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03-Vybz Kartel Feat. Revealers-Never Dis Di Family-FRP
04-Version-Cashout Riddim-FRP
01-cash register riddim-version-hlc
02-elephant man-cash register-hlc
03-mykal rose-bad a yard-hlc
04-vybz kartel-set up mi life-hlc
01-king david-freedom-csv
02-bongo man-better will come one day-csv
03-gounz man-together we aspire-csv
04-marley-wah do dem-csv
05-ziggy-jah is-csv
07-version-catalyst riddim-csv
01-powah man – last time mi check it (edited)
02-powah man – last time mi check it
03-famous face – mi gal
04-rholyn x – protect mi
05-rseenal – soh or soh (edited)
06-rseenal – soh or soh
07-version – category 5 riddim
01-buju banton-sheila-jah
02-buju banton-live on-jah
03-buju banton-not an easy road-jah
04-buju banton-fake smile-jah
05-oba simba-two roads-jah
06-oba simba-pressure-jah
07-oba simba-rock it tonight-jah
08-oba simba-movin on-jah
09-anthony b-fight me-jah
10-anthony b-going is rough-jah
11-anthony b-cant tek it no more-jah
12-anthony b-dooms day-jah
01-brian and tony gold-your way-jah
02-junior kelly-precious-jah
03-mark wonder-summer time-jah
04-arp-all my life-jah
05-chuck fenda-love fi si me-jah
06-george nooks-musical sweetness-jah
07-jah cure-guide us jah-jah
08-captain barkey-girls town-jah
09-buju banton-more than one woman-jah
10-luciano-black woman-jah
11-geoffrey star-try them-jah
12-len hammond-get up and shine-jah
01-buju banton-your love-jah
02-determine-remember love-jah
03-louie culture-see them running-jah
04-hopeton lindo-undertaker-jah
05-lukie d-lift up mine eyes-jah
06-lion face-africa a call-jah
07-tanya stephens-cry freedom-jah
08-capleton-heated rush-jah
09-frisco kid-nuh inna dat-jah
10-julet nelson-is this for real-jah
11-norris man and imperial-blood a run-jah
01-anthony b-looks-hlc
02-dadda-real thing-hlc
03-gigsy-ganster thing-hlc
06-charly-nuh coke-hlc
01-psycho-body nuh crawny-riddim
02-david slew-fi di girls dem (girls alone)-riddim
03-delly ranx-corner dem-riddim
04-invada-check yuh history-riddim
05-irie love-like a chandelier-riddim
06-monsta twinz-divan spread-riddim
07-ms. thing-i live on-riddim
08-new kidz-shadow after dark-riddim
09-nicky b-rain or fall-riddim
10-omar reid-part time lover-riddim
11-tok-perfect 10-riddim
12-turbulence-for the peeps-riddim
13-torch-red ya now-riddim
01-c l smooth and junior reid-foreing mind remix-r2r
02-d angel-stronger-r2r
03-terry linen-back to atlanta-r2r
04-bugle and tarus riley-nothing change-r2r
05-chemistry riddim-version-r2r
01-burro banton-no problem
02-alborosie-i am
03-uwe kaa-nie genug (feat phenomden)
04-top cat-girl of my dreams
05-spruddy one-never ever
06-andybee-cherry pie (version)
01-va-chineyhype summa splash-gully
01-aidonia – intro-pbs
02-aidonia – gal say whoa-pbs
03-chino – touch your toe-pbs
04-tony matterhorn – never stop-pbs
05-busy signal – mek she stamma-pbs
06-elephant man feat ding dong – dip again-pbs
07-black ryno – see it deh-pbs
08-vybz kartel feat javinchi – we dem ago-pbs
09-movado – real killa-pbs
10-wayne wonder – ready-pbs
11-tony matterhorn – wine up for me-pbs
12-elephant man – jump on it-pbs
13-busy signal feat bling dawg – da supm deh-pbs
14-esco – if they dont like we-pbs
15-wayne marshall – hard ears-pbs
16-bragga – dagga dat-pbs
17-vybz kartel feat aidonia – laugh and shot dem-pbs
18-aidonia – bullet inna face-pbs
19-aidonia – 100 stab-pbs
20-mavado – japanese-pbs
21-wayne marshall – all night party-pbs
22-elephant man – wine up gal-pbs
23-vybz kartel – get horny-pbs
24-munga – she said harder-pbs
25-assassin – money-pbs
26-wayne marshall – gangsta ride-pbs
27-sean paul – dont tease me-pbs
28-elephant man – when we ketch dem-pbs
29-fambo – pon di pole-pbs
30-vybz kartel – sexrcise-pbs
31-left side and esco – she waah-pbs
32-movado – inna di car back-pbs
33-vybz kartel – million by a morning-pbs
34-munga – regular basis-pbs
35-chinese assassin – intro-pbs
36-shutah – 50 cali-pbs
37-j logix – champaign-pbs
38-trinity chris – dem start war-pbs
39-busy signal – gangsta nah-pbs
40-elephant man – hands in di air-pbs
41-lisa hype ft vybz kartel – how yu proud-pbs
42-vybz kartel – she know fi-pbs
43-aidonia – position-pbs
44-j logix – put it in-pbs
45-busy signal – wine gyal wine-pbs
46-elephant man – nuh linga-pbs
47-elephant man – usain bolt nuh linga-pbs
48-bling dawg feat chi ching – pop corn-pbs
49-munga remix – knock it like a hammer-pbs
50-voice mail – sweep-pbs
51-elephant man – sweep-pbs
52-movado kartel diss – dem a fag-pbs
53-vybz kartel movado diss – weh dat fah-pbs
54-vybz kartel – send a hell-pbs
55-left side and esco feat beenie man – back it up-pbs
56-konshens – wine and climb-pbs
57-vybz kartel – your pussy tight-pbs
58-esco – press up on me-pbs
59-charley – bubble-pbs
60-dj plee skit – kick out the wire-pbs
61-vybz kartel movado diss – nuh swim inna sea-pbs
62-bounty killer – corrupt-pbs
63-demarco – good nah sleep-pbs
64-voice mail – nah lingah-pbs
65-dj plee skit – proud to be a jamaican-pbs
66-movado – on the go-pbs
67-sneak peak – outro-pbs
01-va-chinese assassin presents fish tea and rockerz 2.5-yvp
01-va-chinese assassin presents fish tea and rockerz too-yvp
01-prestige-ive got this feelings-r2r
02-bekkadak-spin yuh roll-r2r
01-2 sweet – do any dance
02-deva bratt – party
03-african – give you
04-t.o.k. – get down
05-unknown – can t stop we
06-turbulence – on the move
07-unknown – we can do it
08-unknown – all night
09-unknown – gimmi more
10-mr. lexx – like my flow
11-unknown – thing set
12-shane-o – hot wuk
13-unknown – from you sort out
14-prima – wild side
15-version – cycodelik riddim
01-cynx-gone away-hlc
02-umi marcano-so weak-hlc
03-ndegwa the philosopher-down here-hlc
04-althea oliver-you-hlc
05-cynx-trini gyal-hlc
01-mykal rose – never run away-gmg
02-ras mac bean – they fall-gmg
03-rod taylor – clean life-gmg
04-tiwony – selassie-gmg
05-murray man – ras tafari-gmg
06-artikal crew – clean riddim-gmg
02-assassin-send it
03-boom dandimite-craap up
04-bounty killer-social responsibility
05-chino-nuh lef mi strappin
06-dangel-first lady
07-demarco-ghetto life hard
08-einstein-beat it
09-elephant man-please
10-flexxx-more money
11-flippa mafia-when yu say floss
12-ishawna-i love you
13-lady ali-hot gal anthem
14-macka diamond and don mafia-hungry
15-matterhorn and pampute-some do some dont
16-nittie kutchie-let it beat
17-power man-born to be rich
18-serani-gi me a house
19-sizzla-education is the key
20-vybz kartel-kuff kaff kweff
21-wayne marshall-look ahead
01-assassin-christmas is here again-hlc
03-boom dandimite-craab up-hlc
04-bounty killer-social responsibility-hlc
05-dangel-first lady-hlc
06-demarco-ghetto life hard-hlc
07-elephant man-please-hlc
08-flexxx-more money-hlc
09-flippa mafia-when yu say floss-hlc
10-ishawna-i love you-hlc
11-lady ali-hot gal anthem-hlc
12-macka diamond and don mafia-hungry-hlc
13-matterhorn and pamputae-some do some dont-hlc
14-mavado-she betta breed fi me-hlc
15-monster hemp higher-we mean it-hlc
16-new kidz-big bad and mighty-hlc
17-power man-born to be rich-hlc
18-serani-gi me a house-hlc
19-sizzla-education is the key-hlc
20-vegas-bad mind cant stop we-hlc
21-version-clean sweep-hlc
22-vybz kartel-kuff kaff kweff-hlc
23-wayne marshall-look ahead-hlc
01-beenie man-obama (edit)-hlc
02-beenie man-obama (raw)-hlc
03-beenie man-she rather ruggu ruggu-hlc
04-merciless and tella-hardcore love-hlc
01-bling dawg-nuh war wid bait-hlc
02-mavado-she betta breed fi me-hlc
03-vybz kartel-kuff kaff kweff-hlc
01-movado-she betta breed fi me-riddim
02-bling dawg-nuh war wid bait-riddim
03-vybz kartel-kuff kaff kweff-riddim
02-assassin-sen it-hlc
03-boom dandimite-craab up-hlc
04-bounty killer-social responsibility-hlc
05-chino-nuh lef mi strappin-hlc
06-dangel-first lady-hlc
07-demarco-ghetto life hard-hlc
08-einstein-beat it-hlc
09-elephant man-please-hlc
10-flexxx-more money-hlc
11-flippa mafia-when yu say floss-hlc
12-ishawna-i love you-hlc
13-lady ali-hot gal anthem-hlc
14-macka diamond and don mafia-hungry-hlc
15-matterhorn and pamputae-some do some dont-hlc
16-nittie kutchie-let it beat-hlc
17-power man-born to be rich-hlc
18-serani-gi me a house-hlc
19-sizzla-education is the key-hlc
20-vybz kartel-kuff kaff kweff-hlc
21-wayne marshall-look ahead-hlc
01-mavado-mi hennessy-yvp
02-chino-dem haffi hide (munga diss)-yvp
03-munga-never too weak to learn-yvp
05-t.o.k-any bwoy-yvp
06-demarco-close casket-yvp
07-wayne marshall-war is on (blak ryno diss)-yvp
08-future fambo-dead homies-yvp
09-gunzallis-cyaah tek-yvp
01-mavado- mi hennessy-yvp
02-chino- dem haffi hide (munga diss)-yvp
03-munga- never too weak to learn-yvp
04-aidonia- gunshot-yvp
05-t.o.k- any bwoy-yvp
06-demarco- close casket-yvp
07-wayne marshall- war is on (blak ryno diss)-yvp
08-future fambo- dead homies-yvp
09-gunzallis- cyaah tek-yvp
10-vybz kartel- tooth fi a tooth-yvp
11-einstein- sting a beat-yvp
12-flexx- when my gun rise-yvp
13-shawn storm- mi love how yuh wine ft. vybz kartel-yvp
01-busy signal-grades-hlc
02-icecold-on and on-hlc
03-future fambo-jump up-hlc
04-double k-what you like-hlc
05-franz capone-real o.g.-hlc
06-busy signal-grades (edit)-hlc
07-icecold-on and on (edit)-hlc
08-double k-what you like (edit)-hlc
01-mr. vegas-she like it-hlc
02-laden-wining competition-hlc
03-blaze-wine and bubble (edit)-hlc
04-blaze-wine and bubble (raw)-hlc
05-sizzla-what is going on (edit)-hlc
06-sizzla-what is going on (raw)-hlc
07-ice cold-set good (edit)-hlc
08-ice cold-set good (raw)-hlc
09-hyperactive ent. club-fusion riddim version-hlc
01-mad anju-jamaica jamaica
03-spragga benz-slow
04-merciless-the powa
06-augie doggie-coast to coast
01-Assassin-Same Thing Again-FRP
02-Bugle-Comes Around-FRP
01-iwer d boss feat ziggy-we like it (track)
02-iwer d boss feat ziggy-we like it (tv)
03-tc-front line (track)
04-tc-front line (tv)
01-alaine-closer to you-rbk
02-anthony b-outa road-rbk
03-beenie man-money fi run-rbk
04-bling dawg-nuh treat-rbk
05-elephant man-sky high-rbk
06-voicemail-always be there-rbk
07-vybz kartel-old time jamaica-rbk
08-lukie d-you got it-rbk
09-wayne marshall-real rude boy-rbk
10-red rat-youth man-rbk
12-spragga benz-enemies-rbk
14-tanto metro and devonte-dem a idiot-rbk
15-fanton mojah-high grade-rbk
16-version-colo colo riddim-rbk
02-busy signal-wise up-riddim
03-munga-save themselves-riddim
04-sanjay-sex in the city-riddim
06-norrisman-ringing a bell-riddim
07-carl morrison-your only lover-riddim
01-lyrikal – congo bongo
02-mr king – ms uccubit
03-dainjamental feat young a.k – up 2 no good
04-daniel bless – roots
05-jah bami – lil rasta boy
06-marlon asher – observation
07-prophet benjimin – livind god
08-jah spa – circumstances
01-pat and the blenders-hard workin man
02-bunny sigler and dee dee sharp-conquer the world together
03-soul devalents-grasshopper
04-johnny williams-its so wonderful
05-frankie and the spindles-makin up time (parts 1 and 2)
06-bunny sigler-theme for five fingers of death
07-carolyn crawford-good and plenty
08-love committee-darling come back home
10-ruth mcfadden-ghetto woman (parts 1 and 2)
11-bunny sigler-everybody needs good lovin (parts 1 and 2)
12-bobby bennett-days go by
13-peoples choice-the big hurt
14-the futures-love is here
15-ruby and the party gang-rubys suprise party
16-the mellow moods-stop taking my love
01-va-anthony cruz and marlene johnson-africa-hlc
02-va-shocking murray-be strong-hlc
03-va-general good-calling-hlc
04-va-emiliano-dem no care-hlc
05-va-everton blender-emergency-hlc
06-va-sugar roy and conrad crystal-give me the weed-hlc
07-va-deliman-king of kings-hlc
08-va-ras mac bean-long time-hlc
09-va-mystic mc-nah fraid a dem-hlc
10-va-fitta warri-revelation-hlc
11-va-jah mason-shed no tears-hlc
12-va-utan green-sunshine-hlc
13-va-natty king-the truth-hlc
14-va-version-conquerer riddim-hlc
01-anthony cruz and marlene johnson-africa-jah
02-shocking murray-be strong-jah
03-general good-calling-jah
04-emiliano-dem no care-jah
05-everton blender-emergency-jah
06-sugar roy and conrad crystal-give me the weed-jah
07-deliman-king of kings-jah
08-ras mac bean-long time-jah
09-mystic mc-nah fraid a dem-jah
10-fitta warri-revelation-jah
11-jah mason-shed no tears-jah
12-utan green-sunshine-jah
13-natty king-the truth-jah
14-bounty chiller-vasink im saund-jah
15-conquerer riddim-version-jah
01-vybz kartel-whine (raw)-riddim
02-vybz kartel-whine (edit)-riddim
03-blak ryno-real badman-riddim
04-demarco-head shot-riddim
05-vybz kartel-say weh yuh feel fi say-riddim
06-jah vinci-xmas story-riddim
01-anthony b-baby father-hlc
02-cutty corn-i love her-hlc
03-ras fraser jr-cant let u go-hlc
04-torch-dry your tears-hlc
01-dianjamental-time uv my life-rbk
02-franz job-country boy-rbk
03-fyahstone feat. malika-please-rbk
04-gounzman-true love-rbk
05-isasha-feel it-rbk
06-isasha-holy place-rbk
07-jah bami-stiff naked-rbk
08-million voice-according-rbk
09-ras pilot-righteous man-rbk
10-version-country boy riddim-rbk
01-country boy-the country boy song-riddim
02-jah bami-stiff naked-riddim
03-i-sasha-feel it-riddim
04-million voice-according-riddim
05-dainjamental-time to luv my life-riddim
06-gounzman and fyah empress-true love-riddim
07-i-sasha and million voice-holy place-riddim
08-fyahstone and malika-please-riddim
09-ras pilot-righteous man-riddim
10-country boy riddim (cbf prod)-version-riddim
01-chrisinti-so high-jah
02-ginjah-happy years-jah
03-jah mason-put jah above-jah
04-luciano-work hard-jah
05-mikey general-mighty jah jah-jah
06-snypa levi-country living-jah
07-dubwize-country living riddim-jah
01-ziggy rankin-i dont know her-riddim
02-lyon i-one more chance-riddim
04-positive-great day-riddim
05-country reggae riddim-version-riddim
01-macka diamond ft fire links-couple up (raw)-riddim
02-macka diamond ft fire links-couple up (edit)-riddim
03-shane o-good in deh (raw)-riddim
04-shane o-good in deh (edit)-riddim
05-frenzi-doing this thing (raw)-riddim
06-frenzi-doing this thing (edit)-riddim
07-couple up riddim (blue sky prod)-version-riddim
01-elephant man-gully creepa
02-jay mckay-sellin
03-tyrical-ghetto praya
04-tok-boast pon a gal
05-kapri-dear mama
06-esco-dun dem credit feat. fresh
07-mr. easy-request di ting
08-fambo-no name
09-bramma-just whine
10-tifa-dem nuh ready
11-ms. thing-nah run dun nuh husband
12-monster twinz-jiggle it
13-g-maffiah-pon di block
14-natalie storm-body good
15-insane-properly brought up
16-delly ranks-pon di ting
17-versatile-bubble like a tea pot
18-general b.-more gal
19-seanizzle-creepa riddim (version)
01-roger banton – crisis
02-prince theo – faya bun dem
03-zion irie and david hinds (from steel pulse) – music is fire
04-ras mac bean – row your boat
05-version – crisis riddim
01-copper cat and atomic-meck it stay-hlc
02-crisis riddim-version-hlc
03-richie stephens-antichrist-hlc
01-richie stephens-antichrist-riddim
02-copper cat and atomic-meck it stay-riddim
03-crisis riddim (pot of gold prod.)-version-riddim
01-anthony que-super model-riddim
02-konshens-take me with you-riddim
01-assailant-ready fi war-hlc
02-delly ranx-disrespect-hlc
03-esco-cocky inna pum pum-hlc
01-double k-get up (wanna ride)-hlc
03-lisa hype (portmore empire)-gimmie buddy-hlc
04-sean storm (portmore empire)-dilly dolly-hlc
05-vybz kartel-tek it (wine wine)-hlc
06-icecold-boom (edit)-hlc
07-lisa hype (portmore empire)-gimmie buddy (edit)-hlc
08-vybz kartel-tek it (wine wine) (edit)-hlc
09-crop over riddim-instrumental version-hlc
01-alpha rowen-crush dem out-hlc
02-haskel-got to be a man-hlc
03-black rain-how dem stay so-hlc
04-black-er-tek you fi fool-hlc
05-hitlist-clap mi hand-hlc
06-i shenko-warriors march out-hlc
07-izula-on my mind-hlc
08-higher relms-check yourself-hlc
09-hit man wally-it bun dem-hlc
10-crush dem riddim-version-hlc
01-junior reid-beg mercy-hlc
02-elephant man ft. nitty kutchie and harry toddler-weh we nah do-hlc
04-vybz kartel-bigga dan fi dem-hlc
05-einstein-murda dem-hlc
06-kiprich-mi gun laywait-hlc
07-alozade-go fi dem-hlc
01-edwin yearwood-where will you be
02-jamesy p-bashment freak
03-zoelah-go down low
04-bomani-ah not going
05-peter ram-pumpin
06-rita jones-high
07-lil rick-cant wait
08-lima calbio-down low
09-problem c-galarytis
10-ignition ft ms.alysha-i know carnival
11-peter c. lewis-over and over
13-taxik-dont mess wid me
14-krosfyah ft adrian dutchin-on me
15-super p-i going down
16-sheldon douglas-mr. dj
17-va-rich mix-flyy mix 2008
01-mcculcha-no secret
02-buju banton-step up in life
03-little meeky-freaky freaky-(the return)
04-snuupiakadawg-my time now
05-paashot-she love it hot
06-dezey coyottee-fi real dat
07-mad cobra-entry fee
08-l.i.z-im sorry
09-cheroky khidd-romantic
10-snuupiakadawg-tight up shorts
11-bouncer-wise up
12-little meeky-junky drunky
13-little meeky feat snuupi-freaky freaky-(remix)
14-ricky mad man myrie-dyre riddim version
01-mad cobra ft spice-dat mi want
02-nuclear-gwaan so bad
03-nuffy nuff-so
04-ratigan-horny she horny
05-dagga mornin riddim-version
01-elephant man feat ding dong-dip again (clean)-gully
02-aidonia-gyal say wooiii (clean)-gully
03-chino-wine and touch ur toe (clean)-gully
04-laden-neva dash weh (clean)-gully
05-bramma-its whatever (clean)-gully
06-busy signal-mek she stamma (clean)-gully
07-vybz kartel feat javinchi-weh dem a go (clean)-gully
08-mavado-real killa (clean)-gully
09-black ryno-thug anthem (clean)-gully
10-matterhorn-never stop (clean)-gully
11-voicemail-tell dem fi gweh (clean)-gully
12-mr.easy-screw pan face (clean)-gully
13-stephen di genius mcgregor-version-gully
01-elephant man and ding dong-dip again (raw)-gully
02-aidonia-gyal say wooiii (raw)-gully
03-chino-wine and touch ur toe (raw)-gully
04-laden-neva dash weh (raw)-gully
05-bramma-its whatever (raw)-gully
06-busy signal-mek she stamma (raw)-gully
07-vybz kartel and javinchi-weh dem a go (raw)-gully
08-mavado-real killa (raw)-gully
09-black ryno-thug anthem (raw)-gully
10-matterhorn-never stop (raw)-gully
11-voicemail-tell dem fi gweh (raw)-gully
12-mr.easy-screw pan face (raw)-gully
13-stephen di genius mcgregor-version-gully
01-mavado-nah bleach with cream (clean)-gully
02-elephant man-wine up pon me (clean)-gully
03-chino feat wayne marshall-danger (clean)-gully
04-anthony b-run up pon them (clean)-gully
05-aidonia-bruk it off (clean)-gully
06-mr g-pree life (clean)-gully
07-voicemail-jump off (clean)-gully
08-vybz kartel-broad daylight (clean)-gully
09-bramma-mi nah play (clean)-gully
10-fambo-out (clean)-gully
11-kari jess-gyal them wi wann (clean)-gully
12-vybz kartel-tightest punani (clean)-gully
13-laden-gyal coward (clean)-gully
14-teflon-di thing them (clean)-gully
15-stephen mcgregor-daybreak riddim version-gully
01-mavado-nah bleach with cream-gully
02-elephant man-wine up pon me-gully
03-chino feat wayne marshall-danger-gully
04-anthony b-run up pon them-gully
05-aidonia-bruk it off-gully
06-mrg-pree life-gully
07-voicemail-jump off-gully
08-vybz kartel-broad daylight-gully
09-bramma-mi nah play-gully
11-kari jess-gyal them wi wann-gully
12-vybz kartel-tightest punani-gully
13-laden-gyal coward-gully
14-teflon-di thing them-gully
15-stephen mcgregor-daybreak riddim version-gully
01-a gear-five days-hlc
02-fredo faya-tend loreille-hlc
03-busy signal-rise and beat (vinyl shotz remix)-hlc
04-munga-gangsta ras (vinyl shotz remix)-hlc
05-munga-shake it up (vinyl shotz remix)-hlc
06-skarra mucci-madder than dem (vinyl shotz remix)-hlc
07-vinyl shotz feat. a gear-days riddim-hlc
101-yellowman-bam bam
102-tenor saw-pumpkin belly
103-reggie stepper-cu-oonuh
104-chaka demus and plier-murder she wrote
106-michigan and smiley-diseases
107-ini kamoze-world a music
108-junior murvin-cool out son
109-triston palma-entertainment
110-general echo-arleen
111-barrington levy-here i come
112-cutty ranks-chop chop
113-lone ranger-m16
114-super cat-trash and ready
115-trinity-jamaican dollar
116-cornell campbell-boxing around
117-gregory isaacs-soon forward
201-conroy smith-dangerous
202-jacob miller and trinity-im just a dread
203-lady ann-informer
204-brigadier jerry-fred locks a dreadlocks
205-eek a mouse-wa do dem
206-sister nancy-only woman dj with degree
207-early b-deaf ears
208-trinity-uptown girl
209-toyan-spar with me
210-horace ferguson-sensi. addict
211-clint eastwoord-jump and pawn
212-half pint-greetings
213-reggie stepper-under me sin ting
214-frankie paul-call the brigade
215-general echo-track shoes
216-cornell campbell-mash you down
101-sister nancy-bam bam
102-capleton-gold blooded murderer
103-yellowman-bun the kutchie
104-beenie man-defend it
105-jigsy king-gi mi the weed
106-wayne smith-under mi sleng theng
107-mad cobra-find and kill
109-nicodemus-birdman hunting
110-lady g-mah ah get tight
111-marcia griffiths and cutty ranks-half idiot
112-cocoa tea-rocking dolly
113-barringston levy-if you give to me
114-toots and the maytals-bam bam
115-gregory isaacs-babylon too rough
201-elephant man-egyptian dance
202-sizzla-healing of the nation
203-sean paul-infiltrate
204-jah mason-my princess gone
205-assassin-gunshot a beat
206-bounty killer-lodge
207-bushman-send dem come
208-gregory isaacs feat freddie mcgregor and ninja man-john law
209-little harry-leggo mi queen
210-red rat-shelley ann
211-morgan heritage-nothing to smile about
212-mr vegas-sweet pineapple
213-turbulence-give her weh she want
214-tarrus riley-beware
215-jah cure feat sizzla-king in this jungle
302-turbulence-who can help us
303-mavado-whe dem a do
304-vybz kartel-ben over
306-chico feat dah prodigy-all i want to say
307-mr vegas feat flava unit-you a di wife
308-norris man-if only they know
309-wayne marshall-ballin out
310-dah prodigi-belly dancer
311-delly ranks feat mr easy-me no care
312-voicemail-get crazy
313-macka diamond-ride hard
314-mr easy-real gangsters
315-elephant man and friends-zen remix
402-krys-pa okipew de jalousie
403-lyricson-black woman
404-mighty ki la-blackattak
405-bigjay feat tony c-feeling right
406-straika d-bay bon bass
407-tiwony-chak moun ka fe tay
408-flya-give thanks
409-red lion feat lord diamen-on met le delbor
410-anthony lion-gardez la motivation
411-big famili-vanillochocolat
412-le r.i.c-le magicien
413-caporal nigga-understand
414-elimane-yo bisoin save
415-papa tank-ou te le sav
01-d-lynx-diggy dong-jah
02-voice mail-lets dance-jah
03-tok-freak out-jah
04-shaggy-those days featuring nasha-jah
05-jah cure-sticky-jah
06-tami chynn-over and over again-jah
07-rayvon-games we play-jah
08-chuck fender-cyan cool-jah
09-sizzla-weh dem wan we do-jah
10-buju banton-me and oonu-jah
11-kiprich-joe grind featuring delishus-jah
12-tok-guardian angel-jah
13-jah mason-be still-jah
14-bounty killer-no special reason-jah
15-wayne marshall-anyway-jah
16-mitch-follow me remix featuring beenie man elephant man and passenger 7-jah
17-cecile-im waiting-jah
18-jah mason-ive got you-jah
19-passenger 7-sway-jah
20-voice mail-memories by the score-jah
01-monster hempire-badder than dem (edit)-riddim
02-monster hempire-badder than dem (raw)-riddim
03-elephant man-nah beg dem nutten (edit)-riddim
04-elephant man-nah beg dem nutten (raw)-riddim
05-ghost-dont call me back (edit)-riddim
06-ghost-dont call me back (raw)-riddim
07-deja vu-dat mi seh (edit)-riddim
08-deja vu-dat mi seh (raw)-riddim
09-erup-mek noise (edit)-riddim
10-erup-mek noise (raw)-riddim
11-mr lexx-100 dagger (edit)-riddim
12-mr lexx-100 dagger (raw)-riddim
13-anthony b-position (edit)-riddim
14-anthony b-position (raw)-riddim
15-christopher martin-want mi ting (edit)-riddim
16-bugle-fluffy (edit)-riddim
17-dashboard riddim-version-riddim
01-cobra-merciless diss-riddim
02-monster hempire-we nuh scared a none a dem-riddim
01-va-d-crew presents dj smooth-roots rock reggae-bootleg
01-silver-ah macooing
02-impulse-something fall
03-instrumental-de christmas macco riddim
01-liv-start de party-csv
02-carlie-leave meh out of it-csv
04-cato and arc angel-i want to be your lover-csv
05-nyo-we comin down-csv
06-liv-set this dance on fire-csv
01-busy signal-we strap-hlc
02-jah trouble-bakam bakam-hlc
03-tornado-buss it up-hlc
04-busy signal-the spot weh dem deh pon-hlc
05-assailant-carry dem home-hlc
06-cp inc-when the inc dem step out-hlc
07-natasja-money and tings-hlc
08-diana rutherford-hot gyal-hlc
09-teflon-real african man-hlc
12-al pancho-rise up and take your stand-hlc
13-powerman-we nuh inna dem-hlc
14-kim kartina-a nuh red label-hlc
15-juvenile g-genius-clear-hlc
16-norrisman-xtra clip-hlc
02-jah vison-feeling the vibes-hlc
03-duane stephenson-your love is calling-hlc
04-to isis-ghetto prayer-hlc
02-feeling the vibes-jah vision-riddim
03-duane stepheson-your love is calling-riddim
04-to isis-ghetto prayer-riddim
02-desciple-jah is-csv
03-spritual-jah jah sleeping-csv
04-jah markie-as i rise-csv
05-ras pilot-wanna be loved-csv
01-lutan fyah-give thanks for life-r2r
02-suga roy and conrad crystal-hill vibes-r2r
03-ras mcbean-dem a run away-r2r
04-keefaz-sous le meme ciel-r2r
05-various artists-promo mix-r2r
01-admiral bailey-shame to see-hlc
02-cocoa tea-nah look no work-hlc
03-hugo barrington-its over-hlc
04-leror sibles-let off supum-hlc
06-super black-bad bwoy gwan a jail-hlc
01-beenie man-no phobia-hlc
02-charly black-going to the party-hlc
03-delishus-give me more-hlc
04-hot k-crazy-hlc
05-lady saw-be mine-hlc
06-prototype-luv di girls-hlc
07-vybz kartel-position-hlc
08-wayne marshall-party all night-hlc
01-anthony b-they dont-rbk
02-beenie man-baby raper-rbk
03-beenie man feat. ms ting-a soy we stay-rbk
04-capleton-follow mi-rbk
05-esco-soaking wet-rbk
07-munga-spin so-rbk
08-sanjay-speed dial-rbk
09-sizzla-gal dem sittin-rbk
12-version-disturbia riddim-rbk
01-little harry-jessat promotion
02-billy boyo-jah jah made me an mc
03-nicodemus-hail nico dead
04-little harry-harry on the go
05-billy boyo-billy boyo in the area
06-nicodemus-birdman hunting
07-little harry-lego mi queen
08-billy boyo-going back to school
09-nicodemus-shaolin plat
10-little harry-wicked wild
11-billy boyo-check in
12-nicodemus-bubble nicodemus bubble
13-little harry-rougher than rough
14-billy boyo-look how she fat
15-nicodemus-tubbys daddy
01-little harry-jessat promotion-jah
02-billy boyo-jah jah made me an mc-jah
03-nicodemus-hail nico dead-jah
04-little harry-harry on the go-jah
05-billy boyo-billy boyo in the area-jah
06-nicodemus-birdman hunting-jah
07-little harry-lego mi queen-jah
08-billy boyo-going back to school-jah
09-nicodemus-shaolin plat-jah
10-little harry-wicked wild-jah
11-billy boyo-check in-jah
12-nicodemus-bubble nicodemus bubble-jah
13-little harry-rougher than rough-jah
14-billy boyo-look how she fat-jah
15-nicodemus-tubbys daddy-jah
01-dj gera – intro-pbs
02-wayne wonder – stay close-pbs
03-mr vegas – deh pon the scene-pbs
04-wayne marshall – dance-pbs
05-laden – anytime-pbs
06-elephant man – wine fi me-pbs
07-serani – we grow-pbs
08-d major feat chris martin and – only you-pbs
09-bling bling – licky licky-pbs
10-sean paul – grip-pbs
11-leftside – cologne-pbs
12-mad cobra feat tina nuninezz – like this-pbs
13-bobo feat shaggy – you know-pbs
14-hawlage and pica – its a girl-pbs
15-serani – empress-pbs
16-ras penco – player haters-pbs
17-ding dong – gallis-pbs
18-future fambo – turn me on-pbs
19-beyonce – single ladies blend-pbs
20-buju banton – di flavour-pbs
21-bushman – clutch back-pbs
22-demarco – tight pussy walk-pbs
23-taranchyla – cyaan dance-pbs
24-t-pain feat dj amaze – cant believe it benja styles r-pbs
25-hawlage a c-sharp – just curious-pbs
26-ron browz feat jim jones – pop champagne mike d remix wit-pbs
27-rdx – champion bubbler-pbs
28-jigsy king – bad min-pbs
29-pica – shes frontin-pbs
30-serani – gi me a house-pbs
31-i shawna – i love you-pbs
32-movado – breed fi me-pbs
33-beenie man feat natalie storm – whine-pbs
34-david kirton – turn it on-pbs
35-ricky blaze feat fresh prince – how mi look-pbs
36-pica – what she doing-pbs
37-ebon-e feat ino – trini gyal-pbs
38-cecile – burning up-pbs
39-tony matterhorn – when it rains-pbs
40-serani – tell you lies-pbs
41-vybz kartel feat jah vinchi – my senorita-pbs
42-raine seville – bossy ladies-pbs
43-lil wayne feat bobby valentino – mrs officer blend-pbs
44-hawlage and willy – since we me blend-pbs
45-j-so – take it easy-pbs
46-rupee – magnet to steel-pbs
47-serani – make money-pbs
48-bramma – wine up-pbs
49-voicemail – gimmie gyal-pbs
50-raine seville – position-pbs
51-nawlage c scharp and joos – 21 plus-pbs
52-jason lyrics – ride-pbs
53-serani – do you good-pbs
54-busy signa – whine like that-pbs
55-nawlage c scharp and mad bwoy – making moves-pbs
01-shorty the president-rub a dub style
02-u roy-gorgon style
03-jah stitch-greedy girl
04-dillinger-babylon dub
05-u brown-dub dunza
06-dennis alcapone-stick by dub
07-prince jazzbo-dub to the lonely
08-shorty the president-control dub
09-i roy-3 wisemen in dub
10-u brown-yu nuh here dub
11-prince jazzbo-dub chalice
12-shorty the president-rebel dub skank
13-i roy-dont touch the dub
14-u brown-hard time dub
15-dennis alcapone-dub chat
16-shorty the president-baby dub
01-va-dj kenny-just dance clean mix vol 6
01-va-dj kenny-vibes mix vol.8-ras
01-va-dj loudmouth-dancehall invasion (special edition 4)
01-delly ranks – dj scope and riddimstrem dub plate-pbs
02-serani – rain a fall-pbs
03-jasmine sullivan – i need you bad rmx-pbs
04-demarco ft bling dawg – dun fi dem-pbs
05-munga – hear dem a bawl-pbs
06-movado – real killa-pbs
07-vybz kartel – ghetto riches-pbs
08-vybz kartel – million by a morning-pbs
09-l.i.zee ft. dezey coyotte – questions-pbs
10-aidonia – gyal say woy-pbs
11-aidonia – hundred stab-pbs
12-elephant man – sweep-pbs
13-ding dong – man a gallis-pbs
14-delly ranks ft esco – close fit-pbs
15-elephant man – usain bolt-pbs
16-serani – no gamed-pbs
17-l.i.zee – im sorry-pbs
18-andrew and wada blood – too busy-pbs
19-serani ft movado – mama still hungry give-pbs
20-demarco – send them on-pbs
21-vybz kartle – born and raise-pbs
22-assassin – mama still cryin-pbs
23-sean paul – hold my hand-pbs
24-vybz kartel – send ah hell-pbs
25-beenie – badman-pbs
26-vyba kartel – kartel-pbs
27-serani – naked-pbs
28-shifta – do it right here bonus track-pbs
01-lava man-rum and girl-gully
02-pupa leendi-doh hold me back-gully
03-terror p-doh hit me-gully
01-phyllis dillon-dont stay away-hlc
02-carrol thompson-crazy for you-hlc
03-lady lex-you-hlc
04-mike brooks-his little girl-hlc
05-the blackstones-worried man-hlc
06-sadiki-slipping away-hlc
07-luciano-running for my life-hlc
08-ritchie davis-what if-hlc
09-leroy mafia-brag and boast-hlc
10-u-roy-dont stay away-hlc
01-alaine – with u
02-assassin – one way (edit)
03-bling dawg – grudge (edit)
04-bounty killer – what u think (edit)
05-buju banton – in a mi bed (edit)
06-don corleon – double joint (edit)
07-flexxx – little and tiny (edit)
08-vybz kartel – keep it clean (edit)
09-wasp – a no man (edit)
01-wayne wonder-snitches and spies-rbk
02-t.o.k.-change of the scenery-rbk
03-munga-the whole place shaking-rbk
04-vybz kartel-pussy watcher-rbk
05-sanjay and carl morrison-whats your name-rbk
06-vybz kartel-informer-rbk
07-dazla-different ting-rbk
08-roundhead-get higher-rbk
09-neo-sulan and elephant man-stroke me slow (remix)-rbk
10-ward 21-full hundred-rbk
11-wayne marshall-oh yeah-rbk
12-zumjay feat. hotta ball-dance forever-rbk
01-huey and memphitz-tell me this-hlc
02-r kelly and huey-hook it up-hlc
03-the alliance feat. scare dem crew-draw we out (clean)-hlc
04-the alliance feat. scare dem crew-draw we out raw-hlc
05-draw we out-version-hlc
06-wayne marshall-jah jah please-hlc
01-wailing souls-war-r2r
02-eek a mouse-wa do dem-r2r
03-ranking joe ft barrington levy-river jordan-r2r
04-junior delgado-love tickles like magic-r2r
05-home t cocoa tea and shabba ranks-pirates anthem-r2r
06-beres hammond-she loves me now-r2r
07-gregory isaacs-rumours-r2r
08-mr vegas-heads high (kill em with it remix)-r2r
09-tetrack-lets get started-r2r
10-bounty killer-sufferer-r2r
11-alozade mr vegas and hollow point-under mi sensi-r2r
12-shaggy-rub a dub wi want-r2r
13-ras michael and the sons of negus-none a jah jah children-r2r
14-sizzla-love is divine-r2r
101-wailing souls-war-r2r
102-eek a mouse-wa do dem-r2r
103-barrington levy-mary long tongue-r2r
104-ranking joe-river jordan-r2r
105-beres hammond-she loves me now-r2r
106-toyan-how the west was won-r2r
107-johnny osbourne-folly ranking-r2r
108-nicodemus-bone connection-r2r
109-junior delgado-love tickles like magic-r2r
110-papa michigan and general smiley-diseases-r2r
111-wayne wade-poor and humble-r2r
112-ras michael and the sons of negus-none of jah jah children no cry-r2r
113-tetrack-lets get started-r2r
114-reggae regulars-where is jah-r2r
115-augustus pablo-king tubby meets rockers uptown-r2r
201-home t cocoa tea and shabba ranks-pirates anthem-r2r
202-frankie paul-pass the tu sheng peng-r2r
203-wayne smith-under me sleng teng-r2r
204-gregory isaacs-mind yu dis-r2r
205-shaggy-oh carolina (radio version)-r2r
206-krystal and shabba ranks-twice my age-r2r
207-mr vegas-heads high (kill em with it re-mix)-r2r
208-beenie man-who am i-r2r
209-gregory isaacs-rumours-r2r
210-alozade and hollow point ft mr vegas-under me sensi-r2r
211-shaggy-rub a dub wi want-r2r
212-elephant man-elephant message-r2r
213-wayne wonder-no letting go-r2r
214-bounty killer-sufferer-r2r
215-sizzla-love is divine-r2r
a1-the fugees vs max romeo-ready or not (dreadsquad blend)
a2-jackson 5-i want you back (dreadsquad blend)
a3-the specials-message to you rudy (dreadsquad rmx)
a4-sean kingston vs sound dimension-beautiful girls (dreadsquad blend)
b1-rayvon vs kurtis blow-no guns no murder (dreadsquad blend)
b2-grandmaster flash-the message (papa zura blend)
b3-diana king-shy guy (dreadsquad blend)
b4-baha men vs the wiseguys-who let the dogs out (dreadsquad blend)
01-beres hammond-i surrender-riddim
02-marcia griffiths-story-riddim
03-nesbeth-baby mother-riddim
04-jah cure-this is one for you mama-riddim
05-morgan heritage-people hungry-riddim
06-luton fyah-eden-riddim
07-chuck fender-herbalist farmer-riddim
08-duane stephenson-marijuana-riddim
10-gyptian-keep your calm-riddim
11-conscience-teach them how to pray-riddim
12-ginjah-welcome to the world-riddim
14-gyptian ft. tina-weak in the knees-riddim
15-feekez and villa dutch-better world-riddim
16-version-drop it riddim-riddim
01-kari jess-colda than cold (raw)
02-kari jess-colda than cold (edit)
03-bramma-shot fly (raw)
04-bramma-shot fly (edit)
05-jim crow feat. jigsy-gal every season (raw)
06-jim crow feat. jigsy-gal every season (edit)
07-dxcell-gunz like clothes (raw)
08-dxcell-gunz like clothes (edit)
09-caldhino-dem youth yah
10-carnage-bruk tru dem (raw)
11-carnage-bruk tru dem (edit)
12-faze-gullys and chenches (raw)
13-faze-gullys and chenches (edit)
14-faze and elements-di way u hot
15-rseenal-nah truss dem (raw)
16-rseenal-nah truss dem (edit)
17-danger infared-rest u triga finga (raw)
18-danger infared-rest u triga finga (edit)
19-yung shottaz-shottaz pon di way
20-tyrical-livin the life
21-conflict-beat it up (raw)
22-conflict-beat it up (edit)
23-version-drums of war
01-anthony b-nuh put it deh-hlc
02-bling dog-she seh o-hlc
03-charly-fre fre-hlc
04-donmaffia-best fren-hlc
05-elephant-rum ram dem fi get-hlc
06-kirk fabilous-yuh the wife-hlc
07-mikeylous –gal seh-hlc
02-lil wayne-duffle bag boy-hlc
03-mavado feat. bling dawg and demarco-money haffi sort out-hlc
05-duffle bag riddim-version-hlc
01-d-linx-loving we no shorta
02-kiprich-gal clown
03-hawkeye-dem badmind
04-macka diamond-them no qualify
05-dunng a town riddim-version
01-earl chinna smith-harvest uptown famine downtown
02-matthew mcanuff-be careful
03-kiddus i-graduation in zion
04-barry merger ford-rebel
05-derajah-who yeah yah
06-the viceroys-detour
07-emmanuel i-greater
08-earl chinna smith-fade away
09-the mighty diamonds-gnashing of teeth
10-binghy carlton and patrick andy-cant stop the youths
11-the congos-thief is in the vineyard
12-earl chinna smith-six strings
13-the viceroys-yahoo
01-bobo sind-dall fuc-hlc
02-boomdabash-hear dem-hlc
03-brusco-mai come voi-hlc
04-capleton-too greedy-hlc
05-crosby and black dilinjah-red-hlc
06-version-early morning-hlc
07-elijah prophet-dem a call jah name-hlc
08-fido guido-none-hlc
09-flookie-what we need is love-hlc
10-gioman-ti controllano-hlc
11-jah mason-man to man-hlc
12-jaka and marjas-live as one-hlc
13-killa cat-bun dem-hlc
14-krika-regga buscia-hlc
15-laza-bad minded people-hlc
16-marina-ogne sira-hlc
17-mikey wild-the meaning-hlc
18-ras teweld-herb-hlc
19-ruffino and bonifax-so real-hlc
20-shakaroots-rise and shine-hlc
01-martina-all night long-hlc
03-erup-roll out-hlc
05-fambo and curtis-celebration-hlc
06-jah vinci-hype on me-hlc
07-beenie man-understand yuself-hlc
08-anthony b-wuke dem hard-hlc
09-monster hempire-wine for me-hlc
10-noah-dem badmind-hlc
11-flex ft j-no-borrow clothes-hlc
12-equator riddim-version-hlc
14-voicemail-peeping tom-hlc
15-sizzla and beenie man-gimmi everyday-hlc
01-aisha-shake it
02-dangel-hustling ladies (edit)
03-lady g-hustling ladies (edit)
04-lady g-ring ring (raw)
05-lady saw-belverdere heights (edit)
06-lady saw-belverdere heights (raw)
07-macka diamond-new friend (edit)
08-ms thing-inna mi league (edit)
09-ms thing-inna mi league (raw)
10-natalie storm-gal fi get boo (edit)
11-natalie storm-gal fi get boo (raw)
12-queen paula-cyaa diss paula (edit)
13-queen paula-cyaa diss paula (raw)
14-spice-a nuh my fault (edit)
15-spice-a nuh my fault (raw)
16-stacious-clap yuh hands (edit)
17-stacious-clap yuh hands (raw)
18-tifa-bottom of the barrel (edit)
19-tifa-bottom of the barrel (raw)
20-timberlee-wretchinel (edit)
21-timberlee-wretchinel (raw)
01-punisha (j.o.p)-gaza line
02-bounty killer and aidonia-eternal darkness
03-eternal darkness riddim-version
01-anthony que-heartbreaker-rbk
02-droop dawg-stand firm-rbk
03-duane stephenson-dance for me-rbk
05-gyptian-black son rising-rbk
06-konshens-take me with you-rbk
07-powerman-life over death-rbk
08-sandy smith-youre cheating-rbk
09-version-evening breeze riddim-rbk
01-anthony que-super model-hlc
02-konshens-take me with you-hlc
01-jah stitch-conference in waterhouse-rks
02-king tubby-conference version-rks
03-junior byles-lorna banana-rks
04-pete weston and the flames-revolution is for the chinaman-rks
05-king tubby-straight to scratch head-rks
06-i-roy-message from the top-rks
07-the defenders-our rights-rks
08-the defenders-our version-rks
09-u-roy-the right to live-rks
10-tommy mccook-tribute to muhammed ali-rks
11-joe higgs-wages of crime-rks
12-king tubby-wages of crime version-rks
13-bobby ellis-ska baby-rks
14-ska version-instrumental-rks
15-i-roy-every mouth must be fed-rks
16-junior byles-aint to proud to beg-rks
17-junior byles-last of the love songs-rks
18-blacker black-black organ-rks
19-i-roy-mad mad hatter-rks
20-king tubby-mad mad horns-rks
01-mr evil-batty boys-hlc
02-demarco-fallen soldiers-hlc
03-mother-jah pong-hlc
04-demarco ft ratigan-fallen soldiers (remix)-hlc
05-fallen soldiers riddim-version-hlc
06-demarco-fallen soldiers (edit extended-hlc
07-demarco-fallen soldiers (raw extended)-hlc
08-faze-i pray-hlc
01-anthony malvo and tiffanie-gimme ganja-hlc
02-ed robinson-its goodbye-hlc
03-jenn liza-a long time-hlc
04-jimmy riley-fool for love-hlc
01-chuck fender feat oba simba-back against the wall-gmg
02-mark wonder-rainbow child-gmg
03-tasha t-no more war-gmg
04-mitch feat cutty ranks-trigger happy-gmg
05-cherine anderson-fever-gmg
06-hiyah rems-hungry belly-gmg
07-lutan fyah-isis to the king-gmg
08-ice man-war and crime-gmg
09-edge michael-rebel with a cause-gmg
10-steve knight-i cry-gmg
11-prophecy-harsh reality-gmg
12-annett brissett-a place somewhere for me-gmg
13-hopeton lindo-we could fall in love-gmg
14-natural black-love within the music-gmg
01-mr g and shanz-oh no-riddim
02-ginjah-quiet place-riddim
03-fire place riddim-version-riddim
01-rampage-running now-rbk
02-shane o-officer-rbk
03-sizzla-come deh yah-rbk
01-ms thing featuring flexx from tok-i like it-jah
03-flexx from tok-til its gone-jah
04-beenie man featuring tami chin-advice-jah
05-flexx from tok featuring alozade-baby father-jah
06-bay-c from tok-roll deep-jah
07-mr. vegas-wine and stop-jah
08-surprize aka wayne wonder-bring it on-jah
09-monster twinz-girls everyday-jah
10-cecile-last night-jah
11-flexx from tok-should i-jah
12-alex from tok-never satisfied-jah
13-tok-from yuh see dem-jah
14-lady saw-stress free-jah
15-ms thing-fight over man-jah
16-ice cold-stay away-jah
01-sean paul-the rite time-riddim
02-morgan heritage-yutes dem share-riddim
03-freddie mcgregor-make it happen-riddim
04-shema-caught up-riddim
05-chino-never know-riddim
06-natural black-continent 4 an island-riddim
07-voicemail-love me now-riddim
08-anthony b-fool for love-riddim
09-irie love-it was me-riddim
10-singing sweet-cherish the love-riddim
11-nicky b-forever-riddim
12-teflon-rougher it get-riddim
13-nah switch-cant win them all-riddim
14-vybz kartel-love-riddim
01-ras mac bean – never give up-gmg
02-bushman – king selassie-gmg
03-freddie mcgregor – work-gmg
04-rasites – sex violence and drugs-gmg
05-chukki star – back door deal-gmg
06-sting ray allstars – fort augustus riddim-gmg
01-jah mason-caring-hlc
02-turbulence-burn dem again-hlc
03-lutan fyah-no more war-hlc
04-norris man-thunderous sound-hlc
05-yami bolo-wars and revolution-hlc
06-digital ancient-fortune teller (version)-hlc
07-lutan fyah-rise and shine-hlc
08-turbulence-revolution pon di wicked-hlc
09-luciano-unity is strength-hlc
10-natural black-got to be straight up-hlc
11-natty king-see the wicked run-hlc
12-digital ancient-last call moon-hlc
13-norris man-welcome to say-hlc
14-lutan fyah-woe to the bloody city-hlc
15-digital ancient-alarm clock (version)-hlc
01-jr king-builder-csv
03-journey-love thing-csv
04-king solomon-living in love-csv
05-royal dainties-one aim-csv
07-jah vello-love-csv
08-version-freedom riddim-csv
01-don corleon and kartel-kalico-hlc
02-movado-gun down-hlc
01-adele harley-no one-siq
02-adele harley-lost without you-siq
03-sylvia tella-umbrella-siq
04-marie claire-say it right-siq
06-mercedes-it dont matter-siq
08-santana-if i was your man-siq
09-nato-freak in you-siq
10-marie claire-4 page letter-siq
11-toria-undercover lover-siq
12-sylvia tella-live it up-siq
13-winston reedy-the way to treat a woman-siq
14-richie davis-whatever you want-siq
15-sandra melody-calling my mansion-siq
16-troublesome-gal control-siq
17-mercedes-because me hot-siq
18-deanie ranks-millions-siq
02-luciano and spectacular-what gwaan bad
03-ras mc bean-pack up and leave
04-lorenzo and ras mc bean-forgive dem jah
05-morgan heritage and ras mc bean-lion is king
06-turbulence-rastafari livity
08-lutan fyah-intoxicated
09-tony rebel-why people
10-lukie d-laugh
11-capleton-throw us down
12-suga roy and conrad crystal-beat kette drum
13-sizzla-sow more love
15-suga roy and conrad crystal-righteous train (special)
16-fantan mojah-so many problems
17-lutan fyah-a lie
18-turbulence and spectacular-high grade
19-spectacular-chant (special)
20-alpheus-my sound
21-suga roy and conrad crystal-good sensi (special)
22-chezidek-bad out deh
23-lutan fyah-bad traffic
24-baby g keefaz-on y croit encore
25-lorenzo-show some love
26-jah mason-in my heart
27-sena-rebel woman
28-chezidek-war monger
29-suga roy and conrad crystal-nuff time
30-lorenzo-only solution
31-perfect-irie ites
32-malijah-mi no ina weh dem ina
33-chezidek-powers of the lion
34-turbulence-burnin blaze
35-lutan fyah-bun dem
36-lyricson-no worry
38-anthony b and ras mc bean-wake up call
39-lorenzo-trod in the valley
40-perfect-are you sure
01-khari kill-jahs world-r2r
02-lutan fyah ft jah-p-in the street-r2r
03-i lusha-more life for rasta-r2r
04-arkangel-pon di line-r2r
05-ras attitude-serious war-r2r
06-the lambsbread-victory-r2r
07-prezident brown-rumours-r2r
08-soulmedic-sound weapon-r2r
10-simba wa yudah-haujui-r2r
11-riah right-shackles-r2r
12-kast-a-way-tell me-r2r
13-ras gabriel-psalm 93-r2r
14-the frontline riddim-version-r2r
01-lutan fyah – say these words
02-al pancho – gimme di woman dem
03-colly c – hard life
04-erup – mama africa
05-tyrical – who s gonna pay
06-fyah kin – every night i pray
07-i-kaine – stop the wars
08-version – frustration riddim
01-lutan fyah-say these words-gully
02-erup-mama africa-gully
03-al pancho-gimmie di woman dem-gully
04-fyah kin-every night i pray-gully
05-i kaine-stop the wars-gully
06-tyrical-whos gonna pay-gully
07-frustration riddim-version-gully
01-fanton mojah-no man is an island-hlc
02-bobby tenna-not easy-hlc
03-firestar-clean hands-hlc
04-jah mason-ethiopia-hlc
01-fantan mojah-island-jah
02-mr bertus-trevor-jah
03-silvercat-kutchie well load-jah
04-bobby tenna-nah easy-jah
01-ding dong-gallis-hlc
03-future fambo-turn me on-hlc
04-ras penco-player haters-hlc
05-bugle-dem too fast (edit)-hlc
06-bugle-dem too fast (raw)-hlc
07-unicorn-pre dem (edit)-hlc
08-unicorn-pre dem (raw)-hlc
09-wada ft. andrew blood-la la la (edit)-hlc
10-wada ft. andrew blood-la la la (raw)-hlc
11-gallis riddim instrumental-version-hlc
01-va-intro definition of a gangsta
02-busy signal-the days
03-busy signal-jail
04-monga-take my place
05-monga-bad from mi born
06-corleon and kartel-floting by
07-d corleon feat bonty k v kartel and baby g-high altitude
08-monga-flipin rhymes
09-sean p and rihanna-break it off
10-alaine-i want it
11-voice mail-mek it come
12-vybz kartel-call me
13-monga-gangsta rass
14-monga and busy-no boy
15-pressure-never fail
16-monga-cyah defend themselves
17-movado-theat jem a sen
18-norris man-pass di
19-einstien-shoot em up
20-bramma-the waris on
21-vybz kartel-weh dem feel like
22-vital-life that living
23-earth worm-thunder-eat
24-anthony b-no day
25-mykal roze-shoot out
26-demarco-duppy know who to fringten
27-sizzla-chat up dem mouth
28-g mafia-clap it up
29-einstein-cant stop fire
30-norris man-fix dem propely
31-assassin-cant beg fi dem
32-einstein and bramma-how dem fi
33-singing s and kibaki-gangsta thing
34-kartel and craid d-the prayer
35-delly ranks-gangstaz prayer
36-shema-gangsta guirl prayer
37-mr vegas-gangsta confession
38-wayne marshall-jah jah please
39-movado-me and my dogs
40-sizzla-too much gang war
41-jr gong-one loaf of bread
42-demarco-gangsta life
43-busy signal-jah protect mi
44-frisco kid-hurt mi
45-mr vegas-show mi unu hand
46-movado-slow singing
47-monga-own thing
48-assassin-beep out
49-movado-squeeze breast
51-movado-nuh bad mind like tem
52-monga-no fraid a
53-assassin-do mek me hold you
54-busy signal-every machine
55-busy signal-power eut
56-movado-nah miss
57-mr vegas-we nah wah no friend
58-bonty killer-drop bullet
60-busy signal-gully code
61-munga-loud loud loud
62-movado-lippy lippy
63-movado and serani-dying
64-movado-brown bottle
65-bugle-what we gonna do
66-busy signal-unkwown number
01-bugle feat tornado-gangsters-riddim
02-g mac-turn me on-riddim
03-g mac-protect the little ones-riddim
04-gangsters riddim (iceberg)-version-riddim
01-lorenzo-high grade-hlc
02-ras mac bean-lambsbread-hlc
01-b and g and chiney feat unicorn-go-hlc
02-danny english and egg nog-party time again-hlc
03-junior reid-blazin-hlc
04-queen paula-my man-hlc
05-spryng i-digicel-hlc
06-vybz kartel-wine up-hlc
01-black rhyno – the system
02-crisopolis – wankster
03-vybz kartel – garrison cry
101-tuff lion-truth will mek man free
102-niyorah-capture the moment
103-lutan fyah-blessings
104-midnite-knowledge increase
105-natty king-pray
106-king david-oompakatan
107-iba-trod on
108-tru love-seek search and find
109-michael rose-royalness
110-xkaliba-plant di herb
112-ishence-betta tomorrow
113-roots gwaan-dry ya i
114-ikhaba-pledge no allegiance to no flag
115-jah mason-forgivness
116-kali (of ooklah)-bed time story
117-biblical-soverign and haile
201-bobo desert-hot cup of tea
205-luciano bobo desert king david-hills and valley
206-soul medic-no time
207-ishence-current of oppression
208-sugar minott-days of wine and roses
209-sista kat-inna di islands
210-ras sparrow-fountain of truth
212-roots gwaan-be there
213-biblical-rremain calm
214-steve tulloch-peaceful days
215-jr. pinchers-i wanna love ya
01-elephant man-boosie bounce
02-vybz kartel-buss a whine
01-anthony b-put it pon har
02-sizzla-visit me (edit)
01-beenie man-bad man story-hlc
02-beenie man-buffer zone-hlc
03-blacka dan-my kinda woman-hlc
04-blond ras-dont run in-hlc
05-captain barkey-inna yuh shorts-hlc
06-deva bratt-bag a talking-hlc
07-elephant man-gully creeper-hlc
08-famous face-hotta than dem-hlc
09-harry toddler-dont run in-hlc
10-hottaball-nuttin fi show-hlc
11-lady saw-lord lord-hlc
12-perfect and snowman-money machine-hlc
13-singer j-sexy body-hlc
14-vybz kartel-weh di gyal-hlc
01-danger and mega linx-brush dem off-hlc
02-famous face-hotta than them-hlc
03-elephant man-never kill nuh man-hlc
04-bajie man-as a bad man-hlc
05-sampleking-clap mi hand-hlc
06-erup-click ma fingerz-hlc
07-eyesus-gal thing-hlc
08-sizzla-visit mi (edit)-hlc
10-anthony b-put it pon har-hlc
11-sadiki di danza-people scream out-hlc
12-spice-up inna the light-hlc
13-tony matterhorn-hey gal-hlc
14-welis-force it in-hlc
15-movado-even if dem kill me (remix)-hlc
16-capleton-i love to see (remix)-hlc
17-busta rhymes-touch it (remix)-hlc
18-munga-nuttin fi show-hlc
19-gear box riddim-version-hlc
01-prince malachi-gideon road-hlc
02-ginjah-love music-hlc
03-conscious fiyah-unity-hlc
04-nosliw-dein dein dein-hlc
05-naptali lutan fyah arafat-more love-hlc
06-jahcoustix-great spirit-hlc
07-mark wonder-soul deep-hlc
09-junior kelly-cyaan reach-hlc
10-prezident brown-leaders-hlc
11-marlene johnson-lately-hlc
12-tippa irie-oneness-hlc
13-queen i-frica-about love-hlc
14-crystal axe-not scared-hlc
15-jah tiger-love and war-hlc
16-instrumental-general key-hlc
01-cool shade-insane-brave heart-hlc
02-tarrus riley-stop watching-hlc
03-tony rebel-call me name-hlc
04-warrior king-oh yeah-hlc
01-gyptian – life aint easy-gmg
02-lutan fyah – bun dem selassie-gmg
03-luciano – youth dem dangerous-gmg
04-jah mason – your love-gmg
05-crisinti – hold dem on the wire-gmg
06-turbulance – rasta forever-gmg
07-bobo zaro – changes-gmg
08-bobby tenna – gave jah my heart-gmg
09-ginjah – positive words-gmg
10-culture knox – children of the sun-gmg
11-norris man – never turn away from jah-gmg
12-spanner banner – love is here-gmg
13-mikey general – only jah love-gmg
14-anthony q – hey baby-gmg
15-cousins all stars – genesis riddim-gmg
01-ward 21-how you wine-jah
02-cecile-need a boy-jah
03-sojah-just the vibes-jah
04-natalie storm-nasty boy-jah
05-honorebel-gimme the music-jah
06-selena serrano-get it-jah
07-sanjay-swing it-jah
08-dadda-rolling high-jah
09-ronny trettmann-grossvater-jah
01-babi gardner-raggae boyz-hlc
02-g-mac-ghetto youths-hlc
03-hataru-we nah get nuh link-hlc
04-j bravo-dutty murdera-hlc
06-nature-put you first-hlc
07-venom-inna di ghetto-hlc
08-version-ghetto rich riddim-hlc
09-voltage-youths be wise-hlc
10-vybz kartel-ghetto riches-hlc
11-munga-id just wanna live-hlc
01-busy signal-we nah smile-yvp
02-hollow point-cross pon chess-yvp
03-million stylez-high grade-yvp
04-bongo chilli and dan man-the supply-yvp
05-daville-cold hearted-yvp
06-mad killah-buss coppershot-yvp
07-lexie lee-get criminal-yvp
08-ward 21-walla walla-yvp
09-3gga-bad outta road-yvp
10-ill inspecta-fuck reggae light-yvp
11-nosliw-geht es noch-yvp
12-ronny trettmann waffel zm ja-feierabend-yvp
01-3gga-bad outta road-gully
02-daville-cold hearted-gully
03-hollow point-pon chess-gully
04-ill inspecta-fuck reggae light-gully
05-lexie lee-get criminal-gully
06-nosliw-geht es noch-gully
07-ronny trettman and waffel zm-feierabend-gully
01-busy signal-we nah smile-riddim
02-bongo chilli and danman-the supply-riddim
04-hollow point-cross pon chess-riddim
05-million stylez-i-grade-riddim
06-mad killah-buss coppershot-riddim
07-ill inspecta-fukk reggae light-riddim
08-ward 21-walla walla-riddim
09-lexie lee-get criminal-riddim
10-ronny waffel bertram and rene-feierabend-riddim
11-3gga-bad outta road-riddim
12-nosliw-geht es noch-riddim
01-elephant man-jump on it-row
02-elephant man-jump on it (raw)-row
03-eloquent-husband and wife-row
04-unicorn-ghetto wuk (radio)-row
05-unicorn-ghetto wuk (raw)-row
06-wayne marshall-hard eyes-row
07-wayne marshall-hard ears (raw)-row
08-christopher birch-ghetto wuk riddim-row
01-gyal farm-instrumental-hlc
02-jah vinci-wine pan it (edit)-hlc
03-jah vinci-wine pan it (raw)-hlc
04-popcaan-wine (edit)-hlc
05-popcaan-wine (raw)-hlc
06-shawn storm-gal pon the side (edit)-hlc
07-shawn storm-gal pon the side (raw)-hlc
08-vybz kartel-get wild (edit)-hlc
09-vybz kartel-get wild (raw)-hlc
01-michelle sylvester-that thing you do-csv
02-maximus dan-outlaw-csv
03-ziggy ranking-i buy that-csv
04-version-gyal touch riddim-csv
01-bad indyann-shouldnt do that-hlc
02-delus-gang war-hlc
03-fire key-love of rastafari-hlc
01-elephant man-real godfather (raw)-jah
02-elephant man-real godfather (edit)-jah
03-vybz kartel-dem a no gangster (raw)-jah
04-vybz kartel-dem a no gangster (edit)-jah
05-munga-fi free (raw)-jah
06-munga-fi free (edit)-jah
07-sustain-without a cause (raw)-jah
08-sustain-without a cause (edit)-jah
09-wasp and don corleon-deh deh wid (raw)-jah
10-wasp and don corleon-deh deh wid (edit)-jah
01-golden riddim-version-hlc
02-sizzla-be my girl-hlc
03-ras tewlede-look into your eyes-hlc
01-nicky b-anybody out there-rbk
02-tessane chin-broken melody-rbk
03-konshenz-dont waste your talent-rbk
04-tifa-i dont know-rbk
05-ward 21-keep me warn-rbk
06-fanton mojah-let me the one-rbk
07-hyah slice-love is an action word-rbk
08-zever and ninja ford-love is coming at you-rbk
10-lukie d-rescue me-rbk
11-d major-speak the truth-rbk
12-iceman-what if-rbk
13-c sharp-whats the matter with the world-rbk
01-c sharp-whats the matter with the world-hlc
02-d major-speak the truth-hlc
03-fanton mojah-let me be the one-hlc
04-hyah slice-love is an action word-hlc
05-iceman-what if-hlc
06-instrumental-golden gate riddim-hlc
07-konshens-dont waste your talent-hlc
08-lukie d-rescue me-hlc
09-nicky b-anybody out there-hlc
11-tessane chin-broken melody (semi accapella mix)-hlc
12-tessane chin-broken melody-hlc
13-tifa-i dont know-hlc
15-ward 21-keep me warm-hlc
16-zereb and ninja ford-love is coming at you-hlc
01-determine-how many times
02-blessed barak-certain ways
03-asha heights-greatest thing
04-shereece-love of my life
05-iration-shower down the blessing
06-quater million-why
07-ras negus-never sleeping city
08-ras iwhan-faith and work
09-future kid-watching me
10-i-maric-wicked have fi run way
11-strika-rape an kill
13-determine-im sorry
14-version-golden gates riddim
01-buju banton-you ago happen-hlc
02-delly ranx-stamina-hlc
03-new kidz-flavor-hlc
04-golden tree riddim-version-hlc
01-beenie man-cant hold we down-rbk
02-beenie man-wanted man-rbk
03-versatile-goody good-rbk
04-versatile-war start-rbk
05-version-goodas riddim-rbk
01-beenie man-cant hold we down-hlc
02-beenie man-wanted man-hlc
03-versatile-goody good-hlc
04-versatile-war start-hlc
01-anthony cruz-so wah dem a say then-hlc
02-chaka demus-love i deal with-hlc
03-chezidek-praise jah-hlc
04-chrisinti-poor people cry out-hlc
05-gyptian-let me love you-hlc
06-little hero-come home girl-hlc
07-lt. stichie-gwaan so galong so-hlc
08-lutan fyah-mark my word-hlc
09-natural black-some people-hlc
10-nitty kutchie-trying to conquer me-hlc
11-paul elliot-get jah involve-hlc
12-taurus riley-raspect and manners-hlc
13-teflon-burn dem down-hlc
01-lukie d-supermodel-hlc
02-singer j-beat it-hlc
03-anthony b-banana clip-hlc
04-devra brat-flawless-hlc
05-mr. g-close-hlc
06-buju banton-anyweh-hlc
09-vybz kartel-dont stop-hlc
10-exile-run up and dung-hlc
11-d.angel-talk is cheap-hlc
12-sadeki-defenders of the earth-hlc
13-vybz kartel-impossible-hlc
14-grammatical-go deh gyal-hlc
15-cordel skatta burrell-grab dem riddim-hlc
01-mr g-closer-jah
02-lukie d-super model-jah
03-buju banton-any weh-jah
04-jigsy king-nuttin good-jah
05-vybz kartel-fuck anyweh-jah
06-perfect-life in living-jah
07-anthony b-banana clip-jah
08-deva bratt-lawless-jah
01-khari kill-rainy weather-riddim
02-i sasha-heavy burden-riddim
03-jah bami-cant change-riddim
04-dajamental-di gideon-riddim
06-benjai-jah hold me down-riddim
07-zebulun-joy of my life-riddim
08-daniel bless-makes preparation-riddim
09-revelation-soldier fuh jah-riddim
10-ruben-got to rise-riddim
11-grape vine riddim-version (vocals)-riddim
12-grape vine riddim-version-riddim
01-dany english-from a place-riddim
02-lutan fyah-red alert-riddim
03-natural black-words-riddim
04-snatcher-i cant get over you-riddim
05-spring i-heights up-riddim
01-bounty killa feat dulas and feona-from di youths dem heart-hlc
02-instrumental-grimreeper riddim-hlc
03-mykal rose-run from police-hlc
02-glen washington-game of love-gully
03-sadiki-one touch-gully
04-mike spice-when im with you-gully
01-sizzla kalonji-sizzla kalonji – most high-hlc
02-rebellion the recaller-grow with me-hlc
03-black dillinger-its all right-hlc
04-jah cure-hold on-hlc
05-gyptian-bingimans wife-hlc
06-frederic palzer and marius kuhn-grow with me riddim-hlc
01-pressure-badd cash-rbk
02-boom steppa-protect me please-rbk
03-bounty killer-the general-rbk
04-carlos turner-nuh talk-rbk
05-elephant man-war-rbk
06-faithfull-nuh miss-rbk
07-fiery-genuine love-rbk
08-jay mckay-dem bwoy deh-rbk
10-mitch-nuh plan fi fail-rbk
13-unusual-the streests-rbk
01-bounty killer-the general-riddim
02-elephant man-war-riddim
03-faithfull-nuh miss-riddim
04-unusual-the streets-riddim
07-fiery-genuine love-riddim
08-badd cash-baits-riddim
09-jay mckay-dem bwoy deh-riddim
11-carlos turner-nuh talk-riddim
12-badd cash-pressure-riddim
13-mitch-nuh plan fi fail-riddim
14-boom steppa-protect me please-riddim
01-gyptian-little bit of your love-riddim
02-teacha dee-mama is crying-riddim
03-bascom x-always by my side-riddim
04-deva bratt-wrong from right-riddim
01-jigsy-way back-hlc
02-lady saw-feeling it-hlc
01-demarco-excellent hole (edit)-yvp
02-demarco-excellent hole (raw)-yvp
03-unicorn-crank her ft. sample six (edit)-yvp
04-unicorn-crank her ft. sample six (raw)-yvp
05-voicemail-mi nuh see nuh mr. bwoy-yvp
06-t.o.k-you have the best (edit)-yvp
07-t.o.k-you have the best (raw)-yvp
08-future fambo-gully crawler-yvp
09-beenie man and voicemail-whine and move your waist (edit)-yvp
10-beenie man and voicemail-whine and move your waist (raw)-yvp
11-jay mckay-push it up-yvp
12-mr. evil-mek she bawl (edit)-yvp
13-mr. evil-mek she bawl (raw)-yvp
14-delishus-so fine-yvp
15-rdx-so high-yvp
16-kiprich-you body work (edit)-yvp
17-kiprich-you body work (raw)-yvp
18-malica-hey mr. dj-yvp
19-versatile-we a party (edit)-yvp
20-versatile-we a party (raw)-yvp
21-gutter ball riddim version-yvp
01-unicorn and sample 6-crank har (edit)-hlc
02-demarco-excellent hole (edit)-hlc
03-demarco-excellent hole (raw)-hlc
04-delishus-so fine (edit)-hlc
05-rdx-so high (edit)-hlc
06-beenie man and voicemail-move your waist (raw)-hlc
07-unicorn and sample 6-crank har (raw)-hlc
08-beenie man and voicemail-move your waist (edit)-hlc
09-tok-best ever (edit)-hlc
10-future fambo-gully crawler-hlc
11-tok-best pussy ever (raw)-hlc
12-kiprich-yuh body work (raw)-hlc
13-versatile-we a party (edit)-hlc
14-kiprich-yuh body work (edit)-hlc
15-versatile-we a party (raw)-hlc
16-mr. evil-mek shi bawl (raw)-hlc
17-mr. evil-mek shi bawl (edit)-hlc
18-unknown-push it up (edit)-hlc
19-voicemail-mi nuh see nuh (edit)-hlc
20-malica-mr. dj (edit)-hlc
21-gutter ball riddim-version-hlc
01-unicorn-crank har-hlc
03-rdx-so high-hlc
04-t.o.k-best pussy ever-hlc
05-voicemail ft. beenie man-move your waist-hlc
01-unicorn – dagga morning (edit)
02-higher tone – i ll be there
03-alozade – closer (edit)
04-minku – can t cool mi (edit)
05-spontanius – shoot out
06-mr vegas – can t get mi down (edit)
07-version – happy time riddim
08-unicorn – dagga morning (raw)
09-minku – can t cool mi (raw)
10-mr vegas – can t get mi down (raw)
11-alozade – closer (raw)
01-ras zacharri and jah rueben mystic – lion inna jungle-gmg
02-mikey merka – robberman-gmg
03-dark angel – medication-gmg
04-foundation sound – hard drop riddim-gmg
01-ras zacharri and reuben mystic-lion inna jungle-hlc
02-mikey murka-robberman-hlc
03-dark angel-medication-hlc
04-foundation sound-hard drop riddim-hlc
01-ras zacharri and jah rueben mystic-lion inna jungle-hlc
02-mikey murka-robberman-hlc
03-dark angel-medication-hlc
04-spectacular production-hard drop riddim-hlc
01-burro banton-gun fan dangle-rbk
02-collie buddz feat. burro and choppa-bust it pon dem-rbk
03-elephant man-giggidy (edit)-rbk
04-elephant man-giggidy (raw)-rbk
05-gwalla-man a gansta-rbk
06-majah hype-can do yuh nuttin-rbk
07-marcus wanted-walk out (edit)-rbk
08-marcus wanted-walk out (raw)-rbk
09-million stylez-free up-rbk
10-pamputae-good good (edit)-rbk
11-pamputae-good good (raw)-rbk
12-vybz kartel-pon di corner-rbk
13-version-hard grind riddim-rbk
01-vybz kartel-pon di corner
02-elephant man-giggydi
03-collie buddz burro banton and choppa-bust out pon dem
04-burro banton-gune fandangle
05-gwalla-man a gangsta
06-pompatay-good goodie
07-version-hard grind riddim
01-vybz kartel-pon di corner-riddim
02-burro banton-cross da board-riddim
03-majah hype-cyaa do u nuttin-riddim
04-va-hard grind riddim (massive b productions) (promo mix)-riddim
01-brilliant-in deh (edit)-hlc
02-brilliant-in deh (raw)-hlc
03-charly blacks-pon me (edit)-hlc
04-charly blacks-pon me (raw)-hlc
05-crazy chris-tippy toes (edit)-hlc
06-fudgie springer-your buddy (edit)-hlc
07-fudgie springer-your buddy (raw)-hlc
08-instrumental-hardcore riddim-hlc
09-jukie blacks-boom pan di cocky (edit)-hlc
10-jukie blacks-boom pan di cocky (raw)-hlc
11-jukie blacks-dash out u hole (edit)-hlc
12-jukie blacks-dash out u hole (raw)-hlc
01-ras pancho-send back
02-mongoose-red bull
03-culture monk-lug tool
04-dj accid-how comes
05-culture monk-gun down
06-i grow-elevate
07-culture monk-high grade
08-dj accid-long john
09-culture monk-haffi survive
10-black head-breeze blow
11-mongoose-god inna mi heart
13-i grow-poor people
14-black head-ghetto youths
01-tami chynn-what do i do now-hlc
02-leftside-form a magazine-hlc
03-rupee-living lies-hlc
04-christopher martin-pretty lady-hlc
05-chino-we burn dem-hlc
06-busy signal-i love you-hlc
07-craigleftsideparks-heart strings riddim version-hlc
01-tami chynn-what do i do now-jah
02-leftside-from a magazine-jah
03-rupee-living lies-jah
04-christopher martin-pretty lady-jah
05-chino-we burn dem-jah
06-busy signal-i love you-jah
07-craigleftsideparks-heart strings riddim version-jah
01-bramma-shake up yuh body-rbk
02-chino-she want di work-rbk
03-delly ranx-wine for me baby-rbk
04-demarco-we deyah-rbk
05-einstein-length an strength-rbk
06-elephant man-di way yuh wine-rbk
08-konshens-hear dem talking-rbk
09-laden-early on-rbk
10-munga-she say harder-rbk
11-version-heatstroke riddim-rbk
12-voicemal-close to drunk-rbk
13-vybz kartel-wine up yuh body-rbk
14-wayne marshall-all night party-rbk
01-stephen marley-hey baby-gully
02-stephen marley feat mos def-hey baby-gully
03-assassin-them a sissy (remix)-gully
04-baby cham-possess (remix)-gully
05-capleton-let it go (remix)-gully
06-hey baby riddim-version-gully
01-va-dj shine-r2r
02-va-dj narity-r2r
03-va-dj jigga-r2r
04-va-dj ricky-r2r
01-koolant-babylon system
02-simba and ras mamba-dance machine
03-lukie d-gotta find you
04-i wayne-herb malice
05-avenga-herb heaven
06-bumdeka-i owe
07-nanko-solomon junior
08-ras mamba-termite
09-gunzales and conscience-walkout in de video light
10-danny english-whine weh yu gi me
01-cornadoor-here i am-riddim
02-million stylez-love we deal with-riddim
03-jr. blender and cornadoor-here i dub-riddim
04-here i am riddim (jr. blender and cornadoor)-version-riddim
01-mighty diamonds-pass the kutchie-r2r
02-jacob miller-tired fi lick weed inna bush-r2r
03-michael palmer-dont smoke the seed-r2r
04-ranking joe-natty the collie smoker-r2r
05-sugar minott-herbsman hustling-r2r
06-johnny osbourne-mushroom-r2r
07-eek-a-mouse-sensee party-r2r
08-billy boyo-one spliff a day-r2r
09-jah t-pipes-r2r
10-charlie chaplin-jamaican collie-r2r
11-morgan heritage-give we a license-r2r
12-mykal rose-rush on the tonic-r2r
13-warrior king-oh what a feeling-r2r
14-richie spice-marijuana (pon di corner)-r2r

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