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11-wayne marshall-shes all
12-wasp-skip dem out
14-voicemail-style and swagga
15-ballaz production-version
01-voicemail-style and swagga-riddim
02-wayne marshall-shes all-riddim
03-rdx-deliver mi (raw)-riddim
04-rdx-deliver mi (edit)-riddim
05-k os-money tree-riddim
06-wasp-skip dem out-riddim
08-terro 3000-likkle and neat-riddim
09-ajrenalin-mr joe-riddim
10-richie feelings-crucus bag a scandal-riddim
11-focus ryte-name brand modeling-riddim
12-tifa-boasy wid it-riddim
13-andrew and wadda blood-gal u body good-riddim
14-terro 3000-born as a gallis-riddim
15-style and swagga riddim-version-riddim
01-aretha mariejah-chemical warfare
02-choppa chop-non stop action
03-diamond kelly-inna di club
04-king david-swagga
05-round head-hotness
06-style dem riddim-version
01-intro-still one drop
02-sizzla-african chant
03-morgan heritage-live to the fullest
04-konshens-all about the paper
05-jah mason-dont deny me
06-tifa ft ward 21-love dont love me
07-sojah-so high
08-anthony b-throw it pon dem
09-burro banton-run the streets red
10-gyptian-stepping higher
11-mishu laika ft perfect-rasta lovin
13-perfect-30 pieces
14-raf and daddy supa ft anthony b-faux croire
15-ward 21-no love
16-conscious fiyah ft jahcoustix-faith
17-mojo morgan-red light (roxanne)
18-iriepathie ft anthony b and perfect-lively up
01-Alaine-Spin Mi-NALS
02-Vybz Kartel-Never Turn A Raper (Edit)-NALS
03-Vybz Kartel-Never Turn A Raper (Raw)-NALS
04-Don Corleon-Hear Bout the Winery (Edit)-NALS
05-Don Corleon-Hear Bout the Winery (Raw)-NALS
06-Bling Dawg-Where Me Come Form (Edit)-NALS
07-Bling Dawg-Where Me Come Form (Raw)-NALS
08-Elephant Man-Name Brand Clothes (Edit)-NALS
09-Elephant Man-Name Brand Clothes (Raw)-NALS
10-Munga-Knock Iy Like A Hammer (Edit)-NALS
11-Munga-Knock Iy Like A Hammer (Raw)-NALS
12-T.O.K-Come Yah Mi Gal (Edit)-NALS
13-T.O.K-Come Yah Mi Gal (Raw)-NALS
14-Don Corleon-Stimulant Riddim Version-NALS
01-anthony que-fight fight
02-errol bonnick-joy of my life
03-freddie mcgregor-love i believe in
04-gappy ranks-faith
05-george nooks-a little bit more
06-george nooks-after tonite
07-luciano ft. errol bonnick-time and age
08-lukie d-sign your name
09-lukie d-since you been gone
10-lukie d-time a run out
11-mikal rose-breaking up
12-mikey spice-let me down easy
13-morgan heritage-meant to be
14-mykal rose-give i strength
15-natural black-rise
16-prince malachi-heavy load
17-prince malachi-judgement hour
18-tony curtis-where did love go
01-va-side a-gully
02-va-side b-gully
01-blak ryno-height of great man (raw)-riddim
02-blak ryno-height of great man (edit)-riddim
03-jah vinci-money (raw)-riddim
04-jah vinci-money (edit)-riddim
06-lisa hype-woman a creation (raw)-riddim
07-lisa hype-woman a creation (edit)-riddim
08-dosa medicine-stay focus (raw)-riddim
09-dosa medicine-stay focus (edit)-riddim
01-many more-every move you make-gully
02-pad anthoney-jah wharth-gully
001-machel montano-tell me-jah
002-wayne marshall-lumbah-jah
003-biggie irie-one more day-jah
004-peter ram-jouvert-jah
005-zan-back bone-jah
006-patrice roberts-turn up-jah
007-lil rick-spread out-jah
008-machel montano-doan hold we back-jah
009-frank white-wine fuh me gal-jah
010-rusty-wine yuh body-jah
011-answar-coming back-jah
012-shurwayne winchester-murdah-jah
013-tian winter-gimme a taste-jah
014-patrice roberts feat machel montano-tempa whine (remix)-jah
01-daweh congo-straight up conscious-gmg
02-desmond foster-allmighty time-gmg
03-leaf nuts-make a difference-gmg
04-mysticman-jah warrior-gmg
05-straight up conscious riddim-dub version-gmg
01-john holt-strange things-jah
02-trinity-strange all over the world-jah
04-chezidek-bun di ganja-jah
05-lorenzo-a so dem stay-jah
06-lutah fyah-work it out-jah
07-junior kelly-shake it woman-jah
08-sena-travelling so (feat. ras mc bean)-jah
09-mafia and fluxy-strange things riddim instrumental-jah
01-john holt – strange things-w33d
02-trinity – strange all over the world-w33d
03-sizzla – revolution-w33d
04-lorenzo – a so dem stay-w33d
05-chezidek – bun di ganja-w33d
06-jr kelly – shake it woman-w33d
07-lutan fyah – work it out-w33d
08-sena and ras mc bean – travelling so-w33d
09-strange things riddim – version (irie ites records)-w33d
01-elly d-dag dem-rbk
02-faze-far inna belly-rbk
03-conflict-in deh in deh-rbk
02-conflict-in deh in deh-riddim
03-chucky-boom boom-riddim
04-faze-far inna belly-riddim
05-elly d-dag dem-riddim
06-kemmikal-pretty nikki-riddim
01-lord kossity-like me-rbk
02-elephant man-poverty-rbk
03-red fox-bounce (edit)-rbk
04-beenie man-humility-rbk
05-shaggy-long time-rbk
06-cecile-nah stress over man-rbk
07-vybz kartel-slow motion-rbk
08-michael jackson-they dont care about us (sting international remix)-rbk
09-christopher martin-vibe is right-rbk
01-shaggy-long time-fs
02-red fox-bounce (radio version)-fs
03-vybz kartel-slow motion (sting remix)-fs
04-beenie man-humility-fs
05-elephant man-poverty-fs
06-christopher martin-vibe is right-fs
07-cecile-nah stress over man-fs
08-lord kossity-like me-fs
09-micheal jackson-they donaet care about us (sting international remix)-fs
01-elephant man-clean-fs
02-munga-go harder-fs
01-andrew and wada blood-mr. ripoff
03-bling dawg-weird hugging
04-bugle-lord a yuh shepherd
05-ding dong-street team
06-elephant man-purify
07-fambo feat. esco-go hard
08-flippa mafia-walkova
10-tony matterhorn feat. fire links-defend yuh own
12-vybz kartel-nah
13-vybz kartel-supem ago happen
14-fire links-street team version
01-anthony b and kirk bennett – intro
02-rory jeffrey star and kirk bennett – far away
03-kirkledove – rolling diddles
04-aisha and kirk bennett – river bed-dutch pat riddim
05-mr g and kirk bennett – drum pan
06-toots hibbert and kirk bennett – peanut man
07-determine and kirk bennett – drum man a come
08-kirkledove – bubble to the music
09-cecile and courtney john – give it to me
10-mr vegas and kirk bennett – daggering
11-courtney john and kirk bennett – lighten
12-dean fraser aisha and kirk bennett – salsa reggae dance
13-shantell and kirk bennett – jah jah see dem
01-diamond (from mbc)-way up (edit)-riddim
02-lyndo bwoy-fling it up pon mi (raw)-riddim
03-lyndo bwoy-fling it up pon mi (edit)-riddim
01-demarco-she cah wait-riddim
02-mr g-work mi ah work-riddim
01-john legend featuring buju banton-cant be my lover (curtis lynch remix)
02-beres hammond-no goodbye
03-bitty mclean-fall in love (rub a dub mix)
04-hezron-so in love
05-courtney john-lucky man
06-queen ifrica-lioness on the rise
07-gappy ranks-heaven in her eyes
08-sherieta-all in the name of love
09-busy signal-one more night
10-etana-heart broken
11-maikal x-the best in you
12-million stylez-me and you
13-fiona-since ive been loving you
14-chuckle berry-good life
15-red roze-under my skin
16-jah vinci-baby girl i am alone
01-mr vegas-i am blessed
02-vybz kartel-dollar sign
03-mavado-mocking bird
04-laden-really like you
05-beeni man-gimmie gimmie
06-busy signal-da style deh
07-ding dong-man a gallis
08-elephant man-swing
09-g whiz-life
10-wasp-unfair officer
11-mavado-just to how u move
12-vybz kartel-something ah go happen
13-munga-me want money
14-mavado-hope and pray
15-mr vegas-gallis
01-mikey spice-remix the love
03-tanya stephens-im not proud
04-george nooks-break of day
05-adele harley-one more time
06-frankie paul-running back to me
07-sugar minott-jah jah children
08-roger robin-apologise
09-true essence-love like yours
10-sylvia tella-falling in love
11-adele harley-the way you do
12-kofi-shes always there
13-chancellor-go on girl
15-glen washington-i wouldnt do that
16-leroy mafia-jealous fool
17-sylvia tella-lets be together again
18-nato-freak in you
19-derrick morgan-conquerer
20-ezikiah rose-love and unity
01-lutan fyah-thanks and praise
02-jah turban-perseverance
03-wendy wonder-stronger
04-alec burton and shelter-strike back riddim
01-capleton-get the hell out-riddim
02-burro banton-sort out yourself-riddim
03-guidance-its no pretty out den-riddim
04-blakkice-pick pocket-riddim
05-king alibaba-teenage love-riddim
06-jah thunder-place no man-riddim
07-cali p-real love-riddim
08-strong grain riddim-version-riddim
01-barrington levy-she rob and gorn-gully
02-papa tullo-cat call francella-gully
01-barrington levy-wicker in tension-gully
02-rod taylor-promised land-gully
01-anthony b-good life
02-capleton-know dem
03-jah cure-protect you like a soldier
01-sizzla-dont give a fuck-riddim
02-lutan fyah-real rasta-riddim
03-sena-outcry in the city-riddim
04-lorenzo-life to live love to give-riddim
01-crisipolis-step up ina life-yard
02-i wayne-the beast-yard
03-jah cure-head on my shoulder-yard
04-sizzla-stronger than before-yard
01-love and unity-just dont care-gully
02-sergent pepper-cut from mastewr tape-gully
01-va-slim smith-rougher yet-W33d
02-va-zootsims-see dem a come-w33d
03-va-the paragons-my satisfaction-W33d
04-va-the ethiopians-locas-W33d
05-va-barry brown-give love a try-W33d
06-va-marcia griffiths-feel like jumping-w33d
07-va-alton ellis-mad mad-W33d
08-va-the heptones-why must i-W33d
09-va-jeniffer lara-consider me-W33d
10-va-the gladiators-tribulation-W33d
11-va-prince jazzbo-natty ting a ling-W33d
12-va-freddie mcgregor-come now sister-W33d
13-va-the gladiators-righeous man-W33d
14-va-tyrone-how sweet it is-W33d
15-va-ken booth-set me free-W33d
16-va-horace andy-mr bassie-W33d
17-va-roland alphonso-roca shaka-W33d
18-va-judea eskeder-everyday is just a holiday-w33d
19-va-johnny osbourne-eternal peace-W33d
20-va-dennis brown-no man is a island-w33d
01-slim smith-rougher yey-ccat
02-zootsims-see dem a come-ccat
03-the paragons-my satisfaction-ccat
04-the ethiopians-locas-ccat
05-barry brown-give love a try-ccat
06-marcia griffiths-feel like jumping-ccat
07-alton ellis-mad mad-ccat
08-the heptons-why must i-ccat
09-jeniffer lara-consider me-ccat
10-the gladiators-tribulation-ccat
11-prince jazzbo-natty ting a ling-ccat
12-freddy mcgregor-come now sister-ccat
13-the gladiators-righteous man-ccat
14-tyrone-how sweet it is-ccat
15-ken booth-set me free-ccat
16-horace andy-mr bassie-ccat
17-roland alphonso-roca shaka-ccat
18-judea eskeder-everyday is just a holiday-ccat
19-johnny osbourne-eternal peace-ccat
20-dennis brown-no man is a island-ccat
01-mr perfect-no body-riddim
02-fyakin-better way-riddim
03-gyptian-different strokes (raw)-riddim
04-gyptian-different strokes (clean)-riddim
05-natty king-i can see-riddim
06-mr vegas-smile-riddim
07-kalee-loving you-riddim
08-shawn storm-dear mama-riddim
09-maverick-days like this-riddim
11-dns-mama love-riddim
12-delus-lose control-riddim
13-substance riddim-version-riddim
01-different strokes- gyptian (raw)-W33d
02-different strokes- gyptian (edit)-W33d
03-no body- mr perfect-W33d
04-better way- fyakin-W33d
05-dear mama- shawn storm-W33d
06-days like this- maverick-W33d
07-waiting- abby-W33d
08-young veterans- riddim version-W33d
01-demarco-its ok
02-million stylez-me and you
03-ziggi-gonna leave you
01-demarco-its ok
02-peetah morgan-its love
03-gappy ranks-the rain
05-million stylez-me and you
06-rupee-not giving up
07-ziggi-gonna leave you
08-torch-good love
09-lyricson-glad youre mine
10-ricashae-cant wait
11-oba simba-the herb
12-jah sun-woman of virtue
13-irie love-dont give up
14-kevin-feel it
15-stevie culture-i can be bad
17-tnt-sugar riddim instrumental
01-demarco-its ok-riddim
02-ziggi-gonna leave you-riddim
03-million stylez-me and you-riddim
01-nestori-safe and sound
02-puppa j-burn them bold
03-papa zai-keep it clean
04-crosby-lion of judah
05-va-vuorilla intro
06-nestori-vuorilla on maa
07-prezident brown-groundsound
08-papa zai-gimme di music
09-suhinators-party dub
10-teba shumba-atmosphere
11-suhinators-party dub
12-renegade-vampire style
13-puppa j-streets burning
14-va-politics intro
15-paleface-politics of politkovskaya
16-puppa j-all ova di place
17-kari kosmos-healer has come
01-dadda-shine bright
02-deja vu-summa body
03-faithfull-caan done
04-gyptian-summa gal
05-luddy haskell-gal yuh tight
06-papa jack-whe yuh have
07-shana s-good good
08-singer j-tell a gal
01-vybz kartel – gwan suh-w33d
02-beenie man – wine-w33d
03-lady saw – beg u-w33d
04-lady saw – bills-w33d
05-mr vegas – brand-w33d
06-papa pimp – pimping is so easy-w33d
07-version-summer bounce-w33d
01-dennis mclean-we shall call
02-dwayne murphy-dont let him fool around
03-george nooks-love
04-gyptian-coming for more
05-jimmy riley-jah jahs goodness
06-katalys crew-jamaica land we love
07-kavel smith-clean up your act
08-kirk davis-all we need is love
09-kris kelly-true love
10-mr. vegas-love is what you need
11-steele-keep holding on
12-sweet c-one step ahead
13-tasha t-missing you baby
14-troy anthony-more love
01-mr vegas-love is what you need-fs
02-katalys crew-jamaica land we love-fs
03-george nooks-love-fs
04-gyptian-coming for more-fs
05-kavel smith-clean up your act-fs
06-kris kelly-true love-fs
07-dwayne murphy-dont let him fool around-fs
08-troy anthony-more love-fs
09-jimmy riley-jah jahs goodness-fs
10-kirk davis-all we need is love-fs
11-sweet c-one step ahead-fs
12-steele-keep holding on-fs
13-dennis mclean-we shall call-fs
14-tasha t-missing you baby-fs
01-pressure-open your eyes
02-rod taylor-jah name
03-jah mason-jah protect
04-matthew mcanuff-di herbs
05-turbulence-yes selassie
06-prince alla-mister president
01-jah mason-jah protect–w33d
02-matthew mcannuff-di herbs–w33d
03-pressure-open your eyes–w33d
04-prince alla-mr president–w33d
05-rod taylor-jah name–w33d
06-turbulence-yes selassie–w33d
01-ambassador jr. lion-lion king
02-jah dan-prophecy revealing
03-ras attitude-red hot
04-ghetto roots players-sun tzu riddim version
05-ambassador jr. lion-2000 great
06-shaneece-test dis empress
07-jah dan-what they fighting for
08-ghetto roots players-khaki riddim version
09-ras attitude-blazin
01-alpha blondy-rendez-vous
02-eddy grant-gimme hope joanna
03-jimmy cliff-reggae night
04-ub 40-homely girl
05-bob marley-one love
06-culture club-do you really want to hurt me
07-black slate-amigo
08-errol dunkley-ok fred
09-shabba ranks and maxi priest-housecall
10-ziggy marley and the melody makers-tomorrow people
11-peter tosh-(you gotta walk) dont look back
12-eddy grant-i dont wanna dance
13-burning spear-the fittest of the fittest
14-ziggy marley-give a little love
15-alpha blondy and the wailers-cocody rock
16-third world-try jah love
17-laid back-sunshine reggae
01-alaine-so simple
02-bescenta-happy days
03-gyptian-complete me
04-peetah morgan-be mindfull
05-supahype ft. marcy chin-really like you
06-voicemail-be there for you
01-alaine-so simple-riddim
02-peetah morgan-be mindful-riddim
03-voicemail-be there for you-riddim
04-gyptian-complete me-riddim
05-bescenta-happy days-riddim
06-supahype and marcy chin-really like you-riddim
01-va-supa jay presents-supa soca 09
01-sentinel-hope and pray dancehall vol 26
01-supersonic-reggae feeling conscious reggae vol 27
01-va-supersonic presents dancehall nice again conscious reggae vol. 26
01-va-supersonic presents i am blessed dancehall vol. 25
01-va-supersonic presents kings and queens conscious reggae vol. 25
01-va-supersonic presents spin me dancehall vol. 24
01-man a pree-benks and chick chock-w33d
02-work work-anthony b-w33d
03-cant draw me out-sustain-w33d
04-seh chozenn-chozenn-w33d
05-freestyle-tony fyie-w33d
01-max romeo-players in my life
02-lord pol-vivre est un combat
03-straka-faut que a aille
04-lutan fyah-our world
05-djool-dont look back
06-kooltans and empress lela-notre plante
07-yeahman c-follow the king
08-jalanzo-faya affi burn
09-pablo u wa-je chante pour elle
10-little sista-fire babylone
11-konshens-one foot
12-stone j-lioness
14-mighty ki la-elle
15-supa lee-tant pis pour eux
16-valley-folie que tu as
01-tyrical-wah my own-fs
02-d angel-the star-fs
03-mia jae-love it-fs
04-empress-you are all i need-fs
05-survival mode riddim version-(seanizzle production)-fs
01-movado-fall rain fall (final mix)-riddim
02-serani-love in my heart-riddim
03-survivor riddim-version-riddim
01-einstein-for sale sign-riddim
02-bugle-psalms a day-riddim
03-mavado-fall rain fall (ruff mix)-riddim
04-elephant man-do it nuh-riddim
05-flexxx-gullyside college (edit)-riddim
06-flexxx-gullyside college (raw)-riddim
07-chase cross-survivor-riddim
08-mr vegas-run weh-riddim
01-beenie man ft. busta rhymes-giggle (raw)
02-beenie man ft. busta rhymes-giggle (clean)
03-baby pink-nuh ready yet (raw)
04-baby pink-nuh ready yet (clean)
05-vybz kartel-born straight (raw)
06-vybz kartel-born straight (clean)
07-assassin-sexercise (raw)
08-t swagg-im so fly (raw)
09-t swagg-im so fly (clean)
10-o g-start again (raw)
11-o g-start again (clean)
12-mad cobra-chat a street
13-merciless-sen it on (clean)
14-t swagg-wuz up now (raw)
15-t swagg-wuz up now (clean)
16-t swagg-gimmi money (raw)
17-t swagg-gimmi money (clean)
18-version-swagg riddim
01-aidonia-i like her-hlc
02-elephant man-tip up-hlc
03-macka diamond-come-hlc
04-t.o.k-up ina yah (call her)-hlc
05-chico-new way-hlc
06-shane-0-look like alligator-hlc
07-lil joe-hey ho-hlc
08-equiknoxx-version (swagga dagga)-hlc
01-aidonia-i like her
02-elephant man-tip up
03-macka diamond-come
04-t.o.k.-upinayah (call her)
05-chico-new way
06-shane-o-look like alligator
07-lil joe-hey yo
08-version-swagga dagga riddim (by gerry digital and equiknoxx)
01-tippa irie – sweet jamaica
02-little hero – i will always love
03-kirk davis – hills and valley
04-miss attitude – really dont need it
05-peter spence – thanks and praises
06-nerious joseph – wrong and strong
07-blackout ja – anything can happen
08-g vibes – everybody
09-peter hunnigale – sweet reggae vibes
10-brinsley forde feat tippa irie – long time
11-vivian jones – jailhouse
12-baker – nuh pretty
13-baby g – foss epi courage
14-cali p. – colour
15-el hermano ele – va a brillar
16-deadly serious – break down the walls
17-joggo – distance love
18-riddla banton feat. lloyd brown – jah jah children
19-dr. ring ding – there and back again
20-wayne lyrics – africa is my home
21-machaco – to di world
22-banton – bun it pon dem
23-lockdown productions – sweet jamaica riddim
01-beres hammond-see you again-riddim
02-etana-happy heart-riddim
03-freddie mcgregor-keeps on coming back-riddim
04-marcia griffiths-when you give your heart-riddim
05-richie stephens-hey joe-riddim
06-stevie face-proverbs 6-riddim
07-chuck fender-oh lord forgive them-riddim
08-petah morgan-still the same-riddim
09-gramps morgan-one in a million-riddim
10-daville-soldier girl-riddim
11-glen washington-no one else but you-riddim
12-duane stephenson-hours-riddim
13-bridgez ft lukie d-come on home-riddim
14-prophecy-life with you-riddim
15-sweet riddim (no doubt prod)-version-riddim
01-g money-mi mother
02-hawkeye-gimme my own
03-lukie d-run to me
04-mr vegas-longtime
05-sweet ride-version
02-lukie d-run to me-w33d
03-hawkeye-gimmi my own-w33d
04-g monei-mi mother-w33d
05-version-sweet ride-w33d
02-faithfull-pen to paper
03-kyenie-no guns
05-sweet sensation-version
01-va-sweet summer riddim (mixed by dj jah kingdom and hosted by kalimba)
02-red rat-i am just a man-riddim
03-d major-cant buy love-riddim
04-chris martin-all i need-riddim
05-iceman-wont give up on you-riddim
07-sweetness riddim-version-riddim
01-i marley-giving you my love-jah
02-stream-fuss nor fight-jah
03-lady g-ghetto vibes-jah
04-thriller u-i can feel your pain-jah
05-emmanuel stain-oh my jah-jah
06-lutan fyah-this little voice-jah
07-mikey general-anybody know-jah
08-luciano-for you-jah
09-fantan mojah-take you out-jah
10-perfect-ghetto youth want meal-jah
11-ras charmer-i am in love with you-jah
12-prophecy-fight di fight-jah
13-chrisinti-must be dreaming-jah
14-gary minott-paid my dues-jah
15-nesbeth-father love-jah
16-que-i cant-jah
17-tony curtis-i try-jah
01-courtney melody-hey sexy lady-rks
02-derrick irie-mad them-rks
03-echo minott-girl of my complexion-rks
04-johnny osbourne-cant buy my love-rks
05-version-swing easy (midnight rock)-rks
01-brother b-he loose-gully
02-gg-bootleg man-gully
03-spider-doh give me dat-gully
04-young sound-table knock-gully
01-mr vegas-up deh-fs
02-daville feat maestro-glory dance-fs
03-lady saw-praise him-fs
04-cliff ray productions-tambourine (instrumental)-fs
01-vybz kartel-bank inna me pocket-W33d
02-elephant man-rapid-W33d
03-bad gal bambi-sympathetic judas-W33d
04-buju banton-yard n abroad-W33d
06-shabba ranks-quick fi shoot feat. mykal rose-W33d
07-sizzla-children crying-W33d
08-version-target riddim-W33d
01-sizzla-children crying-riddim
02-vybz kartel-bank inna me pocket-riddim
04-elephant man-rapid-riddim
05-buju banton-yard n abroad (remix)-riddim
06-target riddim (john john prod)-version-riddim
01-mavado-a so u a move-gmg
02-mavado-jail house-gmg
03-vybz kartel ft spice-who god bless-gmg
05-laden-working hard-gmg
06-mavado-no more-gmg
07-mavado-again and again-gmg
08-laden-hold the faith-gmg
09-demarco-go easy-gmg
10-aidonia-big matic nuh laugh-gmg
11-mavado ft flex-walk wid them casket-gmg
12-einstein-hustle hard-gmg
13-spragga benz ft actane-hurt me-gmg
14-mavado-neva believe u-gmg
15-beenie man-bar bill-gmg
16-bounty killer ft timberlee-gangsta style-gmg
17-mr vegas-mi believe-gmg
18-flippa-money is mine-gmg
19-vybz kartel-dollar sign-gmg
20-mr vegas-i m bless-gmg
21-assassin-cyaa get we out-gmg
22-laden-nuh lef the gal dem-gmg
23-mavado-high unda-gmg
24-laden-crazy rating-gmg
25-danielle-pat yu kitty-gmg
26-vybz kartel-get wild-gmg
27-einstein-is this love-gmg
29-lady saw-inna di dark-gmg
30-rdx-tek set inna u life-gmg
32-jah vinci-cyaa dis we-gmg
33-vybz kartel-nuh fuck nu batty-gmg
34-ding dong-no man room-gmg
35-charley blacks-turn and twist-gmg
36-kiprich and blacker-nuh ugly so-gmg
37-aidonia-i like her-gmg
38-elephant man-tip up-gmg
39-macka diamond-come-gmg
40-vybz kartel-u a me baby-gmg
41-munga-ben ova-gmg
42-vybz kartel-bring u pussy to me-gmg
43-busy signal-nu ansa-gmg
44-vybz kartel-my music-gmg
45-vybz kartel-last man standing-gmg
46-vybz kartel-sumady a guh bawl-gmg
47-jah vinci ft black rhyno-fight fi war-gmg
48-bugle-no please people-gmg
49-jah vinci-money-gmg
50-black rhino-height of great man-gmg
51-vybz kartel-mama-gmg
52-vybz kartel-me neva born-gmg
53-busy signal-hustle-gmg
55-capleton-stamping flat-gmg
56-mavado-till she bawl-gmg
57-munga-change position-gmg
58-sizzla-yu a de boss-gmg
59-busy signal-praise and worship-gmg
01-va-teacha and mackerel-step pan dem vol.2 mix-hlc
01-ward 21-press release
02-natalie storm-back it up
03-voicemail-booty call
04-chicken-wife ova mate
05-tifa-cant stop we
06-konshens-have mi things
07-sean storm-gal hunt
09-elephant man-badman she want
10-mr. peppa-guide and protect
11-laden-haffi buss
12-bugle-nuh yes man
13-einstein-fight over man
14-vegas-any man
15-g maffiah-house nuh empty
16-serani-when the work is done
17-delly ranks-village mattress
01-richie stephens feat. omari-showers of blessing-w33d
02-copper cat-tears-w33d
03-atomic-mama song-w33d
04-neville lindo and face-no more playing around-w33d
05-degree-more money-w33d
06-pot of gold-tears (instrumental)-w33d
01-big red-gimmme de wine
02-g money-guyanese girl
03-b52 feat. lil man-hot gal
05-adrian dutchin-like oie
06-b52 feat. lil man-can i
07-vanilla-ah coming
08-super markie-roll it
10-x2-aint leaving
01-ziggi-love crazy-rks
02-anthony b-love dont get better-rks
03-jaqee-take the train-rks
04-cali p-girl you dont know-rks
06-nosliw-was ich mein-rks
07-mono nikitaman-immer noch-rks
08-d-flame-vergiss mich nicht-rks
09-maxim-woher sollt ich wissen-rks
10-sophia squire hi kee-refugee-rks
11-i nesta-bajo la luz-rks
12-slonesta-dancehall party-rks
13-rojah phad full-magie-rks
14-va-riddim megamix by buschwerk sound-rks
01-c b dingwall-reggae christmas-gully
02-sonny tomm-england man-gully
01-vybz kartel-seductive
03-voicemail-ten strong
04-leftside-two before four
06-mr vegas ft sherika-count your blessings
07-spice-ten long
08-ten long ten strong riddim-version
01-vybz kartel-seductive-rbk
03-voicemail-ten strong-rbk
04-leftside-two before four-rbk
06-mr. vegas ft sherika-count your blessings-rbk
07-spice-ten long-rbk
08-version-ten long ten strong-rbk
02-turbulence-cursed mouth-fs
03-i wayne feat fire star-set already-fs
04-ras myrhdak-bobo love-fs
05-perfect-good stuff-fs
06-the lambsbread-tenshun-fs
Akejah Feat. Valid – Put Down THe Guns
Ashaudi – Ease The Gun Thing
Dennis Makaca – My People Why
Flo G – Ghetto Life
Franchino – Mamma Love
Ipeeto – Days Like This
Jah Child – Upwards Ghetto Youths
Jah Medi – Kings Of Kings
Jah Weise – Smile For Me
K G 9 – In The Ghetto
Pslams Tafari – Look Into Yourself
Ras Kargil – Mamma Story
Sexy G – Ghetto People
Singing Bailey – War Inna Babylon
Teedeh Emmanuel – Wah Den Hear Bout
The Black History Riddim Version
01-prestan-on de bumpa
02-cecile-bumper to fender
03-shurwayne ft prestan-chippin
04-jw and blaze-ah wah go home
05-tc-she ready
01-shurwayne winchester ft rdx-gyal wine up
02-iwer-blood in we
03-bunji-de live song
04-prestan-on de bumpa
05-cecile-bumper to fender
06-shurwayne ft prestan-chipping
07-jw and blaze-ah wah go home
08-tc-she ready
01–ras pilot – warriors-w33d
02–itimo kemani – mama denise-W33d
03–jahson – border line-W33d
04–empress nola – guns out-W33d
05–culture b and clarissa di defender – pray on-W33d
06–jah sesco – love makes the world go round-w33d
07–lady meeka – how many more-W33d
08–franz job – one last moment-W33d
09–lion – all my life-w33d
10–clifton yeates – you were my friend-w33d
11–marcus ore – more time-w33d
12–i-jah – dont go away-w33d
13–bumpa – 9 months 2 weeks-W33d
14–i ancient – break free-w33d
15–country boyz foundation – more times riddim-W33d
01-vybz kartel-none a dem boy deh nuh bad-riddim
02-black ryno-weh dem run guh-riddim
03-popcaan-none adem dont want we guh further-riddim
04-shawn storm-innocent-riddim
05-maxwell-di life we live-riddim
06-gaza indu-badmind people-riddim
07-vybz kartel-the bible say-riddim
01-luciano-programme fi kill (remix)-rks
02-lloyd brown-we need a revolution-rks
03-don campbell-find me a lover-rks
04-sylvia tella-jamaica land-rks
05-nerius joseph-she left me crying-rks
06-micky spice-tell me why-rks
07-richie stephens-coming back for more-rks
08-lloyd brown-night shift-rks
09-sylvia tella-brothers sisters-rks
10-don campbell-you can get it-rks
11-roger robin-calling-rks
12-frankie paul-unity feat chukkie starr-rks
13-dennis brown-rocky road-rks
14-lloyd brown-tell me who-rks
15-nerius joseph-giving all my time-rks
16-frankie paul-why-rks
01 inner circle – some guys have all the luck
02 bob marley and the wailers – keep on moving
03 x large – (i cant help) falling in love with you
04 desmond dekker – you can get it if you really want
05 screwy – oh carolina
06 dave and ansel collins – double barrel
07 piglets – johnny reggae
08 dillinger – cocaine in my brain
09 cole stevens – hotel california
10 inner circle – i shot the sherrif
11 nicky thomas – love of the common people
12 the melodians – rivers of babylon
13 tony tribe – red red wine
14 rain – informer
15 desmond dekker – israelites
16 peter tosh – them a fe get a beatin
17 jimmy cliff – wonderful world beautiful people
18 john holt – help me make it through the night
01-chino-never change (from morning)-rks
02-jah vinci-wipe those tears-rks
03-laden-inna life-rks
04-vybz kartel-mama-rks
05-chase cross-better dayz-rks
06-mavado-dem alone-rks
07-assassin-pre dis-rks
08-mavado-neva believe you-rks
09-ryno-bend over-rks
10-busy signal-da style deh-rks
11-mavado-sweetest tiime-rks
12-demarco-she cant wait-rks
13-vybz kartel ft gaza indu-come breed me-rks
14-vybz kartel ft gaza indu-virginty-rks
15-konshens-straight forward-rks
16-chino-pon your head-rks
17-t nez-turn my life around-rks
01-lutan fyah-genesis-rks
02-queen ifrica-dem nah learn-rks
04-lukie d m lonie-no air-rks
05-gappy ranks-heaven in her eyes-rks
06-daville-missing you right now-rks
07-beres hammond-cant say i never tried-rks
08-marcia griffiths busy signal-automatic-rks
09-romain virgo-altons medley-rks
11-glen washington-vibes-rks
12-peetah assassin-hot a road-rks
13-luciano-be aware-rks
14-junior kelly-nothin wrong with world-rks
15-mr williams-no cigarette-rks
16-ziggi-gonna leave you-rks
17-sizzla-gwaan bear-rks
01-chino-never change (form mawning)
02-jah vinci-wipe those tears
03-laden-inna life
04-vybz kartel-mama
05-chase cross-better dayz
06-mavado-dem alone
07-assassin aka agent sasco-pre dis
08-mavado-neva believe you
09-ryno-bend over
10-busy signal-dah style deh
11-mavado-sweetest time
12-demarco-she cant wait
13-vybz kartel ft gaza indu-come breed me
14-vybz kartel ft gaza indu-virginity
15-konshens-straight forward
16-chino-pon your head
17-tnez-turn my life around
01-fragga ranks-focus
02-tom laing-heavy load
03-lori lavaand ras faracon-pain cry
04-shanti reb-lah-be not afraid
05-cherry rock-realms of life
07-anthony cruz-a wah dis
08-lutan fyah-bugu yaga
09-freddie mcgregor-struggle
10-bigga haitian-love life
11-rhonda schuster-it dont really matter
12-jah mason-life has been good
13-rob symeonn and bigga haitian-all things
14-ras myrdak-zion awaits
15-top tier crew-focus version
01-bunji garlin-mad carnival-riddim
02-fay-ann lyons-ah something-riddim
03-mr slaughter-do as i say-riddim
04-ms alysha-ridin it-riddim
06-billy d kid-bus pipe (answer back)-riddim
07-tallpree-wicked jab (remix)-riddim
08-gutter riddim (island traffient prod)-version-riddim
01-jimmy cliff-you can get it if you really want-riddim
02-scotty-draw your brakes-riddim
03-the melodians-rivers of babylon-riddim
04-jimmy cliff-many rivers to cross-riddim
05-the maytals-sweet and dandy-riddim
06-jimmy cliff-the harder they come-riddim
07-the slickers-johnny too bad-riddim
08-desmond dekker-shanty town-riddim
09-the maytals-pressure drop-riddim
10-jimmy cliff-sitting in limbo-riddim
11-jimmy cliff-you can get it if you really want-riddim
12-jimmy cliff-the harder they come-riddim
01-abijah-children of tomorrow
02-josie mel-diamonds 4 eva
03-kim scott-hey boy
04-frankie paul-little chepe
05-junior cat-lord and saviour christ
06-jim laden-really like
07-heather cummings-since you been gone
08-stretch-stay strong
09-gyptian-stomp it hard
10-delly ranx-the healing
11-stretch-waiting for me
12-jah mason-your life
01-stevie face-i wanna wake up with you
02-terry linen-back to atlanta
03-cameal davis-spotlight
04-hezron-so in love
05-gyptian and. suga roy and conrad crystal-jah jah see dem
06-bugle-what have i done to you
07-vybz kartel-life sweet
08-charly black-rich this year
09-laden-time to shine
10-konshens-this means money
11-bounty killer-they dont know bawlin
12-vybz kartel-last man standing
13-serani-when work is done
14-laden-really like you
15-vybz kartel feat. spice-romping shop
16-charly black-bubble
17-rdx-bend over
18-beenie man feat. ms. trinity-burnin burnin
20-konshens-ghetto anthem
21-demarco-standing soldier
01-stevie face-i wanna wake up with you-W33d
02-terry linen-back to atlanta-w33d
03-cameal davis-spotlight-W33d
04-hezron-so in love-W33d
05-conrad crystal-jah jah see dem-W33d
06-bugle-what have i done to you-W33d
07-vybz kartel-life sweet-w33d
08-charly black-rich this year-W33d
09-laden-time to shine-W33d
10-konshens-this means money-W33d
11-bounty killer -they dont know bawlin-w33d
12-vybz kartel-last man standing-W33d
13-serani-when work is done-W33d
14-laden-really like you-W33d
15-vybz kartel-romping shop-w33d
16-charly black-bubble-w33d
17-rdx-bend ova-w33d
18-miss trinity-burnin burnin-W33d
20-konshens-ghetto anthem-W33d
21-demarco-standing soldier-W33d
23-serani-study people-w33d
24-bugle-no yes man-W33d
01-the yard riddim-douglas maina wakiihuri – shebuya girl-w33d
02-the yard riddim-execution feat highah seekah – mary jane-w33d
01-busy signal-uniform bad bwoy-riddim
02-mr vegas-help me praise jahovia-riddim
03-anthony b-all we have-riddim
04-fantan mojah-good meditation-riddim
05-lukie d-send dem come-riddim
06-riddimwise-praise jahovia-riddim
02-kerwin du bois-mini pumps-w33d
03-slummer cutter-live in it-w33d
04-soca baby f. david rudder-unknown-w33d
05-farm p-we still whining-w33d
06-baba shanta-woman is calling-w33d
01-anthony b-better haffi come ft chezidek-fs
02-alborosie-cant take what is mine-fs
01-capleton-higher than the sky-yvp
02-fanton mojah-false allegation-yvp
03-hero-love you mama-yvp
04-lutan fyah-selassie i within-yvp
05-luciano-set things straight-yvp
06-jah mason-take us home-yvp
07-perfect-young gifted and black-yvp
08-gardian-yad along-yvp
09-tony rebel-never get weary yet-yvp
10-ras shiloh-live upright-yvp
11-nitty kutchie-melt that down-yvp
12-spectacular-fi real-yvp
13-mr. steele-struggle-yvp
14-flash-mr. right-yvp
15-peashead-the youths of today-yvp
16-ras ptah-praises-yvp
17-philadub productions-the mighty right riddim (version)-yvp
01-honey boy martin-jamaica-kouala
02-cornell campbell-give me love-kouala
03-horace andy-i dont want to be left outside (12 version)-kouala
04-roy shirley-israelites leave babylon-kouala
05-barry brown-natty roots man-kouala
06-johnny clarke-peace and love in the ghetto (extended mix)-kouala
07-hortense ellis-im still in love-kouala
08-delroy wilson-keep on running-kouala
09-ronnie davis-maga lion-kouala
10-jackie edwards-sexy sandy-kouala
11-leroy smart-love in my heart (extended mix)-kouala
12-barry brown-lead us jah-kouala
13-ronnie davis-im just a man-kouala
14-delroy wilson-riding for a fall-kouala
15-jackie edwards-henry-kouala
16-johnny clarke-rockers for me-kouala
17-prince ras murray-rockers lead the way-kouala
01-vybz kartel-motocyclist-riddim
03-bramma-warn dem-riddim
04-kenyatta-the multitude-riddim
05-the multitude riddim (jus bus and madd dawg prod)-version-riddim
01-bramma-warn dem-yard
02-version-the multitude riddim-yard
03-vybz kartel-motorcyclist-yard
04-kenyatta-the multitude-yard
01-king youth-nuh come near-w33d
02-invisible j-the bride-w33d
03-kako-yo ka tax nou-w33d
04-infamuss regilata-hardcore (raw)-w33d
05-gnius-dada christmas-w33d
06-yoda and little speel-an tet aw )-w33d
07-infamuss regilata-hardcore (edit)-w33d
01-east coast-bad man town-w33d
02-movado-dont violate the order-w33d
03-general b-confrontation-w33d
04-nitty kutchie-pay back-w33d
05-alley cat-dont play with me-w33d
06-earth worm-glock 45-w33d
07-pinchers-saga of the west-w33d
08-alley cat and micheal andrew-fear no guy-w33d
09-leaf of life- no corruption-w33d
10-alley cat-no careless argument-w33d
11-scorpion-naa run wey-w33d
12-fiona- party tonight-w33d
13-schoolboy-cry school boy-w33d
14-martina-more money-w33d
15-alley cat-body wet-w33d
16-future fambo-giggle–w33d
17-shano-wife and matey-w33d
18-zum-jay-skin out-w33d
19-gibralta-youths of jamaica-w33d
20-the order-version-w33d
01-wake up sound-wake up sound (versatile riddim-intro)
02-anthony cruz-come on everybody (versatile riddim)
03-lady saw-love one another (versatile riddim)
04-prince malachi-me and them (versatile riddim)
05-al pancho-the righeous man live up (versatile riddim)
06-mathieu ruben-reggae music universal (versatile riddim)
07-manu-roots and culture (versatile riddim)
08-nigga lex-reveille toi man (versatile riddim)
09-pooks tengu san-la verite derange (versatile riddim)
10-lch-tous humain (versatile riddim)
11-al pancho-cant take di war (righteous man riddim)
12-prince malachi-long time (long time riddim)
13-lyricson-burn out all evil (long time riddim)
14-jah free-one mission tell dem all (long time riddim)
15-daddy yod-mon zion (long time riddim)
16-difanga-a ne gane personne (long time riddim)
17-manu-il faut faire quelque chose (long time riddim)
18-sisdee-about the people (long time riddim)
19-jah marcus-give praises (saint anne riddim)
20-al pancho-no power to a wicked man (saint anne riddim)
21-ras daniel ray-man of the mountain (saint anne riddim)
22-justin hinds-my love is like a burning faya (furious riddim)
23-fabwize-dub wise (furious riddim)
24-al pancho-gimme a love (bonus track)
25-lady saw-love one another (radio mix)
26-prince malachi-me and them (radio mix)
27-anthony cruz-come on (everybody) (radio mix)
28-mellow mood and fabwise and pops-riddim versatile (radio mix)
29-prince malachi-long time strugling (radio mix)
30-lyricson-burn out all evil (radio mix)
31-jah free-one mission (tell dem all) (radio mix)
32-al pancho-cant take di war (radio mix)
01-zebulun-no body fi sell
02-terry ganzie-recession crisis
03-ricky sighter-oh baby baby
04-version-the recession riddim
101-lee scratch perry-soul fire
102-bob marley-african herbsman
103-wonderful world-horace andy
104-dennis brown-africa
105-ive got to get away-john holt
106-the upsetters-curly dub
107-horace andy-something on my mind
108-sister carel-dance hall style
109-clint eastwood-love story
110-dillinger-cool operator
111-bob marley-kaya
112-horace andy-give it to me
113-john holt-why do you hurt me
114-bob marley-caution
115-lee scratch perry-roast fish and cornbread
116-horace andy-mini mini
117-lee scratch perry-throw some water in
118-bob marley-lively up yourself
201-horace andy-wonderful world
202-bob marley-duppy conqueror
203-john holt-be my girl
204-dennis brown-silver world
205-the upsetters-in the iaah
206-bob marley-natural mystic
207-horace andy-cus cus
208-sister carel-black woman
209-lee scratch perry-scratch the dub organizer
210-bob marley-treat you right
211-lee scratch perry-treat me like a king
212-the upsetters-long sentence
213-bob marley-sun is shining
214-lee scratch perry-stick together
215-bob marley-trenchtown rock
216-horace andy-dont stop
217-horace andy-leave rastaman
218-bob marley-soul shakedown party
01-octane ft ricky metro-little closer-fs
02-mistah shak-rolling heavy-fs
03-chynee ft mustic-push it on me-fs
01-assailant-we run the streets
02-blak ryno-when you whine
03-bling dawg-flagrant foul
04-busy signal-certain money (edit)
05-busy signal-certain money (raw)
06-chi ching-talk good now
07-kalado-god gal and money
09-shifta-nah stray (no way)
10-vybz kartel feat. shawn storm-wasteline whine
01-elephant man and chris brown-feel the steam (clean)-w33d
02-elephant man and chris brown-feel the steam (dirty)-w33d
03-sizzla-olympic gold-w33d
04-cecile-naw wear none (rudebway remix)-w33d
05-vybz kartel-straight gangster (rudebway remix)-w33d
06-beenie man-king of the dancehall (neyalion remix)-w33d
07-popcaan-just wine (neyalion remix)-w33d
01-multi symptom-just a little bit (pursuit)
02-orlando octave-make love (love)
03-kerry john and makamillion-leave and gone (break up)
04-the story of passion-version
01-gramps morgan-wash the tears
02-buju banton-time and a place
03-gyptian-time hard
04-richie spice-yuh nuh seet
05-jah mason-love is the answer
06-romain virgo-wanna go home
07-nico d and jah mason-ruff times
08-wayne marshall-good love
10-ras penco-thousand miles
11-higher tone-more
12-i-octane-mamma you alone
13-queen ifrica-nine outa ten
14-chuckle berry-good life
15-jah cure and jahranimo-im free
16-tami chyn-forever yours
17-terry linen-holiday inn
18-konshens-rasta imposter
19-chino-from morning
20-mr. vegas-im blessed
21-vybz kartel-hustle the money
22-beenie man-stack and pile
23-vybz kartel-completely
101-gregory isaacs – red red wine-zzzz
102-steel pulse feat. juki ranks – we can work it out-zzzz
103-leba – proud mary-zzzz
104-toots and the maytals – start me up-zzzz
105-the mighty diamonds feat. mr. vegas – the tide is high-zzzz
106-the heptones feat. general trees – (i cant get no) satisfaction-zzzz
107-big mountain – saras smile-zzzz
108-the burning souls – here comes the sun-zzzz
109-sugar black – fly like an eagle-zzzz
110-4th street sisters – still the one-zzzz
111-u-4-ria – on and on-zzzz
112-glenn ricks – (whats so funny bout) peace love and understanding-zzzz
113-sugar minott – the 59th street bridge song (feelin groovy)-zzzz
114-toots and the maytals – i heard it through the grapevine-zzzz
115-glenn ricks feat. gerald pecos – sugar sugar-zzzz
116-sugar minott – your song-zzzz
201-chalice – master blaster (jammin)-zzzz
202-yami bolo – johnny b. good-zzzz
203-edi fitzroy – hotel california-zzzz
204-lehbanchulen – dyer maker-zzzz
205-ken boothe – everybody wants to rule the world-zzzz
206-chalice – imagine-zzzz
207-u-4 ria – california girls-zzzz
208-wesley ras – roxanne-zzzz
209-judy mowatt – dont stop-zzzz
210-chrisinti – good riddance (time of your life)-zzzz
211-sugar black and lehbanchuleh – a change is gonna come-zzzz
212-gregory issacs – wonderful tonight-zzzz
213-4th street sisters – long way home-zzzz
214-wayne armond – maggle may-zzzz
215-the abyssinians – blowin in the wind-zzzz
216-hu jay – wild world-zzzz
01-the ethiopians-the whip-fs
02-dubiterian-dub them (version)-fs
03-admiral tibet-never stop trying-fs
04-elijah prophet-leaders of tomorrow-fs
05-mark wonder-troubled world-fs
06-uton green-life is a cycle-fs
01-future fambo-yuh seet-riddim
02-mz divah-whistle-riddim
03-wasp-gal a yuh goal-riddim
04-flexx-badmind burden-riddim
05-kibaki-dem gone-riddim
06-flexx-yuh no ready fi diss-riddim
07-the whistla riddim-version-riddim
01-kalano-zion train-jah
02-luton fyah-livin in the ghetto-jah
03-nesbeth-nuh feel safe-jah
04-ramize-guide light-jah
01-chase and status-saxon-kouala
02-jakes-3k lane-kouala
04-zed bias-neighbourhood 09 (chimpo remix)-kouala
07-tes la rok-darkness falls upon us-kouala
08-macabre unit-sunshine-kouala
09-chasing shadows-dr sin-kouala
13-benny ill-db step-kouala
16-dj darkside-get darker presents this is dubstep (bonus continuous mix)-kouala
01-cutty ranks-culture fi lick-gully
02-cutty ranks-gun man lyricks-gully
03-reggie stepper-if you want to leave-gully
04-reggie stepper-his commanding wife-gully
05-reggie stepper-cu oonuh-gully
06-capleton-punny wid gum-gully
08-capleton-dollar run the cut-gully
09-capleton-skin out pon head-gully
10-cutty ranks-fishman lyrics-gully
11-cutty ranks-out of hand-gully
01-baja jedd-rootsrockreggae-yard
02-phillip famous-cut eye-yard
03-sting international-throw me corn riddim version-yard
01-aidonia-thunderous clap-rbk
03-elephant man-wine baby wine-rbk
04-flexxx-buss my gun-rbk
05-jah malo-boom-rbk
06-ji-beat dem gal-rbk
07-munga feat hilltop-dem fraid a we-rbk
08-sanjay-kill dem off-rbk
09-stein-blood run-rbk
10-vybz kartel-she love-rbk
01-munga-regular basis (edit)
02-munga-regular basis (raw)
03-vybz kartel-million by a morning (edit)
04-vybz kartel-million by a morning (raw)
05-elephant man-love fi wine (edit)
06-elephant man-love fi wine (raw)
07-sustain-badda man fi dem (edit)
08-sustain-badda man fi dem (raw)
01-va-ghost-through the fire-w33d
02-va-buju banton-text message-w33d
03-va-new kidz-party nice-w33d
05-va-macka diamond-cant dung-w33d
06-va-delly ranks-to the extreme-w33d
07-va-general b and pumputae-talk to mi-w33d
08-va-big rounds-no yap yap-w33d
09-va-mitch-cant fight-w33d
10-va-beetle bailey-fashion-w33d
11-va-wicker man-no way to go-w33d
12-va-mr lex and tony curtis-some money-w33d
13-va-tight p-version-w33d
01-admiral tibett-stop it now
02-barrington levy-dont throw it all away
03-barrington levy feat.bounty killer-living dangerously
04-barrington levy-too experienced
05-barrington levy-under mi sensi
06-chaka demus and pliers-gal wine
07-dennis brown-im your man
08-half pint-live and kicking
09-judy mowatt feat.jack radics-lean on me
10-mykal rose-money move
11-reggie steppa-under mi sinting
12-ringo and gringo-dancehall rock (spanish)
13-sanchez-something just aint right
14-tristan palmer-we dont want it
15-yami bolo feat.capleton-put down your weapon
01-faithfull-coco pop-fs
02-chinnisha-pop it up-fs
03-raheem flava-proud a you-fs
04-tin can riddim-version-fs
01-candy man-lady-gully
02-delly ranks-jump and show off gal-gully
01-frankie paul-i dont want to go-gully
02-jack radics-memories-gully
03-tonight version-computer paul-gully
01-gyptian-too late
02-ukjent-2 gunshot fi batty bwoy
01-capleton-mr lay lay-fs
02-thriller-love of mine-fs
03-hopeton james-twinkling sound-fs
04-luciano-false prophet-fs
05-thriller-juggling spot-fs
06-spanner banner-lord deliver me-fs
07-admiral tibet-i just wanna be-fs
08-thriller-cant cross de border-fs
09-carlton livingston-look at you-fs
10-thriller-if loving you-fs
11-george spice-merriam-fs
12-richie spice-hailie hailie-fs
01-bobby tenna-nothing comes easy
02-courtney john-what its like
03-fyakin-break free
04-hezron-why the caged bird sings
06-miss trinity-gimmie little more
07-noddy virtue-time
08-queen africa-nine outa ten
09-sizzla-better know this
10-tony rebel-when jah ready
11-version-top rated riddim
01-swashy-kingston anthem-fs
02-anthony b-in my cabin-fs
03-andi ites-no fraid a dem-fs
04-dexta daps-so lovely-fs
05-blu lyon-jah protect me-fs
06-jahsaun-keep your head up-fs
07-kritical-stop call we name (raw)-fs
08-kritical-stop call we name (edit)-fs
09-kyenie-herbs in peace-fs
10-stranja-informa fi dead (raw)-fs
11-stranja-informa fi dead (edit)-fs
12-kisko amari-straight and plain (raw)-fs
13-kisko amari-straight and plain (edit)-fs
15-tormented riddim-version (beatmania productions)-fs
01-dominance-touch of evil (manley medowz anthem)-riddim
02-element-ice burge-riddim
03-sk-touch a evil-riddim
04-touch a evil riddim (cj productions)-version-riddim
01-queen ifrica-no bwoy-fs
02-tony rebel-a case inna court-fs
03-unknown artist-time a the master-fs
04-unknown artist-unknown track-fs
05-unknown artist-attached to you-fs
06-ico flames-good music-fs
07-touch dem riddim-version (bibby gardener production)-fs
01-queen ifrica-no bwoy
02-tony rebel-a case inna court
03-unknown-track 3
04-nature-time a the master
05-unknown-attached to you
06-ico flames-good music
07-touch dem-version
01-frankie paul and richie stephens-jammin-lvy
02-jennifer lara-touch me all over-lvy
03-thriller u-over and done-lvy
04-sugar minott-not my baby-lvy
05-pinchers-dreams and illusions-lvy
06-linval thompson-if you should loose me-lvy
07-rankin joe-sweet brown sugar-lvy
08-captain barkey-face boy retreat-lvy
09-melodians-love so real-lvy
10-anthony malvo and derrick irie-bad minded people-lvy
01-mista vybe-pony ride
02-terry seales-back it up
02-voicemail-lie down
03-iceman-mommy and daddy
04-faze-mothers love
05-martina-move on
06-kari jess-sad to say
07-norrisman-set your spirit free
09-version-tough love riddim
01-munga-after 7
02-voice mail-lie down
03-tifa-so tired
04-kari jess-we nah giva (raw)
05-kari jess-we nah giva (edit)
06-kabaka-seek knowledge
07-yung shottaz-how do u feel
08-rushan-jah bless me on my journey
09-mosiah muzik-high stakes records-version
01-capleton-no fraid a dem-riddim
02-charly blacks-nah pay wi rent-riddim
03-mikeylous-a wha do dem-riddim
04-teflon-no rapist-riddim
01-boogie b-last jam-riddim
02-demus-rum junkie-riddim
03-fa fa-gimme soca-riddim
101-justin hinds and the dominos-carry go bring come-rks
102-the techniques-queen majesty-rks
103-the sensations-those guys-rks
104-the melodians-that litle girl-rks
105-phyllis dillon-dont stay away-rks
106-the three tops-its raining-rks
107-ken parker-true true-rks
108-the melodians-last train to expo 1967-rks
109-ken parker-jimmy brown-rks
110-the paragons-black bird singing-rks
111-the jamaicans-ba ba boom-rks
112-the tenors-weather report-rks
113-joya landis-angel of the morning-rks
114-freddie mckay-love is a treasure-rks
115-alton ellis-la la means i love you-rks
116-phyllis dillon-dont touch my tomato-rks
117-joya landis-moonlight lover-rks
118-phyllis dillon-love the one your wth-rks
119-the paragons-the tide is high-rks
120-errol dunkley-where must i go-rks
201-alton ellis-rocksteady-rks
202-the paragons-smile-rks
203-the melodians-you dont need me-rks
204-the techniques-love is a gamble-rks
205-justin hinds-sinners-rks
206-the sensations-every day is a holiday-rks
207-the silvertones-girl ive got a date-rks
208-the sensations-ill never fall in love-rks
209-the silvertones-midnight hour-rks
210-the techniques-im in the mood for love-rks
211-the melodians-ill get along without you-rks
212-dobby dobson-loving pauper-rks
213-justin hinds and the dominos-on saturday night-rks
214-the paragons-yellow bird-rks
215-the paragons-on the beach-rks
301-eric monty morris-samson-rks
302-eric monty morris-solomon-rks
303-bobby aitken-rukumbine-rks
304-derrick morgan-dont call me daddy-rks
305-the maytals-john james-rks
306-the silvertones-true confession-rks
307-justin hinds and the dominos-corner stone-rks
308-eric monty morris-penny reel-rks
309-stranger cole-we are rolling-rks
310-alton ellis and the flames-the preacher-rks
311-justin hinds and the dominos-rub up push up-rks
312-stranger cole-rough and tough-rks
313-margarite-woman a come-rks
314-dottie and donnie-dearest-rks
315-alton ellis and the flames-dance crasher-rks
316-alton ellis and the treasure isle all-stars-how can i-rks
317-the paragons-island in the sun-rks
318-alton ellis-blessings of love-rks
319-the paragons-land of sea and sun-rks
320-laurel aitken-more whisky-rks
01-shawn storm-killing fi cease-yvp
02-bounty killer-gal world (raw)-yvp
03-bounty killer-gal world (edit)-yvp
04-unicorn-middle (edit)-yvp
05-lazer-weakest link-yvp
06-version-tribal riddim-yvp
01-intro-trigga b dj gunz
02-donovan steel daddy screw-big things ah gwaan
03-spragga benz-things ah gwan
04-frisco kid-big speech
05-louie culture-no gal
06-dugsy ranks-wifey
07-donavan steel daddy screw-dapper
08-wayne wonder don youth-love in excess
09-terror fabulous-you nuh kotch
10-terror fabulous-number 2
11-buju banton-man ah look you
12-daddy screw donovan steele-buff up your chest
13-spragga benz-yuh body good
14-beenie man-certain gal
15-beenie man-wickedest ride
16-beenie man-slam
17-spragga benz-car crash
18-daddy screw donovan steele-kerry
19-louie culture-old before young
20-snow company-anything for you
21-fabby dolly-peanut punch
22-cobra-dun wife
23-simpleton-quarter to twelve
24-monster shack crew-girls dem crew
25-monster shock crew-eastside motel
26-mega plough-debbies cat
27-louie culture-dont get weary
28-general b-nicky
29-frisco kid wayne wonder-dream land
30-alley cat-hot gal
31-baby cham-the mass
32-rude boy kelly-girls anthem
33-spragga benz-girls watcher
34-beenie man-old dog
35-beenie man-teenie weenie
36-wayne wonder-sweet and sour
37-frisco kid-little cute
38-spragga benz-machine gun kelly
39-spragga benz-dollyhouse
40-baby cham-many many
41-bounty killer-worthless bwoy
42-beenie man-maestro
43-super cat-mud up
44-pinchers feat bounty killer-benti uno
45-beenie man-bury yu dead
46-terry ganzie-police thieves
47-snagga puss-tatie
48-lady saw-hardcore
49-cobra-ah gal ah chat
50-ricky general-skettel bomb
51-beenie man-dengue fever
52-beenie man-memories
53-bounty killer-ask fi war
54-bounty killer-suspense
55-bounty killer beenie man-refix
56-chevelle franklin ft beenie-dancehall queen
57-beenie man-halla fi di jordan
58-bounty killer-mi nature
59-bounty killer-model
60-beenie man-blackboard
61-general b roundhead-probably you never heard
62-spragga benz-funny guy thing
63-beenie man-girls way
64-bounty killer-benz bimma
65-beenie man-defend the apache
66-beenie man silver cat-the chronic
67-beenie man tanto metro-middle of the night
68-beenie man-girls dem sugar
69-beenie man-romie
70-beenie man-damsel ship
71-lady saw-ole wucker
72-frisko kid-question
73-lady saw-no long talking
74-beenie man-yaw yaw
75-beenie man-oysters conch
76-lady saw-hice it up
77-tanya stephens-goggle
78-silver cat-gal
01-beenie man-romie-gully
02-frisco kid-wickedest sight-gully
03-papa san and lady g-want yuh back-gully
04-devonte-good wine-gully
05-silver cat-mi and mi gal-gully
06-alley cat-mi love fi si-gully
07-power man-gal a call-gully
08-ghost-water falls-gully
09-tanto metro-steam fish-gully
10-fabian-full a potential-gully
11-snagga puss-private eye-gully
12-sabastian-start di war-gully
01-lil rick-anything can happen (club mix)
02-lil rick-anything can happen (radio)
03-peter ram-belly skin (club mix)
04-peter ram-belly skin (radio)
05-jana and rashida-get down (club mix)
06-verseewild-done d place (club mix)
07-verseewild-done d place (radio)
08-madd dawg-make the money (club mix)
09-madd dawg-make the money (radio)
01-mavado-hope and pray-fs
02-vybz kartel-bicycle-fs
03-bugle-anything goes-fs
04-elephant man-represent-fs
05-laden-runnin di place-fs
06-beenie man-whateva mi like-fs
07-aidonia-bruk out-fs
08-mr vegas-gallis-fs
09-bramma-mi nuh know-fs
10-chino and di genius-clap it n drop it-fs
11-voicemail-nuh behaviour-fs
12-matterhorn feat cutty qq-role out-fs
13-leftside-time to party-fs
14-kari jess-bounce a bounce-fs
15-dangel-i dont really care-fs
01-mavado-hope and pray-fs
02-vybz kartel-mr officer-fs
03-vybz kartel-bicycle-fs
04-bugle-anything goes-fs
05-elephant man-represent-fs
06-laden-running di place-fs
07-beenie man-whateva mi like-fs
08-aidonia-bruk out-fs
09-mr vegas-gallis-fs
10-bramma-mi nuh know-fs
11-chino and di genius-clap it n drop it-fs
12-voicemail-nuh behaviour-fs
13-matterhorn feat cutty qq-role out-fs
14-leftside-time to party-fs
15-kari jess-bounce a bounce-fs
16-dangel-i dont really care-fs
02-mr pepper and g maffia-dem life-fs
03-ratigan-money on ma mind-fs
04-shane-o-cyaa hear-fs
05-triump riddim-version (yardlife entertainment)-fs
01-mr. easy-more than a lover
02-geoffrey star-heat
03-delly ranks feat.lu-shes driving me crazy
04-chico-gangster ride
05-treson feat.khago-light it up
06-stacious-rude gal loving
07-i octane-hypocrite
08-bada flex-jamaica roll call
01-chico-gangster ride-rks
02-geoffrey star-heat-rks
03-i octane-unknow-rks
04-bada flex-jamaica roll call-rks
05-treson-light it up feat khago-rks
06-mr easy-more than a lover-rks
07-stacious-rude gal loving-rks
08-delly ranks-she s driving me crazy feat lucky charm-rks
01-bramma-anyting mi wah say-rbk
02-chino-ever have it wid we-rbk
03-delly ranx and demarco-3 anthem-rbk
04-earthworm-if i wasnt-rbk
05-einstein-empty di magazine-rbk
06-esco-super high-rbk
07-shema-im bad-rbk
08-teflon-man a bobo-rbk
09-vybz kartel-smokin everyday-rbk
10-vybz kartel and bramma-my own-rbk
11-trouble mekka riddim-version-rbk
01-sizzla-hot suh-fs
02-mearciless-back seat-fs
03-kip rich-nuh let you down-fs
04-spice-dem a chat-fs
05-troubles riddim version-chuck t productions-fs
01-spice-di man dem say
02-merciless-get it
04-kiprich-let u down baby
05-vybz kartel-wine
01-spice-di man dem say-riddim
02-merciless-get it-riddim
04-kiprich-let u down baby-riddim
05-vybz kartel-wine-riddim
01-deh deh-ago work-gmg
02-tok-all night raving-gmg
03-lady saw-dem afi later-gmg
04-rhymez unlimited-ladies everywhere-gmg
05-erup-mek noise-gmg
06-shaq the mc-my time now-gmg
07-kool johnny kool ft. richie kanary-those days-gmg
08-esco-yo amore-gmg
01-tok-all nite raving-yard
02-rhymez unlimited-ladies everywhere-yard
03-erup-mek noise-yard
04-shao the mc-my time now-yard
05-johnny kool-richie canary-those dayz-yard
06-esco-yo amore-yard
07-deh deh-ago work-yard
08-lady saw-dem fi later-yard
01-anthony b.-mamas love-jah
02-better tomorrow-morning dew-jah
03-dennis ledthoure-i stop-jah
04-i octane-unfortunate-jah
05-jah mason-when my life was lonely-jah
06-luciano-love means-jah
07-lutan fyah-king emanuel-jah
08-mark wonder-i and i-jah
09-martin x-mi lox-jah
10-mr. ice berg-live a life of love-jah
11-natural black-africa-jah
12-nature sing-good music-jah
13-richie stevens-you save me-jah
14-sawada band-zion-jah
15-sizzla-rise up-jah
16-tammi t-you are mine-jah
17-teacha dee-blaming game-jah
18-tony rebel feat. andy vernon-searching-jah
19-true life riddim-version-jah
01-lutan fyah-full time-fs
02-natty king-father to a son-fs
03-ac harrison-dont want to fight-fs
04-natural black-no loose flex-fs
05-dave brown-teach the youth-fs
06-chappa chop-blous naut-fs
07-luciano-strangers on my shore-fs
08-culture t ac harrison-dont worry-fs
09-doctor marshall-not an angel-fs
10-kulcha knox-conquer-fs
12-double xx-take that gun off me-fs
13-i octane-false pretender-fs
01-empress ayeola-reggae music
02-gappy ranks-jah is my everything
03-johnny and the soul vendors-tribute to cs dodd
04-lady lex-bad boys
05-nerious joseph-life is no joke
06-soul vendors-tune in riddim version
01-gappy ranks – jah is my everything-w33d
02-nerious joseph – life is no joke-w33d
03-empress ayeola – reggae music-w33d
04-lady lex – bad boys-w33d
05-johnny and the soul vendors – tribute to cs dodd-w33d
06-soul vendors – tune in riddim version-w33d
01-hezron ft shaggy-two places-riddim
02-konshens ft kris kelli-girl on the side-riddim
03-pepita ft hezron-journey-riddim
04-rum roy-story of my life-riddim
05-hezron-through the fire-riddim
06-bunny brown-hurting-riddim
07-point zero-caan believe-riddim
08-danglin-didnt wanna fall in love-riddim
09-angel-please be kind-riddim
01-johnny osbourne-i miss you-lvy
02-ian sweetness-pocket full of tears-lvy
03-nerious joseph-ketch a fire-lvy
04-king kong-cant get the trophy-lvy
05-stonewall jackson-secret admirer-lvy
06-johnny osbourne-1000000 in one-lvy
07-ian sweetness-if a sound boy dis-lvy
08-nerious joseph-no money-lvy
09-king kong-me get wild-lvy
10-stonewall jackson-paradise-lvy
01-peter metro-six month break-lvy
02-pliers-snake in the grass-lvy
03-wayne wonder-waiting for you-lvy
04-superman and spider man-tear it down-lvy
05-wayne fire-man to-lvy
06-wayne fire-money don-lvy
07-cutty ranks-big and rough-lvy
08-cutty ranks-cirle mi country-lvy
09-tony rebel-galfriend lef me-lvy
10-apache scratchy-mampie-lvy
01-unknown-bad from birth-w33d
02-reese badda – nah lie-w33d
03-vybz kartel-teach-w33d
04-u a mi baby-version-w33d
01-chezidek-a no nothing-jah
02-lukie d-stand up-jah
03-anthony b-stop fight-jah
04-starkey banton chukki starr-live up-jah
05-al campbell-leave out-jah
06-instrumental-unchained riddim-jah
01-tropic shadow-anniversary-gully
02-dennis brown-let love in-gully
03-al campbell-it wouldnt be fair-gully
04-barrington spence-diana-gully
05-gregory isaacs-all i have is love-gully
06-dennis brown-black magic woman-gully
07-the tidals-put thoose fools-gully
08-al campbell-when spring is around-gully
09-horace andy-tag along-gully
10-the tidals-what a great day-gully
01-unity sound-bootleg volume 11-city of badmen-jah
01-crepe souls-let it be me-yard
02-jimbilin-the gras wont pay no mind-yard
03-jimbilin-look at dat-yard
04-augustus pablo-invasion-yard
05-jimbilin-still yet-yard
06-the teacher-soul vibration-yard
07-dennis alcapone-return of sabata-yard
08-augustus pablo-you got to pay the price-yard
09-augustus pablo-dunce crap-yard
10-augustus pablo-iggy iggy-yard
01-blak ryno-i wanna be so rich-yard
02-jah vinci-mi nuh know-yard
03-lisa hype-no sunshine-yard
04-maxwell-my love-yard
05-merital-real friends-yard
06-popcaan-mi solider dem-yard
07-shawn storm-tek life-yard
08-vybz kartel and sheba-domestic affair chapter 2-yard
09-vybz kartel-dem get murder-yard
10-vybz kartel-nah lef-yard
01-kiprich-i will survive-fs
02-slash-the truth-fs
03-higher tone-party girl-fs
01-lady saw-wife-riddim
02-leftside-dem gone-riddim
03-twin of twins-leggo mi head (raw)-riddim
04-twin of twins-leggo mi head (clean)-riddim
05-elephant man-people (clean)-riddim
06-mr vegas-keep your freindship-riddim
07-elephant man-people (raw)-riddim
08-beenie man feat iyaka-body good-riddim
09-patexx and suku-for the money-riddim
10-cecile-tek care of yuh man-riddim
11-assassin-gyal till me dead-riddim
12-bugle-find out (raw)-riddim
13-bugle-find out (clean)-riddim
14-flippa mafia-who me-riddim
15-kanambo-dem nuh rate we-riddim
16-spice-inna mi closet-riddim
01-jigsy king and chezidek-serious-kouala
02-zuff-tek ova-kouala
04-perfect-be mine-kouala
05-mama son and fyah lamp-give it to dem-kouala
06-pz-stress mi out-kouala
07-ja finest-i need you-kouala
01-lutan fyah-forgiveness-kouala
03-mystic mc-going home-kouala
04-alec burton and shelter-uprising riddim-kouala
01-gappy ranks-the caribbean-riddim
02-soca johnny-all night-riddim
03-dale saunders-girls of the world-riddim
04-boone chatta-gettin a feelin-riddim
05-delee-me gal-riddim
06-congquez g-ill give you-riddim
01-zumjay-been dere did it-riddim
02-bling dawg-some times-riddim
03-harry toddler-million and buff-riddim
04-tornado-bun bad mine-riddim
05-assassin-smooth operator-riddim
07-stacrious-better than this-riddim
08-velocity riddim (lenky prod)-version-riddim
01-x-ray-so amazing
02-ras penco-tides are high
03-gyptian-when you love someone
01-groundation-freedom taking over
02-the black seeds-send a message
03-natty-bedroom eyes
04-sharon jones and the dap-kings-how long do i have to wait (ticklah remix)
05-blundetto featuring grandmagneto-everybodys talkin
07-340 ml-midnight
08-nightmares on wax-70s 80s
09-easy star all-stars-karma police
10-calypso rose-calypso blues
11-prince koloni-murderer
12-nutty and wharfy-give me a chance
13-alpha wess-mobaloukomma
14-manjul-africa is calling (his children to go home)
15-fc apatride-tricks
16-santogold-shove it (switch remix)
17-dub pistols featuring rodney p-youll never find
01-queen omega-local
02-prophet benjamin-talk na
03-kari kill-the first time
04-daddy stone-in d car
05-elija blak-battle field
06-prince solomon-bloody land
07-mr wisdom-plant ah seed
08-alpha norris-no son
09-together forever family-link up
11-kunta-food of life
12-white angel-from ah distance
13-soldier ants-on fire
14-marcus and zionitte-itah go dread
15-jus fari-life
16-rassan-good thing
17-j-son-call his name
18-supreme-system fails
19-simple and chev-blaze-searching
20-version-prince vibrationz riddim
01-alpha norris-no son
02-daddy stone-in di car
03-elija blak-battle field
04-j-son-call his name
05-jus fari-life
06-khari kill-the first time
07-kunta-food of life
08-marcus and zionitte-itah go dread
09-mr. wisdom-plant ah seed
10-prince solomon-bloody land
11-prophet benjamin-talk na
12-queen omega-local
13-rassan-good thing
14-simple and chev blaze-searching
15-soldier ants-on fire
16-supreme-system fails
17-together forever family-link up
18-white angel-from ah distance
20-prince-vibrationz riddim (version)
01-capleton-all is well
02-luciano-be aware
03-peetah heritage-jesse james
04-fantan mojah-more blessing from the herb
05-lukie d-crying out
01-capleton-all is well-fs
02-fanatn mojah-more blessing from the herb-fs
03-luciano-be aware-fs
04-peetah morgan-jesse james-fs
05-luckie d-crying out-fs
01-morgan heritage-have no fear-riddim
02-richie spice-all at once-riddim
03-alpheus-mother dearest-riddim
04-gentleman and queen omega-revolution-riddim
05-chukki starr-greatest of dem all-riddim
06-lukie d-full of lies-riddim
07-rebellion-be yourself-riddim
08-jah mason and sandy-we ll be together-riddim
09-mark wonder-shape the future-riddim
10-oba simba-reminiscing-riddim
11-ryan-i remember-riddim
12-bost and bim-vision dub-riddim
01-million stylez-miss fatty
02-tok-no man
03-busy signal-loaded
04-vybz kartel-dutty wine
05-elephant man-roll out
06-lady saw-me and my crew
07-timberlee-bubble like soup (special jairo)
08-beyonce-single ladies
09-mavado-last night
10-xman-pa vini (special jairo)
11-xman feat byron-nou po sav
12-elephant man-nuh linga
13-t pain feat lil wayne-cant believe it
14-serani-no games
15-mavado-jairo special
16-elephant man-sweep
17-bounty killer-talk to dem
18-mavado-real mckoy
19-sizzla-no way
20-elephant man-dirt bed (special jairo)
21-assassin-boring gyal
22-elephant man-nuh fi touch (special jairo)
23-elephant man-gyal bruck
25-supa hype-up towwn garrison
26-spragga benz-down in her
27-mr vegas feat lexxus-taxi fire
28-ron brownz feat jim jones-pop champagne
29-mr vegas-nuh fight over man
30-dr evil feat sean paul-back it up
31-beenie man-back it up
32-beenie man-hum hum
33-bick and lace-love is wicked
34-capleton-pull up (special jairo)
35-t jy-pa ici micie a
36-elephant man-wave yuh flag
37-beenie man feat angel-beenia man
38-beenie man-wine gyal
39-mr vegas-tek weh yuself
41-sun feat wyclef jean – elephant man and tony matterhorn-china wine
42-big jay feat tony c-feeling right
43-tiwony-pren pie la
44-mr vegas feat opal hotta-hot uk
45-tony matterhorn-dutty wine
46-elephant man-when we see (special jairo)
47-ms triniti feat beenie man-burnin burnin
48-mavado feat busy signal-badman place
49-wayne wonder-dont give me a damn
50-mavado-gangsta for life
51-munga-bad from mi born
52-busy signal-step out
53-mr vegas feat overmars-raging bull
54-einstein-black rain
55-busy signal-pon di edge
56-demarco-duppy know who fi frighten
57-michael rose-shoot out (special jairo)
58-jah cure-green grass
59-stephen marley feat damian marley-the mission
60-mavado-me and my dogs

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