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01-Tookytooky -Load Save Delete-PyS
02-Tookytooky -Illusion World-PyS
03-Tookytooky -Neroelectric-PyS
04-Tookytooky Feat. Kristi -Visual Session-PyS
01-trollwood – life energy-br
02-trollwood – angel tear-br
01-ucs – use your imagination-fym
02-ucs – pure energy-fym
03-ucs – acid mantra-fym
04-ucs – saturday love rmx (ucs)-fym
05-ucs – expand-fym
01-Ultraplex – NN-PyS
02-Ultraplex – Net Works-PyS
03-Ultravoice Vs Numb – Ultranumb-PyS
04-Ultravoice Vs Perplex – Deja Vu-PyS
01-Ultravoice Vs Twina – Round Round-pMn INT
01-universe equalizer – long way to haven-br
02-universe equalizer – still droping-br
03-universe equalizer – ignition on-br
04-universe equalizer – small step for men-br
01-Chemical Reaction – Rip-PyS
02-Khaos Sektor – Electronic Oscilator-PyS
03-Komfuzius – Welcome to My World-PyS
04-Enichkin – Circum Herbcous-PyS
05-Acid Goblin – Scythopolis-PyS
06-Jesus Raves – Zeleni Je Tu 1-PyS
07-Gamaliel – Red Forest 1-PyS
08-Mergel – Can I Help-PyS
09-Sick Noise – Soon or Later (Remix)-PyS
10-K Lapso – Killer Night-PyS
11-Antagon – Crap Swap-PyS
12-Gargamel Vs Electrypnose – Systematic Hypnosis (Mergel Remix)-PyS
13-Systemcrash and Dark Whisper – Iter-PyS
01-seti – alien frequencies-fym
02-mark day – alien nation-fym
03-spore vs 3mb – 1 reality-fym
04-sprocket – demon tree-fym
05-ataro – kuchgar-fym
06-aztec dosage – odd tip tugs-fym
07-apollyon – extraterrestrial frequencies-fym
08-space jam – don king bong-fym
09-loose connection – nomad-fym
10-loose connection – physics machine-fym
01-Elegy Vs Mnemonic Trick – Wind Waker-PyS
02-Synthetika – Offbeat Affect-PyS
03-The Antiker – Calypso-PyS
04-Microdetails – Space Duck-PyS
05-Parvatrix Aka Ayahuasca – Shamanic Therapy-PyS
06-Protone – Logic Brain-PyS
07-Irrsin – Crystal Matter-PyS
08-Atzec Dosage Vs Girtab Theorem – Dynamite Connection-PyS
09-Psynut – Breaze-PyS
10-Tintifax Vs Irrsin – Ancient Fields-PyS
101-morch seele – strychnin-br
102-cerebellum with drawal vs playtek – i want your soul-br
103-k lapso and psy4tecks – detestable envy-br
104-neurotic poison – ryu ritual-br
105-psy horror noize – kali (conker rmx)-br
106-b. brains and bones – master mind sistem-br
107-intekshine vs t-virus – rotting corpses-br
108-yoshua e.m. – cruel mind-br
109-minagoris – intento fallido (t-virus rmx)-br
201-m.y. project – hiper expantion-br
202-cthulhu – lost in the forest-br
203-polybius – apocalypsy-br
204-dezkizzio – deeply darky (adrenaleightor rmx)-br
205-yaotzin tech – amazoness temple-br
206-twisted doom – are u made-br
207-psy horror noize vs toxinexia – listen this bitch-br
208-miquiztli – fuck-br
209-digital darkness – calendario cosmico-br
01-forbidden plant – the arrival-fym
02-dark river – dark galaxy-fym
03-samauma – battle of nibiru-fym
04-rawar – i saw the movie (neurotic poison remix)-fym
05-sula kaska and redpoint – sopla tres veces-fym
06-deftspank and dark river – the draks-fym
07-fxor – spacial system-fym
08-rebel assault – extincao-fym
09-neural dysorder – anunnaki frequencies-fym
01-questing beast – the beginning-hiem
02-autodidakt – little bug-hiem
03-rawar – gaias-hiem
04-sectio aurea – positive orgone-hiem
05-calyptratus – incredible mechanics-hiem
06-system crash – quantum-hiem
07-kasatka – gimmi more-hiem
08-necropsycho – acid test-hiem
09-select project – so real-hiem
10-dark whisper – apocalyptic ritual-hiem
01 Jayex and The Wonderboy – Witchcraft Night-OiG
02 Radical Distortion – Evil Machine-OiG
03 Jikooha – Riot Here Riot Now-OiG
04 Qlipadelic Rythm – Ganesh Soul-OiG
05 The Wonderboy – Kings of Camouflage-OiG
06 Snag The Sunshepherd – Aura-OiG
07 NK-47 – Know No Silence-OiG
08 Hybrid FX – Shamar-OiG
09 Afgin – Cleopatra-OiG
10 ArmagedDance – Sun And Snow-OiG
11 ArmagedDance – Away From Eden-OiG
01-the distant civilization – y-fym
02-toi doi – e-tium-fym
03-ipotocaticac – biniou connection-fym
04-kacid – low resolution universe-fym
05-low rezolution – reality by energy-fym
06-sporangia – portal-fym
07-fuzulu vs frankenstein – goon doon go do pa ta-fym
08-seven dark – trip mode-fym
01-Teatime – Mein Kampfort Zone-PyS
02-Nap – Things You Will Never Know-PyS
03-Brain Stretch – Hyper Space-PyS
04-Psysymetrix – Desert Life-PyS
05-Psynaptix Vs Homeless Toast Collective – –oo– )) x 0-PyS
06-Homeless Toast Collective – Hippies and Ducktails-PyS
07-Psydeways – In Transit-PyS
08-Psynusitis – Harder Faster Cheesier-PyS
09-Stitch Vs Gregor – Forest Paraz1t-PyS
10-Toxic Anger Syndrome – The Funny Farm-PyS
11-Salviation – Heavy on Their Chats-PyS
02-dirty saffi – dreams-g-psy
04-big scary monsters – hanuman-g-psy
05-illegal machines vs. synthetik chaos – supernatural-g-psy
07-synthetik chaos – deadpool (rev remix)-g-psy
09-dirty saffi and satya – strange powders-g-psy
01-waterphonics – conspiracy of white dog-g-psy
02-buckle – woman spirit-g-psy
03-decoder machines vs. buckle – nice dreams-g-psy
04-hadron – of war-g-psy
05-low rezolution – union tribe ritual-g-psy
06-psychonature – fuck civilization-g-psy
07-space venom – synthetic minds-g-psy
08-strike128rmx vs. buckle – base clip di deep-g-psy
09-zigra vs. crash – area 51-g-psy
10-angoera – the clown-g-psy
01-demonizz – xibabunga-fym
02-grim – costa rica-fym
03-baalberith vs outstanding nerd – space brownies-fym
04-fobi – age of the disks-fym
05-crooked mind – magic twist-fym
06-greenix – illusion technology-fym
07-bodhisattva 1320 and karash – les lions de mers-fym
08-lsdemon – kalimata dreams-fym
09-silly twit – free sheepers-fym
10-xhamanik ritual – talamanca-fym
11-outstanding nerd – dancing with the spirits-fym
01-twisted kala – freaky way-fym
02-collateral damage – balance-fym
03-terra moto – staged invasion1-fym
04-yuu rei vs zero-blade – enterprise-fym
05-dirty phreak – monolithic puzzlebox-fym
06-jesus raves – satan likes full off-fym
07-dinotic – sound of science-fym
08-zero-blade – quantum physics-fym
09-yaminahua – i am the walrus-fym
01-spagettibrain – panta-br
02-darkaholic – sunshine-br
03-elepsy – changes in the signals-br
04-mk. ultra – mundo imaginario-br
05-twisted doom – kamasuhard-br
06-mind asylum – true magic-br
07-twisted doom – good bye-br
08-asylum – witch hunt-br
09-ofgohd – acid on acid-br
10-soospicey – bananananana-br
01-Gordon Bleu – The Boundaries Of Our Fears-PyS
02-N.A.S.A. – Sword In The Darkness-PyS
03-Noktamid – Monza Test Drive-PyS
04-Kularis – Waterzone-PyS
05-Noktamid and ADDA – W.T.F.-PyS
06-Moontales – All About Music-PyS
07-ADDA – One Way Ticket-PyS
08-Human Element – Go Ahead-PyS
09-Flow Box – New Dimension-PyS
01-carlo juranccelli vs. phantom deep – try-g-psy
02-black bird – think about it-g-psy
03-amduscias tales – protoss warp-g-psy
04-fraktal vortex – juguemos en el bosque-g-psy
05-neural – at the beautiful black danube-g-psy
06-nasty galaxy – medical problem-g-psy
07-paranoiac – sequenced atmopheres-g-psy
08-satamind – otros mundos-g-psy
09-realms of the earth – before the resurrection (of kispikay)-g-psy
09-gamaliel – canibalismo entre amigos-g-psy
01-Audiosex – Un Sane-PyS
02-Alien Trancesistor and Electryxeed – Thank U Byron Bay-PyS
03-Pan Psychic – Square Cutz-PyS
04-RDM – Dive into the Unknown-PyS
05-Agh0ri Tantrik – Raakchass-PyS
06-Space Shaman – Mental Hospital-PyS
07-Kanibal Holokaust – Rokee Meets Hishiryo-PyS
08-Fearkiller – Lou-PyS
09-Gamaliel – Canibalismo Entre Amigos-PyS
10-The Exmos – Burato-PyS
11-Mergel – No IQ-PyS
12-Audiopathik and Xikwri Neyrra – Ancient Times-PyS
13-Audiosex – Astral Body Builder-PyS
01-pragmatics – mental reaction-g-psy
02-trilian vs. mucora – default system-g-psy
03-bud buster vs. digital system – blasteiro-g-psy
04-altered behavior – king of fighters-g-psy
05-nazgul – hidden message (original mix)-g-psy
06-system sequence vs. stereopanic – despapaye (remix)-g-psy
07-system sequence vs. loud reactor – loud sequence-g-psy
08-t.c.n. – rotten war-g-psy
09-akkbal can – bodh gaya-g-psy
01-laboratory x – ocean deep (element water)-g-psy
02-beepsy – killer bee-g-psy
03-disia – skog-g-psy
04-hypnotic mushroom – stalker-g-psy
05-drakphaser – demonoiied-g-psy
06-khaos sektor – eskizofrania-g-psy
07-aazazel – feralas trip-g-psy
08-limbo – nothing isnt secure-g-psy
09-stitch vs. gregor – forest paraz1t-g-psy
10-hyperactive mould – dark water-g-psy
11-psychogenes – manhunt-g-psy
12-embosorbic – psiholog-g-psy
01-circuit bent vs mr. bill vs to – incompusmentus-fym
02-circuit bent vs mr. bill – salt water-fym
03-circuit bent vs mr. bill vs su – tangle-fym
04-circuit bent vs mr. bill vs to – coke and caviar-fym
01-Dr. Hartz – Money for Nothing-PyS
02-D-Vision – Juicy Pad Song-PyS
03-Timestretch – Dullday-PyS
04-Philter – Attribute-PyS
05-Lightsphere – Aeroplan-PyS
06-Timestretch – Endless Maze-PyS
07-Connexx – With Me-PyS
08-Shyisma – Harmonic Elements-PyS
09-HMB – Special Dreams-PyS
01-Alvanti – Coming Home-PyS
02-N3XU5 – Inception-PyS
03-BPM – Syberia-PyS
04-Freaked Frequency – Dreamer (Tech Twist Rmx)-PyS
05-Tube – Jungle (L.D.O.I Rmx)-PyS
06-Freedom Fighters – Vibrations (Meccano Rmx)-PyS
07-Counteractive – Funk-O-Tronik-PyS
08-Cosmic Station Vs Boogieman – Dancing People-PyS
09-Tritech Files – Amigo-PyS
10-Bionicle – Echoes From Deep Technology-PyS
01-Fatali – Inner Depth (Phaxe Remix)-PyS
02-Sequence – Sphinx-PyS
03-Jimij – Upwards-PyS
04-Fatali – Flip (Mode Modular Remix)-PyS
05-Son Kite – Let Us Be (Fatali Remix)-PyS
06-Morpheus – Grace-PyS
07-Fjeren Feather – Unmistakable-PyS
08-Fatali – Homeless (Protoculture Remix)-PyS
09-Morpheus and El Nino – Halo-PyS
01-liquidnoize – digital syllable-fym
02-dohm – pinkles-fym
03-eitonin – on the road-fym
04-hallucinated hologram – tornado-fym
05-butterfly effect – white rabbit-fym
06-p.tale – small brain big skull-fym
07-therange freak – the reaper-fym
08-cacofonix – whirl-fym
09-goch – cooking-fym
10-sanathana – exorcism in zulu land-fym
101-sirtja – tritoli-g-psy
102-nirodha – helloki three friends-g-psy
103-hysteria – acid rain-g-psy
104-maximus – morning on the nature-g-psy
105-methodic marble – psycho agent-g-psy
106-sirtja – plastilin-g-psy
107-gloomy phantom – das boese-g-psy
108-molchun – smoke fruti tea-g-psy
109-maximus – tara pura-g-psy
201-sirtja – animals-g-psy
202-methodic marble – spectral window-g-psy
203-n1cr – in a hut witches-g-psy
204-maximus – space wood-g-psy
205-hysteria – netural emotions-g-psy
206-gloomy phantom – second face-g-psy
207-distorted behavior – relapse-g-psy
208-stitch vs. fobi – forest race-g-psy
209-psy horror noize – paulina dreams-g-psy
01-dimmat – medusa-fym
03-digital skulls – no more bad trip-fym
05-pafilas – path-fym
06-kacid – false conciousness-fym
07-pafilas – haunted jungle-fym
01-sidharta and tryon – people have the power-fym
02-geko – shattered dimension-fym
03-outer signal – storm-fym
04-khopat and brainwash – version two-fym
05-magneto and technodrome – sky high-fym
06-alienn and ignition – global strike-fym
07-karmacrop – flying forward-fym
08-magneto and freeze – file exchange-fym
09-supercell – the 4th dimension-fym
10-hyperactive and exodus – mind blow-fym
01-total – freaky forest 2004-fym
02-trance-ingvars – all the answers-fym
03-toxic anger syndrome – trollskogen-fym
04-gubbology – monster quest-fym
05-aremakki – cream delivery-fym
06-oliveira – wednesdays-fym
07-rotsystem – uven-fym
08-katastrof – oiije-fym
09-sekt – sleten horunge-fym
10-varanta – mystical temple-fym
01-somnesia – sunlight-g-psy
02-blackstarrfinale – icarus one-g-psy
03-project shidartha – astral levitation-g-psy
04-nova fractal – perplexed-g-psy
05-grand cheff – lady of steel-g-psy
06-sky technology – indian spiciness-g-psy
07-stellarians – penumbras sanctuary-g-psy
08-siam – in void-g-psy
09-trinodia – no more war-g-psy
01-kya – kar rahe ho-fym
02-sprocket – syncopath-fym
03-skyhighatrist vs synthetic cha – insane line-fym
04-ataro vs mark day – natural remedy-fym
05-twisted kala – high feeling-fym
06-rukh – midnight carnival-fym
07-nyama – 3rd eye monocle-fym
08-parandroid – humanistic training lesson-fym
09-buraco preto – postpartum-fym
10-nasha – traffic mental-fym
11-strix aluco – sri octavia-fym
01-Floating Point – Happy Times-PyS
02-Karma Crop – Area C4-PyS
03-Crystal Monkey – Projection-PyS
04-Ajja and Flooting Grooves – Liquid Matter-PyS
05-Xabbu and Electrypnose – Busted Rmx-PyS
06-Karash – Blip Blop-PyS
07-Jocid – Off Radar-PyS
08-Liquid Disko – Plug n Play-PyS
09-Lunarave – Pow Wow-PyS
101-Easy Riders-Easy Dubsteps-PyS
103-Sideform and Terahert-Pressure To Control-PyS
104-Optiloop-Prime Level-PyS
105-NOK Feat Ritmo-New World Order-PyS
106-Middle Mode-Deep Habits-PyS
107-Zyce and Egorythmia-Lithium (Reverse RMX)-PyS
108-Flegma and Nerso-Sonic Manipulation (Unseen Dimensions RMX)-PyS
201-Phaxe-Mr Bogart-PyS
202-Ovnimoon-Gathering Of Angels (Aladiah RMX)-PyS
203-Double Click-Pinball-PyS
204-Time In Motion-Audio Gigolo (Flegma and Nerso RMX)-PyS
205-Rocky-Largetto (Gaudium RMX)-PyS
206-Ritree-New Clear War Head-PyS
207-Egorythmia-Eternal (Gaudium RMX)-PyS
208-Infinity-Traditional Ways Of Healing (Remake 2011)-PyS
209-Midimal-How The Mind Works-PyS
01-crossing mind – the last breath-fym
02-ezcape – space flight-fym
03-seti project – endorphin-fym
05-lunar dawn – the run-fym
06-sinhu – free space-fym
07-ephedra – acid rain-fym
09-nolax – teonanacatl-fym
10-toi doi – spiral dive (2011 remix)-fym
101-Astral Projection – Open Society (Atomic Pulse Remix)-PyS
102-John 00 Fleming – Jawa (Ovnimoon Remix)-PyS
103-Fatali – Inner Depth (Normalize Remix)-PyS
104-Ace Ventura – Baby Boom (Sunstryk Remix)-PyS
105-Fire Starter – Rainbows Falls-PyS
106-Sunstryk – Leaving Eden (Gil Dagan Remix)-PyS
107-Sonic Entity – Higher Hopes-PyS
108-Cafu – For Me-PyS
109-Taliesin – Psyloactive-PyS
110-Liquid Space – Scary Inclusive-PyS
201-Hi Profile – Essence-PyS
202-Cybax and Tripical – Fire Ball-PyS
203-Art Of Existence – The Real World-PyS
204-Elecdruids – One Destiny-PyS
205-Kalimax – Spirit-PyS
206-Nerso – Closer and Closer (Plasma Corp Remix)-PyS
207-Smooth – Sun Avenue-PyS
208-Sound Field – Psychedelic Revival (Nasa Remix)-PyS
209-Ectima – Metal Isolation-PyS
210-Meller – Space Drum (Sun Project Remix)-PyS
301-Strange Doctors – Hey You-PyS
302-Sensifeel – Flying Day-PyS
303-Dari Sana and Melburn – 4 U and BandH (Remix)-PyS
304-Vegas – Equilibrium-PyS
305-Illegal Substances – Second Chance-PyS
306-Seven11 – Somuna Nature-PyS
307-Mummerah – Groovy Lady-PyS
308-Sensifeel – Talk Serious-PyS
309-Synesthetic – Ethnos-PyS
310-Som – Sun Set-PyS
01-Khaos Sektor – Acid Mantra-PyS
02-Dark Whisper – Acoustic Lyserg-PyS
03-Demoniac Insomniac – Nebula-PyS
04-KZ – Smile-PyS
05-Gloomy Phantom – A Little Pray-PyS
06-Stitch – Amaterazu-PyS
07-Cinder Vomit – Life Force Triangle-PyS
08-Jesus Raves – Oesterreichische Kokain Sitzung-PyS
09-Mergel – Only Love-PyS
10-Necropsycho – Funeral Tibetano-PyS
01-aghori tantrik – ending lunatic behaviour-br
02-murukhan – general dynamicz-br
03-gotalien – jaquelines long legs-br
04-kykeon – mech-br
05-b.brain and bones – audio damage-br
06-parandroid – programming chemicals-br
07-kykeon – moody-br
08-solar zuvua – novatek telemetry-br
09-jesus raves – melted silicon tits-br
10-ape rape – minuszkah-br
11-cosmic iron – psychodelic session-br
12-extraterretrial – quantanium-br
13-stich – homer more homer-br
14-b.brain and bones – end of the world-br
15-psy horror noise meets desolate soul – i am you father-br
16-nasty galaxy – teleport-br
17-hishiryo – theorem (kelifot rmx)-br
18-axulixamus – oni (rmx)-br
19-cosmic iron – cosmic crew (bonus track)-br
01-syntox – cyber attack-fym
02-trypsinogen vs infernal droid – where is my halo muna-fym
03-mr pickled – ogurek kiszony-fym
04-quirky flavour strange – thirteen lucky fridays-fym
05-velocity raptors – cactus juice-fym
06-salviation – when tiki met sally-fym
08-psysymetrix – pacha mama-fym
09-psynaptix – corrupted data-fym
01-voodoolink – irl-fym
02-gortek – ghool of permuda-fym
03-rubal vs seer – anjuna love-fym
04-wizack twizack – weird feelings (satori remix)-fym
05-shieox – rugpusher-fym
06-akashik – rhythmic psychosis-fym
07-deviate – freakwent flyer-fym
08-koozer mox – invasion biotica-fym
09-electrypnose feat. terranoise – bubbling numbers-fym
10-funkadelicasy – activate evacuate-fym
11-aalsilogh – savage unagi-fym
12-nilakshy – beghadham-fym
13-agh0ri tantrik – mr. twister-fym
14-sample bugs – sample punks-fym
15-elepsy – nadopasana-fym
01-hypnagog – circuit breaker-br
02-terrafractyl – cubed-br
03-soladria – shadow sculptor-br
04-intriga – justified madness pt.II-br
05-talpa – the sinner-br
06-primecyde – winter virus-br
07-zekazy – clearly seeing (sienis rmx)-br
08-sienis – believing is seeing-br
09-noumenon – good bye-br
10-ascoil sun – stellar cycle-br
01-Ancient-Beach – Beginning-PyS
02-Ace Ventura Vs Ritmo – A New Hope-PyS
03-Activator – MandM-PyS
04-Etnica – Reactivator-PyS
05-Talamasca Vs Otezuka – The Mental Codes-PyS
06-A-Team – Is it Real -PyS
07-Bad Boys – Electronic (Peace Maker RMX)-PyS
08-Mad Maxx Vs XSI – Do it Live-PyS
09-Neutral Motion – Combinational Geometry-PyS
10-CPU – 6 Billion Brains-PyS
11-Indigo – Sola-PyS
12-1200 Mics – SOS-PyS
13-Eskimo – Flashlight-PyS
14-Naminji – Presence-PyS
15-Pure Pressure Vs Indigo – At Thought-PyS
01-glitch – ritual of souls-g-psy
02-meteorburn – lenha no forno-g-psy
03-zaiklophobia and agonist – constructed realease-g-psy
04-specter of sound – deep sea-g-psy
05-demophon – gameover ii-g-psy
06-anubis – unlimited-g-psy
07-paralocks – release the beast-g-psy
08-killswitch – mental trauma-g-psy
09-dekhat bhuli – aborigen dance-g-psy
01-Yukku Naya – 21 Century Research-PyS
02-Mind Nature – Oooohm-PyS
03-Antagon – Vertex-PyS
04-Mergel – Copernican Vm-PyS
05-Axonic – Trouble Brewing-PyS
06-Zombie Scream – Experiment Type B-PyS
07-I Logic – Caleidoscopio-PyS
08-Grim – International Frequencies-PyS
09-Virtuanoise – The Illusions-PyS
10-Kykeon – Moly-PyS
101-time lock – inner bright-g-psy
102-liquid soul – hypnotic energy-g-psy
103-black and white – pop up (onyx remix)-g-psy
104-solar spestrum – levels of existence-g-psy
105-noktamid and gordon bleu – raventlou-g-psy
106-day.din and klopfgeister – shadow of a smile-g-psy
107-symphonix – music prostitute-g-psy
108-psilocybian – roses and lollipops-g-psy
202-symphonix – sweeping up-g-psy
203-duncan – merkaba-g-psy
204-interactive noise – shake and dance-g-psy
205-meander and ridden – tribute to fairies-g-psy
207-prahlad vs. magoon – swiss alps-g-psy
01-Liquid Sun – Hollow Man-PyS
02-Soladria – Gigantism-PyS
03-Paratech – Alchem-PyS
04-Tigran – Timestretching Machine-PyS
05-Oberon – Nuclear Winter-PyS
06-N.O.X.Y. – Slow Turn-PyS
07-Psynthax – Animamundi-PyS
08-Paratech – The Key-PyS
09-Magic Forest – Bicycle-PyS
01-Niko S Echo -Drive-PyS
02-Hi Profile -Run (Aquafeel RMX)-PyS
03-Symphonix -System Float (Hi Profile RMX)-PyS
04-Sensogram -Dna-PyS
05-Mr Suspect -One-PyS
06-Hi Profile -Progreeceve-PyS
07-Aviron and Entak -In the Crowed-PyS
08-Illegal Substances -Just Do it-PyS
09-Bounce Vs. Audio Control -Smart Move-PyS
01-psypheric – no return-fym
02-namarrkon – dark shogun-fym
03-computer addict – disappearance revision-fym
04-210 mhz – outofhere-fym
05-aurabyss – illegal medicine-fym
06-neon – party rulez-fym
07-occy – suggestive-fym
08-magic forest – chaotic connect-fym
09-overdream – multiple realities-fym
10-psychoacoustic vision – reign of faith-fym
01-Sidhartha Vs Alienn – Liquid Legacy-PyS
02-Karmacrop Vs Geko – Explain Yourself-PyS
03-Khopat – Full Encoding-PyS
04-Spector Vs Neurotronik – Power of the Fear-PyS
05-Tryon – Resonance-PyS
06-Sidhartha – Omniverse-PyS
07-Klacid – Train Your Brain-PyS
08-D-Maniac – Personal Decisions-PyS
09-Nature Disaster Vs. Shaddai – Clone Wars-PyS
10-Magneto Vs. Brainwash – the Trip-PyS
101-HD-X – Neuronal Sector-PyS
102-Katastrofik – Hipnotic Waves-PyS
103-Brain Twisted – Fucking Cop-PyS
104-Stereopanic Vs X-Avenger – Space Contact-PyS
105-Mucora – Baile De San Vito-PyS
106-1-16 – Living With Dementia-PyS
107-Mustafar – The Madness In Me-PyS
108-HNS – Dead Silence-PyS
109-The Concept Nemesis – Lost Confusing-PyS
201-1-16 Vs Stereopanic – Skizofreniak-PyS
202-Dunkelheits – Psychotik-PyS
203-The Concept Nemesis – Temporary Insanity-PyS
204-Digital Murders – Never Again-PyS
205-HNS – Evolution-PyS
206-1-16 Vs Feedback – Crazy Limits-PyS
207-Micro Machine – Dr Manhatan-PyS
208-Mustafar – Dirty Lights-PyS
209-Aluxoob – Bien Ondeado-PyS
01-necmi – delayed kisses (lfp mix)-fym
02-dansko – rapid eye movement-fym
03-azka – dark fader-fym
04-maligne – majini-fym
05-marathi – my way to progressive-fym
06-psyshuttle – daily things-fym
07-baeumlinger – myceliomat-fym
08-chemical abstract – sunday mushroom breakfast-fym
09-error in dimension – uncensored reality-fym
01-necmi – delayed kisses (lfp mix)-g-psy
02-dansko – rapid eye movement-g-psy
03-azka – dark fader-g-psy
04-maligne – majini-g-psy
05-marathi – my way to progressive-g-psy
06-psyshuttle – daily things-g-psy
07-baeumlinger – myceliomat-g-psy
08-chemical abstract – sunday mushroom breakfast-g-psy
09-error in dimension – uncensored reality-g-psy
01-va – magnetic attraction-br
01-Catatonic Brain – Mental Problem-PyS
02-Psyhamaa – Blofeld Kill-Me – (Catatonic Brain RMX)-PyS
03-Catatonic Brain – Chaos is My Life-PyS
04-Catatonic Brain – The Bear Jew-PyS
01-fantastic emotion – atomic dreams-fym
02-domestic vs unision – big time (neumos edit)-fym
03-sintek – 48 hours-fym
04-animalis – la revolucion (electro dynamics rmx)-fym
05-hissus – and-droid-fym
06-forest vs digital vision – new stuff (mental sound rmx)-fym
07-animalis – la revolucion (digital forest rmx)-fym
08-fade frequency – this is rock-fym
09-deadmau5 – ghost n stuff (stereo rmx)-fym
10-zelcius – fly machine-fym
11-unreal damage and gear beat – between cool and wicked-fym
12-frenetik – esquizofrenia-fym
13-cygnus robot – devoting my dream (world is mine rmx)-fym
14-radioactive substance – nobody understands-fym
15-fantastic emotion – never comin down-fym
16-athziry – electro sunrise-fym
17-animalis – think different (electro dynamics rmx)-fym
18-lunarave – unplugged (electro dynamics rmx)-fym
19-audiovision – jokings-fym
20-mexican dreama – toy story (vocal mix)-fym
21-cybernetic sound – enigmatic future-fym
22-the killers – human (felucia rmx)-fym
23-volses – its hidra frequenzy-fym
24-kasper vs hoerstoff – norman bates is crazy-fym
01-indsolence – my hidden consciousness (intro)-g-psy
02-crtl-z – the abnormal gene-g-psy
03-mucora – direct frezzing-g-psy
04-depeche mode – personal jesus (digital murders remix)-g-psy
05-the lysergic orchestra – unfinished business-g-psy
06-1.16 – la mayan trip-g-psy
07-drystortion – mundo maldito-g-psy
08-belenyer – universal saw-g-psy
01-Modifly – Micro Shuffle-PyS
02-Ettica – Two Tone-PyS
03-AVM – Australia-PyS
04-Vaeya – Stagger-PyS
05-Zeitgeist – Afterlife-PyS
06-Ell-Er – Stereotypical-PyS
07-Monster Heart Driver – Wharehouse-PyS
08-Deto and Gleam – Tears Deconstructed-PyS
09-Monster Heart Driver – Silent Rioting-PyS
10-Modifly – Rootsteps in A Garden (Spookhouse Dub)-PyS
01-dana do – intro-hiem
02-sanathana – cinderellas last dance-hiem
03-manju – konkachila-hiem
04-gido – spring grooves-hiem
05-ianuaria – welcome to sirius-hiem
06-ocelot – nebuloso (remix)-hiem
07-overdream – the first initiation-hiem
08-wizack twizack – join my cult-hiem
09-tsabeat – estratego-hiem
10-cifroteca – hage mage-hiem
01-citral – 4and20-g-psy
02-smoke sign – the last airbender (original mix)-g-psy
03-citral – wishes and dreams-g-psy
04-keamia – the same dream-g-psy
05-keamia – addiction-g-psy
06-keamia – mysterious nights (part 01)-g-psy
07-keamia – mixed emotions-g-psy
08-citral – king winter-g-psy
01-zalabim – necrosis 2000-fym
02-whrikk – hidden diskette-fym
03-gorm – grumble-fym
04-nolm – walkin talkin-fym
05-paganopath – kozjak-fym
06-cream corp – wood goblin-fym
07-farebi jalebi – whos who in the zoo-fym
08-gu and suzi and sticky liquids – project doradora-fym
09-biosynthesis – big hunting-fym
01-swen (dzoncy) stroop – forest in peace-fym
02-jetman – alliance-fym
03-saikotune – ravens and crows-fym
04-prophets of orion – the one-fym
05-stellar magnitude – timeshift-fym
06-alien bug – total eclipse-fym
07-reflection of the mighty shadows – dead end-fym
08-neuro vortel – liquid face-fym
09-aquilpra – fearful symmetry-fym
10-tlg – furion-fym
11-mesca – weakness-fym
12-artha – antistatic circle-fym
13-space element – tempus fugit-fym
14-space element – crows symphony-fym
15-psychotrop – aural pleasures-fym
16-psysutra – deus ex machina-fym
17-seismic activity – last foray-fym
18-artha – form life to life-fym
19-sundial aeon – haunebu-fym
01-Abomination – Secret Sands (Demosys RMX)-PyS
02-Erofex – Andes Train (RMX)-PyS
03-Cypress Hill – Rap Superstar (X.D.3 RMX)-PyS
04-Poison Guest – Devils Church-PyS
05-Luxbuna Vs Systematic Audio – Industrial Machinery-PyS
06-Afhgany – Alto Control (U-Rak RMX)-PyS
07-Mucora Vs Roby – Identity Change-PyS
08-Zabot – Back To Isness-PyS
09-Organikka – Reanimator-PyS
10-Disintegrated Circuits – Sabotage-PyS
01-kerlivin And baba yaga – vortexmus-hiem
02-quip tone beatz – lope in the loop-hiem
03-nolm – panic And paranoia-hiem
04-xabbu – tiny thing-hiem
05-claw – face your fears-hiem
06-farebi jalebi vs darkshire – signs and wonders-hiem
07-backgammon – gangajamna-hiem
08-ectogasmics – monkeys-hiem
09-flipknot – toke the smoke-hiem
10-koala – secret river-hiem
01-DNA – Never Say Never (Original Mix)-PyS
02-Outsiders – Final Integration (Original Mix)-PyS
03-Soniq Vision – Africana (Original Mix)-PyS
04-Kamasutrance – Again And Again (Original Mix)-PyS
05-Mystical Complex – Adrenaline (Original Mix)-PyS
06-Xerox and Illumination – Sabotage (Original Mix)-PyS
07-Ultravoice Vs Bizzare Contact – Summer Breeze (Original Mix)-PyS
08-Injection – Domino Effect (Original Mix)-PyS
09-DNA – Think Different (Original Mix)-PyS
01-iva – losing faith-g-psy
02-sonic tickle – strange conversation-g-psy
03-kained and able – pure deception-g-psy
04-radioactive cake – radioactive brain-g-psy
05-sensient – artifical funk-g-psy
06-bufo – be real-g-psy
07-onionbrain – the ancient-g-psy
08-zartrox – the odd alchemy-g-psy
09-neuromodulation – no creation-g-psy
01-va – phobophobia mix-br
01-harmonic rebel – kunoichy-fym
02-isochronic – fat data-fym
03-harmonic rebel – psyatic convolutions-fym
04-seti – convenience-fym
05-nomad 25 – buffering-fym
06-isochronic – madeira trolzz-fym
07-seti – good morning in g-fym
08-nomad 25 – fuck this shit-fym
01-d maniac – language issues-br
02-alienn – suge-br
03-crazy tone – vampire-br
04-a-mush – behind the dark (konnektor rmx)-br
05-shadai vs nature disaster – clone wars (l.d.o.i rmx)-br
06-orianis – night strenght-br
07-del – psychofusion power-br
08-zabot – soul call-br
09-gnostic – the secret-br
10-myrah – air wallker-br
01-dissociactive – parakapel-fym
02-cream corp – wake up-fym
03-red – polo umie-fym
04-luminexia – electrica-fym
05-samadhi – joy 2004-fym
06-pan psycho – echo-fym
07-sunset hunters – signals form infinity-fym
08-gongor – shaman-fym
09-simfoninja – brutalka-fym
01-Toasted Vs Space Buddha Vs DJ Seven – Psyconnection-PyS
02-Eskimo – Can You Scratch Me Up-PyS
03-Toasted – Baruch Ho-PyS
04-Talamasca Vs Eskimo – To Be Continued-PyS
05-Toasted Vs Space Buddha – Plug And Play-PyS
06-Beat Hackers Vs Michele Adamson – Break True-PyS
07-Dirty Diamonds – Diamonds R Forever (Perplex Vs Intersys RMX)-PyS
08-Intergalactic – Sky Of Glory-PyS
09-Perplex Vs Michele Adamson – Girls Love Djs (Perplex Vs Intersys RMX)-PyS
101-Phobos Azazel – 01-Sci Fi 145-PyS
102-Biosynthesis – Fipi Movement (Farebi Jalebi Rmx) (alphaecho Master 16bit)-PyS
103-Oudi – 6 Minutes(alphaecho Master 16bit)-PyS
104-P.Karma-Ehemythia (alphaecho Master 16bit)-PyS
105-Medhorinum-Second Face(alphaecho Master 16bit)-PyS
106-Malice in Wonderland – Shibalba (alphaecho Master 16bit)-PyS
107-Nasha-Transmitting (alphaecho Master 16bit)-PyS
108-Mind Distortion System – Wormhole (alphaecho Master 16bit)-PyS
109-Spagettibrain-Grow Time (alphaecho Master 16bit)-PyS
110-Gu-Critically Busy (alphaecho Master 16bit)-PyS
201-Looney – Magic Mountain-PyS
202-Kulu and Karma-Strange Signal Karma (alphaecho Master 16bit)-PyS
203-Kaos-Boom Shankar (alphaecho Master 16bit)-PyS
204-Dark Elf-Helicon (master)-PyS
205-Zik – Gnome Eve (alphaecho Master 16bit)-PyS
206-Twisted Kala – Strange (alphaecho Master 16bit)-PyS
207-Quip Tone Beatz – Cuctus (alphaecho Master 16bit)-PyS
208-Nolm – 1 Two Slipping (alphaecho Master 16bit)-PyS
209-Mussy Moody-Trdtraekkerskov (alphaecho Master 16bit)-PyS
210-Kanibal Holokaust – Fume Dance (alphaecho Master 16bit)-PyS
01-va – phobos azazel – sci fi-fym
02-biosynthesis – fipi movement (farebi jalebi remix)-fym
03-oudi – 6 minutes-fym
04-paul karma – ehemythia-fym
05-medhorinum – second face-fym
06-malice in wonderland – shibalba-fym
07-nasha – transmitting-fym
08-mind distortion system – wormhole (remix)-fym
09-spaggetibrain – grow time-fym
10-gu – critically busy-fym
11-looney – magic mountain-fym
12-kulu and karma – strange signal-fym
13-kaos – boom shankar-fym
14-dark elf – helicon-fym
15-zik – gnome eve-fym
16-twisted kala – strange-fym
17-quip tone beats – cuctus-fym
18-nolm – 1 two slipping-fym
19-mussy moody – trdtraekkerskov-fym
20-kanibal holokaust – fume dance-fym
01-reactant – outback trip-fym
02-sporangia and psi phi – sphagnum-fym
03-urucubaca – contracultura and the underground (remix)-fym
04-mandala echos – inducing energies (low rezolution remix)-fym
05-otkun – other worlds-fym
06-kymatica – amplifying-fym
07-malfunktion – distorted world-fym
08-paracozm – anti-matter-fym
01-Tempo Shrine – Southern Melody-PyS
02-Nevarakka – Purpose In Life-PyS
03-Cortex – Ceremon (Insane Logic Remix)-PyS
04-Nevarakka – Point Of No Return-PyS
05-Anomalia – Logic Race-PyS
06-Nevarakka – Spiritual Understanding-PyS
07-Cortex – Rap Chibiligram-PyS
08-Nevarakka – The Holy Spirit-PyS
01-Didrapest – Playground-Dmm-PyS
02-Hyper Sonic – Knock Out-Dmm-PyS
03-Synesthesia Vs Midnightoker – 2 Much-Dmm-PyS
04-Dual Barrel – Caustic-Dmm-PyS
05-Dragonboyz – Acid Freak-Dmm-PyS
06-Cortex Vs Avizz – Chemical Synapses-Dmm-PyS
07-Tempo Shrine – Beam Of Light-Dmm-PyS
08-Antimatter – Goin N Goin-Dmm-PyS
09-Brainbokka – Net Gain-Dmm-PyS
10-Magneto – To The Floors-Dmm-PyS
01-Hypersonic – Radio Station-PyS
02-Synesthesia – Dream Demon-PyS
03-Gothica – Different Rules-PyS
04-Dual Barrel – Such A Thin Lin-PyS
05-Magneto – Zoom-PyS
06-Brainbokka – The Final Treatment-PyS
07-Cortex – Freedom (Indian Version)-PyS
08-Insane Logic – Total Overdose-PyS
09-Impulser – World Creation-PyS
01-Anomalia – Slide Hallucination-PyS
02-Nevarakka – Artificial Flavor-PyS
03-Shuumat – No Religion-PyS
04-Nevarakka – Dreaming-PyS
05-Argon Sphere – Avatar-PyS
06-Cortex – Elixir Real Time-PyS
07-Brainbokka – Yabai Life-PyS
08-Nevarakka – The Mechanical Girl-PyS
01-Nevarakka – Firelips-PyS
02-Anomalia – Are House-PyS
03-Cortex Vs Spook – Pathogenesis-PyS
04-Nevarakka – Let There Be Light-PyS
05-Argon Sphere – Bionic Waves-PyS
06-Cortex Vs Iliuchina – Just Do It-PyS
07-Nevarakka – Octopussy-PyS
08-Shuumat – Toxic-PyS
01-Kvantropia – Dim Da-PyS
02-Pandemonium – Stuck In The Walls-PyS
03-Necmi – Freshmans Sunrise-PyS
04-Diagnostic – Manifest Your Dreams-PyS
05-Inix – Frokanini-PyS
06-Elastique Soul – Sunday Chill-PyS
07-Diagnostic – Good Vibe-PyS
08-Nitro and Glycerine – Imma Wigga-PyS
09-Angenoirs – Nature (Radio Edit)-PyS
10-Do Re Mix – Run Fred Run-PyS
11-Argon Sphere – Energy Motion-PyS
12-Armageddance – Ufology-PyS
13-Agneton – Last Man In Paradise-PyS
14-Teknical Ikon – Fatality Chaos-PyS
15-Zolphinia – Innerspace-PyS
16-Pandemonium – Falling Stars-PyS
17-Nolax – Silence Of The Drums-PyS
18-Synsun – Solid State-PyS
19-Efflorum – Fractura-PyS
20-Amithaba Buddha – Exhumed-PyS
21-Zirrex – Infinite Space-PyS
22-Vox – Four Points-PyS
23-Amithaba Buddha – Trip To Kuros-PyS
24-Blackstarrfinale – Cassiopeia-PyS
25-Teknical Ikon – Shamanical-PyS
26-Nolax – Pareidolia-PyS
27-Synsun – Sun (Vax Mix)-PyS
28-Witch – Cerberus-PyS
29-Ikpeng – Hardcore Waves-PyS
30-Wirrareka – Flower Colour-PyS
31-Controlled Folly – Cosmos 23-PyS
32-Dark Distortion – For My Girl-PyS
33-Bassid – Taste It-PyS
34-Gaiatech – Morning Sails-PyS
01-ocelot – rtt (world)-ncr
02-evsy – headbangers wall (finland)-ncr
03-kalumet – nastoyka (hungary)-ncr
04-fractal – prokrez (czech republic)-ncr
05-ekoplex – liquid eyes (canada)-ncr
06-bufo feat. summix – spacequake (denmark)-ncr
07-ital – waves of nature (chile)-ncr
08-species – antichrist (serbia)-ncr
09-audiosex – unable to love (romania)-ncr
10-psycho abstract – ketamine (spain)-ncr
11-wizack twizack – the real system (sweden)-ncr
12-trold – esp (remix) (norway)-ncr
13-deimos – the raid (croatia)-ncr
14-yudhisthira – guna 2010 (macedonia)-ncr
15-jirah vs atum – yin and yang (usa)-ncr
16-refract – wormhole (switzerland)-ncr
17-dissociactive vs manifold – rnkh (russia)-ncr
18-ghost signal – put on tour (italy)-ncr
20-antagon – bird brain (germany)-ncr
21-aseem – the net (nepal)-ncr
22-genepool – lucifers lobotomy (ireland)-ncr
23-kerlivin and digitalian – psychedelic travel (taiwan and japan)-ncr
24-braindrop – bassfunk monk (india)-ncr
25-tsabeat – the bell (isreal)-ncr
26-full face – one and today (greece)-ncr
27-gido – energija (lithuania)-ncr
28-sanathana – a new beginning (united arab emirates)-ncr
29-stereographic – transmitions (brazil)-ncr
30-overdream – 5am magic tea (ukraine)-ncr
31-rahatmahatix – vision in my head (slovakia)-ncr
32-erofex – goa (bolivia)-ncr
33-kybalion – don juan (austria)-ncr
34-slug – in the zone (south africa)-ncr
35-terrafractyl – brainplant (australia)-ncr
36-aquila – alice (ephedrix remix) (belgium)-ncr
37-tech twist – dream machine (portugal)-ncr
38-d root – memories road (france)-ncr
39-liftshift – becoming future (netherlands)-ncr
40-grouch – wipe your eyes away (new zealand)-ncr
41-badajalash – algorythm (remix) (argentina)-ncr
42-tripical – the land of free (thailand)-ncr
43-bienmesabe – funkyjote mariguana (mexico)-ncr
44-kino oko – supreme protection (poland)-ncr
45-kliment – izgriala e zora (bulgaria)-ncr
01-the grobians – ganja khan-fym
02-spirituz – the universal mirror-fym
03-beng – need-fym
04-malkaviam vs rawar – santeria-fym
05-maltrato psicologico – what happened in the beginning-fym
06-romeroz – rolandzdiscodansdraepardos-fym
07-yara – see inside-fym
08-altius – maybe nzt-fym
01-Estefano Haze – Reach Your Destination-PyS
02-Forward – Mirage-PyS
03-Logic Spin and Bassinsekten – Alone in the Wood-PyS
04-Naturalize – Muscleman-PyS
05-Serious Porn Collector – Bloodlines (Pusherstreet RMX)-PyS
06-Mantra Flow – Destinations-PyS
07-Maligne – Las Plagas-PyS
08-Hatikwa – Brave-PyS
01-pangea – identity thieves-br
02-retohmorgon – warped sanctuary-br
03-khaos sektor – mr nobody-br
04-zero blade – dark force-br
05-akes – planewalker-br
06-aghori tantrik – agdam bagdam tigdam-br
07-yata garasu – slipping away-br
08-mimic vat – insidious voices-br
01-Monolock – Spring Water (Original Mix)-PyS
02-Alion – All Together (Original Mix)-PyS
03-Timeless – Attention (Original Mix)-PyS
04-Pop Art – Heaven (Original Mix)-PyS
05-Etic – Sub Stream (Original Mix)-PyS
06-Soulscape – Self Manifest (Original Mix)-PyS
07-JandB Project – Moonwalker (Original Mix)-PyS
08-Fire Starter – Love Music Hardcore (Original Mix)-PyS
09-Aerospace And Etic – Real Time (Original Mix)-PyS
01-neural and paranoiac – fundamental anomaly-fym
02-sishiva – pitch sombre-fym
03-trypta mind – a mid winters day dream-fym
04-sishiva – lila maagia-fym
05-nilakshy – space chocolate-fym
06-calabi yau – no materia-fym
07-paranoiac – inside-fym
08-amduscias tales – alien pattern-fym
09-black bird – brotherhood of eternal love-fym
10-nasgul – snow ghosts-fym
11-ape rape – auton mission-fym
12-phantom deep – earthly delights-fym
01-brain accesss – sparta-fym
02-exodus – biomechanic roots-fym
03-x-side – 24btz-fym
04-shri yantra vs cryptogram – dual energy live version-fym
05-blazing noise – freakshow-fym
06-nazgul – overheated-fym
07-radio.phobic – the evilium-fym
08-del – two faces-fym
09-sound control – brainwash-fym
10-thoruswrath – i am the dominator-fym
01-assioma – out of control-fym
02-cto gram – no philosophy-fym
03-dohm – peace of tunguska-fym
04-mole – tour de trance-fym
05-re-horakhty – spring tools-fym
06-spectral cosmos – nam nam-fym
07-xynus – export-fym
01-epsilon sector – animal passion-g-psy
02-keamia – friendly robots-g-psy
03-epsilon sector – wave shaper-g-psy
04-epsilon sector – general impression-g-psy
05-keamia – robotox-g-psy
01-thetasonic – deltawave-br
02-melt – irrational impulses-br
03-jekyll – confirmative illusions-br
04-timeframe – positive attitude-br
05-seratone – fibre optic-br
06-variant – bring sum frenz-br
07-big foot – religious quantum physics-br
08-one tasty morsel – anti sobriety society-br
09-fidjit – retro salad-br
10-axiom battles – 1984-br
01-paul jove – intro-fym
02-trans – menage-fym
03-black to mono – pressure-fym
04-dysphonix – reaktivate-fym
05-phatos – iluvia-fym
06-guerrero – expreso sur-fym
07-guerrero – vintage shoes-fym
08-paul jove – sanitizador-fym
09-enrique calvetty – circo cortito-fym
10-karras – sstancia de la luna-fym
11-kosmic turtle – influx-fym
12-kosmic turtle – ppt 80-fym
13-paul and carlos jove – cab confessios-fym
01-claviceps purpurea – semikolon-g-psy
02-mad art – cold heart-g-psy
03-dark silence – evil tweaker-g-psy
04-necrobot – cruel death-g-psy
05-malice in wonderland vs. cerebral factory – golem-g-psy
06-digitalist vs. ocelot – controlled test-g-psy
07-yaminahua – aerophonic-g-psy
08-crazy goblin – guard of death realm-g-psy
01-Spectrum – Diamond Throw-PyS
02-Ion Vader – Tydirium-PyS
03-Asinar – Electron-PyS
04-Sanga – Ba Laila-PyS
05-Somnium – Tantibus-PyS
06-Beloved – Musiqa-PyS
07-Voodoo Tribe – Creatures of the Night-PyS
08-Magic Mizrahi – Give it-PyS
09-Zodiac – Ybab Eht Llik-PyS
10-Et.Ma – Gods Silence-PyS
01-goa gil – aum-hiem
02-sectio aurea – saundz laik fan-hiem
03-enichkin and phagos sonus – limpopo-hiem
04-the dog of tears – hermetic rust-hiem
05-xikwri neyrra – knockin on matrix door-hiem
06-sator arepo – invisible force-hiem
07-the nommos – om namo narayan-hiem
08-rawar – mahamantra-hiem
09-demoniac insomniac – nataraja-hiem
10-dark whisper – omnicitricity-hiem
11-goa gil – closing prayer-hiem
01-master margherita – kefe-fym
02-gnaia – blessing-fym
03-tom cosm – glitchy and scratchy-fym
04-grouch – mayuri-fym
05-hedonix – the old in out-fym
06-pick – d.m.t.-fym
07-ipotocaticac – nandayo-fym
08-lutin des bois – full bass-fym
09-dohm – as giliame sapne-fym
01-exaile – klops-br
02-m-kamikaze – secret gear-br
03-the clones – your choice-br
04-delysid – killer machine (amplify rmx)-br
05-anomalia – night creature-br
06-alienn – strong line-br
07-dni and x-avenger – there is many reasons-br
08-brain hunters – venom-br
09-crazy tone – a mind dream-br
10-amplify – data trancemission-br
11-liquid move – slave to logic-br
01-cryogenic nanobot – henry (pzyko rmx)-br
02-psychedelic (k) nights on mushroom – tribal knights-br
03-broken kids syndrome – the broken kids-br
04-pzyko – mental instability-br
01-Dual Crystal – Fly Away-PyS
02-Inner Contact – Interplanetary Experiment-PyS
03-Frenetik – Active Emotions-PyS
04-Mistical Project – Natural Rhythm-PyS
05-The Isralien – Abstracto-PyS
06-Massive Genocide – Disco Tech-PyS
07-Atb – Let You Go – (Desert Sounds Rmx)-PyS
08-Syncronik – Robot On Drugs-PyS
09-Athziry – Set Me Free-PyS
10-Tritech Files – Crystal Gen-PyS
01-Waio – How to Psytrance-PyS
02-Tron – VCA-PyS
03-Corona and Chabunk – Tri-Tone-PyS
04-Chabunk – Colossus-PyS
05-Cosmo Tech Vs. Crystall Vs. Xpiral – Virus Nightmare-PyS
06-Sketchy Pimps Vs.Touch Tone – Shulgin-PyS
07-Sinerider Vs. Materia – R2-PyS
08-Freakulizer Vs. Shove – NN1-PyS
09-Waio Vs. Audio X Vs. Mack – Master Kush-PyS
01-malkaviam – porret demente-fym
02-oxidelic – 1111-fym
03-aremakki – funnyland-fym
04-digital-x – left to wonder-fym
05-paranoize and claw – new monarchy-fym
06-overdream – happy end of the world-fym
07-karkazz – area of effect-fym
08-aghori tantrik – khooni khopdi-fym
09-agressive mood – morbid pleasures-fym
10-schranz militia – hindu kush-fym
11-zero-blade – istoria na kosmosa-fym
12-yata garasu – the lovers-fym
01-photophobia – reefer madness 80-br
02-urucubaca – neur-o-tic narc-o-tic (remix)-br
03-megiddo – rainha do mar-br
04-sporangia – microbe-br
05-mental attack – madness assuage-br
06-otkun – infection v2-br
07-paracozm – threshold-br
08-tijah vs diza – chaos secret-br
09-sadhu project – kaju-br
10-low rezolution – synth on a leash (feat.korn)-br
11-psydrahcir – kauzen-br
12-centurions – enlacador de mundos (lisergic dreamer system)-br
13-neological vibration – jahngly-br
01-Psysun – Take Control-PyS
02-Mental Control – States Of Mind-PyS
03-Spectral Hades – A Excitacao-PyS
04-Team Radio – Missing-PyS
05-Phantom – Assistent For Pause-PyS
06-Locks Project – G.M.O (Genetic Modified Organic)-PyS
07-Mental Chip – Tasted Music-PyS
08-D.N.I – Space Trip (Remix)-PyS
09-Kanuak – Link3d-PyS
10-Swedagon – Tribe-PyS
11-Fehja – Forest TV-PyS
12-Beatgate – Morning After-PyS
01-Wrong Mantra – Entecheopath (Groovy Edit)-PyS
02-Sunspot – Reflections-PyS
03-Psypheric – Dejaveu-PyS
04-Wrong Mantra – Touch Of Buddha-PyS
05-Helixnebula – Riding The Comet-PyS
06-Unusual Cosmic Process – Sleepwalker-PyS
07-Wrong Mantra – Experienced Palmist-PyS
08-Goamech Vs Acidova – Airport Buddha-PyS
09-Wrong Mantra – Experienced Palmist (Mentalimage RMX)-PyS
10-Sunspot – Blow Out-PyS
11-In Orbit – Unrest-PyS
01-Kronic – The World is an Illusion-PyS
02-Intelligence Disorder – Analog Destruction-PyS
03-In Lak Ech – Spooky Pimp-PyS
04-Twenty Eight – Ritual-PyS
05-Endeavour – Eyes Wide Shut-PyS
06-Attik (Mexico) – Elastic Atmospheres-PyS
07-Stereo Plug – Catalyzed-PyS
08-Sinerider – Cross Pollination-PyS
09-Technology – Zalega-PyS
10-Infamous (Mexico) – Jungle Spice-PyS
01-Mr Squatch Vs Grouch – Lost in the Forest-PyS
02-Tom Cosm – All the Way-PyS
03-Product Placement – Solitude-PyS
04-Grouch – Mayan Toolkit (Sensient Rmx)-PyS
05-Hypogeo – Videodrome Signal-PyS
06-Kained and Able Vs Radioactive Cake – Strange Exploration-PyS
07-Pick – Secret Zone-PyS
08-Pspiralife – Form the Womb-PyS
09-Merkaba – Twelve Spiral Strands-PyS
01-Clubgeister – Jeff Vader-PyS
02-Egorythmia – Dark Ages-PyS
03-Twice – Chapter One-PyS
04-Klopfgeister – Heavy New Beer-PyS
05-Klopfgeister – Good Bye Goa (Jiser RMX)-PyS
06-Midimal – Clone Baby-PyS
07-Klopfgeister – Dirty Santa (Elecdruids RMX)-PyS
08-Klopfgeister – Good Bye Goa (Suduaya RMX)-PyS
09-Beatbastards – Apollo-PyS
01-Sideform – Still Fresh-PyS
02-Audiomatic – Floorward-PyS
03-DJ Fabio And Moon – Nice Day-PyS
04-Vaishiyas – Osc On-PyS
05-Interactive Noise – Learning To Fly-PyS
06-Audiomatic – Windpws Of Our Soul (Krama Rmx)-PyS
07-Phaxe – Twist N Spin-PyS
08-Vertex – Audioslave-PyS
09-Kularis – Fe Natural-PyS
10-Jiser – I Dont Want-PyS
101-Noizepulse – Armageddon-PyS
102-Iron Madness – Optimus Prime (Noizepulse Remix)-PyS
103-Noizepulse – Behind The Wisdom-PyS
104-Noizepulse – Dead Silence-PyS
105-Noizepulse – Devil Vs Angel-PyS
106-Noizepulse – Disaster Recovery-PyS
107-Noizepulse – Dragon Force-PyS
108-Noizepulse – Let it Out-PyS
109-Noizepulse – Liquid Sun-PyS
110-Noizepulse – Shopin Ate Mushroom-PyS
111-Noizepulse – Static Movement-PyS
201-Noizepulse – Synthetic Blood-PyS
202-Noizepulse – Time Travel-PyS
203-Noizepulse – World Creation-PyS
204-Noizepulse Vs Bubble Craft – Pink Panther-PyS
205-Noizepulse Vs Ruri – Cybernetic Brain-PyS
206-Noizepulse Vs Sykick – Boom Bolenat-PyS
207-Noizepulse Vs Sykick – Invasion-PyS
208-Noizepulse Vs Sykick – Mystery-PyS
209-Noizepulse Vs Sykick – Psycho Maniac-PyS
210-Noizepulse Vs Toymachine – Dream into The Light-PyS
211-Noizepulse Vs Toymachine – Maximum Overload-PyS
212-Tube – Meet The Monster (Noizepulse Remix)-PyS
01-Nazgul – Tech Blood-PyS
02-Drystortion- Brutal Frequency-PyS
03-Infection – The Vault-PyS
04-TCN – Time Travel-PyS
05-Electrik Boy Vs Blazing Noize – Fumo Ability-PyS
06-1-16 – The Portal-PyS
07-Mucora – Pink Wickness-PyS
08-Painn – Edge Of Scape-PyS
09-Locked Mental – System Overload-PyS
01-fxor – happy clown-fym
02-deftspank – dark antares-fym
03-dark river – plasma dawn-fym
04-fryquencyezz – freakz of colle-fym
05-samauma – tales of the spektral wizard-fym
06-luktem koh – pulsar vibe-fym
07-estereogram – sueno espiral-fym
08-buraco preto – moonlight-fym
09-paraforce – traumatik castle-fym
01-pusherstreet – wont be stopped-g-psy
02-patara – frau borzetti-g-psy
03-elegy – picture this-g-psy
04-inyourphaze vs. patara – tauruz powder-g-psy
05-hypohektika – tzimisce-g-psy
06-inyourphaze – butterbacken-g-psy
07-nad – out of the forest-g-psy
08-inyourphaze vs. mantra flow – aztronomikal-g-psy
09-yum kaax – the machine-g-psy
01-Pusherstreet – Spark Rov-PyS
02-NAD – Freq Wag-PyS
03-Hatikwa – Sin City-PyS
04-Inyourphaze – Megatron-PyS
05-Moment – Panzarztyle-PyS
06-Elegy – Black Sun-PyS
07-Mantra Flow – Not There-PyS
08-Patara – Fratzengeballer-PyS
01-pusherstreet – tank moover-fym
02-dansko – dazed of joy-fym
03-o.m.s – brummtag-fym
04-drollkoppz – duempeldaens-fym
05-hypohektika – to new oceans-fym
06-temporary unknown – virtual people-fym
07-mantra flow – the haze-fym
08-moment – rezolution-fym
09-asarualim – a little high-fym
10-klangfalter – kolibri-fym
01-boggy elf – dream of ashvattha-hiem
02-shizolizer gin – kinder pingui-hiem
03-hypnotroid – the sleep detector-hiem
04-unusual cosmic process – insignificant information-hiem
05-flooting grooves – psydeburn-hiem
06-irukanji – ayalla-hiem
07-sygnals – among others-hiem
08-senzar – nature moves-hiem
09-daoine sidhe – mindslipses-hiem
10-wizack twizack – lejon-hiem
11-primordial ooze – trial-hiem
12-spectrum vision – time out man (out)-hiem
01-skyloops – enlightened-br
02-hypnoxock – electroxock-br
03-psymon – space station-br
04-hypnoxock – progresion ecliptica-br
05-midnight storm – old story-br
06-synestesick vs akarte – endless summer-br
07-organic soup – boiled it-br
08-green beats – planet rhythm-br
01 GMS – Pray For Japan-KMx
02 1200 Mics – Let It Roll-KMx
03 Bizzare Contact – Vibrations-KMx
04 Space Cat – In The Air-KMx
05 Dynamic and Melicia – Go Back-KMx
06 Perplex and Intersys – Dirty Bytes-KMx
07 Black and White – Transition Mode-KMx
08 X-Noize – Streptococcus A-KMx
09 Will Atkinson and Nick Callaghan – Blizzard (Liquid Soul Remix)-KMx
01-Extrinsic – Psychedelic Liberation-PyS
02-Parana – High Dosage-PyS
03-Godha – Beautiful Experience-PyS
04-Innerself – Shifting Reality-PyS
05-Erofex – Lions Gate-PyS
06-Goalien – When Cosmic Winds Collide-PyS
07-Imba Vs Nemesis – Overdosed Serbs-PyS
08-Majestad Valkyria – Margarita (Outro)-PyS
01-yata garasu – the lifestream-br
02-payaso del terror – pdt4-br
03-qakbatzulu – shamanic vortex of mind (alienazed human rmx)-br
04-nekrofreaks – tetra hydro cannabinol-br
05-fulgore – cyber day-br
06-hyperziio – blue vanilla-br
07-btoxik – elastic brain-br
08-yaotzin tech – the neopsycodelicos-br
09-mr.hades – junkie baby-br
10-sampler – a time machine-br
11-kaliipzoo – tika mauistik-br
12-stitch – independent (rmx)-br
01 VA – The Vault Part I Compiled By InterSys-KMx
01-luminexia – magnotech-fym
02-luminexia – space travelling-fym
03-sunset hunters – solar eclipse-fym
04-sunset hunters – let it go-fym
02-x-side vs shadai – nemesis-fym
03-klacid – tibute to goa gil-fym
04-h1n1 – windows error-fym
05-elektrik boy – the fastest lane-fym
06-digital dimensions – mad-fym
08-blazing noise vs konnektor – breaking the field-fym
09-psychosocial vs soundrazer – the exorcist-fym
10-elektrik boy vs system sequence – second gift (the gift)-fym
01-Orianis – The Bass Tribe-PyS
02-Alienn – Cosmic Matter (X-Avenger Rmx)-PyS
03-Demosys – Caps Lock-PyS
04-Organikka – Boogieman-PyS
05-Acid Trooper VS Elektrik Boy – Elektrik Troopers (Acid Trooper Rmx)-PyS
06-Konnektor – Dont Break My Mind-PyS
07-Locked Mental – Shadows-PyS
08-Acid Trooper – Spectralized-PyS
09-Blazing Noise VS Highlowsound – High Noise-PyS
10-Brk – The Color of the Gravel (Bonus Track)-PyS
01-Mechanism – Nothing to Fear Itself-PyS
02-Boom Nasha – Move Your Feed-PyS
03-Atomgrinder – Dog Eggs-PyS
04-Analogical and Hocus Psychosis – Lychee Liaison-PyS
05-Sprocket – Kosmic Kumquat-PyS
06-Skyhighatrist – Jelly and Pine Fresh-PyS
07-Cthulhu – No Sere Un Alienigena-PyS
08-Psyzanca – Unreal Reality-PyS
09-Psyzanca – Violation Copyright-PyS
10-Mind Oscillation – Technological Evolution-PyS
11-Mind Oscillation – Direct Madness-PyS
01-syntrax error – fatal error-br
02-toxic anger syndrome – dark forces of sweden-br
03-arkoxio – sweet demon-br
04-acidevil – chiknawi eekatl (nine wind edition)-br
05-synthetic forest – hypnotizer-br
06-adrenaleightor – chemical disorder-br
07-zero-blade – aggro-br
08-axulixamus – ashizoroe rmx-br
09-the anomalistic all stars – couch bangin-br
01-Valentino Jorno – Feel The Energy-PyS
02-Acid Rush – Csupa Csoki-PyS
03-Swashbuckler – The Pain Of Memories-PyS
04-Acid Rush – Level 3-PyS
05-Blue Light – Silence-PyS
06-Swashbuckler – Dark Love-PyS
07-Acid Rush – Individum-PyS
08-Divine Flare – Balruin-PyS
09-Swashbuckler – Set Me Free-PyS
10-Acid Rush – Fly High-PyS
01-gioll – lost senses-fym
02-dohm – lost engineers-fym
03-kaos – amok-fym
04-cenotes – smektachius-fym
05-distorted goblin – psychodrama-fym
06-therange freak – creepy shumadi-fym
07-whrikk – frying saucer-fym
08-red – rock and roll 21 century-fym
01 Sphera – Wide Open-KMx
02 Gaudium Level 70-KMx
03 Aqualize Mental Isolation-KMx
04 Rocky – RTL Kids-KMx
05 Quantize – Dymethyltryptamine (Loud rmx)-KMx
06 The Easy Riders – Kelman Gates(Double Click Rmx)-KMx
07 Major7 Back And Forth-KMx
08 Sphera – Being Realized (MUTe Rmx)-KMx
09 Egorythmia – Night Shift-KMx
01-Morriggan – Posibilities-PyS
02-Lisergyk Brain – La Leyenda Del Tar-PyS
03-Bizzare Frequency – El Hermano Agustin-PyS
04-Psychorale – Hydra-PyS
05-Cthulhu – Darkzon-PyS
06-Toxinexia – Lost In Wonderland-PyS
07-Yaotzin Tech – Acid Men-PyS
08-Psy Horror Noize – Blackheart Still Alive-PyS
09-Wave Hypnotic – Delicious Psylocybes-PyS
10-Saiko Madness – Dark Senses-PyS
01-blue lunar monkey – hikuri-fym
02-d-tek – el santo. (time and space ultimate remix)-fym
03-m-kamikaze – medication time-fym
04-d-tek. m-kamikaze absolum – worlds connect-fym
05-ecliptic – multitasker-fym
01-va-paul oakenfold the goa mix 2011 cd01
02-va-paul oakenfold the goa mix 2011 cd02
02 nosfer – kill them all original mix
03 atomic pulse – solar flare original mix
04 octagon – 1st walk the freak show remix
05 mad actors – the ride nosfer remix
06 atomiculture – unlimited original mix
08 mad actors – after glow octagon remix
09 octagon – voices off original mix
10 nosfer – kill them all atomic pulse remix
01-viber vs aztec – microlab-br
02-viber – paranormal world-br
03-viber – to the rhythm-br
01-Vishudda – Smooking Hot-PyS
02-Vishudda – All You Need Is Love-PyS
03-Vishudda – Lifes Good-PyS
04-Vishudda – Apocalypto Feat Moment-PyS
01-voodler – dark dimension-(promo cdr)-2011-dc int
01-Coldplay – Clocks (Wega Remix)-PyS
02-Ferbi Boys – Drug n Bass (Wega Remix)-PyS
03-Life Style – Free Your Mind (Wega Remix)-PyS
04-Scrovinsky – The Crystal Wall (Wega Remix)-PyS
05-The Police – Message In A Bottle (Wega Remix)-PyS
06-Wega – Big Mouth-PyS
07-Wega – Control-PyS
08-Wega – Las Wegas-PyS
09-Wega – Ruback-PyS
10-Wega – Silver Star-PyS
01-Infected Mushroom – Suliman (White Noise Live Mix)-PyS
02-Dash Berlin – Man on the Run (White Noise Vs. System Nipel RMX)-PyS
03-Swedish House Mafia – One (White Noise Vs. Apocalypse RMX)-PyS
04-X-Noize – Revolver (White Noise Vs. System Nipel RMX 2011)-PyS
05-The Killers – Somebody Told Me (White Noise RMX)-PyS
06-Depeche Mode – Precious (White Noise RMX)-PyS
07-Roxette – Listen to Your Heart (White Noise Vs. Beat Controllers RMX)-PyS
08-Psycraft Vs. Dali – Memories Inside (White Noise RMX)-PyS
01-white resonance – lady mistique-br
02-white resonance – dream on-br
01-wirrareka – flower colour-fym
02-wirrareka – child of flowers-fym
03-wirrareka – mirrormagick-fym
04-wirrareka – dejavu timegate-fym
05-wirrareka and chors – horizon-fym
06-wirrareka – origin-fym
07-wirrareka and chors – squeeze-fym
08-wirrareka and chors – sun and moon-fym
09-wirrareka – tide-fym
10-wirrareka – welcome home-fym
01-Wizack Twizack – News N Upcomings (DJ Set)-PyS
01-wombatmusic – shimmering madness and hovering butterflies (2009 edit)-br
02-wombatmusic – shameful silence i (2009 edit)-br
03-wombatmusic – shameful silence ii (2009 edit)-br
04-wombatmusic – human reaction-br
05-wombatmusic – along the way-br
06-wombatmusic – its time-br
07-wombatmusic – relax-br
08-wombatmusic – dreams-br
09-wombatmusic – tres bien-br
10-wombatmusic – desire-br
11-wombatmusic – the blue hour-br
12-wombatmusic – future society (2009 edit)-br
13-wombatmusic – stimulation-br
14-wombatmusic – im lazy-br
15-wombatmusic – world of science-br
01-X-Noize – New Live Show Worldwide (DJ-Set)-PyS
01-X Team – Phobos-PyS
02-X Team – Everybody Dies-PyS
03-X Team – Trance Guns and Dance (Live Mix)-PyS
01-xastrance – el jardin de elma rmx-fym
02-xastrance – luz de la manana-fym
03-xastrance – en el borde-fym
04-xastrance – la curacion-fym
05-xastrance – amanecer gris-fym
06-xastrance – mapa del cielo (nocturno)-fym
01-alienn – cosmic matter (x-avenger rmx)-br
02-x-avenger – drop by drop-br
03-x-avenger – bionic arms-br
04-x-avengervs magneto – interface-br
01-xerox vs. volcano – terminator-g-psy
02-xerox vs. volcano – minefield-g-psy
03-xerox vs. volcano – out off control-g-psy
01-xnorophis – multi-coloured angles-br
02-xnorophis – jungle paradise-br
03-xnorophis – seeds-br
04-xnorophis – step inside-br
05-xnorophis – organic saints-br
06-xnorophis – fabel keepers-br
07-xnorophis – violet tower-br
08-xnorophis – ganga sparkle-br
09-xnorophis – oblong roads-br
10-xnorophis – torpedo-br
11-xnorophis – cilandras test-br
01-agonist – memento mori-fym
02-zaigon – total eclipse-fym
03-zaigon – paranormal activity-fym
04-zaiklonphobia – trick or trip-fym
01-zyce – nine-fym
02-zyce – gates-fym
01-Zyce – Prog To Psy (DJ Set)-PyS
01 Magnetoencephalography-PTA
02 Reflex-PTA
03 Delirium Ritual-PTA
04 Casimir Effect-PTA
05 Proserpina-PTA
06 Vimanika Shastra-PTA
07 Resting Membrane Potential-PTA
08 Ascension Stage-PTA
09 Civilize-PTA
01-20x – deadly mind trip-br
02-20x – samsara-br
03-20x – divinorum-br
01-2komplex – as we are-fym
02-2komplex – barefoot-fym
03-2komplex – hostile enviroment-fym
01-3-14 – the box of qualms-br
01-4i20 vs ligthers – existence (jacob remix)-br
01 someday when we meet again-pta
02 hopeless dream-pta
03 just be happy-pta
04 good morning minsk-pta
05 on air-pta
01-a plus a – after and again-fym
02-a plus a – almighty anoubis-fym
03-a plus a – arctic art-fym
01-Ace Ventura – 40000 (DJ Set)-PyS
01-Ace Ventura – Autumn Progresive (DJ Set)-PyS
01-Ace Ventura – Time For Spring (DJ Set)-PyS
01-Acid Trooper – Night Forever (RMX)-PyS
02-Acid Trooper – Premonition-PyS
03-Acid Trooper – Karmadelic-PyS
01-aeon – halo-br
02-aeon – earthrise-br
03-aeon – kalabash-br
01-Aerospace – At Universo Parallelo 11 (DJ Set)-PyS
01-Aerospace And Motion Drive – Strange Dreams-PyS
02-Aerospace And Double Click – Lights Out-PyS
03-Aerospace And Sonic Sense – Global Warming-PyS
01-aes dana – jetlag corporation-br
02-aes dana – borderline-br
03-aes dana – conditioned (album edit)-br
04-aes dana – tree.some-br
05-aes dana – a carmine day-br
06-aes dana – 101 clouds-br
07-aes dana – riven-br
08-aes dana – the meeting point-br
09-aes dana – horizontal rain-br
10-aes dana – low tide explorations-br
01-aewock – an invisible thread-br
02-aewock – flat light-br
03-onionbrain – the machines (aewock rmx)-br
01-agenzy – avada kedavra (natural disorder rmx)-fym
02-agenzy – avada kedavra (dr3x remix)-fym
03-agenzy – avada kedavra (mental chip rmx)-fym
04-agenzy – avada kedavra (belenyer rmx)-fym
05-agenzy – avada kedavra (re-mastered bonus track)-fym
01-agknotech – intro-br
02-agknotech – orion galaxy-br
03-agknotech – omega centauri-br
04-agknotech – the alien-br
05-agknotech – freak mentalities-br
01-agneton – a new hope (nova fractal remix)-br
01-aixo – a-fym
02-aixo – i-fym
03-aixo – x-fym
04-aixo – o-fym
01-akasha – shamanized-dat
02-akasha – shell the cell-dat
03-akasha – each other-dat
04-akasha – from tthe other side-dat
05-akasha – sky lines-dat
01-alchemix – cloud of the south-br
02-alchemix – freak toc-br
03-alchemix – new form of energy-br
04-predators – what is out there (alchemix rmx)-br
05-alchemix – let me try-br
06-alchemix – i can hear you-br
07-alchemix – illusions-br
08-alchemix – what is reality-br
09-alchemix – the visions begin-br
01-alfa digital – beat the beast-br
02-alfa digital – the box (jungle mix)-br
03-alfa digital – invaders-br
04-alfa digital – hunting the hippie-br
01-alfa digital – mindtrap-br
02-alfa digital – alfa digital-br
03-alfa digital – enery now-br
04-alfa digital – spiritual overdose-br
01-alfa digital – mindtrap-fym
02-alfa digital – alfa digital-fym
03-alfa digital – enery now-fym
04-alfa digital – spiritual overdose-fym
01-Alien Radio – Kaiju-PyS
02-Alien Radio – Binary Stream-PyS
03-Alien Radio – DDR-PyS
01-alien renegate – synts talking-br
02-alien renegate – after infinity-br
03-alien renegate – you trust in dmt-br
04-alien renegate – terrornoise-br
05-alien renegate – 2222-br
06-alien renegate – phoenix-br
07-alien renegate – feel painkiller-br
01-alter nature – dirty beats-br
02-alter nature – pollinate-br
03-alter nature – summer heart-br
01-amygdala – yeheuan filters-fym
02-amygdala – ridden by the loa-fym
03-amygdala – the construct (oxylerator iii)-fym
04-amygdala – modus operandi-fym
05-amygdala – mindsweeper-fym
06-amygdala – wintermute-fym
07-amygdala – business end-fym
08-amygdala – made up mind-fym
09-amygdala – metamusic (reified mix)-fym
10-amygdala – simstim-fym
11-amygdala – enlightenment cut-fym
12-amygdala – conundrum-fym
01-analyzer – psychedelic analyzing-fym
02-analyzer vs. spatial plants – feel the beat-fym
03-faders vs. electro sun – 24 seven (analyzer rmx)-fym
01-Analog Drink – Rio 4PM-PyS
02-Analog Drink Feat Push – Sex On The Beat-PyS
01-Andrea Bertolini – Ready For Another Night (DJ Set Iboga Music)-PyS
01-anfo – reconcile-br
02-anfo – stray lead-br
03-anfo – relentless intentions-br
04-anfo – cosmic realms-br
01-angry dwarf – neon city-br
02-angry dwarf – continuum (space-time mix)-br
03-angry dwarf – pulse-br
04-angry dwarf – organic-br
05-angry dwarf – chasing the dragon-br
06-angry dwarf – wings of dawn-br
07-angry dwarf – everything is sound-br
08-angry dwarf – dreams-br
01-anix gleo – freestyle-br
02-anix gleo – daddys honest dance-br
03-anix gleo – deep sky-br
04-anix gleo – atonal-br
05-anix gleo – gleostep-br
06-anix gleo – highway loop-br
07-anix gleo – 1000000 dollars-br
08-anix gleo – moondab-br
01-annunaki – to live as gods-br
02-annunaki – technologys kingdom-br
03-annunaki – ten great gods-br
04-annunaki – ninurta-br
05-annunaki – combustion velocity-br
06-annunaki – hy brasil-br
07-annunaki – alien in the stargate-br
08-annunaki – temporal outbounder-br
01 Tribute to Fairie-PTA
01 The Raw Material Of The Brain-PTA
02 The Empires Of Darknes-PTA
03 Anti-Social-PTA
04 E.T.-PTA
05 Chuck Killer Toy-PTA
06 Fast Pace-PTA
07 Acid Flasch Back-PTA
08 Do Not Be Afaid Of The Dark-PTA
01-argon sphere – exorcism-br
02-argon sphere – cyber dance-br
03-argon sphere – drive or die-br
04-argon sphere – another dimension-br
05-lunarave and pulsar – metatron (argon sphere rmx)-br
06-logical – devils inside me (argon sphere rmx)-br
07-dimi – mental collapse (argon sphere rmx)-br
08-argon sphere – free style (album version)-br
09-argon sphere – samurai-br
10-argon sphere – never again (album version)-br
01-argon sphere – samurai-br
02-argon sphere – never again (album version)-br
03-argon sphere – new wave (album version)-br
04-argon sphere – samurai (fast mix)-br
01-aries – voices-br
02-aries – start the game-br
03-aries – classic-br
01-aries vs art – the dance of parvati shiva-fym
02-aries – my way-fym
03-aries – lesson-fym
04-aries – acid in my brain-fym
05-aries – enemy-fym
01-artcore – the mighty wizard-br
02-artcore – turtleneck-br
03-artcore – break time-br
01-asarualim feat. neurologic – mindprision-br
02-asarualim – out of control-br
03-asarualim – something special-br
01-Astral Projection – One-PyS
02-Astral Projection – One (Hujaboy Higher RMX)-PyS
03-Astral Projection – One (Sandman RMX)-PyS
04-Astral Projection – One (A Team RMX)-PyS
05-Astral Projection – One (Yurika RMX)-PyS
06-Astral Projection – One (Piatto RMX)-PyS
01-Astrix – Trance 4 Nations 010-PyS
01-Astrix – Trance For Nations 009 (DJ Set)-PyS
01 Boom Festival-PTA
01 Space ambient Live-set for Winter Solstice PsyChill (promodj.com)-PTA
01-atman construct – aventurescence-br
02-atman construct – parallax view-br
03-atman construct – solipsysm-br
03-atom device – reload-br
01-atomental – fm tools-br
02-atomental – black hole-br
03-atomental – theorem of infinity-br
04-atomental – neuronal pulse-br
01-Atomic Pulse Vs The Freak Show – Melodyme II-PyS
02-The Freak Show – Evacuate The Dance Floor (Atomic Pulse RMX)-PyS
01-attik vs spectra sonics – neurotransmisor-br
02-attik – digital paradigm (spectra sonics rmx)-br
03-space visions vs spectra sonics – ufo ride attik-br
01-audioform – mindslip-br
02-audioform – modulate reality-br
03-audioform – jungle expedition-br
01 Audiomatic – Lost In The Mix-PTA
02 DNA – Think Different (Audiomatic Remix)-PTA
01-Audiomatic – Winter Audio Mutatic (DJ Set)-PyS
01-Audiomatic And Vaishiyas – Exchange (Hanzo RMX)-PyS
02-Vaishiyas – Satisflaxion (Audiomatic RMX)-PyS
01-Audiostatik – Music-PyS
02-Sunstryk – Leaving Eden (Audiostatik RMX)-PyS
01-Avalon – I Love All Music I Love More (DJ Set Nano Music)-PyS
01-Avalon – Progress With Me (DJ Set Iono Music)-PyS
01-avalon vs mr. peculiar – final transmission (zen mechanics rmx)-br
02-avalon vs g nome – funky voodoo (captain hook rmx)-br
03-avalon vs mr. peculiar – agressive progressive (burn in noise rmx)-br
04-avalon – play it bahia (lucas and sybarite rmx)-br
05-avalon vs cosmosis – destiny awaits (cosmosis rmx)-br
06-avalon – teleporter (laughing buddha rmx)-br
07-tristan vs avalon – out there (tristan rmx)-br
08-avalon – opus pokus (chromatone rmx)-br
09-avalon – swamp funk (master blasters rmx)-br
10-avalon – distant futures (dickster rmx)-br
11-avalon vs dickster – into the new world (sonic species rmx)-br
12-cyrus the virus vs waio and avalon – transitions (materia vs brainiac and mindfold rmx)-br
01-avshi – humen touch-fym
02-avshi – mind set-fym
01-Axis Mundi – Breaching Arcadia-PyS
02-Axis Mundi – Chaos Pendulum-PyS
03-Axis Mundi – Celestial Fires And Angel Choirs-PyS
04-Axis Mundi – Fourth Dimensional Shadow-PyS
05-Axis Mundi – Sailing The Stygian Seas-PyS
01-aztec experiment – prophecy-br
02-aztec experiment – sense of being-br
01-harlem shake-fym
01-barby – quasar-br
02-barby – antron ii-br
01-Beat Bizarre – Reverse Osmosis-PyS
02-Beat Bizarre – Idiom-PyS
03-Beat Bizarre – Spastic Statistics-PyS
04-Beat Bizarre – Floaters-PyS
05-Beat Bizarre – Amalgam-PyS
06-Beat Bizarre – Planned Obsolescence-PyS
07-Beat Bizarre – Harvest Of Disappointment-PyS
08-Beat Bizarre – Burning Bridges-PyS
09-Beat Bizarre – Creamcheese One Hundred-PyS
10-Beat Bizarre – Anatomic Bomb-PyS
11-Beat Bizarre – Karmak-PyS
12-Beat Bizarre – Soft Compound Slicks-PyS
01-beatrix – thanks delma-br
02-beatrix – 3rd eye-br
03-beatrix – impulsive sheen-br
01-ben atomgrinder – telstar-fym
02-ben atomgrinder – concrete-fym
03-ben atomgrinder – flip the switch-fym
04-ben atomgrinder – journey into meatspace-fym
01-berg – innocent-fym
02-berg – life goes on-fym
03-berg – wizdom-fym
04-berg and omiki – super cop-fym
01-bfo aka betty ford orchestra – techno troete-br
02-bfo aka betty ford orchestra – baessa-br
03-bfo aka betty ford orchestra – i can feel it-br
04-bfo aka betty ford orchestra – shuffelo-br
01-Bio Tonic – Bite Me Baby-PyS
02-Bio Tonic – My Heart Is Dancing-PyS
03-Bio Tonic – A Dirty Feeling-PyS
04-Bio Tonic – Control-PyS
05-Bio Tonic – Butterfly-PyS
01-bionic – in on the outside-br
02-bionic – shine on-br
03-bionic – mind tricks-br
01-bionic pulse – nine diamonds-br
02-bionic pulse – unification of space and time-br
03-bionic pulse – realm-br
04-bionic pulse – spider funk-br
05-planet king – sonicwave (bionic pulse rmx)-br
01-bio-psy – bio-psy with lightsphere and pgm – the other side-br
02-bio-psy – bio-psy – the demon-br
03-bio-psy – bio-psy – meloncholy-br
01-black sun empire and noisia-feed the machine (original mix)-vl
02-black sun empire feat bless-salvador (original mix)-vl
03-black sun empire and state of mind-tripel (original mix)-vl
04-black sun empire and rido-thunderbolt (original mix)-vl
05-black sun empire feat foreign beggars-dawn of a dark day (original mix)-vl
06-black sun empire and n.phect-homage (original mix)-vl
07-black sun empire feat thomas oliver and youthstar-all is lost (original mix)-vl
08-black sun empire-descent (original mix)-vl
09-black sun empire-adaptation (original mix)-vl
10-black sun empire feat inne eysermans-killing the light (original mix)-vl
11-black sun empire and audio-drizzle (original mix)-vl
12-black sun empire-battalion (original mix)-vl
14-rido-exoplanet (original mix)-vl
15-black sun empire and nymfo-battlefish (original mix)-vl
16-black sun empire-extraction (original mix)-vl
17-black sun empire-transmissions (mindscape remix)-vl
18-chris.su-illusions (original mix)-vl
19-chris.su-datahub (mindscape remix)-vl
20-telekinesis-machines (original mix)-vl
21-black sun empire-chaingang (jade remix)-vl
22-black sun empire-inpeak (telekinesis remix)-vl
23-n.phect-lotus (original mix)-vl
25-n.phect-resilience (original) (original mix)-vl
26-rido-poison (original mix)-vl
27-black sun empire bulletproof and state of mind-roulette (gridlok remix)-vl
28-black sun empire-from the shadows (continuous mix)-vl
01-blanx – new york-br
02-wizzy fusion – go on air (blanx rmx)-br
03-blanx – psygressive-br
01-Roger Rabbit – Green And Jolly-PyS
02-Roger Rabbit – Juicy (Blanx RMX)-PyS
03-Blanx – Psygressive (Mix)-PyS
01-blastoyz – something for your mind-br
02-blastoyz – my journey-br
03-blastoyz – four play-br
04-azax syndrom feat. abomination – real magic (blastoyz rmx)-br
01-blazing noise – kirtana-br
02-blazing noise – destructive system (live version)-br
03-blazing noise – evil special technology-br
04-blazing noise – nothing to understand-br
05-blazing noise – bad freedy cat-br
06-blazing noise – red bunny on the road-br
07-blazing noise vs agenzy – shame on you-br
08-nature disaster vs l.d.o.i vs x-side – galatic musketeers (blazing noise vs shadai rmx)-br
09-shri yantra – jp (blazing noise rmx)-br
01-Bliss – Hard Side (DJ Set)-PyS
01-Bliss – Sonic Morning Frenzy (DJ Set)-PyS
01-blue bliss – square root-br
02-blue bliss – purple mallow (final edit)-br
03-blue bliss – may the grass grow long on the road to hell-br
04-blue bliss – triquetra goddess-br
01-blue lunar monkey – infinite-br
02-blue lunar monkey – high love frequency-br
03-blue lunar monkey – evolution-br
01-bluebliss – set the sun-dat
02-bluebliss – stairway to heaven-dat
03-bluebliss – 100 fields-dat
04-bluebliss – optional settings-dat
01-bo biz – ice cream-br
02-bo biz – angry viking-br
03-bo biz – west coast roast-br
04-bo biz – wobble train-br
05-bo biz – show dem-br
01-brain and bones – intro-br
02-brain and bones – happy bone birth-br
03-brain and bones – calaveras-br
04-brain and bones – demented soul-br
05-brain and bones – neorological chaos-br
06-brain and bones – 12 monkeys army-br
07-brain and bones – demented souls (agh0ri tantrik rmx)-br
08-brain and bones – japanese horror-br
09-brain and bones – you are what i eat-br
10-brain and bones – scape from police-br
01-brainbokka – vortex implosion (rmx)-br
02-brainbokka – one way-br
03-brainbokka – tshuva-br
01-brave – virus in my brain-br
02-brave – didnt sleep-br
03-brave – ninja-br
01-brian cameron-serotonin syndrome (original mix)
02-brian cameron-serotonin syndrome (radio edit)
03-brian cameron-serotonin syndrome (eshericks remix)
04-brian cameron-serotonin syndrome (eshericks radio edit)
01-brujos bowl – dub clanks-br
02-brujos bowl – kindling-br
03-brujos bowl – moognetic in dub-br
04-brujos bowl – the brujo-br
05-brujos bowl – eclectek-br
06-brujos bowl – one continuous experience-br
07-brujos bowl – peace data-br
08-brujos bowl – whole sense of purpose-br
09-brujos bowl – lineage-br
10-brujos bowl – regarding all aspects-br
01-brujos bowl – reality ripples-fym
02-brujos bowl – feel-fym
01-cabeiri – consciousness alert-br
02-cabeiri – the reborn process-br
01-callipso-collapsa – eclectisicm of russian field-br
02-callipso-collapsa – middle east lullaby under the influence of aquarius-br
03-callipso-collapsa – lazy universe-br
01-champa – 9 months-fym
02-champa – visions of goa-fym
03-champa – the secret-fym
04-champa – jungle boogie-fym
05-druckverdeler and dj bim – here today gone tomorrow (champa remix)-fym
01 Psychedelic Machine-PTA
01-chemical art – beautiful darkness-br
02-chemical art – try harder-br
01-chimera – interception-br
02-chimera – earthquake-br
03-chimera – rocknrola-br
04-chimera – killer buddies-br
01-chitoon – ooung-br
02-chitoon – shankara (mantra box)-br
03-chitoon – deep impact-br
01-Chronomirage – High Dose-PyS
02-Chronomirage – Imagination Surfers-PyS
03-Chronomirage – Play With Mod-PyS
04-Chronomirage – The Story-PyS
05-Chronomirage – Untitled Waves-PyS
06-Chronomirage – Whiskey Style-PyS
01-chronomirage – neurological chakras-br
02-chronomirage – plasma dharma-br
03-chronomirage – chronicle of flights-br
01-chronopium – americana exotica-br
02-chronopium – higgs boson-br
03-chronopium – deus ex natura-br
04-chronopium – hariang kariang-br
01-chronos – one warm evening-br
02-chronos – natural chrystal-br
01-chronos – mystery of time-br
02-zen – speak your mind (chronos rmx)-br
01-cybax and tripical – louder-br
02-tripical – zernez-br
03-cybax – time is back-br
01-cyco – surreal scenery-br
02-cyco – power of mind-br
03-cyco – fractal cave-br
04-cyco – trapped-br
05-cyco – parvati valley-br
01-colombo-keep it down (original mix)-vl
02-colombo-this sound (original mix)-vl
01-Coming Soon – Fear-PyS
02-Coming Soon – I Only Smoke Weed-PyS
03-Coming Soon – No Satisfaction-PyS
04-Coming Soon – Up On You-PyS
01-complement – psychedelic ocean-br
02-complement – freedom-br
01-cone n drum – snorched-br
02-cone n drum – time wasted-br
03-cone n drum – pelvis progley-br
04-cone n drum – excream cheese-br
01-connect.ohm – evolution 1 1-br
02-connect.ohm – snow park-br
03-connect.ohm – 9980-br
04-connect.ohm – mol-br
05-connect.ohm – fossil-br
06-connect.ohm – take off (album edit)-br
07-connect.ohm – gentle perception-br
08-connect.ohm – time to time by time-br
09-connect.ohm – winter sorrows-br
01-connected visions – echo-br
02-connected visions – v-world-br
03-connected visions – human machine-br
04-connected visions – the lost island-br
01-connex – lets watch-br
02-monod – wetland (connex rmx)-br
03-connex and eight sin – zombie mode-br
01-virus – yarza (contineum vs razzek rmx)-br
02-contineum – natures calling-br
03-contineum – retro rockets-br
01-corn flakes 3d – all in one-br
01-corn flakes 3d – color crash-br
01-corn flakes 3d – fullmoon-br
01-corn flakes 3d – nix da-br
01-corn flakes 3d – royal flash-br
01-n3xu5 – autosync (cortex rmx)-br
02-cortex – chemical synapses-br
03-cortex – shared language-br
01-cortex – freedom-br
02-cortex – new life-br
03-cortex – the magic of the moment (mix)-br
01-cortex – what now-br
02-cortex – to be continued (live version)-br
03-cortex vs udi – submaster-br
04-cortex – m.s.a.-br
01-Cortex Vs Insane Logic – Kill Zone-PyS
02-Cortex – Where Is Everybody (Insane Logic RMX)-PyS
03-Insine Logic – Babaganushka-PyS
01-cortex vs sixsense – boom shankar-br
02-cortex vs sixsense – trippy sound-br
03-cortex vs brainbokka – the unborn (sixsense rmx part 1)-br
01-cosmic replicant – metaprogramming-br
02-cosmic replicant – solar activity-br
03-cosmic replicant – full moon energy-br
01-cosmic replicant – sense of life-br
02-cosmic replicant – white elephant-br
03-cosmic replicant – enter the void-br
01-d. batistatos – in the bottom of the ocean-br
02-d. batistatos – hoover (zero cult rmx)-br
03-d. batistatos – sparclin coconuts-br
04-d. batistatos – sunshine velvet-br
05-d. batistatos – crazy sick monkeys-br
06-d. batistatos with side liner – sehnsucht-br
07-zero cult – monolife (d. batistatos rmx)-br
08-zero cult – night out (d. batistatos rmx)-br
09-d. batistatos – criminal intention-br
01-d.m.t – deffect metro-br
02-d.m.t – acospra-br
03-d.m.t – between mind-br
01-D-Vision – Mainstream Ahoi (DJ Set)-PyS
01-d-addiction feat. zen mechanics – trip report-br
02-d-addiction – the power-br
01-D-Addiction Aka Quantize – End Of Summer (DJ Set)-PyS
01-darkol trinity – lisbet requiem-br
02-darkol trinity – planet k-packs-br
03-darkol trinity – socially bleak-br
04-darkol trinity – kick-bass life-br
05-darkol trinity – thank you-br
06-darkol trinity – pacific machine-br
07-darkol trinity – change the world to the better-br
08-darkol trinity – our gold is priceless-br
01 Avocado Shaker-PTA
02 Sensetive-PTA
03 Indian Dance-PTA
04 Kumquadro-PTA
05 Da Hun Power-PTA
06 Listya (Bonus Track)-PTA
01-Darma – The Author (DJ Set)-PyS
01-Darwish – At Shpongle Concert In Israel (DJ Set)-PyS
01-Darwish – Is Goa Get You (DJ Set)-PyS
01-chtulu – brings the crunch-fym
02-datavore – eventually we will meet again (with whrrikk)-fym
03-datavore – mors ontologica-fym
04-datavore – the worry spiral-fym
05-datavore – chompin at the bit-fym
06-datavore – brian bugs-fym
07-datavore – writing tv watching music-fym
08-datavore – everythings gonna plaid-fym
09-catatonic despair – the hungry sky (dataviore rmx)-fym
01-d-echo project – friendly jam (smooth genestar rmx)-br
02-smooth genestar – dusk operator (d-echo project rmx)-br
03-d-echo project – chilling drop (smooth genestar rmx)-br
04-smooth genestar – microcosmos at the chill universe (d-echo project rmx)-br
01-dedast – reagent feelings-br
02-dedast – flashback-br
03-dedast – link to this world-br
04-dedast – long journey-br
05-dedast – soft landing-br
06-dedast – corridors-br
07-dedast – cant take it any more-br
08-dedast – dollhouse-br
09-dedast – passing away-br

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