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15-chuck fenda-gwaan plant-r2r
17-ward 21-ganja smoke-r2r
18-vybz kartel-sen on-r2r
01-va-higher heights-true crime (the mission 2k8)
01-sizzla-blackman rise-hlc
02-etana-crazy love-hlc
03-perfect-pretty butterfly-hlc
05-christopher-golden touch-hlc
06-esco-dont worry yuself-hlc
07-michael andrew-come back home-hlc
08-camielle-nah come back-hlc
09-supahype feat. tosh-the reason why-hlc
10-anthony malvo-jah will be there-hlc
11-terro 3000-missing you-hlc
12-gehtto preacher (africa)-live it up-hlc
13-version-highgrade riddim-hlc
01-capleton-bun dem
02-elephant man-stop gwaan tight
03-beenie man-own gun
04-wayne marshall-caught up
06-vybz kartel-wine 2 the bottom
07-izes-worthless man
08-mad cobra-hollow tips
09-shaw bird-babylon a stop me
10-red rat-theres no way
11-mr.easy-she likes it
12-krucial-come wid it
13-hype time riddim-instrumental
01-perfect and chezidek-journey-jah
03-jah mason-don t deny me-jah
04-natural black-world in trouble-jah
05-norris man-just for you-jah
07-elijah prophet-prove me guilty-jah
08-turbulence-only love-jah
10-kimoe-genie e tag f r tag-jah
11-professa syrix bassix-hit drop version-jah
01-fiona-stop talking
02-lloyd brown and peter spence-know yourself
03-sandra cross-beautiful picture
04-mikey spice-you cry i cry
05-sandra cross-take a bow
06-glen washington-money love
07-lloyd brown-show me that you love me
08-ambelique-lonely soldier
09-marcia griffths-children of israel
10-j.d smooth-a letter to myself
11-delano stewart-eternal love
12-pam hall-truly
13-freddy mckay-show and tell
14-kashief lindo-see you in your arms
15-delroy wilson-wont you come home
16-mary ann-have i sinned
17-karen smith-solid rock
18-michigan and smiley-stress
01-tarrus riley-life precious gift
02-roger robin-right decision
03-nadine sutherland-i found love
04-glen washington-call me baby
05-terry linen-no time to linger
06-beres hammond-step aside
07-sandra cross-someone special
08-delroy wilson-call on me
10-freddie mcgregor-soul and inspiration
11-j.d. smooth-earth angel
12-jimmy london-im your puppet
13-mikey spice-showers of blessing
14-pam hall-never love again
15-george nooks-make it easy
16-dorren shaffer-suger sugar
17-leroy sibbles-choice of colors
101-joey fever-sweetness
102-count holloway-no shottas (violence fi dun) feat. sugar minott
103-zoro-your love
104-jr eric-jobb och pengar
105-syster sol-naer vi kommer
106-mysticman-dragon claw
107-million stylez-i-ness
108-serengeti-ladies night feat. etzia
109-roffe ruff-internet gangsta feat. hofmaestarn
110-blotta foerskraeckelsen-skjut foerst
112-true-you and yours
113-snakka san-pum pum
114-oskar franzen-vi saender ut
115-singa d-got to believe
116-whales-my number one
201-danjah-gideon boot
202-serengeti-make you feel better
203-governor andy-dina rub-a-dub
204-p-danjelsa-gaffa gaffa
205-ras high-as i rise
206-ols-quit on me
207-jah knight-jah love
208-kapten roed-okaent nummer
209-luddee-i min famn
210-papa dee-stronger than before
211-etzia-number one
212-color blind-ramma din dans
213-jeepstar-i strid
214-jogi-naan som e daer
101-joey fever – sweetness-idm
102-count holloway – no shottas violence fi dun ft. sugar minott-idm
103-zoro – your love-idm
104-jr. eric – jobb och pengar-idm
105-syster sol – nar vi kommer-idm
106-mysticman – dragon claw-idm
107-million stylez – i-ness-idm
108-serengeti – ladies night ft. etzia-idm
109-roffe ruff – internet gangsta ft. hofmastarn-idm
110-blotta forskrackelsen – skjut forst-idm
111-diegojah – memories-idm
112-true – you och yours-idm
113-snakka san – pum pum-idm
114-oskar franzen – vi sander ut-idm
115-singa d – got to believe-idm
116-whales – my number one-idm
201-danjah – gideon boot-idm
202-serengeti – make you feel better-idm
203-governor andy – dina rub-a-dub-idm
204-p-danjelsa – gaffa gaffa-idm
205-ras high – as i rise-idm
206-ols – quit on me-idm
207-jah knight – jah love-idm
208-kapten rod – okant nummer-idm
209-luddee – i min famn-idm
210-papa dee – stronger than before-idm
211-etzia – number one-idm
212-color blind – ramma din dans-idm
213-jeepstar – i strid-idm
214-jogi – nan som e dar-idm
215-zoro – why-idm
01-4 brass-sapodilla-gully
02-inspector-tell me why-gully
03-imperial entertainment-version (studio mix)-gully
01-maddzart-mash up de place-gully
02-pupa leendi-rhythm-gully
03-natty nuclear dread-critics-gully
04-slammer cutter-do take it on-gully
05-don carlos-band 4 all seasons-gully
06-rusty-clear de way-gully
07-soca bantan-water posse-gully
01-capleton – put it in
02-vybz kartel – girls
03-vybz kartel – girls (radio edit)
04-attitude – gyal
05-bizzy blow – punks
06-galaxy p – money
07-sizzla – like breeze
01-busy signal-nuh judge me (raw)-riddim
02-majah hype-all night long (raw)-riddim
03-troopa and kisko-do a dance-riddim
04-cutty corn-she nah give-riddim
05-hott-ed riddim (lmi uniique prod)-version-riddim
01-beenie man-the more they fight me-hlc
02-hero-move like me-hlc
03-how can i-instrumental-hlc
04-lukie d-fight no more-hlc
05-sizzla-do it to me-hlc
06-sugar roy and conroy crystal-blood shed-hlc
01-tok-my sound a champion-rks
02-nesbeth-ive seen-rks
03-nitty kutchie-how can i-rks
04-how can i riddim-version-rks
01-rseenal – neva do dat
02-vybz kartel – ten stage a evil
03-turbulence – dem anno noh badman
01-Louie Culture-Keep My Soul-FRP
02-Lutenant Stitchie-Suffering-FRP
03-Wayne Wonder-Notten Nah Gwann-FRP
04-Uton Green-The System-FRP
05-Hopeton Lindo-Hard Working People-FRP
06-J.C. Lodge-Cant Wait-FRP
07-Richie Stephens-My Kind A Woman-FRP
08-Mega Banton-Lonely-FRP
09-Angie Angel-Go Through Di Race-FRP
10-Buju Banton-I.C.I.-FRP
11-Delly Ranks-Aint No Stopping Us-FRP
12-Anthony John-Jah Works-FRP
01-jah mason-yours forever-gully
02-natty king-slew you in the open-gully
03-anthony b-cant stop the fire-gully
04-luciano-jah deliver us from all evil-gully
05-ziggi-need to tell you this-gully
06-natural black-be careful of your enemies-gully
07-million stylez-oh jah jah-gully
08-nosliw feat mono nikitaman nattyflow and maxim-koom zu uns-gully
09-ginjah-society so mess up-gully
10-i love you riddim-version-gully
02-tony gold-sorry-gully
03-d lynx-cant get enough-gully
04-josey wales-bedroom master-gully
05-kiprich-bun fi bun-gully
06-wayne fire-cyaan wait-gully
07-big yard-i nine riddim-gully
01-hiawondah-free your mind-hlc
02-i trujah-the sign-hlc
03-i trujah-bembeh-instrumental(mix)-hlc
04-jah mason-stand up-hlc
05-leonardo love-instrumental(sax mix)-hlc
06-lion melta-ta tah-hlc
07-prince pankhi-gone through-hlc
08-r king redemption-burn dem-hlc
09-ras-jah is my everything-hlc
10-roxanne-i need you-hlc
11-shugga cherm-the problem-hlc
12-stya fiya-african autum-hlc
13-weedamiah-man up-hlc
14-zion-zion (mix)-hlc
01-buju banton-di flavour (edit)
02-bushman-clutch back
03-demarco-tight pussy walk (edit)
04-demarco-tight pussy walk (raw)
05-lady saw-hot and hungry
06-new kidz-wave dem off
07-vybz kartel-ovadose mi bankbook
08-vybz kartel-ovadose mi bankbook (edit)
09-yaaz riddim-version
01-buju banton-di flavour (edit)-hlc
02-bushman-clutch back-hlc
03-demarco-tight pussy walk (edit)-hlc
04-demarco-tight pussy walk (raw)-hlc
05-lady saw-hot and hungry-hlc
06-new kidz-wave dem off-hlc
07-vybz kartel-ovadose mi bankbook (edit)-hlc
08-vybz kartel-ovadose mi bankbook (raw)-hlc
09-yaaz riddim-version-hlc
01-elephant man-no jail fi rape-riddim
02-sizzla-she would go crazy (raw)-riddim
03-sizzla-she would go crazy (edit)-riddim
04-yaaz riddim-version-riddim
01-elephant man-big bad and bold-rbk
02-lady saw-stress free-rbk
03-version-yakity yak riddim-rbk
01-admiral tibett-jah is here and there-hlc
02-mickey general-live the life you love-hlc
03-capelton-killing spree-hlc
04-sizzla-heart mind and soul-hlc
05-george nooks-father help me today-hlc
06-luciano-jah will always see me through-hlc
07-anthony b-woman love vanity-hlc
08-jah mason-one for all-hlc
09-singing melody-you came into my life-hlc
10-zoe ft. chuck fender-liberia (bonus track)-hlc
01-deja vu-nuh beg (edit)-hlc
02-deja vu-nuh beg (raw)-hlc
03-g money-never stop try-hlc
04-hawkeye-cyaah do u nuttin (edit)-hlc
05-hawkeye-cyaah do u nuttin (raw)-hlc
06-higher tone-prayer a day-hlc
08-luddy haskell-nu gal caan (edit)-hlc
09-ratigan-badman ting-hlc
10-tuffy melody-in mi room-hlc
11-voicemail-rude boys (edit)-hlc
12-voicemail-rude boys (raw)-hlc
13-wesly diamond-the friendship-hlc
14-yardy instrumental-version-hlc
01-buju banton-remix-hlc
02-elephant man-die by gun-hlc
03-erupt-gal a run dem head (remix)-hlc
04-professor nuts-dont (remix)-hlc
01-lutan fyah-unquenchable-jah
02-zahair-some places-jah
03-mega banton-stranger-jah
04-luciano-perfect love-jah
05-josey wales-sweet love-jah
06-kananga-love you-jah
07-nanswitch-settling down-jah
08-kashue-love forever-jah
09-high faith-do my best-jah
10-milton blake-rise up-jah
11-ras omeek-love jah-jah
12-ras iton-romours-jah
13-useeit-wake me-jah
14-guru-how i live-jah
15-michael flair and courtney raglan-year to year-jah
01-perfect-we can hardly speek-riddim
02-mikey dangerous-the only one-riddim
03-admiral tibet-when im up-riddim
04-kayla bliss-no more-riddim
05-teacha dee-reggae soljahs-riddim
06-marlene johnson-im in love-riddim
07-utan green-no one can stop the blessings-riddim
08-raymond wright-lover devine-riddim
09-antonio west-youre one of a kind-riddim
10-nateesha stream-be thankful-riddim
11-wildlife-lets talk it over-riddim
12-ilove riddim-version-riddim
01-ziggi – need to tell you this
02-natural black – be careful of your enemies
03-luciano – jah deliver us from all evil
04-million stylez – oh jah jah
05-anthony b – can t stop the fire
06-jah mason – yours forever
07-natty king – slew u in the open
08-ginjah – society so mess up
09-nosliw mono and nikitaman nattyflo maxim – komm zu uns
10-teka – version (instrumental)
01-Einstein-Im A Soldier-FRP
02-Elly D Feat. Faze-We Need Some Love-FRP
03-Faze-Money Mi Seh-FRP
01-einstein-im a soldier-riddim
02-einstein-im a soldier (edit)-riddim
03-hi light-the story part 1-riddim
04-faze-money mi seh-riddim
05-faze-money mi seh (edit)-riddim
06-elly d feat. faze-we need some love-riddim
07-im a soldier riddim-version-riddim
01-sizzla-truth and rights-hlc
02-queen ifrica-why-hlc
03-terry linen-say a prayer for the world-hlc
04-natural black-bless up the woman-hlc
05-munga-free the people-hlc
06-maria-cry no more-hlc
07-bascenta-african blood inna we-hlc
08-principle-love you so-hlc
09-jah cure-what am i to do-hlc
10-lutan fyah-uplift the youth-hlc
11-cocoa tea-take it to dem-hlc
12-turbulence-come to me-hlc
13-richie spice-food caan done-hlc
14-bascenta-it hard on the poor-hlc
15-stamma g-let the music play-hlc
16-duane-standing in the rain-hlc
17-juice-without a doubt-hlc
03-impulse-doh jumby meh-csv
04-silver-phone card reply-csv
05-ferdy-super come home-csv
06-ferdy-ah ready-csv
07-impulse-doh blame me-csv
09-unknown-tribute to super-csv
10-cyclop-call me shorty-csv
11-impulse-chinese name-csv
13-cyclop-go shorty go-csv
15-impulse-matric reloaded-csv
16-silver-body like ah temple-csv
01-culture lion-roses-hlc
02-ginjah-nah give up-hlc
03-lutan fyah-african queen-hlc
01-beenie man-run out pan-rbk
02-elephant man-red light-rbk
04-sean paul-wicked bed-rbk
05-voicemail-wine up-rbk
01-Beenie Man-Boiling Day (Edit)-FRP
02-Beenie Man-Boiling Day (Raw)-FRP
03-Elephant Man-Red Light (Edit)-FRP
04-Kahlil-MoneyMi Seh-FRP
05-Mavado-Japanese (Edit)-FRP
06-Mavado-Japanese (Raw)-FRP
07-Munga-Gangstas Nuh Falla (Edit)-FRP
08-Munga-Gangstas Nuh Falla (Raw)-FRP
09-Sean Paul-Moaning (Edit)-FRP
10-Sean Paul-Moaning (Raw)-FRP
11-T.O.K-Braveheart (Edit)-FRP
12-T.O.K-Braveheart (Raw)-FRP
13-Voicemail-You Dont (Edit)-FRP
14-Voicemail-You Dont (Raw)-FRP
15-Version-Infrared Riddim-FRP
01-va-innercity vs. gemini-1992-tune fi tune-hlc
01-lutan fyah-overcome-jah
02-norris man-longing for the day-jah
03-derrick parker-mr big man-jah
04-singing sweet-praise-jah
05-edge michael-calling out-jah
06-junior culture-pretty dunce-jah
07-edge michael-lessons-jah
08-busy signal-this is-jah
09-lefside and esco-if you wanna-jah
10-ward 21-food for thought-jah
11-camar aka flava unit-gangster law-jah
12-danny english-if yuh bad-jah
13-looga man-in tha club-jah
14-colly c-think its over-jah
15-chino-we got a lot of-jah
16-marvin binnz-tossin and turnin-jah
17-dream weaver-hybiskini (instrumental)-jah
01-matik-rise and fall-hlc
02-aidonia-head shot (raw)-hlc
03-einstein-freeze up (raw)-hlc
04-bramma-neva see (raw)-hlc
05-shutah-ride it (raw)-hlc
06-rally bop-knock it off (raw)-hlc
07-camille why (raw)-hlc
08-intercept riddim mix-hlc
01-insane-wuk out an done
02-propa ting-nutten nuh wrong
03-g mafia-so call friends
04-pamputtae-nut meg
05-chicken-goodaz for real
01-lutan fyah-african queen-jah
02-ginjah-nah give up-jah
03-konshens-medi raw-jah
04-kid kurrupt feat. strat don-spinnin around raw-jah
05-kashu man-dem neva knu-jah
06-culture lion-roses-jah
07-jubilant-everday another yute die-jah
08-eye n eye music-intouch riddim-jah
02-turbulence-name and number
03-natty king-weh de love gone
04-gentleman and lukie d-safe and secure
05-sizzla-one day
06-perfect-babylon boy
07-dwayne and gyptian-rudeboy shuffling
08-anthony b-smoke free
09-tanya stephens-ratings falling
10-eazy wayne and turbulence-talk to dem
11-leroy sibbles and louie culture-rock me
13-bushman-arms of a woman
14-george nooks-love got a hold
15-gregory isaacs-link me on the internet
16-half pint-ready or not
17-harry toddler-believe i
18-luciano and wayne lonesome-government
19-glen washington-hold on to your love
20-king kong-dem nah do nuttun
21-norma fraser-its not easy
01-fermin muguruza-milaka dub
02-chalart 58-soldo dub
03-zion train-give me good sensi
04-international s.p.a.r.t.a.k-tribute to sankara
05-dj atodocolor-solo te tengo a ti
06-pirates urbains-montreal dub
07-bdf – basque dub foundation-ministerio del dub
08-mungos hifi-dia de dub
09-rob smith-tru rub
10-euskal tropela-good good love
11-jah slave-jamrock dub 07
12-inoren ero ni-iparraldera dub
13-bad sound system-herri gixa
14-alex hohmann-viene y dub
15-dj mau-drum mau
16-esne beltza-hipokrisia naiz dub
17-djak sutara-irungo arratoiak
18-almagatodubproyect-outsiders in dub
19-benitt ash-indiohk drink along
20-el rude-ba-ba-boom sound
22-clive hunt-dread nort dub
01-queen ifrica-daddy
02-richie spice-a no me dat
03-adele harley-no one
04-turbulence bushman and anthony b-solid as a rock
05-sugar minnot-jah live
06-george nooks-baltimore
07-gyptian-life is not easy
08-luciano-youth dem dangerous
09-winston reedy-struggling man
10-kofi-my man
11-frankie paul-chill out
12-lukie d-keep dancing
13-don campbell-missing you
14-richie davis-hypocrites
15-lukie d-take you there
16-michael rose-every day a gun
01-royal dainties ft levi meyers and jah son-one too much
02-ras pilot-struggle
03-daddy bumpy-some more
04-disciple-be yourself
05-jackies corosive studios-power cut riddim (instrumental)
01-spicesis ft zebulun-baby love-csv
02-king thayo-survive-csv
03-beckels-good in yuh goodness-csv
04-fire holder-i will-csv
05-naya ranks and franky banton-there is a light-csv
06-jah creation family-e999-csv
07-daddy bumpy-rise up-csv
08-sammy-dress code-csv
09-jah sent crew-four corners-csv
10-instrumental-rebel riddim-csv
01-royal dainties levi meyers and jah son-one too much-csv
02-ras pilot-struggle-csv
03-daddy bumpy-some more-csv
04-disciple-be yourself-csv
05-instrumental-powercut riddim-csv
01-prophet benjamin-thousand arrows-csv
02-jah son-no disturbance-csv
03-royal dainties-all things-csv
04-daniel bless-sunshine in your eyes-csv
05-fire holder-soul enemy-csv
06-whippa demas mr pepper and ras shady-so call-csv
07-instrumental-pulse riddim-csv
01-singing sweet-jah have a way-hlc
02-luciano-disturbing the peace-hlc
03-jesse jendah-rizq-hlc
04-norris man-people of hope-hlc
05-king david-too much killing-hlc
06-mr. perfect-ready for i-hlc
07-john mouse-the second round-hlc
08-muziah-give thanks for life-hlc
09-isiah mentor-still standing-hlc
10-meditation-tell jah when you ready-hlc
11-bryan morris-jah have a way instrumental-hlc
01-singing sweet-jah have a way-riddim
02-luciano-disturbing the peace-riddim
03-jesse jendah-rizq-riddim
04-norris man-people of hope-riddim
05-king david-too much killing-riddim
06-mr. perfect-ready for i-riddim
07-john mouse-the second round-riddim
08-muziah-give thanks for life-riddim
09-isiah mentor-still standing-riddim
10-meditation-tell jah when you ready-riddim
11-instrumental-jah have a way riddim-riddim
01-singing sweet-jah have a way-jah
02-luciano-disturbing the peace-jah
03-jesse jendah-rizq-jah
04-norris man-people of hope-jah
05-king david-too much killing-jah
06-mr perfect-ready for i-jah
07-john mouse-the second round-jah
08-muziah-give thanks for life-jah
09-isiah mentor-still standing-jah
10-meditation-tell jah when you ready-jah
11-bryan morris-jah have a way instrumental-jah
01-mikey general – in jah we trust
02-turbulence – hype and the glamour
03-natural black – who is going 2 help
04-sizzla – clean and pure
05-capleton – spread the love
06-ismael lo – jammu africa
01-anthony b-calm down the gun-hlc
02-cali p-babylon a get a beating-hlc
03-jah mason-rasta nuh support-hlc
04-pressure-more justice-hlc
05-singer j-cant fight this feeling-hlc
06-suga roy feat conrad and gyptian-jah jah see dem a come-hlc
01-anthony b-calm down the gun-riddim
02-cali p-babylon a get a beating-riddim
03-jah mason-rasta nuh support-riddim
04-pressure-more justice-riddim
05-suga roy conrod crystal and gyptian-jah jah see dem a come-riddim
06-singer j-cant fight this feeling-riddim
01-va-jah love music at mahi temple-hlc
01-va-jah love presents the return of brigadier jerry-hlc
01-suga roy and conrad crystal-jah see dem a come-hlc
02-pressure-more justice and truth-hlc
01-va-jah warrior shelter-mightier than them all
01-jahsporas sons-rete prany part.2 (mixed by dondada)
01-african simba and rootah-alternative power
02-john frum-may in dub
03-blaze dem-roots defender
04-disrupt-kozure okami
05-ilayah and ltd candy-machines and ghosts
06-blue vitriol-cryovolcano
07-john frum-january dub
08-pete murder tone-paper tiger
09-rootah-holy mount
10-disrupt-selassi i continually
01-va-death before dishonor-vintage tribute cd1-gully
02-va-death before dishonor-vintage tribute cd2-gully
03-va-death before dishonor-main event cd3-gully
04-va-death before dishonor-main event cd4-gully
01-blak rhyno – story go a town
02-deva bratt – pellet pellet
03-aidonia – dem fraid a we all dem a ti
04-insane – kill people
05-vybz kartel – we no tek talk
06-vybz kartel – weed
07-shawn storm – weel a fortune
01-jah cure-journey-r2r
02-cecile-ride or die-r2r
03-i-octane-snow life seeds-r2r
04-jigsy king and tony curtis-show off-r2r
05-morgan heritage-traitor-r2r
06-cutty corn-poochie loo-r2r
08-frisco kid-done dat-r2r
09-ras fraser feat cutty corn-trod-r2r
10-lukie d-meant to be-r2r
11-singer j-break free-r2r
12-jigsy king and cecile-plant it-r2r
13-lutan fyah-travelling-r2r
14-tony rebel-hope the law-r2r
15-anthony b-no love-r2r
16-lion club-true love-r2r
17-jr reid-girl-r2r
18-fantan mojah-no war-r2r
19-queen ifreeka-rise ghetto youths-r2r
20-edge michael-we all-r2r
21-journey riddim-version-r2r
01-anthony b – there s no love
02-cecile – ride or die (radio edit)
03-cutty corn – poochie loo
04-frisco kid aka ancient monarchy – i ve been there
05-hit list – nah get no bligh
06-i octane – sow thy seeds
07-jah cure – journey
08-jigsy king feat. cecile – plant it (radio edit)
09-jigsy king feat. tony curtis – show off
10-lion cub – real love
11-lukie d – meant to be
12-lutan fyah – on my way
13-morgan heritage – traitor
14-pinchers – she got it going on (radio edit)
15-ras fraser feat. cutty corn – trod
16-singer j – breakfree
17-danger zone production – are you ready now
18-version – journey riddim
01-juck dem inna dem eye riddim-version-hlc
02-bounty killer-unknown-hlc
04-movado-full clip-hlc
05-sizzla-take myself-hlc
01-dr evil-ladys toy-riddim
02-esco-juk up juk up (clean)-riddim
03-esco-juk up juk up (dirty)-riddim
05-slaugher-slatfish (dirty)-riddim
01-mr evil-ladys toy-jah
02-problem child-gimme some-jah
03-skinny fabulous-hype-jah
01-assassin – dedicated to the world (remix)
02-baby cham – what you think (remix)
03-beenie man – back it up (remix)
04-dr. evil – stamina man (remix)
05-movado – force it up (remix)
06-movado – last night (remix)
07-mr.vegas ft opal – hot fuck (remix)
08-munga – earthquake (remix)
09-qq – stookie (remix)
10-vybz kartel – cherry tree (remix)
11-vybz kartel – tek fuck (remix)
12-version – jungle fever riddim
01-bramma-nah dashi weh-hlc
02-delly ranx-sen dem come-hlc
03-jungle lion-riddim-hlc
06-vybz kartel-dem bwoy deh a coward-hlc
07-wayne marshall-pop off-hlc
01-t o k-scream-r2r
02-wayne marshall-pop off-r2r
04-konshens-ghetto youth-r2r
05-delly ranx-send them come-r2r
06-vybz kartel-bread fruit coward-r2r
01-michelle gordon-youre my rock-riddim
02-revalation-you are someone-riddim
01-anthony b-bad prayer-hlc
02-kamma riddim-version-hlc
03-zumjay-nah stop-hlc
01-busta rhymes-touch it (vinyl shotz remix)-hlc
02-delly ranks and chino-rb and g (vinyl shotz remix)-hlc
01-beenie feat. triniti-burnin burnin-rbk
02-e-dee-yutes nowadays-rbk
03-mr.lexx-make dat money-rbk
01-beenie and triniti-burnin burnin-hlc
02-e dee-yutes nowadays-hlc
03-mr lexx-make dat money-hlc
01-capelton and terry linen-love is coming at you-hlc
02-junior kelly-sleep last night-hlc
03-tony curtis-ride on-hlc
04-luciano-good over evil-hlc
05-sizzla-not here-hlc
06-jah cure-situation get out of control-hlc
07-glen washington-i stand alone-hlc
08-morgan heritage-love reggae music-hlc
09-richie stephens-diana-hlc
10-george nooks-antibella-hlc
11-singing melody-this is your chance-hlc
13-mikey spice-body calling-hlc
15-mountain lion-jah will make a way-hlc
16-jah mali-come again-hlc
01-capleton-love is coming-hlc
02-anthony b-faxx-hlc
03-jah cure-out of control-hlc
04-capleton-the more them try-hlc
05-tony curtis-ride on-hlc
06-george nooks-real love-hlc
07-luciano-good over evil-hlc
09-george nooks-children of israel-hlc
10-major christi-heart break motel-hlc
11-mikey general-leave it in your heart-hlc
12-brian and tony gold-not perfect-hlc
13-skalla-gal ah you-hlc
01-maka diamond-happen-riddim
02-sadiki-tek it to dem (raw)-riddim
03-queen paula-do up-riddim
04-west colado-bak it up (raw)-riddim
05-jigsy-seh no-riddim
06-jado-beauty queen-riddim
07-spryng i-whats going on-riddim
01-tami chynn-i know you want this-jah
02-leftside-duppy dem (raw)-jah
03-leftside-duppy dem (edit)-jah
04-busy signal-gal you got it (raw)-jah
05-busy signal-gal you got it (edit)-jah
06-tok-cock it up (raw)-jah
07-tok-back it up (edit)-jah
08-sean paul-settle the score-jah
09-bling dawg-show me (raw)-jah
10-bling dawg-show me (edit)-jah
11-craig leftside parks-killa beez riddim version-jah
01-million stylez-frenemy-hlc
02-gioman-kill ya wid di style-hlc
06-version – macro marco-killa riddim-hlc
01-va-killamanjaro-up park camp 80s-part two-hlc
01-va-king stur gav-hlc
01-chezidek – call pon dem
02-collie buddz – let me know
03-jah dan – mountains to climb
04-version – kingdom riddim
01-spready glory and latisha-tinco to your manco-hlc
02-swizzle body girls-tax and tear-hlc
03-kiprich and jiggy spuggy-never never-hlc
04-version – daddy dragon-kingston rock riddim-hlc
01-va-klass one sound-sanchez and terry linen-ras
01-bigga boss-gal wine-hlc
02-bigga boss-daggering-hlc
01-dangel-tight zum zum-slskint
02-delly ranx-from you ah nuh-slskint
03-jigsy king-pon di endz (edit)-slskint
04-new kidz-walk up-slskint
05-spice-from you born-slskint
06-vybz kartel-cock up-slskint
01-cecile – seven days
02-lady g – inna dis
03-macka diamond – damn
04-stacious – some gyal
01-black-er-a wha do dem-rbk
02-jwizzle-spin u roll-rbk
03-kiprich-wuk fa-rbk
04-macka diamond-badmind-rbk
05-version-labrish riddim-rbk
01-big wayne-love is here
02-singing francine-sugar daddy
03-steve i-its not nice
04-marvelous marva-real love
05-frenchie-time to party
06-kathy lopez-eso remix
07-version-landscape riddem
08-steve i-father time
09-lisa romenne-life
10-flawless-guide me
11-big wayne-hold me back
12-kathy lopez-eso
13-mustic and weezee-just arrive
14-ridlah red-wine for me
15-marvelous marva-singing a song
16-runton-on the road
17-version-fire proof riddem
01-bascom x-always by my side-hlc
02-deva bratt-wrong from right-hlc
03-gyptian-little bit of your love-hlc
04-teacha dee-mama is crying-hlc
01-aidonia and vybz kartel-laugh and shot dem (raw)-hlc
03-d-east-deh inna di war-hlc
04-laugh and shot dem riddim-version-hlc
01-vibronics-congo natty
02-vibronics-congo natty-(dubplate version)
03-dub terror ft. tena stelin-no more stress
04-dub terror ft. tena stelin-no more stress-(dub)
05-dubdadda-revenger dub
06-dubdadda-revenger dub-(dubplate version)
07-abassi all stars ft. fitta warri-gideon youth
08-abassi all stars ft. fitta warri-crisis dub
09-university of roots and culture sound-universal dub
10-university of roots and culture sound-universal dub-(dubplate version)
11-prince david and moa-anbessa-evil fi burn
12-prince david and moa-anbessa-forward dub
13-ital horns-purification
14-ital horns-purification-(dubplate version)
15-zion train-tribute to keng keng
16-zion train-tribute to keng keng-(dubplate version)
01-dimention-it a happen-gmg
02-rickie tickie-sing me song-gmg
03-dimention-build back wuk edit-gmg
04-dimention-build back wuk raw-gmg
05-don lewis and delroy gordon-lets go riddim version-gmg
01-cush heights-got to be free (clean)-hlc
02-konshens-ago kill me (clean)-hlc
03-krymist-nah sell out-hlc
04-patexx-free speach (clean)-hlc
05-sarah couch-oh no-hlc
06-shane o-my name-hlc
07-vybz kartel-nah hold we down (clean)-hlc
01-cush heights-got to be free (raw)-hlc
02-konshens-ago kill me (raw)-hlc
03-krymist-nah sell out-hlc
04-patexx-free speach (raw)-hlc
05-sarah couch-sarah couch – oh no-hlc
06-shane o-shane o – my name-hlc
07-vybz kartel-vybz kartel – nah hold we down (raw)-hlc
01-vybz kartel-nah hold we down (raw)-riddim
02-konshens-ago kill me (raw)-riddim
03-shane o-my name-riddim
04-patexx-free speach (raw)-riddim
05-sarah couch-oh no-riddim
06-krymist-nah sell out-riddim
07-cush heights-got to be free (raw)-riddim
01-mr. kool-keep loving me-jah
02-chuck turner-never run away-jah
03-michael palmer-lying lips-jah
04-jd smooth-never go away-jah
01-Thriller Killer-Yellow Tape-FRP
02-Chezidek-Free Like A River-FRP
03-Major Llod-Gonna Wanna-FRP
04-Luciano-Cage Brid-FRP
05-Mikey Melody-Sun Come Bun Mi-FRP
06-Limey Murray-Seven Days Strong-FRP
07-Raul Elliot-Rayn-FRP
08-Al Pancho-Aint No Stopping-FRP
09-Mikey General-Sign-FRP
10-Mark Wonder-Storm-FRP
11-Izeezi-I Love U-FRP
12-I Kushna-Battlefield-FRP
13-Ion I-Plenipotentiary-FRP
14-Jah More-Ruff On U-FRP
15-Dean Frase-Generation Trap-FRP
16-Chezidek-Free Like A River-FRP
01-va-thriller killer-yellow tape-hlc
02-va-chezidek-free like a river-hlc
03-va-major lloyd-gonna wanna-hlc
04-va-luciano-cage brid-hlc
05-va-mikey melody-sun come bun mi-hlc
06-va-limey murray-seven days strong-hlc
07-va-raul elliot-rain-hlc
08-va-al pancho-aint no stopping-hlc
09-va-mikey general-sign-hlc
10-va-mark wonder-storm-hlc
11-va-izeezi-i love u-hlc
12-va-i kushna-battlefield-hlc
13-va-ion i-plenipotentiary-hlc
14-va-jah more- ruff on u-hlc
15-va-dean fraser-generation trap-hlc
01-ding dong-bad man forward (remix)-row
02-elephant man-rum ram (remix)-row
03-assassin-move and gweh (remix)-row
04-elephant man-dirt bed (remix)-row
05-vybz kartel-movado diss (remix)-row
06-dj django-lokal stage show riddim version 1-row
07-dj django-lokal stage show riddim version 2-row
01-busy signal-read my lips-hlc
02-lyrikal t-nah fi lick di lollipop-hlc
03-vybz kartel-pussy nuh fi suck-hlc
04-bitta blood-meck she cum-hlc
05-aidonia-bang bang dem (remix)-hlc
01-assassin-dem nah look nuh gal (raw)
02-assassin-dem nah look nuh gal (edit)
03-elephant man-nuh linga
04-busy signal and assassin-line fi line (raw)
05-busy signal and assassin-line fi line (edit)
06-monsta empire-daggering (raw)
07-monsta empire-daggering (edit)
08-fire links-hold mi acre (raw)
09-fire links-hold mi acre (edit)
10-flippa mafia-dem yah (raw)
11-flippa mafia-dem yah (edit)
12-harry toddler-nuh mek dem hold you down
13-t.o.k-centerfold (raw)
14-t.o.k-centerfold (edit)
15-lady ali-hype all you want (raw)
16-lady ali-hype all you want (edit)
17-danny english-tek weh bwoy gal
18-version-look gal
01-ali-hype all you want (edit)-gully
02-ali-hype all you want-gully
03-assassin-nah nuh gyal-gully
04-assassin feat busy signal-line fi line-gully
05-sotto bless-lie-gully
06-look gyal riddim-version-gully
01-jamelody-love crazy-hlc
02-instrumental-love crazy riddim-hlc
01-torch – victory-gmg
02-mix blessings band – tribute to bim (love forever riddim)-gmg
01-lady g-strange-hlc
02-daville-lonely is the night-hlc
04-queen africa-affirmative action-hlc
05-lutan fyah-my world-hlc
06-turbulance-true love-hlc
07-love line riddim-version-hlc
01-daddy bumpie-something 4 u-csv
02-journey aka jah angel-dont love u-csv
01-various artists-love tune 3 mixed by dj beans-jah
01-lady g-strange-rbk
02-daville-lonely is the right-rbk
04-queen africa-affirmative action-rbk
05-lutan fyah-my world-rbk
06-turbulance-true love-rbk
07-version-loveline riddim-rbk
01-King Kong-Babylon-FRP
02-Mc Trooper-Zion I Skoolroom Masta-FRP
01-vybz kartel-art a war-rbk
02-elephant man-dawg a bark-rbk
03-lady saw-nastiness-rbk
04-version-mad dog riddim-rbk
05-elephant man-dawg a bark (edit)-rbk
06-lady saw-nastiness (edit)-rbk
07-vybz kartel-art a war (edit)-rbk
01-marty dread-no ice in paradise
02-mad professor-aahahaa
03-willie nelson-peaceful solution
04-mad professor-black panther dub
05-macka b and nolan irie-squeeze me
06-mad professor and joe ariwa-dub squeeze
07-macka b-bob
08-mad professor and joe ariwa-bob dubbed crazy
09-black magic-spend some time together
10-mad professor-dub together
11-susan cadogan-losing you
12-joe ariwa-losing dub
13-susan cadogan-baby i love you
14-mad professor-baby i dub you
01-fambo-mad rave-riddim
02-fambo-mad rave (radio)-riddim
03-vybz kartel-wine yuh body-riddim
04-vybz kartel-wine your body (radio)-riddim
05-wayne marshall and esco-off dem feet-riddim
06-wayne marshall and esco-off dem feet (radio)-riddim
07-elephant man-tlc-riddim
08-elephant man-tlc (radio)-riddim
09-mad rave riddim-version-riddim
01-beenie man-tell yuh something (edit)-hlc
02-beenie man-tell yuh something (raw)-hlc
03-bibi gardener-denali (raw)-hlc
04-bibi gardener-denali (edit)-hlc
05-bling dawg-supreme (edit)-hlc
06-bling dawg-supreme (raw)-hlc
07-bugle-nutten nuh change (edit)-hlc
08-bugle-nutten nuh change (raw)-hlc
09-chicken-nuh dweet (raw)-hlc
10-cutty ranks-wi nuh play (raw)-hlc
11-cutty ranks-wi nuh play (edit)-hlc
12-eggy-dem nuh badman (edit)-hlc
13-eggy-dem nuh badman (raw)-hlc
14-mad ting riddim-instrumental-hlc
15-natalie storm-dem nuh know (edit)-hlc
16-natalie storm-dem nuh know (raw)-hlc
17-nitty kutchie-move (raw)-hlc
18-power man-send on (raw)-hlc
19-tifa-wah do dem (edit)-hlc
20-tifa-wah do dem (raw)-hlc
21-timberlee-gunny gunny (raw)-hlc
22-tony curtis-crab inna barrel (edit)-hlc
23-tony curtis-crab inna barrel (raw)-hlc
24-ward 21-president (raw)-hlc
01-pluggy t-thes arms of mine-r2r
02-juvenile-ghetto youths-r2r
03-galaxy p-how real of a gangster-r2r
04-faze-whats taking place-r2r
05-global-do that 2 me 1 more time-r2r
06-explosive-mi love yuh sexy figure-r2r
07-storm-gangster shake up-r2r
08-day in jah-some boy inna trouble-r2r
09-storm-ive got your back-r2r
10-tellah-man na cry fi me lovin-r2r
11-mikey b-what sweet you-r2r
12-juvenile-naw do wah dem a do-r2r
13-global-yuh nuh care-r2r
14-cologne-war a gwaan-r2r
15-colour green-officer you too provoking-r2r
01-bunny waller-400 years
02-third world-african woman
03-toots-so excited
04-koolant-choose the way
05-beres hammond-celebrate life
06-shiah and cat coore-old man soul
07-koolant-rat race
08-bunny wailer-no woman no cry
09-koolant-keep on moving
10-toots-love is the best
01-adele harley-no one
02-adele harley-lost without you
03-sylvia tella-umbrella
04-marie claire-say it right
06-mercedes-it dont matter
08-santana-if i was your man
09-nato-freak in you
10-marie claire-4 page letter
11-toria-undercover lover
12-sylvia teller-live it up
13-winston reedy-the way to treat a woman
14-richie davis-whatever you want
15-sandra melody-calling my mansion
16-troublesome-gal control
17-mercedes-because me hot
18-deanie ranks-millions
01-mad cobra-nuh fraid-hlc
02-mavado-caah bad mi up ( raw)-hlc
03-merciless-war motto (raw)-hlc
04-mr. easy-what you gonna do (raw)-hlc
05-munga-gangsta forever (raw)-hlc
06-stacious-man wey can (raw)-hlc
07-nesbeth-ive seen (raw)-hlc
08-magazine riddim-version-hlc
09-maxi priest-never judge-hlc
10-spragga benz-magazine-hlc
11-vybez kartel-send fi di magazine-hlc
12-lenny hype-dont play-hlc
13-daddy flim-money over shot-hlc
14-dadre-hate on me (raw)-hlc
16-jah marlo-empty clip (raw)-hlc
01-busy signal-from afar-riddim
02-mavado-say what you wonna say-riddim
03-einstein-beat it-riddim
04-cutty ranks-mi na look nu war-riddim
05-determine-gwaan so-riddim
06-mavado-say what you wonna say(rmx)-riddim
07-maka riddim (fagan fraternity prod)-version-riddim
01-the heptones-make up to break up-gully
02-leroy sibbles-break up to make up-gully
04-vivian jones-lets do some loving-gully
05-lady lex-is this loving-gully
06-richie davis-it reminds me-gully
01-queen paula-dutty mouth-hlc
02-unknown-who dem-hlc
03-deva bratt-making money-hlc
04-unknown-never get you down-hlc
05-delly ranks-nah watch mi sister-hlc
06-danny english ft. unknow-party affair-hlc
07-shane o-im gonna kill it-hlc
01-sizzla-give praises-rbk
02-teflon-what a joy-rbk
03-eli lyons-often times-rbk
04-turbulance-take me away-rbk
05-kananga-just a friend-rbk
06-gyptian-ready for you-rbk
07-empress robertha-standing firm-rbk
08-tony d-deliver me-rbk
09-luciano-helping hand-rbk
10-lutan fyah-brave and bold-rbk
11-version-makonen riddim-rbk
01-sizzla-give praises-riddim
02-teflon-what a joy-riddim
03-eli lyons-often times-riddim
04-turbulance-take me away-riddim
05-kananga-just a friend-riddim
06-gyptian-ready for you-riddim
07-empress robertha-standing firm-riddim
08-tony d-deliver me-riddim
09-luciano-helping hand-riddim
10-lutan fyah-brave and bold-riddim
11-makonen riddim-version-riddim
101-aswad-dont turn around
103-shabba ranks-mr loverman
104-maxi priest-close to you
105-chaka demus and pliers-tease me
106-ini kamoze-here comes the hotstepper
107-supercat-my girl josephine
108-diana king-shy guy
109-grace jones-my jamaican guy
110-china black-searching
111-damian marley-welcome to jamrock
112-half pint-substitute lover
113-tenor saw-ring the alarm
114-toots and the maytals-funky kingston
115-third world-now that we found love
116-musical youth-pass the dutchie
117-desmond dekker-you can get it if you really want
118-the harry j allstars-liquidator
119-john holt-help me make it through the night
120-the upsetters-return of django
121-tony tribe-red red wine
122-jimmy cliff-wonderful world beautiful people
201-ub40-kingston town
202-janet kay-silly games
203-bob marley and the wailers-sun is shining
204-dawn penn-you dont love me (no no no)
205-gregory isaacs-night nurse
206-dennis brown-money in my pocket
207-junior murvin-police and thieves
208-susan cadogan-hurt so good
209-desmond dekker-israelites
210-lord tanamo-im in the mood for ska
211-toots and the maytals-54-56 was my number
212-dandy livingstone-rudy a message to you
213-dave and ansil collins-double barrell
214-ken boothe-everything i own
215-max romeo-wet dream
216-nicky thomas-love of the common people
217-sly and robbie-boops (here to go)
219-shaggy-it wasnt me
220-jimmy cliff-the harder they come
221-big mountain-baby i love your way
222-cj lewis-sweets for my sweet
223-cc-dreadlock holiday
224-johnny nash-i can see clearly now
03-Rhugu-So Free-FRP
04-Turbulence-The Slam-FRP
05-Tropical-Great Blacks-FRP
06-Unknown Artist-Insecure-FRP
01-badd cash-i aint scared-hlc
02-boom steppa-protect the children-hlc
04-leaf a life-life more than gold-hlc
05-serani-crying for peace-hlc
01-badd cash-i aint scared-riddim
02-boom steppa-protect the children-riddim
04-leaf a life-life more then gold-riddim
05-serani-crying for peace-riddim
01-Aisha Davis-My Life-FRP
02-Christopher Martin-Man A Man-FRP
03-D Major-Give Her-FRP
04-Demarco-Mama Love-FRP
05-Iceman-What U See-FRP
08-Voicemail-Carry Go-FRP
09-Version-My Life Riddim-FRP
01-approach-dem fi know-hlc
01-jah stitch-conference at waterhouse-jah
02-king tubby-conference version-jah
03-junior byles-lorna banana-jah
04-pete weston and the flames-revolution is for the chinaman-jah
05-pete weston and the flames-straight to scratch head-jah
06-i roy-message from the top-jah
07-the defenders-our rights-jah
08-the defenders-our version-jah
09-u roy-the right to live-jah
10-tommy mccook-muhammad ali-jah
11-joe higgs-wages of crime-jah
12-king tubby-wages of crime version-jah
13-bobby ellis-ska baby-jah
14-bobby ellis-ska version instrumental-jah
15-i roy-every mouth must be fed-jah
16-junior byles-aint too proud to beg-jah
17-junior byles-last of the love songs-jah
18-blacker black-black organ-jah
19-i roy-mad mad hatter-jah
20-i roy-mad mad horn-jah
01-andrew paul-stand up and fight-r2r
02-fiona-driving me crazy-r2r
03-power man-jah ina mi heart-r2r
04-stubzy ranks-man of my word-r2r
05-mark wonder-militant soldier (remix)-r2r
06-militant riddim-version-r2r
02-vybz kartel-duggu duggu (raw)
03-matterhorn-wine pon di double
04-matterhorn-wine pon mi buddy
05-version-mini skirt riddim
06-patexx-push up ya hand
07-trever ft selena-dj
08-vybz kartel-duggu duggu (edit)
09-zebra-rass (edit)
01-fanton mojah-i will survive-hlc
02-fearless-got to mek it-hlc
03-jah cure-two way street-hlc
04-lutan fyah-blessing-hlc
05-miracle riddim-version-hlc
06-natural black-babylon a burn-hlc
07-nitty kutchie-never fear-hlc
08-richie spice-eyes dont see-hlc
09-t.o.k-call on me-hlc
01-jah cure-two way street-riddim
02-fanton mojah-i will survive-riddim
03-lutan fyah-blessing-riddim
04-natural black-babylon a burn-riddim
05-richie spice-eyes dont see-riddim
06-t.o.k-call on me-riddim
08-nitty kutchie-never fear-riddim
09-fearless-got to mek it-riddim
10-miracle riddim (baby g productions)-version-riddim
01-ne-yo-miss independent-riddim
02-ne-yo feat delly ranx-miss independent (dj smurf remix)-riddim
03-beniton the menace-independent woman-riddim
04-miss independent-version-riddim
01-va-mista showtime-rhythm and rock vol 3
01-jah cure feat. wayne marshall-so high-rbk
02-version-moheeto riddim-rbk
01-Assassin Feat. Sadiki-Money Machine-FRP
02-Erup Feat. Fayja-Rolling So Serious-FRP
03-Flippa Mafia-Over Mi Money-FRP
04-Lady Ali-Mek Money-FRP
05-Tanya Stephens-Tank Deh Pon F-FRP
01-Coleyo-Talk Bout Dem A Bad Man-FRP
02-Detenator-Get You Down-FRP
03-Danny English-Party Time (Feat. Vnessa)-FRP
04-Deva Brat-Money Train (Feat. Coleyo)-FRP
05-Queen Paula-Ignorant-FRP
06-Shane-O-Single Time-FRP
07-Delly Ranx-True Gangsta-FRP
08-Vybz Kartel-Bounce-FRP
09-Turbulence-Dunk A North-FRP
10-Singer J-Bad Man Ting-FRP
11-Danny English-Wicked Dem-FRP
13-Wranglers-Mek Some A Di Money-FRP
14-Uprising Band-Money Train Riddim-FRP
01-Beenie Man Feat. T.O.K-Trapped (Raw)-FRP
02-Beenie Man Feat. T.O.K-Trapped (Clean)-FRP
03-Mr. Easy-Heart Breaker-FRP
04-Sleepy Hallowtips-Realest Winer (Clean)-FRP
05-Sleepy Hallowtips-Realest Winer (Raw)-FRP
06-T.O.K feat. Beenie Man-Ms. World (Clean)-FRP
07-T.O.K feat. Beenie Man-Ms. World (Raw)-FRP
08-Version-Money Tree Riddim-FRP
01-t.o.k. and beenie man-ms world (raw)-jah
02-t.o.k. and beenie man-ms world (clean)-jah
03-mr. easy-heartbreaker-jah
04-sleepy hallowtips-realest winer (raw)-jah
05-sleepy hallowtips-realest winer (clean)-jah
06-beenie man and t.o.k.-trapped (raw)-jah
07-beenie man and t.o.k.-trapped (clean)-jah
08-bay c-money tree riddim-jah
01-echo minott – judge and jury
02-warrior king – too much killing
03-little hero and natasja – look at the rainbow
04-ward 21 – pass pass me the grades
05-prezident brown – my confidence
06-chezidek and chappa jan – some of us
07-jah mason – so much trouble
08-don mafia – dedicated to the woman love
09-cornstick – corruption
10-mandingo warrior – i will never
01-voicemail-morning showers-gully
03-carlene davis-hes your keeper-gully
04-esco-hey girl-gully
05-brain gold-green and pretty-gully
06-christopher martin feat terro 3000 and atrena-just a dancer-gully
07-d major-no need to cry-gully
08-terro 3000 feat empress-sad love song-gully
01-brian gold – green and pretty
02-carlene davis – he is your keeper
03-christopher martin terro 3000 and atrena – just a dancer
04-d major – no need to cry
05-esco – hey girl
06-t.o.k. – breath
07-terro 3000 and empress – sad love song
08-voicemail – morning showers
01-sizzla-magazine full up (edit)-gully
02-sizzla-magazine full up (raw)-gully
03-tony matterhorn-breed again (edit)-gully
04-tony matterhorn-breed again (raw)-gully
05-vybz kartel-nah tek check (edit)-gully
06-vybz kartel-nah tek check (raw)-gully
07-mosiah riddim-version-gully
01-tornado-when we party-jah
02-alley cat-worry-jah
03-g maffiah-nutten but granz-jah
04-mr peppa-diplomatic gorrilas-jah
05-scorpion-them youths yah-jah
06-mr lexx-stand up in love-jah
07-heather cummings-club confessions-jah
08-hawkeye-no ice cream love-jah
09-mitch-sample that-jah
10-boom dandymite-wine up yu body-jah
11-christopher lee-drop that-jah
12-becky glacier-so much girls-jah
13-kerri-foolish games-jah
14-famous face-gum shop-jah
15-alley cat-hot fuck-jah
16-columbian and judis-new heights-jah
17-imperial productions-motion picture rhythm-jah
01-brahyhan art-somewhere-riddim
02-charlie blitz-no holiday-riddim
03-duane stephenson-more than words-riddim
04-iceman-tough life-riddim
05-luciano-no escape-riddim
06-maverick-your love-riddim
07-queen ifrica-take you far away-riddim
08-soul 4 soul-she left me-riddim
09-supa-di youths dem-riddim
10-title-in the mood-riddim
12-tony rebel-alone-riddim
13-turbulence-that place-riddim
02-vybz kartel-a wah do dem (raw)-riddim
03-vybz kartel-a wah do dem (edit)-riddim
04-movie war riddim-version-riddim
01-marina p-divorce a litalienne
02-kenny knots-dont let them break your heart
03-top cat-herbalist
04-ranking joe-how you bad so
05-mc ishu-under arrest
06-mikey murka-old time dance
07-tippa irie-ruff mi tuff
08-kenny knots-rasta meditation
09-aya faith-rooster
10-ras charmer-songs of zion
11-suncycle-around the world
12-soom t-did you really know
01-gangsta marv-inna mi eyes-hlc
02-munga-murdah charge-hlc
03-version-murdah charge riddim-hlc
02-buju banton-boom bye bye-hlc
03-elephant man-higher level-hlc
04-shaggy and rayvon-it wasnt me (remix)-hlc
05-sean paul-like glue-hlc
06-lumidee-never leave-hlc
01–beenie man-twisted-hlc
02–earth worm-girl-hlc
03-shawn storm-no no no (raw)-hlc
01-mr. vegas-mus come a road (raw)-riddim
02-mr. vegas-mus come a road (edit)-riddim
03-collie buddz-hustle-riddim
04-mus come a road (prison oval rock) riddim-version-riddim
01-african dub-schooling the beat
02-barrington levy-teach the youth
03-the meditations-jack on top
04-sugar minott-informer
05-cocoa tea-young lover
06-chuck turner-trying to conquer l
08-bushman-cant blame the youth
09-alpha and omega-pure and clean
01-the kingstonians-hear my plea
02-glaudius linton-crying time
03-barry brown-lead us jah
04-mikey ras staar-got to say love
05-the slickers-johnny too bad
06-reggae regulars-ghetto rock
07-tarrus riley-beware
08-etana-im not afraid
09-rebellion the recaller-take it easy
10-sizzla-where are you running to
01-the kingstonians-never changing harmony
02-earth and stone-three wize men
03-gregory isaacs-babylon too rough
04-k.vibes-deal with love
05-buju banton feat new kidz-cowboy and curfew
06-luciano k salaam and beatnick-what are we fighting for
07-bingui jaa jammy-goldy man
08-creation stepper-keep on grooving
01-matthew mcanuff-be careful
02-edi fitzroy-youthman penitentiary
03-augustus pablo-skanking easy
04-johnny osbourne-give a little love
05-frankie paul-king champion
07-alpha wess-le systeme
08-admiral tibbet-have the strengh
01-fantan mojah-so many problems
02-winston mcanuff-nostradamus
04-jabalance-rain a fall
05-llyod parks-ordinary man
06-prince allah-jah morning sun
07-earl zero-city of the wicked
08-faybiene miranda-prophecy
09-max romeo-the birth of reggae music
10-leroy sibbles-black world
01-empress robertha-how long-hlc
02-lukie d-rise up-hlc
03-safira-arrest me-hlc
01-Elephant Man-Hot Gal Walk (Raw)-FRP
02-Merciless-Put It (Raw)-FRP
01-munga-gansta nuh falla
03-alaine-flash back to dancehall
04-sean paul ft don carleon-sweat
05-beenie man-jiggle up
06-beenie man-gimmi gimmi gimmi
07-elephant man-dancing ring
08-tony matterhorn-wine pan di buddy
09-busy signal-like milk
10-mr banging-nah play
11-mr banging-money
12-assasin-inna mi room
13-bounty killa-currupt
14-busy signal-money wi sey
15-busy signal-whine
16-vybz kartel-rise di k
17-movado-dem a pree
18-vybz kartel-correction
19-vybz kartel-tell dem dis
20-black ryno-cah mek mi run wey
21-vybz kartel ft jah vinci-shot ring
22-nightmare-real rebel
01-ishence-in tro it
02-midnite-come bus i on
03-ancient king-rasta deeply rooted
04-jah rubal-ancient orthodox
05-xkaliba-judgement is coming
06-ancient king-send dem come
07-midnite-endless life
08-ancient king-selassie deserve my praise
09-xkaliba-pretty looks
10-ishence-inter link
11-jah rubal-joker smoker
12-va-hit on all sides
13-biblical midnite ancient king-good over evil
01-eggy b-impressionist-riddim
02-first lady-me nah fraid-riddim
03-ghetto rych-nah fe step back-riddim
04-grey rhymer-wa tek some boi-riddim
05-i wonda-country man-riddim
07-justice-too much war-riddim
08-kenyatta-love ur style-riddim
09-lyrcist-baby dont stop-riddim
10-radikal-step bak-riddim
11-rus-t-good gyal-riddim
12-tamisha-nah concern yuh-riddim
13-g wise-vincy cinderella-riddim
14-landlord-ah we-riddim
15-icon-all nite long-riddim
16-iceyute-real mc coy-riddim
17-news flash riddim (megga wattz prod)-version-riddim
01-beenie man-badman-hlc
02-demarco-dem a fool-hlc
03-erup n mr. peppa-survival-hlc
04-spragga benz-dem bow-hlc
06-versatile-make money-hlc
01-konshens-dem run (edit)
02-konshens-dem run (raw)
03-elephant man-head top (edit)
04-elephant man-head top (raw)
05-anthony b-dem a war (edit)
06-anthony b-dem a war (raw)
07-damage-what goes around (edit)
08-damage-what goes around (raw)
09-munga-gangster name (edit)
10-munga-gangster name (raw)
11-deva brat-night creature (edit)
12-deva brat-night creature (raw)
13-einstein-rest it (edit)
14-einstein-rest it (raw)
15-mega sample-rise mine (edit)
16-mega sample-rise mine (raw)
17-delly ranks-fren (edit)
18-delly ranks-fren (raw)
19-version-night creature
01-Jepomaxxx-Leave No Witness-FRP
02-Matic-The Night Walk-FRP
03-Version-Night Hawk Riddim-FRP
01-assassin-only god knows-rbk
02-busy signal-trading places-rbk
03-konshens-lookin for you-rbk
04-petah heritage-in love with ya-rbk
05-richie spice-serious woman-rbk
06-sizzla-chilling in chile-rbk
07-tarrus riley-start a new-rbk
08-version-nylon riddim-rbk
01-richie spice-serious woman
02-busy signal-trading places
03-sizzla-chilling in chile
04-assassin-only god knows
05-konshens-looking for me
06-petah heritage-in love with ya
07-tarrus riley-start a new
08-nylon riddim-version
01-anthony b-dem a war (edit)-hlc
02-anthony b-dem a war (raw)-hlc
03-calero o yeah-o yeah (raw)-hlc
04-damage-what goes around (edit)-hlc
05-damage-what goes around (raw)-hlc
06-deva bratt-night creecha (edit)-hlc
07-deva bratt-night creecha (raw)-hlc
08-einstein-rest it (raw)-hlc
09-einstien-rest it (edit)-hlc
10-elephant man-head top (raw)-hlc
11-elephant man-head top (edit)-hlc
12-munga-gangsta name (edit)-hlc
13-munga-gangsta name (raw)-hlc
14-mega-sample-rise mine (edit)-hlc
15-mega-sample-rise mine(raw)-hlc
01-jah cure-forever-gully
02-a silk-truly-gully
03-lutan fyah-always-gully
04-malijah-no combo-gully
05-no combo riddim-version-gully
01-jah cure-forever-jah
02-malijah feat zenny-no combo-jah
03-aaron silk-truly-jah
04-noddy virtue-lovezone-jah
05-lutan faya-always-jah
06-sweet t-lethal weapon-jah
01-anthony b-one chalice-gully
02-fyah george-high grade-gully
03-norris man-them give no praises-gully
04-perfect-too smart-gully
05-spectacular-make it burn-gully
06-ti polo sound-comme des potes-gully
07-utan bassum-dales jah-gully
08-utan bassum and jaggy d-higher level-gully
09-noba riddim-version-gully
01-loose cannon crew-man ah gangsta-hlc
03-krimescene-de ghetto-hlc
01-lt. brooksie-talk it over-jah
02-leopard-pretty face-jah
03-beenie man-progress-jah
04-morgan heritage-3 times a woman-jah
05-anthony b-the world-jah
06-lutan fyah-you capture me-jah
07-gyptian-anything for you-jah
08-pad anthony-excuse me mr.-jah
09-anthony cruz-wishing on a star-jah
10-thrilla u-the things u do-jah
11-chantelle ernandez-i wish-jah
12-guidance-when are we-jah
13-lut-o nine riddim you capture me-jah
01-jah hammed-even though-jah
02-lukie d-some day-jah
03-luciano-live love and learn-jah
04-old school riddim-version-jah
101-jc lodge feat junior kelly-love you like that ( someone loves you honey)-r2r
102-culture and anthony b-two sevens clash-r2r
103-sean paul and sasha-im still in love with you-r2r
104-mighty diamonds and luciano-identity-r2r
105-barrington levy and cecile-my woman-r2r
106-beres hammond feat u-roy-aint that loving you-r2r
107-culture-im not ashamed-r2r
108-mykal rose-rent man-r2r
109-richie stephens-how could i leave-r2r
110-freddie mcgregor-should i-r2r
111-george nooks-left with a broken heart-r2r
112-glen washington-money in my pocket-r2r
113-barrington levy-my woman-r2r
114-jc lodge-someone loves you honey-r2r
201-jc lodge and prince mohammed-someone loves you honey – one time daughter-r2r
202-culture-two sevens clash-r2r
203-marcia aitken and trinity-im still in love with you – three piece suit-r2r
204-the mighty diamonds-identity-r2r
205-barrington levy feat kojak and liza-my woman – ten thousand woman-r2r
206-dennis brown with kojak and liza-aint that loving you – hole in the bucket-r2r
207-culture feat i-roy-im not ashamed-r2r
208-black uhuru and jah grundy-rent man – resident area-r2r
209-dennis brown-how could i leave aka how could i live-r2r
210-delroy wilson-should i-r2r
211-george nooks-left with a broken heart-r2r
212-dennis brown and prince mohammed-money in my pocket -cool runnings-r2r
01-monster hemp higher-monster for life-hlc
03-munga-keep dat-hlc
04-blacka dan-a who him-hlc
05-matterhorn-stop hail-hlc
06-roundhead-have it lock-hlc
07-danielle- man weh mi nu waa-hlc
08-red fox-draws drop tonight-hlc
09-wayne wonder-bare girls-hlc
10-mr peppa-swagger-hlc
11-lady saw-hottness-hlc
12-anthony b-do what you want-hlc
13-delly ranx-axle-hlc
14-new kidz-carnal abuse-hlc
15-junior cat-example-hlc
16-ras myrhdak-jamaican gangster-hlc
17-famous face-worry dem-hlc
18-frisco kid-no punchline-hlc
20-frankie sly-jamaica like this-hlc
21-truckback records-ole axle riddim-hlc
22-vybz kartel and dangel-lifestyle nuh stall-hlc
01-serani-tell you lies-riddim
02-vybz kartel ft jah vinci-my senorita-riddim
03-esco-nah sell out-riddim
04-elephant man-dancing paradise-riddim
05-bugle-doh do da supm deh-riddim
06-fire linx-low mi-riddim
07-bramma-round of applause-riddim
09-erup-mek dem talk-riddim
10-raine seville-bossy ladies-riddim
11-ole crep riddim (chimney records)-version-riddim
01-bramma-round of applause (edit)-rbk
02-bugle-doh do da supm deh (edit)-rbk
03-einstein-boopsie (edit)-rbk
04-elephant man-dancing paradise (edit)-rbk
05-erup-mek dem talk (edit)-rbk
06-esco-nah sell out (edit)-rbk
07-fire linx-low mi (edit)-rbk
08-raine seville-bossy ladies (edit)-rbk
09-serani-tell you lies (edit)-rbk
10-vybz kartel feat. jah vinci-my senorita (edit)-rbk
11-version-ole crep riddim-rbk
01-bramma-round of applause (raw)-rbk
02-bugle-doh do da supm deh (raw)-rbk
03-einstein-boopsie (raw)-rbk
04-elephant man-dancing paradise (raw)-rbk
05-erup-mek dem talk (raw)-rbk
06-esco-nah sell out (raw)-rbk
07-fire linx-low mi (raw)-rbk
08-raine seville-bossy ladies (raw)-rbk
09-serani-tell you lies (raw)-rbk
10-vybz kartel feat. jah vinci-my senorita (raw)-rbk
11-version-ole crep riddim-rbk
01-flippa mafia-one life-hlc
02-laden-inside with you (edit)-hlc
03-laden-inside with you (raw)-hlc
01-beenie man-look so hot (edit)-frp
02-beenie man-look so hot (raw)-frp
03-bibi gardener-mine (feat ataru and pepe goodison – edit)-frp
04-bibi gardener-mine (feat ataru and pepe goodison – raw)-frp
05-eskae-dem a foe (edit)-frp
06-eskae-dem a foe (raw)-frp
07-motion-title (edit)-frp
08-motion-title (raw)-frp
09-mr chicken-help me father (edit)-frp
10-mr chicken-help me father (raw)-frp
11-mr peppa-im a hero (edit)-frp
12-mr peppa-im a hero (raw)-frp
13-tifa and natalie storm-talk of the town (edit)-frp
14-tifa and natalie storm-talk of the town (raw)-frp
15-timberlee-backdoor delivery (edit)-frp
16-timberlee-backdoor delivery (raw)-frp
17-vybz kartel-hop off (edit)-frp
18-vybz kartel-hop off (raw)-frp
19-ward 21-respect (edit)-frp
20-ward 21-respect (raw)-frp
21-wasp-beat it (edit)-frp
22-wasp-beat it (raw)-frp
23-wayne wonder-its life (edit)-frp
24-wayne wonder-its life (raw)-frp
01-elephant man-wine (clean)-hlc
02-elephant man-wine (raw)-hlc
03-fire links-gallis forever-hlc
04-terro 3000-pose (clean)-hlc
05-tony matterhorn-dont let dem see (clean)-hlc
06-tony matterhorn-dont let dem see (raw)-hlc
07-version-on the block riddim (christopher birch)-hlc
08-voicemail-roll nicky (clean)-hlc
09-voicemail-roll nicky (raw)-hlc
01-mavado-on the go-hlc
02-on the go riddim-version-hlc
03-demarco-send them home (on the go remix)-hlc
04-bounty killer-war bridge (on the go remix)-hlc
01-konshens-fairweather friend
02-natural black-get yourself together
03-aisha davis-murder
04-version-one more dance riddim
01-earl sixteen – ocean meets the dub-gmg
02-earl sixteen – ocean meets the skies-gmg
03-one people productions – hornsman version-gmg
04-ras adam – oneness-gmg
05-ras zacharri – rise my people-gmg
06-wendy wonder – how it feels (feat ilawy)-gmg
01-vypa – mama one son
02-bushman – no morals
03-concord – land of
04-frankie paul – across the bridge
05-higher lion – all season love
06-natty king – fuss fuss
07-prince theo – feeling you
08-shaka shaba – rising
09-spanner banner – again
10-version – one son riddim
01-madness-our house
02-peter tosh-johnny b. goode
03-desmond dekker-you can get it if you really want
04-toots and the maytals-54-46 was my number
05-english beat-tears of a clown
06-steel pulse-your house
07-black uhuru-sponji reggae
08-the melodians-rivers of babylon
09-the specials-concrete jungle
10-jimmy cliff-the harder they come
11-gregory isaacs-rock on
12-inspector 7-one step beyond
13-the heptones-why must i
14-the heptones-get over losing you
15-ub40-red red wine
01-bounty killer – bad man a roll-rbk
02-mad cobra – rude bwoy thing is not a game-rbk
03-ill inspecta – 1.000 bullit-rbk
04-lexie lee – cant fool me-rbk
05-natasja – sucky sucky-rbk
06-version – opium riddim-rbk
01-macka diamond – sidung pon it (raw)
02-spice – oh yes (raw)
03-trinity chris – set tings straight (raw)
04-macka diamond – sidung pon it (clean)
05-spice – oh yes (clean)
06-trinity chris – set tings straight (clean)
01-dennis alcapone – not to proud to beg
02-prince jazzbo – straight to i roys head
03-i roy – straight to prince jazzbos head
04-clint eastwood – what a hard man fe dead
05-i roy – alright alright
06-u brown – watch what is going on
07-u roy – gorgan wise
08-big joe – in the ghetto
09-trinity – psalms
10-dennis alcapone – in the morning
11-clint eastwood – caroline
12-hugh brown – the big licking stick
13-i roy – queen of the minstrels (version)
14-i roy – heavy like lead
15-u roy – hold on
16-prince jazzbo – freedom
17-dillinger – clock
18-dillinger – regular girl
19-i roy – acting strange
20-jah stitch – king of the arena
21-jah stitch – give jah the glory
22-clint eastwood – step it in a zion
23-i roy – angel
24-big joe – trying to wreck
25-dillinger – roots natty congo
26-trinity – give a helping hand
27-prince jazzbo – i bust it in the name of jah
28-i roy – set up yourself
29-i roy – sata
30-hugh roy – joyful dread
31-jah stitch – ragga muffin style
32-jah stitch – more a joyful noise
33-aggrovators – trying to wreck
34-prince jazzbo – 3 wise shepherds
35-trinity – three piece suit
36-dillinger – tickle me
37-dillinger – neva take a life
38-trinity – kendall crash
39-prince jazzbo – let them see
101-dennis alcapone-aint too proud to beg-rks
102-prince jazzbo-straight to i-roy head-rks
103-i-roy-straight to prince jazzbo head-rks
104-clint eastwood-what a hard man fe dead-rks
105-i-roy-alright alright-rks
106-u-brown-watch what is going on-rks
107-u-roy-gorgan wine-rks
108-big joe-in the ghetto-rks
110-dennis alcapone-in the morning-rks
111-clint eastwood-caroline-rks
112-hugh brown-big licking stick-rks
113-i-roy-queen of the minstrels version-rks
114-i-roy-heavy like lead-rks
115-u-roy-hold on-rks
116-prince jazzbo-freedom-rks
118-dillinger-regular girl-rks
119-i-roy-acting strange-rks
120-jah stitch-king of the arena-rks
201-jah stitch-give jah the glory-rks
202-clint eastwood-step it in a zion-rks
204-big joe-trying to wreck-rks
205-dillinger-roots natty congo-rks
206-trinity-give a helping hand-rks
207-prince jazzbo-i bust it in the name of jah-rks
208-i-roy-set up yourself-rks
210-hugh roy-joyful locks-rks
211-jah stitch-ragga muffin style-rks
212-jah stitch-make a joyful noise-rks
213-aggrovators-trying to wreck-rks
214-prince jazzbo-3 wise sheperds-rks
215-trinity-3 piece suit-rks
216-dillinger-tickle me-rks
217-dillinger-never take a life-rks
218-trinity-kendall crash-rks
219-prince jazzbo-let them see-rks
01-buju banton-gal dem tired (edit)-hlc
02-demarco-gal a you (edit)-hlc
03-pamputae-nuh lovie dovie ting (edit)-hlc
04-tyrical-the hook up (edit)-hlc
05-general b-style dem (edit)-hlc
06-kiprich-neva neva (edit)-hlc
07-mister g (goofy)-to me (edit)-hlc
08-spice-me bless (edit)-hlc
09-zebra-know longtime (edit)-hlc
10-voicemail-nah spend nuh (edit)-hlc
11-fambo-nuh secret (edit)-hlc
12-timberlee-we nuh give a (edit)-hlc
13-power man-nuh big (edit)-hlc
14-delus-some gal a (edit)-hlc
15-determine-hand up (edit)-hlc
16-version-outada riddim-hlc
01-einstein-no lil one minute (edit)-hlc
02-einstein-no lil one minute (raw)-hlc
03-elephant man-dem ago get (edit)-hlc
04-elephant man-dem ago get-hlc
05-wayne marshall-tonight (edit)-hlc
06-wayne marshall-tonight-hlc
01-buju banton-girls dem tired (raw)-hlc
02-general b-style dem (raw)-hlc
03-kiprich-neva neva (general dis) (raw)-hlc
04-delus-some gal a (raw)-hlc
05-demarco-gal a you (raw)-hlc
06-voicemail-nah spend nuh (raw)-hlc
07-zebra-know longtime-hlc
08-tyrical-the hook up-hlc
09-spice-me bless (raw)-hlc
10-fambo-no secret fi u (raw)-hlc
11-mr g-tightest (raw)-hlc
12-pamputae-nuh lovie dovie ting (raw)-hlc
13-powerman-nuh big (raw)-hlc
14-sketelina-pussy drop asleep-hlc
15-determine-hand up (raw)-hlc
16-timbarlee-we nuh give a (raw)-hlc
17-version-outada riddim-hlc
01-antonio-friend enemy-r2r
02-jah cornadem-italiss-r2r
03-antonio feat supa sass-friend enemy pt 2-r2r
04-rass neato-when will we learn-r2r
05-supa sass-just because-r2r
06-black horrow-not giveing up-r2r
01-anisha ft. jah bami-different world-hlc
02-gailann-go get him-hlc
03-dainjamental-in your eyes-hlc
04-khari kill-mama afrika-hlc
02-ice man-cant get enough-rbk
03-lukie d-my child-rbk
04-natural blacks-did it again-rbk
05-version-paradise riddim-rbk
06-voice mail-no tomorrow-rbk
02-ice man-cant get enough-hlc
03-lukie d-my child-hlc
04-natural blacks-did it again-hlc
05-version-paradise instrumental-hlc
06-voice mail-no tomorrow-hlc
01-natural black-did it again-riddim
03-voice mail-no tomorrow-riddim
04-lukie d-my child-riddim
05-ice man-cant get enough-riddim
06-paradise riddim-instrumental-riddim
01-shy-where it gone
02-devon lennard-parang fever
01-bushman and friends-african
02-romain virgo-mi caan sleep
03-queen ifrica-below the waist
04-beres hammond-just dont know how to say goodbye
05-daville-ill be your best friend
06-torch-i need your love
07-nikeisha barnes-tonight is the night
08-anthony cruz-take it off
09-richie stephens-country bus
10-bushman-you cant blame the youth
11-john holt and nikki burt-man next door
12-anthony cruz-leaders of the world
13-nikki burt-make ends meet
14-torch-no escape
01-vybz kartel-fatta than a pound-r2r
02-sizzla-nah beg-r2r
03-munga-fit and healthy-r2r
04-wayne marshall and future fambo-middle fingers-r2r
05-elephant man-got it right-r2r
06-bramma-dis time-r2r
07-delly ranx-pass roun donkey-r2r
08-shane-o-table turn again-r2r
09-burro banton-cut nuh dash-r2r
10-eloquent and unicorn-garrison cocky-r2r
11-mr easy-time again-r2r
12-konshens (sojah)-ra ta ta ta-r2r
13-kid kurupt-she like it-r2r
14-esco-in my bedroom-r2r
15-kari jess-dem nuh bad-r2r
16-peppagrain riddim-version-r2r
01-cecile-burning up-rbk
02-tony matterhorn-when it rains (clean)-rbk
03-tony matterhorn-when it rains (raw)-rbk
04-version-perfect 10 riddim-rbk
01-cecile-burning up-hlc
02-perfect 10 instrumental-version-hlc
03-tony matterhorn-when it rains (clean)-hlc
04-tony matterhorn-when it rains (raw)-hlc
01-ice cold-hard times-riddim
02-black one-never leave-riddim
03-vinny taylor-special affair-riddim
05-jah chyld-ghetto cry-riddim
06-braveheart-never run away-riddim
07-keithy foundation-over and over-riddim
08-dian-heres my love-riddim
09-milton militant-sunshine girl-riddim
10-mr pappy-envy and grudge-riddim
11-perspire riddim (goodlife muzik prod)-version-riddim
01-mykal rose – mr collie
02-horace andy – thats my woman
03-half pint – if you want it precious herb
04-john holt – the principles of life
05-warrior king – sings of the times
06-johhny clarke – wicked haffi run
07-echo minott – shes gone
08-max romeo – the love of money
09-junior murvin – victory
10-king kong – purger of mankind
11-lutan fyah – tropical bushman
12-sugar minott – stop that war
13-burro banton – pick di lum
14-echo minott – judge and jury
01-various artists-champion sound-gmg
02-yt-real music-gmg
03-brindsley forde feat blackout ja-usa-gmg
04-curtis lynch-pirates 2008 version-gmg
01-yt million stylez mr. williamz blackout ja iverse and jah knight-champion sound
02-yt-real music (pirates 2008)
03-brinsley forde and blackout ja-usa (united states of africa)
04-curtis lynch jnr-pirates dub (grynch mix)
01-blacker-nuh wah no gun-hlc
02-don mafia-from no good-hlc
03-harry toddler-celli-hlc
04-instrumental-playfield version-hlc
05-lady g-hands up deh-hlc
06-macka diamond-wine up (edit)-hlc
07-macka diamond-wine up (raw)-hlc
08-mega banton-wah dem a prove (edit)-hlc
09-mega banton-wah dem a prove (raw)-hlc
10-monster shack-how she wine (edit)-hlc
11-monster shack-how she wine (raw)-hlc
12-opal-got it bad-hlc
13-stephen blake-missing u-hlc
14-teflon-cah tame me (edit)-hlc
15-teflon-cah tame me (raw)-hlc
16-tina nunez feat terro 3000-without your love-hlc
01-anthony b-tek yuh mouth offa mi-hlc
02-capleton-gun a buss-hlc
03-danny english-move-hlc
04-determine-look war-hlc
05-fanton mojah-we nuh wait pon dem-hlc
06-frisco kid-me nuh fear dem-hlc
07-instrumental-platinum version-hlc
08-little capes-cyaan bad we up-hlc
09-lutan fyah-who gi dem-hlc
10-ninja ford-get to your head-hlc
11-norris man-come fi dem-hlc
12-sugar roy-goody good-hlc
13-virgo man-glock-hlc
14-virgo man-sentence-hlc
01-million stylez-police in helicopter-riddim
02-mr williamz-babylon in helicopter-riddim
03-yt-heat seeking camera-riddim
01-elephant man-come wine-hlc
02-fire links-nuff girls-hlc
03-terro 3000-pose-hlc
04-tony matterhorn-dont let them-hlc
05-version-pon di block-hlc
06-voicemail-go nikki-hlc
01-g-loc-grab up u punaany-hlc
03-spice-inna mi closet-hlc
04-blak spade productions-poor and boasy-hlc
05-ratigan feat. cj-put it on me-hlc
06-ras fraiser-x rated-hlc
01-black rhino- story go a town-hlc
02-devabratt-raw pellet pellet-hlc
03-idoni dem fraid a wi-raw-all dem a t-hlc
05-kartel we no tek talk-hlc
06-shawn storm-raw-weel a fortune-hlc
07-vybz kartel-weed-hlc
01-turbulence – balance
02-jah mason – nah push it
03-gentleman – dutty heart
04-tippa irie – ready fi tippa
05-skarra mucci – mad again
06-gabriel – babylon attack
07-pow pow productions – follow (version)
01-jah mason – ruff and tuff
02-anthony b – come back
03-norrisman – everywhere i go
04-malijah – keep on moving
05-elijah prophet – johnny
06-steve machete – i rise
07-pow pow productions – ruff and tuff version
101-johnny osbourne-mission
102-frankie paul-fp love
103-peter metro-hackle the mike
104-freddie mcgregor-dont hurt my feelings
105-sly and robbie-mission impossible
106-sugar minott-feel the rydim
107-frankie jones-old fire stick
108-little john-bummy bummy
109-charlie chaplin-dj dance
110-sly and robbie-answer version
111-little john-name and number
112-josey wales-come watch the sound
113-yellowman-skank quadrille

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