r
02-delly ranx and sadiki-island snow man-r2r
03-elephant man-clown we out-r2r
04-vybz kartel-skin cream-r2r
05-delly ranx-mad dem-r2r
06-anthony b-snow dem-r2r
07-teflon-dem nuh good-r2r
01-cash money-unexpected mix 2k8
01-CP Inc-Queen Skettle-FRP
02-Earthworm-Real Badman-FRP

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