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15-bugle and tarrus riley-nothing change
16-third world-dont give up
17-vybz kartel-trailer load omoney
18-anthony b and toots-sleeping in the rain
19-lady saw-your boyfriend
20-terry linen-mood for love
21-jah cure-this one is for you mom
22-serani-stinking rich
01-horace andy – andy love-w33d
02-joe simon – mr. babylon-w33d
03-mikey jarrett – meter made-w33d
04-clyde gordon – baby what about you-w33d
05-joe simon – human character-w33d
06-ray i. – do this world a favor-w33d
07-john wane – hay hay-w33d
08-junior delgado – how could i live-w33d
09-junior delgado – freedom-w33d
10-culture – youth man-w33d
11-papa san – good lovin-w33d
12-junior delgado – special lady-w33d
13-delroy williams – no friend-w33d
14-calito – el panna-w33d
15-sammy levi – youth man-w33d
16-minifest – ram stage show-w33d
17-alfradito payne – promesass-w33d
18-mystic – ungrateful girl-w33d
19-mickey general – yesterday-w33d
20-quench aid – ram dance man-w33d
21-calito – le go me hand-w33d
22-horace andy major scorpion – handle me rough-w33d
23-rob symeon – im going to love you-w33d
24-george nooks roman stewart – hammer-w33d
25-horace andy – 54 46 my number-w33d
26-minifest – i wanna get next to you-w33d
27-louie rankin – don dadda-w33d
28-palms the gailers – praise rastafari-w33d
29-alfradito payne – knock on heavens door-w33d
30-conroy cristal sassa frass – round down sound-w33d
31-skiper rankin – pum pum spy-w33d
32-junior brammer – new rude boy-w33d
33-louie rankin – god watching them-w33d
34-meditation – wanted by the cops-w33d
35-k. vibes – 50 ways to love your brother-w33d
36-queen takyaayia – the system-w33d
37-sammy levi – whats come over me-w33d
38-junior delgado – sweet darling-w33d
01-cat coore from third world-uptown rebel
02-ed savage-boom
03-innocent crew-impossible dream
04-general levy-hot hot hot
05-ed savage-sexy sexy
06-pablo moses-who
07-stone head-i love you baby
08-bounty killer-fed up (previously unreleased hip hop track)
09-canet stop-the party (dub mix) ft. sly and robbie
10-nadine-zipper print
11-canet stop-hard to fine
12-king rub-rub a dub
01-bob marley-lively up yourself
02-matural ites-lion inna jungle
03-al campbell-bad boy
04-michael prophet-rich man poor man
05-u. brown-jam it tonight
06-sly and robbie-african culture
07-dillinger-funkey punk
08-john holt-the burning sun
09-general trees-kingstonian man
10-charlie chaplin and don carlos-unity is strength
11-gregory isaacs-living pauper
12-the viceroys-aint nobody love nobody
13-sugar minott-ive gotta feeling
14-phyllis barnes-dedicated to the one i love
15-captain sinbad and little john-saturday night at the movies
16-junior brown-miss you babe
01-hugh defrance-revelation come
02-christafari-teachings of his majesty
03-avion blackman-atonement
04-solomon jabby and christafari-my redeemer
05-dominic balli-drink for free
06-monty g and mr lynx-redeeming the time
07-imisi-my friend
08-jennifer howland-redeeming son
09-nengo vieira and tribo dabraao-god bless
10-christafari-bozrah-reggae redemption dub
11-solomon jabby-dub star revolution
12-avion blackman-heaven above roots remix
13-hugh defrance-all around
14-sherwin gardner-glory honor and praise
15-roge abergel and kingdom culture-war
16-imisi-keep on preaching-keep on dubbing
01-fiona robinson-drama
02-wonjah-baby show
03-etana-my baby boy
04-glen washington-clean living
05-lesha rose-i wish
06-michelle gordon-rise up
07-bunny rugs-is it over
08-richie stephens-back together again
09-marcia ball-keep it down
10-freddie mcgregor-loving jah
11-bradley brown-a new life
12-black lion and tracy luke-our day will come
14-sanchez-stay with me
15-sasz and ample-dont want you back
16-ian sweetness-little green apple
17-chad supreme-tha riddim
02-steven and coconut treez-tersenyum lagi-bnl
03-cozy republic-republic uye-bnl
04-big mountain-baby i love your way-bnl
05-inner circle-sweat (a la la la la long)-bnl
06-peter andre-mysterious girl-bnl
07-aswad-dont turn around-bnl
08-shaggy-it wasnt me-bnl
09-shinehead-jamaican in new york-bnl
10-rihanna-you dont love me (no no no)-bnl
11-junior murvin-police and thieves-bnl
12-maxi priest-close to you-bnl
13-third world-now that weve found love-bnl
14-the paragons-the tide is high-bnl
15-nile-put your records on-bnl
16-jimmy cliff-wonderful world beautiful people-bnl
17-dennis brown-love has found its way-bnl
18-bob marley and the wailers-sun is shining-bnl
01-alton ellis-im still in love
02-johnny osbourne-truths and rights
03-john holt-happy fo lucky girl
04-ken bothe and stranger cole-arte bella
05-the heptones-equal rights
06-willie and the brentford rockers-armagideon version
07-keith poppin-righteous man
08-patriot-build back
09-demarco-if i could
10-tessanne chin-messenger
11-ricardo clarke-not setting
12-laden-really like you
13-floyd west-chil
14-g-blunt-murder dem
01-israel vibration-the same song
02-culture feat shorty the president-see them a come
03-the congos-revolution
04-the itals feat trinity and dillinger-wont you come home
05-joy card-i love you
06-stevie face-coming home
08-vybz kartel-court case
09-zamunda-jah love surround me
10-apollo kre-ed and degree-ghetto star
11-zacharri-guns bombs and bulletts
12-nikki burt-make end meet
13-jah roots-joy
14-eazy wayne-see and know dem
15-jah knight-the glue
01-sizzla-black man in the white house
02-freeddie mcgregor-we got love
03-joe gibbs and the professionals-satta amassa gana version
04-bitty mclean-plead my cause
05-nature and erup-trample dem
06-elijah prophet-rainy day in summer
07-i-octane-mama you alone
08-irate-i believe
09-jaqee-dub plate mix
10-kris kelli-hear my cry
11-jah nyne-live upright
12-poupa claudio-special remix
13-shashamane-meets sizzla dubplates
14-one love-mix one love high powa
01-alborosie-i rusalem
03-the aggroyators-two face rasta dub
04-fred locks-silouette
05-queen ifrica-dont sign
06-chris martin-no second dance
07-yt-born ina babylon
08-takana zion-jeunne fille
09-admiral cim-tout argumente
10-supersonic-ruddie riddim
11-african beat-bad boy 2009 riddim
12-see spot-everlasting
13-thriller-a1 sound
01-burning spear-you were wrong
02-julie anne-the gardener
03-the revolutionairies-bitter blood
04-ziggy marley-abc
05-broussai feat turbulence-tree of knowledge
06-livvi franc-trick or threat
07-timeka marshall-hush
08-tony matterhorn cutty and qq-role out
09-lenn hammond-gone were the days
10-jay arie-love like this
11-supersonic-ooh riddim
12-penny bling-dubplate mix
01-peter tosh and winston wright and larry mcdonald-them a fi get a beaten – rueben
02-kiddus i-different strokes
03-chezidek-keep i rolling
04-lorenzo-show some love
05-lyricson-glad youre mine
06-black emeralds-black foot shank
07-landlord and degree-make it
08-gappy ranks-stinkin rich
09-vania colors-run dung belly
10-tok-gangster never die
11-latipyk-la musique sonne
12-roger banton-special reggae vibes
13-gilzene and the blue light mento band-sweet sweet jamaica
01-goldi-die domain ist schon vergeben-rks
02-river gang-love to see (dubplate)-rks
03-steve alaboh-reggae-town special-rks
04-martin zobel-call it reggae-town-rks
05-iriepathie-never give up (dubplate)-rks
06-manu ranking-wassermann (dubplate)-rks
07-rayven amani-take control (dubplate)-rks
08-yah meek-reggae-town special-rks
09-dan man-reggae-town dubplate-rks
10-bongo chili-reggae-town dubplate-rks
11-paco ohno-zu viele reggaeseiten-rks
12-teacha d-revolution (dubplate)-rks
13-mr shammi-ice ice special-rks
14-junior banton-reggae-town special-rks
15-sirapenter-bullets fly again (dubplate)-rks
16-liquid-t-shirt wetter (dubplate)-rks
17-rojah phad full-nummer eins special-rks
01-da ville-just another day-rbk
02-hi light-without you-rbk
03-j status-pick up the pieces-rbk
04-mighty mystic-slipped way-rbk
05-sean paul-hold my hand-rbk
06-voicemail-grow old with you-rbk
01 Hold My Hand
02 Love…Loud & Clear
03 Grow Old With You
04 Promise
05 Down On My Knees
06 Watch Me Lord
07 What Will They Do
08 Just Another Day
09 Guilty Conscience
10 Single Moms (Keep Your Head Up)
11 Slipping Away
12 Now She’s Gone
13 Pieces (Remix(Mastered))
14 Forever Yours (Return)
15 Mind So Free
16 When U Smile
17 Secret Lover
18 Uprising
19 Relationships Instrumental
01-release bomb squad-culture mix vol 14.wav-jah
01-blak ryno-these stingers (edit)-yvp
02-blak ryno-these stingers (raw)-yvp
03-jah vinci-watch yuh friends (edit)-yvp
04-jah vinci-watch yuh friends (raw)-yvp
05-lisa hype-hustle forever (edit)-yvp
06-lisa hype-hustle forever (raw)-yvp
07-shawn storm-be wise (edit)-yvp
08-shawn storm-be wise (raw)-yvp
09-vybz kartel-jail 4 me (edit)-yvp
10-vybz kartel-jail 4 me (raw)-yvp
11-xpress-real gangstas-yvp
01-anthony b-nowhere to run
02-anthony b-nowhere to run (radio edit)
03-elephant man-gal wine fi mi
04-elephant man-gal wine fi mi (radio edit)
05-fambo-hate yuh fah
06-kantana-terrible terrible
07-mr lex-nuh good
08-mr lex-nuh good (radio edit)
09-mr vegas-daggering
02-dainjamental-1st come 1st serve-riddim
03-spensah-baby girl-riddim
01-little meekie and daddy meekie-woke fowl-yard
02-little meekie and daddy meekie-woke fowl (dub mix)-yard
03-cobra rohan irie little meekie and daddy meekie zanadoo presley lady patra john mouse-mega mix-yard
04-super power records-request riddim version-yard
01-jah sun-respect is due-gmg
02-nico royale-forever-gmg
03-snypa levi-come away-gmg
01-gentleman-respond to yourself-ces
02-natural black-manipulate-ces
03-lutan fyah-no tribulation-ces
04-ginjah-talk dem a talk-ces
05-nature-falling in love again-ces
06-raymond wright-dreams come true-ces
07-ninja ford-doing my own ting-ces
08-zareb-when i rise-ces
09-malijah-what would i do-ces
10-levy mayers-just wanna sing-ces
11-avaran-times getting serious-ces
12-anthony locks-many will rise-ces
13-singing u-care for you-ces
14-pampi judah-capture my soul-ces
15-crystal axe-holding back-ces
16-tenna star-jah love-ces
17-elijah prophet-life-ces
18-pow pow productions-respond (version)-ces
01-bob marley-soul rebel
02-barrington levy and cutty ranks-dancehall rock
03-cocoa tea-heathen
04-shabba ranks-heart of a lion
05-cocoa tea and cutty ranks-waiting in vain
06-judy mowatt-thank you lord
07-dennis brown-natural mystic
08-dennis brown-raindow country
09-inner circle-three oclock roadblock
10-morgan heritage-bring back the love
01-baby g-pk machine-h i m
02-beres hammond and buju banton-pull it up
03-rod taylor-your love is all i need
04-reel killa-qui va la
05-sunshot band-roots raw
06-errol dunkey-ok fred
07-capleton-highest grade
08-morgan heritage-buss up barriers
09-king tubby-dub is my occupation
10-deals gone mad-im sorry
11-riddim colors-combien de rivieres
01-buju banton-life is a journey
02-lord kossity-a who dat
03-sizzla-tell the children
05-yaniss odua-pas de belles paroles
06-norris man and anthony red rose-heathen pt ii
07-prince alla-start your dubbing
08-junior kelly-rise
09-kss-fight-r i p
10-massilia sound system-ya des fois
01-sinsemilia-ce style
02-capleton-danger zone
03-dreada vibes-move your body
04-tiken jah-ohba ohba
05-el dan-pas dhypocrisie
06-peter broggs-jah golden throne
07-lexxus kiprich and elephant man-ghetto youth
08-kana-voila ma journe
09-elde-hypocrite remix
11-u-brown-the revolutionaries-extended version
12-matumbi-the man in me
13-exode feat black fantom-dub solidarity
14-big dee-ragga a lancienne
01-nuttea-elle te rend dingue (poom poom short)
02-tony roots-sufferers city
03-soundkal-racaille sound
04-daweh congo-poor people bawling
06-kiprich and cappuccino-leggo di bwoy
07-youth attack-desole ce soir
08-prince hammer-black tradition
09-king dragon-piper-struggle in dub
10-johnny dread-vision
11-sean paul and loogaman-nah move right
13-radja-europe sans frontiere
01-morgan heritage-kebra and the fetha
02-ken boothe-freedom street
03-luciano-legalize it
04-natural-juliette remix
05-delly and christopher-dem vex now
06-saba and cecile-girl fi get love
07-full style-pour se divertir
08-alozade-bad man no pet gal
09-tok-platinum and ice
10-malik fahim-hors de taule (remix)
11-chukki star-forever shall praise
12-good morning babylones-rockers
01-u-roy and brinsley forde-coming home
02-bushman-blood out
03-mister gang-dois amores
04-junior kelly and king david-lion in me
05-nassara-au jour le jour
06-pompidoo-synthesizer voice
07-thriller prince and military man-hail up selassie
08-admirall tibett-weeping and mourning
09-jah mason-never steep down
10-jah warrior-what kind of world are we dubbing in
11-general b feat patchy-the business
01-baobab-largent facile
02-lady saw and spraggaz benz-backshot
03-mighty diamons-trap
04-don carlos-natty dread
05-mr fayal feat mad killah-6t 2 ouf
06-desmond dekker-unity
07-don drummond and t mccook-don de lion
09-tony curtis-run down rome
10-mr vegas-duppy durex
11-joe higgs-lay a foundation
12-aspo-under the mango tree
13-norme etrangre-youth radical
14-tokyo ska paradise orchestra-film makers bleed
15-pressure cooker-nice and easy
01-antony b-police
02-warrior king-education is the key
03-the meditations-hard life
04-culture-im not ashamed
05-sizzla-woman i need you
06-murry man-tell me what a gwan
07-david house family-hold a vibes
08-frighty and colonel mite-life
09-merciless and sara lane-roots alone
10-simpleton-how come
11-nesbeth-let it be
12-desperado-party cant over
14-court jesters crew-why you say
01-sean paul-gimmie the light (nappy dogout remix)
02-prince malachi-garvey teach them
03-carl dawkins-bumpity road
04-tony curtis-high grade
05-derrick harriot-the looser
06-kashief lindo-i pray
07-boscom x-rock the world
08-xsytement gang-club lights
09-zumjay and nikky b-where the party at
10-professor nuts-pit it pon
11-twiggy-search yourself
12-mister gang-chatiment du peuple
13-more vibes-megamix
14-crazy ragga 3-megamix
01-round 1–irie crew-oma
02-round 1–x ta c4x4-oma
03-round 1–soundquake-oma
04-round 1–herb-a-lize it-oma
05-round 1–civalizee-oma
06-round 1–trinity-oma
07-round 2–irie crew-oma
08-round 2–x ta c4x4-oma
09-round 2–soundquake-oma
10-round 2–herb a lize it-oma
11-round 2–civalizee-oma
12-round 2–trinity-oma
13-round 2–decision-oma
14-round 3–irie crew-oma
15-round 3–soundquake-oma
16-round 3–herb a lize it-oma
17-round 3–civalizee-oma
18-round 3–decision-oma
19-round 4–irie crew-oma
20-round 4–herb a lize it-oma
21-round 4–civalizee-oma
22-round 4–decision-oma
23-round 5–dub fi dub-oma
01-mavado-hope and pray-rks
02-mr vegas-galis-rks
03-voicemail-nuh behavior-rks
04-bugle-anything goes-rks
05-beenie man-whatever mi like-rks
06-tony matterhorn ft qq and cutty-roll out-rks
07-chino ft da genius-clap it and drop it-rks
08-leftside-time to party-rks
09-laden-running the place-rks
10-aidonia-bruk out-rks
11-vybz kartel-bicycle-rks
12-vybz kartel-mtr officer-rks
13-d angel-dont really care-rks
14-bramma-mi nuh know-rks
16-kari jess-bounce a bounce-rks
17-storm and lisa-independent-rks
18-elephant man-represent-rks
01-teetimus david and linton tj white – the beauty
02-wayne wonder – stay close
03-ishawna – ladies night
04-mr. vegas – deh pon the scene
05-voicemail – pull it up
06-elephant man – wine for me
07-bramma – daggeration
08-wayne marshall – dancehall music
09-laden – anytime
10-chino – style it
11-teetimus david and linton tj white – the beast
12-vybz kartel – kill dem
13-black ryno – shot a buss
14-aidonia – badman a step
15-demarco – no fear
16-bugle – hypocrite friend
17-konshens – dont leave it
01-beres hammond-see you again-kouala
02-etana-happy heart-kouala
03-freddie mcgregor-keeps on coming back-kouala
04-marcia griffiths-when you giving your heart-kouala
05-glen washington-no one else but you-kouala
06-richie stephens-hey joe-kouala
07-daville-soldier girl-kouala
08-peetah morgan-still the same-kouala
09-gramps morgan-one in a million-kouala
10-chuck fenda-oh lord forgive them-kouala
12-stevie face-proverbs 6-kouala
13-duane stephenson-24 hours-kouala
14-prophecy-life with you-kouala
15-bridgez-coming home (feat lukie d)-kouala
16-kemar flava mcgregor-sweet riddim version-kouala
01-mavado-hope and pray-kouala
02-mr vegas-gallis-kouala
03-voicemail-nuh behavior (feat overmars)-kouala
04-bugle-anything goes-kouala
05-beenie man-what ever mi like-kouala
06-tony matterhorn-roll out (feat cutty and qq)-kouala
07-chino and di genius-clap it n drop it-kouala
08-left side-time to party-kouala
09-laden-running the place-kouala
10-aidonia-bruk out-kouala
11-vybz kartel-bicycle-kouala
12-vybz kartel-mr officer-kouala
13-dangel-dont really care-kouala
14-bramma-mi nuh know-kouala
16-karijess-bounce a bounce-kouala
17-sean storm and lisa hype-independent-kouala
18-elephant man-represent-kouala
01-the beauty riddim-version-rks
02-wayne wonder-stay close-rks
03-ishawna-ladies night-rks
04-mr vegas-deh pon the scene-rks
05-voicemail-pull it up-rks
06-elephant man-wine for me-rks
08-wayne marshall-dance-rks
10-chino-style it-rks
11-the beast riddim-version-rks
12-vybz jkartel-kill dem-rks
13-black ryno-shot a buss-rks
14-aidonia-badmen a step-rks
15-demarco-no fear-rks
16-bugle-hypocrite friend-rks
17-konshens-dont leave it-rks
01-mavado-dem alone-rks
02-chase cross-better dayz-rks
03-bounty killer-rodney intention-rks
04-flexx-go getta-rks
05-mr vegas-fe get rich-rks
06-ding dong-my own-rks
07-einstein-work mi a look-rks
08-demarco-secret fi dem-rks
09-munga-me want money-rks
10-russian and dj frass-clearance riddim version-rks
01-etana-bad mind-rks
02-i wayne-one hit wonder-rks
03-richie spice-why should i-rks
05-capleton-save dem-rks
06-chuck fender-survivor-rks
07-fantan mojah-rising-rks
08-cocoa tea-sweeter-rks
09-duane stephenson-crying out-rks
10-konshens-let me know-rks
11-teflon-one thing-rks
12-ginjah-where is it-rks
13-stevie face-not going to wait-rks
14-glen washington-baby-rks
15-lutan fyah-girl dont cry-rks
01-beres hammond-see you again-rks
02-etana-happy heart-rks
03-freddie mcgregor-keeps on coming back-rks
04-marcia griffiths-when you giving your heart-rks
05-glen washington-no one else but you-rks
06-richie stephens-hey joe-rks
07-daville-soldier girl-rks
08-peetah morgan-still the same-rks
09-gramps morgan-one in a billion-rks
10-chuck fender-oh lord forgive them-rks
12-stevie face-proverbs 6-rks
13-duane stephenson-24 hours-rks
14-prophecy-life with you-rks
15-bridgez ft lukie d-come on home-rks
16-sweet riddim-version-rks
01-jimmy riley-first love
02-luciano-get together
03-glen washington-good loving
04-prestage-hold on me
05-jah mason-love is the answer
06-lutan fyah-joy of my life
07-jose mell-keep yuh distant
08-perfect-ready when you are
09-romain virgo-wanna go home
10-pinchers-do good-pinchers
11-norris man-pack up and leave-norris man
12-half pint-mind over matter-half pint
13-perfect-golden touch-perfect
14-anthony cruz-lite it up-anthony cruz
15-tads records-version
01-jimmy riley-first love
02-luciano-get together
03-glen washington-good loving
04-prestage-hold on me
05-jah mason-love is the answer
06-lutan fyah-joy of my life
07-jose mell-keep yuh distant
08-perfect-ready when you are
09-romain virgo-wanna go home
01-zamunda-jah love
02-perfect-police boy
03-mr groove-beautiful morning
04-loaded from slr crew-in the rain
05-kharuso-inna de garrison
06-jah balance-rain a fall
07-chezidek-sun or rain
08-eddy blacks-x girlfriend
09-kali blaxx-one smoke
10-sherese king feat. chai-one and only
12-kelly love jones-dont worry
13-robbie rule-never see us fail
14-rain wata riddim-version
15-ras fraser-be strong
16-izeezi-crab in barrel
17-cutty corn-life nuh easy
18-cobra-one day
19-anthony b-worry no more
20-mama riddim-version
01-zamunda-jah love surround me-rks
02-chezidek-sun or rain-rks
03-kali blaxx-one smoke-rks
04-jah balance-rain a fall-rks
05-perfect-police boy (clean)-rks
06-perfect-police boy (raw)-rks
07-mr groove-beautiful morning-rks
08-eddy blacks-x girlfriend-rks
09-sherese king-one and only (feat chai)-rks
10-kharuso-inna de garrison-rks
11-loaded from slr crew-in the rain-rks
12-kelly love jones-don t worry-rks
14-robbie rule-never see us fail-rks
15-arif cooper-rain wata riddim-rks
17-cobra-one day-rks
18-cutty corn-life nuh easy-rks
19-ras frazer-be strong-rks
20-richard bell-mama riddim-rks
01-mojo morgan–dem bwoy deh-oma
02-juke box feat. demarco busy signal mavado bounty killer asssasin–silent river megamix-oma
03-baijie–thats life-oma
04-messenjah selah–focus-oma
06-young warrior and joe ariwa–king moses dub-oma
07-illbilly hitec–east2west-oma
08-lutan fyah feat. natural black and turbulence–move out-oma
10-norris man feat. pressure busspipe–when your time is up-oma
11-anthony b–stop fight reggae-oma
12-house of riddim fat. phenomden–politrix-oma
13-jah mali–how thankful i am-oma
14-jah robby and will mc–they dont like us-oma
15-passa passa–dub plate mix-oma
01-sizzla–jah love-oma
02-irie ites feat. john holt jr kelly chezidek sizzla l.fyah lorenzo sena trinity–strange things megamix-oma
03-delle–fly away-oma
05-laden–time to shine-oma
06-ricky blaze feat. fresh prince–how me look-oma
07-ward 21–bang bang-oma
08-stingray 45 disco–dub plate mix-oma
09-yt–born inna babylon-oma
10-pow pow feat. gentleman natural black lutan fyan ginjah ninja ford raymond wright–respond megamix-oma
11-anthony locks–forgive me-oma
13-solrise–cold and rugged-oma
14-3gga–sweet reggae music-oma
15-piazumanju–hold up-oma
01-bitty mclean–plead my cause-oma
02-raymond wright–wifey-oma
03-denroy morgan and the asaph ministry–theocracy reign-oma
04-queen ifrica–coconut shell-oma
05-sojah–call the police-oma
06-project groundation feat. jah dan m1 of dead prez and de apostle–down in the ghetto megamix-oma
07-sound with soul feat. banton and glamarus red fox sharicon volkanikman–love again megamix-oma
08-massaya–dub plate mix-oma
11-dr. ring ding–friendly fiyah-oma
12-black ryno–can i-oma
13-pamputtae feat. pryceless and dread–so easy-oma
14-six nation feat. jr. kelly–make dem move-oma
15-millions of dreads–schwoaza mann-oma
01-t.o.k–gangsters never die-oma
02-ranking smo–zweideutlich pt. 2 (riddim dub plate)-oma
03-harry toddler–safe travel-oma
04-busy signal–trading places-oma
05-perfect feat. sizzla–absolute blessings-oma
06-ras charmer–still waters-oma
07-hi kee–goodness gracious-oma
08-maikal x–warning-oma
09-major lazer feat. jah dan–cash flow-oma
10-mighty howard–run from di thunder-oma
11-alborosie–no cocaine-oma
12-jaqee–natty dread-oma
13-sara lugo–familiar stranger-oma
14-lo-fi youthz–let you know-oma
15-die zuagroastn–nr. 1 sound-oma
01-boone chatta–riddim anthem (berlin yard dub plate)-oma
02-souljah and big era music feat. konshens trettmann w. marshall d flame s. deluxe blakkice and b. baunz–gwaan east megamix-oma
03-multicast ent. feat. rseenal andrew and wada blood teflon jabalance turbulance bobo zaro and contractor–mastamind megamix-oma
04-tarrus riley–living the life of a gun-oma
07-spruddy one–the man i could be-oma
08-stranger cole feat. gladstone anderson–love me today-oma
09-glen washington–aint too proud to beg-oma
10-lorenzo–a wa do dem-oma
11-uwe banton–none a dem-oma
12-sophia squire–ra ta ta ta tat-oma
13-rum roy–story of my life-oma
14-prezident brown feat. gary pine–own rebel-oma
15-new sound sistim–this world-oma
01-freddie mcgregor–bangarang-oma
02-joggo–gun down-oma
04-city lock sound–dub plate mix-oma
05-tanya stephens–still alive-oma
06-nature–falling in love again-oma
07-warrior king–im cold-oma
08-pow pow ft. junior x gentleman million stylez natty king denham r. stephens r. wright ginjah–surfer magamix-oma
09-big mama sound–dub plate mix-oma
10-perfect–mount zion-oma
11-franz job–the country boy song-oma
12-upliftment int.–dub plate mix-oma
13-dynamq–reggae feeling-oma
14-medassi–turn your back on satan-oma
15-african heartbradler–ich dreh und trink gern-oma
01-natural black–just like in the movie-oma
02-anthony b–bad from long time-oma
03-beenie man–mama cry-oma
04-daville and demarco–blessings a multiply-oma
05-tessanne chie–messenger-oma
06-bragga–dagga dat-oma
07-wayne marshall–me by myself-oma
08-courtney john–lucky man i want to get what to you-oma
09-innocent kru feat. calibe–esposa-oma
10-twins of twins–how come-oma
11-demarco–standing soldier-oma
13-flexxx–whey dem a deal wid-oma
14-bounty killer–they dont know corrupt-oma
15-connie–three little birds-oma
01-avaran-another moses
02-bobo ken-da raw
03-jah nyne-troddin on
04-jah tari-hard to say
01-black ryno-cah mek me run weh-riddim
02-vybz kartel and jah vinchi-shot ring-riddim
03-earthworm-when me a war-riddim
04-karizamtic-true me easy-riddim
05-wissy wassy-taxi mouth and buss tongue-riddim
06-jim crow-eva clean-riddim
07-equater-war start-riddim
08-rip riddim (rapid burst records)-version-riddim
01-a j brown-set this party right
02-bagga case-was it good for you
03-brando-high crisis
04-freddy roy-let the sun shyine shine in
05-george nooks-lord you rescue me
07-malory williams-iraq rock
08-nana mcclean-there i go
09-pam hall-honey moon
10-richie stephens-taking whats mine
11-ruddy thomas-what are you dying for
12-sugar minott-action speaks louder than words
13-tony greene and malory williams-rise riddim
14-tony greene-get up get up
01-charlie brown-the rain
02-dosa medicine-goodaz
03-gappy ranks-out the ghetto
05-popcorn-you good
06-rise up riddim-version
07-wiley-rise up
01-vybz kartel-the system-fs
02-gappy ranks-out the ghetto-fs
03-dolamite-rising up-fs
04-popcaan-move ya body-fs
05-lee anna-hallo-fs
06-dosa medicine-goodaz-fs
07-shawn storm-run me down-fs
08-suncycle productions-rise up (instrumental)-fs
01-charly black-in love with you-W33d
02-worrior king-yesterday is gone-w33d
01-high ruuts-rize up-jah
02-higher trod-mr. pretender-jah
03-turbulance-brighter day-jah
04-king rymes-jah never fails-jah
05-fire grinds-no wari wari-jah
06-delroy melody-stop that train-jah
07-steven myers-a so it go-jah
08-ras bolan-oh my god-jah
09-monique-it dread-jah
10-michael fitz roy-bad boys-jah
01-bling dawg-aerobics class
02-wayne marshall-puff it
03-patexx-spin u role
04-chino-real revolution
05-ding dong ft cecile-whine u body
06-rock star riddim-version
01-wayne marshall-puff it mix (edit)-riddim
02-chino-real revolution-riddim
03-bling dawg-aerobics class-riddim
04-ding dong ft cecile-whine u body-riddim
05-patexx–spin u role edit-riddim
06-rock star riddim (jam 2 and baby g prod)-version-riddim
01-inner circle-we a rockers-riddim
02-maytones-money worries-riddim
03-junior murvin-police and thieves-riddim
04-the heptones-books of rules-riddim
05-peter tosh-stepping razor-riddim
06-jacob miller-tenement yard-riddim
07-junior byles-fade away-riddim
08-bunny wailer-rockers-riddim
09-gregory isaacs-slave master-riddim
10-the upsetters-dread lion-riddim
11-kiddus i-graduation in zion-riddim
12-burning spear-jah no dead-riddim
13-third world-satta-amasa-gana-riddim
14-justin hines and the dominoes-natty take over-riddim
01-cashelle – i wanna be yuh love-w33d
02-fame styles – dem ago live fi see me-w33d
03-rocky roads – version-w33d
02-i-wayne-one hit wonder
03-richie spice-why should i
05-capleton-save dem
06-chuck fenda-survivor
07-fanton mojah-rising
08-coaco tea-sweeter
09-duane stephenson-crying out
10-demarco-feel so right
11-konshens-let me know
12-teflon-one thing
13-ginja-where is it
14-stavie face-not going to wait
15-sunkie-you dont love me
16-version-rocksteady riddim
01-sanchez – bring back the love-gully
02-mikey spice – loving you-gully
03-ambelique – walk away from love-gully
04-beres hammond – treat you right-gully
05-freddie mcgregor – man in me-gully
06-don campbell – i wish i could-gully
07-donna marie – all this time-gully
08-kashief lindo – i got the time-gully
09-ed robinson – where do we go-gully
10-frankie paul – u-r my everything-gully
11-sanchez – if i ever fall in love-gully
12-mikey spice – the way you are-gully
13-ambelique – sad love song-gully
14-beres hammond – leave it up to love-gully
15-freddie mcgregor – lost that loving feeling-gully
16-don campbell – do it again-gully
17-j.c. lodge – lets make love-gully
18-kashief lindo – visions of a sunset-gully
19-dean fraser – girlfriend-gully
20-frankie paul – how did you get here-gully
01-bob skeng-the lion (vocal)-kouala
02-bob skeng-version a de principle (dub mix)-kouala
03-chezidek-on the go (vocal)-kouala
04-chezidek-on the version (dub mix)-kouala
05-dark angel-free da minds (vocal)-kouala
06-dark angel-version minded (dub mix)-kouala
07-johnny osbourne-black starliner (vocal remix)-kouala
08-johnny osbourne-liner version (dub mix)-kouala
01-dannyred-you dont know (vocal mix)-kouala
02-manasseh-a knowing version (dub mix instrumental)-kouala
03-ras zacchari-greetings tenastelin (vocal mix)-kouala
04-sothsayers horns-salaam shalom (instrumental)-kouala
05-freddie mcgregor-rally (vocal mix)-kouala
06-manasseh-rally version (dub mix instrumental)-kouala
07-earl 16-gold dust (vocal mix)-kouala
08-manasseh-herb dust (dub mix instrumental)-kouala
01-danny red – you dont know-gmg
02-nick manasseh – knowing version-gmg
03-ras zacharri – greetings tenastelin-gmg
04-soothsayers horns – salaam shalom-gmg
05-freddie mcgregor – rally-gmg
06-nick manasseh – rally version-gmg
07-earl sixteen – gold dust-gmg
08-nick manasseh – herb dust-gmg
101-sanchez-take these chains and set me free-gully
102-sanchez-medley with dj beenie man-gully
103-lady saw-i will love you any way-gully
104-lady saw-if him left-gully
105-lady saw-mona lisa-gully
106-lady saw-gimme the meat-gully
107-general degree-bad mind people-gully
108-general degree-money a run-gully
109-beenie man-request the condom-gully
110-beenie man-people dead-gully
111-terry ganzie-welcome the outlaw-gully
112-terry ganzie-we want the loving from a good man-gully
113-spragga benz-you could a deal-gully
114-spragga benz-jack it up-gully
115-kulcha knox-who say god dead-gully
116-kulcha knox-dj get the grammy-gully
117-gregory isaacs-the more i get it-gully
118-snagga pus-gal cant cook-gully
119-snagga pus-ex lover-gully
201-charlle chaplin and brigadier jerry-dj medley-gully
202-bounty killer-gal say yes-gully
203-bounty killer-informer fe dead-gully
204-bounty killer-papa shot-gully
205-bounty killer-spy fe die-gully
206-wayne wonder-childs play 2-gully
207-captain barkey and wickerman-captain chatty no get it-gully
208-jack radics-movin away-gully
209-jigsy king and tony curtis-want your body-gully
210-jigsy king and tony curtis-miss cutey cutey-gully
211-jigsy king and tony curtis-my love is murder-gully
212-major mackerel-pretty locks good-gully
213-major mackerel-medley-gully
301-gregory isaacs-tune in in the morning-gully
302-gregory isaacs-night nurse-gully
303-gregory isaacs-all i have is love-gully
304-gregory isaacs-ragamuffin-gully
305-gregory isaacs-i dont want to be lonely tonight-gully
306-gregory isaacs-prisoner of love-gully
307-bounty killer-gal dem a holla-gully
308-bounty killer-love is lovely perplex the flex-gully
309-bounty killer-shipment a come-gully
310-major chrisy and galaxy-goodie goodie-gully
311-spragga benz-matey and friends this year-gully
312-spragga benz-rude boy for life-gully
313-spragga benz-no apology-gully
314-jack redics-i believe in miracles (medley)-gully
315-general degree-brinks-gully
316-wayne wonder-forever young-gully
317-wayne wonder-movie star-gully
318-wayne wonder-a place in your heart-gully
01-moodie and exel-intro-kouala
02-overproof soundsystem-watch what you put inna-kouala
03-one people production and brother culture-digital rock-kouala
04-2 bad card (adrian sherwood)-equal rights and justice-kouala
05-mungos hifi-under arrest feat. mc ishu-kouala
06-the hempolics-serious feat. dandelion-kouala
07-ramon judah-survival-kouala
08-dub terror-shinobi feat. echo ranks and santanu-kouala
09-brother culture-willing and able feat. ghetto priest-kouala
10-ghetto priest-this time-kouala
11-ramon judah-sound boy come away-kouala
12-louis slipperz exel and moodie-outro-kouala
101-niney-blood and fire-rks
102-big youth-whole lot of fire-rks
103-max romeo and niney-the coming of jah-rks
104-max romeo and lee perry-rasta bandwagon-rks
105-delory wilson-rascal man-rks
106-sang hugh and the lionaires-rasta no born yah-rks
107-michael rose-guess whos coming to dinner-clap the barber-rks
108-delroy washington-the way to reason-rks
109-reggae crusaders-bring the couchie come-rks
110-slim smith-i need your loving-rks
111-gregory isaacs-rock on-rks
112-ken boothe-silver words-rks
113-delory wilson-my baby is gone-rks
114-dennis brown-here i come-rks
115-i roy-jah come here-rks
116-johnny clarke-warrior-rks
117-ranking trevor-whip them jah-rks
118-junior delgado-every natty-rks
119-junior byles-weeping-rks
120-tyrone taylor-sufferation-rks
201-dennis brown and bongo herman-wolfs and leopards-nosey joe-rks
202-gregory isaacs and ranking buckers-slave master-rks
203-freddy mcgregor-chant it down-rks
204-leroy smart-jah is my light-rks
205-dennis brown-no more will i roam-ext mix-rks
206-horace andy-materialist-rks
207-jacob miller-moses-rks
208-glasford manning-prophecy call-rks
210-the jewels-i jah i-rks
211-the ethiopians-slave call-rks
212-the heptones-temptation botheration and tribulation-rks
213-third world-roots with quality-rks
214-freddy mcgregor-tease my love-rks
215-sugar minott-lovers race-rks
216-don carlos-mr sun-rks
217-barry brown-thank you mama-rks
218-freddy mcgregor-lovers rock ja style-rks
219-jimmy riley-sweets for my sweet-rks
220-leroy smart and baby wayne-money friend-rks
01-ataru-good vibes (edit)-ces
02-ataru-good vibes (raw)-ces
03-erup-for a time-ces
04-perfect-absence makes-ces
05-i-octane-no way out-ces
06-lutan fyah-give praise-ces
08-norris man-wicked heart (edit)-ces
09-norris man-wicked heart (raw)-ces
10-heart of love production-rough times (version)-ces
01-mr vegas and maestro-round of applause-riddim
02-elephant man-dancing ring-riddim
03-kirkledove-breath stretch-riddim
04-busy signal-whine up whine up-riddim
01-bounty killer-badman in the building-w33d
02-twin of twins-house-w33d
03-flipa mafia-start war-w33d
04-beenie man-yuh pussy-w33d
05-mr vegus-i shall not be move-w33d
07-blonde rass-nuh bwoy-w33d
08-uknown-fuck yuh want-w33d
10-uknown-more money-w33d
11-leftside-get high-w33d
12-uknown-role out-w33d
13-macka diamond-balance wheel-w33d
15-pamputae-dash it out-w33d
16-anthony b-affi get rich-w33d
17-beenie man-mi nuh teck program-w33d
18-deva bratt-dem a nuh gangsta-w33d
20-gold – dem a pussy -(deva bratt diss)-w33d
01-bunji garlin-helpless child
02-mojo morgan-rude bwoy
03-fayann lyons-lonely girl
06-benjai-keep it coming
01-mungos hi fi ft tippa irie-ruff mi tuff-fs
02-mungos hi fi ft omar perry-live in peace-fs
03-ruff mi tuff riddim-version-fs
04-mungos hi fi ft daddy freddy-dread inna armagideon-fs
05-mungos hi fi ft sister carol-culture mi vote-fs
06-mungos hi fi ft bongo chilli-nuttin nah gwaan-fs
101-rupie edwards-ire feelings
102-johnny clarke-everyday wondering
103-errol dunkley-darling ooh
104-lloyd and devon-love is the foundation of the world
105-gregory isaacs-too late
106-dobby dobson-dont make me over
107-the heptones-youve lost that loving feeling
108-rupie edwards-my little red top
109-johnny clarke-you bring me joy
110-dobby dobson-what love has joined together
111-rupie edwards-dance with me
112-errol dunkley-down below
113-hughroy henry-baby
114-gregory isaacs-black and white
115-rupie edwards-sometimes
116-ossie scott and dobby dobson-that wonderful sound
201-the heptones and joe white-give me the right
202-rupie edwards bob andy and tyrone evans-love is a wonderful wicked thing
203-gregory isaacs and the concords-dont let me suffer
204-dobby dobson-crazy
205-john holt-fat girl sexy girl
206-dobby dobson-endlessly
207-mighty diamonds-girl youre too young
208-errol dunkley-three in one
209-the african nature-mystery of nature
210-social eagles-one sunday morning
211-the ethipoians-im gonna buy you a ring
212-johnny clarke-julie on my mind
213-the tellers-green guava jelly
214-john holt-man and woman
215-rupie edwards-girl i really really love you
216-rupie edwards allstars-i sey go dey ft. carl cannonball bryan
301-johnny clarke-the end
302-gregory isaacs-far beyond the valley
303-the ethipoians-solid as a rock
304-the meditators-cubba
305-the itals-everytime
306-ken parker-talk about love
307-ken parker-i wanna be loved
308-rupie edwards-im gonna give some life
309-rupie edwards-a little bit at a time
310-gregory isaacs-lonely man
311-joe higgs-burning fire
312-errol dunley-if you say so
313-errol carter-ramgoat malish water
314-rupie edwards-long love lost
315-pat francis-know yourself blackman
316-the ethipoians-big splish splash
317-the tellers-no work no play
318-rupie edwards allstars-jamaica serenade ft. marques
319-shorty the president-presdient a mash up de president
320-jah woosh-the wanderer
01-natural black ft lutan fyah and turbulence-move out-riddim
03-noble society-mama so divine-riddim
01-busy malone-say way mi feel fi say – sm-fs
02-kibaki-whos to blame-fs
03-tyrical and savege-bad man like me-fs
04-iyara and anachi-kill da whole a dem-fs
06-bonez-head side-fs
07-anorkey-him must bad-fs
02-sexy body-atlantic (collis duranty)-gully
03-sugar boom-boom-kitchener (collis duranty)-gully
04-tradesman-sanelle demspter (arlene dyer)-gully
05-pika-dandaya narine (sushma rajpaul)-gully
06-warm up-devanand gattoo (anil suchit)-gully
07-dr.sampath-rasika dindial (sushma rajpaul)-gully
08-mousie-rakesh yankaran (anil suchit)-gully
09-dulahin chale-devanand gattoo (anil suchit)-gully
10-frenchman jam-keisha stewart-gully
11-stranger-shadow (collis duranty)-gully
12-latin fever-keisha stewart-gully
13-take away-godfrey dublin (collis duranty)-gully
14-taylaylay-peter c.lewis (collis duranty)-gully
15-jump-rupee (collis duranty)-gully
16-tremble it-destra garcia (arlene dyer)-gully
02-g-mafia-everyman wahhh
03-kiskohype-the chance
04-majah hype-no matter weh dem do
01-kiskohype-get the chance-W33d
02-g-maffiah-every man waahh-W33d
01-scaredem fish-tu la vas a meter
02-chicano-como lo hacemos
03-suppose-te voy a dar salsa
04-bennie man-gaza mi seh
05-vybz kartel-commandments
06-scaredem fish-el nuevo paso de camina
07-scaredem fish-quiero bailar contigo
08-scaredem fish-vamos pa la disco
09-chicano-tirando tu paso
10-chicano-no linga killa swing
11-scaredem fish-muevete cruel
01-bugle-naah accept it-fs
02-serani-when its cold-fs
01-leftside feat syon-nuh other gyal-fs
02-vybz kartel-gaza ting a ling-fs
03-elephant man-you a di wife-fs
04-lyza hype-more pon more-fs
05-keepleft records-school bell riddim version-fs
01-vybz kartel feat gaza kim and jah vinci-mek sure-riddim
02-popcaan feat jah vinci-home-riddim
03-black ryno-hate we-riddim
04-lisa hype-nuh diss mi-riddim
05-merital family-gaza mi seh-riddim
07-vybz kartel-nuh dash it weh-riddim
08-shawn storm-dem badmind-riddim
01-vybz kartel gaza kim and jah vinci-school anthem-riddim
02-popcaan and jah vinci-home-riddim
03-vybz kartel-nuh dash it weh-riddim
04-peter runks wolf be robbie cat cj priest and lola-u gon feel it (bonus track)-riddim
01-god knows – da plan-W33d
02-take me away with u – formila 1-W33d
03-i will sing – utan green-W33d
04-hollywood – rebel-W33d
05-no follow no man – essentrial-W33d
01-jah shawn-slant it-jah
02-mikey spaid-me haffi see-jah
03-neptune-in love with you-jah
01-jah shawn-slant it-riddim
02-mikey spaid-me haffi see-riddim
03-neptune-in love with you-riddim
01-twice-next to you-W33d
02-kyos-fast car-W33d
03-little hero-mi money-W33d
04-mad anju-you know-W33d
05-silva cat-enemy-W33d
06-sizzla kalongi-music-W33d
07-sizzla kalongi-real niggas feat. spragga benz-W33d
08-spragga benz-lock di place feat. sizzla kalongi-W33d
09-teflon-bet seh-w33d
10-version-secret weapon riddim-w33d
01-cecile-mood for love
02-delly ranx and chico-im going crazy
03-new kidz-call my name
04-real mc koy-western union
05-terry ganzie-sorry
06-tok-secs drive
01-va-selectah italvybz and mightyfprcrew presents thanks and praises vol 1-fs
01-va-peter broggs-jah golden throne-gully
02-va-dexter mckintyre-144000 saints-gully
01-sentinel-dancehall mixes vol 17 fly away
01-sentinel-dancehall mixes vol 18 off the sunset
01-sentinel supersonic-10 years sentinel and supersonic part1
02-sentinel supersonic-10 years sentinel and supersonic part2
03-sentinel supersonic-10 years sentinel and supersonic part3
04-sentinel supersonic-10 years sentinel and supersonic part4
05-sentinel supersonic-10 years sentinel and supersonic part5
01-cameal davis ft. assassin-we can
02-domaino-wanna be with you
03-kelvin dixon-never
04-peetah morgan-im so lost
05-queen i-frica-serve and protect
06-romain virgo-who feels it knows it
07-sanchez-longing to come home
08-timeka marshall-the way you love me
09-tony rebel-life is too short
01-queen ifrica-serve and protect-fs
02-peetah-im so lost-fs
03-lutan fayah-not a dollah-fs
04-romain virgo-who feels it knows it-fs
05-sanchez-longing to come home-fs
06-cameal davis ft assassin-we can-fs
07-kelvin dixon-never-fs
08-domaino-wanna be with you-fs
09-timeka marshall-the way you love me-fs
01-peetah-im so lost-w33d
02-sanchez-longing to come home-w33d
03-domaino-wanna be with you-w33d
04-romain virgo-who feels it knows it-w33d
01-mavado-house cleaning-fs
02-vybz kartel-love dem-fs
03-beenie man and versitile-my money a mine-fs
04-elephant man-gyal waah wi-fs
07-assassin-hand to mouth-fs
08-mr vegas-wont back down-fs
09-bramma-frenz to the end-fs
10-flippa mafia-dem style yah-fs
11-wayne marshall-dem lost-fs
12-ding dong-how u bad suh-fs
13-ding dong-how u bad suh(clean)-fs
14-suku(ward 21)-walk and live-fs
15-ataru and bibi gardener-dem get caught-fs
16-ataru and bibi gardener-dem get caught(clean)-fs
17-patex-tell me how-fs
18-jim crow-ask badmind-fs
01-sizzla – tender touch
02-mykal rose and chukki starr – ghetto life
03-jamelody – i told you
04-ziggi – shackles and chains
05-tiwony – rep
01-va-shashamane int live at 2k9 rototom sunsplash italy-fs
01-little lenny-yush-lvy
02-tumpa lion-virginia woo-lvy
03-vice roy-on my feet again-lvy
04-lady ann-lady ann couldnt dun-lvy
05-major bones-jump and spread out-lvy
06-general degree-wha smell so-lvy
07-grindsman-drugs addict-lvy
08-lady p-mascot dem talking-lvy
09-sugar p-knights are better-lvy
10-dynamite-twenty four sevens-lvy
01-beene man-world dance-rks
02-ghost-please forgive me-rks
03-mad cobra-more dem talk-rks
04-terry ganzie-rougher than them-rks
05-alley cat-gal waan war-rks
06-silver cat-fowl affair-rks
07-richie stephens-depends on you-rks
08-future troubles-china mi live-rks
09-general degree-only master god-rks
10-tanto metro-nah cut it off-rks
11-lt stitchie-born to be happy-rks
12-little kirk-im ready-rks
01-buju banton-hard times-riddim
02-buju banton-not goin crazy-riddim
03-tony curtis mitch and ghost-love songs-riddim
01-carlton livingston-miss know it all-rks
02-jah thomas-shoulder move-rks
03-jim brown-mr brown-rks
04-king rolex-pass me the weed-rks
05-version-shoulder move (midnight rock)-rks
01-yardie-babylonian brutal journey
02-ally cat-bobo cop
01-eddie fitzroy-world crisis-kouala
02-baby lion-progress-kouala
03-junior vibes-jah creation-kouala
04-choppa chop-better way out-kouala
05-king david-be strong and be positive-kouala
06-pad anthony-all or nothing-kouala
07-culture t-no vision-kouala
08-blade malachi justis-give love-kouala
09-allo star-let me take you out-kouala
10-steady ranks-love alone-kouala
11-signature records-sign and seal (dub mix)-kouala
01-vybz kartel-chasing d paper-riddim
02-lutan fyah-o my gosh-riddim
03-silent scope riddim (ssmg prod)-version-riddim
01-gyptian-i feel so sad
02-jay mckay-so in love
03-natural black-woman saga
04-sizzla-babylon system
05-abijah-state of emergency
06-aisha-run away
07-chrisinti-zion be
08-determine-born to love you
09-g-whizz-give it to you all
10-jimmy riley-love cant be forced
11-mitch-thats why i love
12-neo-sulan-freg your mind
13-silent sky riddim-version
01-mega banton-mr. mention-yard
02-capleton-cold blooded murderer-yard
03-junior demus-sign-yard
04-mikey sing-character-yard
05-richie brown-do it to you-yard
06-mad kokane-fight against herb-yard
07-beenie man-not a bed a roses-yard
08-snagga puss-simmer down-yard
09-reggie stepper-whe me gun say-yard
10-danger b-live loving-yard
11-singing sweet-i want to know-yard
12-dennis brown and snagga puss-missing you (remix)-yard
13-jack scorpio-version-yard
01-busy signal-you never knew-riddim
02-peetah morgan-saying goodbye-riddim
03-karl morrison and timeka marshall-choice by choice-riddim
04-lutan fyah-you got me-riddim
05-raw deal-wasting no time-riddim
02-sizzla-gunzalis version-jah
03-beres hammond-heartbreaker-jah
04-sizzla-heartbreaker version-jah
05-sizzla-babylon cowboy-jah
07-mikey general-king davids offspring-jah
08-louie culture-how long-jah
09-sizzla-how long version-jah
10-ras shiloh-asking thee to spare-jah
11-ansel collins-lion in the sky-jah
12-firehouse crew-african uprising-jah
01-aidonia – when we buss it-W33d
02-bounty killer – just mek a duppy-w33d
03-kibaki – anytime mi buss my own-W33d
04-mavado – sixteen-W33d
05-serani ft bugle – daseca for life (edit)-w33d
06-serani ft bugle – deseca for life (raw)-W33d
07-sixteen riddim – version-w33d
01-the wailers-wings of a dove-yard
02-roland alphonso-ska au go go-yard
03-gaylads-big bamboo-yard
04-roland alphonso-cut munu-yard
05-skatalites-sugar and spice-yard
06-roland alphonso-pepe to-yard
07-roland alphonso-something special-yard
08-the wailers-shame and scandal-yard
09-roland alphonso-i should have known better-yard
10-soulettes-hey senorita-yard
11-jackie mitto-wives and lovers-yard
12-the wailers-one love-yard
01-ska mi out riddim-ousmane- do you-w33d
02-ska mi out riddim-singer x – time to love-w33d
03-ska mi out riddim-seamus – acting crazy-w33d
04-ska mi out riddim-benso – all i need-w33d
01-anthony b-hero
02-classical eska-in love
03-perfect feat gene slick-waah cry
04-sizzla-my love
01-skatalites-guns of navarone-yard
02-roland alphonso-el pussy cat-yard
03-skatalites-ska in vienna woods-yard
04-wailers-love and affection-yard
05-delroy wilson-i want justice-yard
06-wailers-flying ska-yard
07-skatalites-youre so delightful-yard
08-skatalites-ball of fire-yard
09-peter tosh and the wailers-shame and scandal-yard
10-don drummond-man in the street-yard
11-roland alphonso and skatalites-songs of love-yard
12-soulettes-i love you-yard
01-spragga benz-dem a hate-jah
02-kevin lyttle-take a ride-jah
03-calico-link up-jah
04-ward 21-snap crackle pop (raw)-jah
05-ward 21-snap crackle pop (clean)-jah
06-mr. lexx-say dem a wife (clean)-jah
07-mr. lexx-say dem a wife (raw)-jah
08-sizzla-put jah before u (clean)-jah
09-sizzla-put jah before u (raw)-jah
10-bling dawg aka rickie rudie-question-jah
11-vybz kartel-goodas fi real (raw)-jah
12-vybz kartel-goodas fi real (clean)-jah
13-wayne marshall-rise and fall-jah
14-mr. easy-mad love (raw)-jah
15-mr. easy-mad love (clean)-jah
16-nitty kutchie-smoke weed-jah
17-don yute-boo-jah
18-survivor slim-skitzo riddim instrumental-jah
02-dre skull-gone too far (feat. sizzla)
04-natalie storm-skull riddim dub
05-shifta-turn ova
06-version-skull riddim
07-vybz kartel-skull riddim dub
01-va-black rhyno – drive through prize-w33d
02-va-papcaan-real killer-w33d
03-va-vybz kartel and jah vinci-bubbling over and over-w33d
04-va-vybz kartel feat merital-never sick-w33d
01-blak ryno-drive through prize (alliance diss)
02-vybz kartel and jah vinci-bubblin over and over
03-vybz kartel-love of money
04-vybz kartel and merital-untitled track
01-beenie man and luciano-crazy baldheads-gully
02-ambelique-im coming home-gully
03-red rose-money-gully
04-gina foster and chris ballin-he said she said-gully
05-red dragon-skin tight-gully
06-mykal rose-one of wetwo of we-gully
07-merciless-easy and cool-gully
08-yami bolo-love my women-gully
09-chaka demus and pliers-sweetie-gully
10-lt stitchie-the mechanic-gully
11-red dragon and brian and tony gold-compliments on your kiss-gully
12-don yute-freak out-gully
01-the tamlins-baltimore
02-courtney john-baby tonight
03-lutan fyah-africa
04-tony rebel-fire in the oven
05-calibe-hot burn
06-lukie d-helpless
07-richie stephens-sahara
08-tanto metro and devonte-anytime
09-singing melody-im ready
10-mitch-want no more
11-brian gold and red rose-trust
12-patchy-live my life
13-sugar roy and crystal-praise him
14-kashief lindo-for you
15-general degree-straight up with you
16-tina nunez-nice and slow
17-nikesha lindo-silly
18-color code-there for you
19-frisco kid-sad news
20-lenn hammond-hot now
01-chuckle berry-the good life
02-courtney john-back in love
03-bitty mclean-talk talk
04-anthony red rose-under my skin
05-lutan fyah-wild fire
06-junior delgado-merry go-round
07-lukie d-on fire
08-bushman-world state
09-anthony b-take time to know her
10-george nooks-lonely wont leave
11-tarrus riley and jimmy riley-pull up selector
12-courtney john-ready to go
13-bounty killer and sugar minott-tune in
15-cherine anderson-talk if you talking
16-ambilique-worker man
17-brian gold-the most high
18-chaka chaks-african daughter
19-lutan fyah-out a line
01-busy signal-you never knew
02-karl morrison ft timeka marshall-choice by choice
03-lutan fyah-you got me
04-peetah morgan-saying goodbye
05-raw deal-wasting no time
01-kibaki-whos to blame-riddim
02-bonez-head side-riddim
03-busy malone-say way mi feel fi say-riddim
04-anorkey-him must bad-riddim
05-tyrical and savege-bad man like me-riddim
07-iyara and anachi-kill da whole a dem-riddim
08-smauri riddim-version-riddim
01-tony curtis-angel over me-riddim
02-lutan fyah ft sophia squire-baby i love you-riddim
03-torch-holy mount zion-riddim
04-i king-banks of the river nile-riddim
05-samita-wont give up on our love-riddim
06-hezron-midnight hour-riddim
07-carol gonzales-i wanna be the one-riddim
08-oneil peart-still got the blues-riddim
09-torch-the x files (raw)-riddim
10-torch-the x files (edit)-riddim
01-tanto metro and devonte-cant buy-riddim
02-tashena-hot girls anthem-riddim
03-natural black-cut out di beggin-riddim
04-shaddu-tek time-riddim
05-rdx-out and bad-riddim
07-macka diamond-dash it pan a gal-riddim
08-nine mill-just the music-riddim
09-bugle-nuh worry we-riddim
10-so bad riddim-version-riddim
01-tanto metro and devonte – cant buy-w33d
02-bugle – nuh worry we-w33d
03-rdx – out and bad-w33d
04-natural blacks – cut out di beggin-w33d
05-macka diamond – dash it pan a gal-w33d
01-ms thing feat dapz-tell me-fs
02-baby chris-rucum cum-fs
03-so sick riddim-version (seanizzle)-fs
01-iwer george-ready
03-iwer george ft ziggy ranking-we like it
05-third bass-its obama
06-marlon george-wuk it up
07-tc-just wine
08-c donia-show meh
09-cassi-dance fever
10-patch ft mastermind-rum and roti
11-iwer george ft ziggy ranking-ready (remix)
12-iwer george-ready (remix)
01-edwin yearwood and krossfyah-nah missing me
02-peter ram-tight
03-sean caruth-sexy now
04-edwin yearwood and krossfyah-handle ya bizniz
05-destra garcia-bacchanal
06-roy cape feat blaxx-tusty
07-sonny man-lotela (chutney remix)
08-square one-turn it around
09-kurt allen-dust dem
10-burning flames-the magician (i command you)
11-sean caruth and traffik-hickey
12-south south west-thelma
13-bunji garlin and shami-soca bhangra
14-maximus dan-soca train
15-rikki jai and machel montano-mor tor (remix)
16-shurwayne winchester feat calypso rose-tempo
17-peter ram-woman by my side
18-mr dale-soca junkie
19-kenneth salik-radica
01-edwin yearwood-handle ya bizniz
02-destra garcia-bacchanal
03-roy cape feat blaxx-tusty
04-skinny fabulous-head bad (on the spot)
05-buji garlin featuring beenie man-plenty gal
06-jamesy p-soca daggering
07-peter ram-tight
08-patrice roberts-looking hott
09-zoelah-wine up on me
10-kes ravi b and hunter-jepp sting naina
12-sean caruth feat jamesy p-she sexy now
13-rita jones-put some wine on me
14-trini jacob-sexy boo
15-red plastic bag-wrong gal
16-lil rick-bashment winners
17-kenneth salick-radica
18-biggie irie-carnival again
01-baby – fiona-gully
02-jah is the ruler – gentleman ft. causion-gully
03-tek wi fah – freddie mcgregor-gully
04-thats life – richie spice-gully
05-faithfully yours – lloyd brown-gully
06-slowly – fiona ft. ghost-gully
07-in line – annette brissette-gully
08-paradise – tinga stewart-gully
09-someday – sanchez ft. honorebel-gully
10-i dont know – mical rustle-gully
11-got to be free – glen washington-gully
12-this time – jimmy riley-gully
13-tell me you will – christopher-gully
14-someone you dont know – errol dunkley-gully
15-breaking up (the mix) – causion fiona hopeton lindo glen washington mical rustle two of a kind-gully
01-jimmy riley-jimmy riley youre all in disguize-fs
02-leroy smart-leroy smart easy on the poor-fs
03-linval thompson-linval thompson dem a bawl-fs
04-luciano-luciano whos gonna stop them-fs
05-lutan fyah-lutan fyah rastafari children-fs
06-mykal rose and capleton-mykal rose and capleton solidarity part 2-fs
07-philip frazer-philip frazer give me what is mine-fs
08-ras i m i-ras i m i red out there-fs
09-spragga benz-spragga benz babylon-fs
10-sugar minott-sugar minott gun thing-fs
11-thriller-thriller stress-fs
12-turbulence-turbulence come nuh-fs
01-fyakin-poverty is at hand-rks
02-queen ifrica-dem never see de sign-rks
03-sizzla-treat you like a man-rks
04-chuck fender-hold on tight-rks
05-tony rebel-chant down babylon-rks
06-assassin-have some mercy-rks
07-lejahni-victim of the ghetto-rks
08-nikki burt-good wine-rks
09-chant down babylon-version-rks
10-marcia griffiths-land of love-rks
11-twiggi-say you love me-rks
12-marcia griffiths and tony rebel-ready to go-rks
13-anthony cruz-leaders of the world-rks
14-ras shiloh-child of a slave-rks
101-althea hewitt-if i were i boy-yard
102-cultural roots-tell it to her-yard
103-wayne wonder-take it easy-yard
104-gregory isaacs-private beach party-yard
105-freddie mcgregor-just dont want to be lonely-yard
106-marcia aitken-im still in love with you-yard
107-dennis brown-moonlight-yard
108-fiona and lloyd brown-break up to make up-yard
109-tarrus riley-stay with you-yard
110-johnny osbourne-in your eyes-yard
111-barrington levy-if you give to me-yard
112-frankie paul-i know the score-yard
113-beres hammond-she loves me now-yard
114-sanchez-(they long to be) close to you-yard
115-j.c. lodge-someone loves you honey-yard
201-michael prophet-here comes the bride-yard
202-barry biggs-wide awake in a dream-yard
203-dean fraser-girlfriend-yard
204-freddie mcgregor-stop loving you-yard
205-ken boothe-a man is a man-yard
206-beres hammond-love means (never to say your sorry)-yard
207-etana -closer-yard
208-dennis brown-you know you want to be loved-yard
209-john holt-sugar and spice-yard
210-cocoa tea-low profile-yard
211-deborahe glasgow-best friend-yard
212-singing melody-back for good-yard
213-mighty diamonds-theres no me without you-yard
214-dawn penn-you dont love me (no no no)-yard
215-terry linen-your love is my love-yard
01-anthony b-faya red-w33d
02-chezidek-hold a meditation-w33d
03-jah mason-be wise-w33d
04-jil and stuf-redda dub-w33d
05-natty king feat daddy rings-talk to dem-w33d
06-freddie mcgregor feat cali p-thanks and praises-w33d
07-jil and firehouse crew-dub rebel-w33d
08-iyashanti-breaking down the barriers-w33d
09-mark wonder feat turbulence-movin on-w33d
10-jil and stuf-ackee walk version-w33d
01-jah call – never give it up-w33d
02-luciano and jah call – power wise-w33d
03-jah call – love more-w33d
04-mark wonder and jah call – keep on lying to the children-w33d
05-nelly stharre – life goes on-w33d
01-freddie mcgregor-let him try-gully
02-barrington levy-my time-gully
03-dennis brown-reggie stepper-im your man-gully
04-ninjaman-pastor man-gully
05-cobra-work it-gully
06-f. paul-t.sparks-cutty ranks-yellowbird-come with me-gully
07-freddie mcgregor-culture t-informer-gully
08-oniel shines-lets make up-gully
09-baby wayne-joe quick fi shoot-gully
10-papa san-lady g-back together again-gully
11-cobra-sugar black-merciless 2-gully
12-powerman-whey the gun deh-gully
13-junior cat-second hand don-gully
14-skullman-girl hawk-gully
15-fragga ranks-suss-gully
16-supercat-trevor sparks-dolly my baby-gully
17-admiral tibett-them come-gully
18-pliers-bam bam-gully
19-frankie paul-apachie scratchie-gun pon cock-gully
20-sugar black-all because of you-gully
01-sizzla-its just you and i-riddim
02-aka koxx-serious time-riddim
03-admiral t-so clean so nice-riddim
01-no love – capleton-w33d
02-big bamboo – maka (raw)-w33d
03-big bamboo – maka (raw)-w33d
04-property – megga banton (raw)-w33d
05-property – megga banton (edit)-w33d
06-push it – einstein (raw)-w33d
07-push it – einstien (edit)-w33d
01-gappy ranks-heaven in your eyes-w33d
02-mikey spice-roller coaster-w33d
03-nerious joseph and gappy ranks-soul rebel-w33d
04-sweetie irie-rebel with a cause-w33d
01-wayne marshall–hot ramona-oma
02-ce cile–moonlight-oma
03-ray darwin–that is life-oma
04-ronny trettmann–fingerschnipps-oma
05-jahrome and junior matayas–nah look back-oma
06-d-flame–jung und unabhaengig-oma
07-blakk ice–party people-oma
08-samy deluxe–schweine (du sagst)-oma
09-konshens–nah let me go-oma
10-rebellion the recaller–so cold-oma
11-woody–signal (feat. junior matayas)-oma
12-billy baunz–wood control-oma
13-va–gwaan east riddim (instrumental version)-oma
01-va-sound basin-dub mix
01-va-sound basin-old skool mix
01-cornadoor – here i am
02-million stylez – love we deal with
03-joggo – love you more
04-maikal x – so much
05-rojah phad full – per klick
06-skarra mucci – everybody bawling
07-ky-enie – how could you
08-joey fever – your fire
09-boomdabash – shes mine
10-ciscomanna feat queen mary – non finira mai
11-cornadoor and jr blender – here i am version
01-al campbell-we rule the corner-gully
02-michael prophet-rhumba style-gully
03-chris wayne-killing of a sound boy-gully
04-bun gem records-version-gully
05-barry brown-watch out-gully
06-bun gem records-version-gully
07-gregory isaccs and triston palma-too late-gully
08-tristan palmer-wake up-gully
09-bun gem records-version-gully
10-sugar minott-consider me-gully
11-phillip frazier-unknown-gully
12-bun gem records-version-gully
13-smokey joe-conquer me-gully
14-bun gem records-version-gully
15-thriller u-im the danger-gully
01-Vybz Kartel-Gun Inna Hand (Edit)-NALS
02-Flex-Weh Dem A Deal Wid-NALS
03-Bambi-Tan Tuddy (Edit)-NALS
04-Bambi-Tan Tuddy (Raw)-NALS
05-Beenie Man-No Bad Like Me (Raw)-NALS
06-Angel-Dont Hate-NALS
07-Expression-When Were Dancing-NALS
08-Hallow Point-Wine Pon it-NALS
09-Shane O-Nothing-NALS
10-Spragga Benz-Life Over Death-NALS
11-Deli-Love My Things (Raw)-NALS
12-Greg Hinds-Alphabet (Raw)-NALS
13-Version-Southbronx Riddim-NALS
01-radikal-spanish wine-fs
02-g wise ft oscar-roll yuh waist-fs
03-don carlos-mash up-fs
04-kage-gal want me-fs
01-beenie man – draw me out-w33d
02-elephant man-you caan-w33d
03-shaq the mc – my time now-w33d
04-erup – fight-w33d
05-mr. vegas – life alright-w33d
06-sizzla – more riches-w33d
07-spice -swear-w33d
08-deh deh -sharp-w33d
09-anthony b -tight-w33d
10-new kidz – wa dat-w33d
11-deva bratt – trackle-w33d
12-mr peppa – journey-w33d
13-versityle – seh dem a don-w33d
14-zebra – right away-w33d
15-dick tracy – camera trick-w33d
16-terminal dg -kinda wicked-w33d
17-spark plug riddim – version-w33d
01-beenie man-draw me out-yard
02-elephant man-you caan-yard
03-shaq the mc-my time now-yard
05-mr. vegas-life allright-yard
06-sizzla-more riches-yard
08-deh deh-sharp-yard
09-anthony b-tight-yard
10-new kidz-wa dat-yard
11-deva bratt-trackle-yard
12-mr. peppa-journey-yard
13-versityle-seh dem a don-yard
14-zebra-right away-yard
15-dick tracy-camera trick-yard
16-terminal dg-kinda wicked-yard
17-tbr-sparkplug riddim-yard
01-future fambo-party hype
02-ice cold-oh no
03-supa hype-money soon come
01-future fambo-party hype-riddim
02-ice cold-oh no-riddim
03-supa hype-money soon come-riddim
01-special reggae-aswad i need your loving(need you love)
02-special reggae-bob marley keep on moving
03-special reggae-culture peace and love
04-special reggae-dilinger cocaine in my brain
05-special reggae-gregory isaacs my number one
06-special reggae-yellowman and peter metro the girl is mine
07-special reggae-eric donaldson cherry oh baby
08-special reggae-dennis brown if i didn t love
09-special reggae-bunny wailer sound clash
10-special reggae-u roy rule the nation
11-special reggae-jimmy cliff jimmy cliff
12-special reggae-inner circle all night till day light
13-special reggae-lee perry and the upsetters news flash
14-special reggae-toots and the maytals country road
01-john holt-you and your smiling face-rks
02-the jays-queen majesty-rks
03-pat kelly-my girl-rks
04-leroy smart-without love-rks
05-tamlins-hurting me-rks
06-hugh griffiths-mad mad-rks
07-john holt-satisfaction-rks
08-the jays-truly-rks
09-pat kelly-im in the mood for love-rks
10-tamlins-hard to confess-rks
11-ernest wilson-i know myself-rks
12-delroy wilson-its a shame-rks
13-hugh griffiths-i saw on tv-rks
14-the mighty diamonds-country living-rks
01-ultimate lovers rock vol.1
01 ultimate lovers rock vol.2
01-junior p-ragga
02-blakness and junior p-take a vow
03-sherise king-i know now
04-danni i-bad to the bone
05-dhormony-so powerfull
06-fya angel-ghetto life
07-rezin-re-aline yo self
08-volcano-show love
09-massiah-we no fear
11-addrenaline rush-dynamite
12-shatte twin and phille-spot de police
13-brissy-the one for me
14-lady passion-one day
01-macka diamond-think you can handle it-riddim
02-rdx-every man need a woman (wine pon)-riddim
03-mad dog-wine it gyal-riddim
01 Macka Diamond – Think You Can Handle it
02 Mad Dog – Wine it Gyal
03 RDX – Every Man Need A Woman
01-ding dong-raise-riddim
02-sizzla-bare hotniss yuh practice-riddim
03-andrew and wada blood-goodas-riddim
04-unicorn-wah dem a war fah-riddim
01-assassin-gal dem we say
02-assassin ft voicemail-skip to my lou (edit)
03-assassin ft voicemail-skip to my lou (dirty)
04-dangel-my life (edit)
05-dangel-my life (dirty)
06-flippa mafia ft ricky frass-really and truly (edit)
07-flippa mafia ft ricky frass-really and truly (dirty)
08-twin of twins-which dudus (edit)
09-twin of twins-which dudus (dirty)
10-twin of twins-dem a try bait me up (edit)
11-twin of twins-dem a try bait me up (dirty)
12-splinta riddim-version
13-zumjay-ready fi defend it (edit)
14-zumjay-ready fi defend it (dirty)
01-assassin-gal dem we say-riddim
02-assassin and voicemail-skip to my lou-riddim
03-assassin and voicemail-skip to my lou (edit)-riddim
04-dangel-my life-riddim
05-dangel-my life (edit)-riddim
06-flippa mafia feat ricky frass-really and truly-riddim
07-flippa mafia feat ricky frass-really and truly (edit)-riddim
08-t o t-which dudus-riddim
09-t o t-which dudus (edit)-riddim
10-twins of twins-dem a try bait me up-riddim
11-twins of twins-dem a try bait me up (edit)-riddim
12-zum jay-ready fi defend it-riddim
13-zum jay-ready fi defend it (edit)-riddim
14-boardhouse records-splinta (instrumental)-riddim
01-rogi-si jagis-W33d
02-king lorenzo-spread dat love-W33d
03-i lue-rastafari children-W33d
04-prince theo-chant dem down-W33d
05-mark wonder-joy and glorious day-W33d
06-anthony que-ruff and tuff-W33d
07-version-spread dat love riddim-W33d
01-queen ifrica-yad the east-yvp
02-beenie man-hardest way-yvp
04-capleton-lighthouse top-yvp
05-anthony b-violate-yvp
06-scare dem-gully and the garrison-yvp
07-tony curtis-rich-yvp
08-mad cobra-happen-yvp
09-tony rebel-believe you-yvp
10-junior cat-general don-yvp
11-new kidz-system-yvp
12-delly ranx-god nah sleep-yvp
14-mr lexx-gallis-yvp
15-monster hemp higher-stop man-yvp
16-flexx-its a joy-yvp
17-briggadistas-sen out the force-yvp
18-steve locke-springblade riddim dubwize-yvp
01-queen i-frica-yad the east-acr
02-beenie man-hardest way-acr
04-capleton-lighthouse top-acr
05-anthony b-violate-acr
06-scare dem-gully and the garrison-acr
07-tony curtis-rich-acr
08-mad cobra-happen-acr
09-tony rebel-believe you-acr
10-junior cat-general don-acr
11-new kidz-system-acr
12-delly ranx-god nah sleep-acr
14-mr lexx-gallis-acr
15-monster hemp higher-stop man-acr
16-flexx-its a joy-acr
17-briggadistas-sen out the force-acr
18-truck back records-springblade (instrumental)-acr
02-konshens-whine it anywhere (clean)-fs
03-verseewild-good loving-fs
01-rushan-my life-fs
02-capleton-stay far from them-fs
03-stay far riddim-version (equiknoxx music)-fs
01-tornado-god gal and money-w33d
02-busy signal-mi love money-w33d
03-bling dawg-dayz-w33d
04-vybz kartel ft shawn storm-yuh wine have value-w33d
05-black rhyno-whine up yuh body-w33d
07-assailant-run the streets-w33d
01-juvinile-mi know-riddim
02-bently-bubble song (raw)-riddim
03-i-vada-ride it-riddim
04-reel steel-real man-riddim
05-tatta blacks and khellee-the morning time-riddim
06-i warrior-gone away-riddim
02-jahson ites-standing firm
03-lutan fyah-watch over me
04-elaine lil bit shepherd-judge not
05-rocker t-harvest time
06-chezidek-music is love
07-essential i-more strength more life
08-adrian xavier-high grade strain
09-ras attitude-fret not yourself
11-huckleberry-chant up jah
12-prezident brown-lionheart
13-fyahcrackah sound-fire burn
14-ras indio-burn them out
15-oren b scripture-mr evil
16-ms triniti-dappa swagger
17-jah sun and norrisman-all for myself
18-halfpint and ishi dube-if you feel it
19-haji mike-babylon time
02-jahson ites-standing firm
03-lutan fyah-watch over me
04-elanie lil bit shepard-judge not
05-rocker t-harvest time
06-chezidek-music is love
07-essential i-more strength more life
08-adrian adx xavier-high grade strain
09-ras attitude-fret not thyself
11-huckleberry-chant up jah
12-prezident brown-lionheart
13-sick donkey crew-fire burn
14-ras indio-burn them out
15-scripture-mr evil
16-ms. triniti-dappa swagger
17-jah sun and norrisman-all for myself
18-half pint and ishi dube-show it
19-haji mike-babylon time
02-lutan fyah-dem a fake
03-turbulence-its not true
04-guidance-life is a journey
05-iceman-deliver us
06-star nine riddim-version
02-lutan fyah-dem a fake-riddim
03-turbulence-its not true-riddim
04-guidance-life is a journey-riddim
05-iceman-deliver us-riddim
06-star 9 riddim-version-riddim
01-alex frass-mek it
02-ikaya-clean up
03-natalie storm-a your man
04-rage-phone lost
05-star trek riddim-version
01-alex frass-mek it-riddim
02-ikaya-clean up-riddim
03-natalie storm-a your man-riddim
04-rage-phone lost-riddim
05-prodigal-star trek (instrumental)-riddim
01-johnny osbourne-mister dis-gully
02-thriller u-young fresh and single-gully
03-nardo ranks-nah nyam plently-gully
04-sheveel francis-dreaming-gully
05-tullo t-all purpose-gully
06-johnny p-live right-gully
07-junie ranks-ready fi buss out-gully
08-bunny general-down town-gully
09-henkel irie-jamaica land we love-gully
01-jah mason-keep yuh head up
02-stacious-what yuh need
03-leetal-my girl i like it
04-kashu man-dressy dressy bowy
05-fya mouth-seh yuh ah don
06-version-steem rice riddim
01-jah mason- keep yu head up-W33d
02-stacious- what yu need-W33d
03-leetal- my girl i like it-W33d
04-kashu man- dressy dressy bowy-W33d
05-fya mouth- sey yu a don (m.g.g)-W33d
06-version- steem rice instrumental-W33d
01-kmc-doh tape meh
02-maximus dan-blast off
03-tony matterhorn-nobodys goin home
01-jodian pantry-pray to the father
02-marley i-cry for the poor
03-lutan fyah-family effort
04-i zula-love everyday
05-delanche-love is the answer
06-emanuel stain-mama land
07-empress robertha-hail the i
08-john blaze-mi want fi know
09-mega flex-peoples cry
10-tony d-moment of silence
01-tifa-boasty wid it
02-terro 3000-born as a gallis
03-richie feelings-crucus bag a scandal
04-rdx-deliver mi (edit)
05-rdx-deliver mi (raw)
06-andrew ft wadda blood-gal you body good
07-terro 3000-likkle and neat
08-k.o.s-money tree
09-ajrenalin-mr joe
10-focus ryte-name brand modeling

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