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20-dennis brown-i ll never fall in love again-kouala
21-pat kelly-those guys-kouala
22-cornel campbell-undying love-kouala
23-everton blender-last train-kouala
24-delroy wilson-live and learn-kouala
25-dennis brown-why can t i touch you-kouala
26-cornel campbell-stars-kouala
27-winston reedy-what a feeling-kouala
28-delroy wilson-dancing mood-kouala
29-cornel campbell-why did you leave me to cry-kouala
30-jackie mittoo-darker shade of pale-kouala
31-cornel campbell-you don t care for me-kouala
32-jackie edwards-i m still waiting for you-kouala
33-hortense ellis-mark my words-kouala
34-delroy wilson-i shall be released-kouala
35-brent dowe-have you caught me-kouala
36-lord tanamo-rainy night in georgia-kouala
37-delroy wilson-once upon a time-kouala
38-errol dunkley-talking love-kouala
39-hortense ellis-why did you do it-kouala
40-cornel campbell-melody life-kouala
41-johnny clarke-why birds follow spring-kouala
42-cornel campbell-smile-kouala
43-johnny clarke-pafrida-kouala
44-johnny clarke-creation rebel-kouala
45-don carlos-satamassagana-kouala
46-horace andy-taking my hand-kouala
47-delroy wilson-riding for a fall-kouala
48-johnny clarke-declaration of rights-kouala
49-horace andy-my guiding star-kouala
50-jackie edwards-mean girl-kouala
51-horace andy-skylarking-kouala
52-delroy wilson-rain from the sky-kouala
53-john holt-do you love me-kouala
54-derrick morgan-put it on-kouala
55-derrick morgan-simmer down-kouala
56-cornel campbell-queen of the minstrel-kouala
57-delroy wilson-who cares-kouala
58-brent dowe-last train-kouala
59-delroy wilson-true believer in love-kouala
60-ken boothe-the train is coming-kouala
01-lady meeka-dry those tears
02-cutty corn-mama africa
03-lutan fyah-lonesome fyah
04-jah bami-level meds
05-khari kill-never get weary
06-chezidek-a de weed
07-bonez-no more gun play
08-lyrikal-life get dread
09-fyah stick-dont play me
10-chabe-love life
11-assilass-war and crime
12-gounzeman feat fyah empress-bittaness in di world
13-dainjahmental-no more mistake
14-vildigit-abitta world
15-abitta world-riddim
01-bunji garlin-de live song-riddim
02-iwer george-blood in we-riddim
03-shurwayne winchester-gyal wine up (ft rdx)-riddim
04-prestan-on de bumper-riddim
05-cecile-bumper to fender-riddim
06-shurwayne winchester-chipping (ft prestan)-riddim
07-super jigga tc-she ready-riddim
08-jw and blaze-ah wah go home-riddim
01-anthony b-your a queen
02-konshens-what a life
03-lady g-slow motion
04-gyptian-true confession
05-lutan fyah-products of the future
06-nitty kutchie-in god we trust
07-khago-not a many of many words
08-que-state of emergency
09-delishus-simple girl
10-delus-whats your purpose
11-mad cobra-suh she can
13-richie innocent-drugs fi gun
14-addiction riddim-version
01-anthony b-woman you are a king.-w33d
02-konshens-give thanks to jah-w33d
03-unknow artist-unknown track-w33d
04-gyptian-true confession-w33d
05-unknow artist-unknown track-w33d
06-luciano-in god i trust-w33d
07-unknow artist-unknown track-w33d
08-unknow artist-simple girl-w33d
01-early b-history-rks
02-early b-shirley-rks
03-errol dunkley-a little bit of loving-rks
04-errol dunkley-love like this-rks
05-john holt-never gonna give you up-rks
06-true facts-see me yah now-rks
07-version-africa (king jam)-rks
01-ismael isaac-magno mako
02-mokalamity and the wizards-vision
03-bingui jaa jammy-congo natty
05-nino galissa-krebo cheo
06-one love family-bo ten quluta
07-kwame bediako-steppin into zion
08-ba cissoko with tiken jah fakoly-on veut se marier
09-serges kassy-jah libile
10-majek fashek-man of sorrow
01-africian beat aka jahworks-version-gully
02-leroy gibbons-sound wonderful-gully
03-micheal plamer-everybody needs somebody-gully
04-pad anthoney-baby baby-gully
05-sugar minott-crazy soundboy-gully
01-einstein-hustle hard-rbk
02-hawkeye-wine pon me-rbk
03-kris kelli-official-rbk
04-t.o.k-force it-rbk
05-torch-bun dem all-rbk
01-jeffery star-what about the youths
02-norris man-free them
03-steven blake-have you ever been
04-chuck fender-its impossible
05-laden-little shooter
06-ginjah-lots to feed
07-jah mason-make up your minds
08-cutty corn-my life
09-teflon-nuh wah we rise
10-konshens-rasta imposter
11-tina nunezz-sent form up above
12-natural blacks-the right way
13-young veterans-after effection riddim version
01-version-after effection riddim-hlc
02-chuck fender-its impossible-hlc
03-cutty corn-my life-hlc
04-ginjah-lots to feed-hlc
05-jah mason-make up your minds-hlc
06-jeffery star-what about the youths-hlc
07-konshens-rasta imposter-hlc
08-ladden-little shooter-hlc
09-natural blacks-the right way-hlc
10-norris man-free them-hlc
11-steven blake-have you ever been-hlc
12-teflon-nuh wah we rise-hlc
13-tina nunezz-sent from up above-hlc
01-champagne-touch me pleez
02-charly black-chat patois (edit)
03-charly black-chat patois (raw)
04-ice cold-bubble it (raw)
05-pamputae-g inna good
06-tony matterhorn-gwaan so (washpan)
01-lloyd stiff-condom-yard
02-super classic-sound boy business-yard
03-shaka ranks-try a thing-yard
04-robby dangerfield-she pum-pum-yard
05-jr. wilson-ganja man-yard
06-mikey white-slim belly-man-yard
07-super classic-come fi lick it down-yard
08-carlton reid and sapo d-bamboo stick-yard
09-little ricky-dracula bite-yard
10-mikey ranglin-instrumental-yard
01-bounty killer-deadly zone-fs
02-busy signal-nah go ah jail-fs
03-mavado-dem ah pre (dirty)-fs
04-super cat-girls town-fs
05-vybz kartel-rise di k (dirty)-fs
01-beenie man-galang girl
02-charlie black-badmind
03-hamuk and sheena-one time man
04-harry toddler-fluffy
06-mikeylous-crocus bag
07-villa dutch and freekez-wine up u body
01-beenie man-galang girl-riddim
02-charlie black-badmind-riddim
03-hamuk and sheena-one time man-riddim
04-harry toddler-fluffy-riddim
06-mikeylous-crocus bag-riddim
07-villa dutch and freekez-wine up u body-riddim
01-demarco-about my money-jamrock
02-ward 21-bang bang-jamrock
03-emiliano-get crazy-jamrock
01-baby cham-movier star-riddim
02-general levy-ajang slam-riddim
03-ajang slam riddim-version-riddim
01-jahvisst-good morning
02-hanouneh-new zion
03-sammy gold-collie herbs
04-dan i locks-all kinda wall
05-amsiebrown-check out
06-iyah lazer-the future of our nation
07-dani m-filthy babylon
08-nu chilly feat. culture brown-love is what the children want
09-haji mike-bless
10-dan i locks-friend in weed
11-jah zebi-leave those drugs alone
12-mysticman-fly away
13-manwel t-dub away
14-ras bruno-good dubbing
01-christopher martin ft d major-real friends-fs
02-bugle-pearly gate-fs
03-g whizz-mamma dont worry-fs
04-jah vinci-baby girl im alone-fs
05-i octane-think a little time-fs
06-raine seville-too late-fs
01-black rhyno – bawl out-w33d
02-capleton and bounty killer – stand firm-w33d
03-sizzla – im with the girls-w33d
04-vybz kartel and aidonia – deadly alliance-w33d
05-vybz kartel and jah vinci – over and over-w33d
01-bob andy-hang your head and cry-yard
02-bob and marcia-help me up-yard
03-bob and marcia-lean on me-yard
04-ethiopians-the word is love-yard
05-delroy wilson-i dont want to see you cry-yard
06-bob andy-the last thing on my mind-yard
07-delroy wilson-its impossible (impossible love)-yard
08-bob andy-ask the lonely-yard
09-delroy wilson-you wont see me-yard
10-richard ace-rock it down-yard
11-leroy smart-half the way-yard
12-version-half the way-yard
01-anthony john-live as one-w33d
02-jah mason-wicked man-w33d
03-nicky b-im gone-w33d
04-camar-like i do-w33d
05-voicemail-youre the one-w33d
06-lyricson-black woman-w33d
07-wayne marshall-ballin out-w33d
08-ricky sheppard-destiny-w33d
09-norris man-if only they know-w33d
10-sizzla-whats the world-w33d
11-yeahmanc-ma cite-w33d
12-krys-pa okipew de jalousie-w33d
13-sael feat mary-passion-w33d
15-sir samuel-oublie le-w33d
16-straika-no translation-w33d
01-anthony john-live as one-kouala
02-sizzla-whats the world-kouala
03-yeahmanc-ma cite-kouala
04-krys-pa okipew de jalousie-kouala
05-sael feat marie jo c-passion-kouala
06-daddy nuttea-lhexagone-kouala
07-sir samuel-oublie le-kouala
08-straika d-no translation-kouala
10-typical fefe-jah reigne-kouala
11-jah mason-wicked man-kouala
12-nicky b-im gone-kouala
13-camar-like i do-kouala
14-voicemail-close your eyes-kouala
15-lyricson-black woman-kouala
16-wayne marshall-ballin out-kouala
17-ricky sheppard-destiny-kouala
18-norris man-if only they know-kouala
a1-anthony b and angie angel-only one
b1-dawya ranks-go down
01-buju banton-only man-yvp
02-wayne wonder-honeys fine-yvp
03-frisco kid-yuh and yuh man-yvp
04-beenie man-slam-yvp
05-general degree-mr. tickle-yvp
06-daddy screw and donovan steele-buff up your chest-yvp
07-beenie man-certain gal-yvp
08-professor nuts-funny guy-yvp
09-spragga benz-body good-yvp
10-beenie man-wicked ride-yvp
11-daddy screw and donavan steele-miss bonafide-yvp
12-frisco kid-yvette-yvp
13-louie culture-bow and salute-yvp
14-gary minott-seek god-yvp
15-crown prince-arab attack megamix-yvp
01-jah vinchi feat. popcorn-life lost-rbk
02-vybz kartel-swear to jah-rbk
01-shawn storm-clap inna face-fs
02-lisa hype-badmind gal-fs
03-spice-cant tek my man-fs
04-vybz kartel-swear to jah-fs
05-jah vinchi and popcorn-life lost-fs
06-arch evil riddim-version (lee miler)-fs
01-busy signal-we nuh play with people-kouala
02-busy signal-myspace-kouala
03-teflon-ive been working-kouala
04-jah trouble-me nuh know-kouala
05-sherkhan-arena riddim-kouala
01-roger robin – bonified-w33d
02-madaleon – no jacket-w33d
03-ganster wasp – sweet jamaica-w33d
04-danger kid – ghetto youth-w33d
05-tommy trouble eckleton jarret – gal dem hot-w33d
06-benie kid – galist-w33d
07-homa durton errol bothe – the girl far me-w33d
08-kashu man – tun tun-w33d
09-blacka pride – caracta dont spoil-w33d
10-gg – hot girl-w33d
11-ras negus – fire fi them-w33d
12-zulu – a jamaica-w33d
13-c4 a.k.a. explosyve – hot ness-w33d
14-savana – bed a rose-w33d
15-abi jay – you rap up my head-w33d
16-higher bouke – man of the moment-w33d
17-ras sherby – kings of kings-w33d
18-guiney pepper – you murderer-w33d
19-prince pankhi – rap dem a rap-w33d
20-kalamaweh – teach the children-w33d
21-desi – extra high-w33d
01-tanya stephenson-party tonight-W33d
02-anthony b-bad man fi who-W33d
03-turbulence-world to me-W33d
04-luciano feat. nadine sutherland-love is the future (feat nadine sutherland)-W33d
05-ronnie thwaites-love of my life time-W33d
01-future troubles-mckeda-gully
02-general b-cuttin edge-gully
03-brick wall-version-gully
01-gentleman-lift we up deh-kouala
02-luciano-protect i jah-kouala
03-louie culture-concrete jungle rock-kouala
04-lady g-perfect love-kouala
05-kali blaxx-talking-kouala
06-lutan fyah-wreckage-kouala
07-prestige-equal rights-kouala
08-black dillinger-i am your king-kouala
10-nkulee dube-give it to me-kouala
11-phenomden-uf de reis-kouala
12-joggo-baby im sorry-kouala
13-jr king-moving out of babylon-kouala
14-spruddy one-love i can feel-kouala
01-gentleman-lift we up deh
02-luciano-protect i jah
03-louie culture-concrete jungle rock
04-lady g-perfect love
05-kali blaxx-talking
06-lutan fyah-wreckage
07-prestige-equal rights
08-black dillinger-i am your king
10-nkulee dube-give it to me
11-phenomden-uf de reis
12-joggo-baby im sorry
13-jr. king-moving out of babylon
14-spruddy one-love i can feel
01-busy signal-blaze up the herbs
02-assailant-dirty money
03-tornado-flossin non-stop (edit)
04-tornado-flossin non-stop (raw)
05-stacious-its over
06-bling dawg-jamaica (edit)
07-bling dawg-jamaica (raw)
08-assassin-mind of my own
09-fire links-i need money
01-bsuy signal-blaze up the herbs-riddim
02-bling dawg-jamaica jamaica (raw)-riddim
03-bling dawg-jamaica jamaica (edit)-riddim
04-stacious-its over-riddim
06-tornado-flossin non-stop (raw)-riddim
07-tornado-flossin non-stop (edit)-riddim
08-assailant-dirty money-riddim
01-ataru-heart of love-rbk
02-beenie man-cant defeat me-rbk
03-bounty killer-bad man nuh bow-rbk
04-buju banton-dont follow-rbk
05-busy signal-look good-rbk
06-erup-never get we down-rbk
07-i-octane-yu a the wife-rbk
08-karmela-stop wasting time-rbk
09-munga-when my gun rise-rbk
10-new kidz-full a style-rbk
11-perfect-them a move like nookie-rbk
12-sizzla-strength to strength-rbk
13-vybz kartel-great ball a fire-rbk
14-atomic bomb riddim-version-rbk
01-michael rose and jammy-born free-gully
02-dad brown-stand and look-gully
01-johnny clarke-every knee shall bow-kouala
02-johnny clarke-ride on girl-kouala
03-u roy-every knee shall bow-kouala
04-lascelles perkins-mood for love-kouala
05-cornell campbell-the gorgon-kouala
06-u roy-gorgon wise-kouala
07-johnny clarke-rock with me baby-kouala
08-u roy-rock with i-kouala
09-lascelles perkins-mighty organ-kouala
10-lascelles perkins-pledging my love-kouala
11-slim smith and the uniques-people get ready-kouala
12-errol dunkley-the prodigal returns-kouala
13-sugar minott-lovers rock medley part 1-kouala
14-tyrone evans and the paragons-lovers rock medley part 2-kouala
15-u roy-wet dream-kouala
16-johnny clarke-creation rebel-kouala
17-cornel campbell-the duke of earl-kouala
18-i roy-the duke-kouala
19-tommy mccook and the aggravators-the duke of dub-kouala
20-jackie edwards-ali baba-kouala
21-john holt-i ve been admiring you-kouala
01-augustus pablo-black gunn-hlc
02-augustus pablo-brown jim-hlc
03-augustus pablo-new style-hlc
04-augustus pablo-555 crown street-hlc
05-rockers all stars-1 ruthland close-hlc
06-augustus pablo-tribalist-hlc
07-augustus pablo-cassava piece-hlc
08-pablo all stars-132 version-hlc
09-augustus pablo-el rockers-hlc
10-augustus pablo-rockers rock-hlc
11-pablo all stars-say so version-hlc
12-augustus pablo-skanking easy-hlc
13-augustus pablo-havendale rock-hlc
14-augustus pablo-frozen dub-hlc
15-augustus pablo-hot dub-hlc
16-augustus pablo-silent satta-hlc
17-augustus pablo-pablo satta-hlc
01-augustus pablo-pablo s desire-kouala
02-john holt-my desire-kouala
03-i roy-cow town skank-kouala
04-augustus pablo-pablo in cow town-kouala
05-derrick morgan-rough rider-kouala
06-augustus pablo-a tuff dub-kouala
07-u roy-feel the spirit-kouala
08-augustus pablo-pablo a put it on-kouala
09-nora dean-scorpion in her pants-kouala
10-augustus pablo-the sting-kouala
11-prince jazzbo-it dread inna earth-kouala
12-augustus pablo-pablo s majestic mood-kouala
13-derrick morgan-ride mommy fanny-kouala
14-augustus pablo-pablo s big ride-kouala
15-augustus pablo-someday-kouala
16-augustus pablo-a wanted dub-kouala
17-count prince miller-mule train-kouala
18-augustus pablo-pablo s dub train-kouala
01-hard to handle – nahswitch-w33d
02-jah guide – mr diamond-w33d
03-love you – melloquence-w33d
01 anthony b – give thanks
02 capleton – who am i
03 george nooks – honey cone
04 jah cure – spread jah love
05 norris man – him neva fail
06 pinchers – deliver me
07 shadow man – if a neva jah
08 zabiki – go before jah
01-va-backyard sounds presents strictly rockers (classic hits)
01-anthony b-mek dem talk-hlc
02-d angel-bedroom bully-hlc
03-patchy-lock up-hlc
04-tanto metro ft. devonte-fling on it mi-hlc
05-delly ranks-do it-hlc
06-dan lou-gimme gimme-hlc
07-powerman-badness not nice-hlc
08-monster empire-gangster-hlc
09-yellow-watch me an dem-hlc
01-anthony b-mek dem talk-riddim
02-d angel-bedroom bully-riddim
03-patchy-lock up-riddim
04-tanto metro and devonte-fling it on mi-riddim
05-delly ranks-do it-riddim
06-dan lou-gimme gimmie-riddim
07-power man-badness not nice-riddim
08-monster hempire-gangster-riddim
09-yellow-watch me an dem-riddim
01-beres hammond-fire (remix)-rbk
02-busy signal-jail (remix)-rbk
03-erup-gal run dem head (remix)-rbk
04-mark morrison-return of mack (remix)-rbk
05-mavado-money changer (remix)-rbk
01-buju banton-girlfriend
02-burro banton-nah drop di ting
03-perfect-10 pound of ganja
04-tippa irie-bad boy
05-mark wonder and conscious fiyah-who a go run
06-naptali-fire burn
07-skarra mucci-love for my people
08-franziska-jah live
10-uwe kaa-wir leben laut
11-oneness band-bad boys 2009 version
01-buju banton-girlfriend
02-burro banton-nah drop di ting
03-perfect-10 pound of ganja
04-tippa irie-bad boy
05-marc wonder ft conscious fyah-who a go run
06-naptali-fire burn
07-skarra mucci-love for my people
08-franziska-jah live
10-uwe kaa-wir leben laut
11-bad boys riddim-version
01-ikaya-good up-fs
02-macka diamond-how dem fi bad mind-fs
03-elephant man-skip to my luu-fs
04-range-these are the days-fs
05-tiki-badmind forever-fs
06-out a road records-bad intention (instrumental)-fs
01-elephant man-a nuh fi we fault-gully
02-bad man remix-riddim-gully
01-emanuel-dance in peace
02-junior kelly-out of control
03-lutan fyah-what made us
04-sizzla-conscious within your self
05-steam-in the ghetto
06-atara rhu-nothing nuh lef
07-bobby christi-cant let go
08-chrisinti-still be around
09-jah mason-come back home
10-marvin marvelous-jah sen dem
11-melver brothers-trodding these streets
12-ras charmer-real hustler
13-tony curtis-you got to be crazy
14-thriller u-more than a miracle
15-koolant-see dem a badman
16-ras gandie-marijuana make us wise
17-rasenie-cry of the people
18-shano-get a brain for yourself
01-emanuel-dance in peace
02-junior kelly-out of control
03-lutan fyah-what made us
04-sizzla-conscious within your self
05-steam-in the ghetto
01-ras myrdak-lets ride-riddim
02-i adan-boom pon it-riddim
03-mr peppa-hard loving-riddim
04-school boy-system-riddim
05-g maffiah-beat it pon dem-riddim
06-jugganaut-bad man ting-riddim
07-unknown-portmore anthem now-riddim
01-spensah-bedroom wuk-yvp
02-daria-put it on yuh-yvp
03-king david-east of trinidad-yvp
06-dainjamental-turn her on-yvp
07-lyrikal-leave me alone-yvp
08-joe millitant-snipa riffle-yvp
09-gardah knight and starline-keep it real-yvp
10-i warria-bogle dance-yvp
11-jah defender-red red red-yvp
01-chill- bunji garlin-w33d
02-chill (clean)- bunji garlin-w33d
03-back it up- squeezy rankin-w33d
04-back it up clean- squeezy rankin-w33d
05-under meh roots- live man-w33d
06-under meh roots (clean)- live man-w33d
07-do it- umi marcano-w33d
08-do it (clean)- umi marcano-w33d
09-crazy love- ms.alysha-w33d
10-crazy love (clean)- ms.alysha-w33d
11-version- bad place riddim-w33d
01-d angel-teacher-fs
02-delly ranx-you win-fs
03-patchy-sunday morning-fs
04-tanto metro-bruk out-fs
05-dan lou-gimme yah-fs
06-monster hempire-tek dem on-fs
07-power man-ice brain-fs
08-fire mix production-bad to the bone version-fs
01-demarco – she want it (edit)-w33d
02-jml ft ares and king der – wayo-w33d
03-kari jess – dancing (edit)-w33d
04-shane o – macarena-w33d
05-shenko – wine ur body (edit)-w33d
01-atara rhu-nothing nuh lef-rks
02-bobby christi-can t let go-rks
03-chrisinti-still be around-rks
04-emmanel stain-can smoke in peace-rks
05-jah mason-come back home-rks
06-junior kelly-outa control-rks
07-koolant-see dem a badman-rks
08-lutan fyah-what made us vex-rks
09-marvin marvelous-jah sen dem-rks
10-melver brothers-trodding these streets-rks
11-ras charmer-real hustler-rks
12-ras gandie-marijuana make us wise-rks
13-rasenie-cry of the people-rks
14-shano-get a brain for yourself-rks
15-sizzla-way of life-rks
16-sizzla-way of life (edited)-rks
17-stream-in the ghetto-rks
18-tony curtis-you got to be crazy-rks
19-thriller u-more than a miracle-rks
01-general degree-signal-yvp
02-goofy-fatty boom boom-yvp
03-beenie man-year 4-yvp
05-mr. vegas-latest news-yvp
06-nitty kutchie-happy go lucky-yvp
07-tanto metro and devonte-she gone-yvp
08-red rat-work with it-yvp
09-zebra-you see me-yvp
10-spragga benz-say yeah-yvp
11-screechie joe-zuggie zuggie-yvp
01-bay-c featuring sami-t tony matterhorn and cutty-wave-jah
02-beenie man featuring tok-trapped-jah
03-machel montano featuring tok and zan-around the world-jah
04-flexx and alex from tok-ebony eyes-jah
05-alaine-shoulda never-jah
06-bay-c featuring craig-t from tok-big boss-jah
07-bounty killer-naw go run-jah
08-vybz kartel featuring jah vinci-middle day-jah
09-alozade featuring baby pink-its burning-jah
10-assassin featuring spragga benz-over yah-jah
11-sleepy hollowtips-from a place-jah
12-craig-t from tok featuring kunley from ward 21-dark side-jah
13-alex featuring bay-c from tok-superman-jah
14-flexx from tok-not missing you-jah
15-tok-jewel of the nile-jah
16-bay-c from tok featuring irie love-sunshine-jah
01-gyptian-new baan-fs
02-zabrick-stop the violence-fs
03-cris oppolis-sive out-fs
04-black queen-you say-fs
05-auden-miss you-fs
06-jahn ti-rise up-fs
01-eastwest rockers-dokad tak biegniesz
02-maleo reggae rockers regenerator pablo pavo-reggaemova
03-marika-moje serce
04-vavamuffin-holigan rootz
05-managga-w matni
06-mor.wa-uliczne esperanto
07-jarecki-funky kurnik
08-happysad-taka historia
09-hurt-nowy poczatek
10-play-ready to dance
11-audio dealers-controll
12-l.u.c.and rah-odmieniajac sie przez przypadki
13-t.duby-supersam feat. bob one
14-koolor squad-cytrusowa rewolucja
15-cala gora barwinkow-trace czas
01-kisko hype-from then until now ft. trooper traloopa-w33d
02-kapree-whine and wheelraw-W33d
03-kapree-whine and wheelradio-w33d
04-g-maffiah-the war is on-w33d
01-levysil – better day-w33d
02-singer x – should you leave-w33d
03-fireson – godbless-w33d
04-ousman – beautiful day-w33d
05-kevo – ill be there-w33d
06-base riddim-version-w33d
01-andrew ft wada blood-money nah go mek
02-hyah slyce-feel so fine
03-konshens-pretty devil
04-beach front riddim-version
05-vybz kartel ft. indu-versatility
06-wrath riley-mama
01-andrew and wada blood-money nah go mek
02-hyah slyce-feel so fine
03-konshens-pretty devil (ringtone)
04-konshens-pretty devil
05-russian-beachfront riddim (version)
06-vybz kartel feat. indu-versatility
07-vybz kartel feat. indu-virginity
08-wrath riley-mama
01-shane o-gal chat
02-black rhino-like mad guitar
03-omeil-fling it up
04-tamone-girl like me
05-shawn storm-hold him tight
06-empress robertha-alright
07-g maffia-how dem suh bad
08-tony d-whos that girl
09-hit list-spanish town history
10-tarantula-call the gal dem
11-lutan fyah-dont cry
12-lt. brooksie-wine pon it
13-nachelus-wine gal wine
14-mega flex-the gal dem time
01-bedroom war riddim-venom house production-hlc
02-spade-diggi dagga (edit)-hlc
03-spade-diggi dagga (raw)-hlc
01-djo black-contracdiction-yvp
02-picsou-god bless-yvp
03-skanky-c ou man inmin-yvp
04-o natural-o natural-yvp
05-leerod banton-la verite vrai-yvp
06-zi mc-change lesprit-yvp
07-djo black-girl-yvp
08-smk-love and harmonie-yvp
09-koltcha-fok nou-yvp
101-elephant man-gimme back dancehall
102-ward 21-garrison
103-delly ranks-solid
104-beenie man-product of the ghetto
105-t.o.k-we nuh miss
106-assassin-dem a sissy
107-mavado-weh dem a do
108-wayne wonder and trina-for my love
109-shaggy feat lord kossity and akon-whats love
110-idonia-chicken heads
111-anthony b-own order
112-tiwony-pa etein
113-q.q-tek it to them (pum pum)
114-daville-dancehall lovers rock
115-dry and mojo (morgan heritage)-herbsman
201-capleton-toppa things
202-beenie man-could a neva
203-lef side and esco-humble and cool
204-bunji garlin-fire fe dem
205-sizzla-ghetto youths
207-einstein-rise up dem
208-busy signal-step out
209-hollow point-who goes
210-daddy killa-one 2 steps
211-voice mail-crazy
212-bounty killer-dem fi get (full draw)
213-tony matterhorn-goodas
214-mighty killa feat km david-100 limits
215-shaggy-church heathen
301-vybz kartel-realest thing
302-elephant man-free your soul ( lose control)
303-wayne marshall-ok
304-dr. evil-no std
305-asylum djs (soltex feat fire links)-stop (remix)
306-voice mail and ding dong-do what you feel like
307-red rat-curfew
308-nicky b-wanna be your man
309-daddy mory-predominants
310-notch-zoom gal (dancehall remix)
311-serani-too much
312-rupee-tempted to touch
313-devonte and tanto metro-burn
314-mr.easy-dive me crazy
401-sean paul-deport them
402-capleton-man bruk
403-frisco kid-gal pon de side
404-cecile feat elephant man-bad gal bad man
405-lady saw feat t.o.k-hardcore lover
406-buju banton-champion
407-merciles-so many girls
408-mr vegas-she a ho
409-dirtsman-hot this year
410-cutty ranks-grizzle
411-reggie stepper and superbeagle-whining skill
412-junior reid-bubblers
413-shelly thunder-kuff
414-tenor saw-golden hen
415-mad cobra-flex
01-jonhnny p-breath a badda mi-gully
02-jonhnny p-mouth a badda mi-gully
03-daddy lizard-winery-gully
05-sister mengle-come fi mash mi-gully
06-flourgon-one foot shank-gully
07-malibu-dream love-gully
08-courtney melody-you turn me on-gully
09-foul brown-teach them the style-gully
10-ernest wilson-judith i cant resist-gully
11-hopeton james and lady g-samfie lover-gully
12-bingie general-hot fi wi-gully
01-fay-ann lyons-meet super
05-skinny fabulous-head gone
06-nadia batson-play mas
07-bunji garlin-clear d road
08-benjai-whole day
09-tony prescott-on d road
11-giselle the wassi one-do it so
12-ghetto flex-double up
13-devon matthews ft lord nelson-la la (road mix) bonus track
01-konshens-the realest song-riddim
02-black ryno-take control-riddim
03-vybz kartel-life we living-riddim
04-g whiz-on and on-riddim
05-better life riddim (semi-instrumental)-version-riddim
01-konshens-realest song-fs
02-vybz kartel-life we living-fs
01-better must come-version-gully
02-cornel campbell-devil in bed-gully
03-triston palmer-show some love-gully
04-yogi-leave it to me-gully
01-zumjay – hype pan a gal-gully
02-cecile shaggy – man a man-gully
03-bounty killer – beauty queen-gully
04-rik rok – caribbean girl-gully
05-vybz kartel – fiance-gully
06-rayvon – rude boy-gully
07-elephant man – spy-gully
08-ward 21 wayne marshall – full up the party-gully
09-prince mydas – put it on me-gully
10-macka diamond – stop watch me-gully
11-voicemail – hoo-gully
12-danny english – all about us-gully
13-assassin brian gold tony gold – on your own-gully
14-blacker – attitude-gully
15-kiprich – that girl-gully
16-bling dawg – girl tonight-gully
17-lady saw – strip tease-gully
18-christopher birch – instrumental (version)-gully
01-sizzla-eastside westside
02-warrior king-better tomorrow
03-almidon-pressure and pain
04-fiona-this love
05-kashu man-read between the lines
01-bigger boss-version-gully
02-dennis brown-two side to a story-gully
03-gregory isaacs-bust me case-gully
04-sugar minott-just be thankful-gully
01-popcaan-jah jah protect me-jamrock
02-vybz kartel-dutty angella (edit)-jamrock
03-vybz kartel-dutty angella (raw)-jamrock
04-birthaday riddim-instrumental-jamrock
05-shawn storm-affi fight-jamrock
06-blak ryno-cry eye water-jamrock
07-dosa medicine-what they gonna do-jamrock
08-jah vinci-there 4 me-jamrock
09-lisa hype-u and i-jamrock
10-vybz kartel-wah some grade-jamrock
11-natural black-too much-jamrock
12-avalanch-jah jah nah sleep-jamrock
01-bunji garlin – badmind-kouala
02-busy signal – step to we-kouala
03-squeezy rankin – mi na like dem (clean)-kouala
04-squeezy rankin – mi na like dem (raw)-kouala
05-umi marcano – to the top (clean)-kouala
06-umi marcano – to the top (raw)-kouala
02-bunji garlin-badmind
03-busy signal-step to we
04-squeezy rankin-mi na like dem (clean)
05-squeezy rankin-mi na like dem (raw)
06-umi marcano-to the top (clean)
07-umi marcano-to the top (raw)
01-khari kill-neva get weary
02-lutan fyah-lonesome
03-jah bami-level meds
04-dainjamental-no more mistakes
05-chezidek-a de weed
06-lady meeka-dry those tears
07-bonez-no more gun play
08-gounzman-bittaness di world
09-lyrikal-life get dread
10-cutty corn-mama africa
11-chabe-love life
12-fiyastick-don t play me
13-assilass-war and crime
14-marlon chune-a bitta world
01-tyrical-girls mek ma world-kouala
02-grim reaper-gal yu a lead (feat stratdon)-kouala
03-gandon crew-im so cincinnatti-kouala
04-jah malo-gal tell yu friend bout me-kouala
05-lb-round da clock (feat mysta melodie)-kouala
06-mr shades-gal the way you whine-kouala
07-vybz kartel-gal me waan know straight-kouala
08-wescalado-gal yu good-kouala
09-g mack-strictly dicky-kouala
10-mr williams-in my world-kouala
11-gandon productions-black dagga (version)-kouala
01-bob andy-war in the city-gully
02-dennis brown-africa-gully
03-lennox brown-frozen soul-gully
04-dennis brown-the half-gully
05-junior delgado-famine-gully
06-the heptones-come on into my world-gully
07-lenese linton-lonely girl-gully
08-lennox brown-party serenade-gully
09-joseph gordon-friends and family-gully
10-15 16 17-girls imagination-gully
01-bugle-no disrespect-riddim
02-munga-my own a mine-riddim
01-general trees-bend cock up-gully
02-yellowman-sexy yellowman-gully
03-red rose-love youhate you-gully
04-papa san-style and fashion-gully
05-leroy smart-rough mr. smart-gully
06-lady g-fit in a body-gully
07-general leon-laugh after them coolie-gully
08-pan head and thriller u-run down man-gully
01-mr. vegas-big things a gwan-yvp
02-red rat-bizzy blazy-yvp
03-terror fabulous-dem ah watch mi-yvp
04-scare dem crew-nah bow to nuh gal-yvp
05-merciless-gal sheet-yvp
06-beenie man-gwaan so-yvp
07-mad cobra-no one style-yvp
08-zebra-picture frame-yvp
09-buccaneer-sha la la-yvp
10-mega banton-tell a gal chill-yvp
11-alley cat-leggo bout ya-yvp
01-va-blacksupremacysounds presents to the foundation vol.2-ccat
01-deh deh-excuse me baby-yard
02-shaq the mc-love me leave me-yard
03-esco-yo amore-yard
04-kool johnny kool and richie kananry-those dayz-yard
01-al francis-blessed love
02-yasus afari-so the thing set
04-chrisinti-zion in your eyes
05-j. blacks feat wayne jr.-feel so crazy
06-jah mason-awesome
07-steppa-tell me
08-ras ghandi-mama by my side
10-biggaton-wha a gwaan
11-mr. steel-friday
12-mob squad-farming
13-whatage muzic-blessed version
01-melakee-cut it out
02-jahmel feat zebulun and revelation-tribute to giselle
01-khari kill-irie jah
02-luciano-jah is the way (feat. turbulance)
03-chezidek-i like it
04-bost-sax version
05-mitch-bonjour mon amour
06-ziggi-mama dont get down
07-baby g-zion
01-irie jah – khari kill-w33d
02-jah is the way (feat. turbulance) – luciano-w33d
03-i like it – chezidek-w33d
04-sax version – bost-w33d
05-bonjour mon amour – mitch-w33d
06-mama dont get down – ziggi-w33d
07-zion – baby g-w33d
01-burning spectacular-burn di politicians
02-chezidek-judgment thrown
03-queen omega-medias corruption
04-roger b.-will you be there
05-natty king-dancehall nice
06-mark wonder-breath of life
07-prince theo-only love
08-ras mac bean-a man full of love
10-terry bible-bon zeb
11-mota favela-quemar babylon
12-shorty-laisse moi
13-maroon-make me blue
14-romain andrieu rudy nguyen-blue riddim version
01-busy signal-from dem diss-rbk
02-caldhino-graveyard medley-rbk
03-sarangetti-chat too much-rbk
04-konshens-dem vex-rbk
05-punisha-art a war-rbk
06-version-graveyard riddim-rbk
01-chino-boasty (edit)-riddim
02-chino-boasty (raw)-riddim
03-beenie man-pop off (safeness) (edit)-riddim
04-beenie man-pop off (safeness) (raw)-riddim
05-laden-really rate me (edit)-riddim
06-laden-really rate me (raw)-riddim
07-assassin-pree dis (edit)-riddim
08-assassin-pree dis (raw)-riddim
09-addi-dem nuh like wi (edit)-riddim
10-addi-dem nuh like wi (raw)-riddim
11-shema-better know yourself (edit)-riddim
12-shema-better know yourself (raw)-riddim
13-tifa-tick it like a clock (edit)-riddim
14-tifa-tick it like a clock (raw)-riddim
15-bramma-every man to a gyal (edit)-riddim
16-bramma-every man to a gyal (raw)-riddim
17-elephant man-horny wine (raw)-riddim
18-elephant man-party whine (edit)-riddim
19-mr.easy-nuh lef it (edit)-riddim
20-mr.easy-nuh lef it (raw)-riddim
21-frisco kid-crazy mi crazy (edit)-riddim
22-frisco kid-crazy mi crazy (raw)-riddim
23-singing sweet-seasons change (edit)-riddim
24-singing sweet-seasons change (raw)-riddim
25-lady saw-no guarantee (edit)-riddim
26-lady saw-no guarantee (raw)-riddim
27-matterhorn-come quick (raw)-riddim
01-aidonia-bolt action
02-navino-seen n find
03-smokey-bad inna show
04-suhverto-long argument
01-aidonia (lawd evil)-bolt action-riddim
02-suhverto-last laugh-riddim
03-navino-seek n find-riddim
01-gyptian-better day-riddim
02-gyptian-love to give-riddim
03-i octane-this is real (pressure)-riddim
04-mia j-reason im breathin-riddim
05-nicky b-well be rockin-riddim
06-ras penco-hey baby-riddim
07-vybz kartel-marie-riddim
08-bomb drop riddim (russian prod)-version-riddim
01-qq-mr big man-riddim
02-erup-swing dem on-riddim
03-marijuana-so fresh and fluffy-riddim
04-damas-step up-riddim
05-bomb rush riddim-version-riddim
01-assassin-history book-riddim
02-assassin-nowadays boopsie-riddim
03-busy signal-dat me love-riddim
04-busy signal-dem nuh care-riddim
05-busy signal-government gone luuu-riddim
06-elephant man-whine-riddim
07-konshens-fashion attack-riddim
08-lutan fyah-yuh looking hot-riddim
09-romain virgo-live mi life-riddim
10-tarrus riley-children a pree we-riddim
01-assassin-history book-yard
02-assassin-nowadays boopsie-yard
03-busy signal-dat mi love-yard
04-busy signal-dem nuh care-yard
05-busy signal-government gone luuuu-yard
06-elephant man-whine-yard
07-konshens-fashion attack-yard
08-lutan fyah-yu looking hot-yard
09-romain virgo-live mi life-yard
10-taurus riley-children a pree we-yard
01-mr. lex-sawka sawka-yvp
02-nitty kutchie-take a sip-yvp
03-sexy p-bornso tigh-yvp
04-determine-long time-yvp
05-sexy p and beenie man-gimmie likkle-yvp
06-kongo lion-fat ya now-yvp
07-beenie man-pickney nah holdy u dung-yvp
08-sexy p and marlon binns-girl your on my mind-yvp
09-jayne gotti-boy ever hot-yvp
10-black talant-txt message-yvp
11-preddy-bring your body-yvp
12-sexy p and shaneo-no girl-yvp
13-sexy p-moses moses-yvp
01-demolisha deejays-intro
02-justin timberlake-my love
03-lyrikill-you done messed up
04-gorillaz ft de la soul-feel good inc
05-t pain ft akon-bartender
06-wyclef ft akon-sweetest girl
07-eninem-my name is
09-alliyah-try again
11-cassie-me and u
12-burron banton-phenominal one
13-mary j blige-family affair
14-mary j blige-be without u
15-jaheim-everytime i think about her
16-earth wind and fire-boogie wonderland
17-stevie wonder-uptight
19-r kelly ft t i and t-pain i m a flirt
20-the supremes-baby love
21-usher ft method man and blu cantrell-u remind me
22-demolisha deejays-interlude
23-angie stone ft betty wright-baby
24-50 cent-window shopper
25-50 cent-window shopper
26-blu cantrell ft sean paul-breathe
27-aventura-noche de sexo
28-sizzla-dem a wonder
29-john legend-used to love u
30-lil kim-lighers up
31-miss e ft ludacris-one minute man
32-jay-z ft r kelly fiesta
33-buju banton-champion
34-snoop dogg ft b-real vato
35-timbaland fr keri hilson-the way i are
36-50 cent ft justin timberlake-ayo technology
37-robin thicke-lost without you
38-sosa ft jim jones-i m gettin money
39-pharrell williams-angel
40-temptations-aint too proud to beg
41-r kelly-slow wine
42-indeep-last night a dj saved my life
43-capleton-dem doom
44-busta rhymes ft will i am and kelis-i love my bitch
45-mary j blige-enough crying
46-lil jon ft e-40 – snap yo fingers
47-beyonc-ring the alarm
48-cassidy-i m a hustla
49-50 cent ft mobb deep-outta control
50-notorious big-hypnotize
51-marvin gaye-lets get it on
52-t i-what you know
53-janis joplin-mercedes benz
01-richie spice and cen-c love-yours alone-riddim
02-snatch lion-a girl for me-riddim
03-spanner banner-im a winner-riddim
01-ramadanman-every next day
02-pinch feat. rudey-2 step 2 it
03-cult of the 13th hour-wickedness
04-king soly-tamil dub
05-kode 9-stung
06-digital mystikz-thief in da night
07-sub version-soul jah boogie
08-skream-too much sushi
09-cotti feat. kingpin-let go mi shirt
10-pinch-chamber dub
11-digital mystikz-third one
01-vybz kartel-sumaddy a guh get gunshot
02-merital family-dem a bawl
03-dotta coppa-when the chrome spit
04-popcaan and dosa medicine-inna grave dem a guh
05-shawn storm-mek dem mumma bawl
01-vybz kartel-sumaddy a guh get gunshot-riddim
02-merital family-dem a bawl-riddim
03-dotta coppa-when the chrome spit-riddim
04-popcaan and dosa medicine-inna grave dem a guh-riddim
05-shawn storm-mek dem mumma bawl-riddim
01-dotta coppa-when the chrome a spit-yard
02-merital family-dem a bawl-yard
03-popcaan and dosa medicine-inna grave dem a guh-yard
04-shawn storm-mek dem mumma bawl-yard
05-vybz kartel-sumaddy a guh get gunshot-yard
06-black ryno-when mi buss my gun-yard
01-m to the h-gal thing (raw)-riddim
02-m to the h-gal thing (edit)-riddim
03-power man-inna yuh face (raw)-riddim
04-power man-inna you face (edit)-riddim
05-fatal-bawl out (raw)-riddim
06-fatal-bawl out (edit)-riddim
07-zabrick-hood inna the fire (raw)-riddim
08-zabrick-hood inna the fire (edit)-riddim
09-fire motion-wine and bubble (raw)-riddim
10-fire motion-wine and bubble (edit)-riddim
11-equater-girl the way you wine (raw)-riddim
12-equater-girl the way you wine (edit)-riddim
13-kaution ft ck-sit down pon it (raw)-riddim
14-kaution ft ck-sit down pon it (edit)-riddim
01-richie loops-wants it good-riddim
02-christopher martin-nuh fit me-riddim
05-voicemail-call me-riddim
06-tony matterhorn and macka diamond-fantasy-riddim
07-cutty ranks-lastic and coil-riddim
08-d major-so smooth-riddim
09-iceman-ohh lord-riddim
10-red fox-roll out-riddim
11-rea tay-revenge-riddim
01-machel montano (hd)-doan hold we back-riddim
02-lil rick-spread out-riddim
03-patrice roberts-turn it up-riddim
01-positive-hold me-fs
02-turbulence-forever my girl-fs
03-emrand-good morining-fs
04-gyptian-in my life-fs
01-u-roy – wake the town-w33d
02-sophia squire – got a date-w33d
03-u roy sophia squire – wake for the date-w33d
04-jallonzo – fun time-w33d
05-dutaronomy – earth a run red-w33d
06-r-mony johnny bilda – nuttin nah gwaan-w33d
07-andrew forbes – l.o.v.e-w33d
08-lukan i – no information-w33d
09-version – wake the town-w33d
01-anthony b-uknown
02-black indyan-we nah change
03-boozy bee-all eyes on me
04-erup-pre dem
06-jabalance-same marcus
07-jounia sky-by myself
09-shifta-so mi say
10-sizzla-bad man
11-teflon-none a dem nuh real
12-break down riddim-version
01-anthony b-ee
02-black indyan-we nah change
03-boozy bee-all eyes on me
04-erup-pre dem
06-jabalance-same marcus
07-jounia sky-by myself
09-shifta-so mi say
10-sizzla-bad man
11-teflon-none a dem nuh real
12-icke-breakdown riddim
01-sizzla-bad man-fs
02-anthony b-fly high-fs
04-teflon-none a dem nuh real-fs
05-jabalance-same marcus-fs
06-erup-pre dem-fs
07-black indyan-we nah change-fs
08-esco-f b-fs
09-shifta-so mi say-fs
10-jounia sky-by myself-fs
11-boozy bee-all eyes on me-fs
12-break down riddim-version-fs
01-anthony b-hustlers anthem-yard
02-boozy bee-all eyes on me (radio)-yard
03-boozy bee-all eyes on me-yard
05-erup-nobody (radio)-yard
07-konshens-crazy (radio)-yard
09-shifta-so mi sayy-yard
10-sizzla kalonji-bad man (radio)-yard
11-sizzla kalonji-bad man-yard
01-ripah-wine and bubble
02-delly ranx ft jr-cant be seen
03-wicka man-dem miss
04-delly ranx-god nah sleep
05-shema-hold u tight
06-fambo-i- phone and blackberry
07-chico-know how to
08-new kidz-make money this year
09-general b-one phone call
10-esco-show off gal
11-bruck foot riddim-version
01-ripah-wine and bubble-riddim
02-delly ranx-cant be seen (ft jr)-riddim
03-wicka man-dem miss-riddim
04-delly ranx-god nah sleep-riddim
05-shema-hold u tight-riddim
06-fambo-iphone and blackberry-riddim
07-chico-know how to-riddim
08-new kidz-make money this year-riddim
09-general b-one phone call-riddim
10-esco-show off gal-riddim
11-bruck foot riddim-version-riddim
01-sizzla-be a star-riddim
03-iyara-chat some bwoy a chat-riddim
04-anachie-brutal konflict-riddim
Anachie – Brutal Konflict (Gaza Diss) (Brutal Conflict Riddim)
Assaliant – Crazy (Gaza Diss) (Brutal Conflict Riddim)
Iyara – Chat Some Bwoy A Chat (Brutal Conflict Riddim)
Sizzla – Be A Star (Brutal Conflict Riddim)
01-bobby-t ft real flava 3 spliff-high grade
02-platinum links-the way you wine
03-shandy man-if youre real
04-jr. spice-lets be friends
05-pringle 1-shell down
06-david house-pure gal a pass
07-migel-part of the fun
08-3 spliff-pop the top
01-burro banton-too dutty
02-chaka demus-whats going on
03-cutty ranks-new world order
04-top cat-fraud from yard
05-prezident brown-rasta rock
06-perfect-cant touch me
07-cookie the herbalist-stories pon stories
08-charly b-life hard
09-skarra mucci-raggamuffin
10-bandito and squishem-bubbler riddim
01-buju banton-queen majesty-yvp
02-buju banton-travelling man-yvp
03-gregory isaacs-medley of past hits-yvp
04-tenor saw-ring the alarm-yvp
05-yami bolo-when a man in love-yvp
06-johnny obsbournecome back darling-yvp
07-lone ranger-rosemarie-yvp
08-lone ranger-d.j. daddy-yvp
09-super cat-boops-yvp
10-super cat-cry fi de youth-yvp
11-buju banton-stamina daddy-yvp
12-buju banton-gold spoon-yvp
13-buju banton-one two-yvp
01-old dutch-put yu gun on a holiday-yard
02-daddy screw-ta-taa-yard
03-delly ranks-fast lane-yard
05-mega banton-spectacular-yard
06-bumpa riddim-version-yard
01-paulette walker-mama didnt lie-gully
02-bushrangers-what can i do-gully
01-andrew henry and zabandis-love ballad-gully
02-errol dunkley-praise jah-gully
01-glen washington-me did tell you-rks
02-first born-not afraid-rks
03-etana-learn to love-rks
04-lloyd brown-know yourself-rks
05-tarrus riley-love created i-rks
06-luciano-jah live-rks
07-fiona-stop talking-rks
08-steele and mandy wood-know yourself first-rks
09-duane stephenson-august town-rks
10-mikey spice-i cry you cry-rks
11-music knowle-love can set us free-rks
12-sandra cross-beautiful picture-rks
13-anthony cruz-so in love-rks
14-steele-know for sure-rks
02-va-young bachabana-gully
03-va-gulaabi ah ka-gully
04-va-chand tare-gully
05-va-chutney beti-gully
06-va-leggo me na ladki-gully
08-va-party with cv-gully
09-va-aja tujhko-gully
11-va-mere sapno-gully
01-cash money-vocal mix 08-jah
01-terry ganzie-loving fantasy-gully
02-lt stitchie-catty-gully
01-raine seville-slippery when wet-gmg
02-aidonia-grab ar-gmg
03-shane o-left leg-gmg
04-mr.peppa-walk and talk-gmg
05-version-swagga dagga-gmg
06-aidonia-i like her-gmg
07-elephant man-tip up-gmg
08-tok-up inna yah-gmg
09-macka diamond-come-gmg
10-version- old matress-gmg
11-tony matterhorn-fuck talk-gmg
12-pamputtae-sidung pon di buddy-gmg
13-wasp-she wanna fuck-gmg
14-busy signal-nah ansa-gmg
15-cobra-bedroom gangsta-gmg
16-kartel ft.lisa hype-whine for me-gmg
17-kartel-dutty angella-gmg
18-jah vinci-there 4 me-gmg
19-black ryno-cry eye water-gmg
20-kartel-wah some grade-gmg
22-mavado-again and again-gmg
23-kartel ft.spice-romping shop (remix)-gmg
24-capleton-stamp flat-gmg
25-mavado-till she bawl-gmg
26-munga-change position-gmg
28-kartel- dem nuh like wi-gmg
29-assassin-pree dis-gmg
30-mr.easy-nuh lef it-gmg
31-frisco kid-crazy mi crazy-gmg
32-beenie man-pop off-gmg
33-tony matterhorn-come quick-gmg
34-laden-really rate me-gmg
35-elephant man-horny wine-gmg
36-bounty killer-gal dem seh-gmg
37-elephant man-nuh beg-gmg
39-mr.g-juk har-gmg
40-lady saw-inna di dark-gmg
41-macka diamond-roll-gmg
42-laden-gal dem a call-gmg
43-mavado-high under-gmg
44-kartel-hustle the money-gmg
45-chino-haffi get de cream-gmg
46-flippa mafia-unfinish house-gmg
47-assassin-ginep stain-gmg
50-laden-inna life-gmg
51-kartel-swear to jah-gmg
52-jah vinci ft.popcorn-life lost-gmg
53-version- national pride-gmg
54-kiprich ft.blacker-nuh ugly so-gmg
55-charly black-twist and turn-gmg
56-elephant man-run dem away-gmg
57-beenie man-have a good time-gmg
58-ding dong-no man room-gmg
59-mavado-nuh belive you-gmg
61-jah vinci-marrow gone-gmg
01-sizzla-nothing is wrong-gmg
02-estelle sean paul-come over-gmg
03-john legend buju banton-cant be my lover-gmg
04-verison-rub a dub-gmg
05-ginjah-never lost my way-gmg
06-morgan hertitage-nothing to smile about-gmg
07-nesbeth-guns out-gmg
08-etana-im not afraid-gmg
09-richie spice-plane land-gmg
10-richie spice-why should i-gmg
12-teflon-inna life-gmg
13-i wayne-one hit wonder-gmg
14-fanton mojah-keep striving-gmg
15-chuck fenda-surviour-gmg
16-nesbeth-a who you ganna turn to-gmg
17-capleton-evil system-gmg
18-jah cure-for you mom-gmg
19-beres hammond-i surrender-gmg
20-unknown-cry over me-gmg
21-alaine-love for a lifetime-gmg
22-buju banton-could i would i-gmg
23-jah cure-now and forever-gmg
24-queen ifrica-keep it to yourself-gmg
25-tony rebel-another bill again-gmg
26-laden-hold di firm-gmg
27-jahvinchi-wipe the tears-gmg
28-tarus riley sizzla-world gone mad-gmg
29-laden-bad boys-gmg
30-demarco-roof over my head-gmg
31-mavado-again and again-gmg
32-bugle-the journey(dub)-gmg
33-bugle-the sytem-gmg
34-torando-hustle hard-gmg
35-serani-its so hard-gmg
36-laden-time to shine(dub)-gmg
37-charlie black-rich di year(dub)-gmg
38-chino-nuh like dem(dub)-gmg
39-vybz kartel-mi love mi life-gmg
40-ras penco-thousand miles away-gmg
41-tarus riley konshens-good girl gone bad-gmg
01-cd ninja-gangsta daggering-jah
01-cd ninja-lovers rock-jah
01-george nooks-lord im ready-kouala
02-lukie d-whipp dem hard-kouala
03-lloydd brown-peace and love-kouala
04-lutan fyre-sweet like syrup-kouala
05-empress ayeola-hold on to rasta love-kouala
06-wayne lyrics-time is so hard-kouala
08-victoria murrain-your the one for me-kouala
01-chezidek-jah never let us down
02-bubbles man-make it
03-cally blacks-proud to be black
04-mama son-one room
05-faithful-i know
06-zamunda-still in love
07-lorna lamarr-real thing
08-dennis lace-call home
09-peppa jack-work me off
10-perfect-porridge inna yuh bread
11-silver ice-in the street
12-pz-more love
14-mah meekye-god is in control
15-fire ball-face it
16-moneyless band-centinel riddim-version
01-chezidek-jah never let us down
02-bubbles man-make it
03-cally blacks-proud to be black
04-mama son-one room
05-faithful-i know
06-zamunda-still in love
07-lorna lamarr-real thing
08-dennis lace-call home
09-peppa jack-work me off
10-perfect-porridge inna yuh bread
11-silver ice-in the street
12-pz-more love
14-mah meekye-god is in control
15-fire ball-face it
16-moneyless band-centinel riddim-version
01-wailing souls-penny i love you-gully
02-earl sixteen-blackman time-gully
01-cornell cambell-rainbow-gully
02-peter broggs-never forget jah-gully
01-dj reem-intro-gmg
02-champion squad-intro 2-gmg
03-50 cent-get up-gmg
04-assassin-protect we(remix)-gmg
05-vybz kartel-clap it(remix)-gmg
06-akon-so paid-gmg
07-konchenz-ths means money(remix)-gmg
08-konchenz and ron browz-this means arab money(remix)-gmg
09-serani-stinking rich(remix)-gmg
10-ron browz and flippa mafia-pop champaigne-gmg
11-elephant man-sweep dem weh-gmg
12-ron browz-jumpin out the window-gmg
13-willy chin-gun dem rise(dub)-gmg
14-fats-gangsta round here(dub)-gmg
15-mr lingustic-bun batty man interlude-gmg
16-champion squad-bun batty man medley-gmg
17-mavado-batty ting(remix)-gmg
18-vybz kartel-no batty ting(remix)-gmg
19-blak ryno-send dem home(remix)-gmg
20-blak ryno and kartel and bounty-gun shot(remix)-gmg
21-vybz kartel-murdah dem(remix)-gmg
22-vybz kartel-life sweet(remix)-gmg
23-konchenz and m.i.a-have mi tings(remix)-gmg
24-champion squad-in the mix-gmg
25-busy signal-unkown number medley(remix)-gmg
26-biggie smalls kartel mavado-hustler medley(remix)-gmg
27-mavado and munga and kartel-gunz out(remix)-gmg
28-munga-kock it like a hammer(remix)-gmg
29-vybz kartel and javinci-weh dem a go(remix)-gmg
30-blak ryno-thug anthem(remix)-gmg
31-mac 90-mac 9o riffle(remix)-gmg
32-champion squad-contact info-gmg
33-bling dawg-vybz kartel dis-gmg
34-country speng-ready mi ready-gmg
35-vybz kartel-kuff kaff kwef-gmg
36-einstine-beat it-gmg
37-flippa mafia-floss-gmg
39-assassin-sen it-gmg
40-erup-mek noise-gmg
41-anthony b-position-gmg
42-nkoma-cadliac saturdays anthem-gmg
43-ding dong-galis-gmg
44-tarachyla-cyaa dance-gmg
45-champion squad-contact info-gmg
46-mavado and mac 90-so special(dub remix)-gmg
47-mac 90-mac 90 tun on(dub)-gmg
48-mac 90-90s anthem(dub)-gmg
49-chase cross-white sheet(dub)-gmg
50-javinci and blak ryno-fight fi war-gmg
51-vybz kartel-interlude-gmg
52-vybz kartel-last man standing-gmg
53-vybz kartel-we nuh friad-gmg
54-busy signal-peace treaty-gmg
55-blak ryno-tell it dem-gmg
57-mavado-so blessed-gmg
58-mac 90-buss di gun dem-gmg
59-mr lingustic-dancers interlude-gmg
60-fresh prince-how mi look-gmg
61-merital-get up-gmg
62-kisco hype and troopa-do a dance-gmg
63-beenie man-gimmie gimmie-gmg
64-rdx-inna her hole-gmg
65-demarco-she cant wait-gmg
66-bragga-dagga dat-gmg
67-fudgie springer-your buddy-gmg
68-busy signal-up her belly-gmg
69-rdx-bend ova-gmg
70-blak ryno-bawl out-gmg
71-shifta-do it right there(dub)-gmg
72-brisco and lil wayne-just know dat-gmg
73-mavado-we nuh play(dub)-gmg
74-wasp-step to dem(dub)-gmg
75-assassin-hold you(remix)-gmg
76-champion squad-in the mix-gmg
77-fats-we go hard(remix)-gmg
78-jay z-brooklyn we go hard-gmg
79-jay z-jocking jay z-gmg
80-country speng-hollow-gmg
81-50 cent-i get it in-gmg
82-ricky blaze and ron browz-i feel free-gmg
83-young jeezy-my president is black-gmg
85-vybz kartel-seh weh yuh feel-gmg
86-javinci-xmas story-gmg
87-mavado-cant bad mi up-gmg
88-freva bless-cant belive-gmg
89-charly blacks-rich this years-gmg
91-champion squad-outro-gmg
01-champion squad-intro-gmg
02-champion squad-ghostbusters mix-gmg
03-bounty killa-mek a duppy rmx-gmg
04-i octane-blood a run yet dub rmx-gmg
05-aidonia-when we buss it rmx-gmg
06-black ryno-tell it to dem rmx-gmg
07-black dada-im a zoe-gmg
08-busy signal and charly black-jamaica rmx-gmg
09-jah vinci-mek some money rmx-gmg
10-twin of twins-kartel want money-gmg
11-vybz kartel and ryno-dolla sign rmx-gmg
12-black ryno-money on my mind rmx-gmg
13-mavado-mocking bird rmx-gmg
14-champion squad-contact info-gmg
15-twin of twins-steve and kartel-gmg
16-willy chin and vybz kartel-champion squad dub rmx-gmg
17-vybz kartel-swear to jah rmx-gmg
18-vybz kartel-wah do dem rmx-gmg
19-ding dong-gallis rmx-gmg
20-ding dong-gallis rmx pt 2-gmg
21-chase cross-better days-gmg
22-mavado-dem alone-gmg
23-black ryno-money haffi mek-gmg
24-jah vinci-mek some money-gmg
25-vybz kartel-mama-gmg
26-vybz kartel-sumting ago happen-gmg
27-vybz kartel-nah-gmg
28-fire linx and matterhorn-in the streets-gmg
29-assassin-nuh sponge-gmg
30-mavado-mocking bird-gmg
31-chino-pon yuh head-gmg
32-vybz kartel-come breed me-gmg
33-champion squad-contact info-gmg
34-assassin-put yuh hand inna di air-gmg
35-stephen and vybz kartel-careful-gmg
36-black ryno-badmind-gmg
37-jah vinci-mek mi know-gmg
39-vybz kartel-nuh fraid-gmg
40-vybz kartel-without my own-gmg
41-vybz kartel-mi baby-gmg
42-vybz kartel-bicycle-gmg
43-aidonia-bruck out-gmg
44-mr vegas-gallis-gmg
45-voicemail-nuh behaviour-gmg
46-matterhorn cutty qq-roll out-gmg
47-vybz kartel-mr officer-gmg
48-mavado-hope and pray-gmg
49-champion squad-contact info-gmg
50-mavado-dem a talk-gmg
51-mavado and michael jackson-billie jean refix-gmg
52-mavado-let me go-gmg
53-vybz kartel-like a movie-gmg
54-black ryno-can i-gmg
55-flex-will never-gmg
56-mavado-bend over-gmg
57-mavado-sweetest time-gmg
58-aidonia-ohh ohh-gmg
59-kari jess-mi want yuh-gmg
60-black ryno-dont stop-gmg
61-vybz kartel-genie wine-gmg
62-aidonia-mek yuh feel it-gmg
63-aidonia-grab har nuh-gmg
64-charly black-buddy liad-gmg
65-vybz kartel-want some punanny rmx-gmg
66-champion squad-contact info-gmg
67-admiral bailey and assassin-mind offa mi rmx-gmg
68-assassin-pure tings rmx-gmg
69-jah vinci-watch yuh friends rmx-gmg
70-laden-time to shine rmx-gmg
71-charly blacks-dream last night rmx-gmg
72-jay z-d o a-gmg
73-black ryno-real stingerz rmx-gmg
74-twin of twins-japanese and kartel-gmg
75-vybz kartel-freestyle-gmg
76-f l y-swagg-gmg
77-mavado-sixteen rmx-gmg
78-vybz kartel and john mayers-weh yuh feel rmx-gmg
79-vybz kartel-seh weh yuh feel 2-gmg
80-black ryno and kartel-never scared of people rmx-gmg
81-black ryno-thug anthem rmx-gmg
82-vybz kartel-kill dem all rmx-gmg
83-champion squad-outro-gmg
84-i octane-different page dub-gmg
01-alaine-with out u-riddim
03-tarrus riley-getty getty no wantee-riddim
04-jah cure-never find-riddim
05-mitch-give me a call-riddim
06-morgan heritage-cant get we out-riddim
07-richie spice-more life-riddim
08-high octaine-blood shed-riddim
01-fyakin-poverty at hand
02-queen ifrica-dem neva see de sign
03-sizzla-treat you like a man should
04-chuck fenda-hold on tight
05-tony rebel-chant down babylon kingdom
06-assassin-have some mercy
07-lejahni-victim of the ghetto
08-nikki burt-good wine
09-penthouse records-chant down babylon riddim version
01-fyakin-poverty is at hand-riddim
02-queen ifrica-dem neva see de sign-riddim
03-sizzla-treat you like a man should-riddim
04-chuck fenda-hold on tight-riddim
05-tony rebel-chant down babylon kingdom-riddim
06-assassin-have some mercy-riddim
07-lehjani-victim of the ghetto-riddim
08-nikki burt-good wine-riddim
09-penthouse records-chant down babylon (instrumental)-riddim
01-bugle-do whatever-riddim
02-natalie storm-god bless me-riddim
03-mr easy-pot a bubble-riddim
04-charlie blacks-no way-riddim
05-macka diamond-no man problem-riddim
06-frisco kid-mi nuh waan-riddim
07-rage-hot inna u clothes-riddim
08-alex frass-nuh jail-riddim
10-cheese trix riddim-version-riddim
01-macka diamond-man problem-fs
02-natalie storm-god bless me-fs
01-bramma-childrens cry-fs
02-rushan-im blessed-fs
03-mix vibes-gotta make it-fs
04-chimney records-childrens cry version-fs
01-charly black-badda than them-riddim
02-marlem-can tell-riddim
03-marie claire-dancehall opera-riddim
05-magazeen-maybeach movie-riddim
06-anthony b-not inna mi place-riddim
07-i-octane-nuh easy fi live round them-riddim
08-macka diamond-play mi piano-riddim
09-cecile-talk to me (edit)-riddim
10-cecile-talk to me (raw)-riddim
11-kiprich-them a talk-riddim
12-mr lexx-walk out (raw)-riddim
13-mr lexx-walk out (edit)-riddim
01-dj plee-better have new tunes (samurai diss)-gmg
02-busy signal-another gyal-gmg
03-busy signal-gun is mine-gmg
04-elephant man-represent-gmg
05-laden-running the place-gmg
06-tony matteron ft qq and cutty-roll out-gmg
07-left side-time to party-gmg
08-aidonia-bruk out-gmg
09-vybz kartel-bicycle-gmg
10-vybz kartel-mr officer-gmg
11-bramma-mi nuh know-gmg
12-beenie man-whatever mi like-gmg
13-bugle-anything goes-gmg
14-movado-hope and pray-gmg
15-chino-waah fi keep yu-gmg
16-black rhyno-don t stop whine gyal-gmg
17-bramma-do as i say-gmg
18-laden-warm up-gmg
19-beenie man-bubble a gyal a bubble-gmg
20-aidonia-oh oh oh oh-gmg
21-vybz kartel-genie whine-gmg
22-movado-sweetest time-gmg
23-elephant man-one more time-gmg
24-elephant man (dandh remix)-swagga-gmg
25-elephant man-walk out-gmg
26-demarco-how you hot so-gmg
27-black rhyno-can i-gmg
28-left side-what a way-gmg
30-vybz kartel-like a movie-gmg
31-movado-let me go-gmg
32-movado-dem a talk-gmg
33-bugle-dem a fight-gmg
34-baby cham (boom tune)-recession-gmg
35-baby cham (exclusive)-a.k-gmg
36-vybz kartel-dumpa truck-gmg
37-vybz kartel-mi dem want me fi dead-gmg
38-vybz kartel-when since-gmg
39-movado (dj plee)-squeeze her breast-gmg
40-pitbull ft charlie-buddy buddy-gmg
41-movado ft bounty aidonia-dem a talk-gmg
42-busy signal-pum pum pum-gmg
43-busy ft chi ching ching-i just wanna fuck-gmg
44-sean kingston-fire burning-gmg
45-movado (dj plee)-neva believe you-gmg
46-busy signal-pussy face-gmg
47-bounty killer-in the building-gmg
48-dj plee-knows your name (interlude)-gmg
49-vybz kartel-nah-gmg
51-bling dawg-weird hugging-gmg
52-mr. vegas (who god bless)-blessing-gmg
53-elephant man ft bounty and sizzla-bun a fire-gmg
54-elephant man-purify-gmg
55-vybz kartel-supem ago happen-gmg
56-elephant ft michael j tok buju-samurai diss medley-gmg
57-dj plee-nuh repeat nuh tune (samurai diss)-gmg
58-baby cham-dem fi gwey-gmg
59-konshens-lu lu bag-gmg
61-beenie man-stock and pile-gmg
62-bounty killer-stand alone-gmg
63-bounty killer-send traitor to hell-gmg
64-demarco-death trap-gmg
65-movado-mamas love-gmg
66-elephant man-clean-gmg
67-aidonia-head a buss-gmg
68-busy signal-can buy we out-gmg
69-willie chin-kill a sound for free-gmg
70-dj plee-nuh play sword fight (samurai diss)-gmg
71-beenie man-gaza mi she-gmg
72-vybz kartel-gaza commandments-gmg
73-konshens (dub intro)-pretty devil-gmg
74-dj plee-dancehallremix.com (outro)-gmg
01-konshens-money (intro)-gmg
02-konshens-the realest song-gmg
03-vybz kartel-life we living-gmg
04-black ryno-take control-gmg
05-g whizz-on and on-gmg
07-laden-love you mamma-gmg
08-g whizz-life-gmg
09-bugle-don t blame life-gmg
10-black ryno-see you again-gmg
11-jah vinci-baby girl i m alone-gmg
12-raine seville-too late-gmg
13-chris martin ft assassin and d major-real friends-gmg
14-i octane-think a little time-gmg
15-bugle-pearly gate-gmg
16-g whizz-mamma-gmg
17-i octane-lose a friend-gmg
18-movado-jail house-gmg
19-ruffi ann-save the juvenile-gmg
20-vice roys-son of a gun-gmg
22-singing cologne-all my love for you-gmg
23-chantelle ernandez-with open arms-gmg
24-john mouse-feel i m in love-gmg
25-blacka devon-in the cold-gmg
26-jimmy riely-there is where i call home-gmg
27-power man-nah stop show love-gmg
28-tarrus riley-good girl gone bad-gmg
29-konshens-don t wanna die-gmg
30-collie buddz-serious-gmg
31-queen latifah ft serani-if he wanna-gmg
32-g c-no escape-gmg
33-wasp-unfair officer-gmg
34-queen ifrica-lioness on the rise-gmg
35-peetah morgan-bye bye-gmg
36-daville-tonight is your-gmg
37-spanner banner-rolling stone-gmg
38-marcia griffiths ft assassin-automatic-gmg
39-ritchie spice-jah never let us down-gmg
40-konshens-no money to give you-gmg
41-erup-pop dat-gmg
42-cd kingz-outro-gmg
01-intro-transvestite dj samurai diss-gmg
02-wasp-bag a gal-gmg
03-vybz kartel-nah-gmg
05-bling dawg-weird hugging-gmg
06-mr vegas-blessing-gmg
07-elephant man bounty and sizzla-bun a fire-gmg
08-elephant man-purify-gmg
09-elephant man intro mix-weh yu call dem bwoy deh-gmg
10-bling dawg-counter attack-gmg
11-dj plee-glass house-gmg
12-vybz kartel-supem ago happen-gmg
13-baby cham-dem fi gwey-gmg
14-konshens-lu lu bag-gmg
15-movado-mocking bird-gmg
16-beenie man-stock and pile-gmg
17-busy signal-cyan buy we out-gmg
18-vybz kartel-wah dat fah-gmg
19-dj plee-how easy-gmg
20-chin ft movado-kill a sound for free-gmg
21-dj plee-sword fight-gmg
22-beenie man-gaza mi seh-gmg
23-vybz kartel-gaza commandments-gmg
24-vybz kartel-breed fi me-gmg
25-clearance riddim medley-samurai diss-gmg
26-dj plee-wanna be selector-gmg
27-demarco-secret fi dem-gmg
28-bounty killer-rodney intention-gmg
29-movado-dem alone-gmg
30-mr vegas-fi get rich-gmg
31-vybz kartel-mentally insane-gmg
32-ding dong-my own-gmg
33-einstein ft ikonji-bad man life-gmg
34-assassin-smooth operator-gmg
35-left side-nuh waan-gmg
36-vybz kartel-bicycle-gmg
37-batty ting dem a pree intro-samurai diss-gmg
38-elephant man-swagga-gmg
39-elephant man-walk out-gmg
40-demarco-how you so hot-gmg
41-black rhyno-can i-gmg
42-left side-what a way-gmg
44-vybz kartel-like a movie-gmg
45-movado-let me go-gmg
46-dj plee-dj samurai dem a talk remix diss-gmg
47-movado bounty aidonia-dem a talk remix-gmg
48-bugle-dem a fight-gmg
49-baby cham-recession-gmg
50-vybz kartel-dumpa truck-gmg
51-vybz kartel-me dem want fi dead-gmg
52-jah vinci-kill bwoy from 9 5-gmg
53-popcaan-roll out-gmg
54-vybz kartel-when since-gmg
55-movado-squeeze her breast-gmg
56-busy ft chi ching ching-i just wanna fuck-gmg
57-mr vegas ft hotta ball-hot fuck-gmg
58-wasp-i just wanna fuck-gmg
59-dj plee-if a box mi-gmg
60-vybz kartel-seh whe yu feel fi seh-gmg
61-aidonia-when me buss it-gmg
62-bounty killer-just mek duppy-gmg
63-serani ft bugle-daseca for life-gmg
65-bling dawg-counter attack-gmg
66-baby cham-she call me-gmg
67-assassin-bun song-gmg
68-vybz kartel-seductive and sexy-gmg
69-vybz kartel-me nah-gmg
70-mr vegas-name brand-gmg
71-beenie man-come a mi yard-gmg
72-vybz kartel-whine yu body-gmg
73-busy signal-mi love money-gmg
74-outro-we nah answer-gmg
01-dj plee-stress free (intro)-gmg
02-konshens-she s happy-gmg
03-gyptian-love against the wall-gmg
04-gyptian-i love you-gmg
05-jah cure-you don t understand love-gmg
06-i octane-mamma you alone-gmg
07-jah vinci-mamma don t worry-gmg
08-laden-hold the faith-gmg
09-collie bud-eyez-gmg
10-serani-it s so hard-gmg
11-anthony cruz-you ll think of me-gmg
12-domaino-wanna be with you-gmg
13-peetah morgan-i m so lost-gmg
14-sanchez-longing to come home-gmg
15-cameal davie ft assasin-we can-gmg
16-queen ifrica-to serve and protect-gmg
17-romain virgo-who feels it knows it-gmg
18-jah vinci-nah stop search-gmg
19-ninja ford-some days-gmg
20-laden-bad boyz-gmg
21-laden-working hard-gmg
22-teflon-jah has been there-gmg
23-demarco-roof over my head-gmg
24-movado-again and again-gmg
26-dj plee-stress free (interlude)-gmg
27-j reid ft capleton-take it easy-gmg
28-sizzla-jah love-gmg
29-demarco-it s ok-gmg
30-ginjah-miserable wife-gmg
31-jr. reid-rating-gmg
33-j mouse-best a mi-gmg
34-shalli-the cd kings (interlude)-gmg
35-konshens-this means money-gmg
37-black rhyno-work hard-gmg
38-chino-never change (acoustic mix)-gmg
39-chino-never change (radio mix)-gmg
40-golden chyld-last dance-gmg
41-daville-never gonna cry-gmg
42-tony matteron-survivor-gmg
43-buju banton-love you girl-gmg
44-selena serrano-all of me-gmg
45-shalli-show my love-gmg
46-ras penco-most high-gmg
47-outro-fifty stakes-gmg
01-intro-fresh off the press
02-vybz kartel-love dem
03-movado-house cleaning
04-elephant man-gyal waah wi
05-ding dong-how u bad suh
06-assasin-hand to mouth (interlude blendz)
07-assasin-hand to mouth
08-patex-tell me how
09-beenie man ft versitile-my money a mine
11-aidonia-oh oh oh (interlude blendz)
12-sean kingston ft pitbull-fire burning (remix)
13-busy signal-up in her belly (benja styles remix)
14-aidonia-oh oh oh
15-vybz kartel-genie whine
16-movado-sweetest time
17-movado-gyal bend over (instrumental)
18-movado-gyal bend over
19-aidonia-wine and bubble
20-tony matteron ft qq and cutty-roll out
21-movado-hope and pray
22-laden-running di place
23-elephant man-represent
24-sean paul-make it clap (interlude blendz)
25-chino ft sean paul samples-clap it and drop it
26-voice mail-nuh behavior
27-aidonia-bruk out
28-vybz kartel-bicycle
29-vybz kartel-mr. officer
30-bounty killer-walk wide
31-unknown-school bell instrumental
32-vybz kartel ft gaza kim-twice my age
33-vybz kartel-gaza ting a ling
34-leftside ft syon-nuh other gyal
35-voice mail ft buju banton-throw back (remix)
36-elephant man-you a di wife
37-tony matteron-miss tekki
38-bugle-nah accept it
39-charlie black-no way
40-bugle-do what ever
41-macka diamond-no man problem
42-busy signal-certain money
43-left side-dem gone
44-assasin-gyal till mi dead
45-mr. vegas-keep your friendship
46-bugle-find out
47-twins of twins-leggo mi head
48-elephant man-informer (flippa mafia diss)
49-elephant man-people
50-elephant man-bed room killer
51-unknown-fresh off the press (interlude)
52-bounty killer-crime scene (kartel diss)
53-bounty killer-chatta box (interlude blendz)
54-vybz kartel-interview (killer diss)
55-bounty killer-chatta box (kartel diss)
56-vybz kartel-toilet paper bownty (killer diss)
57-bounty killer-wata chune (kartel diss)
58-konshens-pretty devil (interlude)
59-konshens-pretty devil (dub)
60-vybz kartel vs queen africa-virginity (interlude)
61-vybz kartel-virginity
62-ding dong-holiday
63-vybz kartel-tell him a lie
64-g whizz-life
65-bugle-dont blame life
66-black ryno-see you again
67-drake ft elephant man-worst i ever had (willie chin remix)
68-no fren-hitmaker (daddy and hypa remix)
69-trey songs ft konshens ft dleus-successful (daddy and hypa remix)
70-wasp ft rhianna and jay z-run this show (willie chin remix)
71-sean paul-so fine (interlude remix)
72-chinese assassin djs-return of the kung fu master (outro)
01-tessanne chin-(intro)
02-queen ifrica ft vybz kartel-nuh bwoy (hot track)
03-jah cure-why cant we (hot track)
04-pressure-cry (hot track)
05-ritchie spice-mamma love (hot track)
06-peter morgan-beautiful (hot track)
07-collie budz-now shes gone (big tune)
08-freddie macgregor-pretty looks (hot track)
09-sizzla-heaven help us (hot track)
10-beenie man-respect and bug up (hot track)
11-gyptian-mamma i love you (hot track)
12-little hero-cry fi the poor (hot track)
13-peas head-cassava (hot track)
14-tony curtis-how could i (big tune)
15-sadiki-dub with you (dub plate)
16-jason mraz ft jah cure and lil wayne-im yours (big tune)
17-million stylez-me and you (hot track)
18-demarco-its ok (hot track)
19-lust-just as i am (hot track)
20-jah cure ft keisha cole-call on me (big tune)
21-cj priest-so amazing (interlude)
22-jordan sparks-battlefield remix (hot track)
23-duane stephenson-that love (hot track)
24-earl sixteen-love that is real
25-terri linen-holiday inn (big tune)

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