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08-i 95 riddim-version-riddim
01-beres hammond-i feel good-riddim
02-general degree-jah will provide-riddim
03-anthony cruz-dem block de road-riddim
04-lukie d-save me-riddim
05-romain virgo-mi caan sleep-riddim
06-i feel good riddim-version-riddim
01-anthony b – money ova trouble.-w33d
02-ratigan – war-w33d
01-alborosie-outernational herb
02-burro banton-love me sinsemillia
03-jah mason-ganja for life
05-luckie d-one cup a day
06-sizzla-free up di herbs
01-sizzla-free up di herbs-fs
02-burro banton-love sensemillia-fs
03-jah mason-ganja fo life-fs
05-lukie d-one cup a day-fs
06-alborosie-outernational herb-fs
01-voicemail-rude boys (raw)-riddim
02-voicemail-rude boys (edit)-riddim
03-hawkeye-cyaah do u nuttin (raw)-riddim
04-hawkeye-cyaah do u nuttin (edit)-riddim
06-ratigan-badman tiing-riddim
07-deja vu-nuh beg (raw)-riddim
08-deja vu-nuh beg (edit)-riddim
09-wesly diamond-the friendship-riddim
10-luddy haskell-nu gal caan (edit)-riddim
11-higher tone-prayer a day-riddim
12-tuffy melody-in mi room-riddim
13-g monei-never stop try-riddim
14-yardy riddim (house of stars prod)-version-riddim
01-sarmiento-yo continuare-w33d
02-lebenswege-im augenblick-w33d
03-noah-u can get it-w33d
04-don sharicon feat teresa and mounia-nice and sweet-w33d
05-mamba-dein leben-w33d
07-mr shammi-waiting 4 u-w33d
08-jandada feat da jungle-so kalt-w33d
09-spruddy one-chant-w33d
10-navigation system feat pia-und tglich grt der alltag-w33d
11-raggamafia-wir kommen wieder-w33d
12-dan man-you can do-w33d
13-jah jones-unkraut im garten-w33d
14-general good-personne-w33d
15-roe delgado-te ayudo en zion-w33d
16-singjay phil harmony-frieden in deinem herzen-w33d
17-macoras-we love jah-w33d
18-troels egern og ham de kalder joe-ganja spliff-w33d
19-krushel aka crucial rules-on a mission-w33d
20-bongo chilli-super bad-w33d
01-daddy lynx-taking her to reggae-town-w33d
02-junior banton-live it up-w33d
03-henry poupa-tek it light-w33d
04-phunky al-reggaemanie-w33d
05-doc holliday-klartext-w33d
06-rising sons-worldwide love-w33d
07-jah sesco-ah yuh satisfy-w33d
08-longfingah-time a come-w33d
10-t-style – in deinem kopf-w33d
11-teacha dee-leading cause of death-w33d
12-rizzle-hard road-w33d
13-paco ohno-geht euren weg-w33d
14-firetime-clap your hands-w33d
15-flamingmo-grosse worte kleine taten-w33d
16-d-judge – love from di heart-w33d
17-filip g and respecta-benutzt-w33d
18-earl aviv and u-cee – too chatty chatty-w33d
19-ronny trettmann-glover-w33d
21-notorious-back chat-w33d
01-va-icon records presents-special delivery 2
01-bramma-merry go round-rbk
02-shane o-beat bwoy to death-rbk
02-tok-we are-riddim
03-yellow monkies riddim-version-riddim
01-estelle ft. sean paul-come over-gmg
02-etana ft. sean paul-loving you-gmg
03-jah cure ft. keyshia cole-call me-gmg
05-demarco-feel so right-gmg
06-richie spice-why should i-gmg
07-konshens-let me know-gmg
09-chuck fender-survivor-gmg
10-etana-im not afraid-gmg
11-nesbeth-gunz out-gmg
12-richie spice-plane land-gmg
13-morgan heritage-smile bout-gmg
14-tarrus riley-back bitter-gmg
15-tarrus riley-start a new-gmg
16-konshens-looking for me-gmg
17-queen ifrica-dem nah learn-gmg
18-sizzla-chillin in chile-gmg
19-pressure-bless my soul-gmg
20-jah cure-million miles away-gmg
21-alaine-love of a lifetime-gmg
22-troy anthony ( bermuda artist)-seek for love-gmg
24-jah mason-my queen-gmg
25-delly ranks-good fi dem-gmg
28-queen ifrica-daddy-gmg
29-teflon-its been a while-gmg
30-richie spice-me dat-gmg
31-natural black-vulgarity-gmg
32-lutan fyah-musci is love-gmg
33-c danger (bermuda artist)-never give up-gmg
34-c danger (bermuda artist)-dark clouds-gmg
35-roache (bermuda artist and dub)-sunrise-gmg
36-roache (bermuda artist)-roses-gmg
37-roache (bermuda artist and dub)-roses-gmg
38-rasta rebel (bermuda artist)-jah live so i live-gmg
39-rasta rebel ft. hype type-seal up the trinity-gmg
01-imega sound-intro-gmg
03-bounty killer-corrupt system-gmg
04-vybez kartel-rise di k-gmg
05-movado-dem a pree-gmg
06-vybez kartel-dun you free-gmg
07-vybez kartel-dem a no gangster-gmg
08-elephant man-real godfather-gmg
09-munga-fi free-gmg
11-vybez kartel-nuh fraid-gmg
12-vybez kartel-kill dem-gmg
13-demarco-no fear-gmg
14-movado-gangsta nuh play-gmg
15-bugle-hypocrite friend-gmg
16-movado-so blessed-gmg
17-movado-real killer-gmg
18-elephant man and ding dong-dip again-gmg
19-aidonia-gal sey-gmg
20-mr. easy-gangster-gmg
21-busy signal-stamma-gmg
22-movado (rmx)-so special-gmg
23-t.i-swagger like us-gmg
24-mia-paper planes-gmg
25-movado (rmx)-money changer-gmg
26-movado (rmx-dem a pree-gmg
27-demarco(rmx)-sort dem out-gmg
28-ne-yo-miss independant-gmg
29-vybez kartel and spice-ramping shop-gmg
30-alozade (dub rmx)-nah watch gyal-gmg
31-busy signal-see it deh now-gmg
32-demarco-spend pon dem-gmg
33-serani-make money-gmg
34-vybez kartel-squeeze-gmg
35-cobra-no fear-gmg
36-movado-caan bad mi up-gmg
38-movado-dont worry-gmg
39-serani-she loves me-gmg
41-movado-breed fi mi-gmg
42-vybez kartel-kuff kaff kweff-gmg
43-movado-dem a fag-gmg
44-vybez kartel-send a hell-gmg
45-sizzla-push it-gmg
46-tony matterhorn-inna life-gmg
47-elephant man-sweep-gmg
48-vybez kartel-weh dat fah-gmg
49-buju banton-di flavor-gmg
50-vybez kartel-ovadose mi bankbook-gmg
51-shane o-badmind flu-gmg
52-einstien-shell dem down-gmg
53-vybez kartel-pitc-gmg
54-serani-my empress-gmg
55-ding dong-man a galis-gmg
01-vybz kartel-a wha do dem-gmg
02-vybz kartel-my music-gmg
03-vybz kartel-last man standing-gmg
04-bounty killer-gal dem seh-gmg
05-elephant man-nah beg-gmg
06-lady saw-inna di dark-gmg
08-fire links-in deh-gmg
09-mavado-high under-gmg
10-sizzla-di youts dem-gmg
11-elephant man-live it up-gmg
12-vybz kartel-dollar sign-gmg
13-vybz kartel-get wild-gmg
14-vybz kartel-life sweet-gmg
15-charley blacks-rich dis year-gmg
16-shawn storm-be wise-gmg
17-lisa hype-hustle forever-gmg
18-jah vinci-watch ya friends-gmg
19-vybz kartel-bail for me-gmg
20-black rhyno-real stinger-gmg
21-jim laden-time to shine-gmg
22-mavado-step in the future-gmg
23-assassin-child molester-gmg
24-vybz kartel-selassie i luv we-gmg
25-busy signal-hustling-gmg
26-vybz kartel ft lisa hype-how you do it-gmg
27-voicemail-nuh stray-gmg
28-elephant man-dance-gmg
29-busy signal-nah help you-gmg
31-busy signal-like milk-gmg
32-rdx-bend over-gmg
33-bragga-couple up-gmg
34-bragga-dagga dat-gmg
35-mavado-neva believe you-gmg
36-elephant man-real godfather-gmg
37-munga-fi free-gmg
38-sustain-without a cause-gmg
39-vybz kartel-dem a no gansta-gmg
40-jim laden-money over war-gmg
41-busy signal-peace-gmg
42-vybz kartel-nuh fraid-gmg
44-vybz kartel-police ah come-gmg
45-mavado-tell she bawl-gmg
46-beenie man-walkout mi gal-gmg
47-serani-tell you lies-gmg
48-vybz kartel ft jah vinci-my senorita-gmg
49-bugle-doh do da spum-gmg
50-erupt-mek dem talk-gmg
51-booking info–gmg
52-elephant man-nah beg dem nuttin-gmg
53-anthony b-position-gmg
54-erupt-mek noise-gmg
56-christopher martin-want mi ting-gmg
01-anthony b and taffari – rise up-w33d
02-everton blender – licky belly-w33d
03-immigration – version-w33d
04-mark wonder – rasta-w33d
05-admiral tibet – no fear-w33d
06-mountain lion – di lion-w33d
07-luciano – you can have the world-w33d
08-turbulance – dem crying-w33d
09-jah maison and lutan fyah – black king-w33d
10-chezidek – easy to love-w33d
11-the mighty diamonds – payaca-w33d
01-wasp feat. natalie storm-nah gi yuh bun
02-ricky real-matie
03-gridlock-gyal model
04-grim feat. freeze-really wanna know you (clean)
01-close range-tek buddy
02-pamputae-siddung pon di buddy
03-mr. g-wining so
04-tony matterhorn-fuck her hard
05-flippa mafia-rub off pan her
06-konshens feat. chi ching ching-cut
07-mad dawg-wine u waist
08-mad dawg feat. john mouse-home once more
01-ginjah – nah give up-fs
02-lutan fyah – african queen-fs
03-jubilant – everyday another yute dies-fs
01-anthony b – mama-w33d
02-sizzla – people a suffer-w33d
03-lutan fyah – really and truly-w33d
04-little hero – on and on-w33d
05-gowdie ranks – im a jamaican-w33d
06-ricky general – world cry-w33d
07-tyrical – im from-w33d
08-version – index riddim-w33d
01-busy signal-beep-riddim
01-cherine-20 to life-acr
03-busy signal-beep-acr
06-busy signal-missing you-acr
07-lutan-nuh talk-acr
08-jah cure-searching-acr
10-richie spice-soothing sound-acr
11-assassin-stay like bees-acr
12-konshens-straight forward-acr
13-konshens-straight forward (raw)-acr
01-stream ft black ryno-you got me-riddim
02-zebra-nuff niceness-riddim
01-echo minott-i cant wait
02-i zula-perfect lady
03-junior kelly-struggle goes on
04-christopher-this love is real
05-marvin-i need you in my life
06-mitch-dont waste my time
07-prophecy-mah new found love
08-narris miller-human nature-narris miller
09-koolant-your love-koolant
01-echo minott-i cant wait-jah
02-i zula-perfect lady-jah
03-junior kelly-struggle goes on-jah
04-koolant-your love-jah
05-christopher-this love is real-jah
06-marvin-i need you in my life-jah
07-mitch-dont waste my time-jah
08-narris miller-human nature-jah
09-prophecy-mah new found love-jah
01-jason mighty and bless-world changer-gully
02-dj nicholas-pop off the world-gully
04-mr gallimore-we are marching-gully
05-jason mighty-something to say-gully
06-bless ft. tnj-as we trod-gully
07-shelly thunder-the devil get kuff-gully
08-shepard-who me-gully
09-mr gallimore-problem-gully
10-shepherd-all a we-gully
11-jason mighty and dj nicholas-mr. mention-gully
12-katalys crew-always with me-gully
13-bless-fly away-gully
14-prodigy-jesus boot-gully
15-shepherd-born again-gully
16-papa san danah mr gillimore bless shepherd dj nicholas and jason mighty-jesus party-gully
01-jr kelly-cool nuh-riddim
02-morgan heritage and lms-love reggae music-riddim
03-lms-love the most high-riddim
04-jah mali-come again-riddim
05-mikey general-only jah-riddim
06-glen washington and george nooks-can i get a witness-riddim
07-capleton-love mama-riddim
08-mountain lion-cant tek what a gwaan-riddim
09-rangaton-youths cryin-riddim
10-irie and mellow riddim-version-riddim
01-movado-war is in the air-riddim
02-flexxx and kibaki-walk out-riddim
03-chase cross-blood bath-riddim
04-mad cobra-crimology-riddim
05-stein-buss mi gun-riddim
06-crymist 3 star and savage-my area-riddim
08-israel riddim-version-riddim
01-vybz kartel-on an on-riddim
02-black ryno-my mamma-riddim
03-popcaan-it nuh work suh-riddim
04-cp inc-y yuh neva listen-riddim
05-dosa medicine-my goals-riddim
06-it nuh work suh riddim-version-riddim
01-richie spice-dont call mi no dog
02-jah cure-you deserve the bst
03-gyptian-eyes on the prize
04-capleton-nah tek
05-cocoa tea-inside out
06-khago-up hill climb
07-pressure-perfect lover
01-richie spice-dont call mi no dog-riddim
02-jah cure-you deserve the best-riddim
03-gyptian-eyes on the prize-riddim
04-capelton-nah tek-riddim
05-cocoa tea-inside out-riddim
06-khago-up hill climb-riddim
07-pressure-perfect lover-riddim
01-richie spice-dont call mi no dog-riddim
02-jah cure-you deserve the best-riddim
03-gyptian-eyes on the prize-riddim
01-i-vibez records-intro-fs
02-ras attitude-gedion war-fs
03-ghetto i-praise judah-fs
04-leandro red-casa de judah-fs
05-buyaka san-flow-fs
06-bq feat brain-blackness-fs
07-victor bhing i-politruques-fs
08-jah franco-push up-fs
09-ale boxe-prosperidade-fs
10-nego tigas-100 percent-fs
11-opti crew-opti crew-fs
12-ghetto i-o que faz and o que critica-fs
13-ras bandoch-o corao a louvar-fs
14-lion b-vibe do leo-fs
15-alexandre cruz-por amor-fs
16-i-vibez-intro 2-fs
17-i-vibez riddim vol ii-version-fs
01-o.a. thomas-no ordinary love-gully
02-echo minott and little kirk-reggae beat-gully
03-beenie man-praise dem-gully
04-anthony b-grand pa grand ma-gully
05-garnett silk-spread the love-gully
06-erica-more than a fantasy-gully
07-cobra-careless mate-gully
09-red rose-love you hate you-gully
10-sanchez and babywayne-let me love you down-gully
11-chaka demus and pliers-bias dem bias-gully
12-satelite-tribute to garnett silk-gully
13-everton blender-dem a fight-gully
15-lecturer-mack the dread-gully
16-general trees-bye bye love-gully
01-kris kelli-rock with you
02-carol dexter-bad
03-tarrus riley-human nature
04-mlonie-you rock my world
05-singing melody-thriller
06-duane stephenson-you are not alone
07-richie stephens-i just cant stop loving you
08-mitch-billie jean
09-inga stewart-dont stop til you get enough
10-lukie d and tony curtis-the girl is mine
11-nicky turner-man in the mirror
12-dennis brown-never can say goodbye (bonus track)
01-kris kelly-rock with you-rks
02-carol dexter-bad-rks
03-tarrus riley-human nature-rks
04-m lonie-you rock my world-rks
05-singing melody-thriller-rks
06-duane stephenson-you are not alone-rks
07-richie stephens-just cant stop loving you-rks
08-mitch-billy jean-rks
09-tinga stewart-dont stop til you get enough-rks
10-lukie d tony curtis-the girl is mine-rks
11-nicky tucker-man in the mirror-rks
12-dennis brown-never can say goodbye-rks
01-junior kelly-jah children-jah
02-junior kelly-lots of herb-jah
03-chezidek-herbsman rise again-jah
04-mark wonder-long road-jah
05-devano-none of jah jah children-jah
01-sugar minott-heart breaker-yard
02-lee van cliff-up to date-yard
01-don carlos-mr sun-yard
02-papa bruce-style and style-yard
01-wailing soul-baby come rock-yard
02-captain sinbad-rub a dub style now-yard
01-winston jones-roman soldiers-gully
02-ranking trevor-earthman skank-gully
01-earl sixteen-the rastaman
02-barrington levy-look youthman
03-black uhuru-i love king selassie
04-ras michael and the sons of negus-none a jah jah children
05-hugh mundell-cant pop no style
06-norris reid-protect them
07-johnny clarke-bad days are going
08-johnny osbourne-never stop fighting
09-fred locks-love and only love
10-johnny osbourne-jah love is with i
11-dennis brown-slave driver
12-eek-a-mouse-do you remember
13-keith hudson-felt we felt the strain
14-wailing souls-kingdom rise kingdom fall
15-cultural roots-hell a go pop
16-mystic eyes-perilous time
01-ijahman levi-moulding-gully
02-his majesterians-jah is comming again-gully
01-inspector-who discover jouvert-fs
02-bacanal-cua done-fs
03-lexy-we do business-fs
01-ernest wilson-dont leave me for money-yard
02-wayne smith-in the park-yard
03-king everald-she loves it-yard
04-lloyd hemmings-girl i love you so-yard
05-roland burrell-my sonia-yard
06-carlton livingston-its you im talking to-yard
07-michael flint-you got to know yourself-yard
08-michael prophet-rise up-yard
09-don angelo-when i was small-yard
10-super black-we nah go run down-yard
01-phyllis dillon-woman ghetto-rks
02-stranger cole-crying every night-rks
03-alton ellis-what does it take-rks
04-smokey 007-cc rider-rks
05-the melodians-ill get along without you now-rks
06-the ethiopians-mothers tender care-rks
07-tyrone evans-if this world were mine-rks
08-the techniques-it s you i love-rks
09-nora dean-ay ay ay-rks
10-joya landis-when the lights are out-rks
11-tommy mccook-the world needs love-rks
12-u-roy ft hopeton lewis-tom drunk-rks
13-alton ellis-black mans world-rks
14-freddie mckay-if i should make it-rks
15-three tops-do it right-rks
16-sam jones-hey leroy-rks
18-dennis alcapone-the funky thing-rks
19-phyllis dillon-the love that a woman should give a man-rks
20-alton ellis-you make me very happy-rks
21-john holt-working kind-rks
22-dennis alcapone-the wedding song-rks
01-junior keating-watch what you do bw jah thomas and robin hood-money man skank-gully
02-junior keating-something is bugging you bw jah thomas-jackielyn-gully
01-pat kelly-i love and i lost-gully
02-trinity-in the mood-gully
01-gyptian – pretty darling
02-lukie d – young love
03-oba simba – whistling bird
04-jamelody – spread love
05-queen omega – good cannabis
06-alpheus – youre not
07-tairo – dis moi
01-new kids-big up the gangsters-rbk
02-rippa-dont make dem dis-rbk
03-frisco kid-dont worry we-rbk
04-budda-lock off the thing dem-rbk
05-cutty ranks-no man to me-rbk
06-buju banton-ruff and bad-rbk
07-delly and mitch-want to know-rbk
08-version-jet blue riddim-rbk
01-new kids-big up the gangsters
02-rippa-don t make dem dis
03-frisco kid-don t worry we
04-bubba-lock off the thing dem
05-cutty ranks-no man to me
06-buju banton-ruff and bad
07-monster hempire-shake it
08-delly and mitch-want to know
09-version-jet blue riddim
01-vybz kartel-love your sexy style-riddim
02-higher roar-diss me off-riddim
03-meladan-puffing up-riddim
01-gaza kim and sheeba-faithful-riddim
02-merital-my way-riddim
03-vybz kartel-me love you bad-riddim
01-dallio star king-der and jml-sky is the limit (jamaica and spain)-riddim
02-alberto gambino-guay (spain)-riddim
03-julius-elle part au soleil (france)-riddim
04-sr zambrana-cante (spain)-riddim
05-mefe-traigo (guinea ecuatorialand spain)-riddim
06-zuri-yo me reire (spain)-riddim
07-hunnie comb-senorita (trinidad and tobago)-riddim
08-el bezea-todo el mundo cambia (spain)-riddim
09-phone-volar (spain)-riddim
10-mr williamz-partys going on (u.k.)-riddim
11-lashe-nadie sabe (spain)-riddim
12-wonda prince-my bella donna (germany)-riddim
13-xcese and kra martinez-spanish mamis (spain and domincan republic)-riddim
14-beautyfly-fa mig att ma bra (sweden)-riddim
15-soriano and antuan-vive y deja vivir (spain)-riddim
16-munehiro-secret lover (japan)-riddim
17-tablao riddim (jml prod)-version-riddim
01-alberto dub science jml and king-der-mi friend (u.s.a. and spain)-riddim
02-boomer-kema (chile)-riddim
03-sonix-raciste (france)-riddim
04-newton-dinero rapido (santo domingo-spain)-riddim
05-tapon-si dejaran de guerrear (costa rica)-riddim
06-babaman-inna mi yard (italy)-riddim
07-sir taylon and hacha-1 2 3 muevelo (spain)-riddim
08-barbero 507 and tsunami-bad man them (panama)-riddim
09-kari jess-dagga (jamaica)-riddim
10-novato and mad muasel-killa (spain)-riddim
11-fredo faya-danger marginal (france)-riddim
12-la crespo-tiralo (spain)-riddim
13-shinjiman-noches de lujuria (spain)-riddim
14-soultrain and i-live-call we name (germany and jamaica)-riddim
15-hektor banton and lashe-es el ritmo (spain)-riddim
16-tcap-tengan cuidao (spain)-riddim
17-fdb-teach dem how (argentina)-riddim
18-lyrikal fam-directo de lima (peru)-riddim
19-luxxxury riddim (jml)-version-riddim
01-ruddy thomas and trinity-feeling soul-yard
02-the mighty diamonds and ranking joe-just like a river-yard
03-enos mcleod and killer brown-hello carol – yapa yah-yard
04-leo graham and i-roy-a win them – news carrier-yard
05-george nooks and prince weedy-tribal war – jah did it-yard
06-joe tex u-black and welton irie-friday evening-yard
07-madoo and welton irie-joe grine – serve mi long-yard
08-cornell campbell and lui lepkie-rope in – love in a jamdown-yard
09-marcia aitken and trinity-im not a queen – duck boy-yard
10-ruddy thomas and trinity-every day is just a holiday – natty dread on the go-yard
11-ruddy thomas and trinity-windy day – what a windy day-yard
01-ruddy thomas and trinity-feeling soul-rks
02-marcia aitken and trinity-my man – blouse and skirt-rks
03-dennis brown and prince mohammed-how can i leave – bubbling love-rks
04-mighty diamonds and ranking joe-just like a river-rks
05-enos mcleod and killer brown-hello carol – yapa yah-rks
06-leo graham and i roy-a win them – news carrier-rks
07-george nooks and welton irie-riding for a fall – one a yuh girlfriend-rks
08-madooand kojak-yuh jamming so – green bay killing-rks
09-beverly bailey and i roy-i was in love – i pray thee-rks
10-junior murvin and welton irie and prince weedy-cool out son – nice up the party-rks
11-machael black and ranking joe-natty contractor – drunken master-rks
01-george nooks and prince weedy-tribal war – jah did it-rks
02-joe tex u-black and welton irie-friday evening-rks
03-madoo and welton irie-joe grine – serve me long-rks
04-cornell campbell and lui lepke-rope in – love in a jamdown-rks
05-cornell campbell and trinity-two timer – video man-rks
06-ruddy thomas-when i think of you-rks
07-jc lodge and shorty the president-more than i can say – lover man style-rks
08-naggo morris-jah guide-rks
09-horace andy and jah mike-praise him – babylon happening-rks
10-culture and u-brown-innocent blood – rock it up-rks
11-chalice and prince weedy-good to be there – jah and the magician-rks
01-marcia aitken and trinity-im not a queen – duck boy-rks
02-ruddy thomas and trinity-every day is a holiday – natty dread on the go-rks
03-ruddy thomas and trinity-windy day-rks
04-daovan chambers and trinity-on the mountain top – cant keep a good man down-rks
05-sammy dread and lee van cliff-my princess – get up and skank-rks
06-cornell campbell and lee van cliff-boxing around – look how she fat-rks
07-barry brown and u-mike-tourist season – island in the sun-rks
08-eek-a-mouse and lui lepke-virgin girl – lovers take over-rks
09-danny mangaroo and lui lepke-dancehall style – step mother-rks
10-george nooks and papa tullo-sadie – fe me time now-rks
11-freddie mcgregor and shorty the president-first sight loving – hugging and kissing-rks
101-roy shirley-hold them
102-the pioneers w- lynn taitt and the jets-give it to me
103-errol dunkley-youre gonna need me
104-errol dunkley-please stop your lying
105-stranger and gladdy w- lynn taitt and the jets-just like a river – el casino royale
106-stranger and gladdy w- lee perry-seeing is knowing – kimble
107-lee perry and dennis alcapone-the upsetter – upsetter version
108-errol dunkley-the scorcher
109-keith blake-musically
110-tyrone taylor-delilah
111-the pioneers-long shot – jackpot
112-the conquerors-jumpy jumpy girl
113-the reggae boys-mama look den
114-the soulmates-them a laugh and a kiki
115-ernest wilson-private number
116-the soul sisters-wreck a body
117-the young souls-why did you leave me
118-ken parker-its alright
119-ken parker and the destroyers-only yesterday – danger zone
120-johnny moore-reflections of don d (medley)
201-niney and slim smith w- the destroyers-no money no honey – nevada joe
202-count machuki and the destroyers-movements (the joe gibbs way)
203-sir lord comic and the destroyers-jack of my trade – franco nero
204-nicky thomas and sir lord comic-dont touch me – doctor feelgood
205-lizzy and cornell campbell-aquarius
206-nicky thomas-love of the common people (original ja mix)
207-cynthia richards and irving brown-united we stand
208-julie anne (judy mowatt)-the gardener
209-the heptones-hypocrite
210-jackie brown-people today
211-peter tosh and winston scotland-maga dog – skanky dog
212-peter tosh w- winston wright and larry mcdonald-them a fi get a beaten – reuben
213-nicky thomas and cat campbell-if i had a hammer – hammering version
214-nicky thomas and dennis alcapone-have a little faith – have faith
215-the ethiopians-the ring
216-delroy wilson-pretty girl
217-delroy wilson-baby i need your loving
218-alton ellis-knock on wood
219-dennis brown and big youth-money in my pocket – a so we stay
220-big youth-chucky no lucky – waterhouse rock
03-chezidek-moving on
04-fire ball-bloddy world
05-furious-who to trust
06-hytanyah-what im gonna do
07-ika-babylon gone
08-zamunda-herbs man
09-kali blaxx-time so rhygin
10-kharuso-speak my mind
11-kunta kente-hill side
12-loaded-game of love
13-lutan fyah-strong black women
14-michael fabulous-hold on to faith
15-perfect-american dream
16-smoke-better most come
17-teflon-never regret
18-joe keyz riddim-version
02-perfect-american dream-riddim
03-furious-who to trust-riddim
04-smoke- better most come-riddim
05-teflon-never regret-riddim
06-chezidek-moveing on-riddim
07-lutan fyah-strong black women-riddim
08-michael fabulous-hold on to faith-riddim
09-kunta kente-hill side-riddim
10-zamunda-herbs man-riddim
11-fire ball-bloddy world-riddim
12-kharuso-speak my mind-riddim
13-kali blaxx-time so rhygin-riddim
14-hytanyah-what im gonna do-riddim
15-loaded-game of love-riddim
16-ika-babylon gone-riddim
18-joe keyz riddim (cut stone rec)-version-riddim
01-famous face ft. ganster wasp-100 gal
02-tri cia-wine pon me
01-duane stephenson-hard times
02-queen omega-footsteps
04-pressure-modern pharaoh
05-arkaingelle-song of praise
06-midnite-i grade-judgement in measurement
07-jahdan blakkamoore-flying high
08-duane stephenson-im fine
09-junior p-the reason
10-lutan fyah-discipline
11-i-sasha-haile i
13-danny i-hold on
14-niyorah-gone crazy
15-midnite-i grade-deep tangle roots
16-jahdan blakkamoore-red hot
17-messenjah selah-your own world
18-sabbatical ahdah-love and iverstanding
19-batch feat niyorah and danny i-we want reparations
20-norris man-power of love
01-duane stephenson-hard times-gmg
02-queen omega-footsteps-gmg
04-pressure-modern pharoah-gmg
01-yt-credit crunch
02-ziggi-ganja smoke in the air
03-mr williamz-no cigarette
04-da grynch-joker dub
01-joker smoker riddim-ziggi-ganja smoke in the air-W33d
02-joker smoker riddim-mr.williams-no cigarette-w33d
03-joker smoker riddim-yt-credit crunch-W33d
01-cecile-mek dem know
02-christopher martin-here for you always
03-elephant man-call out yuh man name
04-shaggy ft tessanne-never let me go
01-shaggy and tessanne-never let you go-riddim
02-cecile-mek dem know-riddim
03-elephant man-call out yuh man name-riddim
04-christopher martin-here for you always-riddim
01-jah cure-journeys-rks
02-cecile-ride or die-rks
03-morgan heritage-traitor-rks
04-queen ifrica-rise ghetto youths-rks
05-tony rebel-hope the law-rks
06-i octane-sow life seeds-rks
07-jigsy and tony curtis-show off-rks
08-lutan fyah-traveling-rks
09-anthony b-no love-rks
10-junior reid-love-rks
11-cutty corn-pouchie lou-rks
13-lukie d-meant to be-rks
14-jigsy and cecile-plant it-rks
02-moses i-no girl like you
03-ras berhanie-ancient days
04-vision-look through your window
05-luciano-leave all judgement to jah
06-vibes machine-free up the children
01-fat man george-no stress-riddim
02-gary williams-jab-riddim
03-spider-cat dead-riddim
01-va-estas en mi-W33d
02-va-o tempo que passou-w33d
03-va-get in to the flow-w33d
04-va-se envolver no dancehall-w33d
05-va-in da jungle-w33d
06-va-a levada e ragga-W33d
08-va-muy sensuales-W33d
09-va-nessa selva-W33d
10-va-va con dio-W33d
11-va-divina inspiracao-W33d
12-va-no sufocu-W33d
13-va-jungle reef riddim version-W33d
01-afrikan child-they dont care
02-maja current-exploit di youth
03-tie-i dont know why
04-meeks and meeks-paro
05-lazah current and i faithful-wicked out a road
06-full klip-look gal
07-juubi riddim-version
01-young vet feat dee dree-dem nuh bad man fi we (edit)
02-young vet feat dee dree-dem nuh bad man fi we (raw)
03-tok-hard enough (edit)
04-tok-hard enough (raw)
05-opal-it clean (edit)
06-opal-it clean (raw)
07-anthony b-nuh fraid (edit)
08-anthony b-nuh fraid (raw)
09-shawn storm-ready fi murder (edit)
10-shawn storm-ready fi murder (raw)
11-delly ranks-spray faccy (edit)
12-delly ranks-spray faccy (raw)
13-version-kalishnikov riddim
01-lyrikal-high grade gyal
02-javello-got di waist
03-revelation-can t wait
05-zebulun-stop bus lead
01-jah cure – understand love-w33d
02-gyptian – i love you-w33d
03-i-octane – mama you alone-w33d
04-higher tone – more-w33d
05-voicemail – time-w33d
06-version – karma riddim-w33d
01-midnite-make it in time
02-norrisman-dem speeding up
03-jah mason-dont back down
04-lutan fyah-uncle sam new love
05-midnite-love song
07-jah mason-my mama
08-lutan fyah-nothing dont come easy
09-midnite-speak up
10-norrisman-kings men
11-jah mason-gwaan live up
12-lutan fyah-slavery done long time
13-midnite-brighter meditation
14-midnite-good words
01-m and m-echo beach (go home productions version)
02-deepchild feat. andy b-racist friend
03-dubmatix feat. linval thompson-peace and love
04-junglehammer vs. daktari-life and let dub
06-the ruts dc-accusation (ruts dc and steve duba remix)
07-international observer-house of the rising dub
08-dubxanne-walking on the moon
09-dubvisionist-private life
10-sam ragga band-why dub
11-dub spencera and trance hill-jeanny
12-dubblestandart and lee scratch perry perry and gudrun-i do vodoo (dub)
13-dub syndicate-struggle (pre fade listeninga remix)
14-sugar sugar-telephone dub
15-ari upavs. x.a. cute-me done
01-va-king stergraph vs. king ataurus side a-yard
02-va-king stergraph vs. king ataurus side b-yard
02-va-dangerous time-w33d
03-va-baby dont cry-w33d
04-va-on voit le monde-w33d
05-va-megamix king stone effect 2-w33d
06-va-judgement time medley-w33d
08-va-top of the mountain-w33d
09-va-true love-w33d
10-va-tell me-w33d
11-va-depuis que tu es partie-w33d
12-va-music riddim medley-w33d
13-va-sois patient-w33d
01-tenir bon – original tonkar-w33d
02-times going – roger banton-w33d
03-donne moi de la weed – lion killa-w33d
04-du vert et du ciel bleu – lord diamen feat. m.lezard-w33d
05-crisis – roger banton-w33d
06-tant dannees – terry bible-w33d
07-live upright – lionstepper-w33d
08-sweet love – mota favela-w33d
09-on vient jouer lord diamen feat lion killa and streup daddy-w33d
01-mad cobra-fat and buff-gully
02-junior cat-make a living-gully
03-risto benjie-hard core-gully
04-major mackerel-miss matty matty-gully
05-original african-career gone a lead-gully
06-frankie paul -dennis brown -jose wales-curfew-gully
07-ninja kid-hard core loving-gully
08-bounty killa-new gun-gully
09-original african-pop it off-gully
10-bounty killa-glamity and gumsion-gully
01-baby daddy – vybz kartel feat. dangel-W33d
02-di glu – beenie man feat. aidonia-w33d
03-bayde – mr. vegas-W33d
04-like a we – ninjaman feat. devonte-W33d
05-wah do she – beenie man-W33d
06-now a days – black-er-w33d
07-hot gyal – dangel0-W33d
08-affi gwaan – mega banton-w33d
09-tek set – devonte feat. dangel-W33d
10-feel good – kiprich feat. james brown-w33d
01-copper cat and atomic-nuff foolishness
02-face-hold me
04-kiprich-nuh long talking
05-version-klick riddim
01-highrie priest-crucial times-fs
02-shamir-gat to let you know-fs
03-eddloks-willow tree-fs
04-galumoz-live up-fs
05-ousmane-a little more love-fs
06-banian-never want to see-fs
07-mc bayo-dreams-fs
08-skeleton man-tunawamulika-fs
09-spragga nuts-remember-fs
10-talisman-we all need-fs
11-sis tina-bye bye my love-fs
12-tonnez-really dont know-fs
13-warriors ras mtapa-positive teachings-fs
14-kollege riddim-version-fs
01-blak ryno-yuh body good
02-blast-that sound
03-bookie-groove up
04-dosa medicine-good
05-dotta coppa-hunt fi mine
06-miller 9-kurrupt krysmus riddim version
07-lisa hype-proud ah mi bleaching
09-marital family-faster money
10-popcaan-jingel bell
11-shawn storm-ooh
12-vybez kartel-cant get ova mi
01-dotta coppa-hunt fi mine-riddim
02-black ryno-yuh body good-riddim
03-lisa hype-proud ah mi bleaching-riddim
04-popcaan-jingle bell-riddim
05-blast-that sound-riddim
07-dosa medicine-good-riddim
08-vybz kartel-cant get ova me-riddim
09-bookie-groove up-riddim
10-shawn storm-o oh-riddim
11-merital family-faster money-riddim
12-miller 9 records-kurrupt krysmus (instrumental)-riddim
01-jah snips-fuljoy the day (raw)-riddim
02-jah snips-fuljoy the day (edit)-riddim
03-sy racko-my life-riddim
04-inity-personal attention-riddim
05-persistence-dutty vibes-riddim
06-audio branx-put yuh body pon mi-riddim
01-bunji garlin-we done dey-riddim
02-fayann lyons ft beenie man-wine fast-riddim
03-3 suns-give it up-riddim
04-benjai ft scarface-tanty say-riddim
05-jason ft blaze-bom bom-riddim
06-pamputie-wining master-riddim
07-kes the band and mr vegas-thunder (dms remix)-riddim
08-various artists-la douma riddim mix-riddim
01-bunji garlin-we done dey-riddim
02-3 suns-give it up-riddim
03-benjai ft scarface-tanty say-riddim
04-jason ft blaze-bom bom-riddim
05-pamputie-wining master-riddim
01-crazy fox-pencil-gully
02-doh bizzle boyz-doh miss it-gully
03-goldmindz-la la lay-gully
01-christopher martin-hot
02-esco-house side
03-kerry star-thanks
04-la perla riddim-version
05-tifa-without warning
01-lil rick – bajan wuk ups-fs
02-peter ram and gorg – jikings-fs
01-anthony b-too show off
02-columbo muzic-i can see(as far as)
03-faithfull-wanna be mine
04-teflon-still a fight it
05-wavestorm entertainment-version
01-anthony b-too show off (perfect diss)-riddim
02-perfect-dem alone-riddim
03-teflon-still a fight it-riddim
04-columbo muzic-as far as i can see-riddim
05-faithfull-wanna be mine-riddim
06-landfall riddim (wavestorm prod)-version-riddim
01-nadia batson-yuh really wanna-riddim
03-patrice roberts-wining specialist-riddim
04-super jigga tc-the tribute-riddim
01-toots and the maytals-do the reggay
02-lee perry and the upsetters-django shoots firts
03-alton ellis-la la means i love you
04-the paragons-you mean the world to me
05-bob marley and the wailers-satifys my soul
06-stranger cole-these eyes (cryins every night
07-ken boothe-freedom street
08-the gladiators-sweet soul music
09-the sensations-every day is like a holiday
10-horace andy-zion gate
01-merital-lets get together-riddim
02-richest-wah mi dead-riddim
01-3 suns-we know what they need-riddim
02-scarface-love me bad-riddim
03-michelle sylvester-crazy in love-riddim
04-juggernut-want you-riddim
05-timari ft statix-wanting your body-riddim
06-raw fire-mama-riddim
07-mr blacks and charrise-do you want me-riddim
08-janelle-missing you-riddim
09-miguel and gabby sambrano-tabanka-riddim
10-lets go riddim-version-riddim
01-luciano and ras zacchari-river jordan (vocal)-kouala
02-jah mali-jah works we tek up (vocal)-kouala
03-manasseh-levi rhythm (dub mix)-kouala
01-busy signal-hey nikki-fs
02-gappy ranks-stinkin rich-fs
04-vybz kartel-gunshat ah gunshat-fs
01-demarco-life as a juvenille (raw)-w33d
02-demarco-life as a juvenile (edit)-w33d
03-taurus riley ft konshen-good girl gone bad-w33d
04-mavado-dem ah pree-w33d
05-vybz kartel-rise up-w33d
06-life as a juvenile-version-w33d
01-dosa medicine-buss my gun
02-dotta coppa-life or death
03-jah vinci-kill boy
04-lisa hype-click click
05-papcaan-roll out mad
06-vybz kartel-take me life
01-dosa medicine-buss my gun-w33d
02-dotta coppa-life or death-w33d
03-jah vinci-kill boy from 95-w33d
04-lisa hype-click click boom-w33d
05-popcaan-roll out-w33d
06-vybz kartel-mi dem want fi dead-w33d
01-anz iq and shae millz ft jah vinci-anz iq and shae millz ft jah vinci
02-g whizz-work so hard
03-cypress-real hustler
04-macka diamond-no heart
05-tiana-cant stop me
06-chappa jan-where were they
07-harry todler-marijuana
08-life story riddim-instrumental
01-anz iq and shae millz ft jah vinci-life-gmg
02-g whizz-work so hard-gmg
03-cypress-real hustler-gmg
04-macka diamond-no heart-gmg
05-tiana-cant stop me-gmg
06-chappa jan-where were they-gmg
07-harry todler-marijuana-gmg
08-life story-instrumental-gmg
02-black diamon-gimmi di droo
03-dr evil-make money
04-keely b-be true
05-andre and wadda blood-wine for me
06-craigy dread ft odingo-country a run red
07-nicky b-back it up
08-natel-my throne
09-voicemail-little bit more
10-chedda-pop champagne
11-hard drive-tic toc
12-daro-mix up
13-k-rhyme x-she wants love
14-jody-ann pantry-let me love you
15-looga man-all inclusive
16-like me riddim-version
01-flashy-take it easy
02-jahrico-friend enemy
03-ras-manuel-love no you more
01-omar perry-spiritually
02-mitch-forgive me
03-chezidek-when i think of love (i think of you all day)
04-cornadoor-this one
05-abdi-petite soeur
06-little sista riddim-version
01-omar perry-spiritually-fs
02-mitch-forgive me-fs
03-chezidek-when i think of love (i think of you all day)-fs
04-cornadoor-this one-fs
05-abdi-petite soeur-fs
06-little sista riddim version-tune in crew-fs
01-kinky kim-any jab she get-gully
02-brother b-little wine-gully
01-perfect-black sea
02-jigsy king-criticise
03-gyptian-give thanks and praise
04-turbulence-i m home alone
05-tony curtis-make it up
06-stratdon-my survivor
07-wissy-no heights
08-lukie d-said you love me
09-iley dread-see dem a come
10-lutan fyah-what a woe
11-anthony b-whip dem jah jah
12-cecile-without you
01-spragga benz-livi-cation-riddim
02-bad gal bambi-success-riddim
01-prophet benjamin-take yuh time-riddim
02-buffy-buffy and thick-riddim
03-fashion police-party keeping-riddim
04-lock city riddim (holy house prod)-version-riddim
01-burro banton and mr glamarus-the time is now-kouala
02-chaka demus and pliers-love you-kouala
03-red fox and screechy dan-fall in love-kouala
05-don sharicon-wine your body-kouala
06-general good-soundkiller-kouala
01-gladstone anderson-la la means i love you-gully
02-chosen few-love between a boy and girl-gully
01-love dont live riddim-jah mason – my king-W33d
02-love dont live riddim-hi kee – woman of virtue-W33d
03-love dont live riddim-assassin and richie spice-unknown track-W33d
01-contra coup-a love i can feel
02-clinton fearon-start all over
03-chris murray combo-a little bit of love
04-zema-think about it
05-mcpullish-feel this version
06-mr. t-bone-stop crying baby
07-doreen shaffer-dear conscience
08-general smiley-my miracle
10-dub fanatic-malawi style
01-raggga lox-cruzing
02-turbulence-she love me
03-elephant man-the glue
04-tsahai-come away
05-turbulence-pure in heart
07-terri lindsay-sweet baby
08-turbulence-come over
09-school boy-put school first
10-shatta aka versatile-weh me live
11-g. maffiah-border line
01-phyllis dillon-the love that a woman should give a man-kouala
02-the yardbrooms-i love you my baby-kouala
03-john holt-i will always love you-kouala
04-bunny ruggs-let love touch us now-kouala
05-the techniques-i m in the mood for love-kouala
06-the conquerors-i feel in love-kouala
07-alton ellis-oo wee baby (baby i love you)-kouala
08-jackie edwards-i do love you-kouala
09-slim smith-love me tender-kouala
10-bob marley and the wailers-love life-kouala
11-the exciters-never ending love-kouala
12-real clint eastwood-love story-kouala
13-al campbell-feeling of love-kouala
14-the sensations-a lonely lover-kouala
15-leroy smart-love in my heart-kouala
16-dennis alcapone-love is a treasure-kouala
17-ken boothe-ain t no love-kouala
18-jimmy london-peggy my love-kouala
19-joe higgs-my baby still loves me-kouala
01-na give up – sanjay-w33d
02-love is the key – bankraft-w33d
03-single mother – high quality-w33d
04-no dash way – global-w33d
05-love nest – wise head-w33d
01-anthony que-your love is amazing
02-ginjah-nuh waan go a jail
03-gyptian-call me
04-singer jah-love nurse
01-shalli-love river-riddim
02-deciple-love burden-riddim
03-nuclear-to the top-riddim
04-jr king-want-riddim
05-orlando octave-single mothers-riddim
06-kerry john-call me back-riddim
01-franz job – no more-w33d
02-candice lee – so deep-W33d
03-king david – passport-W33d
04-jah sesco – ya love is real-W33d
05-million voice – joy-w33d
06-jah defender – careless ithiopians-W33d
07-ras pilot – jah light-W33d
08-clifton yeates – when can i see her again-W33d
09-dainjamental – thy kingdom come-w33d
10-country boyz foundation – version-W33d
01-franz job-no more-jah
02-candice lee-so deep-jah
03-king david-passport-jah
04-jah sesco-ya love is real-jah
05-million voice-joy-jah
06-jah defender-careless ithiopians-jah
07-ras pilot-jah light-jah
08-clifton yeates-when can i see her again-jah
09-dainjamental-thy kingdom come-jah
10-country boyz foundation-love trap riddim-jah
01-freddie mcgregor-walk with you-yard
03-chuck fender-coming home-yard
04-pinchers-seal and done-yard
05-mikey spice-stay with me-yard
06-glen washington-feel your love-yard
07-richie spice-give a little love-yard
08-cutty corn-lucky day-yard
09-buju banton-love needs-yard
10-buju banton-loosing you-yard
11-luciano-love child-yard
12-jigsy king and tony curtis-im sorry-yard
13-frankie paul-crystal ball-yard
14-sizzla-my love-yard
15-sanchez-why did you leave-yard
01-charlie asha-lonely-riddim
02-tafar-i-the struggle-riddim
01-victor romeo evans-at the club-gully
02-louisa marks-caught you in a lie-gully
03-dennis brown-here i come-gully
04-larry marshall-i admire you-gully
05-trevor walters-love me tonight-gully
06-slim smith-my conversation-gully
07-horace andy-aint no sunshine-gully
08-larry marshall-cant you understand-gully
09-jimmy lindsey-easy-gully
10-delroy wilson-living in the footsteps-gully
01-va-lustre kings productions presents big man ting
01-chukki starr-doh mek dem-yvp
02-keefaz and kenyon-bosse-yvp
03-konshens and delus (sojah)-nah put dung-yvp
04-tiwony-tourne ta langue-yvp
01-chris martin and mr.easy-party time
02-dlynx-call me
03-lukie d-girls holiday
04-rae tay-ring me bell
05-red fox-wine up
01-christopher martin ft mr easy-party time-riddim
02-d-lynx-call me-riddim
03-lukie d-girls holiday-riddim
04-rae tae-ring my bell-riddim
05-red foxx-wine up-riddim
01-chris martin and mr.easy-party time-yard
02-dlynx-call me-yard
03-lukie d-girls holiday-yard
04-rae tay-ring me bell-yard
05-red fox-wine up-yard
01-beenie man-hot body (radio ready) mix 1-fs
02-beenie man-hot body (radio ready) mix 2-fs
03-kip rich-kip rich – put it deh mix 1-fs
04-kip rich-kip rich – put it deh (mix 2)-fs
05-pampute-pamputae – farmer (radio ready) mix 1-fs
06-pampute-pamputae – farmer (radio ready) mix 2-fs
07-wasp and dangel-wasp and dangel – work it (red bull mix)-fs
08-wasp and dangel-wasp and dangel – flirt it (radio ready) red bull m-fs
09-makka diamond-makka diamond – wine pon me-fs
10-black-er-black-er – skoolaz (radio ready)-fs
11-jj whizzle-jj whizzle – mad like dawg (radio ready)-fs
12-mad like dawg version-instrumental-fs
13-mad like dawg version-instrumental (mix 2)-fs
01-bunji garlin-rag overload-riddim
02-mr vegas-wireless-riddim
03-macka diamond-couple up-riddim
04-madd frog riddim (madmen prod)-version-riddim
01-alley cat-hot gal-rks
02-wayne wonder ft frisco kid-dreamland-rks
03-baby cham-the mass-rks
04-rude boy kelly-girls anthem-rks
05-spragga benz-girl watcher-rks
06-general degree-daddy teddy-rks
07-frankie sly-just so-rks
08-baby cham-goodas girl-rks
09-frisco kid-little and cute-rks
10-wayne wonder-sweet and sour-rks
11-beenie man-teenie weenie-rks
12-frankie sly ft gary minott-wonder when-rks
13-devonte-only me-rks
14-kezi-ghetto news-rks
01-anthony b-pressure
02-bascom x-crime rate
03-blakkice-strictly sensimilla (feat faya saga)
04-donovan levy-ghetto youth
05-junior x-dont let it end this way
06-little hero-want you
08-pascal barro-maestro version
01-mega banton-money first-lvy
02-poison chang-over yu whole body-lvy
03-shugo banton-look good time-lvy
04-top cat-cardist-lvy
05-tenor fly-black against black-lvy
06-red dragon-sample-lvy
07-ricky general-you looking good-lvy
08-cowboy ranger-mr man and mr mention-lvy
09-chuckie star-ambitious woman-lvy
10-mafia and fluxy-bellevue-lvy
01-brother b-bad than we-gully
02-lava man-blame the rum-gully
01-carlton livingston-mix up maggie-yard
02-echo minott-summertime-yard
01-blak ryno-undercover love
03-lisa hype ft gaza kim-mama dont preach
04-mavado-give her everything
05-mr vegas-girl you too bad
06-vybez kartel-mother in law
01-blak rhyno-undercover love-riddim
03-lisa hype and gaza kim-mamma dont preach-riddim
04-movado-give her everything-riddim
05-mr vegas-girl u too bad-riddim
06-vybz kartel-mother in law-riddim
01-trini jacobs-trendsetter
02-umi marcano-so tight
03-yankey boy and natural lee-move your body
04-artman and wonder boy-nice for d carnival
05-zion child-all i wanna do
06-ninjitsu-make dem out
07-juvenist-wine with me
08-masaka-you go like it
09-ridiculas feat jamarkie-nine down low
10-el cudjoe-my number
11-mr magic-wine yuh waist
12-instrumental-make out
01-as fraser-be strong-w33d
02-izeezi-crab in barrel-w33d
03-cutty corn-life nuh easy-w33d
04-anthony b-worry no more-w33d
05-mad cobra-one day-w33d
01-laden-love you mom-fs
02-konshens-make my mama proud-fs
02-va-in the east-gully
01-shurwayne winchester-murdah-riddim
02-ricardo feat patrice roberts-nah leaving-riddim
03-tian winter-gimme a taste-riddim
01-murdah-shurwayne whichester-fs
02-tian winter-gimme a taste (mp3)-fs
01-captain barkey-ganja man-gully
02-delicate-bachelor profile-gully
01-george nooks-love party-gully
02-paul elliott-out door prisoner-gully
03-mark my worlds-version-gully
01-camille-im yours-riddim
02-shutah-games you play-riddim
01-sleepy hallowtips-dash weh
02-shano-difficult and hard
03-monster twins-gal everyday
04-mars riddim-version
06-bunji garlin-step in ya
02-bunji garlin-step in ya-riddim
03-t o k-plush-riddim
04-monster twins-gyal everyday-riddim
05-shano-difficult and hard-riddim
06-sleepy hallowtips-dash weh-riddim
07-mars riddim (fyahhype prod)-version-riddim
01-mr vegas-di train-riddim
02-elephant man-nah fren no enemy-riddim
03-maqueda-cant get enough-riddim
04-terro 3000-tip up tip up-riddim
05-rdx-wine up-riddim
07-tifa-new man-riddim
08-mash up riddim (christopher birch prod)-version-riddim
01-audio-party everyday-w33d
02-blackberry-the trinity-w33d
03-bragga-more gal-w33d
04-d excell-ready fi mek d gs-w33d
05-danny english-get a life-w33d
06-flame-naah look nuh hype-w33d
07-greg hines-no talk-w33d
08-ice angel-the country a mash up-w33d
09-invada-best ting-w33d
10-khari jess-mash it up (edit)-w33d
11-khari jess-mash it up (raw)-w33d
12-tajji dinero-no brains no soul-w33d
13-monsta twins-money affi mek-w33d
14-natty chris-better than them-w33d
15-spragga benz-don fi dem-w33d
16-pressure dem records-mash up (version)-w33d
01-mr slaughter-matador-riddim
02-signature blaze-mezmerized-riddim
01-anthony b-better haffi come ft. chezidek
02-alborosie-cant take what is mine
01-va-maumausounds presents music is the rock vol 2-ccat
01-va-maumausounds presents roots and culture vol 6-ccat
01-va-maumausounds presents roots and culture vol 7-ccat
01-va-maumausounds presents roots and culture vol 8-ccat
01-va-maumausounds presents roots and culture vol 9-2009-fs
01-king solomon-things that we do
02-ras pilot-chase dem
03-major ranks-love you down
04-revelation-tight pants
05-zebulon-knock knock
06-deciple-devine love
01-hot girls – cutty ranks-w33d
02-fire inna har hole – admiral baily-w33d
03-bad ras – major mackerel-w33d
04-ugly dj – johnny p-w33d
05-slew – daddy lizard-w33d
06-inna di bush – red dragon-w33d
07-my kinda gal – sizzla-w33d
08-mento mega mix – fat eyes crew-w33d
01-tornado-nah sell out
02-tornado-nah sell out
03-busy signal-praise and worship
04-nymron-wine up-nymron
05-stream-love it
06-gabriel-run up
07-mercury overdose-version
01-tornado-nah sell out (raw)-riddim
02-tornado-nah sell out (edit)-riddim
03-busy signal-praise and worship-riddim
04-nymron-wine up-riddim
05-stream-love it-riddim
06-gabriel-run up-riddim
07-mercury overdose riddim-version-riddim
01-bitty mclean-let them talk
02-courtney john-back in love
03-lukie d-on fire
04-lutan fyah-wild fire
05-anthony b-take time to know her
06-george nooks-lonely wont leave
07-tanto metro and devonte-request
08-singing melody-plant it up
09-patchy-another morning
10-chuckle berry-the good life
11-anthony red rose-under my skin
12-jimmy riley-keep rising
02-lodja-bun again bekes land-yvp
03-byronn-kay la cho-yvp
04-varsko kidman. kalash byronn and x man-kay la cho (dj t. one remix)-yvp
05-byronn the sorrow and m.t-kay la cho (remix)-yvp
06-dj dan-my experience-yvp
01-ini kamoze – world-a-music-mst
02-ub40 – red red wine-mst
03-gregory isaacs – night nurse-mst
04-barrington levy – murderer-mst
05-black uhuru – sinsemilla-mst
06-peter tosh – legalize it-mst
07-althea and donna – uptown top ranking-mst
08-toots and the maytals – monkey man-mst
09-bob marley – one love-mst
10-jimmy cliff – the harder they come-mst
11-bitty mclean – it keeps rainin tears from my eyes-mst
12-delroy wilson – sharing the night together-mst
13-ken boothe – everything i own-mst
14-john holt – stick by me-mst
15-eek-a-mouse – ganja smuggling-mst
16-tony rebel – sweet jamaica-mst
17-cocoa tea – eighteen and over-mst
18-yellowman – zungguzungguguzungguzeng-mst
19-shabba ranks – ting-a-ling-mst
01-nosliw – yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah-mst
02-seeed – schwinger-mst
03-gentleman feat. mighty tolga – lion-mst
04-benjie – ganjasmoker-mst
05-nattyflo – charme gewinnt-mst
06-kimoe – highlights-mst
07-mono and nikitaman – ausser kontrolle-mst
08-uwe kaa – tut gut-mst
09-sebastian sturm – back among the living-mst
10-cornadoor – long road-mst
11-ganjaman – nur einmal-mst
12-brimstone and fire – ruff road-mst
13-ephraim juda – queen of my kingdom-mst
14-jahcoustix and the outsideplayers – hot stone-mst
15-uwe banton feat. black dillinger – hail the man-mst
16-mellow mark – i dont smoke-mst
17-dr. ring ding – good times-mst
18-ronny trettman – applaus-mst
19-maxim – wenn einer stirbt-mst
20-silly walks movement meets patrice – everyday good-mst
02-kari jess-from u diss-riddim
03-g maffiah-clap it pon dem-riddim
04-bigga vybes-gun rise-riddim
05-approach-dem fi know-riddim
06-danny english-so content-riddim
07-flexxx-run from we-riddim
01-pad anthony-give me the love
02-micron all stars-dub a dub
03-major worries-talk till she hoarse
04-leroy sibbles and stamma ranking-modelling queen
05-stamma ranking-some girls cant get no man
06-micron all stars-stamma dub
07-leroy sibbles and stamma ranking-come touch me
08-micron all stars-come dub
09-jackie mitoo-intrumental
01-junior sky-heights
02-ryval-my girl shake up yu
03-singer jah-making a wish
04-stein-set har
05-heights records-version
01-singer jah-making a wish-riddim
02-stein-set har-riddim
03-junior sky-heights-riddim
04-ryval-my girl shake up yu-riddim
05-design-college break-riddim
06-mid west riddim (heights records)-version-riddim
01-vybz kartel-informa (ft jahvinci)-riddim
02-dosa medicine-temper rise (aidonia diss)-riddim
03-merital-dem no bad-riddim
04-vybz kartel-pass mi gun-riddim
05-gaza kim and sheba-lol o m g-riddim
06-vybz kartel-climb di mountain (ft gaza indu)-riddim
01-tristron palma-reggae taking over-gully
02-jah thomas-feeding of the 5000-gully
03-roots radics-rock with the radics-gully
01-bounty killer and demarco-gal dem want-riddim
02-beenie man-no secret-riddim
03-vybz kartel-watch your appetite-riddim
04-mad cobra-good fah-riddim
05-kiprich-no waste time-riddim
06-sizzla-big respect for the girls-riddim
07-zumjay- you are the one-riddim
08-bounty killer and jully black-drive me krazy-riddim
09-frisco kid-real ruff rider-riddim
10-mr g-no friend dem-riddim
11-singing graig-hot from you born-riddim
12-mighty oday riddim-version-riddim
101-glen washington-love of jah
102-junior x-money
103-iceman-dreaming about you
104-one third-baby boo
105-christopher martin-my love 4 u
106-el feco-we can be together
107-k melody-time has changed
108-percent and cassanova-you are the sun
109-skatta-love is not a toy
110-althea hewitt-need honesty
111-to-isis ft duane stephenson-praying 4 the people
112-mlonie-if only your love
113-jai-dont be ashamed
114-oliver smoothe-read ur mind
115-amique-this time its official
116-webley-pride and joy
117-alkatraz-the wickedness
118-brahyhan art-give me hope
119-sahtah-love story
120-skatta-mikaelas groove
201-va-reggaelution street mix-(mix by g. dawkins)
01-earl sixteen – virtual generation-gmg
02-mykal roze – wa dat-gmg
03-sugar minott – righteous tradition-gmg
04-bdf and dub terror – virtual dubbing-gmg
05-basque dub foundation – ministerio del dub (melodica cut)-gmg
01-lloyd brown-bless me-riddim
02-marcia griffiths-piece by piece-riddim
03-tinga stewart-not this time-riddim
04-nadine sutherland-so real-riddim
05-vivian jones-ill be waiting-riddim
06-pam hall-dont hurt me-riddim
07-bunny rugs-ill be there-riddim
08-shalom-without you-riddim
09-shinehead-you got it bad-riddim
10-george nooks-my children-riddim
11-daville-my heart-riddim
12-don campbell-run them-riddim
13-freddie mcgregor-hold me-riddim
14-sizzla-chalice and herbs (bonus track)-riddim
01-baby pink-pray
02-heavy duty-sometimes
03-meddey-nah deal with them
04-version-mystery riddim
05-baby pink-pray (tv track)
06-heavy duty-sometimes (tv track)
07-meddey-nah deal with them (tv track)
01-el feco b – suh yuh ting set (raw)-w33d
02-el feco b – suh yuh ting set (edit)-w33d
03-nekia – low we name (raw)-w33d
04-nekia – low we name (edit)-w33d
05-peter blacks – good up good up (raw)-w33d
06-peter blacks – good up good up (edit)-w33d
07-xyclone – nah get nuttin (raw)-w33d
08-xyclone – nah get nuttin (edit)-w33d
09-mix up time riddim – version-w33d
01-the clash-tommy gun (live from shea stadium)
02-tapper zukie-mpla
03-bob marley-soul rebel
04-billy bragg-there is power in a union
05-woody guthrie-this land is your land
06-the impressions-choice of colors
07-nina simone-backlash blues
08-the last poets-when the revolution comes
09-gil scott-heron and brian jackson-h20gate blues
10-robert wyatt-out of the blue
11-rachid taha-rock el casbah
12-the action 13-more bread to the people
13-dillinger-leggo violence
14-the clash-clampdown (live from the lewisham odeon)
01-ruffi ann-save the juvenile-rks
02-ruminal-baby girl-rks
03-jimmy riley-there is where i call home-rks
05-max romeo-obeah yuh working-rks
06-jallanzo-we need unity-rks
07-jigsy king-lovely day-rks
08-chauntelle ernamdez-with open arms-rks
09-viceroys-son of a gun-rks
10-azoclu kapoolu-can i make it-rks
11-john mouse-feel im in love-rks
12-dasia-tonight tonight-rks
13-powerman-nah stop sow love-rks
14-angelle-think im in love-rks
15-singing colongne-all my love for you-rks
16-blacka deven-in the cold-rks
17-moment in time riddim-version-rks
01-beenie man-new gal
02-fanton mojah-cant live without girls
03-future fambo-gal you living the life
04-mabbino-new money
01-beenie man-new gal-riddim
02-future fambo-gal you living the life-riddim
03-fanton mojah-cant live without girls-riddim
04-mabbino-new money-riddim
01-assassin feat sadiki-money machine (raw)-fs
02-assassin feat sadiki-money machine (edit)-fs
03-tanya stephens-tank deh pon f (raw)-fs
04-tanya stephens-tank deh pon f (edit)-fs
05-flippa mafia-over mi money (raw)-fs
06-flippa mafia-over mi money (edit)-fs
07-erup ft fayja-rolling so serious (raw)-fs
08-erup ft fayja-rolling so serious (edit)-fs
09-lady ali-mek money (raw)-fs
10-lady ali-mek money (edit)-fs
01-anthony b-dont diss
02-columbo-shake it
04-j.a finest-u should be
05-mama son-hot
06-p.z.-cyann don pon mi
07-perfect-weed and grabba
08-polka dot-rolling
09-sasha ft jeffery star-fi di ting
10-teflon-its on
11-viper-scary movie
12-vybz kartel ft chezedek-no heart
01-alison hinds-gimme de juk juk
02-edwin yearwood-middle a de road
03-red plastic bag-are you going my side
04-peter ram-peter pan
05-lil rick-wuk pon top a wuk
06-alison hinds-wukking crazy
07-rupee-standing up is against the law
08-patrice roberts-yuh never know
09-fadda fox-staggerah
10-gorg-keep drinks coming
11-peter ram and chenelle-like it
12-mikey-down in dey
13-pong-pong it up pong it down
14-lil rick-carnival juks
15-denise belfon (saucy wow)-lights camera action
16-keann walters-show dem who is boss
17-lorenzo feat mikey-wine that body
18-major stabbie pain-juk juk juk
19-john mahameed-gibberish
20-nard-outta space
21-konshens-wine it everywhere
22-problem child-outrageous
23-zeek-bubble it
24-chinese connection-chowmein
01-alison hinds-gimme de juk juk-jah
02-general edwin yearwood-middle a de road-jah
03-red plastic bag-are you going my side-jah
04-peter ram-peter pan-jah
05-lil rick-wuk pon top a wuk-jah
06-alison hinds-wukking crazy-jah
07-rupee-standing is against the law-jah
08-patrice roberts-yuh never know-jah
09-fadda fox-staggerah-jah
10-gorg-keep drinks coming-jah
11-peter ram feat chenelle-like it-jah
12-mikey-down in dey-jah
13-pong-pong it up pong it down-jah
14-lil rick-carnival juks-jah
15-denise belfon (saucey wow)-lights camera action-jah
16-keann walters-show dem who is boss-jah
17-lorenzo feat mikey-wine that body-jah
18-major stabbie pain-juk juk juk-jah
19-john mahameed-giberish-jah
20-nard-outta space-jah
21-konshens-wine it everywhere-jah
22-problem child-outrageous-jah
23-zeek-bubble it-jah
01-hi light-if yuh breed
02-michael morton-me waan yuh
03-aidonia-mood for love
04-mood for love riddim-version
01-vybz kartel-tell him a lie-riddim
02-blak ryno-ee you again (edit)-riddim
03-bugle-dont blame life-riddim
04-g whizz-life-riddim
02-courteny john-baby tonight-w33d
03-lutan fyah-africa-w33d
04-tony rebel-fire-w33d
05-calibe-hot burn-w33d
06-lukie d-helpless-w33d
07-richie stephens-sahara-w33d
08-tanto metro and devonte-any time-w33d
09-singing melody-im ready-w33d
10-mitch-want no more-w33d
11-brian gold and redrose-trust-w33d
12-patchy-live my life-w33d
13-sugar roy and crystal-praise him-w33d
14-kaschief lindo-for you-w33d
15-general degree-straight up with you-w33d
16-tina nunezz-nice and slow-w33d
17-nikiesha lindo-silly-w33d
18-color code-there for you-w33d
19-frisco kid-sad news-w33d
20-lenn hammond-hot now-w33d
01-ras pilot-warriors-jah
02-itimo kemani-mama denise-jah
03-jahson-border line-jah
04-empress nola-guns out-jah
05-culture b and clarissa di defender-pray on-jah
06-jah sesco-love makes the world go round-jah
07-lady meeka-how many more-jah
08-franz job-one last moment-jah
09-lion-all my life-jah
10-clifton yeates-you were my friend-jah
11-marcus ore-more time-jah
12-i jah-dont go away-jah
13-bumpa-9 months 2 weeks-jah
14-i ancient-break free-jah
15-country boyz foundation-more times riddim-jah
01-chezidek-long spoon-riddim
02-lutan fyah-blessed-riddim
03-faithfull-too evil (deal with people)-riddim
04-black ryno-born and raise-riddim
05-teflon-what they hate for-riddim
06-vybz kartel-hustle in the streetz-riddim
07-hero-none at all-riddim
09-columbo muzic-dem cant-riddim
10-perfect-she love how mi dress-riddim
11-mama son-early this morning-riddim
12-mr lee-heights up the culture-riddim
13-stryve-keep out off trouble-riddim
14-don b-gaza strip-riddim
15-viper-with out a gal-riddim
01-bobby blue-girl friend hunting
02-burro banton-guns outta hand
03-jah hammed-price to pay
04-johnny clarke-running back to me
05-junior x-morning prayer
06-sizzla-way out
01-prezident brown-my confidence-riddim
02-ward 21-pass pass the grades-riddim
03-mykal rose-give a thanks-riddim
04-chezidek and chappa jan-some of us-riddim
05-warrior king-sign of the times-riddim
06-natasja and little hero-one love-riddim
07-king kong-crime dont pay-riddim
08-echo minott-judge and jury-riddim
09-junior king-outta road-riddim
10-morning riddim (militant remix) (pharfar prod)-version-riddim
01-tanto marijuana-eyes on you-yvp
02-junior kelly-ease my pain-yvp
03-anthony b-push push-yvp
04-sizzla-dont be ashamed-yvp
05-wayne marshall-glorious things-yvp
06-chrisinti-man a lion-yvp
07-daville-love is real-yvp
08-norris man-reunite-yvp
09-roundhead-sweet jamaica-yvp
10-carl morrison-open the door-yvp
11-neo-sulan-in the mood-yvp
01-beenie man ft janet lee davis-i care for you-riddim
02-anthony b-your corner-riddim
03-bounty killer-cellular phone-riddim
04-cutty ranks-big tune-riddim
05-lady saw-sex talk-riddim
06-delly ranks ft chukki star-wine-riddim
01-admiral tibet-dont say that
02-anthony cruz-bob marley
03-captain barkey-ten commandment
04-christopher-more loving
05-chuck fendah-they dont know
06-cocoa tea-old horse
07-double lion-take a look
08-kronic-it nuh prertty
09-lady saw-one dance
10-laser b-conspiracy
11-latoya-just cant live without you
12-lukie d-everyone is dancing
13-sean paul-riggi ding ding
14-teflon-be humble
15-tony curtis-chatty chatty mouth
16-wickerman-still a heng on
01-ital general-reste conscient-w33d
02-lord bitum-jappelle-w33d
03-guigs-ton avenir vaut de lor-w33d
04-natural-le most i-w33d
05-kousi and prince livijah-du passe au present-w33d
06-amfa-bun tout bamboclaat-w33d
07-ras koutla-fall in love-w33d
08-queen i cecile-jah bnit-w33d
09-tiro-requise direct-w33d
10-phenomenal sisters-libert galit fraternit-w33d
11-clement-on plaide pour le vrai contre le faux-w33d
12-doctor bird-movie star-w33d
13-jonah-have no fear-w33d
14-pobso-iand i-w33d
15-solfayah-nouc blackman-w33d
16-mikey roots-je suis un rastaman un soldat de jah-w33d
17-lame 2 fond and riddim n gang-reggaetime-w33d
18-mc double b-lesclave-w33d
19-chresis-prends le temps-w33d
20-birdylion-pas la peine-w33d
21-jack357-respect clment c dodd-w33d
22-jonah-jah music a linterieur-w33d
23-magic flow-eternellement-w33d
24-mawuli-juste droit-w33d
25-lywox-an nou essay viv asanm-w33d
26-t mik-imperial majesty-w33d
27-tilion-see whats goin-w33d
28-original sly-bamboo gal-w33d
29-tomy kamlon-w bush est malad-w33d
30-tribuman-movie sunshine-w33d
31-original sanka-salama-w33d
32-lord p-la racine du mal-w33d
01-mavado – let me go-W33d
02-mavado – dem a talk (dirty)-W33d
03-serani – give me-W33d
04-vybz kartel – like a movie-W33d
05-demarco – how u hot so-W33d
06-elephant man – walk out-w33d
07-black ryno – can i-W33d
08-bugle – dem a fight-W33d
09-jah vinci and shawn storm – gaza wine-w33d
10-leftside and mr evil – what a way-W33d
11-delly ranx feat jr – enemies-W33d
12-esco – dirty weave-W33d
13-wayne marshall – party-W33d
14-fire linx – street team life-W33d
15-ishawna – i want you-W33d
16-stein – easy-W33d
17-flex – gyallis 4 eva-W33d
18-raine seville – curious-W33d
19-chimney records – movie star riddim (version)-W33d
01-mega banton and jeep-cool vibe
02-ranking jr-one pretty woman
03-pinchers-pinchers version
04-brando-be honest
05-mega banton-blaze dub
06-afrobeat and jeep-discotheque
07-ranking roger-chi widdley bup
08-boubacar diabate and afrobeat-senegal to jupiter
09-ranking roger-breeze and river
10-dave wakeling and boubacar diabate-rockin she rock
11-ranking roger-chi widdley bup (4 on the floor remix)
101-glen ricks-story book
102-glen ricks-dinner for one
103-glen ricks-turn back hands by time
104-glen ricks-lets fall in love
105-glen ricks-julie on my mind
106-pat kelly-stealing love
107-pat kelly-angel of the morning
108-pat kelly-sentimental reason
109-pat kelly-ebony eyes
110-pat kelly-started a joke
111-cornel campbell-just my imagination
112-cornel campbell-suspicious mind
113-cornel campbell-love you medley
114-jackie edwards and hortense ellis-endless love
115-jackie edwards and judith mowett-in paradise
116-jackie edwards-remember darling
117-jackie edwards-vow
118-jackie edwards-worrying over you
201-derrick morgan-carry go bring home
202-derrick morgan-train to skaville
203-george faith-if loving you is wrong
204-jackie edwards-if you dont know me by now
205-delroy wilson-dancing mood
206-derrick morgan-i shall not remove
207-derrick morgan-black head chiney
208-derrick morgan-humpty dumpty
209-george faith-i wont cry
210-delroy wilson-once upon a time
211-jackie edwards-pledging my love
212-jackie edwards-are you lonesome tonight
213-derrick morgan-007
214-derrick morgan-blazing fire
215-derrick morgan-tell me darling
216-george faith-have i told you lately
217-delroy wilson-pack your things
218-derrick morgan-easy snapping
219-derrick morgan-they got to come
220-derrick morgan-be still
301-the melodians-the rivers of babylon
302-the melodians-sweet sensation
303-the gaylads-its all in the game
304-the gaylads-theres a fire
305-the pioneers-battle of the giants
306-bruce ruffin-dry up your tears
307-delroy wilson-got to get away
308-peter tosh and the wailers-stop the train
309-hortense ellis-melody life
310-alton ellis-aint that loving yo
311-alton ellis-play it cool
312-john holt-stealing stealing
313-john holt-tonight
314-cornel campbell-please be true
315-cornel campbell-i love you madly
316-cornel campbell-wherever i lay my hat
317-cornel campbell-how could i leave
01-roger banton – the right thing-W33d
02-zion irie – something about this girl-W33d
03-mota favela – bienvenido a paris-W33d
04-anyhony que – cant stop jah time-W33d
05-ras mac bean and queen omega – no time to waste-W33d
06-lorenzo – free up-W33d
07-mitch – loving 2 girls-W33d
08-gf crew – music riddim-W33d
01-cocoa tea-dont touch-yard
02-apache scratchy-mi nuh know-yard
03-sanchez-rose marie-yard
04-shaka shamba-bun bun bun-yard
05-pan head-black man face and white man heart-yard
06-chaka demus and pliers-yuh look good-yard
07-mark spice-julie-yard
09-dirtsman-simmer down-yard
10-joseph stepper-gwan good-yard
01-Charly Black-Turn and Twist-NALS
02-Kiprich and Black ER-Nuh Ugly So-NALS
03-Ding Dong-No Man Room-NALS
04-Version-National Pride Instrumental-NALS
03-ding dong-no man room-riddim
04-fudgie springer-hot gyal-riddim
05-chi ching ching ft sambonie-u fi move-riddim
06-ninja kid-love a come down-riddim
07-tok-no bag a man ting-riddim
09-beenie man-have a good time-riddim
10-elephant man-run dem away-riddim
11-national pride riddim (fresh ear prod)-version-riddim
01-charly blacks-turn and twist-riddim
02-kiprich and black-er-nuh ugly so-riddim
03-ding dong-no man room-riddim
04-national pride riddim (fresh ear prod)-version-riddim
01-lutan fyah-de la vega
02-linval thompson and warrior king-rude boy
03-romain virgo-mi caan sleep
04-little kirk-ghetto people broke
05-studio 1 all stars-banana walk
06-merger-exils ina babylon
07-jah verity-au darfour
08-gary minott-natty dread did a-tell you
01-cocoa tea-rikers island
02-sizzla-why does the world cry
03-pressure-hail far i
04-i-octane-stab vampire
05-mark wonder-militant soldier
06-peetah morgan-warzone
07-freddie mcgregor-rasta have faith
08-the itals-in a dis ya time
01-roy shirley-hold them
02-laurel aitken-fire (in your wire)
03-horace martin-repatriation
04-king tubby-african roots
05-warrior king-crazy people
06-queen ifrica-coconut shell
07-chuckle berry-good life
08-hi kee-woman of virtue
09-admiral tibbet-if me never run
01-buju banton-i rise
02-chaka demus and pliers-so proud
03-lutan fyah-save the juveniles
04-s.roy and c.crystal and cyptian-jah jah see dem
05-tarrus riley-living the life of a gun
06-yellowman-galong galong galong
07-carition livingston-fret dem a fret
08-jah marnyah and vibronics-rasta is love
01-johnny clarke-natty dread a fulfill
02-black uhuru-satan army band
03-michael prophet-cassandra
04-bb. saeton-hotter the battle
05-chezidek-right time
06-lorenzo-a wa do dem
07-baijie-global warning
08-solo banton-walk lilke rasta
01-the wailing souls-kingdom rise kingdom fall
02-yami bolo-jah made the all
03-gregory isaacs and tiger-hic-cup
04-ras zacharri-we survive
05-crying shame-murrayman
06-got to be conscious-king general
07-what is rasta-african simba
01-dennis brown-money in my pocket
02-blue haze-smoke gets in your eyes
03-inner circel-i shot the sheriff
04-eric donaldson-cherry oh baby
05-snoopy vs the red baron-hotshots
06-peter tosh and bob marley-stop the train
07-yellwoman and peter metro-the girl is mine
08-desmond dekker-israelites
09-john holt-help me make it through the night
10-jimmy cliff-vietnam
11-bob and marcia-young gifted and black
12-dave and ansel collins-double barrel
13-althea and donna-lip town top ranking
14-ska boys-norwegian wood disco
15-arrow-hot hot hot
16-lou and the hollywood bananas-kingston kingston
01-bugle-need some money (raw)-fs
02-bugle-need some money (edit)-fs
03-eko-dem nuh badda dan me-fs
04-eko-my time to rise-fs
05-infamuss regilata-must prosper-fs
06-sample-we ah gallis-fs
07-version (chimney records)-need some money riddim-fs
01-anthony b-no gal can beat mi-riddim
02-charly black-informer (raw)-riddim
03-charly black-informer (edit)-riddim
04-merciless-badman slow jam-riddim
05-real type-ownaship-riddim
06-charly black and pretty kitty-love and mix up-riddim
07-shudly-me and di girls dem-riddim
08-mujo herb-little nicky-riddim
09-ricky eski-hustling-riddim
10-negril riddim (lazeme music prod)-version-riddim
01-don corleon-always-fs
02-petah morgan-beautiful-fs
04-richie spice-mama love-fs
05-jah cure ft christopher ellis-why cant we-fs
01-tony c-rill it gyal-w33d
02-yeahman c-let us fly-w33d
03-mighty kalimba-hail di king-w33d
04-young chang mc-saturday game-w33d
05-tiwony-never die-w33d
06-kari jess-nuh story-w33d
01-dale sanders-party over here-riddim
02-silvah-shoes off-riddim
03-delee-play girl-riddim
01-dale saunders-never wanna see u cry-riddim
02-freestyle king-soft brown skin-riddim
03-shugga push-back meh bumpa-riddim
01-gyptian-new born-riddim
02-crisoppolis-sive out-riddim
03-shelly star and nuclear-need you know-riddim
04-zabrick-stop the violence-riddim
05-jahn ti-rise up-riddim
01-freddie mcgregor-take your time-w33d
02-luciano and freddie mcgregor-night after night-w33d
03-wayne wonder-all about you-w33d
04-shema-good luck-w33d
05-chino-forgive me-w33d
06-anthony b-sorry-w33d
07-etana-who gave you the right-w33d

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