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114-barrington levy-money move
115-frankie paul-tidal wave
116-michael prophet-dont push me
117-toyan-dj crowd
118-yellowman-walking jewelry store
119-half pint-living is hard
120-charlie chaplin-reason wid de entertainer
201-barrington levy-suffer the little children
202-half pint-jah dont love that
203-echo minott-try to hypnotise me
204-sly and robbie-cnt dweet
205-barrington levy-i feel free
206-frankie paul-hold me
207-little john-strong sensi
208-charlie chaplin-skin up
209-yellowman-cuss cuss
210-tenor saw-love ranger and tonto
211-leroy smart-love life
212-sugar minott-rockers master
213-sugar minott-cant cross the border
214-michael palmer-chief in a town
215-little john-sing on
216-half pint-one big family
217-josey wales-a no one for me
218-leroy smart-believe in jah
219-sugar minott-thank you jah
220-nitty gritty-everything you try
101-half pint-brother love
102-pinchers-dont distress
103-charlie chaplin-miami vice
104-frankie paul-music is the staff of life
105-barrington levy-misunderstanding
106-sugar minott-nah go to south africa
107-half pint-heart breaker
108-half pint-greetings
109-conroy smith-indian lady
110-frankie paul-alesha
111-peter metro-no problem
112-al campbell-one a way soldier
113-sly and robbie-the final mission
114-admiral bailey-a who dem a try fe fool
115-little john-true confession
116-sugar minott-a true
117-charlie chaplin-que dem
118-michael palmer-she gives me fever
119-frankie jones-stylee
120-sly and robbie-stylee
201-little john-hey lady
202-sugar minott-cant get we out
203-josey wales-josey ready
204-sugar minott-old king cole
205-little john-she no ready
206-toyan-what a thing
207-josey wales-everytime i hear the sound
208-half pint-long lost love
209-frankie paul-string up the sound
210-frankie jones-haul and galong
211-leroy smart-bank account
212-sly and robbie-lecturer version
213-sugar minott-frontline
214-echo minott-sweet reggae music (you have fe move)
215-michael palmer-fi mi wha mi want
216-barrington levy-hard to believe
217-half pint-level the vibes
218-josey wales-code of conduct
219-josey wales-love i can feel
220-yellowman-blow saxophone
101-frankie paul-you too greedy
103-frankie paul-your love is amazing
104-winston hussey-body no ready
105-michael palmer-lick shot
106-charlie chaplin-pretty gal
107-toyan-hot bubble gum
108-little john-she loves me
109-little john-what a bubbling
110-sugar minott-buy out the bar
111-frankie paul-king champion
112-barrington levy-come in a dance
113-michael palmer-mr booster
114-barrington levy-jah saved my life
115-sugar minott-dread uppon your head
116-michael palmer-i love jah jah
117-little john-rock and roll
118-toyan-tickle me
119-admiral bailey-a no nutten (part 2)
120-josey wales-bouncing
201-sugar minott-chatty chatty mouth
202-yellowman-police peggy
203-charlie chaplin-drop off a shape
204-sugar minott-nah follow fashion
205-tenor saw-rol call
206-michael palmer-pull it down
207-frankie paul-dem a go feel it
208-sugar minott-mass mi mass
209-little john-hug up me girl
210-michael palmer-gunshot a burst
211-leroy smart-our love is strange
212-josey wales-pon street again
213-yellowman-galong galong galong
214-leroy smart-youre going to find me
215-frankie jones-ghost buster
216-sly and robbie-rocking time version
217-gregory isaacs-working hard
218-josey wales-rocking time
219-frankie paul-fall in love with me
220-charlie chaplin-mamma yu call me
101-frankie jones-no touch the riddim
102-sly and robbie-no touch the version
103-tenor saw-if you only knew
104-michael prophet-appetizing
105-charlie chaplin-now a days
107-yellowman-under mi fat ting
108-charlie chaplin-batta batta
109-josey wales-freeze who goes
110-nitty gritty-shes a delilah
111-leroy smart-girls are skanking
112-sugar minott-bubbling
113-yellowman-chat politics pon sound
114-michael palmer-a we rule
115-nitty gritty-one auntie lu lu
116-charlie chaplin-dance in the atlantic
117-half pint-dont close the door
118-nitty gritty-drape her up
119-al campbell-if i didnt love you
120-frankie paul-country man
201-al campbell-talk about love
202-michael palmer-mix up
203-josey wales-undercover lover
204-charlie chaplin-diet rock
205-frankie jones-ready for me
206-sugar minott-ease up
207-charlie chaplin-pain a mi back
208-josey wales-throw me corn
209-sanchez-for my lover
210-josey wales-feel like crying
211-leroy smart-your love is not true
212-sugar minott-two timer
213-frankie paul-baby come home
214-little john-better yuh gwaan
215-peter metro-better she gwaan
216-sugar minott-cell block one
217-tinga stewart and tiger-up on the roof
218-half pint-great stone
219-conroy smith-original
220-cutty ranks-come we love up
01-frankie paul-fp love-r2r
02-cocoa tea-old stick fire-r2r
03-yellowman-skank quadrille-r2r
04-barrington levy-money move-r2r
05-half pint-living is hard-r2r
06-half pint-jah dont love that-r2r
07-yellowman-cuss cuss-r2r
08-tenor saw-lone ranger and tonto-r2r
09-half pint-one big family-r2r
10-nitty gritty-everything you try-r2r
11-charlie chaplin-miami vice-r2r
12-barrington levy-misunderstanding-r2r
13-half pint-greetings-r2r
14-frankie paul-alesha-r2r
15-charlie chaplin-a who dem a try to fool-r2r
16-josey wales-love i can feel-r2r
17-josey wales-everytime i hear the sound-r2r
18-little john-hey lady-r2r
19-little john-she no ready-r2r
20-half pint-level the vibes-r2r
01-frankie paul-you too greedy-r2r
02-michael palmer-lick shot-r2r
03-little john-what a bubbling-r2r
04-frankie paul-king champion-r2r
05-admiral bailey-a no nutten part 2-r2r
06-yellowman-police peggy-r2r
07-tenor saw-roll call-r2r
08-little john-hug me girl-r2r
09-yellowman-galong galong galong-r2r
10-frankie paul-fall in love with me-r2r
11-charlie chaplin-now days-r2r
12-yellowman-under me fat thing-r2r
13-frankie jones-no touch the riddim-r2r
14-nitty gritty-she is a delilah-r2r
15-michael palmer-a we rule-r2r
16-josey wales-undercover lover-r2r
17-frankie jones-ready for me-r2r
18-sanchez-for my lover-r2r
19-frankie paul-baby come home-r2r
20-cutty ranks-come we love up-r2r
01-ronnie thwaites-always by your side-hlc
02-esco levi-they have to pay-hlc
03-daville-end of the day-hlc
04-dj chris-your loving is-hlc
05-luciano-live by de gundie by de gun-hlc
06-chester miller-empress-hlc
07-lutan fyah-ignite and blaze-hlc
08-gyptian-every man-hlc
09-anthony malvo-never leave you lonely-hlc
02-be-i dont want u-hlc
03-peter runks-badness out of style-hlc
05-lady saw-where he is-hlc
01-shaggy feat. akon-whats love 105
02-i kay and bunni b feat. sister carol-african dance 120
03-alicia keys feat. jr. reid-no one 90
04-mr. vegas-tek weh yuh self (clean) 110
05-tok-guardian angel 85
06-duane stephenson-august town 69
07-alpheus feat. kip rich-tell him the truth 84
08-screechie dan-panty town 98
09-alexis and fido feat. toby love-soy igual que tu 94
10-tito el bambino-el tra 96
11-nejo feat. arcangel-algo musical 107
12-dj flex-te quiero 84
13-voltio feat. jowell and randy-ponmela 120
14-nicky jam-gaspela 87
15-nejo-dame un call 99
16-jm y jl madskillz-latinos bailando 97
17-baby ranks and lda-por ti 94
18-alison hinds-roll it gal (shellshock reggaeton remix) 108
19-la hill-voy a pillarte 95
101-garnet silk-complain
102-jah cure-sunny day
103-sizzla-like mountain
104-capleton-that day will come
105-junior kelly-black am i
106-warrior king-everyday
107-jah mason-stick nor stone
108-yami bolo-gun war
109-cocoa tea-biological clock
110-morgan heritage-cross wi borda
111-tarrus riley-shes royal
112-chezidek-rising sun
113-jamelody-love crazy
115-lutan fiyah-no more suffering
116-ras shiloh-come down jah jah
117-richie spice-babylon fallin
118-luciano-jah is navigator
119-i-wayne-book of life
120-cyptian-serious times
202-mavado-whe dem a do
203-vybz kartel-ben over
205-bounty killer-sufferer
207-de marco-duppy know fi frighten
208-voicemail-get crazy
209-lady saw-i can have your man
211-vybz kartel-start war and dread
212-mr easy-real gangsters
213-bounty killer-statement
214-mavado-gully side
215-sean paul-shake it
216-buju banton-african pride
217-elephant man-elephant message
218-bigjay-ban nou temps
219-little francky-jaime
220-le ric-le magicien
301-speedy feat tiwony-police
303-le ric-ou est legalite
305-sista rosta-hurry up
306-apach-ba yo
307-le ric-trop de canna
308-elimane-ma gueule
309-baby g feat mic hostil-ganja feeling
311-popi one feat fainel-pete la bank
312-dton feat mic hostil-brule pas les etapes
313-laudy lapropagand-pret a tout
314-baby g-soca
315-princess kshu-bailalo
316-93mm feat mac manu-karnaval
317-julia d-dj donne moi le clap
318-ricky sheppard-destiny
319-voicemail-youre the one
320-lucky and ambiancez moa sala-le roi des dieux
401-anthony lion-gardez la motivation
402-straika-no translation
404-lord nbee-marilou
405-bigjay feat tony c-feeling right
406-dah prodigi-desire
407-ut ras-wow
408-militant-tout woman
409-uncle sthene-savage
410-dragon killa-leve tete aw
411-dimi donkya feat kid kurrupt-en or
412-ballplate-we dont care
413-shorty-rajoute des db
414-popi one baby g junior ruben-are you ready now
415-anthony john-live as one
416-baby g feat lord diamant-on est venus pour danser
417-heartical family-garden party
418-king ade-badam
420-lucky and ambiancez moa sala-lhomme aux locks
01-aisha davis-say my name
02-andrew and wada blood-i will be the 1
03-delly ranx-love is lovely
04-esco-keep it real
05-junior reid-never let you go (need you more)
06-konshens-runnin away
07-lutan fyah-ever since
08-pure white riddim-version
01-bongo spear-life-csv
02-pilot-my girl-csv
03-impulse-so rude-csv
04-deciple-dont give up-csv
05-version-pushme riddim-csv
01-muchachito bombo infierno-conversaciones incompatibles
02-macaco-mulata descolorada
03-radio malanga-charito va
04-los cafres-la receta
05-cultura profetica-reggae rustico
06-go lem system-pura sangre
07-ticklah-si hecho palante
08-black gandhi-pateras
10-gondwana-libros sagrados
01-rita marley and the soulettes – (you re) my desire
02-joya landis – kansas city
03-phyllis dillon – don t touch me tomato
04-the webber sisters – it s you i love
05-dawn penn – i let you go boy
06-nora dean – barbwire (o mama)
07-judy mowatt and the gaylettes – zipa dee do da
08-dorothy reid – work it
09-ken parker and dorothy russell – sincerely
10-girl satchmo – take you for a ride
11-nora dean – angie la la (ay ay ay)
12-joya landis – when the lights are low
13-hortense ellis – unexpected places
14-carole cole and sister p (aisha morrson) – ethiopia
15-cynthia richards – aily i
16-hortense ellis – with all my heart
17-phyllis dillon – something
18-dorothy reid – give it to me (all your love)
19-joya and john – i ll be lonely
20-derrick morgan and hortense ellis – i m gone
01-sizzla-hottest girl-riddim
02-calibe-what we gonna do-riddim
03-mad anju-stop me if you can-riddim
04-spagga benz-shake your body-riddim
05-version-quikness riddim-riddim
01-mavado-on the rock-r2r
02-demarco-duppy know who fi frighten-r2r
03-busy signal-jail-r2r
04-serani-study people-r2r
05-mykal roze-shoot out-r2r
06-busy signal-wine pon the edge-r2r
07-vybz kartel-money fi spend-r2r
08-collie budz-rise it-r2r
09-bugle-cyaan look inna mi eye-r2r
10-elephant man-cater to the poor-r2r
11-vybz kartel-my scheme-r2r
12-black ryno-ay ya ay ya-r2r
13-busy signal-knocking at your door-r2r
14-fire links and matterhorn-this is how we grow-r2r
15-charlie blacks-buddy buddy-r2r
01-mavado-on the rock-rks
02-demarco-duppy know who fi frighten-rks
03-busy signal-jail-rks
04-serani-study people-rks
05-mykal rose-shoot out-rks
06-busy signal-wine pon di edge-rks
07-vybz kartel-money fi spend-rks
08-collie budz-rise it-rks
09-bugle-cyaan look inna wi eye-rks
10-elephant man-cater for the pooor-rks
11-vybz kartel-my scheme-rks
12-black ryno-ay ya ay ya-rks
13-busy signal-knocking at your door-rks
14-fire links ft matterhorn-this is how we grow-rks
15-charley blacks-buddy buddy-dancehall mix-rks
01-anthony b-when you are down
02-cezar-i cant get over you
03-christopher martin-rain drops
04-dmajor-cant get enough of your love
05-daville-all for you
07-ice man-broke the love we hard
08-jah vinci-no one to blame but you
09-martina-you made me fall in love
10-perter morgan-if theres no tomorrow
12-sugar roy and conrad crystal-even though you are gone
13-t.o.k.-i need to know
14-versatile-she doesnt want to be poor
15-voicemail-i believe
16-version-rain drops riddim
01-zamunda-jah love-riddim
02-perfect-police boy-riddim
03-mr groove-beautiful morning-riddim
04-loaded-in the rain-riddim
05-kharuso-inna de garrison-riddim
06-jahbalance-rain a fall-riddim
07-chezidek-sun or rain-riddim
08-edy blacks-x girlfriend-riddim
09-kali blaxx-one smoke-riddim
10-cherise king feat. chai-one and only-riddim
01-sweetie ire-mah her up-r2r
02-ras kinah-nah give it up-r2r
03-tugg a war-good news-r2r
04-mr lexx-mix up-r2r
05-g star-millenium cowboy-r2r
01-elijah prophet-rainy night in summer-hlc
02-eazy wayne-empress-hlc
03-admiral tibet-another mans child-hlc
01-flexx (from t.o.k.)-badmind-hlc
02-vybz kartel-pree dem-hlc
03-teroo 3000-represent u endz (raw)-hlc
05-black-er-bad inna bed-hlc
06-spragga benz-burn-hlc
07-sizzla-it rough-hlc
08-flexx (from t.o.k.)-badmind (clean)-hlc
09-rat poison riddim-version-hlc
01-bertus-my diary
02-lutan fyah-mama dont cry
03-cocoa tea-raw moon
04-nickiesha barnes-its true
05-shadrokk-im sorry
06-one third-holding back the years
07-heather cummings-i believe
01-errol bellot-reality shock-yard
02-prince livijah and prince alla-only love-yard
03-earl 16-reggae got soul-yard
04-solo banton-roots rock reggae-yard
05-chieftain joseph-musical farmer-yard
06-afrikan simba-free up the herb-yard
07-dixie peach-i believe-yard
08-bird-thanks and praises-yard
09-aqua livi-stop the shooting-yard
10-deadly hunta-better way-yard
11-lioness fonts-one way system-yard
12-errol bellot-babylon-yard
13-marga-dem wrong-yard
14-macka b-rise up-yard
15-errol bellot and afrikan simba-my youths-yard
16-mikey murka-war-yard
01-baby g and flava-gal u lead-hlc
02-beenie man-everday 1-hlc
03-toddla-nuh tearing-hlc
05-maleeka-wineing skill-hlc
06-monsta empior-she like it-hlc
08-munga-pint (raw)-hlc
09-record shop riddim-version-hlc
10-spice-not my fault-hlc
11-tazz (raw)-nuh guy round mi-hlc
01-esco-red eye
02-g maffiah-high grade
03-wayne marshall and kalico-nah fall
04-version-red eye riddim
01-chico-girls got me weak-gully
02-iceman-oh baby-gully
03-mad cobra-gangsta flex-gully
01-anthony b-it ah happen (edit)-gully
02-brilliant-oil (edit)-gully
03-deva brat-mi gun dem rise (edit)-gully
04-einstein-empty di clip (edit)-gully
05-que-my baby (edit)-gully
06-richest-baby fi born (edit)-gully
07-singer j-man a gangster (edit)-gully
08-tefflan-dem nah badda we (edit)-gully
09-turbulence-rasta nuh bow (edit)-gully
10-vybz kartel-warn you (edit)-gully
11-redline riddim-version-gully
03-deva brat-mi gun dem rise-gully
04-einstein-empty di clip-gully
05-miracle-nuh want no friend-gully
06-que-my baby-gully
07-redline riddim-version-gully
08-richest-baby fi born-gully
09-singer j-man a gangster-gully
10-spliffy-money now-gully
11-tefflan-dem nah badda we-gully
12-turbulence-rasta nuh bow-gully
13-vybz kartel-warn you-gully
01-refugee all star-american sound gangster-yard
101-lord creator-independent jamaica-rks
102-alton and eddie-let me dream-rks
103-roy and paulette-since your gone-rks
104-rico rodriquez-rico special-rks
105-lord creator and norma fraser-we will be lovers-rks
106-lord creator-dont stay out late-rks
107-basil gabbidon-goodbye pretty darling-rks
108-cornell campbell-make way-rks
109-charlie organaire-royal charlie-rks
110-joanne gordon and roland alphonso-blow roland blow-rks
111-baba brooks-portrait of my love-rks
112-the skatalites-malcom x-rks
113-alton ellis-mouth a massy-rks
114-john holt and alton ellis-rum bumpers-rks
115-the maytals-john and james-rks
116-delroy byfield-yagga yagga-rks
117-don drummond-machine shop-rks
118-stranger and ken-home home home-rks
119-lord creator-such is life-rks
120-bob marley and the wailers-sugar sugar-rks
121-peter tosh-you cant fool me again-rks
122-the gaylads-wha she do now-rks
123-count machukie-warfare-rks
124-impact all-stars-end dust-rks
125-the ethiopians-true man-rks
201-augustus pablo-java-rks
202-i-roy-hospital trolley-rks
203-junior byles-king of babylon-rks
204-horace andy-dont go-rks
205-jimmy london-a little love-rks
206-dennis brown-cheater-rks
207-john holt-for the love of you-rks
208-alton ellis-too late to turn back now-rks
209-donovan careless-be thankful-rks
210-hortense ellis-woman of the ghetto-rks
211-senya-children of the ghetto-rks
212-gregory isaacs-lonely soldier-rks
213-black uhuru-going to zion-rks
214-lloyd parks-ordinary man-rks
215-impact all-stars-ordinary version 3-rks
216-african brothers-hold tight-rks
217-keith poppin-righteous man-rks
218-errol dunkley-created by the father-rks
219-the gladiators-the race-rks
220-the heptones-my guiding star-rks
221-hubert lee-something on my mind-rks
222-charley ace and dirty harry-country boy-rks
223-carl malcolm-no jestering-rks
224-big youth-knotty no jester-rks
225-carl malcolm-fattie bum bum-rks
101-damian marley and stephen marley-the mission-r2r
102-enur ft natasha-calabria 2008-r2r
103-serani ft bugle-doh-r2r
104-mavado-money changer-r2r
105-beenie man-wine gal-r2r
106-serani-she loves me-r2r
107-wayne wonder ft trina-for my love-r2r
108-collie buddz-blind to you-r2r
110-taurrus riley-ease off-r2r
111-richie spice-the plane land-r2r
112-etana-warrior love-r2r
114-yt million stylez mr williamz blackout ja iverse and jah knight-champion sound-r2r
115-melanie hall aka syren-somebody come get me-r2r
116-fantan mojah-stronger-r2r
201-va-reggae gold 2008 (retail 2cd)-r2r
01-va-reggae hotspot-gangsta culture-ras
01-freddie mcgregor-call me
02-natural black-satan spy
03-warrior king-kindness for weakness
04-morgan heritage-roots reggae party
05-luciano-weh dem a gwaan wid
06-chuck fenda-on and on
07-lutan fyah-be careful how you walk
08-chezidek-wi nuh feel dem
09-teflon-loyal to yourself
10-collie rose-pushing me on
11-asante amen-not for sale
12-norris man-its all yours
13-devano-live up right
14-version-reggae is my reward
01-don corleon baby g bounty killer vybz kartel-high altitude-jah
02-voice mail-lets dance-jah
03-vybz kartel-wine pan u-jah
05-pressure-love and affection-jah
06-richie spice-brown skin-jah
09-beenie man-come again-jah
10-busy signal-agony-jah
11-beenie man-nah beg no friend-jah
12-capleton-wha dis wha dis-jah
13-munga-bad from mi born-jah
14-don corleon featuring vybz kartel-floating by-jah
15-sizzla-love me-jah
16-sizzla-where are you running to-jah
17-pressure-be free-jah
18-jah cure-break free-jah
01-wayne wade-lady
02-boris gardiner-lets keep it that way
03-tyrone taylor-hurt me
04-doreen schaffer-golden love
05-derede williams-one step ahead
06-derrick harriott-close to me
07-jimmy london-make the night a little longer
08-ken boothe-silver words
09-cynthia schloss-am i losing you
10-ruddy thomas-sitting out night time
11-dobby dobson-til i kissed you
12-george banton-lady soul
13-viscount oliver-i stand accused
14-tinga stewart-red red wine
15-carl dawkings-baby i love you
16-ossie scott-my way
01-shaggy ft rayvon-angel
02-chaka demus and pliers-bam bam
03-musical youth-pass the dutchie
04-inner circle-sweat (a la la la la song)
05-sean paul-never gonna be the same
06-wayne wonder ft trina-for my love
07-mavado-weh dem a do
08-elephant man-willie bounce
10-darryl riley ft beenie man fito blanko-tear it up
11-davie primus-single life
12-taxi-dollar wine
13-red plastic bag-ragga ragga
14-arrow-hot hot hot
15-yves larock ft jaba-rise up (moonraisers remix)
16-trix and flix ft shaggy-feel the rush
17-t2 ft jodie alysha-heartbroken (dj lees dirty south mix)
18-bob marley-lively up yourself
01-peter hunningale-my lord-irie
02-junior english-god is on my side-irie
03-nato-i surrender all-irie
04-chevelle franklyn-the things you do-irie
05-john connolly-one day at a time-irie
06-don campbell-shout to the lord-irie
07-sus-im so thankful-irie
08-norris weir-this train-irie
09-george nooks-lord you rescue me-irie
10-osmond collins-glory written calvary-irie
11-donna marie-gods love never change-irie
12-michael arkk-a new dawn (medley)-irie
01-bob marley and the waillers-one love
02-mikey ras starr-jah man of calvary
03-rootz underground-hammer
04-black judah feat warrior king-mercy please
05-richie spice-hang on
06-winston mcanuff feat baliku roots-u can kill a prophet
07-anthony cruz-love is falling
08-etana-jah chariot
09-fyakin-my lady
10-shema-all about me
11-sami star-good to know u
12-jah doctrine feat massyka-dead man walking
13-laden-gyal coward
14-sophia brown-im a rose
15-shiraz-as i am
16-c sharp-dont come searching
17-unity sound-dubplates mix
18-yard vibz-dubplates mix
01-culture-two sevens clash
02-augustus pablo-third eye
03-earth and stone-jail house set me free
04-dennis walks-almighty
05-uman-en avant toute
06-little hero-praise god
07-jah nyme-in the name of jah
08-cherine-you and me against the world
09-rootz underground-victims of the system
10-kris kelli-cant let you go
11-busy signal-hey girl
12-stacious-failling down
13-jah trouble and juvenile-bad
14-aisha davis-rain
15-lady m and antonio-my love is your love
16-wake the town-wake the town united 2008
17-irie crew-dubplates mix
01-winston mcanuff-nostradamus
02-sebastian sturm feat jahcoustix-invitation
03-cyptian-too badmind
04-zareb-ghetto youths
05-tashina mckenzie and queen ifrica-conceined citizens
06-troy anthony-seek for love
07-a20-crazy love
08-jah nyne-spread some love
09-i-noah-african princess
10-barry ford-rebel
11-frankie jones-no touch the riddim
12-caramellow criminal-respectala
13-prezident brown-as the world turns
14-reggae remedy-teaching riddim
15-blak ryno-thug anthem
16-green yard-jah light riddim
17-refugee all stars-dubplate mix
101-bob marley-kaya
102-third wolrd-riddim haffa rule
103-u-brown-tu sheng peng
104-horace andy-leave rastaman
105-gregory issacs-prisoner of love
106-dillinger-cool operator
107-dennis brown-africa
108-bounty killa-spy fe die
109-lady saw-i will love you anyway
110-freddy mc gregor-roots man skanking
111-sly and robbie-stick by me
112-the heptones-take me darling
113-don carlos-rivers of babylon
114-lee perry-soul fire
115-derrick morgan-sensimilla
201-barrington levy-warm and sunny day
202-horace andy-something on my mind
203-judge dread-big seven
204-sugar minott-save the childrem
205-the heptones-island woman
206-ken boothe-silver words
207-lady saw-mona lisa
208-freddy mc gregor-big ship sailing
209-augusto pablo-alive and sounding
210-bob marley-lively up yourself
211-gregory isaacs-lonely man
212-jackie edwards-let me go girl
213-dennis brown-whip the jah
214-sly and robbie-nobodys business
215-third world-street fighting
101-bob marley-soul shake down party
102-jimmy cliff-roll on rolling stone
103-eddy grant-do you feel my love
104-bob marley-concrete jungle
105-jimmy cliff-samba reggae
106-bob marley-keep on moving
107-desmond dekker-israelites
108-bob marley-mr brown
109-jimmy cliff-haunted
110-bob marley-try me
111-boris gardiner-i wanna wake up with you
112-bob marley-put in on
201-eddy grant-i dont wanna dance
202-bob marley-how many times
203-flint eastwood and the g.-stop that train
204-bob marley-souls almighty
205-jimmy cliff-you can get it if you really
206-bob marley-touch me
207-delroy wilson-do that to me one more time
208-bob marley-soul rebel
209-eddy grant-electric avenue
210-bob marley-400 years
211-jimmy cliff-baby let me feel it
212-bob marley-hammer
301-bob clifford-no woman no cry
302-eddy grant-romancing the stone
303-bob marley-stop that train
304-jimmy cliff-stepping our the limbo
305-eddy grant-living on the frontline
306-bob marley-no sympathy
307-john holt-let sou love flow
308-bob marley-its all right
309-eddy grant-baby come back
310-bob marley-there she goes
311-upton wailers-people get ready
312-bob marley-kaya
01-blak ryno-these stingers (raw)-riddim
02-blak ryno-these stingers (edit)-riddim
03-jah vinci-watch yuh freinds (raw)-riddim
04-jah vinci-watch yuh friends (edit)-riddim
05-lisa hype-hustle forever (edit)-riddim
06-lisa hype-hustle forver (raw)-riddim
07-shawn storm-be wise (edit)-riddim
08-shawn storm-be wise (raw)-riddim
09-vybz kartel-jail 4 me (edit)-riddim
10-vybz kartel-jail 4 me (raw)-riddim
11-xpress-real gangstas-riddim
01-mr. vegas-daggering-riddim
02-elephant man-whine fih me-riddim
03-fambo-hate yuh fah-riddim
04-anthony b-no where to run-riddim
05-mr lexxx-nuh good-riddim
01-va-renaissance disco-culture mix vol.6
01-vybz kartel – pop it off
02-shawn storm ft. vybz kartel – let me undress
03-black rhyno – evil deeds
04-deva bratt – pon the nazzle
05-earthworm – raw to night
06-blass – war them want first
07-version – resident evil riddim
01-bunji garlin feat mr evil-pretty hott (edit)-csv
02-bunji garlin feat mr evil-pretty hott (raw)-csv
03-elephant man-rock so-csv
05-kimberly dopson-party tonight-csv
06-maximus dan-land dem-csv
07-mr evil-we luv the girls (edit)-csv
08-mr evil-we luv the girls (raw)-csv
09-instrumental-response riddim (remix)-csv
02-assassin-war zone-jah
03-christopher martin-donor-jah
04-deva brat-the music-jah
05-elephant man-war is on-jah
06-munga-mourning in the morning-jah
07-sanjay-what are they fighting for-jah
08-sultex 3000-wise-jah
09-vybz kartel-killing street-jah
10-vybz kartel-money over war-jah
11-arif cooper-revolution riddim version-jah
01-va-anthony b-jah deliver me-(clean)
02-va-oxxygen-resident evil-(clean)
03-va-vybz kartel-pop it off-(clean)
04-va-shawn storm-undress-(clean)
05-va-paashot-world is mine-(clean)
06-va-teflon-jah keeps me happy-(clean)
01-Oxxygen-Rezident Evil-FRP
02-vybz Kartel-Pop It Off-FRP
03-Anthony B-Jah Deliver Me-FRP
04-Paashot Ft. Nando-World Is Mine-FRP
05-Black Ryno-People Biz-FRP
06-Teflon-Jah Jah Keep Me Happy-FRP
07-Tez-Reality Show-FRP
08-Deva Bratt-Auto Tune-FRP
09-Mitch-Word To The Wise-FRP
10-Shawn Storm-Undress-FRP
11-Doza Medicine-Fire Squeeze-FRP
12-Blass-War Dem Want-FRP
13-CP Inc-Stop Kill Unuself-FRP
14-Earthworm-Tonight They Cry-FRP
15-Fantan Mojah-Dont Trouble Jah Jah Children-FRP
01-oxygen-resident evil-rks
02-vybz kartel-pop it off-rks
03-anthony b-jah deliver me-rks
04-paashot-world is mine-rks
05-black ryno-people biz-rks
06-teflon-jah jah keep me happy-rks
07-tez-reality show-rks
08-deva bratt-auto tune-rks
09-mitch-word to the wise-rks
10-shawn storm-undress-rks
11-doza medicine-fire squeeze-rks
12-blass-war dem want-rks
13-cp inc-stop kill unuself-rks
14-earthworm-tonight they cry-rks
15-fantan mojah-dont trouble jah jah children-rks
01-rasites-sex violence and drugs
02-bushman-king selassie i
03-freddie mcgregor-work
04-chukki star-back door deal
05-tony curtis and john junior-people are crying
06-prince malachi-dancing school
07-mykal rose-break the chains
08-gregory issacs-best dressed
09-george nooks-give praise
10-glen washington-bad mind people
11-lukie d-prophecy reveal
12-aaron kedar-rise this morning
13-prince malachi-guide me
14-ras mcbean-never give up
15-ras sherby-bad mind
16-lloyd brown-witness
17-frankie paul-count your blessing
18-peter spence-janet sinclair
19-mighty diamonds-slave master
01-vybz kartel-yu a wife-jah
02-sean paul-one life-jah
03-munga-no fraid a-jah
04-busy signal-every machine-jah
05-assassin-do mek mi hold yu-jah
06-alaine-love me right-jah
07-bling dawg-short a breath-jah
08-hi tec-sunny and breezy-jah
09-vybz kartel-stress free-jah
11-t.o.k-no man-jah
12-baby cham-conscience-jah
13-munga-na hear-jah
14-capleton-let it go-jah
02-lutan fyah and anthony john-roots woman
03-d.bo general feat. jah light-just smile
04-lilu and junior stress-you are
05-anya and kacezet-burn in love
06-yt-hold the faith
08-dr. ring-ding-tomorrow
09-bongo chilli-satisfy
10-hooga troopers-neva loose our focus
11-al-fatnujah-jestem tu u siebie (al-fatnujah remix)
12-joddski-kem kan dom dem
13-mesajah and grubson-ludzie prosci
14-admiral p and nico d-they dont care
15-big man tryton-praise him
16-juniorbwoy.com-bless ya version
17-al-fatnujah-bless ya version (al-fatnujah remix)
01-beres hammond-i surrender-rks
02-jah cure-this one is for you mama-rks
03-marcia griffiths-story-rks
04-morgan heritage-people hungry-rks
05-nesbeth-baby mother-rks
06-chuck fender-herbalist farmer-rks
07-freake and villa dutch-better world-rks
08-gyptian-keep your calm-rks
09-lutan fyah-eden-rks
10-duane stephenson-marijuana-rks
11-gyptian ft tina-weak in the knees-rks
12-konshens-teach them how to pray-rks
13-pressure-health and strength-rks
15-ginjah-welcome to the world-rks
17-anjele-feeling alright-rks
18-drop it riddim-version-rks
01-sizzla–head over heels-oma
02-ras shiloh–praises to jah-oma
03-baddis sound–dub plate mix-oma
04-serani feat. bugle–doh-oma
05-bramma–value of a lady-oma
06-munga–won thing-oma
07-deva bratt–bungle a gyal-oma
08-marlene johnson–no one cry-oma
09-black roots–tribal war-oma
10-midnite–right here-oma
11-alpha blondy–i wish you were here-oma
12-the dynamics–seven nation army-oma
13-toastar–jetzt oder nie-oma
14-i-fire–es geht voran-oma
15-riddim clash 2007–dub fi dub-oma
01-the viceroys–ya ho-oma
02-rootz underground–20th century-oma
03-luciano–wise up youth-oma
04-i maroon–mi salt-oma
05-rootdown feat. ziggi natural black luciano stylez maxim anthony b mono and nikitaman–ilove megamix-oma
06-warrior king–love love-oma
07-raz bin feat. ray darwin–life is a gift-oma
08-united flavours feat. king kalabash–chill out-oma
10-erup feat. diana rutherford–you mean the world to me-oma
11-coppershot–dub plate mix-oma
12-assassin–carry news-oma
13-pow pow movement feat. turbulence jah mason gentleman skarra mucci tippa irie–follow megamix-oma
14-herb a lize it–dub plate mix-oma
15-senior allstars–wrong number-oma
01-duane stephenson feat. tarrus riley–exhale-oma
02-morgan heritage–nothing to smile about-oma
03-pressure–fire getting redder-oma
04-irievibrations feat. chezidek and perfect gyptian jah mason natural black norrisman sojah–hit drop riddim megamix-oma
05-axl makana–ohwo-oma
06-ganjaman feat. phenomden–gib niemals auf-oma
07-queen omega–big up papa-oma
08-sensimovement sound–dub plate mix-oma
09-einstein–cyaan believe-oma
10-bugle–cyaan look inna mi eye-oma
11-cali p–got it deh-oma
12-mono and nikitaman–schlag alarm-oma
14-martin zobel feat. irmi–soul revolution-oma
15-tschebberwooky–move and dance-oma
01-etana–jah chariot-oma
02-jamelody–all that i prayed for-oma
03-queen ifrica–below the waist-oma
04-batch ft. ras attitude and pressure–wicked world-oma
05-demarco–sort dem out-oma
06-higher level sound–dub plate mix-oma
07-cutty ranks feat. marcia griffiths–half idiot-oma
08-soul force–dub plate mix-oma
09-mikey ras starr–some say this-oma
10-famara–planet africa-oma
11-jamaram–traeume vom fliegen-oma
12-panteon rococo–no me vayas a dejar-oma
13-irie maffia feat. general levy–bomboklaat-oma
14-locomondo–rembetiskank 9-oma
15-wood in di fire–let my people know-oma
01-sebastian sturm–waste too much tiime-oma
02-u brown–blow mr hornsman blow-oma
03-the wailing souls–jah give us life to live-oma
04-culture and bo jangles–jah love and selassie i cup-oma
05-busy signal–hey girl-oma
06-wayne marshall feat. bounty killer mavado busy signal bling dawg–keeping it gangster-oma
07-phenomden feat. rebellion–vill lueuet-oma
08-k salaam feat. luciano–what are we fighting for-oma
09-blackwood sound system–dub plate mix-oma
10-elijah–gir mer meh-oma
11-maxim–wenn einer stirbt-oma
12-perfect–30 pieces-oma
13-profetas–amor y fortaleza-oma
14-the black seeds–slingshot-oma
01-ziggi–gonna leave you-oma
02-cornadoor–long road-oma
04-fantan mojah–no ordinary herb-oma
05-tune in crew ft turbulence jah mason delly ranks sizzla pressure kali blaxx–world go round megamix-oma
06-reality chant ft luciano jah mason chrisinti mikey general ginjah snypa levi–country living megamix-oma
07-house of riddim–conquerer megamix-oma
08-sebastian sturm–irie place-oma
09-alborosie ft ranking joe–precious-oma
10-little john–what a bubbling-oma
11-whitebread sound system–dub plate mix-oma
12-ill inspecta ft phenomden–leipzig-zueri-oma
13-uwe kaa–das mic-oma
14-raggabund ft megaphon–sunhill-oma
15-blue babies–king of coffee-oma
01-buju banton ft. new kidz–cowboys and curfew-oma
02-tarrus riley–lion paw (live)-oma
03-ziggi–need to tell you this-oma
04-perfect and anthony b–giddimani 2007 (live)-oma
06-elephant man ft. demarco–our world-oma
07-mavado–last night-oma
08-bugie and serani–doh-oma
09-mono and nikitaman–schlag alarm-oma
10-morgan heritage–raid rootz dance-oma
01-riddim clash 2007–battle of generations (trailer) (live)-oma
02-assassin–no boring gal-oma
03-shaggy feat. rik rok and tony gold–bonafide girl-oma
04-tippa irie–ah ho-oma
05-beenie man–at reggae university rototom sunsplash 2007 (live)-oma
07-bisy signal–these are the days-oma
08-coppershot feat. vybz kartel–at dutty fridayz streetdance (live)-oma
09-chezidek–call pon dem-oma
10-i wayne–book of life-oma
11-bugle–what we gonna do-oma
12-retv dubstyle–mavado at daseca studio (live)-oma
13-tarrus riley–shes royal-oma
01-lutan fyah-bring back the love-rks
02-gyptian-when you love someone-rks
03-chezidek-what i deserve-rks
04-john mouse-in new york-rks
05-ginjah-difference in my life-rks
06-luciano-give thanks and praise-rks
07-anthony b-what a feeling-rks
08-lukie d-true love-rks
09-danny red-look out-rks
10-frankie paul-you are my queen-rks
11-richie davis-dont touch the crack-rks
12-vivian jones-young girl-rks
13-leroy mafia-there comes a time-rks
14-norris man-token of love-rks
01-elephant man-no raper
02-sizzla-ban bad mind
03-anthony b-caan put hand pon mi
04-hit list-nuh draw mi out
05-geefus and fambo-party time
06-motion-roll deep
07-nitty kutchy-buss off yuh face
08-power man-nuh fraid
09-big pop and chin-dem waan fi war
10-monster empire-i smoke
11-rochelle-category 5
12-big pop-dutty landlord
14-sasha-truth hurt
15-turbulence-ban yuh crew
16-big pop-gangsta flex
17-big pop-babylon hide and seek
18-power man-rain
01-unknown artist – badman
02-screechie joe – robot
03-capleton – dont dis
04-beenie man – man she want
05-monster empire – to the world
06-maughty by nature – who teach you
01-roy shirley-musical train
03-delroy wilson-till i die
04-pat kelly-daddys home
05-glen adams-run come dance
06-lester sterling-forest gate rock
07-raving ravers-rock rock and cry
08-uniques-trying to find me a home
09-roy shirley-warming up the scene
10-dawn penn-ill get you
11-winston samuels-its been so long
12-bill gentiles-long life
13-glen adams-shes so fine
14-cynthia richards-forever
15-ken parker-how could i
16-lester sterling-super special
02-i wayne-one hit wonda-hlc
03-richie spice-why should i-hlc
05-capleton-save dem-hlc
06-chuck fenda-survivor-hlc
07-fantan mojah-rising-hlc
08-coco tea-sweeter-hlc
09-duane stephenson-crying out-hlc
10-demarco-flee so right-hlc
11-konshens-let me know-hlc
12-teflon-one thing-hlc
13-ginja-where is it-hlc
14-stevie face-not going to wait-hlc
15-sunkie-you dont love me-hlc
16-flava kemar mcgregor-rocksteady version-hlc
01-jah mason-as much as mi get-riddim
02-delly ranx-cant get me out-riddim
05-zamunda-trouble maker-riddim
06-omar perry-some bwoy-riddim
01-don ricardo-so in love with you
02-don ricardo-only your love
03-anthony que-waiting for you
04-anthony que-simply beautiful
05-turbulence-come on
06-turbulence-in your arms
07-mikey spice-close the door
08-mikey spice-i cant get enough
09-frankie paul-soon as i get home
10-frankie paul-sad sweet dreamer
11-frankie paul-falling in love
12-george nooks-no one else will do
13-george nooks-hero
14-tracy d-shes royal
01-gwen mccrae-girlfriends boyfriend
02-freddie mcgregor-searching
03-morgan heritage-smile
04-lloyd brown-black bags
05-winston reedy-shes the one
06-barry biggs-just my imagination
07-peter hunnigale-oh honey
08-lloyd brown-main squeeze
09-don campbell-rise
10-john holt-brandy
11-archie wonder-pieces of my heart
12-ambelique-special attention
13-j. c. lodge-breakfast in bed
14-prince malachi-strength in you
101-sizzla-whats the world
102-turbulence-who can help us
103-jah mason-wicked man
104-norris man-if only they know
105-wayne marshall-ballin out
106-nicky b-im gone
107-camar-like i do
108-mr easy-strangest ting
109-ghost-give it to me (remix)
110-mr vegas feat flava unit-you a di wife
111-delly ranks feat mr easy-me no care
112-chyco feat dah prodigi-all i want to say
113-voicemail-close your eyes
114-dah prodigi-belly dancer
115-dah prodigi-phenomenal
116-nicky b feat dah prodigi-roll it now
117-nicky b-i wanna be
118-sizzla-good over evil
201-apollo j-ensemble
202-nzh feat flya-bouger
203-papa tank-nou ka bay
204-flya-give thanks
205-lyricson-black woman
206-little francky-jaime
207-le ric-le magicien
208-red lion feat lord diamen-on met le delbor
209-elimane-ma gueule
210-jamadom-fais ta vie
211-big famili-vanillochocolat
212-kulu ganja-numero 1
213-killa mic-ma weed
214-straika-cho kon flanm
215-supa john and baron black-top of my list
216-lord diamen feat 6 lice-kicke sa
217-mic hostil feat baby g-lopera des kings
218-daddy killa-we need
301-yeahmanc-ma cite
302-straika-bay bon bass
303-janick mc-reggea music
304-krys-pa okipew de jalousie
305-mighty ki la-blackattak
307-valley-les enfants
308-sael feat mary-passion
310-radikal-le people demande
311-neg lyrical-jalousie
314-ti milla-je les aime
316-celcius black-violan
317-byron feat mighty ki la and x-men-big up
318-big famili feat marsha kate-jahnoy
402-tok feat daddy mory-take you home
403-papatank-ou te le sav
404-junior kelly-dem know remember
405-sir samuel-oublie le
406-caporal nigga-understand
408-mr snyp-cri de revolte
409-tiwony-chak moun ka fe tay
410-le ric-trop de canna
411-nicky b-shake dat ting
412-sinjahman feat baby g and timal-babylone
413-kalabash-quitter la cite
414-paula ajala king-wake up
415-big famili-gunman
416-nazareken feat youngy d-wine
417-anthony b-weak in da knees
418-little francky-si facile
01-prince alla-gold diva
02-the seekers-jah know you
03-tapper zukie-1st street girl
04-horace andy-easy come easy go
05-ba wisdom-fret not yourself
06-errol dunkley-midnight cowboy
07-junior ross-ruff ruff way ahead
08-mighty diamonds and tullo t-morgan the pirate
09-frankie jones-living the live you love
10-ba wisdom-girl i love you
11-cornell campbell-calling you girl
12-putto black-dear god
13-the vibes tone-leaders of black countries
14-jah mikey-tapper roots on the ball
15-massive dread-no more to roar
02-perfect-absence makes-hlc
03-erup-for a time-hlc
04-lutan fyah-give praise-hlc
01-ginjah-never lost my way-yvp
02-capleton-same old story-yvp
03-teflon-we all gonna make it-yvp
04-morgan heritage-nothing to smile about-yvp
05-fantan mojah-most high jah-yvp
06-nesbeth-guns out-yvp
07-anthony b-striving-yvp
08-junior reid-aint no stopping now-yvp
09-richie spice-di plane land-yvp
10-etana-i am not afraid-yvp
11-natural black-love you-yvp
12-i octane-nuh frighten-yvp
13-eloquent-take it with a smile-yvp
14-spanner banner-angel surround me-yvp
15-lymie murray-no reason to change-yvp
16-no doubt records-rub a dub riddim-yvp
01-daniel bless-so pure-gully
02-fire star-put it down-gully
03-jah melody-rude boy anthem-gully
04-khari kill feat jah bami-things hard-gully
05-mr king-never do you that-gully
06-revelation-legalize it-gully
02-mr. pepper-money-hlc
03-munga-pretty girls and gangsters-hlc
04-version-ruff thing riddim-hlc
05-vybz kartel-any man whe a snack-hlc
06-bounty killer and aidonia-sen fi di guns-hlc
07-bun b ft. sean kingston-gangsta-hlc
08-busy signal-step to we-hlc
09-busy signal and demarco-noh fraid a no bway-hlc
10-faze-dagga fi di gal-hlc
11-lil wayne ft. t-pain-got money-hlc
12-monster empire-low wi-hlc
13-movado-on the go-hlc
03-buju banton-gal deh bout-riddim
04-delly ranx and new kidz-get mhad-riddim
05-daville-yuh good-riddim
06-wayne marshall-wanna funk yah-riddim
07-monster hempire-bogle salute-riddim
08-version-rum punch riddim-riddim
01-anthony b-love me-gully
02-chezidek-bless i-gully
03-rumor riddim-version-gully
01-assassin-bang bang (vinyl shotz remix)-hlc
02-elephant man-bun it up (vinyl shotz remix)-hlc
03-fredo faya-coffee shop-hlc
04-idonia-if a war (vinyl shotz remix)-hlc
05-mad cobra-mi gun (vinyl shotz remix)-hlc
06-million stylez-miss fatty fatty (vinyl shotz remix)-hlc
07-swell dog-buss no gun (vinyl shotz remix)-hlc
08-vinyl shotz-russian riddim version (original mix)-hlc
09-vinyl shotz-russian riddim version (unfaithful mix)-hlc
01-sadiki-one touch-jah
02-sandra cross featuring rueed-put down the guns-jah
03-sandra cross-baby im yours-jah
04-sadiki-forever (towani)-jah
05-sandra cross-heaven-jah
06-sadiki-sweet love songs-jah
07-sandra cross-weve only just begun-jah
08-sadiki-in your arms-jah
09-sadiki and sandra cross-dont let it get you down-jah
10-sadiki-new life (baby)-jah
11-sandra cross-gimme some loving-jah
12-sadiki-until i return (acoustic version)-jah
13-sadiki-sitting in the park (bonus track)-jah
14-sandra cross-dont put down the dub (bonus track)-jah
15-sandra cross-baby im your dub (bonus track)-jah
01-assassin-same thing (knk records)-hlc
02-bugle-wait your turn (knk records)-hlc
01-flexxx-a nu me-riddim
03-bugsi malone-mi nah go say wah mi feel fi say-riddim
01-D Major Chris Martin and Leftside-Only You-FRP
04-Leftside-Cologne (Raw)-FRP
05-Leftside-Cologne (Edit)-FRP
06-Sean Paul-Grip (Raw)-FRP
07-Sean Paul-Grip (Edit)-FRP
08-Shano Ft. Sean Paul-Girls Territory (Raw)-FRP
09-Shano Ft. Sean Paul-Girls Territory (Edit)-FRP
10-Bling Dawg-Licky Licky (Raw)-FRP
11-Bling Dawg-Licky Licky (Edit)-FRP
12-Busy Signal-Do Dat-FRP
13-Aidonia-Putty (Raw)-FRP
14-Aidonia-Putty (Edit)-FRP
01-d major chris martin and felt side-only you-evx
02-mad cobra ft tina nunnezz-like this (raw)-evx
03-mad cobra ft tina nunnezz-like this (edit)-evx
04-left side-cologne (raw)-evx
05-left side-cologne (edit)-evx
06-sean paul-grip-evx
07-sean paul-grip-evx
08-shano ft sean paul-girls territory (raw)-evx
09-shano ft sean paul-girls territory (edit)-evx
10-bling dawg-licky licky (raw)-evx
11-bling dawg-licky licky (edit)-evx
12-busy signal-do dat-evx
13-aidonia-putty (raw)-evx
14-aidonia-putty (edit)-evx
15-sand fly-version-evx
01-left side-cologne (raw)-hlc
02-busy signal-do dat-hlc
03-shano ft sean paul-girls territory (raw)-hlc
04-sean paul-grip-hlc
05-version-sand fly-instrumental-hlc
06-mad cobra ft tina nunnezz-like this (raw)-hlc
07-aidonia-putty (raw)-hlc
01-alaine-love of a lifetime-jah
02-buju banton-sleepless nights-jah
03-queen ifrika-keep it to you self-jah
04-pressure-bless my soul-jah
05-tok-so cold-jah
06-d major-perfect stranger-jah
07-morgan heritage-gun town-jah
08-jah cure-miles away-jah
01-chaka demis pliers-murder she wrote
02-pliers-bam bam
03-michie mee louchie lou-if i were a rich girl
04-cutty ranks-who say me done
05-shaggy ravon-big up
06-shabba ranks-ting-a-ling
07-cutty ranks-limb by limb
08-buju banton-batty rider
09-terror fabulous-action
10-wayne wonder-saddest day
11-buju banton wayne wonder-bonafied love
12-terror fabulous-number 2
13-shabba ranks krystal-twice my age
14-sasha-kill dabitch
15-red fox-pose off
16-dirtman-hot this year
17-reggie stepper-kimbo king
19-shelly thunder-kuff
20-foxy brown-sorry
21-papa san-strange
23-buju banton-boom bye bye
24-mad cobra-flex
25-tenor saw-ring the alarm
01-cecile-naw wear none-hlc
02-cecile-naw wear none (edit)-hlc
03-elephant man-sweep-hlc
04-jigsy king-sign off (mix)-hlc
05-jigsy king-bad mind (mix)-hlc
06-macka diamond-robbery-hlc
07-self defence riddim-version-hlc
01-edley shine-foreign rapture-hlc
02-mad lion-hustling 101-hlc
01-vybz kartel-send a hell-rbk
02-bugle-what a way (raw)-rbk
03-mavado-dem a fag-rbk
04-harry toddler-dresser bag-rbk
05-lady saw ft. cecile-nah wear none (raw)-rbk
06-andrew ft. wada blood-hustler-rbk
07-degree-tight (raw)-rbk
08-elephant man-sweep-rbk
09-tony matterhorn-inna life (raw)-rbk
10-sizzla-push it (raw)-rbk
11-spragga benz-much love spragga-rbk
12-jgsy king-bad min-rbk
13-rdx-champion bubbler-rbk
14-macka diamond-robbery-rbk
15-dangel-and so-rbk
01-blass-yuh a happen-hlc
02-dee jay-cum inna ar (raw)-hlc
04-vybz kartel-one word (edit)-hlc
05-vybz kartel-one word (raw)-hlc
06-wasp-set good (edit)-hlc
07-wasp-set good (raw)-hlc
08-dee jay-cum inna ar (edit)-hlc
01-fambo-party animal-riddim
02-konshenz-wine and climb-riddim
04-charly blacks-bubble-riddim
05-vybz kartel-your pussy tight-riddim
06-busy signal-not leaving you-riddim
07-esco-press up on me-riddim
08-instrumental-sexy girl riddim-riddim
01-aidonia and chino-pop it off (clean)-yvp
02-aidonia and chino-pop it off (raw)-yvp
03-vybz kartel-what a bwoy can chat (clean)-yvp
04-vybz kartel-what a bwoy can chat (raw)-yvp
05-stephen mcgregor-shadow after dark-yvp
01-ele-bruk it-hlc
02-busy signal and demarco-no fraod of no bwoy-hlc
03-anthony b-bathe every day-hlc
04-konshens-its not easy-hlc
05-delly ranx-shake all around-hlc
06-tifa-go just go-hlc
07-aisha-miss goodie goodie-hlc
08-boom dandlimte-still dont care-hlc
09-bling dawg-psalms a day-hlc
10-gyptian-which one-hlc
11-power man-pretty pink-hlc
12-toddler-cant stop dis-hlc
13-shake town-version-hlc
14-dangel-nuh weh-hlc
01-yt blackout ja mr williamz michie one-bills-riddim
02-yt-write some lyrics-riddim
03-blackout ja-reggae rebel-riddim
01-mykal rose ft junior gong-shoot out remix-rks
02-buju banton-people dem a bawl-rks
03-mavado-push broom-rks
04-mykal rose-shoot out-rks
05-sizzla-badman sitten-rks
06-busy signal-no escape-rks
07-elephant man ft demarco-na go seet again-rks
09-demarco-duppy know who fi frighten-rks
10-mr easy-muss affi meck it-rks
11-new kidz ft mitch-show love-rks
12-stacious-fallen down-rks
13-shoot out riddim-version-rks
01-vybz kartel-vybz rum (edit)-yvp
02-sizzla-dem a go dead (edit)-yvp
03-norris man-pass di gunz (edit)-yvp
01-jah sun and prezident brown-show love
02-natty king-let them live
03-niyorah-biggest thugs
04-norrisman and pressure-when your time is up
05-lutan fyah-trodding alone
06-delly ranx and fiona-hold me close
07-gyptian-this love
08-batch-righteously striving
09-troy anthony-oh mama
10-army-turn up the heat
11-rocker t-more luv in di ghetto
12-al pancho-better tomorrow
13-ras attitude-only jah knows
14-binghi ghost and love fyah-youths need love
15-ras matthew-hail up the king
16-ishi dube and jah dan-blessed be
17-lady passion-i am blessed
18-ras indio-healing of the nation
19-show love riddim-version
01-norris man feat pressure-when your time is up-gmg
02-natty king-let them live-gmg
03-lutan fire-trodding alone-gmg
04-niyorah-biggest thugs-gmg
05-gyptian-this love-gmg
06-troy anthony-oh mama-gmg
07-show love riddim-version-gmg
01-assassin-inna my room (edit)-rbk
02-assassin-inna my room (raw)-rbk
03-bling dawg-slow whine (edit)-rbk
04-bling dawg-slow whine (raw)-rbk
05-bounty killer-corrupt (edit)-rbk
06-bounty killer-corrupt (raw)-rbk
07-busy signal-whine like that (edit)-rbk
08-busy signal-whine like that (raw)-rbk
09-busy signal-money wu say (edit)-rbk
10-busy signal-money wu say (raw)-rbk
11-chris martin-style an swagga-rbk
12-demarco-god nah slee-rbk
13-elephant man-that u fi run (edit)-rbk
14-elephant man-that u fi run (raw)-rbk
15-mavado-dem a pree-rbk
16-munga-when me waan to-rbk
17-serani-do you good (edit)-rbk
18-serani-do you good (raw)-rbk
19-voicemail-nuh linga (edit)-rbk
20-voicemail-nuh linga (raw)-rbk
21-vybz kartel-rise di k-rbk
01-Vybz Kartel-Nuh Batty Ting Counteraction-FRP
02-Bounty Killa-Corrupt-FRP
03-Demarco-Good Nah Sleep-FRP
04-Voicemail-Nah Lingah-FRP
01-gyptian-i feel so sad-hlc
02-natural blacks-woman saga-hlc
03-zion be-christini-hlc
04-aisha-run away-hlc
05-norris man-giver of life-hlc
06-mitch-thats why i love you-hlc
07-abijah-state of emergency-hlc
08-ricoshay-take away my pain-hlc
09-determine-i was born to love you-hlc
10-jimmy riley-love cant be forced-hlc
11-sizzla-babylon system-hlc
12-g-whizz-give it to you all-hlc
13-silent sky riddim-version-hlc
01-assassin-move like sissy-frp
02-baby cham-possess-frp
03-capleton-let it go-frp
04-tok-no man-frp
05-vybz kartel-yuh know-frp
06-busy signal-believe mi nuh man-frp
07-ratigan ft. mad cobra-head crawb up-frp
08-bling dawg-short a breath-frp
09-alaine-if i give you love-frp
10-munga-nah hear-frp
11-version-silver screen riddim-frp
01-daville-no tek no talk-riddim
02-lukie d-arms of a stranger-riddim
03-vybz kartel and wayne marshall-baby lets go-riddim
04-elephant man-we nah friend dem-riddim
05-tanto metro and devonte-if yuh wah war-riddim
06-sanjay and tami chin-no need fi leave him-riddim
07-roundhead-love high grade-riddim
08-dazle-we love dem yeah-riddim
09-bounty killer-mek a statement-riddim
10-ward 21-places to go-riddim
11-kiprich-phone light fi flash-riddim
01-earl sixteen – jah messengers-gmg
02-sip a cup all roots – dub messengers-gmg
03-twinkle brothers – repent-gmg
04-gussie p mts the mafia and flux band – dub repent-gmg
05-junior delgado – storm is coming-gmg
06-sip a cup roots family – dub is coming-gmg
07-danny red – give jah the praise-gmg
08-sip a cup all roots foundation – dub praises-gmg
09-winston francis – lets go to zion-gmg
10-gussie p mts m and f – dub zion way-gmg
11-cornell campbell – natty dont go-gmg
12-gussie p all stars mts m and f – dub on the go-gmg
13-leroy mafia on keyboard – musically on guard-gmg
14-sip a cup dub band – guarded dub-gmg
15-matic horns and sip a cup band – jah farther (disco mix)-gmg
01-bobby lee-be aware
02-bobby lee-faith works
03-luciano-hold on
04-prezident brown-trod again
05-zedicus-simien breeze
06-queen ifrica-i rise up
07-ras attitude-face off
08-jacob hemphill-rest of my life
09-sister carol-decadence
10-ras abel-unconditional love
11-batch-neck tie
12-tony rebel-i know
13-fear nuttin band-beware
14-don carmelo-what do you see
15-jah dan-no way
16-junior kelly-damn
01-aidonia-hundred stab (raw)-hlc
03-chino-how dem nuh waah nuh gyal (raw)-hlc
04-lickkle joe-watch me-hlc
05-spice-nuh daggera-hlc
06-t.o.k.-show off-hlc
07-tifa-nuh good-hlc
01-aidonia-hundred stab (clean)-hlc
02-aidonia-hundred stab (raw)-hlc
03-chino-how dem nuh waah gyal (clean)-hlc
04-chino-how dem nuh waah gyal (raw)-hlc
05-sky daggering riddim-version-hlc
02-hyah suce-highest to the skyest (radio edit)-rbk
03-hyah suce-highest to the skyest (raw)-rbk
04-pattex-life so hard (radio edit)-rbk
05-pattex-life so hard (raw)-rbk
02-hyah slice-highest to the skyest (edit)-hlc
03-hyah slice-highest to the skyest (raw)-hlc
04-pattex-life so hard (edit)-hlc
05-pattex-life so hard (raw)-hlc
01-hyah slice-highest to the skyest (raw)-riddim
02-hyah slice-highest to the skyest (edit)-riddim
04-pattex-life so hard (edit)-riddim
05-pattex-life so hard (raw)-riddim
01-va-skrewfacesound-sum.r heat-jah
01-david king-splash-hlc
02-harry toddler-no man-hlc
03-oneal ferno-u and me-hlc
04-sleepy medz riddim-version-hlc
01-turbulence-always on my mind-hlc
02-norris man-big bad chucky-hlc
03-sizzla-guide and protect me-hlc
04-luciano-jah will see you through-hlc
05-lutan fyah-kings son-hlc
06-mikey melody-never let you down-hlc
07-slow down version–hlc
01-giddeon red-speakers loud
02-bongo man-come back
03-jungle-like yuhself
04-benjai ska mr. menace and ace-cool
05-jabi-request me
06-mr. menace-climb pon it
07-slaughter ft fatta-rifle sound
08-ras kiki-revolution ready
09-delox ft ms alysha-nuff gyal
10-cryminal-real badhead
11-khari kill-hits like these
12-ziggy ranking-haters dem
13-version-snub nose riddim
01-roy cape (feat. blaxx)-breathless-yvp
02-bunji garlin (feat. hunter)-bring it-yvp
03-farmer nappy-chippin (with me own woman)-yvp
04-jadine-dont call my phone-yvp
05-sean caruth-down dey-yvp
06-edwin yearwood-feels like im home again-yvp
07-fay-ann lyons alvarez-get on-yvp
08-lil rick-girls gone wild-yvp
09-kerwin du bois and shal marshal-gyal farm-yvp
10-el-a-kru-kick it off-yvp
11-don trent-me and you-yvp
12-ricky t-pressure boom-yvp
13-andy blood armstrong-she push he-yvp
14-mr. dale-soka junkie-yvp
15-jamesy p-work of art-yvp
16-surface (feat. tony prescott)-wukking up on me-yvp
17-patrice roberts-wukking up-yvp
01-fay ann lyons alvarez–get on
02-roy cape feat. blaxx–breathless-oma
03-kerwin du bois and shal marshal–gyal farm-oma
04-edwin yearwood–feels like im home again-oma
05-mr. dale–soka junkie-oma
06-bunji garlin feat. hunter–bring it-oma
07-ricky t–pressure boom-oma
08-lil rick–girls gone wild-oma
09-surface feat. tony prescott–wukking up on me-oma
10-patrice roberts–wukking up-oma
11-farmer nappy–chippin (with me own woman)-oma
12-el a kru–kick it off-oma
13-don trent–me and you-oma
14-jamesy p–work of art-oma
15-sean caruth–down dey-oma
16-andy blood armstrong–she push he-oma
17-jadine–dont call my phone-oma
01-fay ann lyons alvarez–get on-oma
02-peter ram–pumpin-oma
03-mr.dale–soca junkie-oma
04-gi a kru–da bounce-oma
05-lil rick–cant wait-oma
06-andy armstrong–she push me-oma
07-lil rick–girl gone wild-oma
08-surface feat. tony prescott–wukking up-oma
09-jadine–dont call my phone-oma
10-various artists–live trinidad and tabago carnival festival 2008-oma
01-bitta blood-5 by 9-hlc
02-d-east-still cant answer-hlc
03-elementry-safe sex-hlc
04-faithfull-nuh want we rise-hlc
05-faze-cant step to me-hlc
06-jav jav-walk out pon dem (black ryno diss)-hlc
02-cutty corn-no boops-rks
03-iley dread-some buoy-rks
04-sizzla-put it away-rks
05-red roze-yardie-rks
06-tony curtis ft jigsy king-this is-rks
101-jacob miller-baby i love you so
102-johnny osbourne-ice cream love
103-deborahe glasgow-this love
104-mighty diamonds-tonight im gonna take it easy
105-cocoa tea-getting closer
106-john holt-sweetie come brush me
107-gregory isaacs-caught you in a lie
108-dennis brown-hello
109-bunny rugs-now that we found love
110-junior delgado-love tickles like magic
111-j.c. lodge and sugar minott-since you came into my life
112-richie stephens-gave you my heart
113-mykal rose-where is that love
114-don carlos-im not crazy
115-barrington levy-the vibes is right
201-wayne wonder-no letting go
202-freddie mcgregor-night nurse
203-sanchez-can we talk
204-gregory isaacs-too good to be true
205-dean fraser-moonlight
206-frankie paul-i wanna sex you up
207-heather cummings-hanky panky
208-chuck fenda ft cherine anderson-coming over
209-mr vegas-rise
210-bushman-your love
211-sizzla ft morgan heritage-all i want
212-cocoa tea-one woman show
213-dennis brown-theres nothing like this
214-j.c. lodge-let me down easy
215-richie stephens ft general degree-rock me
01-ken boothe-speak softly love
02-joe white-me and mrs jones
03-chosen few-do your thing
04-zap pow-if you dont know me by now
05-chosen few-in the rain
06-chosen few-everybody play the fool
07-ken lazarus-put yoursel in my place
08-chosen few-am i black enough
09-matumbi-i cant get enough of that reggae stuff
10-matumbi-law of the land
11-chosen few-i second that emotion
12-derrick harriot-brown baby
13-joe white-mr guy
14-shark wilson and the basement heaters-make it reggae
15-ken boothe and bb seaton-its the way
16-inner circle-rock the boat
17-delroy wilson-get ready
18-horace faith-spinning wheel
19-daen frazer-walk in the night
20-delroy wilson-its the same old song
21-ken boothe and toma-papa was a rolling stone
22-chosen few-funky buttercup
23-toots and the maytals-funky funky
24-the three tops-do it right
01-black rhino-dare to try-hlc
02-bounty killa and einstein-tell dem-hlc
03-bramma-piece a di bomb-hlc
04-bramma-run inna yuh house-hlc
05-delly ranx-please-hlc
06-soul seeka riddim-version-hlc
07-teflon-dem a talk-hlc
08-vybz kartel-inna sky-hlc
01-dangel-why dem hate mi (edit)-r2r
02-delishus-love my things (edit)-r2r
03-bridges-turn it up (edit)-r2r
04-expression-dancing (edit)-r2r
05-sugar slick-bridges (edit)-r2r
06-gwallas-gal wine (edit)-r2r
07-shane-o-caan tell mi nuttn (edit)-r2r
08-flexx-wah dem a deal wid (edit)-r2r
09-zumjay-dem nuh bad (edit)-r2r
10-beenie man-seh dem bad (edit)-r2r
11-spragga benz-all over (edit)-r2r
12-south bronx-version-r2r
01-bugle – call my shots
02-erup – dem a try stop everything
03-flex – gully garrison
04-soverto (j.o.p) – seh she love sex
05-enforcer – crime
06-fambo – gangsta party
07-lutan fyah – street knowledge
08-mr pepper – dem a try
09-shane o – cheddar man
10-tyrical – rev it out
11-version – spin barrell riddim
01-junior reid – synchronicity-vod
02-the wailing souls – one world-vod
03-ali campbell (of ub 40) – every little thing she does is magic-vod
04-joan osborne – every breathe you take-vod
05-toots and the maytals – de do do do de da da da-vod
06-horace andy – invisible sun-vod
07-lee scratch perry – invisible dub-vod
08-inner circle – beds too big without you-vod
09-pepper – cant stand losing you-vod
10-cyril neville – wrapped around your finger-vod
11-gregory isaacs – so lonely-vod
12-big chief monk boudreaux and the uppressors with ras tree – spirits in the material world-vod
13-tarrus riley – king of pain-vod
01-briggidistas-sen out the force-hlc
02-capleton-light house top-hlc
03-jr cat and hallow point-general don-hlc
04-mad cobra-happen-hlc
05-monster hemp higher-stop man-hlc
06-mr lex-galis-hlc
07-queen ifrica-yad the east-hlc
08-scare dem giants-gully and the garrison-hlc
09-spring blade-version-hlc
10-tony curtis and g maffia-get rich-hlc
11-tony rebel-leave you-hlc
01-beenie man-gal dem way-hlc
02-vybz kartel-tic toc-hlc
03-sizzla-going onn-hlc
04-mad cobra-fuck alone-hlc
05-nahswitch-she mad-hlc
01-ghetto priest – stand firm-gmg
02-lancy rankin – life-gmg
03-ras peter – alpha and omega-gmg
04-j.liliestrand – stand firm riddim-gmg
01-tubby t-blaze it-r2r
02-gappy ranx-living a lie-r2r
03-chukki starr-wanna be-r2r
04-slim banton-gang war-r2r
01-mr vegas-hate-hlc
02-munga-rasta gangsta-hlc
03-red rat-grind pun me-hlc
01-alaine-spin mi-hlc
02-bling dawg-where me come from (edit)-hlc
03-don corleon-hear bout the winery (edit)-hlc
04-elephant man-name brand clothes (edit)-hlc
05-munga-knock it like a hammer (edit)-hlc
06-stimulant riddim-version-hlc
07-tok-come yah mi gal (edit)-hlc
08-vybz kartel-never turn a raper (edit)-hlc
01-alaine-spin mi-hlc
02-bling dawg-where mi come from (raw)-hlc
03-don corleon-hear bout the winery (raw)-hlc
04-elephant man-name brand clothes (raw)-hlc
05-munga-knock it like a hammer (raw)-hlc
06-tok-come ya mi gal (raw)-hlc
07-vybz kartel-never turn a raper (raw)-hlc
01-cutty ranks-nothing on me-rbk
02-burro banton-hot blood-rbk
03-ras myrhdak-richies-rbk
04-fantan mojah-fire pon a pervert-rbk
05-fyahneer-nuh more-rbk
06-sizzla-go easy-rbk
01-mavado-so clear-r2r
02-tony curtis-high everyday-r2r
03-eggy-war is on-r2r
04-blonde rass-pon wi-r2r
05-mr peppa-nah fren dem-r2r
06-chicken-lippy lippy-r2r
07-konshens-my town-r2r
08-mr lex-weh u runn fren-r2r
09-assassin-badness nah wear-r2r
10-bounty killa-warlord waryard-r2r
11-elephant man-mi nuh hear dem-r2r
12-delly ranx-dme vex-r2r
13-version-stinkin riddim-r2r
01-va-stone love-art of juggling 14
01-va-stone love-live ina germany town (westmoreland)
01-va-stone love-old gold part 7-gully
01-kirk brown-has the world gone mad-jah
02-tejay-i like-jah
03-danny reid-all nite long-jah
04-kirk brown-jouvert carnival-jah
05-tejay-we chippin-jah
09-slimz feat kirk brown-put it on me-jah
10-shanta price-weak-jah
11-azman-i dont know why-jah
12-kirk brown feat danny reid-baaby-jah
13-kirk brown-we jumping-jah
01-frisco kid-cant control me-yvp
02-kibaki-for ever-yvp
03-mavado-it aint easy being me-yvp
04-bescenta-rich this year-yvp
05-k-20-black history-yvp
06-cutty ranks-pervert-yvp
07-dutty coolie (fagan fraternity)-street crime-yvp
01-anthony b-calm down-jah
02-teflon-stand firm-jah
03-bushman-please call me-jah
04-street jam riddim-version-jah
01-anthony b-calm down-jah
02-bushman-please call me-jah
04-street jam riddim-version-jah
02-g loc feat richie bang-heartless-hlc
101-ambelique-sharing the night
102-gyptian-i dont want to be lonely
103-frankie paul-slow dance for two
104-richie davis-reminds me
105-vivian jones-lets do some loving
106-cornell campbell-stars
107-george nooks-turn me on
108-slim smith-burning fire
109-cornell campbell-pretty looks
110-anthony q-early this morning
111-lukie d-take you there
112-frankie paul-good good loving
113-vivian jones-sweetest love
114-leroy mafia-memories of you
115-don campbell-my vow
116-johnny clarke-smile
117-ronnie davis-tell me baby
118-winston reedy-what a feeling
119-peter hunnigale-look at my hands
120-leroy mafia-how can you tell me
201-wayne wonder-you me and she
202-pliers-love is burning
203-wayne wonder-words to say i love you
204-peter hunnigale-conversation
205-leroy mafia-you lie
206-john holt-stick by me
207-ambelique-seems to me
208-cornell campbell-talking love
209-hortense ellis-words
210-pat kelly-ill never fall in love again
211-john holt-oh girl
212-sylvia tella and leroy mafia-sweet like honey
213-slim smith-just a dream
214-don carlos-too late to turn back
215-pat kelly-ebony eyes
216-hortense ellis-unexpected places
217-don campbell-think about it
218-marie claire-ill be there
219-richie davis-selfish you
220-kofi-secret combination
01-elephant man-nuh linga
02-mr evil and sean paul-back it up
03-serani-playing games
04-beenie man-gimmie likkle
05-elephant man-sweep
06-mr vegas-mus come a road
09-demarco-sort dem out
10-etana-i am not afraid
11-tony rebel-another bill again
12-tarrus riley-love created i (marcus teaching)
13-l u s t-just as i am
14-beres hammond-love you like that
15-tessanne-broken melody
16-cecile-ride or die
17-busy signal-tic toc
01-jah mason-babylon a rise we fall-jah
02-michael rutherford-the city-jah
03-diana rutherford-caged-jah
04-blessed-pon di river nile-jah
06-norris man-take the message of jah-jah
07-little devon-burnin hot-jah
08-teflon-bun dung-jah
09-lutan fyah-poverty-jah
10-tiger records-sufferah riddim-jah
01-jah mason-babylon ah rise-riddim
02-michael rutherford-the city-riddim
03-diana rutherford-caged-riddim
04-blessed-pon di river nile-riddim
06-norris man-take the message of jah-riddim
07-likkle devon-burning hot-riddim
08-teflon-bun dung-riddim
09-lutan fyah-poverty-riddim
10-sufferah riddim (tiger rec.)-version-riddim
01-munga-pretty girls and gangstrs
02-bobby zaro-dont believe
03-gyptian-big it up
04-turbulence-change your ways
05-jigsy king and anthony q-ghetto
06-ginjah-love of my life
07-makka diamond-grab it up
08-devva click-di garrison
09-hitlist-camp around
01-i eye feat shaneo-sunshine-hlc
02-i eye-no matter-hlc
01-busy signal-hey girl-rbk
02-mavado-di swagga so special-rbk
03-mavado-money changer-rbk
04-aidonia-bang them-rbk
05-vybz kartel-million-rbk
06-version-swagger like us riddim-rbk
01-george nooks-sweetie come brush me-hlc
02-luciano and elijah prophet-to be friends-hlc
03-admiral tibet-jah is my keeper-hlc
04-anthony b-give me that girl-hlc
05-turbulence-practice what you preach-hlc
06-lukie d-cry for you-hlc
07-tony curtis-if i could-hlc
08-norris man-school boy-hlc
09-uton green-dream i had-hlc
10-candy man-chill out-hlc
11-black coolie-just cant find-hlc
13-michael fabulous-smokie joe-hlc
14-mark wonder-love been good to me-hlc
15-dean pennicook-instrumental-hlc
01-eve feat swizz beats-tambourine-riddim
02-beniton the menace-hiv negative-riddim
03-oso-chicken head-riddim
05-loaded-call da gal-riddim
06-chaly blacks-f.u.c.k. we seh-riddim
07-punisher-unknown title-riddim
01-george nooks-ive got nothing-r2r
02-sugar minott-bad boy from kingston town-r2r
03-tap a trap riddim-version-r2r
01-tifa-got it got it good (raw)-riddim
02-tifa-got it got it good (edit)-riddim
03-lady saw-romance (raw)-riddim
04-lady saw-romance (edit-riddim
05-daniel-flip it (raw)-riddim
06-daniel-flip it (edit)-riddim
07-miss thing-u man a mine mi (raw)-riddim
08-miss thing-u man a mine mi (edit)-riddim
09-tape measure riddim-version-riddim
01-shawn storm-gal hunt-riddim
02-delly ranx-village mattress-riddim
03-laden-haffi buss-riddim
04-tifa-cant stop me-riddim
05-chicken-wife over mate-riddim
06-delly ranx-village mattress (edit)-riddim
07-laden-haffi buss (edit)-riddim
08-tifa-cant stop me (edit)-riddim
09-chicken-wife over mate (edit)-riddim
10-version (ward 21 productions)-tear up jeans riddim-riddim
01-natalie storm-back it up-riddim
02-elephant man-badman she want-riddim
03-konshens-have me things-riddim
04-bugle-say say-riddim
05-serrani-youre the only one-riddim
06-voicemail-booty call-riddim
07-natalie storm-back it up (edit)-riddim
08-elephant man-badman she want (edit)-riddim
09-konshens-have me things (edit)-riddim
10-bugle-say say (edit)-riddim
11-serrani-youre the only one (edit)-riddim
12-voicemail-booty call (edit)-riddim
13-version (ward 21 productions)-tear up jeans riddim-riddim
02-beenie man-saltfish-hlc

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