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26-lust-touch me (hot track)
27-news man-the news (hilarious track)
28-george nooks-pull it selector (hot track)
29-mickey spice-pull it up (hot track)
30-sean kingston-island queen (big tune)
31-turbulence-forever my love (exclusive)
32-gyptian-in my life (exclusive)
33-positive-hold me closely (exclusive)
34-domaino-wanna be with you (hot track)
35-peetah morgan-i m so lost (hot track)
36-sanchez-longing to come home (hot track)
37-cameal davis ft assasin-we can (hot track)
38-queen ifrica-to serve and protect (big tune)
39-i wayne-be wise and fearless (hot track)
40-konshens-pretty devil (dub)
41-ras penco-be by my side (exclusive)
42-chinese assassin djs-the cd kingz outro
01-black eye peas-i got a feeling (david guetta remix)
02-unknown-sweet dreams of pum pum (dj plee mega mix)
03-nick corline-nick corline (steve forest remix interlude)
04-busy signal-pum pum pum (remix)
05-akon ft david guetta and kid cudi-sexy bith (get down remix)
06-pitbull (dj enix remix)-hotel room service
07-vybz kartel-tek fuck (daddy and hypa remix)
08-pitbull ft c charlie blacks-(daddy and hypa remix)
09-kat deluna-dance bailalo (dj serg sniper and v.smoove remix)
10-unknown-up in her belly (dj benja style remix)
11-florida ft wynder gordon-sugar (dj benja style remix)
12-bob sinclair ft sugar hill gang-la la la (dj benja style remix)
13-busy signal-some man a pussy face (remix)
14-movado-never believe u (dj plee remix)
15-sean kingston ft pitbull-fire burning (remix)
16-busy signal-like a shaker (stainless remix)
17-kid cudi ft kanye west-night and day (radio track)
18-rdx-bend over (dj plee remix)
19-shannon-let the music play (dj benja style remix)
20-mr. vegas ft lacrate and samir-oh my gosh (remix)
21-3oh3-dont trust me (benny blanco ft kid cudi remix)
22-dj class ft lil jon-im the ish (remix)
23-jeremiah-birth day sex (agent x remix)
24-serani-no more games (lenny b remix)
25-konshens-nuh like we (dj plee remix)
26-sean paul-so fine (dj benja style remix)
27-kerri hilson ft nevo-its going to knock you down (remix)
28-lady gaga-love game (dj benja style remix)
29-movado-dem alone (dj plee remix)
30-chinese assassin djs-the cd kingz (interlude)
01-dj plee-stress free
02-konshens-she s happy
03-gyptian-love againts the wall
04-gyptian-i love you
05-jah cure-you don t understand love
06-i octane-mama you alone
07-jah vinci-mama don t worry
08-laden-hold the faith
09-collie bud-eyez
10-serani-it s so hard
11-anthony cruz-you ll think of me
12-domaino-wanna be with you
13-peetah morgan-i m so lost
14-sanchez-longing to come home
15-cameal davie feat assassin-we can
16-queen ifrica-to serv an protect
17-romain virgo-who feels it knows it
18-jah vinci-nah stop search
19-ninja ford-somes days
20-laden-bad boyz
21-laden-working hard
22-teflon-jah has been there
23-demarco-roof over my head
24-movado-again an again
26-dj plee-stress free (interlude)
27-jr reid feat capleton-take it easy
28-sizzla-jah love
29-demarco-it s ok
30-ginjah-miserable wife
31-jr reid-ratin
33-j mouse-best me
34-shalli-the cd king s (interlude)
35-konshens-this means money
37-black rhyno-work hard
38-chino-never change (acoustic mix)
39-chino-never change (radio mix)
40-golden child-last dance
41-daville-never gonna cry
42-tony matterhon-survivor
43-buju banton-love you girl
44-selena serano-all of me
45-shalli-show me love
46-ras penco-mosth hight
47-outro-fithy stakes
02-elephant man-nuh linga-gmg
03-monster empire-daggering-gmg
04-harry todler-nuh mek dem hold yu down-gmg
05-assasin-dem nah look nuh gal-gmg
06-busy signal ft assassin-line fi line-gmg
07-alozade-no watch gal ( dandh remix )-gmg
08-fire links-hold me acre-gmg
09-tony matteron ft fire links-how we grow-gmg
10-elephant man-bad-gmg
11-elephant man-calm dem down-gmg
12-serani-too much-gmg
13-vybz kartel-murda dem-gmg
14-elephant man-gyal yu know-gmg
15-vybz kartel-yuh pussy fat a dan a pound-gmg
16-vybz kartel-keep it clean-gmg
17-buju banton-inna mi bed-gmg
18-assasin-one way-gmg
19-wasp-a no man-gmg
20-bounty killer-what yu think-gmg
21-alaine-with u-gmg
22-delly ranx-wine pon di ting-gmg
23-elephant man-gully creeper-gmg
24-elephant man-wine-gmg
25-busy signal-hey girl-gmg
26-busy signal-loaded-gmg
27-demarco-sort dem out-gmg
28-movado-money changer (refix)-gmg
29-serani-stinkin rich (remix)-gmg
30-delly rank ft shabba-93 s remix-gmg
31-sean paul-i can give you pleasure-gmg
32-busy signal-wine pon me-gmg
33-busy signal-my world-gmg
34-left side ft elephant man-high-gmg
35-vybz kartel-want war-gmg
36-busy signal-v.i.p-gmg
37-bramma-no fear-gmg
38-wayne wonder ft way-for my love-gmg
40-munga-wine pon it (remix)-gmg
41-wasp-all these things-gmg
42-busy signal-grades-gmg
43-voice mail ft mr vegas-wine up-gmg
44-vybz kartel-tightest punani-gmg
45-vybz kartel-broad daylight-gmg
46-movado-nuh bleach with cream-gmg
47-elephant man-wine pan me-gmg
48-aidonia-bruk it off-gmg
49-ele-how you a gwan so (skit)-gmg
50-elephant man-boom bam bam (remix)-gmg
51-elephant man-jump-gmg
52-tony matteron-wine up-gmg
53-busy signal ft bling dawg-sup m deh-gmg
54-red rat-wine on me-gmg
55-munga-rasta gangsta and hustla-gmg
56-mr vegas-hate-gmg
57-elephant man-nuh bad (remix)-gmg
58-ward 21-m16 (remix)-gmg
59-elephant man-war dem to the end-gmg
60-tony matteron-hey gal-gmg
61-elephant man-never kill nuh man-gmg
62-spice-up inna the light-gmg
63-vybz kartel-beg friend-gmg
64-devra brad-u could talk-gmg
65-mertial-glock forty-gmg
66-serani-wanting you-gmg
67-capleton-rise up-gmg
68-movado ft jay z-on the rock-gmg
69-jah cure-green grass-gmg
70-elephant man-fed up-gmg
71-mykal roze-police and thief (skit)-gmg
72-busy signal-nuh tracing-gmg
73-elephant man-when we rise it-gmg
74-munga-good evening-gmg
75-wasp-bad man laws-gmg
76-lexxus-sit down pon it-gmg
01-maxi priest-wild world-gmg
02-freddie mcgregor-push come to shove-gmg
03-nadine sutherland-baby face-gmg
04-singing melody-say what-gmg
05-garnett silk-place in your heart-gmg
06-beres hammond ft buju banton-who say-gmg
07-wayne wonder-saddest day-gmg
08-everton blender-lift up your head-gmg
09-mikey spice-born again-gmg
10-coco tea-she loves me now-gmg
11-pressure-love and affection-gmg
12-beres hammond-rockaway-gmg
13-tarrus riley-she s royal-gmg
14-ritchie spice-groving my girl-gmg
16-sanchez-i m missing you-gmg
17-courtney melody-modern girl-gmg
18-bushman-bun a fire pon a weak heart-gmg
19-tony rebel-if jah is standing by my side-gmg
20-beres hammond-they gonna talk-gmg
21-junior kelly-if love so nice-gmg
22-jah cure-sunny days-gmg
23-ritchie spice-earth a run red-gmg
24-jah cure-bless me-gmg
25-luciano-lord give me strength-gmg
26-sasha ft sean paul-i m still in love-gmg
27-i wayne-satisfy her-gmg
28-shaggy-it wasn t me-gmg
29-ziggi-world wide ting (interlude)-gmg
30-sizzla-solid as a rock-gmg
31-sizzla-just one of those days-gmg
32-gregory isaacs-night nurse-gmg
33-junior gong-jam rock-gmg
34-sizzla-give me a try-gmg
35-anthony cruz-u got it bad-gmg
36-bitty mclean-walk away from love-gmg
37-garnett silk-nothing can divide us-gmg
38-marlon asher-ganja planter-gmg
01-chinese assassin-fish tea and rockerz (rub a dub style)-yard
01-va-chinese assassin-girl ill house you 2-yvp
01-va-chinese assassin-jah nah sleep-yvp
01-chinese assassin-lion paw-yvp
01-va-chinese assassin-pum pum christmas-yvp
01-va-chinese assassin-ramping spot-yvp
01-va-chinese assassin – redemption 4 (extended mix)-yvp
01-hunter andy singh drupatee ravi b hitman and anil bheem-jep sting naina
02-kenneth salick (chutney soca monarch champion 2009)-radica
03-ravi b-dularie nanny
04-soca elvis and andy singh-drunkard
06-rooplal g hitman and ravi b-jhanjat
07-hunter alison hinds and peter ram-ah bottle
08-andy singh and king david-pehli nazar mein
09-anil bheem and alison hinds-meri jaan
10-hunter andy singh alison hinds isasha and bunji garlin-de callaloo jam
11-drupatee and hitman-manzanilla
12-rooplal g alison hinds and ziggy ranking-beat de drum
01-bella and time-new format jazz
03-dj hoax-zion
05-subjazz-heartbreak hostel
06-fbom and outlaw producer-disaster relief
08-alien pimp-good bye
09-madworld-the quiet
01-beenie man-come again-yard
02-capleton-toppa tings-yard
03-voice mail-bring yuh body come-yard
04-wayne wonder ft. surprise-got to be-yard
05-capleton-warn dem-yard
06-elephant man-no hail mi-yard
07-predator-nah no head-yard
08-sizzla-its burning-yard
09-bounty killer-sadda dem-yard
10-elephant man-krazy-yard
11-ward 21-rhyme-yard
12-wayne marshall and vybz kartel-why you doing it-yard
01-sanchez-fall in love-rks
02-terror fabulous-delightful how you look-rks
03-little lenny-bum flick-rks
04-mad cobra-more dem talk-rks
05-silver cat-fowl affair-rks
06-beenie man-world dance-rks
07-beenie man-oysters and conch-rks
08-tanya stephens-goggle-rks
09-lady saw-hice it up-rks
10-ward 21-anti-spy-rks
11-elephant man-replacement killer-rks
12-harry toddler-dance the angel-rks
01-mr. vegas-dem fraid
02-elephant man-su wi tan
03-buju banton-perpetrator
04-ward 21-third leg
06-elephant man-burn fi burn
07-beenie man-straight prison
08-ward 21-for da ladies
09-mr. vegas-some boy
10-spragga benz and t.o.k-we waah
11-vybz kartel-nah climb ft. ward 21
01-mavado-dem alone-kouala
02-mr vegas-i will never-kouala
03-bounty killer-rodneys intention-kouala
04-munga-want money-kouala
05-flex-go getter-kouala
06-chase cross-better days-kouala
07-demarco-secret fi dem-kouala
08-ding dong-my own-kouala
09-bounty killer-rodneys intention (radio edit)-kouala
01-chase cross-better dayz
02-flexx-go getta
03-mavado-mavado-dem alone
04-mr.vegas-fi get rich
05-munga-me want money
06-clearance riddim-version
01-aidonia-grab ar (edit)-rbk
02-italee-cobba cobba (edit)-rbk
03-monsta twins-hill and gully whine (edit)-rbk
04-shano-left leg (edit)-rbk
05-spice-badmind (edit)-rbk
06-t.o.k-good up (edit)-rbk
07-tifa-single (edit)-rbk
08-mr. peppa-walk and talk (edit)-rbk
09-lil joe-whine (edit)-rbk
10-equiknoxx music and gerusalem music-cobba cobba version-rbk
01-aidonia-grab ar (raw)-rbk
02-italee-cobba cobba (raw)-rbk
03-monsta twins-hill and gully whine (raw)-rbk
04-shano-left leg (raw)-rbk
05-spice-badmind (raw)-rbk
06-t.o.k-good up (raw)-rbk
07-tifa-single (raw)-rbk
08-mr. peppa-walk and talk (raw)-rbk
09-lil joe-whine (raw)-rbk
10-equiknoxx music and gerusalem music-cobba cobba version-rbk
01-capleton-liberation time-fs
02-capleton-liberation time (hiphop remix)-fs
03-gentleman-moment of truth-fs
04-morgan heritage-rampage-fs
01-chino-nothing at all
02-elephant man-gifted and black
03-voicemail-money pull up
01-chino-nothing at all-riddim
02-voicemail-money pull-up (ruff)-riddim
03-elephant-gifted and black-riddim
01-turbulence-stand and be yourself-W33d
02-singer jah-man dem wicked-W33d
03-tina nunez-forever-W33d
04-gyptian-come from far-W33d
05-strat don-i will be there-W33d
06-teflon-my downfall-W33d
07-camille-straight up-W33d
08-verison-cold feet riddim-W33d
01-sizzla-world leader in problem-riddim
02-vybz kartel-mi a talk-riddim
04-macka diamond-we flossing-riddim
05-nicky silk-work hard for this-riddim
06-choppa dan-the victory-riddim
07-mitch-the boom draw-riddim
08-mykal rose ft collie buddz and cali p-mr collie (remix)-riddim
09-collie monster riddim (food palace music prod)-version-riddim
01-sizzla-world leaders in problem-riddim
02-vybz kartel-mi talk with gunshot-riddim
03-chappa jan-the victory-riddim
04-nicky silk-work hard for this-riddim
01 Chase Ft Bad Indian – Blu Leafs-mgz
02 Delus – Fight-mgz
03 Delus Ft Tina – I Know You Want Me-mgz
04 Junior Reid – Some Say-mgz
05 Collision Riddim – Version-mgz
01-busy signal-dem mad
02-dwayne stevenson-backyard
03-mr. easy-fall on my knees
04-mr. perfect-happy birthday
05-natural black-freedom at last
06-nymron-dutty mind
07-columbian drop riddim-version
01-busy signal-dem mad-riddim
02-mr perfect-happy birthday-riddim
03-natural blacks-freedom at last-riddim
04-dwayne stevenson-backyard-riddim
05-nymron-dutty mind-riddim
06-mr easy-fall on my knees-riddim
07-lifetime records-columbian drop (instrumental)-riddim
01-eddiie fitzroy-come along-yard
02-aaron silk-black power-yard
03-jah mali-left nor right-yard
04-jazzwad-come along version-yard
02-papa levi-speed rappin
03-tippa irie-tippa pon da mic
04-million stylez and joey fever-young gunz
05-mr williamz-real general
06-da grynch-come down instrumental
01-kristopher-comfort zone
02-sly-forever mine (raw)
03-sly-forever mine (edit)
04-delly ranks-pleasure pain
05-buju banton-pretty everytime
06-wayne wonder-tomorrow
07-gyptian-hydro i smoke
08-new kidz and mitch-no strangers
09-dangel-your night (raw)
10-dangel-your night (edit)
11-fiona-work it(i love you)
12-version-comfort zone riddim (by delly ranks and pure music)
01-kistopher-comfort zone-riddim
02-sly-forever mine (raw)-riddim
03-sly- forever mine (edit)-riddim
04-buju banton-pretty everytime-riddim
05-delly ranx-pleasure pain-riddim
06-wayne wonder ft surprize-tomorrow-riddim
07-new kidz and mitch-no strangers-riddim
08-dangel-your night (raw)-riddim
09-dangel-your night (edit)-riddim
10-fiona-work it(i love you)-riddim
11-comfort zone riddim-version-riddim
01-angel doolas-trickster
02-anthony cruz-only the father
03-buju banton-time and place
04-delly ranx-charge
05-gyptian-life hard
06-mitch and new kidz-payroll
07-sanchez-that place
01-buju banton – time and place-w33d
02-sanchez – that place-w33d
03-gyptian – life hard-w33d
04-anthony cruz – only the father-w33d
05-delly ranx – charge-w33d
06-mitch and new kidz – payroll-w33d
07-angel doolas – trickster-w33d
01-nellie roxx-my life-yvp
03-tosh-concrete jungle-yvp
04-laza-street code-yvp
05-megah-real world-yvp
06-maleeka-step a side now-yvp
07-bescenta-iron rain-yvp
08-voicemail-wine up-yvp
10-teflon-incourage you to discourage you-yvp
11-pheona-wanting you-yvp
12-concrete jungle-version-yvp
01-big bang productionz-cool attraction riddim
02-d-east-perfect love
03-i lion ft dukie-let me touch you
02-natural black-would you be there-riddim
03-fiona-no competition-riddim
01-rasta grammy and quizflo-cooler fete anthem-riddim
02-kenyba-independent bumper-riddim
03-prophet pillar feat d chancellor-give me dat-riddim
04-brianna-control it-riddim
05-kiko-dan feat brother marvin-wine dat waist-riddim
06-nice-dont be shy-riddim
01-isasha-feel it-jah
02-million voice-according-jah
03-isasha and million voice-holy place-jah
04-ras pilot-righteous man-jah
05-franz job-the country boy song-jah
06-jah sesco-some good lovin-jah
07-gounzman and fyah empress-true love-jah
08-clifton yeates-so far away-jah
09-clifton yeates and starline-so far away pt.2-jah
10-dainjamental-time of my life-jah
11-i ancient-beautiful sensi-jah
12-country boyz foundation-country boy riddim-jah
01-turbulence-now is the time
04-cologne-dont give up
05-lamp fya-money we send feat. famous 1
07-dennis lace-give me a chance
08-pz-god is everything
09-sizzla-good love
10-isane-cute face feat. ringo star
11-marley campbell-my love
12-moneyless band-country girl riddim-version
01-turbulence-now is the time
02-hero-no loose ball
03-silver ice-dont worry feat. loxygen
04-cologne-dont give up
05-lamp fya-money we send feat. famous 1
07-dennis lace-give me a chance
08-pz-god is everything
09-sizzla-good love
10-isane-cute face feat. ringo star
11-marley campbell-my love
12-moneyless band-country girl riddim-version
01-burro banton-ya dun know (remix)-rks int
02-sweetie irie-too red eye (remix)-rks int
01-yasus afari and natural black-things a gwaan-yard
02-little hero-darling-yard
03-mikey melody-cry you a river-yard
04-meekie melody-be carefull-yard
01-benjai-whole day-riddim
02-ziggy rankin-wuk up-riddim
04-crazee riddim-version-riddim
01-tanya stephens-friends-yard
02-garnet silk-every knee shall bow-yard
03-dean fraser-friends version-yard
01-elephant man-couple up-ces
02-lazastepz-every gyal grab a man-ces
03-vybz kartel-dem cyaa hold wi down-ces
04-vybz kartel-dumpa truck-ces
05-yellow moon prod.-crazy mind (instrumental)-ces
01-va-half pint-crazy
02-va-bling dawg-soft as
03-va-calibe-my blood
04-va-clancy eccles junior-crusin
05-va-crazy rhythm-instrumental
07-va-g. monie-fictitious
08-va-hawkeye-no long talking
09-va-innocent kru-danger
10-va-jana bent-si mi ya
11-va-lukie d-man like me
12-va-mr. g-roll up
13-va-power man-thy enemies
14-va-red rose-give it to her
15-va-roots 76-bad man anthem
16-va-sasha-natural high
01-bling dawg-soft as-riddim
02-red rose-give it to her-riddim
03-sasha-natural high-riddim
04-innocent kru-danger-riddim
05-hawkeye-no long talking-riddim
06-mr. g-roll up-riddim
07-half pint-crazy-riddim
09-lukie d-man like me-riddim
10-power man-thy enemies-riddim
11-calibe-my blood-riddim
12-roots 76-bad man anthem-riddim
13-jana bent-si mi ya-riddim
14-clancy eccles junior-crusin-riddim
16-crazy riddim-version-riddim
01-beenie man-whine eeh
02-bounty killer-crosser than ever
03-cherine anderson-hey baby
04-mad cobra-pretty pink
05-sizzla-whine up
07-yanique-got sone love
08-creator riddim-version
01-beenie man-whine eeeh-riddim
02-t swagger-wassup-riddim
03-yanique-got some love-riddim
04-cherine anderson-hey baby-riddim
05-bounty killer-crosser than ever-riddim
06-mad cobra-pretty pink-riddim
07-sizzla-whine up-riddim
08-creator riddim (bulby)-version-riddim
a1-creator-such is life
b1-jolly brothers-dread dreader
01-ras mc bean-empress divine-kouala
02-lyricson-need not to worry-kouala
03-lutan fayah-girl you know-kouala
04-little di lion-crying-kouala
05-mad killah-sans ma femme-kouala
01-crisis riddim-version-riddim
02-roger banton-crisis-riddim
03-david hinds feat zion irie-music is fire-riddim
04-ras mac bean-row your boat-riddim
05-prince theo-faya bun dem-riddim
01-double k-get up (wanna ride) (master)-fs
02-ice cold-boom (raw)-fs
03-ice cold-boom (edit)-fs
04-lisa hype-gimme buddy (raw)-fs
05-lisa hype-gimme buddy (edit)-fs
06-sean storm-dilly dolly (raw)-fs
07-vybz kartel-tek it (raw)-fs
08-vybz kartel-tek it (edit)-fs
09-crop over-instrumental-fs
01-natural black lutan fyah and turbulence-move out
02-noble society-mama so divine
04-norris man-live your life clean
05-al pancho-worlien
06-king imani and lutan fyah-first and last
07-jah mason-if the night should turn to day
08-determine-burn out fi dat
10-jahdan blakkamoore-golden city
11-i lue-see dem going down
12-norris man-wish they were there
13-lutan fyah-shes like the rainbow
14-messenjah selah-she ask me say
15-chezidek-right time
16-khari kill-levitate
17-lutan fyah-slow to anger
18-chrisinti-same hands
01-frankie paul-alley alley ho-yard
02-anthony b-war-yard
03-m. johnson-cuss cuss riddim version-yard
01-admiral tibet-if me never run-riddim
02-purity-learn a lot-riddim
03-ras q-rastafari way-riddim
04-zico featuring greta frost-like rain-riddim
05-kyah omega-mix up-riddim
06-greta frost-know better-riddim
07-ras iba-dredda-riddim
08-potenkle i-injustice-riddim
09-smoke and aqua-dead weight (raw)-riddim
10-smoke and aqua-dead weight (radio edit)-riddim
11-dayinjah-love song-riddim
12-shalli-shalli sings (raw)-riddim
13-shalli-shalli sings (radio edit)-riddim
14-universal speakers-cool now-riddim
15-determine-i had a dream (come to pass)-riddim
16-zico and greta frost-dub like rain-riddim
17-cuss fix riddim-upsetta sound-riddim
01-admiral tibet-if me never run-yvp
02-purity-learn a lot-yvp
03-ras q-rastafari way-yvp
04-zico feat. greta frost-like rain-yvp
05-kyah omega-mix up-yvp
06-greta frost-know better-yvp
07-ras iba-dredda-yvp
08-potenkle i-injustice-yvp
09-smoke and aqua (raw)-dead weight-yvp
10-smoke and aqua (radio edit)-dead weight-yvp
11-dayinjah-love song-yvp
12-shalli-shalli sings (raw)-yvp
13-shalli-shalli sings (radio edit)-yvp
14-universal speakers-cool now-yvp
15-determine-i had a dream (come to pass remix)-yvp
16-zico and greta-dub like rain-yvp
17-cuss fix riddim-version-yvp
01-revelation zebulon and kenny aurther-water
02-daddy ranking and sexy tricia-jock it nanny
03-ayanna la borde-get away
04-revelation-caribbean girl
06-revelation-love yuh life
09-valley-pan romance
10-squibby-pan music
11-squibby-way de parang gone
13-victoria cooper-fete
01-kiprich-nah gi him none-gully
02-ward 21-shine-gully
03-ward 21-shine (edit)-gully
04-cut up-version-gully
01-frisko kid-stinger-gully
02-tony curtis-beat of my heart-gully
03-cutie pie-version-gully
01-the upsetters-enter the dragon-yard
02-sam carty-i dont mind-yard
03-the upsetters-cane river rock-yard
04-king burnett-i man free-yard
05-the upsetters-jamaica theme-yard
06-the upsetter-time-yard
07-leo graham-jump it-yard
08-sam carty-life is a flower-yard
09-the gaylads-have some fun-yard
10-the gaylads-nature man-yard
11-the silvertones-dub a pum pum-yard
12-linval spencer-fu kung man-yard
01-full breed-afrika is the place
02-diggi royal-love jah
03-dainjamental-h e n s
04-mr king-fyah
05-king david-da hood
06-jah defender-my town
07-levi myaz-badda dan
08-spensah-don think youre safe
09-lyrikal-no peace
10-various-peace and war dub mix
02-revolutionaries-this good-gully
01-phive pound and eustace-vibes
02-mr menace-energy
03-snakey-watch what you eat
04-phive pound feat sexy tricia-pepper
05-d lux-calling meh
06-d wake up riddim-version
01-kiprich-right so-jamrock
02-bunco-da riddim ya-jamrock
03-delly ranx ft. mitch-she nuh call me back-jamrock
07-da riddim ya riddim-version-jamrock
01-kiprich-right so (edit)-fs
02-kiprich-right so (raw)-fs
03-bunco-da riddim ya-fs
04-delly ranx ft mitch-she nuh call me back-fs
08-enrapture production-da riddim ya (version)-fs
01-300-nuhn bout yuh (dandh remix)-yvp
02-alozade and singer j-watch gal (dandh remix)-yvp
03-beenie and miss thing-creepa dude (dandh remix)-yvp
04-black rhyno-send yuh go home (dandh remix)-yvp
05-buju banton-gal dem tiaad (dandh remix)-yvp
06-cham-creepa vitamin s (dandh remix)-yvp
07-delus feat busta rhymes-gangsta money (dandh remix)-yvp
08-delus feat busta rhymes-gangsta money (dandh remix) (edit)-yvp
09-delus feat. ti and nicole-whatever yuh like (dandh remix) (edit)-yvp
10-delus feat. ti and nicole-whatever yuh like (dandh remix)-yvp
11-delus-gangwar (dandh remix)-yvp
12-elephant man feat lady gaga-sweep part 1 (dandh remix)-yvp
13-elephant man feat vybz kartel and aidonia-all about pumpum (dandh remix)-yvp
14-general b-style dem (dandh remix) (edit)-yvp
15-general b-style dem (dandh remix)-yvp
16-hitmaker-pray for me (dandh remix)-yvp
17-hitmaker-rise di kay (dandh remix)-yvp
18-hitmaker-rise di kay (dandh remix) (edit)-yvp
19-hitmaker-wha see mi fall (dandh remix)-yvp
20-hitmaker-wha see mi fall (dandh remix) (edit)-yvp
21-kari jess-colda dan cold (dandh remix)-yvp
22-kiprich-neva neva (dandh remix)-yvp
23-konshens-this means money (dandh remix)-yvp
24-lil wayne feat vybz kartel-more life (dandh remix)-yvp
25-maikal x-warning advocate (dandh remix)-yvp
26-sadiki-kuum (dandh remix)-yvp
27-serani-no games (dandh remix)-yvp
28-shalli-mrs all about love (dandh remix)-yvp
29-shalli-shalli sings (dandh remix)-yvp
30-sizzla feat vybz kartel-reallest ting (dandh remix)-yvp
01-vybz kartel-dallaz-riddim
02-elephant man-style them-riddim
03-munga-gangster sumu-riddim
04-don corleon-me dem a call (edit)-riddim
05-lisa hype-that them gawn too-riddim
06-sustain-no talk eh talk-riddim
01-va-cobra-move him rass-gully
02-va-lady saw-ole wukka-gully
01-damsell ship riddim (1997 shocking vibes)-beenie man – girls i see-W33d
02-damsell ship riddim (1997 shocking vibes)-general degree – yuh nuh love-W33d
03-damsell ship riddim (1997 shocking vibes)-lady saw – ninja bike-W33d
04-damsell ship riddim (1997 shocking vibes)-lady saw – ole wukka rude boy-W33d
05-damsell ship riddim (1997 shocking vibes)-mega banton – hotter than them-W33d
06-damsell ship riddim (1997 shocking vibes)-nadine sutherland – one man-W33d
01-frankie wilmoth-think mi di done-yard
02-pad anthony-i came i saw i conquer-yard
03-frankie wilmoth-no retreat no surrender-yard
04-casseyman-rewind and come again-yard
05-don angelo and pad anthony-lyric to a sound boy-yard
06-stama ranks-draw yu brake-yard
07-king culture-the conquer ra dub-yard
08-pad anthony-bad bwoy-yard
09-barry brown-no. 1-yard
10-dennis harriott-style and fashion-yard
11-howie smart-money money-yard
12-suru board-sound boy-yard
13-lady princess-sex good chart-yard
14-king culture-dub chart-yard
01-va-the bibow posse side a-yard
02-va-the bibow posse side b-yard
01-dawn penn-you dont love me (no no no)
02-terror fabulous and nadine sutherland-action
03-va-anything for you (all star cast remix)
04-tony tuff-girl ive got to get you
05-buju banton-love me brownin
06-nardo ranks-them a bleach
07-bunny general-full up a class
08-patra (featuring yo yo)-romantic call
09-shabba ranks-dem bow
10-jigsy king and tony curtis-butterfly
11-buju banton-bogle
12-beenie man-world dance
13-lady saw-hardcore (its raining)
14-mad cobra-dun life
15-born jamericans-boom shack a-tack
16-mega banton-sound boy killing (remix)
17-capleton-tour (lil jon and pauls remix)
01-shabba ranks-trailor load a girls
02-buju banton-have fi get yu tonight
03-nadine sutherland and buju banton-wicked dickie
04-capleton-alms house
05-barrington levy and bounty killer-living dangerously
06-sean paul-infiltrate
07-beenie man-big up and trust
08-tanya stephens-goggle
09-general degree-granny
10-papa san-maddy maddy cry
11-el general-te ves buena
12-ninjaman-test the high power
13-reggie stepper-drum pan sound
14-nardo ranks-burrup
15-yami bolo-when a mans in love
16-tiger-ram dance hall
17-admiral tibet shabba ranks and ninjaman-serious time
01-johnny osbourne-no ice cream sound-gully
02-bounty killer-cellular phone-gully
03-shabba ranks-fresh-gully
04-louie culture-bombs and rockets-gully
05-nitty gritty-good morning teacher-gully
06-beenie man-praise him-gully
08-terror fabulous-gun fool-gully
10-spragga benz-good day-gully
11-chaka demus-bad bad chaka-gully
12-bounty killer-mama ivys last son-gully
01-d penn b killa d brown and ken boothe-world a respect(no no no)-gully
02-buju banton and frankie paul-bring your body come to me-gully
03-jessie gender-single mom-gully
04-beres hammond-learn fi dance-gully
05-pirate-fly the gate-gully
06-capleton-prepare your coffin-gully
07-jigsy king-trust me-gully
08-kashief lindo and super c-lock and key-gully
09-buju banton and don t-big up-gully
10-admiral bailey and little john-bun-gully
01-ragga lox-cruzing
02-turbulence-she loves me
03-elephant man-the glue
04-tsahai-come away
05-turbulence-pure in heart
07-terri lindsay-sweet baby
08-turbulence-come over
09-school boy-put school first
10-shatta-weh me live
11-g maffiah-border line
01-tanto metro and devonte-di rest
02-ward21-city on lock
03-sizzla-plan on your future
04-mega banton-she wants to be my woman
05-red rat-that girl
06-beenie man-relax
07-ghost-at a price
08-goofy-go for it
09-ricky general-stamina man
10-elephant man-get a life
11-buccaneer-let them talk
12-capleton-ready for war
13-mr vegas-my girl
14-tanya stephens-take the lead
15-lady g-your a joker
16-lady saw-peel off
17-sean paul-hot girl
18-harry toddler-so called friends
19-tony tuff-are you for me
20-bounty killa-cry for you
01-general degree-sweet cologne
02-mr.vegas-wuk the money
04-hawk eye-a we
05-bennie man-do you wanna dis
06-pinchers-yagga yah
07-tony rebel-enough is enough
08-glamma kid-run the place red
09-junior tucker-my girl tonight
10-lt. stitchie-nigth club
11-nana mclean-trod on
12-devonte-if i hold you
01-uptown links-rise di rifle-fs
02-tactiks-full black suit-fs
03-damo-my gun dem-fs
04-dark army version-dp records-fs
01-jr reid-my place-fs
02-elephant man-money ova war-fs
03-beenie man-defend it-fs
04-vybz kartel-smaddy dead-fs
05-assassin-come mek we show dem-fs
07-unknown artist-uknown track-fs
08-unknown artist-uknown track 8-fs
01-bounty killer and assailant-gangstas straight-riddim
02-nymron and marlon binns-bus mi gun-riddim
03-iyara-kill sumn-riddim
04-flawless-pus it ova deh-riddim
01-anju kumbz-fools should never know-w33d
02-aj brown-classical-w33d
03-terror fabulous-keep it real-w33d
04-tanya stephens-just one-w33d
05-stacious-story straight-w33d
06-aj brown-real rock-w33d
07-cutty ranks-pressure-w33d
08-singing melody-love is what i need-w33d
09-flouron-ras from the woodland-w33d
10-dreadson-order of the day-w33d
11-ghost-soul provider-w33d
12-ginja-realest dealest-w33d
13-luciano-love affair (feat queen ifreika) -w33d
14-izzezi-gun not nice-w33d
15-josey whales-fi wi island-w33d
16-anthony malvo-need more love (feat insane)-w33d
17-ras mryduk- feel the pain-w33d
18-natty king-nine month-w33d
19-george nooks-no comprimise-w33d
20-fat eyes production-darker shade version-w33d
01-va-common thred feat chris thomas-darlin you-fs
02-va-jahmika-you darlin you-fs
03-va-darlin you-version-fs
01-bugle-fluffy (raw)-yard
02-christopher martin-want mi ting (raw)-yard
03-deh deh-nah drop off (edit)-yard
04-deh deh-nah drop off (raw)-yard
05-new kidz-ghetto party (raw)-yard
01-new kidz-ghetto party
02-wasp-flippa mafia
01-daville-neva gonna cry
02-ricky blaze feat fresh prince and jr vibes-how me look
01-cherine anderson feat beenie man-my neighbour-fs
02-daville-bitter sweet love-fs
03-perfect-gucci bag love-fs
04-devonte-hyper active-fs
05-david king-deciever-fs
01-va-d-crew presents ond sound-night call-bootleg
01-va-de joint presents mr stylistic-mini bus style-bootleg
01-mavado-jamaica (dj nawee refix)
02-tarus riley-trapsetter
03-wasp-unfair officer
04-vybz kartel-d.o.a (death of alliance)
05-blak ryno-send you go home
06-konshens-pretty devil
07-vybz kartel-without my own
08-death of autotune riddim-instrumental
01-bounty killer-killing-rbk
02-blak ryno-nuh tek talk-rbk
03-stein-bad man straight-rbk
04-mavado-sing song-rbk
05-tnez-nuh fear yuh face-rbk
06-version-death row riddim-rbk
01-flexxx-ask fi war-riddim
02-stein and savage-mama bawl-riddim
03-star-buss inna face-riddim
04-mad cobra-dash weh-riddim
05-death row riddim (chimney records prod)-version-riddim
01-junior delgado and castro brown-trickster nine months gone-gully
02-carlton and the shoes-better days-gully
01-deejblaze-pop champagne unfinished remix (edit)-yvp
02-deejblaze-pop champagne unfinished remix (raw)-yvp
01-midnite-negus i rastafari
02-black uhuru-brand new world
03-luciano-live my life
04-warrior king-redemption come
05-chezidek-make it grow
06-natty king-after the war
07-richie spice-rumors
08-lutan fyah-long road
09-midnite-supplication to him
10-black uhuru-scorching ray
11-luciano-wicked slavery days
12-warrior king-spread some love
13-chezidek-gonna make it one day
14-natty king-blood shed
15-richie spice-jokey jokey
16-lutan fyah-poor man previlege
18-midnite-train filled his temple
01-beenie man-matie-gully
02-ghost-one last try-gully
03-spragga benz-dem flap-gully
04-dem bow-riddim-gully
01-joe dukie and dj fitchie-this room-kouala
02-the black seeds-shazzy dub-kouala
03-deyampert-the sweetest delusion (frost and wagner remix)-kouala
04-joe dukie and dj fitchie-midnight marauders (dub version)-kouala
05-kabuki-after the fire feat cleveland watkiss (alternate version)-kouala
06-recloose-deeper waters feat joe dukie (yes king remix)-kouala
07-micatone-trouble boy feat ear aka demba nabe-kouala
08-ras-beat de la romantique-kouala
09-sygaire-good to go feat miss yolanda-kouala
10-eva be-she walks alone feat pegah ferydoni-kouala
11-chaka domu and lady yolanda-mash up (the dancehall mix)-kouala
12-seeds-dancehall credentials (instrumental)-kouala
13-frost and wagner-big disgrace feat rebellion-kouala
14-eva be-she walks alone feat pegah ferydoni (vocal track)-kouala
01-daddy lizard-fire fire-lvy
02-general t k-ruff like me-lvy
03-gospel fish-gun talk-lvy
04-bunny general-mi girl gone-lvy
05-junior ruff-love agony-lvy
06-sandy and mikey melody-forever (adapted)-lvy
08-power man-naah tan so back-lvy
09-beenie man-tata fool-lvy
10-mafia and fluxy-version-lvy
01-mr vegas and maestro-round of applause-kouala
02-elephant man-dancing ring-kouala
03-kirkledove-breath stretch-kouala
04-busy signal-whine up whine up-kouala
05-cecile-my man-kouala
06-general degree-problem-kouala
07-aisha davis-got to find joe-kouala
08-kirkledove-stay on the right path-kouala
09-cecile-like a virgin-kouala
10-mr vegas-shut up-kouala
11-shantia-tink mi easy-kouala
12-ginjah-walking store-kouala
13-turbulance-ur my all-kouala
14-chrisinti-the righteous-kouala
15-determine-red hot-kouala
16-stephanie wallace-need a change-kouala
01-jallanzo-dont burn your bridges
02-devon black-jah will work it out
03-sophia squire-stand up
04-i bah mai-had it and lost it
05-sambo kidd-always standing tall
06-singing cologne-never let di devil
07-nitro-love we used to show
08-prince alla-jezebel
09-renegade-break up your folly
10-daynjah-gideon get stiff
11-kafoo-we all could par
12-john mouse-live it up
13-viceroys-wisdom free
01-jallanzo-dont burn your bridges
02-devon black-jah will work it out
03-sophia squire-stand up
04-i bah mai-had it and lost it
05-sambo kidd-always standing tall
06-singing cologne-never let di devil
07-nitro-love we used to show
08-prince alla-jezebel
09-renegade-break up your folly
10-daynjah-gideon get stiff
11-kafoo-we all could par
12-john mouse-live it up
13-viceroys-wisdom free
01 cool side
02 relax side
01-shabba ranks and cocoa tea-love me truly-jah
02-terror fabulous-woulda bawl-jah
03-spragga benz-no fun ting-jah
04-junior tucker-why-jah
05-bounty killer-no argument-jah
06-gregory isaacs-easy-jah
07-jigsy king-have what it takes-jah
08-beenie man and leroy sibbles-original full up-jah
09-garnett silk-place in your heart-jah
10-terry ganzie-going back to texas-jah
01-johnny osbourne-i am a believer-gully
02-phillip frazier-please stay-gully
03-singing melody-one more chance-gully
04-thriller u-love you more than i can stay-gully
05-nardo ranks-fighty fighty-gully
06-eccleton jarrett-love at first site-gully
07-shabba ranks and leslie thunder-run come-gully
08-shakademus-slim girl-gully
10-shabba ranks and wayne fire-good loving-gully
01-beenie man-sometimes
02-dangel-huray huray
03-esco-good up
04-mega b-gal pree
05-nymron-distracting me
06-rdx-any gal cant wine (edit)
07-style x-gimmi di gal dem
08-supa hype-excitement
01-dangel-huray huray
02-beenie man-sometimes
03-style x-gimmi di gal dem
04-mega b-gal pree
05-esco-good up
06-rdx-any gal cant wine (edit)
07-nymron-distracting me
08-supa hype-excitement
01-jukie blacks-buddy head(raw)-w33d
02-jukie blacks-buddy head(edit)-w33d
03-fudgie springer-pussy please(raw)-w33d
04-fudgie springer-pussy please(accapella)-w33d
05-fudgie springe-whats your name-w33d
06-jfashion-waan me buddy(edit)-w33d
07-jfashion-waan me buddy final-w33d
08-dirtyjokerz riddim-version-w33d
01-badxman-the blood-kouala
02-badxman-the drop dead funk-kouala
03-cardopusher-carne sentada-kouala
04-cardopusher-youthman dread-kouala
05-kid 606-mash up the place-kouala
06-kid 606-mash up the place (digisoca mix)-kouala
01-orlando octave-disconnected-fs
02-sizzla kalonji-open up your heart-fs
01-jigsy king-rudeboy medly-yard
02-jr. reid-jah is everything-yard
01-gangsta marv-money intro-gmg
02-elephant man-style dem-gmg
03-sustain-no talk eh talk-gmg
04-munga-gangsta supm-gmg
05-lisa hype-that dem gawn to-gmg
07-bugle-lord is thie sheperd-gmg
08-kartel-supen ago happen-gmg
10-flippa mafia-walk ova-gmg
11-gangsta marv ft punisha-murder dem dub-gmg
12-dejavu-suck unu mumma dub-gmg
13-movado-mocking bird-gmg
15-ding dong-street team-gmg
16-andrew wada blood-money-gmg
17-konshens-pretty devil-gmg
18-hyah slice-feel so fine-gmg
19-kartel ft indu-verginity-gmg
20-kanaris-herbalist dub-gmg
21-charley black-bubble dub-gmg
22-flippa mafia-repeat dub-gmg
23-gangsta marv-dun out deh-gmg
24-dj ablaze-step out pon dem-gmg
25-kanaris-a me dem affa-gmg
26-dejavu ft kiprich-i will servive-gmg
27-assassin-cyaa get wi out-gmg
28-mrvegas-i am bless-gmg
29-elephant man-live it up-gmg
30-flippa mafia-mi house-gmg
32-laden-naa lef di gal dem-gmg
33-movado-high unda-gmg
34-kartel-dollar sign-gmg
35-jagwa-di gumption-gmg
36-kanaris-yes indeed dub-gmg
37-lexxus-hole nuh good-gmg
38-gangsta marv-yu look good-gmg
39-ekephant man-horny wine-gmg
40-beenie man-pop off-gmg
41-chino-yuh boasty-gmg
42-laden-really rate mi-gmg
43-assassin-pree dis-gmg
44-kartel-dem nuh like wi-gmg
45-kanaris-no fishes dub-gmg
46-gangsta marv-dem bwoy deh dub-gmg
47-busy signal-tie die face-gmg
48-busy signal-any gal mi want single-gmg
49-assailant-dirty money-gmg
50-elephant man-from yu bless-gmg
51-elephant man-from yu bless-gmg
52-busy signal-the herb-gmg
53-assassin-mind of my own-gmg
54-shane o-like alligator-gmg
56-aidonia-i like her-gmg
57-kanaris-room 103-gmg
58-elephant man-tip up-gmg
59-macka diamond-come-gmg
60-elephant man-couple up-gmg
61-gangsta marv-nuh matta dem-gmg
62-kartel-dumpa truck-gmg
64-kartel-u a mi baby-gmg
65-kartel-come breed mi-gmg
66-jah vinci ft popcorn-life past-gmg
67-kartel-swear to jah-gmg
68-black rhino ft jah vinci-fight fi war-gmg
69-serani fr bugle-daseca for lyfe-gmg
70-kibaki-buss my own-gmg
71-aidonia-when we buss it-gmg
73-bounty killa-jus mek a duppy-gmg
01-va-dj andy smith-greensleeves document
01-dj frass and acid blade-caan ban this mixtape-jah
01-elephant man-horny wine
02-rain forest riddim-rain forest riddim
03-prototyp and jhoblack-lavi gangsta
04-yoyo deejay-yoyo deejay
05-barrington levy and jadakiss-hard times
06-mavado-money changerdj izo remix
07-elephant man-haters
08-demarco-life no easy
11-chino and wayne marshall-real revolution
12-spragga benz-badman class
13-war trumpet riddim-war trumpet riddim
14-elephant man-balance pon it
15-yoyo deejay-yoyo deejay
16-swagga dagga riddim-swagga dagga riddim
17-evil medz riddim-evil medz riddim
18-casino riddim-casino riddim
19-move me riddim-move me riddim
20-wire waist riddim-wire waist riddim
21-mavado-a so u move
22-stress free riddim-stress free riddim
01-intro-spuggle chat me-gmg
02-kartel-more life-gmg
03-mavado-dem alone-gmg
05-flex-go getta-gmg
06-munga-mi wah money-gmg
07-chase cross-better days-gmg
08-bounty killer-intension-gmg
09-baby cham-recession-gmg
10-ishawna-want you-gmg
11-raine servile-curious-gmg
12-serani-give me-gmg
13-jahvinchi sean storm-gaza wine-gmg
15-black rhyno-can i-gmg
16-mavado-let go-gmg
17-elephant man-walk out-gmg
18-flex-gallis for ever-gmg
19-kartel-like a movie-gmg
20-bugle-dem fight-gmg
21-mavado-talk dem a talk-gmg
22-kartel-cah hold we dung-gmg
23-elephant man-couple up-gmg
24-kartel-dumpa truck-gmg
25-charley blacks-fuck me-gmg
26-beenie man busta rhymes-giggle-gmg
28-t-swag-so fly-gmg
29-kartel-born straight-gmg
30-cobra-chatty mouth-gmg
31-serani bugle-dasela life-gmg
32-kibaki-anytime mi buss mine own-gmg
34-aidonia-whe mi a buss it-gmg
35-bounty killer-just mek a duppy-gmg
36-version-street tem-gmg
37-bugle-lord a your shepherd-gmg
38-konshens-lulu bag-gmg
39-bling dawg-mi nah tek-gmg
40-assassin-have we tings-gmg
41-ding dong-starz-gmg
42-kartel-something ago happen-gmg
43-munga-go hard-gmg
44-kartel-nah fuck no batty-gmg
45-bounty killer-stand alone-gmg
46-mavado-money nuff-gmg
47-baby cham-dem fi gweh-gmg
48-konshens-good life and livity-gmg
49-assassin-ginep stain-gmg
50-flippa mafia-unfinish house-gmg
52-vegas-im so bless-gmg
53-laden-call we name-gmg
54-mavado-high ana-gmg
55-twins of twins-business need we-gmg
56-kartel-hustle di money-gmg
57-ding dong-more money-gmg
58-jim crown-spen some cash-gmg
59-dudsymil-shining star-gmg
60-bramma steven-dem evil-gmg
61-christina starz-strained-gmg
63-kartel-wine up sexy body-gmg
64-beenieman-wine for me-gmg
01-tyrical-waan my own-gmg
02-konshens-no money to give you-gmg
03-erupt-pop dat-gmg
04-nazzle-smile om mi mom face-gmg
05-jah vinci-prayer-gmg
06-vybz kartel-dutty angella-gmg
07-popcaan-jah jah protect me-gmg
08-jah vinci-there for me-gmg
09-vybz kartel-wah sum grade-gmg
10-black rhyno-cry eye water-gmg
11-black rhyno-see you again-gmg
12-bugle-dont blame life-gmg
14-vybz kartel-tell him a lie-gmg
15-unknown-correct girl-gmg
16-vybz kartel-love dem-gmg
17-mavado-house cleaning-gmg
18-ataru and bibi gardener-dem get caught-gmg
19-patex-tell me how-gmg
21-beenie man and verstile-my money a mine-gmg
22-flippa mafia-dem style yah-gmg
23-ding dong-how yuh bad so-gmg
24-elephant man-gyal waah wi-gmg
25-bramma-friends to the end-gmg
26-laden-when you a come-gmg
27-vybz kartel-bicycle-gmg
28-aidonia-bruk out-gmg
29-chino-clap it-gmg
30-elephant man-represent-gmg
31-mavado-hope and pray-gmg
32-jah vinci and popcaan-life past-gmg
33-shawn storm-clap inna face-gmg
34-lisa hype-badmand gal-gmg
35-spice-no gyal can tek my man-gmg
36-vybz kartel-never fuck batty-gmg
37-vybz kartel-gaza commandments-gmg
38-beenie man-gaza mi seh-gmg
39-beenie man-woman-gmg
40-vybz kartel-wine pon me-gmg
41-unknown-when we ah war-gmg
42-chi ching ching-talk good now-gmg
43-black rhyno-wine up yuh body-gmg
44-vybz kartel and shawn storm-yuh wine have value-gmg
46-assailant-run the streets-gmg
47-bling dawg-dayz-gmg
48-busy signal-mi love money-gmg
49-unknown-dutty money-gmg
50-leftside-naah wah-gmg
51-mr vegas-di train-gmg
53-terrpr 3000-tip up-gmg
54-elephant man-no fren no enemy-gmg
55-ding dong-skip-gmg
56-sizzla-five o-gmg
57-unknown-make dat money-gmg
01-va-dj kenny-boom tune mix 09-hlc
01-dj kenny-boom tune vol 2-jah
01-va-dj kenny-cultural dancehall mix-yvp
01-dj kenny-cultural hitz 2-jah
01-va-dj kenny-cultural lovers rock 12-hlc
01-dj kenny-roots culture mix 6-jah
01-the survey-intro-gmg
02-drake ft.serani-best i ever had rmx-gmg
03-assassin-hand inna di air-gmg
04-black rhyno-badmind-gmg
05-munga-money stockpile-gmg
06-popcaan-hustle food-gmg
08-aidonia-evil head-gmg
09-neva scared-vybz kartel-gmg
10-j logix-hustly-gmg
11-jah vinci-mi knoe-gmg
12-beenie man-gaza mi seh-gmg
13-vybz kartel-gaza commandments-gmg
14-tifa-dem ting nuh good-gmg
15-deva bratt-big money spending-gmg
16-elephant man-bedroom killer-gmg
17-bugle-bubble like soup-gmg
18-flippa mafia-nuh hail-gmg
19-kiprich and ovamars-nuh behaviour-gmg
20-mr.vegas-di train-gmg
21-tifa-new man-gmg
22-elephant man-nah fren no enemy-gmg
23-rdx-wine up-gmg
24-jah vinci-guide me-gmg
25-laden-when u a come down-gmg
26-elephant man-gyal waan wi-gmg
27-ding dong-how u suh bad-gmg
28-flippa mafia-dem style ya-gmg
30-beenie man and versatile-my money a mine-gmg
31-assassin-hand to mouth-gmg
32-vybz kartel-love dem-gmg
33-mavado-house cleaning-gmg
34-vybz kartel-bicycle-gmg
35-aidonia-bruk out-gmg
36-beenie man-whatever mi like-gmg
37-bugle-anything goes-gmg
38-voicemail-no behavior-gmg
39-elephant man-represent-gmg
40-vybz kartel-mr.officer-gmg
41-mavado-hope and pray-gmg
42-elephant man-one more time-gmg
43-j logix and fivestar-bend dem-gmg
44-black rhyno-dont stop wine-gmg
45-bramma-do as i say-gmg
46-chino-waan fi keep u-gmg
47-beenie man-bubble gyal-gmg
48-vybz kartel-genie wine-gmg
49-aidonia-uh oh-gmg
50-mavado-sweetest time-gmg
51-busy signal-different gyal-gmg
52-busy signal-the gun is mine-gmg
53-busy signal-some bwoy a pussy face-gmg
54-busy signal-pum pum pum-gmg
55-busy signal and chi ching-i jus wanna fuck-gmg
56-kiprich-nah let u doen-gmg
57-spice-dem a chat-gmg
59-elephant man-you caan-gmg
60-erupt-nah give up-gmg
61-j logix-leve me-gmg
62-elephant man-clean-gmg
63-munga-hot over-gmg
64-vybz kartel-slow motion-gmg
65-cecile-nah stress ova man-gmg
66-elephant man-poverty-gmg
67-beenie man-humility-gmg
68-lady saw-beg yu-gmg
70-touchiess-cum inna mi yard-gmg
71-beenie man-wine-gmg
72-vybz kartel-gwan suh-gmg
73-konshens-no money to give u-gmg
74-jah vinci-prayer-gmg
75-erupt-pop dat-gmg
01-dj loudmouth-statement intro-gmg
03-mavado-again and again-gmg
04-laden-really like you-gmg
05-serani-it s so hard-gmg
06-mavado-a so you a move-gmg
07-shema-better know yourself-gmg
08-laden-really rate me-gmg
09-beenie man-pop off-gmg
10-matterhon-come quick-gmg
11-elephant man-horny wine-gmg
12-frisco kid-crazy me crazy-gmg
13-assassin-pree dis-gmg
14-vybz kartel-dem nuh like we-gmg
15-mr vegas-i m blessed-gmg
17-assassin-caan get we out-gmg
18-elephant man-live it up-gmg
19-shawn bush-nuff money dub-gmg
20-flippa mafia-unfinish house-gmg
21-mavado-high under-gmg
22-vybz kartel-money pon mi mind-gmg
23-busy signal-easy access-gmg
24-leftside and kardinal official-fresh-gmg
25-j logix-nuttin nah gwan-gmg
27-spice-inna mi closet-gmg
28-spice-yuh nuh good-gmg
29-pamputae-daggering academy-gmg
30-danielle-ready body-gmg
31-merital-wine up body-gmg
32-busy signal-tightest-gmg
33-queen paula-daggering shop-gmg
34-vybz kartel and spice-rampin shop-gmg
35-vybz kartel and spice-rampin shop refix-gmg
36-capleton-stampin shop-gmg
37-beenie man-walkout mi gyal-gmg
38-lady saw-get over it-gmg
39-munga-change position-gmg
40-mavado-till she bawl-gmg
41-elephant man-alli luya-gmg
42-elephant man-run dem weh-gmg
43-tok-no bag a man ting-gmg
44-charley black-turn and twist-gmg
45-ding dong-no man room-gmg
46-j logix-too tiny-gmg
47-kiprich and blacker-ugly so-gmg
48-beenie man-good time-gmg
49-rdx ft bermuda kid-bend ova-gmg
50-aidonia-wine and bubble-gmg
51-aidonia-i like her-gmg
52-macka diamond-come-gmg
53-elephant man-tip up-gmg
54-busy signal-praise and worship-gmg
55-elephant man-sasa step-gmg
56-demarco and ding dong-sprinkle the place-gmg
57-mavado-neva believe u-gmg
58-elephant man-swagga dagga-gmg
60-mavado-it s rainin again-gmg
61-black rhyno and jah vinci-fight fi war-gmg
62-vybz kartel-somebody haffi bawl-gmg
63-vybz kartel-last man standing-gmg
64-black rhyno-heights of great man-gmg
65-jah vinci-mek sum money-gmg
66-vybz kartel-mama-gmg
67-elephant man-haters-gmg
68-mavado and flexx-tell dem walk wid dem casket-gmg
71-snoop-walk out-gmg
72-pearla-she hot-gmg
73-chux star-my addiction-gmg
74-beenie man-something about you-gmg
01-glen washington-good loving-gmg
02-beres hammonds-cant say i never tried-gmg
03-john legend fr buju banton-cant be my lover-gmg
04-john legend-no other love-gmg
05-tarrus riley-cold kisses-gmg
06-brick and lace-cry on me-gmg
07-rain drops version-gmg
08-tok-i need to know-gmg
09-cezar-i cant get over you-gmg
10-chris martin-rain drops-gmg
11-martina-you made me fall in love-gmg
12-dmajor-cant get enough-gmg
13-peetah heritage-if there is no tomorrow-gmg
14-daville-i do this all for you-gmg
15-ice man-broke the love-gmg
17-voicemail-i believe-gmg
18-trough the fire version-gmg
19-tok-i wanna love you-gmg
21-kris kelly-find another love-gmg
23-delly ranks-pass worse-gmg
24-torch-cant get we out-gmg
25-tok-call on me-gmg
26-nitty kutchie-neva scared-gmg
27-richie spice-i dont see-gmg
28-natural blacks-babylon ah burn-gmg
29-voicemail-im in love with a stranger-gmg
30-jahcure-two wat street-gmg
31-chemistry version-gmg
32-bugle ft tarrus riley-love reign-gmg
34-terry linen-back to atlanta-gmg
35-jordan sparks-tatoo(reggae remix)-gmg
36-syren-somebody come get me-gmg
37-nylon version-gmg
38-etana-loss talking-gmg
39-tarrus riley-start a new-gmg
40-assassin-only god knows-gmg
41-richie spice-serious woman-gmg
42-konshens-looking for me-gmg
43-peetah heritage-im in love with you-gmg
44-demarco-take you there-gmg
45-alaine-never done-gmg
46-tarrus riley-human nature-gmg
47-assassin ft josey wales-treat we woman like a lady-gmg
48-shaggy-bad man dont cry-gmg
49-lady saw-bad man is going to cry-gmg
50-marcia griffiths ft busy signal-automatic-gmg
51-torch-treat her like a lady-gmg
52-richie spice-oh jah jah-gmg
53-beres hammonds-i feel good-gmg
54-general degree-jah will provide-gmg
55-romain virgo-mi cant sleep-gmg
56-anthony cruz-dem block di road-gmg
57-lukie d-save me-gmg
58-shontelle-t shirt(reggae remix)-gmg
59-sean paul ft estelle-come over(remix)-gmg
01-dj maze-general levy – stikum up radio edit-pbs
02-dj maze-general levy – stikum up acappella-pbs
03-dj maze-general levy – stikum up instrumental-pbs
01-vybz kartel-lifes sweet (remix)
02-vybz kartel ft movado rihanna and t.i.-live your life (mega remix)
03-lindo p-fucked your wife (remix)
04-high light-no batty thing (remix)
05-atti atti-live me life
06-koshens-this year we have to be the winner (remix)
07-demarco-fallen soldier (remix)
08-bounty killer-lodge (remix)
09-vybz kartel-without my own (remix)
10-money face and rudekid-dj melos on top (dubplate)
11-rudekid-dj melo (dubplate)
13-busy signal-blaze up the herb
14-assailant-dirty money
16-dj p-cutta and dj melo-welcome to the armageddon (sample)
17-movado-gangster dont play
18-vybz kartel-mofraudo 09 (remix)
19-sizzla-die die die (remix)
20-mad cobra-watch face (remix)
21-vybz kartel-say what you feel fi say
22-vybz kartel-it nuh tek nothin (remix)
23-movado-step pon dem
24-wasp-freestyle (remix)
25-dj p-cutta and dj melo-a millie freestyle (remix)
26-vybz kartel-broad daylight (remix)
27-elephant man-god bless (remix)
28-movado-im so blessed (remix)
29-mad cobra-chat a street
30-vybz kartel-born straight
31-beenie man and busta rhymes-jiggle
32-t swagg-im so fly
34-black rhino-these stingers
35-vybz kartel-jail for me
36-sean star-be wise
37-dj p-cutta and dj melo-real gangstas
38-natasia-one spliff (remix)
39-money face-who you know is better (dubplate)
01-burro banton-borderline
02-carl meeks-buck up pon god
03-junior cat and filip g-all nite
04-don sharicon-girls
05-angelee-u nu bad man
06-mikeylous-lock dem off
07-general good-here i come
08-dr. ring ding-rocky marciano (knock dem out)
09-lynx-wave yuh hands high
10-filip g and respecta-pussy fi di crowd
11-benjie-dabba dabba
12-mr. shammi-camel toe
13-junior banton-real quen
14-king der-ragga te atrapa
16-lantan-hotter than the rest
17-respecta and paapi d-heavy weight riddim (instrumental)
01-vybz kartel-intro-gmg
02-spice ft vybz kartel-romping shop-gmg
03-capleton-stamping flat-gmg
04-vybz kartel-u a mi baby-gmg
05-tony matterhorn-when it rains-gmg
06-mr vegas-dope-gmg
07-vybz kartel-daggering-gmg
08-monsta twins-rasta daggering-gmg
09-demarco-she cant wait-gmg
10-skilli bop-dash it out-gmg
11-macka diamond-wibble wabble-gmg
12-mad dogg-fire fire-gmg
13-singing craig-hammering-gmg
14-voicemail-when it reach har-gmg
15-tony matterhorn-jump and wine-gmg
18-busy signal-up in her belly-gmg
19-baby chris-dagga train-gmg
20-spice-dem a nuh daggara-gmg
21-chino-dem a nuh waah nuh gal-gmg
22-aidonia-hundred stab-gmg
23-aidonia-i like her-gmg
24-chico-new way-gmg
25-elephant man-tip up-gmg
26-shane o-look like aligator-gmg
27-lil joe-hey yo-gmg
28-macka diamond-come-gmg
29-copper cat atomic-nuff foolishness-gmg
30-face-hold me-gmg
32-kiprich-nuh long talk-gmg
33-pamptae-ride it-gmg
34-beenie man-gimme gimme-gmg
35-charly black-step forward baby mother-gmg
36-shawn storm-wine it-gmg
37-bramma-african wine-gmg
38-delus-tax and tear-gmg
39-stacious-a nuh matey ting-gmg
40-andrew and wada blood-love triangle-gmg
41-charly blacks-ketch up-gmg
42-tok-weekend celebration-gmg
43-spade-girls galore-gmg
44-jah cure and wayne marshall-so high-gmg
45-chelly-took the night-gmg
46-busy signal-tic tac-gmg
47-mavado-di swagga so special-gmg
48-vybz kartel-million by a mornin-gmg
49-movado-money changer-gmg
50-aidonia-bang them-gmg
01-va-dj rondon-vocal singing reggae vol 34
01-intro-i will kill them-gmg
02-konshens-she s happy-gmg
03-sojah-she s happy refix-gmg
04-intro-gi dem a forward-gmg
06-shano-crab in barrel-gmg
07-assassin-pre this refix-gmg
08-assassin-pree this-gmg
09-shema-better know urself-gmg
10-elephant man-horny wine-gmg
11-beenie man-pop off-gmg
12-matterhorn-come quick-gmg
14-frisco kid-crazy-gmg
15-kartel-nuh like we-gmg
16-kartel-nuh like we remix-gmg
18-munga-gangster supp m-gmg
19-elephant man-style dem-gmg
20-don corleone-me dem a call-gmg
21-lisa hype-that them gawn to-gmg
22-sustain-no tek talk-gmg
23-wasp-a pagon dem-gmg
24-black rhyno-heights-gmg
26-vybz kartel-mama-gmg
27-charly blacks-money dream-gmg
29-flippa-boasy refix-gmg
30-flippa-my money is mine-gmg
31-ding dong-raise-gmg
32-elephantman-money ova crime-gmg
33-unicorn-wah dem a war fah-gmg
34-andrew and wada blood-goodas-gmg
35-sizzla-hotness u practice-gmg
36-vybz kartel-virginity-gmg
37-chino-ruff it up-gmg
38-vybz kartel-get wild-gmg
39-kiprich and blacka-ugly so-gmg
40-degree ft lukie d-the garden-gmg
41-ding dong ft charly black-wine-gmg
42-tok-no bag a man thing-gmg
43-ching ching-u fi move-gmg
44-beenieman-ave a good time-gmg
45-elephantman-run dem away-gmg
46-ninja kid-love a come down-gmg
47-ding dong-no man room-gmg
48-d angel-where are they now-gmg
49-intro-war start-gmg
50-mix-nah run dung gun-gmg
51-nah switch-bad man rain-gmg
52-busta rhymes ft mavado-so blessed-gmg
53-vybz kartel-my own-gmg
54-mavado-how u move-gmg
56-mavado-jail house-gmg
57-i octane-momma u alone-gmg
58-vybz kartel-help we-gmg
59-hyah slice-do you hear-gmg
60-capleton-nuh fraid fi bun dem-gmg
61-teflon-no rapist-gmg
62-charley black-nah pay wi rent-gmg
64-intro-gq violate-gmg
65-prodigal son and dangel-gonna be here-gmg
66-intro-unnu try kill me-gmg
02-johnny osbourne-buddy eye
03-wayne smith-under mi sleng teng
04-franky paul-cassandra
05-wayne wonder-saddest day
06-wayne wonder-movie star
07-shelly thunder-kuff
08-ninja man-test di highpower
09-deborah and shabba ranks-dont test me
10-jc lodge-telephone love
11-jc lodge and shabba ranks-de pon mi mind
12-dawn penn-no no no
13-barrington levy-here i come
14-supercat ft. trevor sparks-dolly my baby
15-cutty rranks ft. beres hammond-love mi have fi get
16-reggie stepper and super beagel-whinning skill
17-chake demus and dumas and pliers-gal wine
18-shabba ranks-girls wine
19-shabba ranks-wicked in a bed
20-junior redi-one blood
21-shabba ranks and deborah-champion lover
22-super junior demus and nicodemus-cabin stabbin
23-foxy brown-sorry
24-half pint-substitue lover
25-tami bolo-when a man in love
26-tenor saw-ring the alarm
27-sister nancy-bam bam
28-buju banton-quick
29-jigsy king-has it dun it back
31-mad covra-flex
32-buju banton-boom bye bye
33-cocoa tea-no threat
34-barrington levy-tell dem already
35-shabba ranks-roots and culture
36-mega banton-sound boy killing
37-supercat-vineyard party
38-beenie man-slam
39-spragga benz and nadine sutherland-please me
40-buju banton-only man
41-buju banton-boom wah dis
42-va-dj serg sniper-track42
43-va-dj serg sniper-track43
44-va-dj serg sniper-track44
45-ttaxi gang-santa barbara
46-chake demus and pliers-murder she wrote
47-pan head-punny printer
48-chaka demus and pliers-murder she wrote
49-nardo ranks-them a bleach
50-reggie stepper-kimbo king
51-supercat-don da da
52-shabba ranks-caan dunn
53-krystal and shabba ranks-twice my age
54-darrington levy and cutty ranks-dancehall rock
55-singing sweet-when i see u smile
56-buju banton ft. nadine sutherland-wicked dicky
57-buju banton-nuff man a look
58-terror fabulous-number 2
59-terror fabulous-kotch
60-terror fabulous-action
61-general degree-mr do it nice
62-daddy screw-model pon u one time
63-louchie lou and michie one-rich girl
64-cutty ranks-limb by limb
65-louie culture-tell her fi move
66-singing sweet-donna
67-shabba ranks-dem bow
68-shabba ranks-ting a ling
69-shabba ranks-trailor load
70-supercat-ghetto red hot
71-supercat-nuff man dead
72-shaggy and rayvon-big up
73-bajja jedd ft. screechy dan-big bills
74-buju banton-batty rider
75-buju banton-have fi get u body
76-buju banton-bogle dance
01-va-dj sunil pure vibez-classic dub mix-retail cd
01-va-dj sunil-original rockers-retail cd
01-al campbell-watch your step-rks
02-carlton livingston-dont follow rumours-rks
01-sizzla-dont give a f
02-lorenzo-life to live love to give
01-mavado-gal ova gun
02-mr vegas-no gyal clown
03-jr kelly-lock it
04-einstien-cant go around
06-shane o-life soon change
07-teflon-every where me go
08-armz house records-version
01-mavado-gal ova gun-riddim
02-mr vegas-keep it real-riddim
03-jr kelly-lock it-riddim
04-einstien-cant go around-riddim
05-turbulance-nuh care-riddim
06-unknown artist-hold the faith-riddim
07-double action riddim-version-riddim
01-anthony b-too much guns
02-4 quarta-right now
03-zabiki-non shall escape
04-luciano-jah shine his blessing
05-sizzla-hawl and pullup
06-jah mason-away form the city
07-anthony b-give thanks
08-capleton-who i am
09-jah cure-spread jah love
10-richie spice-earth a run red
11-4 quarta-every day thing
12-zabiki-zion gate
13-jah cure-jah jah bless me
14-shadow man-rems and rights
15-capleton-no pardon
16-sizzla-made it so
17-jah mason-working so hard
18-shadow man-mama work
19-luciano-you can fly
20-richie spice-empress
01-freddie mcgregor-i see it in you-rbk
02-mikey spice-forever and ever-rbk
03-lukie d-you are my reason-rbk
04-mikey general-children of zion-rbk
05-nadine sutherland-last nite memory-rbk
06-glen washington-more time-rbk
07-fiona-no more lonely nights-rbk
08-sanchez-pretty girl-rbk
09-karen smith-thank you for-rbk
10-anthony cruz-missing you-rbk
11-morgan heritage-down by the river-rbk
12-jimmy riley-love is the key-rbk
01-va-down in the ghetto (mixed by dj child)
01-da ville-never gonna cry
02-tony matterhorn-survivor
03-mr g and demarco-woman problem
04-demarco-shes my baby
05-stacious-nah beg no bly
06-mr vegas-working overtime
07-gc-last dance
01-ziggy rankin-burning-riddim
02-tizzy-in de carnival-riddim
04-drama book riddim (madmen prod)-version-riddim
01-baby wayne and dominic-mine-yard
02-galaxy p-draw fi condom-yard
03-draw fi condom ridim-version-yard
01-lutan fyah-african be proud
02-chezidek-make it grow
01-capleton-a long way
02-lutan fyah-remove my burden
03-dubkore-dream girl
03-mr slick-chilling
01-v-max-twisted stories
02-umi marcano-toting feelings
04-cash clay-case you didnt know
05-madman johann-drop down loww riddim (version)
02-va-mr. g- informa
03-va-mr. vegas- viagra body
04-va-va-drop out riddim-instrumental
01-mr vegas-viagra body-fs
03-mr g-informa-fs
04-elephant man-white liva-fs
05-drop out riddim version-infamous g and mighty ducks production-fs
06-va drop out riddim-mega mix-fs
101-roots manuva-witness (one hope) walworth road rockers dub
102-rebel mc – congo natty (feat spikey t aka mabrac)-creation rebel
103-disrupt-sega beats
104-dub syndicate-forever more
105-harmonic 313-dirtbox
106-king tubby-psalms of drums
107-kode9 and the spaceape-sine of the dub
108-andre suku gray (jammys)-sign rhythm
109-u roy and francois kervorkian-rootsman
201-king tubby and the aggrovators-ruffer vversion
202-l v feat dandelion-cctv
203-rhythm and sound with cornel campbell-king in my empire
204-king tubby and the aggrovators-jah jah jehovah version
205-digital dubs vs dubiterian-deb dub
206-the congos-congo man chant
207-cotti-run things
208-the upsetters-rejoicing skank
01-natty king – blaze the chillum-w33d
02-rebellion the recaller – live by the truth-w33d
03-fitta warri – addis ababa-w33d
04-naptali – binghi man nah partial-w33d
05-ras macbean – i shall not cease-w33d
06-lei di dai – lei di dai-w33d
07-dubiterian – dub land (melodica dub)-w33d
101-fire in the hole-introvision
102-kadubra-dub out
103-smokedacrack off-rzeczywistosc
104-makaron and soundz of freedom-dub do natury
105-banach feat. malwa-blindub
106-studio as one feat s.fijalkowski-w ogrodecku dub
107-the warmer brothers-special powers
108-wszystkie wschody slonca-no wlasnie
109-sedativa-roots driver
111-radikal guru and cian finn-inilusion
112-jabbadub meets mc jaro-kiczen (potem version)
113-masala-the bygone world
114-king dubear-power of almighty
115-ras paddy and the rockas-dont let them dub
201-radikal guru-dread commandments
202-the lordz-no badness
203-anansi-mission from god
204-matelon meets yas khodher-marena bikum hamad step in dub
205-dubbist-east road
206-sulphur phuture-last day before
208-the lordz-the one
209-ruffenix-tell me why
210-bexx-machinery step
211-raffa jaffa-dirty dub
212-dubtrak-heavy roll
213-dubcoresound-walking around
01-va-dub va.version.001
01-busy signal-spliff tail-riddim
02-beenie man-love is lovely-riddim
03-peetah heritage-warzone-riddim
01-terence trent darby-sign your name (rmx by lee scratch perry)
02-grace jones-shes lost control (dub version)
03-simply red-picture book in dub (mick hucknall and adrian sherwood rmx)
04-manu chao-politik kills (dennis bovell dub vocal remix feat lkj)
05-tony joe white-rainy night in georgia (boozoo bajous georgia dub)
06-stereo mcs-elevate my mind (dub version)
07-nusrat fateh ali khan-mustt mustt (massive attack remix – duck pond dub)
08-brian eno and david byrne-the jezebel spirit (2006 digital remastered)
09-talking heads-once in a lifetime (2005 remastered album version)
10-will powers-adventures in success (dub copy)
11-new order-blue monday (andrea mix by jam and spoon)
12-cabaret voltaire-here to go (little dub by francois kevorkian)
13-paul weller-kosmos (sx dub 2000)
02-beenie man-love is lovely-yvp
03-busy signal-spliff tail (edit)-yvp
04-busy signal-spliff tail (raw)-yvp
05-lutan fyah-informer-yvp
06-peetah heritage-warzone-yvp
01-bounty killer-dead this time-fs
02-determine-born pressurizer-fs
03-jigsy king-judge the book-fs
04-thriller u and galaxy p-dancing on the ceiling-fs
01-bounty killer-dead this time-fs
02-determine-born pressurizer-fs
03-jigsy king-judge the book-fs
04-thriller u and galaxy p-dancing on the ceiling-fs
01-the dutty mega mix-va-w33d
02-dream dream dream-sean paul-w33d
03-gal a look yuh man-zeno-w33d
04-shame tree-scare dem crew-w33d
05-one way wine-littel kirk and alley cat-w33d
06-mr bend-lady saw-W33d
07-set you free-singing melody and cutty ranks-w33d
08-no give a fu–ss-mega banton-w33d
09-wha kinda work -nadine sutherland and delly ranks-w33d
10-never bow-tanto metro-W33d
11-gal yuh exceptional-don yute and zeno-w33d
12-remeber when-cutty ranks-W33d
13-eyes of the ghetto-terror fabulous-w33d
14-we naw run-delly ranks-w33d
15-bright light-power man-w33d
16-wave yuh hand-harry toddler-W33d
17-bitterneck-callibud and richie kanary-w33d
18-one man-serial kid-w33d
01-i wayne-i really love you-riddim
02-influential-road block-riddim
03-besenta-too much war-riddim
05-geoger nooks-jungle out there-riddim
06-chuck fender-unconsciousness-riddim
07-e ten riddim-version-riddim
01-merciless-mr. war war-yard
02-cobra-dem a bad man-yard
03-simpleton-mr. old man-yard
04-lukie d-turn it up-yard
05-frankie paul-have you seen her-yard
06-spragga benz-all alone-yard
07-tanya stephens-gangsta gal-yard
08-simpleton-death before dishonor-yard
09-major lee-same ole punk-yard
10-general pecos-wicked man dwell-yard
01-luciano feat spectacular-what gwaan bad-jah
02-mafia and fluxy-gwaan dub in the morning-jah
03-ras mcbean -why do the edens rage-jah
04-mafia and fluxy-edens rage riddim track-jah
01-cornadoor-i know-yard
02-joggo-only jah and i-yard
04-serengeti-walk with an empress-yard
01-teflon – burn pagan-w33d
02-ginjah – know that you need love-w33d
03-anthony q – paradise-w33d
04-smoke – song for the poor-w33d
05-little hero – no one in the world-w33d
06-kapachy – rocket steady-w33d
07-sizzla – dont ever bad mind-w33d
08-house olove danny marshall – endless version-w33d
09-lutan fyah – make it so hard-w33d
10-capleton – they just dont know-w33d
11-dubbi – take you on the other side-w33d
12-norris man – for you-w33d
13-luciano – one jah-w33d
14-j-lee – he saves me-w33d
15-munga – the first time i saw alaine-w33d
16-gyptian – high everyday-w33d
17-ultimate shines – silent people-w33d
18-chuck fender – teki teki-w33d
19-jah patriot – hand to mouth-w33d
01-aidonia-nuh worry-rbk
02-bling dawg-threat-rbk
03-bounty killer-bore tongue fag-rbk
04-vybz kartel-warmer than a comforter-rbk
05-bugle-badmind people-rbk
06-sizzla-bawl all ready-rbk
07-congo david-get up and move-rbk
08-beenie man-gaza me say-rbk
09-kabaka-enemy lines-rbk
10-mad cobra-me no trace like bitch-rbk
11-konshens-wha kinda girl we have-rbk
12-t.o.k-my guns-rbk
13-version-enemy lines-rbk
02-ziggy rankin-wuk up-rbk
01-black ryno ft jah vinci-me feel a way
02-brookey ft maxwell-flossing all day
03-cindy rella-im gonna love you
04-dosa medicine-finer type
05-flippa mafia-extra (edit)
06-flippa mafia-extra (raw)
07-flippa mafia-the gal dem
08-gaza kim-amen
09-likkle danja-all i need

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